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1 HVAC Load Calculations for Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling W 82nd Terr. Shawnee, Ks Prepared By: Rick Jenkins, LLC W 100th St Overland Park, Ks Wednesday, May 07, 2014

2 Overland Park, KS Page 2 Project Report General Project Information Project Title: Designed By: Rodrock homes/mike Bryant Heating Project Date: Wednesday May 7, 2014 Project Comment: House Faces Northeast Client Name: Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling Client Address: W 82nd Terr. Client City: Shawnee, Ks Client Phone: (913) Client Address: Company Name:, LLC Company Representative: Rick Jenkins Company Address: W 100th St Company City: Overland Park, Ks Company Phone: Company Fax: Company Address: Company Website: Design Data Reference City: Kansas City AP, Missouri Building Orientation: Front door faces Northeast Daily Temperature Range: Medium Latitude: 39 Degrees Elevation: 791 ft. Altitude Factor: Indoor Indoor Grains Dry Bulb Wet Bulb Rel.Hum Rel.Hum Dry Bulb Difference Winter: n/a 30% Summer: % 50% Check Figures Total Building Supply CFM: 2,068 CFM Per Square ft.: Square ft. of Room Area: 5,412 Square ft. Per Ton: 1,102 Volume (ft³) of Cond. Space: 51,569 Building Loads Total Heating Required Including Ventilation Air: 76,397 Btuh MBH Total Sensible Gain: 44,203 Btuh 82 % Total Latent Gain: 9,578 Btuh 18 % Total Cooling Required Including Ventilation Air: 53,781 Btuh 4.48 Tons (Based On Sensible + Latent) 4.91 Tons (Based On 75% Sensible Capacity) Notes Rhvac is an ACCA approved Manual J and Manual D computer program. Calculations are performed per ACCA Manual J 8th Edition, Version 2, and ACCA Manual D. All computed results are estimates as building use and weather may vary. Be sure to select a unit that meets both sensible and latent loads according to the manufacturer's performance data at your design conditions.

3 Overland Park, KS Page 3 Miscellaneous Report System 1 System 1 Main Input Data Dry Bulb Wet Bulb Rel.Hum Indoor Rel.Hum Indoor Dry Bulb Grains Difference Winter: % 30% Summer: % 50% Duct Sizing Inputs Main Trunk Runouts Calculate: No No Use Schedule: No No Roughness Factor: Pressure Drop: in.wg./100 ft in.wg./100 ft. Minimum Velocity: 0 ft./min 0 ft./min Maximum Velocity: 0 ft./min 0 ft./min Minimum Height: 0 in. 0 in. Maximum Height: 0 in. 0 in. Outside Air Data Winter Summer Infiltration Specified: AC/hr AC/hr 258 CFM 122 CFM Infiltration Actual: AC/hr AC/hr Above Grade Volume: X 38,558 Cu.ft. X 38,558 Cu.ft. 15,467 Cu.ft./hr 7,326 Cu.ft./hr X X Total Building Infiltration: 258 CFM 122 CFM Total Building Ventilation: 0 CFM 0 CFM ---System 1--- Infiltration & Ventilation Sensible Gain Multiplier: = (1.10 X X Summer Temp. Difference) Infiltration & Ventilation Latent Gain Multiplier: = (0.68 X X Grains Difference) Infiltration & Ventilation Sensible Loss Multiplier: = (1.10 X X Winter Temp. Difference) Winter Infiltration Specified: AC/hr (238 CFM), Construction: Average, Fireplaces: 2, 20 CFM, Semi-Tight Summer Infiltration Specified: AC/hr (122 CFM), Construction: Average

4 Overland Park, KS Page 4 Equipment Data - System 1 - System 1 Main Cooling Heating System Type: Standard Air Conditioner Model: XC * Indoor Model: CX34-62D+TDR Tradename: XC16 SERIES Manufacturer: LENNOX INDUSTRIES, INC. AHRI Reference No.: Nominal Capacity: Efficiency: 15.7 SEER System Type: Two Stage Furnace Model: EL195UH135XE60D Tradename: Elite 90 Manufacturer: LENNOX INDUSTRIES, INC. Description: Natural Gas or Propane Furnace Capacity: 0 Efficiency: Hi: 0 / Lo: 0 AFUE Backup Type: Backup Model: Backup Capacity: Backup Efficiency: 95

5 Contractor Mike Bryant Mechanical License # Building Plan # Ashton III Home Address (Street or Lot#, Block, Subdivision) Residential Plans Examiner Review Form for HVAC System Design (Loads, Equipment, Ducts) County, Town, Municipality, Jurisdiction Header Information REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS¹ Manual J1 Form (and supporting worksheets): or MJ1AE Form² (and supporting worksheets): OEM performance data (heating, cooling, blower): Manual D Friction Rate Worksheet: Duct distribution system sketch: Form RPER Mar 10 ATTACHED HVAC LOAD CALCULATION (IRC M1401.3) Design Conditions Winter Design Conditions temperature 4 F Indoor temperature 70 F Total heat loss Btu/h Summer Design Conditions temperature 93 F Indoor temperature 75 F Grains difference % Rh Sensible heat gain Latent heat gain Total heat gain Btu/h 9578 Btu/h Btu/h Building Construction Information Building Orientation (Front door faces) Northeast North, East, West, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest Number of bedrooms 5 Conditioned floor area 5412 Sq Ft Number of occupants 6 Windows Eave overhang depth Internal shade HVAC EQUIPMENT SELECTION (IRC M1401.3) Heating Equipment Data Cooling Equipment Data Equipment type Model Furnace, Heat pump, Boiler, etc. Heating output capacity Furnace EL195UH135XE60D Heat pumps - capacity at winter design outdoor conditions Auxiliary heat output capacity Btu/h Btu/h Blinds, drapes, etc 1.8 Ft Number of skylights 0 Equipment type Standard Air Conditioner Air Conditioner, Heat pump, etc Model XC * Sensible cooling capacity Btu/h Latent cooling capacity Btu/h Total cooling capacity Btu/h HVAC DUCT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM DESIGN (IRC M1601.1) Design airflow External Static Pressure (ESP) Component Pressure Losses (CPL) Available Static Pressure (ASP) ASP = ESP - CPL 2070 CFM 1.17 IWC 0.35 IWC IWC 363 Ft 549 Ft 912 Ft 0.09 IWC Friction Rate = (ASP 100) TEL Longest supply duct: Longest return duct: Total Effective Length (TEL) Friction Rate: Blower Data Heating CFM Cooling CFM 2068 CFM 2068 CFM Duct Materials Used (circle) Trunk Duct: Duct board, Flex, Sheet metal, Lined sheet metal, Other (specify) Branch Duct: Duct board, Flex, Sheet metal, Lined sheet metal, Other (specify) I declare the load calculation, equipment selection, and duct system design were rigorously performed based on the building plan listed above, I understand the claims made on these forms will be subject to review and verification. Contractor's Printed Name Date Contractor's Signature Reserved for use by County, Town, Municipality, or Authority having jurisdiction. ¹ The AHJ shall have the discretion to accept Required Attachments printed from approved ACCA software vendors, see list on page 2 of instructions. ² If abridged version of Manual J is used for load calculation, then verify residence meets requirements, see Abridged Edition Checklist on page 13 of instructions. Form generated by ACCA-approved Manual J Eighth Edition Version 2 Elite Software Rhvac program.