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2 Tablle off conttentts:: Aviation Production and Repair Company Aero-Kros... 4 ETC PZL Aerospace Industries... 6 Aerotec... 7 AMEPOX MC... 8 AT ATM PP Autocomp Electronic Aviomechanika Aviotech Cable Systems Celier Aviation EC Systems EL-Automatyka Eurotech Explomet Franklin Aircraft Engines Marganski & Myslowski Aviation Works Materials Engineers Group Microtech International Polish Inteligent Logic Controllers QWED Semicon Ultratech VAC Aero Poland VIGO System Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Kompozytowych Andrzej Papiorek Page 2 of 35

3 Forreworrd DonQ Air - Promoting RTD in aeronautics SMEs of Poland, Romania and Turkey Don Q Air aims at encouraging R&D activities in the aeronautic-related SMEs in Poland, Romania and Turkey, by means of a well targeted methodology, the Don Q Air Method, developed to enable R&D in adverse environments. By means of Don Q Air Methodology, aeronautic-related SMEs in targeted countries will get aware of the advantages of taking part in RTD actions, especially at a European level, through dissemination events and training on how to participate, promote and/or propose RTD projects in the next 7th Framework Programme. DonQ Air is a Specific Support Action (SSA) project financed by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme. More information: Page 3 of 35

4 Avvi iaatti ion Prroducctti ion aand Reepaai irr Compaanyy Aeerro--Krross Lotników 20, Krosno, Poland Phone: Fax: Website: Scope of activity: Aviation Production and Repair Company Aero-Kros in Krosno carries out the business activity in the following domains: -technical servicing, overhauls and repairs of the aviation and auxiliary equipment; -assembly of the aircrafts from the Kit sets; -production of the auxiliary equipment and its modification and manufacturing of the spare part thereof; -production of the ultra light aircrafts and spare parts therof; -distribution of the aviation materials and spare parts for the aviation eguipment. Our offer Our offer is very extensive and is closely related to the activity of every particular department within the APRC Aero-Kros. Within the framework of Servicing and Repair of the Aviation Equipment Department (having the certificate of the servicing organization) we offer the technical servicing and repair of the aircrafts of weight up to 2,000 kg, such as: aircrafts up to 2,000 kg: PZL-104 WILGA 35, WILGA 35A, PZL-104M WILGA 2000, PZL-101, PZL-101A GAWRON, JAK-12A/M, Zlin 42M, Zlin 142, Zlin 526F, Zlin 526AFS, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, CSS-13; hovercrafts: SZD-9bis Bocian, SZD-30/30C Pirat, SZD-12 Mucha-100, SZD-12A Mucha 100A, SZD-22A/B/C Mucha Standard; Within the scope of our works we also offer: Servicing and minor repairs of the piston engines: AI-14R, AI-14RA, AI-14RC, AI-14RD, AI- 14RDP, M 132A/AK, M 137A/AZ, M 332A/AK. Servicing and minor repairs of the airscrews: US122000, W530-D11/N9, V-503, V500A, Hartzell HC-C3YR. Servicing and repairs of the sub-assemblies for: communication, electric supply, electric equipment, control systems, fuel and hydraulic installations, on board instruments, undercarriages, airscrews, pneumatic installations and structures; Performance of the non-destructive tests (tests using the eddy currents, leakage tests, magnetic tests etc.); Performance of the non-destructive tests (strength evaluation of the adhesive bonded joints); Performance of the special servicing processes (welding, TIG welding, soldering, adhesion bonding, heat treatment, lamination, etc.); Performance of weighing and determination of the center of gravity, balancing of the steering surfaces, alignment of aircrafts, stabilization of the steering surfaces, servicing of the lacquer coats and corrosion protection in the above-mentioned aircrafts. We also offer performance of one-time servicing and repairs of the aircrafts of other types than mentioned above with respect to approval of organization on basis of the foregoing agreements relating to the scope of works with the aviation supervision authority. Moreover, we offer the following: Canvass coating of the aircraft structures and their varnishing; Rebuilding of the aircrafts of wooden structure; Varnishing of aircrafts and its sub-assemblies; Major repairs of the towing hooks at the hovercrafts, type SZD-III A56; Assembly of the aircrafts from the KIT sets selected or supplied by the customer including the preparation of the complete technical and registration documentation; Ropes for towing of the hovercrafts and the accessories for them; Page 4 of 35

5 Within the framework of the Metal Prefabricates Production Department we offer manufacturing of spare parts and sub-assemblies for aviation industry. We can also perform the attachments following the individual orders or to design them: For varnishing; For assembly; For production. We specialize in welding of the structures from the thin wall shapes. We render services in: Machining (turning, milling, grinding); Shearing, up to the thickness of 4mm and the length of 2,000 mm; Manual plasma cutting; Sheets and shapes bending, up to the thickness of 3mm and the length of 2,000 mm; TIG and MAG welding; Machining of the mild carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. We work using the attested materials both our own and supplied by a customer. We manufacture the steel structures of weight up to 3 tons. We realize both unit and series orders. The experience in the aviation production we have acquired allowed us to enhance the hitherto activity with the production of the sound absorbing panels for the road building industry. With the support of the Production and Servicing Department of ULM we carry out the works on the project of the ultra light aircraft MP-02 Czajka. The aircraft is a two place high wing monoplane with the free load carrying wing made from the epoxy composites reinforced with carbon fibers. The project of the aircraft is realized on basis of the requirements of the German regulations contained in LTF-UL. Basing on the vast experience of the department s staff acquired during many years of practice we offer the production og high quality composite structures. We also specialize in manufacturing: Laminated parts and sub-assemblies for aircrafts; Annealing of laminates (we have the annealing chamber); Moulds for lamination; Models for the laminated moulds; Repairs and regeneration of the moulds for lamination Within the framework of the Technical Depository Department we offer for sale the materials and parts for aviation. The store resources of the Depository include the range of goods amounting to about 5,000 items of inventory which is divided into the following material groups: Parts for aircrafts wings; Parts for aircrafts engines; Parts for hovercrafts; Parts for radio, electric and on board equipment; Aviation materials (aviation canvass, plywood, steels, aviation tyres); Oils and lubricants for aviation; Airscrews and aviation engines. AREA OF INTEREST Production: Ultra light aircraft MP-02 CZAJKA Contact: Mr. Lesław Wilk Phone: Fax: Page 5 of 35

6 ETC PZL Aeerrosspaaccee Indussttrri I ieess 110/114 Krakowska Av., Warsaw Phone: Fax: Website: ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries specialises in designing and manufacturing various types of simulators and synthetic training devises as well as upgrades, modernisation and adaptations of those devises. While developing our projects, maximum emphasis is put on meeting all individual requirements of our customers, and their capabilities. Our offer encompasses the following products: full mission simulators and training devises for military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, flight simulators and training devises built according to civil aviation regulations currently in power, weapon systems simulators and training devises, military and civilian driver simulators, rail vehicle simulators, simulators for the army tactical training at the selected command levels, simulators and training devises for training commanding personnel of the special and emergency services, other simulators, training devises and computer based training systems developed and built for individual clients' requirements Additionally we offer the following services: development of computer software, creating terrain data bases, design and manufacture of hydraulic motion systems, design and manufacture of professional electronic systems, design and manufacture of hydraulic systems, developing and manufacturing visual monitoring systems and devises, distribution and representation for Environmental Tectonics Corporation's products, distribution of the elements of the hydraulic systems. Contact person: Mr. Zbigniew Paturski Phone: Fax: Page 6 of 35

7 Aeerrotteecc 74/48 Mickiewicza str., Warsaw Phone: Fax: Website: Aerotec is meant for designing and constructing of modern structures. We offer conception projects in many areas of interest. Aerotec is the micro company which could be enlarged according to needs (participation in projects).the enlarged team will based on highly educated engineers and scientists. AREA OF INTEREST Aviation(conception projects, designing, constructing, testing), High loaded structures, Fatigue wear of structures, Composite joints of structures, Energy absorbers, New kinds of engines for aviation, Computer cooling devices, new concept projects of wind/sea energy plants and equipment. RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION The enlarged Aerotec team will base on DEKO Members, who designed, constructed and tested airplanes such as DEKO 9 Magic, DEKO 6 Whisper, DEKO 5. Aerotec designed, tested and programmed automatic computer cooling devices. Relevant technologies: Composite structures, composite joints, bearing structures, fatigue life, stress level, structures designing, designing of airplanes, concept projects, computer cooling devices. Contact person: Mr. Daniel Dębski Phone: Fax: Page 7 of 35

8 AMEPOX MC Adres: Łódź; Jaracza str. 6 Phone: Fax: Website: : Amepox MC Ltd. was established in The main company products are: the highest-purity, electronic-grade silver powder and flake, and a line of formulations included silver's as a fillers, as follows: Electrically conductive adhesives, pastes, inks, especially for packaging process for electronic industry, flexible printed circuit boards, membrane switches, and for assembling electronic elements, etc.). Thermally conductive adhesives and pastes with high thermally conductive coefficient. Magnetically conductive adhesives and pastes for saving energy and eliminating noise connected with transformation process inside magnetic elements. Nano size silver and electrically conductive inks for Ink Jet printing technology. AREA OF INTEREST Production: Materials as described above for multipurpose application in different production areas. Research: R&D work connected with new technology for specific end user application. Relevant technologies: To be a part team working with new technologies. Amepox R&D team has very big experiences on the electronic technology areas. EUROPEAN OR NATIONAL PROJECT EXPERIENCE Project title: Amepox worked out, and actually working with several EU projects, as follow: FP5 Novel Nano Composite Polymers and Joining Technologies For Reliable and Efficient Assembly of Electronic Components (Nanojoining). FP6 Novel Inorganic Nanostructured Materials and Devices with Enhanced Photoemission Activity and Thermal Stability (Stabilight). EUREKA Material Jet For Electronics (MAJE). EURIPIDES Carbon Nanotubes/Epoxy Composites (CANOPY). ENIAC Nanoelectronics For Safe, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions (SE2A). Short description and role: With all projects, Amepox was a consortium partner for solving technical and technological problems. Amepox solved and developed several new and novel products (as nano size silver powder 3 8 nm), and got significant appreciations from consortium partners side. Contact person: Dr eng. Andrzej Mościcki Phone: Fax: Page 8 of 35

9 AT Wal Miedzeszynski, Warsaw Phone: Fax: Website: Aero AT ltd. company was founded in 1994 with the mission to bring to the market inexpensive and low running cost two seat aircraft for basic training and tourism. Aero gather under the company wings not only civil aviation enthusiasts but also leading aviation professionals with years of design, manufacturing and certification experience. The result of this blend is the only VLA class all metal plane on the market today designed and manufactured with big aviation know how and experience. AT-3 is one of few all metal aeroplanes certified by EASA in the VLA (Very Light Aeroplane) category. The aeroplane was designed as the affordable basic trainer with superb aerodynamics high performance, good handling and exceptional flight characteristics. AT-3 is low wing airplane equipped with the 912S Rotax engine with side-by-side cockpit and dual controls. In 1997 the two prototypes of AT-3 were built; - first designated for the full spectrum of in flight tests, the second for the static tests. The prototype of AT-3 has flown over 2000 hours in basic training missions. All flight data, pilotage and strength characteristics were checked in the tests during full scale certification process according to European joint aviation regulations (part JAR-VLA). In January 2005 the aero AT-3 R100 has received its EASA type certificate. The VLA certificate is going to be shortly validated by the FAA. The LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) version is named AT-4. The AT aircrafts production is located in Mielec (EPML) - Poland. Contact person: Mr. Tomasz Antoniewski Phone: Fax: Page 9 of 35

10 ATM PP Address: Grochowska str. 21A, Warsaw Phone: Fax: Website: : ATM PP Ltd. is a manufacturer and an integrator of sophisticated airborne avionics and modern electronic railway systems. The company is located in Warsaw, Poland. A total number of employees: 36 persons including 12 in Research and Development field. ATM product line includes the following groups of goods: Quick Access Recorders (QAR) Digital Flight Data Acquisition Units (DFDAU) Flight Recorder Readout Systems (FRRS) Flight Data Service software (FDS) Aircraft Management Systems Railways Data Recorders (RDR) Railways speedometers, static inverters, pressure sensors etc. Racks & Assemblies for board equipment Mechanical elements for equipment secure and retain, such as trays, bays, hold downs etc. Convenient tool complementary to data replay from non-atm Quick Access Recorders and Flight Data recorders meeting the demands regarding easy data replay from flight data recorder for test and maintenance purposes Customised equipment and accessories AREA OF INTEREST Production: Aviation Solid State Flight Data Recorders (SSFDR) and Railway Data Recorders (RDR), integration of aviation and railway electronic systems, mechanical components and sub-systems for aviation and railway industry, static inverters, pressure sensors and speedometers for railway industry, software for SSFDR and RDR Research: Aviation and railway industry modern technology new designs (solid-state technologies), implementation of sophisticated data analysis software, data recording and data read-out technologies EUROPEAN OR NATIONAL PROJECT EXPERIENCE Project title: Mobile Laboratory for Air Events Investigation and Flight Data Analysis Short description and role: Subcontractor responsible for Flight Data Analysis hardware and software Contact person: Mr. Jacek Brejnak Phone: Fax: Page 10 of 35

11 Auttoccomp Eleeccttrroni icc Address : 1 Władysława IV str., Szczecin Phone: Fax: Website: The AUTOCOMP ELECTRONIC Ltd. was established in 1991 by a group of research scientists of the Technical University of Szczecin. Autocomp Electronic delivers the systems and devices from the company catalogue as well as undertakes implementation of new systems according to the customer requirement and modernizations of the already existing systems. The company specializes in research and development of a wide range of automation and steering systems, perimeter protection system, simulators and training simulators for the Polish Army Forces, the Polish Navy, tertiary education institutions, medical institutions, and a wide scope of industries, emphasizing on ship building, energy, chemical, paper, food processing as well as water consumption saving, waste utilization and recycling. In particular Autocomp Electronic specializes in design, development, implementation and integration of following systems: * military (army and navy) * steering of: o industry automation o shooting ranges (military and civilian) o ships * guided and wireless communication, as well as communication management * simulators and training simulators * collection and processing of measurement data (including hydro acoustic data) * industrial automation, based on DANFOSS product range * didactic stands for colleges * special-purpose graphic device drivers Contact person: Mr. Stanisław August Phone: Fax: Page 11 of 35

12 Avvi iomeecchaani ikkaa 550A Wyzwolenia str., Kozy Phone: Fax: Website: Aviomechanika runs business since 2005, offering customers from aerospace industry production of high quality parts in accordance with customer s technical documentation. Our aim is achieving position of acknowledged producer of parts and units of aeroplanes, thanks to: specialisation, introduction of new technologies, training and development of employees. As we cooperate with leading producers of aviation products in Poland, we are a member of the Aviation Valley the association of aerospace industry enterprises. We hope for development of our qualifications in scope of production for aerospace branch and participation in the new production project as a subsupplier thanks to participation in the association. Our company is a part of the group of production-engineering companies specializing in: designing, production, service and regeneration of mechanical seals: ANGA Uszczelnienia Mechaniczne, production of elements made of silicon carbide and carbon graphite, thermal and plasma spraying of ceramic coatings: Certech. Aviomechanika specialises in machining, offering to customers from aerospace industry, production of high quality components according to customer s documentations, both from customer s material and own one. Through cooperation with us, our clients can benefit from our technological and production capabilities which result from our: knowledge and expertise of our employees, state of the art machinery, technological-production organisation, access to the hi-tech measurement testing laboratory. We optimise our costs and price level for clients through creation of customer-oriented organisation and continuous improvement of production processes and labour organization. Production capabilites The speciality of our company is machining. Our main production machines are CNC lathes and milling machines of renowned European producers, new ones and with short operation time. Measurement & testing capabilities In scope of measurement capabilities within our group of companies we have access to the testing laboratory accredited by PCA (The Polish Centre for Accreditation) - number of accreditation AB 701, equipped with a CMM measurement machine Contura Select and profile measurement gauge Taylor Hobson. More information on the laboratory is available at the website of ANGA. Designing capabilities We are able to support our customers in the scope of designing and technical documentation processing in the CAD system thanks to the team of first class specialists, designers and production engineers. Contact: Phone: Fax: Page 12 of 35

13 Avvi iotteecch Caabl lee Syysstteemss 14/16 Ekologiczna str., Klaudyn, Izabelin Phone: Fax: Website: Aviotech Cable Systems was established in Situated in 1000sq. meters factory offers our clients electric equipment for railway, aviation and industry. Our main business is focused on producing specialized cable harnesses and systems for diverse types of vehicles and electric devices, such as: - railway vehicles - airplanes and helicopters - industrial machines We are fully concentrated on the continuous development and improvement of our company. Over 10 years of activity has gained stable position on the market. Our experienced engineers and skilled technicians are able to offer a competent service and the quality of our products is confirmed with ISO 9001:2000, Part 21 - subpart G and IRIS certifications. Offer Our offer is addressed to a wide range of industry branches, such as: 1. railway - rolling stock producers, public transport plants and rolling stock restructurisation plants. 2. aviation - airplanes, helicopters and aircraft engines producers 3. industry - modernization of control systems used in hydraulic presses, conveyor belts etc. Many years of experience and knowledge of our personnel enabled us undertaking of even most difficult tasks in many fields: - design and integration of electric systems - production of cable harnesses - production of control cabinets, terminal boxes used for control systems and supplying electric systems. Production Our products can be used in highly demanding conditions such as: - petrol, thinner and other aggressive liquids - extremely high and low temperatures - external electric and electromagnetic disturbances - static and dynamic mechanical loads Examples of our typical applications: - tram cars cable jumpers - electric train couplers - cable harnesses for bogies - construction machines, industrial machines and devices - cable harnesses for engines and aviation devices We also manufacture mechanical components used in our networks such as: - control cabinets - terminal boxes - hangers, cable throughs, supports - electric connectors' accessories Contact: Phone: Fax: Page 13 of 35

14 Ceel lieerr Avvi iaatti ion Nowowiejskiego 26a, Jaktorów-Kolonia Phone: Fax: Website: Celier Aviation, is a company producing gyroplanes Xenon, Xenon XL and XeWing. Our chief designer and constructor, Raphael Celier, is a person well known in the aviation world. Xenon 2 has been in production since 2002 in France and since 2006 in Poland. It is the best massproduced gyroplane in the world with an enclosed cabin and in side-by-side seats system. Xenon XL is a 3 seat gyro, primarily designed to carry 3 people but the range of possible applications is vast. Some of them can be found in the brochure downloadable. It is available in kit and factory built. We are currently looking for distributors of our aircrafts. We are convinced that the aviation market, quickly developing all around the world, should provide our future distributors with the possibility to do some fruitful business. Unique worldwide, our aircrafts brings a new quality into the world of gyroplanes and airplanes. Hence, selling them should be a profitable business, we will appreciate any contacts, schools, associations, companies to keep developing this growing activity, please contact us via mail or telephone, Contact: Phone: Fax: Page 14 of 35

15 EC Syysstteemss 34 Lublanska str., Kraków Phone: Fax: Website: EC Systems is the engineering company which design, execute and implement special-purpose monitoring, control and diagnostic systems for rotating machinery. On the base of our systems we also offer diagnostic services. Moreover, we design and implement automated measurement and testing systems. Except for typical products and services, we also provide many domestic and foreign companies with software engineering. Our leading products are real time monitoring systems for rotating, critical and auxiliary machinery. We use technology adapted to difficult environmental conditions (e.g. Compact PCI). We have experience in real time operating systems (VxWorks, QNX, RTX).Our systems collect and store data for a long periods of time, and support diagnostic specialists in assessing technical state of the machinery. The systems allow a remote access to the data and notification (e.g. Via SMS) about alarms detected by the system. System design. Our company offers comprehensive services in field of design and development of industrial data acquisition systems. We specialize in monitoring, vibrodiagnostics and control systems. Designed software is strictly adjusted to individual requirements and expectations. Realization of the project is divided into multiple stages, depending on the customer needs. We can support every single stage of project development from the very beginning (ideas verification, feasibility study) till integration, endcustomer installation and service. Software design We perform software project using the highest technology. Base for the designing process is functional specification delivered by the customer.on the request we can support customer in preparation of the documentation.we develop projects and its component with usage object methodology under UML. In this process we also used specialized tools from Rational company. Implementation Following stages of development process are implementation, integration and testing. Our company has a long term experience in implementation of systems using tools like : MS Visual Studio CORBA SQL During implementation process we use specialized libraries, like e.g. : Graphical Libraries from National Instruments BCGlib Graphical Libraries Numerical Library (Intel) For source code verification we apply detected tools like e.g. Purify, Bounce Checker.On request we also offer integration of a software elements, generally with the elements of larger systems. Software testing Tests and verification are very important elements of software development. Preparation of test plans and their execution is very time consuming task. To increase the efficiency we use specialized tools and our experience, which allows us to perform such tasks in professional way. Special tools and our experience allow us to perform such tasks in a professional way. Contact person: Mr. Łukasz Szumilas Phone: Fax: Page 15 of 35

16 EL--Auttomaattyykkaa 3 Handlowa str., Rzeszów Phone: Fax: Website: EL-AUTOMATYKA launched in 1992, initially in the field of manufacturing waterworks and pressure stabilization systems in pumping-stations. More than a hundred waterworks systems are currently operating in the Podkarpacie province, equipped with our controls solutions. Since 1994, we have expended our services by offering retrofitting or re-engineering of machine tools. We offer complex design and construction jobs for modernizing, as well as delivery of equipment. We use products from top companies such as Siemens, Schneider, Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Stoeber, Bosch- Rexroth. In 2003, we embarked on a complex rebuilding process of shot peening installations for GOODRICH in Krosno. Those installations are based on controllers and valves manufactured by Electronics Inc. (USA), whose products we distribute. Since 2005, we are member of Aviation Valley Association. We offer many different ways of modernizing client's current machine park: Manual machine tools: upgrades of relay controls to PLC based controls with ability for future modifications, upgrading manual machine with digital position displays, re-engineering manual machine to turn it into CNC machine. Te new machine will have improved performance and capabilities of CNC tool. NC and CNC machine tools: analysis of current machine and presentation of alternative rebuilding and retrofitting solutions, composition of projects in areas of drives, CNC, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, upgrades of old NC system to new CNC, selection and construction of axis and spindle drivers, design and delivery of axis driving systems with ball screws, selection and delivery of tool heads, machine upgrades with safety systems designed for current safety regulations (light curtains and barriers, shields, safety relays etc). Shoot peening and abrasive blast cleaning machines: analysis of process accuracy and stability, selection and delivery of shot control valves (Magna Valve), shot flow sensors selection and delivery, design and construction of flow control systems and control systems of the entire machine for precise work output, retrofitting of shot flow control, pneumatic transport, and dust collector systems, design and construction of positioning drives for blast peening nozzles, safety repairs including installation of proper door interlocks and safety relays. Distribution of ELECTRONIC Inc. products and their use consultation: Magna Valves for shot flow control, shot flow controllers and sensors, Almen Gages, big selection of Almen strips for process intensity measurements. Contact person: Mr. Wojciech DaraŜ Phone: Fax: Page 16 of 35

17 Eurrotteecch Ul. Wojska Polskiego Mielec Phone: Fax: Website: Headquarter of EUROTECH Sp z o.o. is placed on the Special Industrial Area "Euro Park Mielec". From the beginning of activity Eurotech supplies technologically advanced equipment and parts to industry. Due to our technical experienced staff and good relations on international market we provide high quality products and services. Individual adaptation to specific user needs let us implement innovative projects and dynamic development of the company. We hope that scope of our activity and quality of services encourages present and future partners for cooperation. Advanced technology products, equipment, devices and part supplier for industry and military customers. AREA OF INTEREST Production: Aerial target drones UAV platforms Navigation and control systems for UAV Mobile service units and equipment for oilfield industry Data acquisition systems Research: Aerial target drones UAV platforms Navigation and control systems for UAV Relevant technologies: Navigation and control for electrical and piston engine powered UAV s Composite structures Contact person: Dominik Kleszczyński Phone: Fax: Page 17 of 35

18 Exxpl lomeett 121 Oswiecimska str., Opole Phone: Fax: Website: EXPLOMET High-Energy Techniques Works has been established in 1990 as an independent, private company and since then it concentrates its activity on application and development of explosive metal processing. We are the only one producer in Poland with stable market position and applying this technology on large industrial scale. We collaborate with number of scientific centres and continuously extend the scope of our services and products. PRODUCTION PROFILE H-E.T.W. EXPLOMET specializes in explosive metal cladding and strengthening technique. We apply explosive welding for manufacturing of clad plates, forgings, bars and pipes. Obtained clad metals can be further processed by such plastic forming as press stamping, spinning, rolling or bending. The materials can also be welded, e.g. into bigger formats. Produced clad metals are used for fabrication of process equipment applied mainly in chemical and power industries such as tube sheets, pressed heads, shells, covers, conductor rails and electric contacts. They are also used as welding connectors (two- or three-layer) in shipbuilding industry and electrometallurgy (e.g. in aluminium metallurgy). Moreover, we produce bimetal copper-titanium bars for electrodes applied in chlorine industry. We have mastered production of clad pipes by clad sheet rolling and welding or by inside cladding of ready-made pipes. We have implemented the explosive method of metal strengthening being applied for abrasion resistant elements of mills, turnouts, etc. made out of manganese steel. Surface of clad elements amounts up to 25 m2 and unit weight up to 40 t. Thickness of bonded materials contains in the following ranges: for base material from 1 mm up, and for clad material from 1 to 30 mm in single cladding act. Base material can be clad on one or two sides. Moreover, we are the only one company operating on Polish market which produces and regenerates electrodes activated with platinum metal salts used in chlorine electrolysis. QUALITY CONTROL Offered clad metals we test and certify in accordance with customers requirements, especially in accordance with the following technical standards and codes: ASME (SA-263, SA-264, SA-265, SA- 578/SA-578M), AD-Merkblatt W8. Inspections include: Complete ultrasonic inspection of base material, clad material and interlayer area; Destructive testing like shearing test, peel test, bend tests in all directions, impact test, etc. Corrosion resistance test. We have obtained authorization of Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) for manufacturing of pressure vessel clad elements and implemented certified quality assurance system ISO Contact person: Mr. Zygmunt Szulc Phone: Fax: Page 18 of 35

19 Frraankkl lin Airrccrraafftt Engineess 208 Chelminska str., Grudziadz, Poland Phone: Fax: Website: Franklin is certified manufacturer of four and six cylinders Franklin aircraft engines and is one of the fastest evolving in the aviation industry located in Poland. Franklin Company stated from servicing aircraft engines - has over 25 years of experience of remanufacturing of piston engines, and in 2006 acquired the Type Certificate for Franklin Aircraft Engines. Franklin is presently working on supporting and bringing this engine back into production which has 100 years of tradition on the world market. Company Company is also certified by EASA as: Aircraft Service in Range Engines Propellers Aircrafts Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization NDT Testing Laboratory Technical Design Organization Training Centre for Aircraft Mechanics AREA OF INTEREST Services: The company has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of piston engines diagnostic and recovery. We offer overhauls and minor repairs of piston engines and additionally, overhauls and inspection of propellers. Finally, the company also offer line, base maintenance and weighting of aircrafts. Products: The company provides two different types of products to the market, on the one side the well known Franklin Engines, in particular two engines: 4A235 Franklin Aircraft Engine 6A359 Franklin Aircraft Engine On the other side, the company sells new engine parts for Franklin engines, through our own storages located in Florida, USA or Grudziadz, Poland. Training: Franklin runs trainings for aircraft mechanics on the aircraft type according to Part 66: Cessna Piper Socata Morane Testing laboratory : Specialist Franklin Laboratory offers non-destructive testing. The range of offer involves: Magnetic Particle Testing of elements to 200 cm length Eddy current testing Penetrative testing Strength testing Contact person: Mr. Roman Sadowski, Mr. Jakub Sadowski Phone: Fax: Page 19 of 35

20 Maarrgaansskki i & Myyssl lowsskki i Avvi iaatti ion Worrkkss StraŜacka 60, Bielsko-Biala Phone: Fax: Website: Production of four seater twin-engine aircraft ORKA with retractable landing gear, high-wing configuration with push-type propellers and comfortable passenger cabin. The aircraft is adjusted to VFR flights during daytime and at night, in future it is planned to fulfill the requirements of IFR. Shell structure is all-composite with honeycomb filler. Wings have electrically-driven flaps and ailerons as well as foldable tips for easier hangaring. Two fuel tanks of 200 litres capacity each are installed in the wings. Fuselage has upwards-opening door in the front part and cargo hatch in the central part. Passenger cabin has four separate seats of which the front ones are reclining and sliding. The seats have 3-point inertial safety belts. Vertical tail unit is mounted on fuselage. Tail plane is in T type. Electrical trimming tabs are mounted on both planes. Flight control systems are controlled by a rigid push-rod transmission system, the rudder is controlled with use of line. The aircraft is propelled by two counterrotating engines LYCOMING IO-320 / LIO-320 of 160 HP each at 2700 RPM. Such a solution eliminates the so-called critical engine", which significantly facilitates controlling the aircraft in the event that one of the engines shuts down. 3-blade constant-speed type propellers are manufactured by MT-Propeller. Hydraulically retracted landing gear is mounted on fuselage and has gas shock absorbers with hydraulic damping. Such a solution greatly improves the comfort of landing and take-off on grass airfields of bad quality and uneven surface. The fuselage is equipped with large upwards-swinging door in front and a cargo hatch in the central part. Contact person: Jakub Mastalerz Phone: Fax: Page 20 of 35


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Working paper. Product quality. A guide for small and medium-sized enterprises UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION

Working paper. Product quality. A guide for small and medium-sized enterprises UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Working paper Product quality A guide for small and medium-sized enterprises UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Product quality A guide for small and medium-sized enterprises Working paper

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The Industrial Internet@Work. Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans

The Industrial Internet@Work. Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans The Industrial Internet@Work Marco Annunziata & Peter C. Evans Table of Contents Executive Summary The Industrial Internet Towards No Unplanned Downtime 3 Introduction A New Information and Collaboration

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Photonics revolutionising our world

Photonics revolutionising our world Photonics revolutionising our world Transport Manufacturing Healthcare Photonics and Healthcare 1 Contents Photonics and Transport 6 Sensing technologies to make transport safer 8 Lighting the way with

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HIGH-LEVEL EXPERT GROUP ON. Key Enabling Technologies

HIGH-LEVEL EXPERT GROUP ON. Key Enabling Technologies HIGHLEVEL EXPERT GROUP ON Key Enabling Technologies Final Report June 2011 1 2 2 Table of contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction P. 4 P. 6 Chapter 1. KETs are strategic to address Competitiveness and

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Annual Report 2014 Smiths Group plc

Annual Report 2014 Smiths Group plc Annual Report 2014 Smiths Group plc 1851 1914 2014 Samuel Smith opens his first jewellery shop in south London S. Smith & Sons floats on the London Stock Exchange, only days before the First World War

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Instrumentation and Control. TELEPERM XS System Overview

Instrumentation and Control. TELEPERM XS System Overview Instrumentation and Control TELEPERM XS System Overview TELEPERM XS System Overview Overview 5 I&C solutions based on TELEPERM XS 6 Safety I&C systems 6 Comprehensive I&C based on SPPA-T2000 and TELEPERM

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THE NEW FACE OF INDUSTRY IN FRANCE THE NEW FACE OF INDUSTRY IN FRANCE FRANCE REINVENTED France is a country of inventors, pioneers, entrepreneurs and captains of industry. Every time it has faced adversity, it has found the strength to

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BEYOND MAINSTREAM FRONTRUNNERS POTENTIALISTS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS INDUSTRY 4.0. The new industrial revolution How Europe will succeed BEYOND MAINSTREAM POTENTIALISTS FRONTRUNNERS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS The new industrial revolution How Europe will succeed MARCH 2014 THE BIG 3 1 40% is the share of worldwide manufacturing (a total

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Special Issue MOST. Fachmedium für Entwicklungen in der Kfz-Elektronik und Telematik. April 2013 9,00

Special Issue MOST. Fachmedium für Entwicklungen in der Kfz-Elektronik und Telematik. April 2013 9,00 Elektronik automotive April 2013 Special Issue MOST Fachmedium für Entwicklungen in der Kfz-Elektronik und Telematik April 2013 9,00 Special Issue MOST Interview with Christian Thiel: Way into the Future

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High Density Cooling Solutions

High Density Cooling Solutions Racks & Integrated Cabinets High Density Cooling Solutions For Business-Critical Continuity TM In Energy Efficient Data Centers Green-IT Full-On Trend! Technology Solutions Of Emerson Network Power Are

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Safe Design, Manufacture, Import and Supply of Plant. Draft Code of Practice

Safe Design, Manufacture, Import and Supply of Plant. Draft Code of Practice Safe Design, Manufacture, Import and Supply of Plant Draft Code of Practice Table of Contents FOREWORD... 4 SCOPE AND APPLICATION... 4 1 INTRODUCTION... 5 1.1 The meaning of key terms... 5 1.2 Who has

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Enabling Tomorrow s Electricity System. Report of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum

Enabling Tomorrow s Electricity System. Report of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum Enabling Tomorrow s Electricity System Report of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum CONTENTS Executive Summary 1 Members of the Smart Grid Forum 8 Introduction 9 Smart Grid Vision 11 Consumer Technologies 16

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Digital Built Britain

Digital Built Britain Digital Built Britain Level 3 Building Information Modelling - Strategic Plan February 2015 1 P a g e Contents 1. Ministerial Foreword 2. Industry Foreword 3. Executive Summary 4. Introduction, Context

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registration document

registration document registration document 2014/2015 CONTENTS 1 GROUP OVERVIEW 3 1.1 General overview 4 1.2 Selected financial information 5 1.3 History 7 1.4 Overview of Divisions 8 1.5 The railway market 11 1.6 Group strategy

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System Engineering Guidelines

System Engineering Guidelines May - 2014 Revision 04 Page 2 of 110 System Engineering Guidelines IEC 62591 WirelessHART (May - 2014 Revision 04) May - 2014 Revision 04 Page 3 of 110 PREFACE Emerson Process Management has developed

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German Federal Government s National Electromobility Development Plan

German Federal Government s National Electromobility Development Plan German Federal Government s National Electromobility Development Plan August 2009 1 Executive summary 2 2 Introduction 3 3 Potential, challenges and goals 5 3.1 Definition of electromobility under the

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Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment Feasibility Study

Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment Feasibility Study Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment Feasibility Study Prepared for: Transport Canada Transportation Development Centre and The BC Clean Air Research Fund by: Ballard Power Systems,

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Multi-Unit Residential

Multi-Unit Residential Multi-Unit Residential Facilities Management Good Practice Guide Multi-Unit Residential Facilities Management Good Practice Guide Developed through the Hi-RES project with the kind support of With further

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IN the past decades the increasing power and costeffectiveness. Introduction to Industrial Control Networks

IN the past decades the increasing power and costeffectiveness. Introduction to Industrial Control Networks 1 Introduction to Industrial Control Networks Brendan Galloway and Gerhard P. Hancke, Senior Member, IEEE Abstract An industrial control network is a system of interconnected equipment used to monitor

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Key Performance Indicators for traffic management and Intelligent Transport Systems

Key Performance Indicators for traffic management and Intelligent Transport Systems 7 th Framework Programme Theme 7: TRANSPORT (including AERONAUTICS) CONDUITS, Coordination Of Network Descriptors for Urban Intelligent Transport Systems Contract n 218636 I. Kaparias, M.G.H. Bell

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Good Housekeeping Manual (GHK )

Good Housekeeping Manual (GHK ) Pilot Programme for the Promotion of Environmental Management in the Private Sector of Developing Countries (P3U) Good Housekeeping Manual (GHK ) September 2006 Why did GTZ/P3U develop the Good Housekeeping

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Product catalogue 2015

Product catalogue 2015 Product catalogue 2015 Clean air solutions Camfil Product Catalogue 2015 Information OVER 50 YEARS OF CLEAN AIR SOLUTIONS In 1960, Sweden is about to start its nuclear program. Air filtration specialist

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