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1 Marketing AdVents December 2012 Publication of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington Vol 51 No 12 Is Your Industry the Next To Move To Mobile? by Michael DiMarco The choice to optimize for mobile is one that every business needs to make --period. While that decision is always an individual one, sometimes the marketplace can force a business owner s hand. That is exactly what has been taking place in the mobile web-optimization game, as industry trends are a huge factor in driving businesses to make the switch to a better mobile experience. restaurants, car services, and the like are the perfect outlet for mobile web. Rather than having to download an app, customers can simply visit a mobile site to set up accommodations on the go. Restaurant and food related sites make up by far the biggest percentage of mobile-optimized websites of any industry, and that number continues to grow. So, which industries are already on board with mobile, which are making the switch, and which are next in line? Well, let s find out. Early Adopters Some of the first significant moves to optimize for the mobile web came from the hospitality industry. Hotels, Is Yours a Social Business? [Hint: Being a Social Brand isn t the Answer.] by Gee Ranasinha For the enlightened, the effective use of social media channels within an organization s sales, marketing, and customer service cost centers has become the norm. Companies that get it are building their own media networks consisting of engaged, enthusiastic customers happy to contribute, share, help, and sell. These are audience members who have each made a conscious decision to connect with the brand and (albeit with some reservations) give companies the power to build relationships in ways that simply cannot be replicated using traditional media. It s one reason companies need to see social media as a corporate-wide responsibility and not just a marketing function. Why? Two reasons: 1. Customers see a brand as a single, cohesive entity rather than a company made up of various departments. 2. Customer needs cannot be addressed by any single division. Another industry that has been quick to jump on board with mobile is that of professional services, particularly those who specialize. This means professionals like plumbers, chiropractors, and plastic surgeons who have very targeted customer groups benefit tremendously by making their services easier to access from a mobile device. So is that it? Is the goal to get as many members of your target audience as possible to Like your Facebook or Google+ page, follow you on Twitter, or favorite your YouTube channel? Perhaps we re coming to a point where, in order to move things to the next level, companies must make the first of (possibly) many more choices as this whole empowered customer thing continues to mature and develop. For example, from a strategy perspective, does a company continue its evolution along the path of a socially aware brand? Or does it use continued on page 15 continued on page 12 What's New? Social collaboration = new opportunities for you to become a connection point for your customers, donors, and members. See page 14. Look Back / Look Ahead Strategies for the Year Ahead...2 DMAW Calendar...2 President's Perspective...3 Responsive Design...5 DRTV for Nonprofit Fundraising...6 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?...7 Have a Lasting Story?...8 The New Printing...9 DMAW Volunteer Honor Roll Video-Based Marketing Lessons*...13 News Notes...15 PostalVision Small Businesses Using Mobile...17 USPS changes the rules. Again...18 Member Spotlight...19

2 MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER Mailing Strategies for the Year Ahead by John KennedyThe past 24 months have brought announcements of sweeping plant closures, postal reform, and general angst and head-scratching over the imperiled USPS. What to expect in 2013? Hold onto your hats, make a strategic plan for 2013 based on what you DO know, and you should be fine. (Note: the information below is based on our understanding of USPS policies as of October 31, 2012.) Strategy No. 1: Put the postal decrease for nonprofit organizations in your rearview mirror. The 2012 reduction for your Standard Mail is going away. (As of this writing, a proposed increase of $.005 is planned.) Assuming your costs are going up, consider this: Are you sending out mass mailings to recipients who have never responded? Time to take a hard look at your lists. At the very least, clean them up and de-dupe and NCOA them. Savvy marketers are using technology to their advantage. A lot of companies will analyze your lists and response data and show you how to reduce the number of pieces you send while improving your response rates. This will impact you where it counts most in topline revenue and in your bottom line. Strategy No. 2: Start looking under rocks for postal savings, they re out there! Here are a few clues: All indications tell us that for direct marketers (for-profit organizations) there is no relief in sight. At least not from the USPS. Consider what your logistics provider can offer to help you take advantage of the most savings: Commingling of parcels and flats: (Great for calendars and stiff flats, or backend premiums.) While many of you have taken advantage of commingling for Standard Mail, 2013 is the year to start looking for logisitics providers who can get you great rates by commingling parcels and flats. Drop shipping: Variable fuel surcharges make up a portion of your drop-shipping rates, so be aware that increases in fuel costs will be reflected in your fees from third-party logistics providers. Shop around for rates! Promotions from the USPS: Plan your campaigns around these promotions to get the most bang for your buck. Strategy No. 3: Have you been enjoying postal automation discounts? If you want to keep enjoying them in 2013, you ll need to implement the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB). In February, IMB becomes a requirement for automation postal discounts. There are two stages to the transition. First is the sunset of POSTNET, which occurs at midnight on Jan. 27, At this time, IMB Basic or Full-Service IMB will be required to obtain automation discounts. The second phase occurs in January 2014, when IMB Basic will no longer be eligible for automation discounts. There is a learning curve, and your print suppliers may or may not yet support the IMB, so you want to get started now to give yourself some time. In addition to allowing you to continue benefitting from automation discounts, the Full-Service IMB allows you to track the progress and delivery of individual mail pieces. Also, with the Full-Service option, address changes are provided automatically and at no charge. (When mail is returned undelivered as addressed (UAA) there is a significant cost associated with it.) If you re sending parcels, be aware of the Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb). Effective January 7, 2013, commercial customers must adopt the IMpb and its corresponding file formats for all tracking and Extra Services barcodes. Certain products will receive end-to-end tracking including Delivery Confirmation at no charge. Also, an IMpb will now be tied to presort and destination entry pricing. The bottom line? Evaluate your options and rates early in the year to determine what savings are available to you so you can reach the lowest possible postage rates. Stay calm and carry on! John Kennedy is CEO and founder of Three Dog Logistics in Baltimore. He founded the company on the belief that logistics should be fully automated for the end-user, taking the hassle out of scheduling and tracking of letter mail, parcels, and shipments. Three Dog s automated system, Rover, sniffs out the best price, schedules pick-ups, produces bills of lading and labels, and allows you to track your shipments along the way. Learn more or ask for a rate quote today at www. Calendar Deadline for registration: 48 hours before the event, space permitting. Registrations received after that will be charged the onsite rate and are subject to space availability. Cancellations must be received 48 hours in advance. No-shows will be billed. Register online at org. 3rd Thursday of every month DMAW Monthly Lunch & Learn 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm SEIU 1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC Metro: DuPont Circle 1st Tuesday of every month Annapolis Direct Marketers Social Club 6:00 pm -??? Pusser's, Annapolis, MD Mark Your Calendar! DMAW Annual Meeting and Cocktail Reception Wednesday, January 30, 2013 SEIU, 1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 5:30 Registration 6:00-9:00 PM Keynote Speaker: Anirban Basu Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Sage Policy Group, Inc Sourcebook Sourcebook sales have begun! Contact Terri Jones at for details. Details on all events are available at www. Get someone to join the DMAW tribe! Member-Get-A-Member Campaign The DMAW s special Member-Get-A-Member Campaign gives you an opportunity to share with others the details on DMAW membership benefits and encourage others to join DMAW. And, by referring a friend, you ll have an opportunity to win one of three very special prizes! For every person you recruit who becomes a new DMAW Member by December 31, 2012, you will be entered into a drawing to win: A Kindle Fire, Washington Capitals hockey tickets, or Registration for two to one of the 2013 DMAW Lunch & Learn programs. The more members you bring in, the more entries in the drawing you ll get and the more chances you have to win! Every time you recruit a new member, you help strengthen the DMAW. We re stronger together. So don t wait. Recruit a new Member, or two, or three, today! To refer a potential new DMAW member, visit:

3 DMAW Executive Committee & Board of Directors 2012 Executive Committee President Hilary Baar The Lukens Company ext. 296 Vice President/President-Elect Michael DeFlavia, Lautman Maska Neill & Co ext.14, Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Calta Vertis Communications , Immediate Past President Kristin McCurry MINDset direct , Board of Directors Elise Buck, MMI Direct , Pete Carter, Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey , Jim Chmielewski, Public Interest Communications , Mikaela King, Defenders of Wildlife , George Lizama, Production Solutions , Kevin Moran, Integral, LLC , Jamie Natelson, Avalon Consulting Group ext. 106, Alan Rich, Nova Label Co , Liz Richardson, Infogroup , Karen Vogel, Visual Mining , DMAW/EF Liaison Syma Mendelsohn RCM&D , DMAW Educational Foundation Karen Depew, Executive Director Karen Rice-Gardiner, President DMAW Executive Director Donna Tschiffely DMAW, fax DMAW Postmaster: Send address changes to DMAW Marketing AdVents, Bowman Green Drive, Reston, VA ; website DMAW Marketing AdVents: (ISSN ) is published monthly by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, Inc., Bowman Green Drive, Reston, VA Periodicals postage paid at Herndon VA and at additional mailing offices. President's perspective by Hilary Baar W ow, I can t believe we ll soon be welcoming a new year. For me, it is bittersweet because in 2013 my term as your president will come to a close. Don t worry. We ve got you covered. Mike DeFlavia is stepping up to the DMAW presidency on January 1. Welcome Mike! While reflecting on writing my last column, I realized I will miss communicating with you each month. Perhaps it has been the unexpected appreciation I ve received on my column. As I ve said to each person who has honored me by letting me know they enjoy this column, I extend many thanks to Nancy Scott, our AdVents editor, who has shown me why the start of every published book begins with a thank-you to the editor. Honestly, the world would be a poorly written place without these professionals. For writing inspiration, I thank my best friend, who always read everything I wrote and encouraged me by noting that he doesn t compliment everyone on their writing. Without that affirmation, I m not sure I would have been comfortable writing a monthly column for AdVents which brings me to another important thing I ve learned this year. In enjoying the fruits of my friend s continual support, I ve been reminded how important it is to mentor, promote, and cheer on our colleagues. We never really know what our thoughtful attention means to another - a notion I see brought alive every day in the DMAW experience. Our Executive Director Donna Tschiffely is certainly one of DMAW s unsung heroes. As many of you know, if you write to Donna, she ll do whatever she can to answer immediately. We are a small association, but the relationships and interactions our members have with DMAW staff are truly wonderful. My term as president has been a joy, thanks to the partnership I ve had with Donna over these last 12 months. Meanwhile, I ve been privileged to lead a great board of directors. They ve put up with my informal approach to chairing a meeting and also have accomplished a heck of a lot with our new goal format and quarterly goal updates. These folks are committed to serving our community. They care about you! Ah and then there are our members and volunteers. These folks matter! DMAW would disappear without the many people who give their time, energy, and creativity to this mutual commitment. We are driven to success by the volunteers who work on projects that range from writing copy to securing speakers to sorting MAXI applications. In honor of their efforts, this issue of AdVents features a list of the fantastic volunteers who have devoted their time, energy, and brain power to DMAW in So, a very large dose of gratitude to you for renewing your membership each year and for volunteering in the myriad ways that move our organization forward. (PS If you would like to join the volunteer ranks, contact Alan Rich or Elise Buck and they will find a way to apply your special talents and interests to DMAW projects.) Finally, thank YOU for being a part of DMAW, attending our programs, reading AdVents (and this column), and for believing in DMAW s mission. In my first article, I closed my column by saying until next month, but now I have to finish this column by just saying Here s thanking you, kid! 3 MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER 2012

4 MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER 2012 C ALL CONNECT COLLECT GUARANTEED! The Nationwide Leader in Telephone Fundraising & Membership Acquisition and Renewal PRODUCE IMMEDIATE RESULTS ACHIEVE SUCCESS for yourself and your organization 24/7 DIRECT CONTROL through Client Web services PARTNER WITH THE COMPANY that has a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry CALL TODAY to discover how DirectLine will help you achieve a higher level of success for your organization! DIRECTLINE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CALL:

5 Responsive Design and the Continued Rise Of the Mobile Web by Dave Leonard The rise of mobile devices is transforming site design. Before smartphones and tablets became somewhat ubiquitous, many organizations established devicespecific distribution channels for Android devices, iphones, ipads, and on and on. Not only is this a headache in terms of maintenance incurring costs for each platform when it comes time for updates but it is potentially confusing for users as well. In many cases, some content would be available to desktop users but not to mobile users, which is arguably a mild form of discrimination. Responsive design is a promising solution to this dilemma. Enter Responsive Design Responsive design has helped produce a consolidated content strategy that addresses the problem caused by the plethora of devices used to browse the web. Instead of having multiple sites for mobile and desktop or among mobile devices a responsive design allows the same content to be massaged and optimized for use on multiple mediums. A responsive website recognizes various devices resolution constraints and automatically makes adjustments to presentation layers to best fit those devices. More Advantages Responsive design has several benefits beyond increasing a website s visibility by making it accessible on all platforms. It essentially future-proofs an organization s mobile strategy. Regardless of what devices become popular for Internet use, a responsive design can address them. It also ensures a cohesive message is conveyed across the entire spectrum of devices because the same content is presented for each device. The responsive design strategy is also a cost-saver in the long run. When it comes time for updates, a responsive site only requires maintenance once. A divided web strategy incurs maintenance costs for each site aimed at a specified platform, which adds up when a new device is released seemingly every quarter. No Innovation Without Speed Bumps The goal of responsive design is to have a sound presentation of content on multiple platforms. To excel at that, resources must be invested in development upfront to create an optimal user experience on a set of devices deemed to be most valuable. If an organization chooses to adopt a responsive philosophy, there are people already crafting and implementing responsive web designs successfully. Open-source content management systems (CMS), such as Drupal, keep pace with these types of technological advancements and are actively being used for responsive design implementations, such as These CMS platforms allow content producers to create well-structured content that can be distributed across a number of channels aside from browser-based experiences to power native ios apps and populate newsletters. A centralized approach to content management across all possible channels can be efficient, powerful, and valuable. Indeed, responsive web design is a powerful tool that should be considered in the context of an organization s brand, content strategy, target audience, and available resources. Dave Leonard is manager of information architecture and analysis at Phase2 Technology, Alexandria, VA. Reach him at MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER 2012 The U.S. Postal Service has reduced its total facility energy consumption by nearly 26 percent, or 8.6 trillion BTUs, since Robust energy measurement systems and practical steps, including actions such as the steps noted by the Go Green Forever stamps, Adjust the Thermostat and Turn off Lights Not in Use, contributed to the reduction, which is about the same amount of energy used annually by 90,000 households. Green with Effort The Postal Service operates 33,000 buildings, totaling 280 million square feet. The agency uses cutting-edge tools, including its own Utility Management System and Enterprise Energy Management System to measure energy use and identify ways to cut costs. Each of the Postal Service s two green roofs, both located in New York City, has an expected lifespan of up to 50 years. The green roofs help reduce the amount of contaminants in storm water runoff flowing into municipal water systems and are part of the agency s commitment to create sustainable spaces and facilities wherever possible. 5

6 MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER 2012 Direct Video Now DRTV for Nonprofit Fundraising This is the fifth in the Direct Video Now series, which began with the August 2012 issue. DRTV has long been a venue for larger and more established associations for acquiring monthly donors, soliciting one-time contributions, and increasing awareness for the cause and message. More high-profile nonprofit corporations seem to be allocating more and more advertising dollars toward DRTV. So, what about smaller nonprofits? Is TV just out of range for them? Let s take a look at some numbers that just might surprise you. The four main cost components that need to be looked at are: creative costs, call-center costs, media costs, and staff to manage the campaign. Let s examine each. by Ava Seavey Creative Costs. While many large advertising firms might quote rates of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to execute a DRTV spot, the reality is that a smaller firm can likely create compelling 120-second and 60-second spots from $10,000 and up. Not every campaign needs a celebrity and not every campaign needs to shoot original footage. Call Center Costs. Telemarketing costs are certainly not inexpensive. However, you can engage boutique call centers that will charge based on performance. There is also a possibility of using an IVR (integrated voice response) center, which have very sophisticated programmed responses, and via which callers can even opt to speak with live operators. Not every campaign needs live agents, and multiple options are available. Additionally, DRTV is very good at driving web traffic, so a large percentage of responses will go directly to the web, saving even more telemarketing costs. Currently anywhere from 10 to 15 percent and more of your revenue from DRTV can be allocated strictly to the web. More companies are also experimenting with drive-to-web only, thereby completely exliminating the call center expense. In those cases, however, I would advocate having a dedicated phone number on a specific landing page so that TV calls can be properly allocated to the buy. One downside to this tactic is that it is more difficult to optimize the media without a specific understanding of exactly which stations drove the traffic. Media Costs. Here lie some of the largest misconceptions about costs. The cost of a local, broadcast DRTV or local cable spot can be as little as $50. DRTV buys are about testing, optimizing, and putting-atoe-in-the-water approaches before rollout, much the same way a print or direct mail campaign would be handled. For as low as $20,000, you can get a strong baseline test to determine base-line metrics. Staffing. Most companies do not need to staff up to handle a DRTV campaign. There are many very competent campaign management consultants that can be hired to help guide, analyze, and confer with you on the particulars of a DRTV campaign. Ava Seavey is president of Avalanche Creative Services, Inc. a DRTV and Digital video marketing firm with contact information below. Reach her at or (cell) or Follow her on Twitter at or read her blog at T i d b i t s a n d T a d d l e T a l e s Three dysfunctional personality styles -- dramatic, adventurous, and compliant -- foreshadow leadership flaws and risk. Source: INSEAD Blog, Sept. 6, 2012 Depending on the industry, the mobile content that will produce the best returns may vary, says Michael DiMarco. For example, things like video or interactive games can work well for entertainment products, while direct deals will be best for things like retail sites. The common denominator for successful mobile marketing, however, is simplicity, targeted messaging, and easy engagement. Source: Mobile Marketer, Sept. 4, 2012 Have you been fired? Read a brilliant post full of love and courage and EN-couragement. Source: The Altucher Confidential, 10 Things You Need To Do If You Were Fired Yesterday What do retail customers want from a mobile website? Location, hours, and a phone number, as a brilliant post from Shelly Kramer, the CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing, Kansas City, MO, demonstrates. Source: blog, Sept. 10, 2012 Want tips on how to dress up your direct mail? Check out 30+ direct marketing ideas, including #38, posted on Oct. 16. Skip the pale, washed out orange and go for the bright, no-doubt-this-isorange Pantone Orange 021. Forget the mossy green 392 and go for the bright lime 389. Change your dirty-brick red to Christmas red. You could increase your open and response rate as easily as that. Source: In the face of digital, mobile, social, online integration, IBM says CMOs and CIOs MUST collaborate or fail. Source: DM News, Sept. 7,

7 production Direct Mail: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? I don t know about you, but I found 2012 to be a year of great experimentation regarding how we communicate with our marketplace. Growing our top and bottom lines has never been easy, but the more complex our marketing activities become, the more people and resources we have to throw at them. It gets harder and more expensive to get a reasonable return on our marketing investment. by Ed Glaser and will continue to be the basic blocking and tackling tool of the industry. When all else fails, we can count on direct mail to come through for us. The effective application of internal and external data creates precision targeting that greatly reduces waste and cost. It s a given that we know how to reach only those who will truly benefit from our messaging. In fact, today s small production runs are becoming just as cost-efficient as yesterday s million-piece jobs and, believe me, this will only get better in the future. In the end, this is a time of challenges, frustrations, and new competition. We ll continue to see innovation, new channels, and more ways to communicate with our constituencies. But that s not bad news. As Patrick Brand, president, Pitney Bowes North America Mailing, said in a recent post, If the actions of market leaders are any indication, this is an exciting time to be in the print and mail industry. Even as we have seen an explosion of digital media from and web to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter the unique attributes of direct mail stand apart. Today s direct mail pioneers are embracing the data-driven, digital capabilities of the online world to deliver a stronger connection on paper that is more dynamic, more welcoming, and more personal. Direct mail will thrive. Bottom line? Yes, we can continue to count on direct mail. I believe this channel will be with us for a long time. Ed Glaser is CMO at Acculink, an integrated marketing solutions provider in Greenville, NC, which has been serving the marketing community for more than 32 years. As direct mail specialists, AccuLink has a history of producing results in the direct mail arena. Contact Ed to discuss some of the unique solutions AccuLink can offer to improve direct mail results. Reach him at or MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER 2012 This year has seen us fully integrate social media cross-channel communication with online and offline media, as well as implement new technologies and creative tools. MMS Advent2 1/9/11 9:21 PM Page 1 Granted, we have opened up new doorways to talk to customers and prospects, but has all of that work yielded incremental top- and bottom-line growth for you or your clients? Is there a real ROI? We are all chasing the Holy Grail, hoping to get a leg up on the competition. But again, are we really accomplishing that? When other industry sectors implement new technologies, what choice do we have but to follow suit? We can t miss the opportunity to get our share of the prize, can we? To tell you the truth, I don t have the answers to those questions. I wish I did. But I do know one thing: All of the changes within our industry have not altered the basic fact that our customers and prospects want to be reached, recognized, and understood. The one tool that accomplishes this goal, never goes out of style, and consistently performs well is direct mail. Direct mail that creates personalized, relevant, and timely messaging has been 7

8 MARKETING ADVENTS DECEMBER 2012 branding Does Your Product Have a Lasting Story? By the late 1960s, Xerox had become a highly successful global brand. Having a Xerox machine in the office became a necessity. After achieving its well-established name, Xerox decided to cultivate other ambitions, such as computer technology and data processing. The company spent many years and millions of dollars before it finally threw in the towel. It should come as no surprise that once a brand is strongly associated with a certain product it is difficult, if not impossible, to change perceptions. Yet, marketing history is rife with examples of companies expecting their well-established brand names to help them introduce new products. Chiquita had to admit defeat after trying to convince us that Chiquita stands for more than bananas. Country Time Lemonade was forced to stop trying to sell Country Time Apple Cider. Ponds barely got out of the starting gates with Ponds toothpaste before it quit. There are thousands of stories like these. But one could argue that Apple is proving to be the exception as it has gone from a brand of computers to a brand of phones, ipads, televisions, and who-knows-what next. Nike is yet another exception, as it has grown from making running shoes to becoming a successful seller of athletic equipment and apparel. Richard Branson keeps adding to the list of products his brand Virgin is helping make successful. How does this happen? by Jim Signorelli It happens because Apple has never been just a company selling computers; Nike has never just been about selling running shoes; and Virgin can sell just about anything it wants to. Why? Because they aren t selling brands, they are selling stories. A brand has one layer; a brand story has two. Both have outer layers consisting of functional benefits or the results that can be achieved by using a given product. However, the brand story has an additional inner layer that gives it distance and longevity. It s like the golf ball s compacted core that keeps it in the air longer than a tennis ball. The brand story s inner layer is more than just air. It s made up of very real values and beliefs. When we buy brands, we buy products differentiated by function. When we buy brands that have become stories, we buy important meanings. If your brand is nothing more than an outer layer, no doubt, growth has an expiration date. The good news is that it s never too late to find and communicate your brand s meaning, perhaps something Xerox should have thought about before trying to sell computers. That said, there are some challenges that must be met: Your inner layer must be authentic. It s one thing for your brand s inner layer to be associated with the value of wow service. But that value is quickly devalued when a customer is put on hold for 20 minutes, waiting to talk with customer service. It s one thing for your brand s inner layer to be associated with the value of simplicity, yet another when your customer is presented with too many buying restrictions. What you believe and what you do must be inextricably linked. Keep in mind that the truth behind your brand story is constantly being scrutinized via social media. Your truth must therefore be demonstrated and reinforced through every point of contact. Inconsistency is the bane of authenticity. Audiences don t care what you think your inner layer is. They care about what they think it is. Unlike outer layers, inner layers are more a function of what your audience sees for themselves, as opposed to what you tell them to see. When we purchase a given brand, in effect we are hiring it. How much credence would you put in a job candidate who proclaims, I believe in teamwork, or I value hard work? It s not enough to be told what someone believes. That belief must be shown or demonstrated. Too often, we see advertising tag lines like, excellence is all around you, or where service matters. However, the best brands don t get in their own way with bragging and boastful self-descriptions. Instead, they communicate their inner layers through mantras like, Think Different, Just Do it, or Never Stop Exploring, ideals that resonate with existing beliefs their audiences share. These are more than just tag lines. They are true theme lines that speak to the significance of their brands stories. Your brand must solve problems and provide opportunities. But if all you re doing is telling prospects about what your product does and/or how it does it better than similar products, you are telling them a story that is all plot with no important theme. To standout, your brand must complete the story with the consistent proof of your brand s belief system. Every product then becomes a new chapter of a bigger story. Think story, not brand or product and you ll last longer and go further. Jim Signorelli is CEO and founder of esw StoryLab Marketing, one of Chicago s top advertising agencies according to Crain s Chicago Business. Prior to starting his own agency, Jim crafted a successful career at major advertising agencies throughout the U.S. His agency has been named to Inc. s top 5000 list three years running. Jim is also a speaker and author of the best-seller, StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through the Power of Story. Visit for more information. 8

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Management & Personal Development Section. stepping. What Would You Do? Does Substance Trump Style?

Management & Personal Development Section. stepping. What Would You Do? Does Substance Trump Style? Management & Personal Development Section ISSUE 58 MAY 2015 the stepping stone CHAIRPERSON S CORNER 3 It Pays to Read and Tell By Sophia Dao WHAT WOULD YOU DO? 1 Does Substance Trump Style? By John West

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America s Most Productive Dentist An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Bruce Baird

America s Most Productive Dentist An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Bruce Baird Spring 2010 News & Information to Increase the Profitability of Your Practice The Secret of America s Most Productive Dentist An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Bruce Baird Ten Actions You Must Take To Increase

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Fourth Edition Fishermen s Direct Marketing Manual. Alaska Oregon Washington

Fourth Edition Fishermen s Direct Marketing Manual. Alaska Oregon Washington Fourth Edition Fishermen s Direct Marketing Manual Alaska Oregon Washington Fourth Edition Fishermen s Direct Marketing Manual Terry Johnson, Editor Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program Editorial assistance

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A Simpler Plan for Start-ups

A Simpler Plan for Start-ups A Simpler Plan for Start-ups Business advisors, experienced entrepreneurs, bankers, and investors generally agree that you should develop a business plan before you start a business. A plan can help you

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THE WORK-LIFE EVOLUTION STUDY THE WORK-LIFE EVOLUTION STUDY Professor Brad Harrington Boston College Center for Work & Family Copyright 2007 Boston College Center for Work & Family Table of Contents Acknowledgements...1 Introduction...2

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Attaining sustainable growth through corporate social responsibility

Attaining sustainable growth through corporate social responsibility IBM Global Business Services IBM Institute for Business Value Attaining sustainable growth through corporate social responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility IBM Institute for Business Value IBM Global

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Speaking Up for Library Services to Teens

Speaking Up for Library Services to Teens The Campaign for America s Libraries presents Speaking Up for Library Services to Teens A Guide to Advocacy Prepared by yalsa @ your library Contents Introduction 3 Getting Started 4 Everyday Advocacy

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EMC ONE: A Journey in Social Media Abstract

EMC ONE: A Journey in Social Media Abstract EMC ONE: A Journey in Social Media Abstract This white paper examines the process of establishing and executing a social media proficiency strategy at EMC Corporation. December 2008 Copyright 2008 EMC

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Business Result Upper-intermediate

Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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