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2 transform yourself transform your thinking transform your environment transform your career start your transformation now

3 You expect a strong return from the time, money and hard work you invest in an MBA program. So consider this: A good business school teaches management fundamentals and covers the functional areas of an organization. But a great business school transforms the way you think, lead and give back to the world community. What distinguishes Washington University in St. Louis? Academic excellence. Pioneering research. Innovative practices. And organizational and environmental stewardship. Founded in 1853, the University is home to highly regarded schools of art and architecture, arts and sciences, business, engineering, law, medicine and social work. These institutions advance knowledge and shape the next generation of global leaders. Olin Business School s small size, flexible curriculum and applied-learning emphasis create a remarkable MBA experience, along with remarkable opportunities to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. What you do in the MBA program is just as important as the tools you acquire in Olin s classrooms. You build relationships and, frequently, lifelong friendships with professors, students, alumni and executives. Consult for businesses and nonprofit agencies. Run student clubs. And gain the skills and confidence to turn your career aspirations into career successes. Picture yourself brokering a highprofile deal. Managing financial assets or a global brand. Earning a C-suite promotion. Or building your own company. Taking the first step is simple. Apply at

4 2 transform your thinking To be a successful manager, you need to make decisions that move your organization forward. That charge has become increasingly complex in a global economy impacted by debt crises, natural disasters and international conflicts. Employers are looking for problemsolvers. And the ability to think critically and creatively tops the lists of attributes recruiters seek in prospective hires. Olin s faculty has developed and tested a broad-based, systematic framework that teaches you to: Formulate better questions Identify the right problems The approach is a logical extension of Olin professors research-driven thinking, applied mind-set that promotes intellectual rigor and analytical reasoning. Challenge existing assumptions Interpret complicated, often conflicting information Reach sound conclusions Recommend effective solutions

5 Learn more about Glenn Game-changing faculty Olin Business School professors are known for their innovative solutions to workplace challenges as well as for their exceptional teaching and research. Business leaders from across the globe come to Olin for models and methods that enhance organizational growth, operational efficiency and competitive advantage. Olin faculty members: Consult for major companies Glenn MacDonald John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and Strategy Director, Center for Research in Economics and Strategy In addition to his faculty experience, Glenn has consulted for dozens of companies ranging from start-ups to major global enterprises, in industries ranging from entertainment to technology to financial services. > Contribute quotes to prominent business publications and major media outlets Publish articles in top-tier academic and trade journals Represent a global perspective; 55 percent of Olin s faculty come from outside the U.S. Olin professors share their innovative, analytical research in the classroom and equip students with the rigorous criticalthinking skills needed to attack complex business problems and power new ideas.

6 4 transform your thinking What sets Olin apart? On my very first day of class, I walked into Simon Hall and, literally, the first person to greet me was the associate dean of Olin Business School. He stuck out his hand and using my first name, said Tod, thank you for your service to our country and we hope you have a great time here at Olin. While that was satisfying personally to me, it expressed how everyone here at Olin thinks about the students. The professors are here to teach, to help, to assist the students first and foremost beyond anything else.

7 Tod Stephens

8 Olin has a knack for encouraging students not only to work very hard but also to work in teams. Those two values could not exist without the third value that I think Olin best represents given its Midwestern roots and that s the value of having fun while you re working hard. Learn more about Tod hometown: troy, il MBA/jd 2013 Internship Pre-MBA Employment Education Legal Department, Emerson St. Louis, MO Infantry Officer U.S. Army BA, German and Russian Languages United States Military Academy West Point, NY

9 6 transform your thinking Flexible curriculum Olin s MBA program offers a highly customized curriculum. You choose almost two-thirds of your classes through electives, which means your specific career interests and objectives shape your management education. In the core courses, you gain a solid foundation of business, strategic problem-solving, leadership and career-readiness skills. Professors introduce you to the main functional areas of a firm: finance, marketing and operations. At the beginning of the second semester in the program, you begin taking elective courses. There s no bidding process for the more than 100 electives offered at Olin. If you re interested in a class and you ve met the necessary prerequisites you can take it. You can take up to nine hours of electives from the University s Brown School of Social Work, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, School of Engineering & Applied Science, School of Law or School of Medicine. Career Platforms Olin has four comprehensive Career Platforms and multiple concentrations within each platform. Think of them as alignment tools that direct your course work as well as your professional development, networking opportunities and extracurricular activities. Selecting a platform is advised but not required. If you choose a platform, you add an industry seminar course to your first-semester curriculum (see the year-one chart). You start your career-focused concentration classes during the second semester. At this point you can identify the applied-learning courses and type of summer internship that will give you targeted, on-the-job experience. You need 66 credit hours to graduate.

10 Our Career Platforms enable students to focus their career choices and goals and to get the most out of their investment in an Olin MBA. Joe Fox Associate Dean and Director MBA Programs Career Platform concentrations Consulting and General Management Platform General Management and Internal Consulting The Business of Health Care Entrepreneurship International Management Strategy Consulting Human Resources Consulting Corporate Finance and Investments Platform Financial Management Investment Banking Corporate Finance Investment Banking Capital Markets and Trading Private Equity and Venture Capital Asset Management Marketing Platform Brand Management Product Management Learn more about critical thinking at Olin Operations and Supply Chain Management Platform Operations/Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Consulting

11 Fall Term Spring Term Pre-Term GO! Program A B A B You complete online course work aimed at bringing all students to a consistent level of preparedness. You start to build a foundation for learning. Course work begins while students learn about the Olin environment. Faculty members introduce many key models and tools needed to frame and analyze the fundamental issues of management. If you choose a Career Platform, you ll start an industry seminar course. Faculty members introduce the major functional areas of the firm: finance, marketing and operations. Platform industry seminar courses continue. You begin to round out your curriculum with elective/career Platform courses including both mini (1.5 cr) and semester-long (3 cr) courses plus experientiallearning programs. Electives/Platform courses continue. Online MBA math course 0 cr Fundamentals of Statistics 0.5 cr Statistics Exam and Review Managerial Economics 3 cr Financial Accounting 2 cr Introduction to Management & Strategy 2 cr Foundations for Leadership Effectiveness 2 cr Marketing Management 3 cr Financial Management 3 cr Operations Management 3 cr Strategic Cost Analysis 2 cr Electives/Platform courses Managerial Statistics 1.5 cr Electives/Platform courses cr Year one Critical Thinking & Impactful Communication (CTIC) 2 cr Olin Professional Development Program (PRODEV) Mastering the Art of Career Readiness 0 cr Platform industry seminar courses 0.5 cr You reflect on professional development plans and first-year-learning and summer internship experiences. While the first year of the program builds team skills and a common body of knowledge, the second year builds individual confidence and competence. Electives/Career Platform courses continue. Leadership Development Workshop 1 cr Electives/Platform courses cr You complete the final required course during the first spring term and round out studies with final electives and experiential -learning programs. Electives/Career Platform courses continue. Strategic Management 2 cr Electives/Platform courses Electives/Platform courses cr Year two

12 8 transform your thinking Marianne frapwell What sets Olin apart? I worked for a few years before I came to Olin. Now going out into the business world, I feel capable, I feel confident and I feel like I have a grasp of what it is I want to do, what it is that I m good at and how I can help serve others in the most efficient way possible. Since I came from a nonprofit background, I was very nervous and afraid that I wouldn t be able to cut it. But everyone here at Olin has been so supportive. It s been challenging, but I haven t once felt like the professors, other students or administration didn t believe in me. Hometown: lawrenceville, ga mba/msw 2011 Learn more about Marianne Post-MBA Employment + Internship Development Officer, Meds & Food For Kids Haiti Pre-MBA Employment Friendship House Association of American Indians (residential substance abuse treatment) Education BA, English and Theater Boston College Boston, MA


14 I participated in two Global Management Studies (GMS) trips. First to Ghana for two weeks, where I studied what a developing economy looks like. Then to Chile and Argentina, where I studied the wine industry for two weeks. Next, I interned with an organization in Haiti. I have learned to trust myself, my instincts and my critical-thinking skills from being here at Olin. snap tag

15 10 transform your thinking Critical Thinking and high-impact Communication A cornerstone of the core curriculum, this course helps you master Olin s critical-thinking process and teaches you how to convey business ideas clearly and persuasively. Emphasis is placed on analytical reasoning, strategic problem formulation, oral and written communication, and repeated practice of the skills you learn in the class which you integrate into your other course work. Management Communication Lab Employers want managers who communicate succinctly and powerfully. You can polish the skills you acquired in the Critical Thinking and Impactful Communication course at Olin s Management Communication Lab. In-house consultants review your electronic presentations, business reports and case write-ups, to help you clarify ideas, tighten structure and hone language. Lab consultants also serve as professional-development coaches and offer feedback on your résumé, cover letters and practice interviews. Combined Degree Options Leverage Washington University s reputation for excellence and increase your marketability by earning one of the following combined degrees: Master of Architecture (MBA/MArch) Master of Urban Design (MBA/MUD) Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (MBA/MS-BME) Master of Arts in East Asian Studies (MBA/MA) Juris Doctorate (MBA/JD) Master of Social Work (MBA/MSW) Master of Public Health (MBA/MPH) Master of Engineering in Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering (MBA/MEngr-EECE) Master of Accounting (MBA/MACC) Master of Science in Finance (MBA/MSF) Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MBA/MSSCM) Completing your course work for a combined degree takes three to four years, depending on the program. 3+2 Program If you re a Washington University undergraduate student at Olin, at the School of Engineering & Applied Science or at the College of Arts & Sciences, you may be eligible for the business school s highly selective 3+2 Program. The program enables you to streamline credits and earn an undergraduate degree and a graduate business degree in five years instead of the six years you d spend if you pursued each degree separately.

16 SCOTLAND ENGLAND Zach Auger + Lisa Arias MBA 2012 Manchester Business School CUBA FRANCE University of Paris Dauphine EMLYON Business School We had an amazing and memorable trip to Japan with our GMS (Global Management Studies) classmates. We ate new foods each day, visited modern city centers and historic temples, and even learned to navigate the complex subway system on our own! We toured multinational companies, including JFE, Toyota, the Bank of Japan and Kirin. Halfway through our trip, the earthquake and tsunami struck northern Japan, but luckily we were touring to Kyoto several hundred miles away. Fortunately we were not affected directly and returned safely to the U.S. PERU CHILE BRAZIL ARGENTINA

17 THE NETHERLANDS GERMANY ESTONIA BELGIUM WHU-Koblenz LATVIA RUSSIA LITHUANIA POLAND CZECH REP. CHINA SPAIN HUNGARY DUBAI Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) GREECE TURKEY INDIA Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad MALAYSIA VIETNAM JAPAN INDONESIA CHAD Indian Institute of Management Calcutta SINGAPORE Study-abroad partner institution Previous GMS country INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Multicultural experience is invaluable in an interconnected world marketplace. Global Management Studies (GMS) Working with an Olin faculty advisor, you and your classmates choose the country you want to visit, determine the management issues you want to address and plan all aspects of the trip including meetings with business, government and cultural leaders. Study Abroad Take advantage of two-week, three-week or semester-long study-abroad programs. Olin has expanded its global footprint through strategic partnerships with the institutions shown above.

18 12 transform your thinking What sets Olin apart? Ultimately, all business is entrepreneurial you have to set a strategic vision and you have to be accountable. The Olin Cup Competition is the perfect environment to practice entrepreneurial skills, because you not only develop an innovative idea, but you pitch it to real investors. So in addition to applying analytical and critical thinking, you have to hone your communication skills to convince people it has merit.

19 peter braxton

20 Learning to take initiative and to think differently that s the strength of Olin. Bottom line: Olin creates leaders, not just doers. I recognized that early on and I knew this was the place for me. Hometown: Rome, NY MBA 2008 Post-MBA Employment + Internship Pre-MBA Employment Education Private Banking, Credit Suisse Chicago, IL KC-10A Instructor Pilot U.S. Air Force BS, Biology U.S. Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, CO

21 14 transform your thinking applied-learning opportunities Business knowledge is power only if theory becomes practice. You need to be able to take what you learn to the street. Washington University provides a wide range of courses, competitions and projects that give you on-the-job experience.

22 CENTER FOR EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Olin was one of the first business schools in the nation to establish a formal center for applied learning. For almost 20 years, Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) programs have reinforced the MBA curriculum and other school initiatives. Equally important, the programs provide cost-effective or pro bono management expertise to St. Louis-area businesses and nonprofit agencies. Grow endowment or investment funds. Research products and services. Analyze marketing strategies. Evaluate Lean manufacturing processes. Take a seat in the boardroom. And earn academic credit for these experiences. Olin United Way Board Fellows Program As a second-year Olin MBA student, you can serve as a board member for a St. Louis-area nonprofit agency. You apply for the position, are vetted in the same manner as other prospective candidates and, if elected, serve for one year. The Practicum You and a team of students work on a consulting project for a sponsoring company, which has defined its goals and objectives. An Olin faculty member provides counsel and feedback. At the end of the program, your team presents its analyses, strategies and recommendations to company representatives. Recent projects include: Operational assessments for Boeing, Emerson and BJC HealthCare Market research for Ameren, the St. Louis Rams and Sunflower Food & Spice Company Financial assessments for St. Louis Community Credit Union and Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Strategic planning for Wells Fargo Advisors United Way campaign Investment Praxis So you think you want to manage investments? There s no better way to train for that career than to take responsibility for actual monies. The Praxis Fund manages more than $1.5 million of Washington University s endowment. Guided by seasoned professionals, you purchase or sell assets and handle issues that range from compliance to account administration to ethical standards to confidentiality requirements. Olin students also manage the $1 million Stern Global Investment Fund, short-term securities and bank deposits denominated in euros, pounds sterling, U.S. dollars and yen. Successful entrepreneurs re-imagine business and its role in society. Washington University offers initiatives and resources that can help you bring great ideas to market. Taylor Community Consulting Program You and a team of students advised by a mentor from the St. Louis consulting community provide pro bono management expertise to a nonprofit organization. At the end of the project, your team presents its results to representatives from the sponsoring organization and to Olin. Recent projects include: St. Louis NAACP Saint Louis Zoo Parents as Teachers Animal Protective Association of Missouri

23 SKANDALARIS CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES Established with a $3 million grant from the Kauffman Foundation, Washington University s Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies connects you to the St. Louis startup community. The center offers a variety of programs and events that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Coffee With the Experts Spend 10 minutes in private conversation (and enjoy a free cup of coffee) with business professionals with varied expertise, including experienced entrepreneurs, investors and service providers, who can provide feedback on your start-up or commercial venture. The Hatchery The Hatchery, an innovative partnership among students, entrepreneurs and investors, enables you to develop a business idea of your own or an idea brought to Washington University by individuals interested in a business start-up. Working in teams, you analyze the idea s potential and write a business plan. Teams may apply for initial funding to turn their plans into actual companies through The Hatchery Seed Capital Fund. Olin Cup Competition The Olin Cup Competition is open to the entire Washington University community. Each year, the competition awards more than $50,000 in seed money and in-kind services. You receive support from mentors, guest speakers and other outside experts and participate in workshops. And, at every stage of the six-month process, you receive valuable feedback from venture capitalists and established entrepreneurs. IdeaBounce Think of IdeaBounce as your portal for entrepreneurship. You post your proposal on the IdeaBounce website, making it accessible to a network of inventors and investors. In addition to making virtual connections, prospective entrepreneurs meet and advance their ideas at IdeaBounce events. YouthBridge Social Enterprise and Innovation Competition This business-plan competition is for individuals interested in social entrepreneurship and nonprofit ventures. Your goal is to empower and inform underserved segments of society. The competition provides mentoring opportunities and workshops, with more than $150,000 awarded to the competition winners. Olin Sustainability Case Competition Open to all Washington University students, the annual competition is designed to promote or improve sustainability at the University. Sponsors award $8,000 to winning teams, which are judged by alumni and executives (potential mentors or investors). In past competitions, solutions have been proposed to reduce the number of cars on campus and to use green practices at science labs.

24 Yulia denisyuk

25 16 transform your thinking What sets Olin apart? Everybody is so friendly. Everybody wants you to succeed and we re actually helping each other find jobs and, you know, give contacts and stuff like that; so it s very, very friendly and supportive and it s one of the best things about the school that I like. Hometown: Tartu, estonia MBA 2012 Pre-MBA Employment Internship Education Data Analyst and Program Manager, U.S. Navy Seattle, WA Marketing, Essilor BS, International Business Southern New Hampshire University Manchester, NH

26 Critical thinking is at the core of every class that we take. The faculty push us to apply critical thinking to everything we do. It s the ability to dig deeper and not just take something at face value. It helps you look at a problem, disassemble it and see what s at the root cause of the situation. It s a vital skill that I will be able to apply throughout my career. Learn more about Yulia

27 18 transform your environment Talk to Washington University business school students and you hear the same comment repeatedly: You re not a number at Olin. The size of the MBA program about 150 students per entering class allows professors to take an individualized approach to management education. Accessibility and responsiveness are Olin faculty trademarks. Professors know you by name and encourage you to drop by their offices with questions or concerns. Experience our campus

28 Washington University at a glance Founded in 1853 Founded the business school in 1917 Established an MBA degree program in 1950 More than 12,000 More than with more than More than 23 faculty members and Nobel laureates students from all states and more than nations 3, ,000 18,000 alumni, with alumni clubs in from Olin Selected to host more presidential or vice presidential debates than any other institution in Established a partnership with the Brookings Institution an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Washington, D.C. in campus buildings on the National Register of Historic Places LEED-certified buildings on campus , 96, 00, 04, 08 cities around the world,

29 > Your MBA environment also is enriched by your classmates, fellow high-achievers from vastly different backgrounds: engineering, consulting, finance, health care, journalism and the military, to name a few. About one-third of Olin MBAs come here from countries other than the United States. You have many opportunities to engage with alumni and business leaders at the: Olin Century Club Business Series International Business Outlook Conference leaders in Business Conference Sports Management and Creating Exceptional Value: Performance Without Compromise courses team taught by Olin professors and influential corporate executives As an Olin student, you re empowered by your sense of ownership of the MBA Program. And you use your voice to initiate positive changes at the business school. The University provides numerous opportunities for student input and leadership. Many get involved in one of Olin s many student clubs. Business Management and Technology Club Business Minority Council Case Competition Committee Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association General Management Association Graduate Business Student Association Greater China Club healthcare and Life Sciences Club JD/MBA Association Joint Ventures Club Korean Olin Students Association National Association of Women MBAs Net Impact- focuses on sustainable business and corporate social responsibility Olin BranchOut Olin Cares the business school s graduate volunteer organization Olin Energy Club Olin Entertainment and Media Association Olin Finance Club Olin Global Business Association Olin Golf Club Olin India Club Olin Japan Association Olin Marketing Association Olin Real Estate Club Olin Strategy and Consulting Association Olin Veterans Association Olin Wine Club Olin Young Leaders Association Runners Mean Business Salsa Club Supply Chain and Operations But getting your MBA isn t all work and no play. The Graduate Business Student Association hosts the Thursday Afternoon Club, where you unwind with Olin students, faculty and staff.

30 lynn dilworth

31 20 transform your environment What sets Olin apart? The best thing about Olin? I feel like it s mine. I feel like it s home here. The people my classmates, the professors and the people who work in the MBA Programs Office you can come to them with anything, whether it s a recommendation, concern or just to say hi. And they know your name, they know who you are and you really have a relationship with the people here at Olin. Olin has helped me to prepare for my career and to transform me for my career by all the opportunities here. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard Hometown: St. Louis, MO MBA Post-MBA Employment + Internship Education Management Development Trainee L Oréal USA New York, NY BA, Advertising and Psychology University of Miami Coral Gables, FL

32 I love St. Louis. It s a Midwest city it s small enough that you really get to know people, but it s large enough that there s a lot to do. There are great restaurants here and lots of free attractions. Forest Park, which is basically next door, has the Saint Louis Zoo, the Science Center, the Art Museum, the History Museum, all for free. Learn more about Lynn

33 22 transform your environment Washington University s main campus (aka Danforth Campus) is beautiful with elegant collegiate Gothic architecture. The first Olympic Games in the Western Hemisphere were held here in 1904, on the University s Francis Field.

34 Campus + City You might be surprised to hear how much St. Louis has to offer. More than 2.7 million people live in the metropolitan area. St. Louis has big-city attractions without all the big-city traffic. Plus, Washington University provides a free Metro (St. Louis light-rail and bus system) pass to all its faculty, full-time students and staff. An added bonus: Living in the middle of the country can reduce your travel time to other cities (for internships or job interviews). St. Louis City Skyline and Gateway Arch Forest Park 500 acres bigger than New York s Central Park borders the campus on the east. Cross Skinker Boulevard to run, bike, skate or walk on the park s 7.5-mile path. Play 18 holes of golf. Explore the cultural side of St. Louis at the Missouri History Museum, Saint Louis Art Museum or Saint Louis Science Center all with free admission. In addition to being free, the Saint Louis Zoo is the country s No.1 zoo (according to Zagat Survey s U.S. Family Travel Guide in association with Parenting magazine). Attend a performance at the Municipal Theatre (The Muny), the country s oldest and largest outdoor theatre. Rent a paddleboat at the Boathouse. And enjoy The Great Forest Park Balloon Race, which takes place in the fall. Other tourist attractions are a short drive away: the Anheuser-Busch Brewery (and world-famous Clydesdales), Gateway Arch and the Museum of Westward Expansion, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. St. Louis has an eclectic mix of cafés, bistros, pubs, diners, coffeehouses and sushi bars. Grab a burger at Blueberry Hill, or stop for pizza at Pi Pizzeria. Shop at the Saint Louis Galleria or Plaza Frontenac. Try an artisanal cocktail at Taste bar and restaurant. Antique-hunt on Cherokee Street or in the Central West End. And listen to a band at The Pageant concert hall. Newcomers to the city are pleasantly surprised by its gracious, historic neighborhoods and affordable housing. You have many housing options close to campus. Monthly rental prices vary by location and square footage, from $500 for a small studio apartment to $1,000 for a multiple-bedroom house.

35 Forest Park Balloon Glow Missouri Botanical Garden St. Louis at a glance 1764 French fur traders and named it after founded the city in King Louis IX City was the launching point for the Lewis and Clark expedition in First steamboat arrived in St. Louis in City hosted the World s Fair and Olympic Games (at the current Washington University campus) in Charles Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis for the first solo transatlantic flight Lowest cost of living largest metropolitan areas (Council for Community among the nation s and Economic Research) 19 Fortune 1000 companies are 10 of them are headquartered in St. Louis; Fortune 500 Thriving center for biotechnology and plant and life sciences, including organizations like: BioGenerator, Nidus Center for Scientific Enterprise, Monsanto, Sigma-Aldrich, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and Center for Emerging Technologies 3major professional sports teams: Rams football (NFL), Cardinals baseball (MLB) and Blues hockey (NHL)


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For more information about this report please contact Dr Abigail Diamond at CFE T: 0116 229 3300 Email: The project team would like to extend particular thanks to all of the employers, universities and other stakeholders that participated in interviews as well as Ian Robinson and Rajeeb Dey for their input.

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K-12 STEM Education Overview

K-12 STEM Education Overview 1101 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036 P 202.756.2971 F 866.808.6585 K-12 STEM Education Overview In this report, Hanover Research provides an overview of K-12

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