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1 PRESENTs san francisco S TOP RATEDLAWYERS E d i t i o n THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN san francisco Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey Achieving Major Personal Injury Verdicts Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn Nationally Renowned Plaintiffs Law Leaders A Special Advertising Supplement To The San Francisco chronicle The wall Street Journal a s p e c i a l s u p p l e m e n t t o Mary Alexander & Associates A Warrior for the Injured

2 PAGE PROOF -- FOR R O U D A F E D E R T I E T J E N & PErsonal injury, Product liability, MEdical MalPracticE, EMPloyMEnt discrimination Gary Wagner rouda Feder TieTJen & McGUinn, FoUnded in 1980, is a plaintiff S Law FirM nationally renowned in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, medical malpractice, and employment discrimination and harassment. THe FirM S SUcceSS rests on a combination of FocUS and HearT. our approach partner and multi-partner involvement puts several legal minds on a case and allows us take on far larger opponents and win, says founder Ronald Rouda. And we get to help our clients and their families through the darkest moments of their lives. FirM SUcceSSeS include a number of recent HiGH-proFiLe cases, particularly in the area of big rig collisions and bicycle incidents. TiM TieTJen is Lead plaintiffs counsel For THe i-5 TUnneL Fire cases. TieTJen also recently obtained an $8 million resolution for a truck driver injured when another truck on the highway was blown into his lane. JoHn Feder resolved a BicycLe death case JUST SHorT of TriaL For $5 MiLLion insurance-policy limits. A big rig driver struck and killed the bicyclist when she was riding on the Peninsula. The firm s commitment to bicycling extends beyond case work to public safety. They recently published an article on bicycling safety, which is available on the firm s website. MaXiMiZinG case results MeanS no STone is LeFT UnTUrned. cynthia McGUinn and Miles Cooper recently settled an out of state bicycle death case. A motorist struck an experienced bike rider participating in a cross-country group ride. Proving the case, which settled for a confidential sum, required locating and deposing witnesses from across the country and recreating the accident from their perspectives. outstanding VerdicTS and SeTTLeMenTS in SociaLLy SiGniFicanT cases are THe hallmark of the firm s practice. Ron Rouda and John Feder won an $18 million jury verdict against the City of Los Angeles for a dangerous crosswalk collision resulting in a brain injury. Feder also successfully resolved a death case from the PG&E San Bruno explosion. Tietjen s record-setting $29 million for an electrocuted lineman gave the paralyzed man and his family the ability to start a construction business and move forward after the injury. cynthia McGUinn S and MiLeS cooper S results include SeVen- and eightfigure verdicts and settlements in complex injury cases. They continue to be called upon by other lawyers to associate in just before trial and help win in the courtroom. June Bashant has had continued success winning disability-discrimination and injury cases. She also recently resolved a sexual-molestation case for a confidential sum. accessibility To our clients and ongoing direct involvement with THeM throughout the case is a core principle of the firm, says Cynthia McGuinn. We believe that representing the catastrophically injured goes beyond winning maximum verdicts and settlements. It includes emotional support and connecting clients with the various resources available to help them during the litigation process. rftm attorneys SerVe in Board and officer capacities For numerous LeGaL organizations and volunteer with local bar association legal-services programs. Attorney invitation-only memberships include American Board of Trial Advocates, International Society of Barristers, American College of Trial Lawyers and International Academy of Trial Lawyers. while MoST of THe FirM S cases are direct referrals By other LawyerS, cases are accepted from anyone. If a case isn t right for us, we ll make sure the individual gets their question answered and pointed in the right direction, at no cost to them, says June Bashant. Whether we take a case or not, people feel like we provided them with a service. Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn 44 Montgomery Street, Suite 4000, San Francisco, CA ph:

3 APPROVAL ONLY M C G U I N N TOP RATED LAWYERS From Left: XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX ronald h. rouda John M. FEdEr timothy G. tietjen cynthia McGuinn From left: Miles Cooper, Ronald H. Rouda, John Feder, Cynthia McGuinn, Timothy G. Tietjen, June P. Bashant

4 Welcome to San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers, a new publication featuring legal talent to be found across the state. The attorneys featured in this publication and our companion online edition have all achieved the peer reviewed rating of AV Preeminent by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, the company that has long set the standard for lawyer ratings. The AV Preeminent rating is a significant accomplishment and a testament to the fact that a lawyer s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence. In addition to presenting profiles of many of these Top Rated attorneys, this publication features articles on current trends in the law as well as helpful tips on finding and working successfully with lawyers and law firms. We hope you will keep it handy as a valuable resource in finding top legal talent and to assist you in making more informed legal decisions. Also, please be sure to visit our online edition of San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers at to find a directory of all of San Francisco s AV Preeminent rated attorneys listed by their practice areas. Sincerely, s a n f r a n c i s c o S TOP RATEDLAWYERS E d i t i o n PRESENTS THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN san francisco Lester Goodman Director of Custom Projects, ALM Media, LLC Highlights in this issue: 6 San francisco 2012 Some of the brightest lawyers in the country provide expert guidance in legal matters 19 A Warrior For The Injured Mary Alexander s passion for justice brings her to the field of law 22 Luke Ellis: A Trial Lawyer s Trial Lawyer Luke Ellis of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey Achieves Starring Role in the Plaintiffs Bar 14 Lemon Laws 16 Estate and Gift Tax Counseling for the Elderly 18 Scam Alert: Credit Card Fraud on the Phone 20 Read, Then Sign: Contracts Can Come Back To Haunt 24 what to do after an Automobile accident 26 Collaborative Divorce Law 28 In a Personal Injury Case, a Settlement May Be the Way ALM LEGAL GROUP Director, Custom Projects: Lester Goodman Director, Sales & Business Development, Custom Projects: Therese O Brian Account Executives: Daneen Kotz, Alicia Upchurch, Marcy Palacios, Pamela Jeffers, Jason Romano, George Schwimmer, Chris Knapp, Bridget McDonald Graphic Designers: Sammy Elfatrany Ashley McKevitt Custom Projects Coordinator: Alison Bennion Content Manager: Justin Smulison Profiles Writer: Sean Stonefield Vice President, Inside Sales: Steven R. Andreazza Senior Vice President: Kevin Vermeulen LexisNexis MARTINDALE-HUBBELL President & CEO, US Legal Markets, LexisNexis: Michael Walsh CEO, Martindale-Hubbell & Senior Vice President, US Legal Markets, LexisNexis: Philip B. Livingston Vice President and Managing Director, Marketing and Consumer Solutions, LexisNexis: David Palmieri Vice President, Sales, LexisNexis Marketing and Business Solutions: Scott Collins Vice President, Promotional Solutions, LexisNexis: Leonard Gilbert Vice President, Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating & Client Review Services: Carlton Dyce Senior Editor, Martindale-Hubbell Ratings Projects: Laura C. Coppola Publishers do not warrant that the information contained herein is complete or accurate. ALM Media, LLC (or either party s affiliates, employees, officers, directors or agents) does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause. This magazine includes paid attorney advertising. Consumers should contact the state bar for verification and additional information prior to securing the legal services of any attorney. ALM, Top Rated Lawyers, and Top Ranked Law Firms are trademarks of ALM Media Properties, LLC.


6 san francisco law 2012 One of America s most progressive cities leads the legal community, too, with new legislation that tackles the city s asbestos personal injury caseload and environmental and LGBT issues. Here are some of the year s most notable trends. San Francisco is the epicenter of asbestos-related cases, and budget cuts have created a mounting caseload the courts simply can t manage. The log jam prompted the San Francisco Superior Court to adopt a new set of procedural guidelines for asbestos personal injury and wrongful death cases in July. The new rules, signed into law by Judge Teri Jackson, will replace the former Asbestos General Orders with a Case Management Order that will oversee all asbestos-related cases. The order, which aims to streamline asbestos cases and minimize costs, follows a recent decline in the number of asbestos filings amid severe budget cuts in The guidelines grew out of a collaboration between committee members from the defense and plaintiff sides of the asbestos bar. I think everybody who worked on it is generally satisfied, plaintiffs attorney Stephen Tigerman of Harowitz and Tigerman told The Recorder, an ALM affiliate. The most notable change is a cap on the deposition times for dying plaintiffs. This is a significant development for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer that is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure. Victims rarely survive for more than a year after their initial diagnosis. A nearly doubled filing fee accompanies a new designation of all asbestos cases as complex under the Standards of Judicial Administration and California Rules of Court. The initial appearance now costs $435 in addition to a complex designation fee of $1,000 per defendant, which can total up to $18,000 per case. Parties can also now request a case management conference to resolve issues related to the trial setting conference and trial date. The court maintained several key rules, such as the ability to file electronically and the requirement of plaintiffs to provide a preliminary fact sheet when filing that contains basic case information. Attorneys from Berry & Berry of Oakland were retained as the designated defense counsel. The San Francisco Superior Court has historically handled the largest asbestos-related caseload of any of California s Superior Courts. It has been a popular venue for asbestos litigation since the 1970s, attracting cases primarily due to the court s tradition of being tough on defendants. A 2010 report published by the San Francisco Superior Court found that court staff spent up to four times as much time on filing asbestos cases in relation to other civil cases and nearly twice as much judge time. In an effort to reduce the number of cases that went to trial, the court in 2010 created a single department to manage asbestos cases. It assigned a settlement manager to each case to ensure that the parties exhaust all settlement options before a case goes to trial. As a result, the number of cases that settled rose dramatically: According to a recent report in The San Francisco Daily Journal, 56 percent of cases were settled in 2011, up from the 20 percent settled in Last year s statewide budget cuts, which sharply affected the San Francisco Superior Court, prompted the layoffs of 40 percent of court staff and the closure of two complex litigation departments. Those cuts have added to the asbestos caseload backlog. Yet the cases keep coming. Of California s 58 counties, 45 have naturally occurring asbestos deposits; some of them are among the largest in the world. The Environmental Protection Agency has designated many state sites Superfund sites. And the Mesothelioma Center has ranked California as having the highest number of asbestos-related deaths 6 San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit

7 in the country. U.S. Navy veterans from shipyards such as California s Hunters Point, closed by the EPA in 1991, have been particularly affected after long-term exposures to asbestos. The mineral was used widely in ship and submarine building and repair. Nearly 1,000 asbestos-related cases are now pending in California, particularly concentrated in the Los Angeles, Alameda, and San Francisco Superior Courts. The new order hopes to help give San Francisco s plaintiffs their day in court. Citywide Plastic Bag Ban Goes into Effect Paper or plastic? A new city ordinance put a definitive end to the checkout line question throughout San Francisco. The answer is paper and it s a dime per bag. The ban is an expansion of the city s 2007 law banning plastic bags at large supermarket chains and pharmacies, which was the first of its kind in the country. Now all local retailers are required to switch to paper and can charge 10 cents per bag, or more for compostable bags. The ordinance aims to encourage customers to make a habit of bringing along their own reusable bags when they shop. The San Francisco Department of the Environment will implement the ban, which went into effect on October 1 (restaurants and bakeries, which will make the transition in 2013, were the only exceptions). The 10-cent charge will offset the cost to retailers of providing paper bags. Stores that don t comply with the new ordinance could face up to a $500 fine, but officials from the Department of the Environment plan to work with retailers through the transition. The Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, an industrybacked group, filed an unsuccessful suit opposing the law when it was first signed earlier this year. This September, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Teri Jackson upheld the law. The coalition has sued other counties imposing similar bans throughout the state, arguing that the bans are largely symbolic and that the environmental impact of reusable bags and paper bags is worse than that of plastic. The group plans to make an appeal against the San Francisco ban this fall. New Legislature Streamlines Urban Farming Initiatives San Francisco has long pioneered the greening of urban spaces, and locavores have new cause to celebrate. In July, city supervisors approved legislation that smoothes the path for cooperative farming projects to take root on vacant property and on city rooftops. The bill follows new legislation made in 2011 that makes selling San Francisco-grown food legal and the operation of small farms easier. The new bill allows the establishment of an Urban Agriculture Program to oversee all the city s agriculture programs, and particularly focuses on aiding communityorganized projects. It also aims to cut through bureaucracy that required urban farmers get approval from multiple city departments before they could gain access to land. The Urban Agriculture Program will be able to audit vacant land owned by the city and to evaluate city-owned rooftops for potential public gardens. The program also may develop incentives for owners of vacant lots to allow their land to be used for community gardens. According to the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), which helped put the bill in motion, more than twenty urban farming projects have been launched since The demand for more space grows each year, as people become more conscious of the health and economic benefits to growing their own food. To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers 7

8 RANK CASE DATE COURT TYPE OF ACTION HEADLINES ATTORNEYS AWARD 1 Pacesetter Inc. v. 4/22/2011 Los Angeles Intellectual Property: Company: Former employee Nervicon Co. Ltd. County Misappropriation of stole highly technical info James A. Gale, Todd M. Malynn, Miami, FL of Feldman Gale, P.A. $2,315,586,000 Trade Secrets 2 Asahi Kasei Pharma Corp. v. Actelion Ltd. 3 Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA Inc. v. NuVasive Inc. 4 Mattel Inc. v. MGA Entertainment Inc. 5 Mauro v. Ford Motor Co. Inc. 6 Lucent Technologies Inc. v. Gateway Inc. 7 Rosenberg v. Encino- Tarzana Regional Medical Center 8 Trust Company of the West v. Gundlach 9 CFRI-NCA Palladium Venture, LLC v. NCA Argyle LP 4/29/2011 San Mateo County Intellectual Property: Breach of Licensing Agreement 9/20/2011 Federal Intellectual Property: Patents 4/20/2011 Federal Intellectual Property: Misappropriation of Trade Secrets 11/10/2011 Sacramento County Products Liability: Design Defect 7/29/2011 Federal Intellectual Property: Infringement 11/17/2011 Los Angeles County 9/16/2011 Los Angeles County 10/14/2011 Los Angeles County 10 Pedeferri v. White 1/25/2011 Ventura County 11 Trejo v. McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals 12 Casey v. FDCC California Inc. 13 Concept Chaser Co. Inc. v. Pentel of America Ltd. 14 Bell v. MasterCraft Boat Co. 15 Sharp Image Gaming Inc. v. Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians TOP CALIFORNIA VERDICTS IN /3/2011 Los Angeles County 5/11/2011 San Francisco County 12/8/2011 Los Angeles County Negligence: Negligent Supervision Intellectual Property: Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Contracts: Breach of Joint Venture Agreement Motor Vehicle: Parked Car Products Liability: Warnings Products Liability: Asbestos Contracts: Breach of Contract 6/7/2011 Butte County Products Liability: Design Defect 12/22/2011 El Dorado County Contracts: Breach of Contract Company alleged rival halted drug development Plaintiff claimed infringements of spinal surgery patents Doll makers dispute ownership of toy doll product line Ford didn t publicize tire recall, suit alleged Appeals court ordered new trial following $358M verdict Hospital failed to fire employee prior to sexual assault Bond firm alleged former workers stole proprietary info Developer: Fund manager abandoned joint partnership High on marijuana, driver plowed into parked car, officer Pain reliever Motrin lacked adequate warnings: plaintiff Plumber said exposure to asbestos dust caused cancer Ad agency claimed pen maker stole ad ideas Plaintiffs swept off boat when its bow submerged during turn Game machine provider: PAGE PROOF FOR APPROVAL ONLY Tribe breached contract GILLIN JACOBSON ELLIS LARSEN & LUCEY one of the area s top civil litigation FirMs. - PlaintiFF MaGaZinE Christopher J. Banks, Rollin B. Chippey, II, Tera M. Heintz, Matthew J. Poole, Benjamin P. Smith, San Francisco, CA of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius Ali-Reza Boloori, Jason F. Choy, Luke L. Dauchot, Christopher M.C. Lawless, Sharre S. Lotfollahi, Alexander F. MacKinnon, Los Angeles, CA of Kirkland & Ellis, L.L.P. Jennifer L. Keller, Irvine, CA of Keller Rackauckas, L.L.P.; Mark E. Overland, Santa Monica, CA of Law Offices of Mark E. Overland; Annette L. Hurst, Thomas S. McConville, Irvine, CA of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, L.L.P.; Alexander H. Cote, Los Angeles, CA of Scheper, Kim & Harris, L.L.P. Robert B. Bale, Roger A. Dreyer, Sacramento, CA of Dreyer, Babich, Buccola & Wood, L.L.P.; Christine D. Spagnoli, Santa Monica, CA of Greene, Broillet & Wheeler, L.L.P.; William C. Callaham, Sacramento, CA of Wilcoxen Callaham, L.L.P. Luke L. Dauchot, Los Angeles, CA of Kirkland & Ellis ; Jeanne M. Heffernan, New York, NY of Kirkland & Ellis Maryann P. Gallagher, Los Angeles, CA of Law Offices of Maryann P. Gallagher; Michael J. Piuze, Los Angeles, CA of Law Offices of Michael J. Piuze Brad D. Brian, Mark B. Helm, Gregory J. Weingart, Los Angeles, CA of Munger, Tolles & Olson, L.L.P. $576,875,004 $101,196,000 $88,500,000 $73,063,649 $70,000,000 $67,359,753 $66,700,000 Alan A. Greenberg, Wayne R. Gross, Irvine, CA of Greenberg Traurig, $50,356,784 Michael Alder, Beverly Hills, CA of AlderLaw, P.C.; John F. Gerard, Los Angeles, CA of Law Offices of John F. Gerard; Erik B. Feingold, Ventura, CA of Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Schneider Michael P. Manapol, Brian D. Witzer, Jeffrey E. Zinder, West Hollywood, CA of Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer, Inc. $49,644,258 $48,192,880 Dustin Bodaghi, Gilbert L. Purcell, Novato, CA of Brayton Purcell, L.L.P. $41,273,421 C. Michael Alder, Marni B. Folinsky, Beverly Hills, CA of AlderLaw P.C.; Ronald Beck, Long Beach, CA of Perona, Langer, Beck & Serbin, APC; Jeffrey I. Ehrlich, Encino, CA of The Ehrlich Law Firm Robert B. Bale, Roger A. Dreyer, Sacramento, CA of Dreyer, Babich, Buccola & Wood, L.L.P. Craig C. Allison, Sacramento, Matthew G. Jacobs, Steven S. Kimball, Sacramento, CA of DLA Piper (US) Continued on page 12 $32,875,000 $31,432,741 $30,442,964 recognized again By THeir peers Gillin Jacobson Ellis Larsen & Lucey continues to be honored both for its firm-wide achievements and the accomplishments of its individual partners. Referrals of catastrophic injury cases routinely come via federal and state court judges, fellow plaintiffs lawyers, and defense lawyers. VerdicTS THaT change public policy Significant results for clients often come with a change in the way business is done. Partner Luke Ellis recently obtained an $11.7 million jury verdict for the family of a man who died on a badly maintained stretch of road while trying to help an injured motorist. It was the largest wrongful death verdict ever awarded in Contra Costa County and the largest verdict ever against Contra Costa County. It also changed the way the county paves roads. In another case, GJEL helped 186 people obtain a $111.7 million settlement against Redding Medical Center for unnecessary cardiac operations performed From left: Andrew R. Gillin, Luke Ellis, Jim Larsen, Kristin Lucey, Ralph L. Jacobson at the Tenet Healthcare-owned facility. Because of the lawsuit Tenet Healthcare made huge changes in its corporate governance. a reputation For SUcceSS With verdicts and settlements in excess of $750 million, these results originate from the firm s policy of limiting caseloads in order to put all of its focus and resources on each case handled. Recognized for their work in catastrophic injury cases and particularly for their expertise in accident reconstruction they find the details in the chaos, as the firm s newest partner, Kristin Lucey, describes the process. JUSTice is For all The contingency model in which the client pays nothing until GJEL recovers compensation for their injuries is how attorneys at a private law firm are able to maintain their commitment to public service. As managing partner Andy Gillin says, The contingency fee arrangement allows a client of any income level TOP RATED LAWYERS TOP RATED LAWYERS andrew r. Gillin ralph l. Jacobson luke Ellis JiM larsen trl lawyer names 2 Theatre Square Suite 230 Orinda, CA P: F: Gary Wagner 8 San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit

9 B A Y V E N T U R E L A W business, intellectual ProPErty, technology GrowinG Up in BerKeLey, east Bay native JoHn Camozzi developed an early appreciation for technology and change. Two of My MoST profound childhood memories were of seeing the police respond to the Free Speech Movement on the Berkeley campus and of seeing Neil Armstrong take his first step on the moon, Camozzi says. I could never reconcile that suppression of ideas with the innovative thinking required for technological advancement. Today, camozzi MainTainS HiS connection To THe Bay Area as the founder of Bay Venture Law, a boutique practice that focuses almost exclusively on introducing disruptive, environmentally sustainable, proprietary technologies into the recycling industries. during THe past eight years, camozzi S work with companies such as Sims Metal Management the largest public recycler in the world has revolutionized the recovery and recycling of nonferrous metals and copper wire from shredded automobiles and consumer electronics, and from mining landfills. The transactions we ve completed have returned millions of tons of materials back into the economy annually, reduced the burden on landfills, and created new jobs, he says. camozzi is av preeminent rated By MarTindaLe- Hubbell and holds an MBA in international management (banking). He notes that this diverse background in business and law, as well as his early years as an accomplished musician, has helped in growing his practice: I have an eclectic group of friends from many different subcultures here in the Bay Area, including both the music world and the math and sciences worlds, and they have been an important part of TOP my RATED LAWYERS business development. Gary Wagner TOP RATED LAWYERS John camozzi 1470 Maria Lane, Suite 220 Walnut Creek, CA ph: THroUGHoUT HiS career, camozzi S competitive advantage has been his ability to bridge the gap between technology and business. It s very common to find brilliant people who are stuck in their own space, trl lawyer names he says. But because I understand what an engineer or an inventor is trying to accomplish on a technical level, I can make that work for them on a business level. in addition To HiS LeGaL work, camozzi SerVeS on the School Board and Finance Committee of the Department of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Oakland, as part of a continuing effort to provide the children of the East Bay with educational opportunities. To Be able To HeLp THe next GeneraTion of disruptive thinkers find their voice is very rewarding, Camozzi notes. Who knows what ideas these kids are going to come up with, and how they re going to change the world.

10 San Francisco S TOP RATED LAWYERS San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers helps take the mystery out of locating a high-quality advocate to protect you, your family, your business and all other assets. Legal Leaders are considered firstrate in their field. Keep this comprehensive list for those times when you need assistance from one of our Legal Leaders. The lawyers listed here are always happy to help. F E A T U R I N G Archer Norris Gailann Y. Stargardter Insurance Page 31 Barulich Dugoni Law Group, Inc. Estates, Tax Planning, Litigation Page 16 Bay Venture Law Business, Intellectual Property, Technology Page 9 Beles & Beles Law Offices Robert J. Beles Criminal Defense Page 15 Bergeson, Daniel J. Bergeson Intellectual Property, Securities Litigation, Commercial Litigation Page 15 Bowles & Verna Commercial Litigation, Employment Page 15 The Brandi Law Firm Thomas J. Brandi Class Actions, Personal Injury, Products Liability Page 15 Brown Eassa & McLeod Appellate, Commercial Litigation, Employment, Product Liability Page 20 Buchman Provine Brothers Smith Civil Litigation, Business, Real Estate Page 17 Burton Employment Law Jocelyn Burton Labor & Employment Page 27 Callaway & Wolf Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Page 27 Campagnoli, Abelson & Campagnoli Mark Abelson Legal Malpractice, Plaintiff s Torts, Professional Malpractice Page 13 Christensen Ehret Mark E. Christensen Professional Liability, Insurance, Litigation Page 27 The Cline Law Group Max Cline Bankruptcy Page 27 Dannis Woliver Kelley Mark W. Kelley Business, Real Estate, Finance, Construction Page 21 Emison Hullverson Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice Page 24 Foreman & Brasso Business & Commercial, Employment, Personal Injury Page 7 Frassetto Herbert Robert J. Frassetto Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Sports Page 23 Gillin Jacobson Ellis Larsen & Lucey Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Civil Litigation Page 8 Girard Gibbs Class Actions, Labor & Employment, Securities Page 17 Gladstone & Associates Brett Gladstone, Esq. Development Entitlements Law, Condominium Law, Adjacent Neighbor Arguments Page 29 Gold Bennett Cera & Sidener Solmon Cera Class Actions, Securities, Antitrust Page 27 Goldfarb & Lipman M David Kroot Real Estate, Non Profit Law, Government Page 29 Goldfarb & Lipman James T. Diamond, Jr. Labor & Employment, Commercial Litigation, Government Page 27 Guy Kornblum & Associates Insurance, Employment, Personal Injury Page 21 Hannig Law Firm Ted J. Hannig Business, Real Estate, Technology, Entertainment Page 29 Helbraun Law Firm David M. Helbraun Professional Liability, Litigation, Insurance Page 29 Hinshaw, Marsh, Still & Hinshaw, Medical Malpractice, Administrative Page 17 Jackson Jenkins Renstrom Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Toxic Torts, Product Liability Page 28 JAMS Cathy Yanni Mediation, Aribration, Special Master, Discovery Referee Page 31 Joseph Saveri Law Firm Antitrust, Civil Litigation, Class Action Page 29 Kyle Law Stephan E. Kyle Business & Commercial, Employment, Commercial Litigation Page 29 Law Office of Mark J. Zanobini P.C. Personal Injury, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice Page 31 Law Offices of Barbara Cray Banking & Finance, Commercial Litigation Page 27 Law Offices of Ben Winslow Personal Injury, Litigation Page 31 Law Offices of Bryant L. Young Business & Commercial, Real Estate, Alternative Dispute Resolution Page 31 Law Offices of Gary A. Angel Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Admiralty, Maritime, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Page 27 Law Offices of McTernan, Stender & Weingus, P.C. Cliff Weingus Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Employment, Discrimination Page 31 Law Offices of Michael L. Dobrov Trusts & Estates, Taxation Page 29 Law Offices Of Nuttall & Coleman Roger T. Nuttall, Esq. Criminal, Personal Injury Page 30 Law Offices of Raymond N. Stella Erlach Litigation, Business & Commercial, Labor & Employment Page 17 Law Offices of Stephen Benda Collections, Bankruptcy, Taxation, Civil Litigation Page 27 Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice Page 13 Law Offices of Thomas J. LaLanne Business & Real Estate Litigation Page 30 Lawless & Lawless Labor & Employment, Wrongful Termination Page 21 Low McKinley Baleria & Salenko, Medical Malpractice, Health Care, Elder (Abuse) Page 12 Mary Alexander & Associates Personal Injury, Product Liability, Civil Litigation, Automobile Accidents Page 32 The Miller Law Firm Thomas E. Miller Construction, Homeowner Association, Litigation Page 30 Moscone Emblidge Sater & Otis Scott Emblidge Commercial Litigation, Appellate, Alternative Dispute Resolution Page 29 Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld Business, Real Estate, Healthcare, Construction Page 13 O Connor and Associates John D. O Connor Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Insurance, Intellectual Property Page 21 Parish & Small William H. Parish Litigation, Appellate Page 23 Randy Sue Pollock, Attorney At Law Criminal Defense Page 31 Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn Personal Injury, Product Liablity, Medical Malpractice, Employment Discrimination Page 2 Sarrail, Castillo & Hall, Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Construction Page 14 Stein & Lubin Michael F. Donner Commercial Litigation Page 29 Stromsheim & Associates Bankruptcy, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Page 31 Teraoka & Partners Steven G. Teraoka Business & Commercial, Real Estate, Civil Litigation Page 31 Thorn Seymour Mehmet Family Law Page 18 The Van Blois Law Firm R. Lewis Van Blois Personal Injury, Product Liability Page 23 The Veen Firm, PC Personal Injury, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice Page 5 Venardi Zurada Wrongful Termination, Labor & Employment, Personal Injury Page 11 Watson Rounds Michael Rounds Intellectual Property Page 23 Whiting, Fallon, Ross & Abel, Family Law Page 26 Wiley Price & Radulovich, Joseph E. 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11 VENARDI ZURADA wrongful termination, labor and EMPloyMEnt, PErsonal injury Gary Wagner TOP RATED LAWYERS Seated from left: Mark L. Venardi, Martin Zurada Standing from left: Shelley Venardi, Laura Hicks MarK l. venardi after years of representing FORTUNE 500 companies at big law firms, Mark Venardi and Martin Zurada formed Venardi Zurada to fight for workplace fairness and community safety. our GoaL is To GiVe individuals THe SaMe aggressive competent representation provided to high-paying corporations, Venardi notes. We wanted to establish a law firm that placed an emphasis on treating clients exceptionally well in addition to offering the highest quality legal representation. Venardi ZUrada LLp LiTiGaTeS cases THroUGHoUT California, primarily on behalf of employees that have been treated unfairly by their employers and people who have been catastrophically injured. Venardi Zurada also represents smallto mid-sized businesses in business-to-business litigation. THe FirM S practice areas include personal injury, JoneS Act, maritime injuries, boating accidents, auto accidents, workplace injuries, TOP wrongful RATED LAWYERS death, wage and hour claims, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, whistleblower protection, business torts, commercial disputes, and insurance bad faith. a four- to seven-hour initial session to establish a strong personal relationship and to get to know the person they may be presenting to a jury. we really GeT To Know and UnderSTand our clients and their situations, Venardi says, because only then, after we know them, truly care about them, and empathize with them, can we credibly and genuinely tell their story to others, whether we are in a hearing, a settlement setting, or a trial. Venardi is av preeminent rated By MarTindaLe-HUBBeLL, the organization s highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards. He has also been named in Super Lawyers for the past four years and is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the American Association for Justice, the California Employment Lawyers Association, the Consumer Attorneys of California, and the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association. STiLL, Venardi emphasizes, THe BiGGeST rewards in My career are the relationships I build with my clients and the personal feeling of pride that I get at the end of their cases when I feel like we have done an exceptional job for people we care about. in all of its MaTTerS, THe FirM STriVeS To HUManiZe the litigation process. Every person in our office is trained to best serve our trl clients, lawyer names because we want people to feel like they ve made a friend at our firm at the conclusion of litigation, Zurada says. THe FirM S LawyerS BeLieVe THaT GeTTinG To Know THeir clients as people is vital to being successful in their cases. After accepting a case, to better understand a client s story they schedule Walnut Creek Law Office 700 Ygnacio Valley Road Suite 300 Walnut Creek, CA ph: toll free: fax: San Francisco Law Office 785 Market Street 15th Floor San Francisco, CA ph: San Rafael Law Office 790 Mission Avenue San Rafael, CA ph:

12 16 Hutchinson v. Bucci 7/25/2011 Solano County 17 Nickerson v. Stonebridge Life Insurance Co. 18 Conceptus Inc. v. Hologic Inc. 3/16/2011 Los Angeles County Motor Vehicle: Dangerous Condition Insurance: Coverage 10/17/2011 Federal Intellectual Property: Patents 19 Liu v. Seybert 3/28/2011 Sacramento County 20 Yoon v. USA 12/28/2011 San Diego County 21 Bankhead v. ArvinMeritor Inc. 22 Estate of Mazurek v. American Medical Response Inc. 1/6/2011 Alameda County 5/20/2011 San Diego County 23 Hout v. Slaski 7/20/2011 Orange County 24 Estate of Cuthbertson v. LA County Metropolitan Transportation 25 Barber v. Mossy Ford Inc. 26 Curiel v. SSA Marine Inc. 27 Boeken v. Philip Morris USA TOP CALIFORNIA VERDICTS IN /29/2011 Los Angeles County 1/12/2011 San Diego County 5/6/2011 Los Angeles County 8/9/2011 Los Angeles County 28 Burin v. Hall 8/5/2011 San Diego County Motor Vehicle: Pedestrian Admiralty/Maritime: Boating Accidents Products Liability: Asbestos Motor Vehicle: Bicycle Intentional Torts: Assault and Battery Civil Rights: ADA Negligence: Negligent Repair Worker/Workplace Negligence Products Liability: Failure to Warn Motor Vehicle: Single Vehicle Plaintiffs: Lack of median barrier resulted in head-on crash Plaintiff: Carrier acted in bad faith by not paying full hospital stay Plaintiff claimed competing procedure infringed on patent Young doctor suffered brain injury when hit by car United States Marine Corp F/A- 18D Hornet fighter jet crashed into the family home. Parts man alleged exposure to asbestos led to mesothelioma Suit: Van driver s hasty turn led to fatal collision with bicyclist Drunken adult assaulted teen after party, suit alleged Suit: Train s lack of barriers led to blind man s fatal fall Suit: Mechanic s failure to remove tire led to fatal rollover Trucker injured when crane dropped heavy load into his cab Son alleged loss of love and affection from father s death Man alleged brain injury after he hit his head in car accident Richard C. Bennett, Oakland, CA of Bennett, Johnson & Galler; Thomas J. Brandi, San Francisco, CA of The Brandi Law Firm Howard S. Shernoff, William M. Shernoff, Claremont, CA of Shernoff, Bidart, Darras & Echeverria, L.L.P. Bryan K. Anderson, Aaron R. Bleharski, Palo Alto, CA of Sidley Austin, L.L.P.; Nitin Reddy, M. Patricia Thayer, Tashica T. Williams, Los Angeles, CA of Sidley Austin, L.L.P. Dugan Barr, Redding, CA of Barr & Mudford; Richard J. Molin, Chico, CA of Stewart Humpherys Molin & Griffith, Brian J. Panish, Kevin R. Boyle, and Hon. Peter J. Polos (Ret.) of Panish, Shea, & Boyle, Justin Bosl, Leigh Kirmsse, Oakland, CA of Kazan, McClain, Lyons, Greenwood & Harley; Joseph D. Satterley, Louisville, KY of Sales & Satterley Ara Jabagchourian, Frank M. Pitre, Burlingame, CA of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, $29,277,391 $19,035,000 $18,807,241 $18,264,142 $17,845,000 $17,470,000 $17,440,564 Michael S. Sutton, Mission Viejo, CA of Sutton & Murphy $17,289,993 Deborah Chang, Brian J. Panish, Los Angeles, CA of Panish, Shea & Boyle, L.L.P. $17,000,000 Robert A. Buccola, Jason J. Sigel, Sacramento, CA of Dreyer, Babich, Buccola $14,465,864 & Wood, L.L.P.; Spencer R. Lucas, Adam K. Shea, Los Angeles, CA of Panish, Shea & Boyle, L.L.P. Spencer R. Lucas, Brian J. Panish, Los Angeles, CA of Panish Shea & Boyle $13,961,049 Michael J. Piuze, Geraldine Weiss, Los Angeles, CA of Law Offices of Michael J. Piuze $12,800,000 Robert N. Hamparyan, Steven C. Vosseller, San Diego, CA of The Gomez Law Firm $12,286, Tindall & Tindall v. Hoedt 9/7/2011 Contra Costa County 30 Cole v. Vink 11/7/2011 Stanislaus County 31 Corbo v. New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. 9/29/2011 Alameda County 32 Hyan v. Gold 6/15/2011 Los Angeles County 33 Goble v. Estate of Pike 12/1/2011 San Bernardino County Motor Vehicle: Dangerous Conditions Motor Vehicle: Passenger Products Liability: Design Defect Legal Profession: Malpractice Aviation: Helicopter LOW MCKINLEY BALERIA & SALENKO, MEdical MalPracticE, health care, EldEr (abuse) Resurfacing of road causes wrongful death in motor accident Pltff. claimed negligent harvest direction led to collision Pltff claimed electric flatbed truck had insufficient warnings Man said he lost money due to firm s mishandling of contract of Howarth & Smith PAGE PROOF FOR APPROVAL ONLY Helicopter struck power lines and crashed, killing pilots Luke Ellis, Kristin M. Lucey, Orinda, CA of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey $11,700,796 Randall H. Scarlett, San Francisco, CA of Scarlett Law Group $10,651,423 Kevin Lancaster, William L. Veen, Kimberly A. Wong, San Francisco, CA of The Veen Firm, P.C. Padraic Glaspy, Don Howarth, Suzelle M. Smith, Los Angeles, CA $10,210,707 $10,155,559 Michael S. Danko, San Mateo, CA of The Danko Law Firm $10,000,000 Gary Wagner low McKinley Baleria & Salenko is a litigation defense firm that represents individual physicians, acute care hospitals, and longterm care facilities in medical malpractice and elder abuse cases throughout Northern California. The firm has doubled in size since its founding in 2004, and managing partner Donna Low credits this growth to the firm s emphasis on personalized legal services. Our primary philosophy is to provide very efficient but high-quality representation to a wide variety of clients, Low says. Medical malpractice defense is a complex arena, but we consider it an honor to litigate cases on behalf of physicians and hospitals. Low and partner Bruce Salenko are experienced trial attorneys who have been AV Preeminent rated by Martindale-Hubbell for a number of years. Salenko notes, Being AV-rated by our peers is a source of pride for us because From left: Brian Johnson, Steve McKinley, Thomas Garberson, Paul Baleria, Donna Low, Nicholas Leonard, Bruce Salenko, Benjamin Ikuta it means that our colleagues have expressed a favorable opinion of both our capabilities and ethics as lawyers. Salenko is a seasoned trial attorney who has tried a number of professional malpractice suits to verdict. During his three years as a Navy Judge Advocate General, he also tried many criminal jury trials and other proceedings. Low has more than 20 years of experience in medical malpractice defense and often speaks to acute care hospitals and physician groups on issues related to her field. Last year, she was admitted to the California Medical Legal Committee, an invitation-only organization limited to 70 attorneys throughout the state. It requires tremendous personal sacrifice and a strong commitment to the profession to become a female litigator, particularly one handling catastrophic cases, Low notes. There aren t many female trial attorneys in Northern California, but I ve always liked a challenge. TOP RATED LAWYERS TOP RATED LAWYERS donna low bruce salenko trl lawyer names 2150 River Plaza Drive Suite 250 Sacramento, CA ph: fax: San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit

13 MarK b. abelson LEGaL malpractice, PLaintiff s torts, ProfEssionaL malpractice Mark has been a partner in Campagnoli, Abelson & Campagnoli since Mark s practice has focused on plaintiff s tort work and, in particular, legal malpractice and other professional malpractice matters. He also consults with law firms on a variety of issues including conflicts of interests, potential disqualification, ethical issues and problematic clients. Mark has represented attorneys and clients in fee dispute cases. Mark has successfully tried, arbitrated and settled more than 100 plaintiff legal malpractice cases. He has lectured to various attorney groups and bar associations on legal ethics, significant case developments, malpractice prevention and other topics related to legal malpractice. He is a past co-chair of the San Francisco Bar Association Legal Malpractice Committee. Mark has served as a mediator and arbitrator for the San Francisco Superior Court. He has testified as an expert on legal malpractice issues. Mark has been named as a Northern California Super Lawyer and as an Outstanding Lawyer of America. He was named a Go To Attorney for plaintiff legal malpractice in an issue of the California State Bar magazine. CAMPAGNOLI, ABELSON & CAMPAGWNOLI 400 MONTGOMERY STREET, SECOND FLOOR SAN FRANCISCO, CA PH: FAX: PAGE PROOF FOR APPROVAL ONLY LAW OFFICES OF STEVEN A. FABBRO Preparation, Dedication, and Tenacity make the Difference. 30 Years of Professional Litigation Experience in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Product Liability, and Medical Malpractice. Proven results of more than $300 million in settlements and verdicts. Referrals received from across the country. Professional referral fees are paid in accordance with State Bar guidelines. NO FEES UNLESS A RECOVERY IS MADE SE HABLA ESPAÑOL Mr. Fabbro has extensive experience in the prosecution of civil cases for individuals who have suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries, and for the survivors of those who have died as a result of such injuries. He works with highly experienced investigators and forensic experts to achieve justice and fair compensation for his clients. Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro 101 Montgomery Street, 27th Floor, San Francisco, CA PH: th Street, Modesto, CA PH: To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers 13

14 LEMON LAWS have YoU ever PURCHASeD a new car that seemed to break down as soon as you drove it off thedealer s lot? Did you need to bring the car back to the dealer to get it repaired over and over again? Your car is considered a lemon. However, don t despair. There are lemon laws that may provide you a remedy. What s a Lemon Law? A car is considered a lemon if it doesn t meet certain quality standards. Federal and state laws, or lemon laws, were passed to protect consumers who have purchased these low quality vehicles. States vary as to exactly when an automobile is considered a lemon. It s usually based on the number of times an automobile needs to be repaired within a certain period or the number of days it needs to be in the repair shop. Lemon laws have been passed in every state. The federal lemon law is called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Many state lemon laws provide better consumer protection than the federal law. PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL Remedies ONLYAvailable under Lemon Laws Consumers are entitled to remedies if their cars are considered lemons under state laws. Your state law will determine what remedies are available to you. examples include: Replacement of the defective car with a new one Refund of the purchase price Sarrail, Castillo & Hall, Sarrail, Castillo & Hall,, is a Burlingame, California, law fi rm that focuses on the aggressive litigation of cases involving personal injury, construction defects and business contracts. As we have litigated cases on both sides of these issues, we can anticipate opposing attorneys tactics and strategies. This experience gives us a signifi cant advantage in evaluation, negotiation and trial. Founded in 1971, the fi rm is known for its adherence to high standards of professional ethics and its focus on client needs and goals. Our attorneys are sensitive to clients expenses and always seek the most cost-effective solution to our clients legal problems. To that end, we seek early resolutions whenever appropriate, and use paralegals and investigators to keep costs reasonable. We welcome clients whose fi rst language is not English, providing legal services in Spanish and other languages. Our lawyers are available to answer questions, and are committed to providing clients with frequent updates about the progress of their case or other legal matter, whether they are individuals seeking compensation for their personal injuries, contractors or homeowners involved in construction defect litigation and business owners faced with contract disputes. Located in Burlingame, our fi rm offers representation and advocacy to clients throughout Northern California. Please contact us toll free at AIRPORT BLVD., SUITE 420, BURLINGAME, CA PH: FAX: Limitations of Lemon Laws Lemon laws won t provide a remedy for every situation. States set certain criteria to qualify. The manufacturer or dealer must begiven a reasonable chance to fix the vehicle. Most laws require three or four repair attempts before a vehicle is declared a lemon. Some state laws require the repair attempts to be for the same problem. Lemon laws do not apply to every single vehicle. Many state laws exclude certain brands or models of cars. Some common examples include: Motorcycles Motor homes Vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs. Mopeds You won t be able to receive a remedy if the vehicle defect was caused by abuse. You also can t use the vehicle in a way that s outside the warranty terms. Consumers are usually required to give notice to the dealer and manufacturer for any lemon law claim. Some state laws require consumers to go through arbitration to resolve a dispute. You can then go to court if you aren t satisfied with the outcome. Lemon laws have time limits for when you can file a claim. These time limits are generally a few years. You can t recover under your state lemon law if you file a claim outside its time limit. Used Vehicles Many states include used vehicles in their lemon laws. Usually an express warranty from the dealer is required to have lemon law protection for a used car. Newer used cars may also continue to have a manufacturer warranty. Preparation for a Lemon Law Claim The most important thing to remember is to document all repairs. Track the number of repairs and the amount of time the car has to be in the shop. Make sure to get repair orders from the shop to back up your information. Follow the notice requirements under your state lemon law. Send the notice in writing and make sure to get confirmation that it s been received. Attempt to get a refund or replacement without having to go to court. You may have to go through arbitration to get a refund or replacement. Make sure to file any lemon law claims within the set time limit. Questions for Your Attorney I lost the warranty information for my car. Who do I contact to find this information? My dealer lied to me when I purchased the car. What are my options to get my money back? 14 San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit

15 robert J. beles criminal defense LaW Robert Beles and daughter Anne C. Beles are both Certified Specialists in Criminal Law Certified by the State Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California. Senior partner Robert J. Beles has practiced criminal law in the Oakland San Francisco Bay Area since The first 11 years with the Alameda County Public Defender and 32 years in private practice. Annie Beles has been a member of the firm since Robert and daughter Annie often team up on high-profile cases. We defend people on all state and federal prosecutions, and have recently expanded into defending the rights of immigrants in deportation proceedings because of the overlap between the legal issues involved in criminal and immigration law. No case is too big or too small. All clients with criminal and immigration problems are important and deserve the vigorous defense that we provide. BELES & BELES LAW OFFICES ONE KAISER PLAZA, SUITE 2300 OAKLAND, CA PH: FAX: PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY daniel J. bergeson intellectual ProPErtY, securities LitiGation, commercial LitiGation Daniel J. Bergeson is the founding partner of Bergeson,. He is admitted to practice in all California Courts, all of the United States District Courts in California, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Bergeson is also admitted to the New York State Bar and the District of Columbia Bar. His expertise encompasses all aspects of a business trial practice with an emphasis in securities and intellectual property litigation. He has extensive experience in defending securities class action and derivative lawsuits. He has conducted numerous investigations on behalf of special litigation committees and audit committees. He has represented officers and directors in internal investigations and SEC interviews. Mr. Bergeson also has represented companies in patent, copyright, trade secrets, and trademark litigation. He has litigated cases in Delaware, New York, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Florida,Michigan, and the District of Columbia. BERGESON, 303 ALMADEN BLVD., SUITE 500 SAN JOSE, CA PH: FAX: PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY thomas J. brandi class actions, PErsonaL injury, ProdUct LiaBiLitY Thomas J. Brandi represents people in consumer class actions, injury and wrongful death including aviation, dangerous roads, defective drugs, and unsafe products. A lawyer for over 30 years, Tom has 17 verdicts from $1 million to $1 billion, has tried cases to verdict in 15 California Counties, and settled over 125 cases over $1 million. He is currently Court appointed on executive committees in YAZ, Fosamax, and ACTOS cases. Tom was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by CAOC (2004). He was 2013 Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers. The Brandi Law Firm practices in all Courts in California and has three attorneys licensed in Nevada and Arizona as well. Tom teaches Trial Practice at USF Law School where he was named Distinguished Alumni of the Year in 2009 and Professor of the Year in Tom was President of the Consumer Attorneys of California, San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, is a member of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the American College of Trial Lawyers, LCA, and ABOTA. BOWLES & VERNA T B V S F T R L. B V 23 -, -. T 27. UNIQUE PRACTICE MIX. W, B V,. U, B V. EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. W 200, B V. P - -. THE CLIENTS GOALS ARE OUR GOALS. THE BRANDI LAW FIRM 354 PINE STREET, THIRD FLOOR SAN FRANCISCO, CA PH: FAX: N. CALIFORNIA BLVD., SUITE 875, P.O. BOX 8180 WALNUT CREEK, CA PH: To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers 15

16 ESTATE AND GIFT TAX COUNSELING FOR THE ELDERLY Barulich Dugoni Law Group, Inc., founded in 1989 by Paul J. Barulich, has earned a national reputation in the fields of estate, business and tax planning, counseling and litigation. Our clients vary from individuals and families to start-ups and large corporations, including non-profit, educational and charitable institutions. Above all, we value our client relationships. We consider it nothing less than a privilege to represent our clients. Every year we continue to attract outstanding clients and challenging assignments. We are different from other law firms. We believe that our clients are best served by avoiding rather than winning issues. In the estate or business planning areas, we apply our abilities to creating the right plan, one that is flexible in design and focused on achieving our clients goals. We excel at anticipating our clients risk factors. We adopt innovative planning techniques to address these concerns. Proper planning is the ounce that avoids the proverbial pound of cure. However, when necessary, we also succeed in our role as advocates in trial, arbitration and mediation work. The federal estate and gift taxes affect transfers of property at different stages in the owner s life. The gift tax applies to lifetime transfers, while estate tax is imposed on transfers at death. The gift tax return is due on April 15 following the year in which the gift is made. Generally, the estate tax return is due nine months after the date of death. You can get a six-month extension if you ask for one before the due date and the estimated correct amount of tax is paid before the due date. The federal government imposes estate tax at your death only if your property is worth more than a certain amount, which depends on the year of death. Federal Estate Tax estate tax is a tax on your right to transfer property at your death. It consists of an accounting of everything you own or have certain interests in at the date of death. The fair market value of the items is used, not necessarily what you paid for them or what their values were when you acquired them. The total of all of these items is your gross estate. The includible property may consist of items such as cash and securities, estates, insurance, trusts, annuities, business interests and other personal assets. once you ve accounted for the gross estate, certain deductions are allowed in arriving 400 S El Camino Real, Suite 1000 San Mateo, CA, PH: FAX: at your taxable estate. This will be the amount where the tax is calculated. The deductions may include mortgages and other debts, estate expenses, property that passes to surviving spouses and qualified charities. As soon as the net amount is computed, the value of lifetime taxable gifts is added to this number and the tax is computed. The tax is then reduced by the available unified credit, applying to both the gift and estate tax to eliminate or lower taxes. Property Exempt from Estate Tax All property left to a spouse is exempt from the tax, as long as the spouse is a U.S. citizen. Also, there is no estate tax on any property you leave to a tax-exempt charity. State Death Taxes In addition to the federal estate tax, a state death tax may be imposed. There are two types of these taxes: inheritance taxes and estate taxes. Inheritance taxes are paid by your inheritors, not your estate. Typically, how much they pay depends on their relationship to you. State estate taxes are similar to the estate tax imposed by the federal government. Your estate must pay this tax no matter who your beneficiaries are. The Federal Gift Tax The gift tax is a tax on the transfer of property by one individual to another while receiving nothing, or less than full value, in return. The tax applies whether the donor intends the transfer to be a gift or not. If you sell something at less than its full value or if you make an interest-free or reducedinterest loan, you may be making a gift. While a gift tax return must be filed whenever an individual makes a taxable gift, a gift tax is not payable unless total taxable gifts, both in the current and prior years, exceed $1 million. A separate annual exclusion applies to each person to whom you make a gift. Gifts that fall under the annual exclusion have no tax consequences. This means that the gift giver s lifetime unified credit is not affected. Questions for Your Attorney Before meeting with your attorney, prepare yourself with questions such as: Will my estate be subject to state death tax? What is the best way to leave money or property to charity? Must I pay any taxes on property which I leave to my spouse? Should I instead create a trust? 16 San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit

17 raymond n. stella Erlach LitiGation, BUsinEss and commercial, LaBor and EmPLoYmEnt Raymond N. Stella Erlach s cases have appeared on the front pages of national newspapers The Wall Street Journal, American Banker, et cetera. He has tried cases to jury verdicts/decisions in federal and state courts in civil and criminal matters and in arbitrations before FINRA and the American Arbitration Association. He has recovered millions of dollars for clients in trial and settlement. Mr. Erlach regularly teaches trial subjects. In addition to litigation, because of his business and taxation experience, Mr. Erlach handles matters in real estate, taxation, construction, insurance, and securities. Mr. Erlach strongly endorses mediation and early dispute resolution. He is a member of the National Conference of Bar Presidents and a Life Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. LAW OFFICES OF RAYMOND N. STELLA ERLACH 275 BATTERY STREET, SUITE 2600 SAN FRANCISCO, CA PH: FAX: LAWYERS.COM/RAYMONDERLACH PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY Girard Gibbs llp class actions, LaBor and EmPLoYmEnt, securities Girard Gibbs is a national litigation firm representing plaintiffs in class and collective actions in state and federal courts, and in arbitration matters worldwide. The firm serves individuals, institutions and business clients in cases involving: Securities Antitrust Personal injury Financial services Employment laws Girard Gibbs was founded on the premise that everyday people are entitled to the same level of dedication, innovation and professionalism as corporations and large businesses. The firm s attorneys are leaders in their fields, and have achieved excellent results for their clients with integrity and skill. We recognize that the cases we bring matter to people and to the marketplace, says managing partner Daniel Girard. We are committed to providing the highest caliber of legal representation to every client we represent in every case we pursue. (Pictured from top to bottom: San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers and Girard Gibbs partners, Daniel Girard and Eric Gibbs) GIRARD GIBBS 601 CALIFORNIA STREET, 14TH FLOOR, SAN FRANCISCO, CA PHONE: (415) FAX: (415) THIRD AVENUE, 20TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY PHONE: (212) FAX: (212) PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY hinshaw, Marsh, still & hinshaw, llp medical malpractice, administrative LaW Hinshaw, Marsh, Still & Hinshaw, is dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of professionals in medical malpractice and administrative law cases. We have a reputation for diligent preparation, uncompromising advocacy, and success at trial. While we are justifiably proud of our record of trial success, we have a proven track record of achieving our clients goals efficiently and effectively through aggressive discovery, pretrial motion practice and, when necessary, alternative methods of dispute resolution. Our clients benefit from our partners 115 years of combined experience in healthcare defense. Our founding partner, Edward A. Hinshaw, has been representing healthcare professionals since The practice of law, like healthcare, requires compassion, skill, expertise, knowledge and judgment. We have a passion for representing professionals who employ these same qualities to treat their patients. We provide proactive, effective defense strategies to our clients. This approach has earned our firm an unparalleled reputation as a leader in healthcare defense. THE HINSHAW LAW FIRM SARATOGA AVENUE SARATOGA, CA PH: FAX: JACK C. PROVINE, Principal Jack Provine specializes in civil litigation having tried numerous jury and non-jury cases in state and federal courts in California and Nevada. He has represented clients in arbitration and mediation with an emphasis on business torts and all aspects of business relationships. He has a number of multi-million dollar recoveries and successful defenses in cases ranging from anti-trust to construction defects litigation. ROGER J. BROTHERS, Principal Roger Brothers is a business and real estate attorney whose practice includes: General counsel services, including corporate counsel, business and succession planning and debt and equity financing. Transactional counsel services, including mergers and acquisitions, entity formation and operation, reorganizations and general commercial transactions. Real estate transactional counsel services, including purchase and sale of commercial real property, commercial leasing and related transactions. General counsel to high net worth clients concerning family succession planning including serving clients as Family Office CEO. Risk management services, including business/corporate litigation, construction litigation, real estate litigation, commercial landlord-tenant litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Mr. Brothers also serves as mediator in disputes involving business, real estate and construction matters North California Blvd., Suite 350 Walnut Creek, CA T: F: To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers 17

18 COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE LAW increasingly, DIVoRCING couples are using collaborative law in an effort to settle their differences in a positive, cooperative manner that resolves child custody issues, the division of assets, and alimony in a mutually agreeable manner. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse and their lawyers agree to stay out of court, freely share information and avoid taking advantages of any mistakes that might be made. Advantages of Collaborative Law Collaborative divorce law is: Generally less costly than litigation Focused on resolving issues Less stressful, as it generates much less fear and anxiety than court proceedings PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY Thorn Seymour Mehmet Thorn Seymour Mehmet, an association of attorneys including the corporation of Schapiro-Thorn, Inc. is a family law firm that resolves challenging family law problems and guides clients through the divorce process in the most positive manner possible. The practice specializes in cases involving high value assets and interstate and international child custody issues, as well as cases involving international jurisdiction issues. It also handles midlevel cases that present complex property division issues. Though practicing exclusively in California, the firm s extensive experience in global issues has helped it to build a vast network of resources and experts extending around the world, an increasingly essential claim in this mobile society. The firm s long-standing relationships with these internationally-based family law firms allow it to achieve resolution in move-away and other multi-jurisdictional/international cases including Hague Convention and UCCJEA matters. The firm s corporate member, Schapiro-Thorn Inc., was founded in 1964 by world renowned family law attorney Suzie S. Thorn, a past-president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Foundation who currently sits on the International Commission on Couples and Family Relationships. Attorney Brent D. Seymour has handled a significant number of Hague Convention cases, and Attorney Yasmine S. Mehmet is an appointed member of the California State Bar Family Law Executive Committee. All three attorneys are certified specialists in Family Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization Market Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA PH: An association of attorneys including the corporation of Schapiro-Thorn Inc. Less time-consuming, as you can usually reach agreement and the legal proceeding can be finalized within a short time Collaborative law gives both spouses and their lawyers control of the proceedings, in contrast to a traditional divorce, where a judge controls the proceedings. The Participation Agreement The participation agreement is a key feature of the collaborative divorce. This agreement, which is signed by both spouses and their lawyers, typically requires all parties to agree that: All efforts will be made to negotiate a divorce agreement without the need of having to going to court. If litigation is necessary, the collaborative attorneys will withdraw from the case and be replaced by divorce attorneys. each member will agree to act with integrity in disclosing information and working to reach an agreement. If experts are necessary, then all parties will have to agree upon the neutral experts who are hired. The Collaborative Process one of the first steps in the collaborative process is to determine what assets or income each party has using a method known as share and verify. You are asked to disclose information voluntarily and to verify it with documentation and tax returns. At what are known as joint sessions or four-way conferences, both spouses and their collaborative lawyers (and sometimes other neutral professionals) meet to discuss the issues and seek ways to create or arrive at agreement. They brainstorm for any and all possible solutions. All parties focus on ways to resolve the problem, instead of seeing the other party as the problem and attacking each other. each spouse often starts seeing things more from their spouse s point of view. When you reach a divorce agreement through collaborative law, one of the lawyers will draft legal documents that detail the agreements which have been reached. These legally binding documents are then submitted to the court for approval without having to go through a long court hearing. What Happens If Settlement Can t Be Reached? If you can t arrive at a settlement through the collaborative law approach, the collaborative lawyers withdraw from the case and each party will hire a divorce attorney to tackle the issues in court. That way, you ll have had the best representation for each phase of the proceedings. Any person approaching a divorce situation should talk with a collaborative lawyer to get an assessment of his or her situation to see if it might be settled without litigation. The earlier this is done, the more chance there is for the other party to be oriented toward a settlement approach. Questions for Your Attorney If you and your spouse both agree to engage in a collaborative divorce, your next step is to find a lawyer who is experienced in this field. As you interview attorneys, consider asking the following questions: Is my divorce suitable for using the collaborative process? Do you have collaborative law experience? Are you a member of any associations of collaborative lawyers? How do you charge for your services? 18 San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit 1 XXXXXXXXXX S TOP RATED LAWYERS To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in Indiana visit

19 cover SPOTLIGHT A Warrior For The Injured The hard work of helping injured people brought Mary Alexander to the field of law, and her passion for justice has kept her true to those ideals. mary Alexander has always felt a duty to better society. To start, she devoted a decade to science, first as a toxicology researcher and then as the director of environmental health at the Stanford Research Institute. But she wanted her work to protect consumers and the environment more directly which led her to law school. I was drawn to law because I wanted to be able to help individuals one-on-one, she says. I wanted to help make more of a difference in people s lives. As the principal of Mary Alexander & Associates in San Francisco, Alexander has spent the past 30 years fighting for the victims of personal injury and products liability. She chose that path upon graduation, after she was offered a job at one of California s most prestigious firms. The firm wanted her to lend scientific expertise in the defense of an oil company being sued by the widow of an employee who had died of leukemia after exposure to benzene. Alexander s first husband, an engineering student who had regularly handled benzene in laboratory studies, had died of leukemia a year prior. I realized then that I wanted to represent that widow and others like us, she remembers. Despite the considerable pay cut, she turned down the offer and took a job as a plaintiff s attorney. Alexander has stayed true to her pledge to fight for victims and their families ever since. In one of her most celebrated cases, she represented a woman who had been struck in her car by a truck that ran a red light. The woman was instantly paralyzed from the neck down. She was ultimately awarded $45 million for lost pay, future medical bills, and emotional damage, as well as the lost pay her husband had suffered after quitting his job to take care of her. The verdict was just, Alexander recalls. She represented a young woman who was paralyzed from the neck down after she hit a tree while riding in Yosemite National Park on a rented bike with nonworking brakes. She argued the woman s case and came away with a verdict of $13.3 million. In 2011, she defended a young man who had been paralyzed when he fell from a defective balcony, resulting in a $5.5 million settlement. After they ve endured such devastating tragedies, I can feel good knowing that I am part of a victory for my clients, one that will at least ensure some security for their well-being in the future, she says. Beyond the demands of her work, Alexander s sense of justice has translated into her involvement in the community. As President-elect of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America during 9/11, she and other leaders in the legal community worked with Congress to respond within days of the tragedy to establish the Victims Compensation Fund. Later, she established Trial Lawyers Care, a lawyers organization dedicated to pro bono work for thousands of people who had suffered losses during the terrorist attack. It was the largest pro bono attorney project in the nation s history. Her leadership has not gone unnoticed. Alexander has won respect from clients and colleagues alike. She was inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame this year by the California State Bar Litigation Section. She has also earned national recognition for her work. She has served as President of the national Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now American Association of Justice) the largest plaintiffs bar organization in the world and President of the Consumer Attorneys of California. She has been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Lawyers in California and Top 50 Women Litigators by the California Daily Journal, and has been named one of the Top 10 Trial Attorneys by the San Francisco Chronicle. She is the current President of the National Crime Victims Bar Association. Yet praise and settlements aren t her motivation. Helping her clients rebuild their lives, one-by-one, is. My true passion is to be a warrior for those who can t fight for themselves, Alexander says. Helping clients who have been injured by no fault of their own is a feeling of reward like no other. Brian Rogers Hall of Fame Personal Injury Attorney drawn to LaW BEcaUsE i WantEd iwas to BE able to HELP individuals one-onone. i WantEd to HELP make more of a difference in PEoPLE s LiVEs. mary alexander To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers 19

20 READ, THEN SIGN: CONTRACTS CAN COME BACK TO HAUNT has ANYoNe ever SLIPPeD you a piece of paper, pointed to an X or dotted line, and then you scribble your signature without even thinking about it? A lot of us have done it, but it s not a good thing to do. They re Everywhere There are all sorts of contracts and agreements, some of them we make more than once everyday. Signing a receipt after using your credit or debit card is a good example. The bank agrees to pay the seller, and you agree PAGE PROOF -- FOR APPROVAL ONLY Unparalleled Representation Oakland Los Angeles to repay the bank, the amount shown on the receipt. even a ticket to your favorite concert or sporting event is a contract. What to Look For As a general rule, it s a good idea to read over any contract or agreement wordfor-word. If you don t understand something, talk to an attorney about it before you sign it. Here are some things to look out for in various kinds of contracts and agreements: Integration (or Entire Agreement) Clause: This includes the complete agreed upon terms between you and the person. What you sign is what you get, regardless of what you talked about before signing the contract. For example, say during negotiations for a cell phone contract the sale person tells you he ll give 200 free minutes, but there s nothing in the contract saying that. An integration clause in the contract makes that promise disappear and you lose the 200 free minutes. Liability Limitation or Waiver: This may work a couple of ways. For one, it may protect either a seller or a buyer if he breaks or breaches the contract. The clause may specify a dollar amount the person owes the other if the contract isn t honored. It may also mean the limitation or complete waiver of any liability if someone is hurt by the product or service covered by the contract. Arbitration Clause: Generally, this means that if you and the other side have a disagreement about the contract, you both have to let a neutral third party an arbitrator try to settle the matter before you may file a lawsuit. Force Majeure Clause: This is common in business contracts. It protects both sides from having to pay damages if either is unable to complete the contract because of an act of nature. For instance, if you agree to ship fresh produce to a buyer in another state but an earthquake makes the roads impassable, the buyer can t hold you liable for damages for not delivering the produce. Assignment Clause: This is common in many contracts, such as leases, loans, and business contracts. The clause either bars (or lets) either side of the contract from transferring the contract to someone else. Other Things There are other things to pay attention to when signing or agreeing to something: Make sure your sales receipt is accurate - don t agree to overpay for what you bought or pay for something you didn t ask for. Check the details in your consumer contracts- know how long the contract is good for; what happens if you return the item or cancel the contract early; what, if anything, you have to do to activate the contract, etc. Read credit card agreements. They re loaded with information about when, how much, and how often you may charge, and fees. Questions for Your Attorney Are oral or verbal contracts and agreements legal? What s the first thing I should do if someone doesn t live up to an agreement we made? How old must someone be to enter a contract? Is a contract valid if it is written on or signed on something temporary such as a napkin? 20 San Francisco s Top Rated Lawyers To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in San Francisco visit 1 XXXXXXXXXX S TOP RATED LAWYERS To See A Directory of All AV Preeminent Rated Attorneys in Indiana visit

presents new jersey s top rated lawyers of 2014

presents new jersey s top rated lawyers of 2014 presents new jersey s top rated lawyers of 2014 PRESENTS NEW JERSEY S TOP RATED LAWYERS OF 2014 BRUCE H. NAGEL NAGEL RICE COURTROOM WARRIOR: ACE AT ACHIEVING MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS

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LEGAL LEADERS. Wisconsin. trial process Page 8. presents Wisconsin s top rated lawyers of 2013

LEGAL LEADERS. Wisconsin. trial process Page 8. presents Wisconsin s top rated lawyers of 2013 LEGAL LEADERS presents Wisconsin s top rated lawyers of 2013 Steve Kailas President & Managing Shareholder more than 75 years building a reputation for success... a tradition of results. also inside Wisconsin

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NEW JERSEY INJURY AND MALPRACTICE LAW NEW JERSEY INJURY AND MALPRACTICE LAW A Reference for Accident and Malpractice Victims Kenneth G. Andres, Jr. and Michael S. Berger Andres & Berger, P.C. Haddonfield, N.J. Speaker Media Press Speaker Media

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COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims

COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims by Michael R. O Connell, Esq Speaker Media Press Colorado Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims Copyright 2009 by Speaker Media & Marketing Derivative

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CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims

CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims Michael A. DeMayo Speaker Media Press Carolina Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims 2010 by Speaker Media and Marketing ISBN 978-1-935411-01-7

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Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing

Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing ABOUT THE AUTHOR Florida Attorney Frank M. Eidson has practiced law since 1998 in Central Florida. Since that time he has represented thousands of injured clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents,

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CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT HANDBOOK CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT HANDBOOK Edward A. Smith Attorney at Law Who I am and why I wrote this book I am Ed Smith, founder and owner of the Law Offices of Edward A. Smith. As a trial lawyer in California

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ACE Private Risk Services

ACE Private Risk Services ACE Private Risk Services Targeting the Rich: Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth Survey Shows Wealthy Have Growing Concerns But Underestimate Danger of Multi-Million-Dollar

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Who Should Be Reading This Book? Who Is Behind This Book And Why Should I Listen To You?

Who Should Be Reading This Book? Who Is Behind This Book And Why Should I Listen To You? INTRODUCTION Who Should Be Reading This Book? Were you involved in a serious car wreck? Was a family member killed in a sudden and tragic traffic collision? Are you or a loved one looking at a lifetime

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The Insider's Guide to Handling Ohio Injury Claims

The Insider's Guide to Handling Ohio Injury Claims The Insider's Guide to Handling Ohio Injury Claims 2014 Edition By Attorney David M. Chester The Chester Law Group Co., LPA Helping Those Injured in Ohio Recover from Motor Vehicle Accidents The Insider's

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TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch

TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch WWW.LYNCHLAWYERS.COM COPYRIGHT 2008 BY ACCIDENT BOOKS PUBLISHERS All rights reserved.

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How to Win Your Injury Case. By Brian Beckcom

How to Win Your Injury Case. By Brian Beckcom How to Win Your Injury Case By Brian Beckcom Table of Contents Disclaimer What It Means to Win (or Lose) Your Case How to Get the Most Out of This Book The Ten Most- Asked Questions Ten Questions People

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THE HOGG & GARTLAN LAW FIRM PERSONAL INJURY AND ACCIDENT REPORT THE HOGG & GARTLAN LAW FIRM PERSONAL INJURY AND ACCIDENT REPORT BY AARON GARTLAN 0 No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services

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Personal Injury Victim s Handbook

Personal Injury Victim s Handbook Personal Injury Victim s Handbook A Guide for Personal Injury Victims In Vermont And New Hampshire Written by Ed Van Dorn, Attorney at Law Van Dorn & Curtiss PLLC P.O. Box 263 Main Street Route 10 Orford,

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JUDICIAL HELLHOLES 2 0 0 7 JUDICIAL HELLHOLES 2007 What I call the magic jurisdiction, [is] where the judiciary is elected with verdict money. The trial lawyers have established relationships with the judges that are elected; they

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TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch

TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch WWW.LYNCHLAWYERS.COM COPYRIGHT 2008 BY ACCIDENT BOOKS PUBLISHERS All rights reserved.

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Protecting. Practical advice on insurance choices, the insurance claim process and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits, including:

Protecting. Practical advice on insurance choices, the insurance claim process and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits, including: Protecting Your Family From Accidents Practical advice on insurance choices, the insurance claim process and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death lawsuits, including: A Lawyer s Guide To Purchasing Car Insurance

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The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED

The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED Tricks and traps that wreck Washington injury cases. The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accident Cases in

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March 2014 Volume 52. PLAY BALL! p. 12. The Common Grey Squirrels. The Official Publication of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St.

March 2014 Volume 52. PLAY BALL! p. 12. The Common Grey Squirrels. The Official Publication of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. March 2014 Volume 52 PLAY BALL! p. 12 The Common Grey Squirrels The Official Publication of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis TABLE of CONTENTS BOARD of GOVERNORS & STAFF 4 President s Message

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Volume BRAUNS LAW P.C. Personal Injury Guidance Series. Georgia Car Accident Guide

Volume BRAUNS LAW P.C. Personal Injury Guidance Series. Georgia Car Accident Guide Volume 1 BRAUNS LAW P.C. Personal Injury Guidance Series Georgia Car Accident Guide PERSONAL INJURY GUIDANCE SERIES Georgia Car Accident Guide Brauns Law, PC 12600 Deerfield Parkway Suite 100 Alpharetta,

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Introduction. THE STATE FACTOR: ALEC Model Legislation to Help Sick Asbestos and Silica Claimants


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Free Guide for Florida Accident Victims From the personal injury attorneys at Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez, P.A.

Free Guide for Florida Accident Victims From the personal injury attorneys at Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez, P.A. Free Guide for Florida Accident Victims From the personal injury attorneys at Law Offices Cytryn & Velazquez, P.A. For a free consultation, call us toll-free at 1-877-853-7466 Our firm is exclusively dedicated

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Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases

Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases By: Gary Martin Hays Copyright 2013 by Gary Martin Hays. All Rights Reserved. Published

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UNDERSTANDING MINNESOTA AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. Information Provided by Denise S.S. Fullerton, Esq. Fullerton Law, P.A. 651-203-5999

UNDERSTANDING MINNESOTA AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. Information Provided by Denise S.S. Fullerton, Esq. Fullerton Law, P.A. 651-203-5999 UNDERSTANDING MINNESOTA AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE HAVING GOOD COVERAGE & WHAT TO KNOW AFTER AN ACCIDENT Information Provided by Denise S.S. Fullerton, Esq. Fullerton Law, P.A. 651-203-5999

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11 Mistakes That Can Cost Accident Victims Thousands of Dollars

11 Mistakes That Can Cost Accident Victims Thousands of Dollars ADVERTISING MATERIAL ACCIDENT VICTIM INFORMATION AND RIGHTS Accident & Injury Attorneys 11 Mistakes That Can Cost Accident Victims Thousands of Dollars What insurance companies don t want you to know (Mistakes

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STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT FOR DESIGN SERVICES STANDARD FORM OF AGREEMENT FOR DESIGN SERVICES Every design project is different and the best will result from trust between the client and the designer. The most effective way to assure trust meets both

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Casey Price to be Installed as 88th Bar President. 2014 Camden County Professional Lawyer of the Year Nominations. Inside

Casey Price to be Installed as 88th Bar President. 2014 Camden County Professional Lawyer of the Year Nominations. Inside MAY 2014 THE BARRISTER Page 1 Published by the Camden County Bar Association VOL. 62, No. 10 MAY 2014 Nominating Committee Announces Officer and Trustee Slate The Camden County Bar Association Nominating

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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT INJURY CASES IN OHIO Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC 405 Madison Ave., Suite

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