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1 Official newspaper of GOYANZ representing the Greek Community of Wellington issue no. 23 AUGUST 2004 ATHENS 2004 FULL OLYMPIC GAMES COVERAGE PAGES 7-14 In this issue page 4 page 6 Pages page 18 Thanks to our Sponsors 1

2 www goyanz org nz OPINION Ta matia tou Kosmou - Final Issue It is with regret that the editor advises members of GOYANZ and the Greek Community that this will be the last FREE issue of Ta Matia tou Kosmou. The cost to produce a quality magazine like Ta Matia has now become unsustainable to the publishers, TBD Ltd and Ultra copy. Unfortunately annual subscriptions do not meet the cost of production and postage. A recent attempt by GOYANZ to procure financial assistance from ALL local Greek Associations was met with a very poor response. Of the 16 associations that were contacted only 4 responded and of those only 3 offered financial support. Until such time that additional funding is made available Ta Matia will sit in limbo. If anyone can offer any assistance in regard to this, please contact the editor in the first instance. Athens 2004 The Olympic games kickoff this weekend and the pride of the Greek nation will be showcased to the world. More than any other, this Olympic games will be special as it returns to the home of its birth. In this Issue of Ta Matia we have a special colour section allocated to the games and its meaning to Greeks the world over. Please enjoy this special issue and get up early on Saturday morning to watch the opening ceremony which promises to be something very special for the Greek nation! Euro 2004 Greece are European Soccer Champions! As hard as it may be to believe it is true. Pride in ourselves as Greeks has resonated with the acclaim that the team has won. We have full coverage of Euro 2004 on pages with a full colour poster on the back page to put on your wall. Congratulations to Wellington Olympic for throwing so many live events as Greece progressed through the tournament with the final being the cream on the cake. Viva Ellas! Olympic AFC Its been a good year for the club with the Premier team having reached the 4th round of the Chatham Cup and lying third in the league. As well Geoff Brown is the top goal score in Wellington with 20 goals! Our junior base has grown to over 190 kids for This includes a nursery grade for 5 and 6 year olds which now number 35 kids. However it is still a moot point that so many Greek kids are playing for other clubs. It is something that the Olympic has to educate parents about the benefits of playing for The Greeks! Chrisanthi and company have resurrected the netball team for another season. We have also have the highest ranked soccer website in New Zealand, if you haven t checked it out visit us on I think our readers will be impressed with the comprehensive coverage and historical records available. If you hadn t checked it out, go ahead, you may be pleasantly surprised. GOYANZ/Olympic Raffle As you are aware we are currently trying to raise money for the association with a fund raising raffle. Tickets are $10 each with 1st prize a trip for 2 to Surfers. GOYANZ would like to thank Kally Cunnigham of Holiday Shoppe for donating the trip. Also thanks to Tula Androutsos of Harbour Tower Fitness Centre and Richard Mowbray of Champs Sports for their prize donations. If you would like to purchase tickets you can contact any member member of GOYANZ, Olympic or Olympic juniors. We NEED your support for this, please try and help. Committees As you can see by the list of committees on this page, GOYANZ is an active and integral member of local community affairs. unfortunately you will also see that it is the same few people who are involved in these committees. The Annual General meeting of GOYANZ is coming up in October. It would be a pleasant thought that maybe some other people will put up their hands and volunteer to help with some of these activities. The door is open: the future of our community, our language, our culture, our religion and of course our children, rests upon the efforts of 1st generation Greeks born in NZ. We can NO LONGER piggyback on the sacrifices that our parents made, the time has come for those of you out there that have had little involvement in the past to step forward. There are good people willing to assist new applicants! There are plenty of members who have both the time and financial means to be involved. It just a question of passion. See you all at the AGM. the editor Community Calendar August Te Papa day trip for children of the Greek School August 15 Assumption day August Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Greece September 14 Hypsosis Tou Stavrou September 12 Olympic Junior Prizegiving, Akarnanian Hall September 18 Olympic Senior Prizegiving, Odysseus Hall October U19 National Tournamnet - Napier October 26 St Demetrious the Great Martyr October 28 Greek National Holiday 11 December Akarnanian Childrens Christmas Party and Akarnanian Hall 31 December Akarnanian New Years Eve Akarnanian GOYANZ Committees 2004 GOYANZ Management Committee Voula Kosmadakis & Stelios Manousakis (Joint Pres.), Theo Doucas (V. Pres), Ria Tsourounakis (Sec.), John Serepisos, Pagona Economou, Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis, Tula Androutsos Olympic Soccer Committee John Serepisos (Chair), Tasos Barbarouses (V. Chair), Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis (Sec.), George Neonakis, Dave Hooley, Peter Votsikas, John Servos, George Carras Olympic Netball Committee Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis, Vera Georgiou, Karen Doucas, Helen Cordalis GOYANZ Youth Radio Program Access Radio Studio ph for dedications and requests. If anyone is interested in doing a radio show please call Voula Kosmadakis on or Vera Georgiou Tune in and listen to the latest Greek music Every Sunday at 3.00pm 4.30pm On Access Radio, 783 AM Ta Matia Tou Kosmou Is produced Bi-monthly by GOYANZ To submit articles and letters to the editor: Layout and Design: TBD Printing by: TBD & Ultracopy GOYANZ Clubrooms - 75 Adelaide Road, Newtown. PO Box 6257, Te Aro Wellington Junior Soccer Committee John Serepisos (co-ordinator) Ta Matia tou Kosmou - Committee John Serepisos, Stelios Manousakis, Meropi Kafakis, Gina & Angela Gouvatsos, Steve Samaras Youth Radio Voula Kosmadakis, Vera Georgiou, Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis Events Committee Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis, Vera Georgiou, Helen Neonakis, Ria Tsourounakis GOYANZ/Olympic Website John Serepisos Paul Kotrotsos, Basil Mitrakis 2

3 www goyanz org nz News in Brief Tram struggles to cope with demand on debut A cautious start, dictated by safety concerns, has kept transit times well below expectations. But a few run-ins with motorbikes and one serious car collision indicate that Athenians will take time to get used to the new medium. THOUSANDS of Athenians swamped the capital s new tram during its first week of operation, but many left disappointed with transit times that exceeded organisers promises by up to 80 percent. Connections from Glyfada to Syntagma Square took up to 1 1/2 hours this week, nearly double the 50 minutes estimated by streetcar operators Tram SA. Delays were also reported on the Syntagma-Neo Faliro line. The company noted that overwhelming demand was partly responsible for the time lag, as trams were often forced to carry up to double their allowed capacity of 200 passengers. With access free during the first two days, many exploited the offer by taking pleasure rides. We had people getting on board, riding to the terminal and refusing to disembark, a company official said. Our drivers didn t know what to do. On a couple of occasions, the overload caused trams to overheat. The stampede eventually abated, but service remained slow due to safety concerns. Launching the tram in a city that hasn t seen this sort of transport in over 40 years calls for a gentle start, Tram SA officials said. We don t allow our drivers to exceed a speed of 30km per hour, said tram operation manager Thanassis Basayiannis. If we did, there could have been even more problems. Olympic rings out on the streets Special Olympic left hand lanes for accredited vehicle s start operating on August 1, two days after the long-awaited suburban railway finally starts running to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. AN OLYMPIC girdle descends on Athens on August 1, when special lanes reserved for Games traffic enter operation across the capital. Marked with a red line and Olympic rings, the left hand lanes are designed to speed up traffic for Games athletes, officials, sponsors and accredited guests on key roads leading to Olympic venues. Vehicles not accredited for the Games will be barred from entering the lanes, which will operate from 6.30am till 12 o clock midnight, seven days a week. Right hand exclusive bus lanes also remain in operation during the Games. To complicate matters further for motorists, Athens normal traffic restrictions (the odd-andeven license plate system) continue to apply during the Games until August 27, the traffic police department has announced. Our golden rule is to facilitate the needs of the Olympic family, whilst making sure that Athenians... do not end up feeling like hostages, Transport Minister Michalis Liapis told a July 28 press conference. We will do this in a coordinated fashion, with smooth links between transport systems. In Brief School Fees Increases of 6.5 to 7 percent expected for this academic year after reforms. Private school fees are set to increase by between 6.5 and 7 percent this academic year, following a decision made public by the Development Ministry yesterday, which paves the way for the liberalization of fees. The reform provides for the total liberalization of fees for the first year of kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and also for foreignlanguage tuition institutes. Aegean Lull Drop in Turkish violations last month compared to July 2003, officials say. The rate of violations of Greek national air space in the Aegean by Turkish military aircraft dropped 44.2 percent last month compared to July 2003, military officials in Athens said yesterday. Also, the number of Turkish infringements of the Athens Flight Information Region fell 22.7 percent last month compared to July 2003, they said. Dramatic turnaround The mood in Athens has clearly changed for the better with regard to Greece s Olympic wager. Ten days ahead of the Games opening ceremony, the critical comments that were once published in the foreign press - notwithstanding that they were often motivated by business or political expediency - are quickly giving way to praise and admiration for all that has been accomplished. Through foreign eyes The arrival in Athens on a Sunday evening brought surprises. It was near midnight, but the electric railway and metro stations were as noisy as if it were morning. The streets were brightly lit. There were potted olive trees in Omonia and bright banners on every post. The taxis were unchanged: With their signs unlit, they fished for customers. 3

4 www goyanz org nz DJ KRAZY BLOW THE 3rd OF June Revellers party into the night at Blow Bar DJ Krazy Kon The much awaited baraki night with none other than DJ Krazy Kon, from Sydney, took off with a blast on July the 3 rd at Blow. The night, as has been described by many, was like no other due to a number of reasons those primarily being the selection of venue, the decision of holding the baraki night on a Saturday but fore mostly to the much talented DJ Krazy Kon. This skippy entertainer was spinning, as promised, some amazing remixes which were new to New Zealand ears and got the Greeks of Wellington dancing the night away. Krazy showed everyone what a Greek night is supposed to be like, so much so that people didn t want to leave when he stopped playing his tunes. Angela, Steven and I had promoted the event on the Greek youth radio show for the last months and had conducted a series of interviews. This along with huge efforts that the GOYANZ committee had placed in order to make it such a successful night, resulted in a magnificent turnout. The atmosphere was on par with that which can be found at Greek nights not only in Australia but also in other countries like Canada and the US, with music pumping and alcohol flowing. Let us not forget an endless supply of kefi and xoro! For those of you that missed out, I m sure have heard through the grapevine about the buzz of the night and will be glad to hear that GOYANZ is planning to bring DJ Krazy Kon back in the near future. My sources tell me that KK will be heading our way in the beginning of November so make sure you pencil it in your diaries. Further information can be found in the following issues of Ta Matia and the Greek youth radio show. If you want to see more photos from the event go to or By Gina Gouvatsos GOYANZ Committe members (L-R): Toula Androutsos, Ria Tsourounakis and Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis L-R: Harry Papadopoulos, Nick Liolis, Vee Liolis John Kotrotsos and friend L-R: Paul Dragounis, George Tsalis and Nikos Tsalis L-R: Peter Halikias, Laki Kalantzis and Peter Votsikas Katrina Nikitopoulos (centre) and friends enjoy the Greek atmosphere 4

5 www goyanz org nz SAE STAYING IN TOUCH NO. 74 A NEWSLETTER FROM THE SAE OCEANIA CO-ORDINATOR Congratulations do not suffice to thank the national Hellenic team on its incredible victory in Portugal. Although 2004 was always to be Hellenism s year this unexpected sporting triumph has created an unparalleled euphoria in every Greek heart in every corner of the globe. The joy, the pride, the uplifting of morale must rank this achievement as the most exhilarating moment since that historic NO on the 28 th October, 1940 when little Hellas thrilled the world then as it has again now. A harbinger for the fantastic Olympics in a few weeks time! It would be remiss not to mention the wonderful sportsmanship displayed by the Portuguese and the way our fellow Australians joined us in the celebrations. Cyprus Each July we join our Cypriot brothers in commemorating the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey in Although Cyprus is now a full member of the E.U., Turkey continues to occupy Cyprus in violation of U.N. Resolutions and international law. This is the crucial message that must be shouted loud and clear. Turkey s friends cannot whitewash Turkey s crimes because of the April referenda nor try to punish the Greek Cypriots for exercising their democratic rights. Social Security Agreement During last month s AHC Conference in Canberra the writer participated in the delegations that met with Prime Minister John Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Parliamentary Secretary Christopher Pyne. Whilst the Government s position on Cyprus was positive it is of major concern that the Federal Government has not responded to the Hellenic Government in relation to the Social Security Agreement. It is important that a concerted and co-ordinated effort be made to ensure that a Memorandum of Understanding is signed before the next Federal elections. Individuals and organizations should write to the Government and to their federal members urging the Australian Government to conclude a Social Security Agreement immediately. There is now no excuse for any further delay. Olympic Games The Athens Olympics are now days away and Athens has already successfully met the challenge of executing the greatest Olympic construction programme in history. The Calatrava roof, the kinetic wall and the opening ceremony are about to leave the world spellbound. For those who will be watching from the T.V. Channel Seven will be broadcasting live every day from 3.30p.m. until 7a.m. (est.). We are looking forward to the Athens Olympics, the safest ever, where there will be an emphasis on the human spirit, celebrating humanity and the Olympic ideals. Regional Council SAE Oceania s Regional Council will meet in Melbourne on July, This will coincide with the official opening of the replica ship exhibition by master craftsman Denis Paraskevatos on Friday 23 July. The exhibition is SAE Oceania s Melbourne project to promote the Athens Olympic Games and will be on display at the Melbourne Town Hall until the end of August. Thanks are extended to John Vasilakakos for putting the exhibition together. A public meeting will also be held on Sunday 25 July, 2004 at 4p.m. at the Greek Community s premises in Lonsdale Street. Pan-Hellenic Games The final date for submission of applications is Monday 26 July, All applicants will be notified in early August and the Games will commence in Sydney on Friday 1 st October and conclude on Monday 4 th October. Jottings The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Kaisev recently visited Australia and was hosted by SAE Oceania in Sydney. Mr Kaisev attended a Greek Orthodox Community fund raiser and made a generous personal donation, something not done before by a visiting politician. Mr Kaisev is a member of SAE Europe s Regional Council and President of the Confederation of Greek Communities of the former Soviet Union. He is also an extremely proud Pontian who urged us to fight for the recognition of the Pontian Genocide. New application forms have issued for the Hellenic Credit Card the only one that assists Hellenism every time you use it. SAE Oceania is commencing a fresh drive to enrol new subscribers. For details call Angelo Sikes on or the SAE OFFICE on (02) Support the call for the return of the Parthenon Marbles by registering on the electronic petition linked direct to the U.K. Parliament on then take a further moment to support the call for the re-opening of the Theological School of Haiki on htt// From the EURO 2004 triumph to the celebration of civilisation and humanity in the Olympic Games in a few days time when Athens will become, once again, for a short time the centre of the earth, let all Hellenes join in peace and unity. Costa Vertzayias 21 July 2004 GREEK RECIPES Tzatziki (Yogurt Dip) - Serves 6-2 cups Pressed & strained yogurt - 1 Cucumber unpeeled grated - 4 cloves Pressed garlic - 2 tbsp Olive oil -1 tsp Vinegar - Salt Grate the cucumber and strain tightly using a cloth until very dry, do the same with the yogurt, leave drain overnight (is better) Mix in all the other ingredients. Chill for at least 1 hour. Taramosalata (Caviar Roe) Serves 6-1/4 lb Tarama (fish roe) - 2/3 lb Boiled potatoes - 1 cup Olive oil - 1 Small onion - 1 1/2 Lemons (squeezed) Mash or mix all of the ingredients together in your food processor, the tarama the potatoes and the onion. Beat the mix until very soft and creamy. Add the olive oil and lemon juice together very slowly while mixing. Serve with olives & pita bread. Calamari (Deep fried squid) Serves 6-2 lbs Baby squids - Flour seasoned with salt - Vegetable oil Lemons Mix the flour with the salt. Wash the squid and toss it in the flour to bread it. Fry well on all sides in hot vegetable oil. Top with the onion and serve hot with sliced lemons. Tyropita (Cheese pies) Serves 6-1 lb Feta cheese - 1 lb Filo pastry - 1/4 lb Ground kefalograviera cheese - 1 cup Milk - 3 tbsp Butter - 4 Eggs (beaten) - Dill or Mint (diced) - Pepper - A little margarine Mash the feta cheese with a fork and add the kefalograviera (strong&spicy cheese), milk, butter, dill (or mint), eggs and pepper. Butter a pan with the margarine and place half the sheets of Filo, buttering in between each on the bottom also buttered with the margarine (so it doesn t stick) Pour the cheese mix and cover with the rest of the Filo sheets, also buttered with margarine. Score just top layer with sharp knife, caution not to get into cheese layer, Bake in medium 350 oven for about 1 hr, when cooked cut all the way down. 5

6 www goyanz org nz Miss GOYANZ Dance 5th June, 2004 Miss GOYANZ for 2004, Alexandra Keramidas with Anthony Neonakis MCs Stelio Manousakis and Voula Kosmadakis 1 st runner Olga Gerondis with Chris Zivadinovic New Kerasma Band 2 nd runner Aphrodite Bouras with Mikey Halikias L-R: Christina Panagiotelis, Effie Gerondis, Alexia Antonopoulos, Jasmine Serepisos, Vicki Georgiou and Sophia Antonopoulos This year was no different to the past several decades where a Miss GOYANZ dance was held in Wellington, an event that occurs annually during Queens birthday long weekend. On the 5 th of June the GOYANZ committee with the help of subcommittees and volunteers organised another successful night. The dance was held at the Parthenon, similar to previous years. However there was a noticeable difference as this time Vera Georgiou, Chrisanthi Kamberogiannis and Helen Neonakis placed a significant amount of effort into creating a classy, elegant atmosphere in the hall. Attention to detail was paid which was evident in the décor of the venue and the finer aspects. The GOYANZ committee decided to bring Kerasma over again which stems from two main factors. On the other hand due to the professional and fantastic job the band did last year at the 2003 Miss GOYANZ dance and on the other because Kerasma, over the last year, has been the opening act for well known artists that have gone to Australia such as Marinella and Dalaras. It must be pointed out that most of the members of the band have changed which did not affect or tamper with the quality of the music or the kefi they created! People danced to the early hours of the morning. A GOYANZ dance would not be complete without the key chiefs in the kitchen Makri, Bouras, Neonakis, Halakias and team who provided ample food and dedicated an endless amount of time and effort for this night. Not to do away with tradition, this year a group of judges were required to select a Miss GOYANZ for 2004 which was Alexandra Keramidas. 1 st runner up was Olga Gerondis and 2 nd runner up was Aphrodite Bouras. Congratulations to the three young ladies. Miss GOYANZ won a $1.000 gift voucher courtesy of ZAMBEZI. To sum up the Miss GOYANZ night proved to be another successful event on the GOYANZ calendar. Many thanks to the committee, subcommittees and volunteers. Enjoy the pictures. By Angela Gouvatsos Sophie Kasoylides, Peter Zivadinovic and George Todorya SPONSORED BY Spiro, George and Voula Serepisos 6

7 ATHENS 2004 www goyanz org nz August 13-29, 2004 Η ΑΘΗΝΑ ΑΛΛΑΖΕΙ Στις 13 Αυγουστου 2004 ξεκινα στην Αθηνα (και δυο ηµερες νωριτερα στη Θεσσαλονικη, την Πατρα, το Βολο και το Ηρακλειο) η µεγαλυτερη Γιορτη της Ανθρωποτητας, οι Ολυµπιακοι Αγωνες. Μια γιορτη που, και αυτη τη φορα, αποκτα τα χαρακτηριστικα της µοναδικοτητας και της αυθεντικοτητας, εξαιτιας της επιστροφης των Αγωνων στο γενεθλιο τοπο. Σηµαντικο χαρακτηριστικο της ελληινικοτητας των Αγωνων αποτελει, αλλωστε, η νεα εικονα των µεταλλιων των νικητων απο εδω και περα: Το αγαλµα της Νικης του Παιωνιου και το Παναθηκαικο Σταδιο, οπου αναβιωσαν οι Αγωνες το Μισο εκατοµµυριο επισκεπτες, αθλητες, συνοδοι, επισηµα διαπιστευµενοι δηµοσιογραφοι, αρκετας χιλιαδες µη διαπιστευµενοι, µελη της Ολυµπιακης Οικογενειας, κριτες και αξιω µατουχοι θα πληµµυρισουν την Αθνα αυτο το καλοκαιρι. Τις µερας των Αγωνων η εικονα της Αθηνας θα αλλαξει ο παλµος των κατοικων της, οι ρυθµοι της, οι κυκλοι της, η φροντιδα για την καθαριοτητα της. Οι βασικες λειτουργιες της πολης εχουν περασει απο το φιλτρο της Ολυµπιακης προετοιµασιας και των ιδιαιτερων συνθηκων που δηµιουργουν οι Ολυµπιακοι Αγωνες. Κατοικοι κι επισκεπτες µαζι, θα ζησουν µεσα στα χρωµατα, στα σχεδια και στις εικονες της Μεγαλης Γιορτης. Εµπειρια ζωης για ολους οι Αγωνες αλλα και οι εκδηλωσεις σε δροµους και πλατειες...καθηµερινοτητας. Τα σταδια εχουν προετοιµαστει και θα ντυθουν µε χρωµατα γιορτης, αποκτουν νεα, λαµπερηοψη, αναλογη της αξιας της διοργανωσης που φιλοξενουν. Ο Φοιβος και η Αθηνα, αλλωστε, µε το µαγικο χαµογελο τους θα επηρεασουν ολες τις πτυχες της Ολυµπιακιης ζωης. Ραδιοφωνα και Τηλεορασεις θα µεταδιδουν το µηνυµα τους και την επιρροη τους στη καθηµερινη ζωη απο τις Μεταφορες ως τις Ιατρικες Υπηρεσιες κι αγκαλιαζουν ολους οσοι βιωνουν τη µεθεξη των Αγωνων. Οι ρυθµοι ανεβαινουν, η Αθηνα εχει αλλαξει, η πολη εχει προετοιµαστει και οι εθελοντες εχουν ετοιµαστει. Αυτο που αποµενει ειναι οι Ολυµπιακοι Αγωνες. Καλο Καλοκαιρι και Καλους Ολυµπιακους Αγωνες Source: ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΑ:επιστρεφει το µεταλλιο των Αγωνων; Modified by Gina Gouvatsos 7

8 www athens2004 com Interview with the President of Greece ΣΥΝΕΝΤΕΥΞΗ ΜΕ ΤΟΝ ΠΡΟΕ ΡΟ ΤΗΣ ΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ Ο Προεδρος της ηµοκρατιας δεν κρυβει τη συγκινηση του οταν παιδια οµογενων, µε σπαστα ελληνικα, του εκφραζουντην επιθυµια τους να γινουν Εθελοντες και του εξηγουν οτι απο τους γονεις και τους παππουδες τους εχουν µαθει την ιστορια του τοπου µας. Κι οταν πεφτειη αυλαια των επισηµων δειπνων και ο κ. Κωνσταντινος Στεφανοπουλος βρισκεται αναµεσα στους αποδηµους Ελληνες στα περατα της Γης, ζητα να µαθει αν θα επισκεφτουν την πατριδα να παρακολουθησουν τους Ολυµπιακους Αγωνες. Ο πρωτος πολιτης της χωρας εχει κερδισει µε τη σεµνοτητα που τον διακρινει και τον απεραντο σεβασµο στους θεσµους, οχι µονο την εκιτµηση ολων των πολιτων αλλα και την αγαπη των Ελληνων οπου Γης: Κι οταν επισκεφθειτε την πατριδα και βρεθειτε κοντ α στον Προεδρικο Μεγαρο, µην διστασετε να µπειτε µεσα. Ειναι το σπιτι σας, ειπε, απευθυνοµενους στους οµογενεις στο µακρινο Καζακσταν, οπου πραγµατοποιησε επισηµη επισκεψη. Με την ιδια απλοτητα µιλουσε στους λιγοστους συµπατριωτες µας που ζουν στην Συρια, στην οργανωµενη ελληνικη κοινοτητα της Νεα Ζηλανδιας, της Νοτιας Αφρικης, στων Ελληνων της Κοινοτητες στην Αυστραλια, τον Καναδα και την Αµερικη. Απο το 1995, που εξελεγη για πρωτη φορα Προεδρος της ηµοκρατιας, εχει πραγµατοποιησει περισσοτερα πο 50 ταξιδια στο εξωτερικο, σε χωρες οπου ζουν Ελληνες, και εχει επισκεφθει και τα πιο αποµακρυσµενα χωρια της χωρας: Απο τα Ποµακοχωρια της Θρακης ως τη Γαυδο κι απο την Κερκυρα ως το Καστελοριζο. Απανταει σε ολες τις επιστολες που φθανουν στο γραφειο του και δεχεται χωρις διακρισεις καθε πολιτη που επιθυµει να τον επισκεφθει. Η Ελλαδα θα διοργανωσει τους 28ους Ολυµπιακους Αγωνες και πολλοι λενε µικρη χωρα, πολυ µεγαλες ευθυνες. Ποια ειναι η δικη σας αποψη; Η Ελλας ειναι πραγµατι µικρη χωρα η, στο πλαισιο της Ευρωπαικης ενωσης, µεσαια χωρα και ειναι αληθεια οτι ανελαβε µε την διοργανωση των Ολυµπιακων Αγωνων µεγαλη ευθυνη. Η επιτυχης, οπως ειµαι βεβαιος, διοργανωση τους θα αποδειξει οτι η συγχρονη Ελλας ειναι και χωρα µε µεγαλες δυνατοτητες. Η επιστροφη των Αγωναν στη γενετειρα τους υποσχεται µια ανανεωση για την παγκοσµια αυτη διοργανωση. Για την Ελλαδα τι σηµατοδοτει; εν νοµιζω πως εχει δοθει υποσχεση ανανεωσης των Ολυµπιακων Αγωνων. Ουτε γνωριζω ποια εννοια δινεται στη λεξη αυτη. Ανανεωση ωστε να απαλλαγει η διοργανωση απο το χαρακτηρα που εχει λαβει στους συγχρονους καιρους µας, δεν νοµιζω οτι µπορει να υπαρξει. Αλλωστε, µην λησµονουµε οτι οι Ολυµπιακοι Αγωνες γινονται υπο την υποπτεια της ΟΕ. Ελπιζω οµως οτι η διοργανωση θα επιτυχει να τονισει την σπουδαιοτητα του Ολυµπιακου ιδεωδους και την καταγωγη των Αγωνων απο την αρχαια Ελλαδα. Ποιο πιστευετε πως θα εινει το µεγαλυτερο οφελος για την χωρα µας; Ολοι αντιλαµβανοµαστε τη µεγαλη προβολη που θα εχει παγκοσµιος η χωρα µας απο την διοργανωση των Αγωνων. εν γνωριζω αν θα υπαρξει οικονοµικη ωφελεια, θα υπαρξει οµως γενικοτερο οφελος απο τη µεγαλη διαφηµιση της χωρας µας, που θα ειναι τοσο µεγαλυτερο, οσο µεγαλυτερη θα ειναι η επιτυχια της διοργανωσης. Στις επισηµες επισκεψεις σας στο εξωτερικο αναφερεστε παντα στην αναληψη απο τη χωρα µας της διοργανωσης των Ολυµπιακων Αγωνων του Ποια ειναι η ανατποκριση που βρισκετε; Η αναταποκριση ειναι παντοτε θετικη, µεγαλη και ειλικρινης. Και τουτο εξηγειται ευκολα απο τη σπουδαιοτητα που εχουν οι Ολυµπιακοι Αγωνες και το µεγα ενδιαφερον γιαυτους ολων των λαων. Εχετε δηλωσει πρωτος Εθελοντης. Ποιο µηνυµα θα θελατε να απευθυνετε στις νεες και τους νεους που εχου δηλωσει την επιθυµια να ειναι Εθελοντες στους Αγωνες της Αθηνας και ευρυτερα στους Ελληνες πολιτες; Ο Εθελοντισµος ειναι µια σπουδαια κοινωνικη προσφορα, σε ολες τις µορφες του. Για τους Ολυµπιακους Αγωνες ειναι µια απο τις προυποθεσεις της επιτυχιας τους. Οσοι θεωρουµε την διοργανωση των Αγωνων εθνικη υποθεση, οπως και ειναι, ας συµµετασχουµε στη µεγαλη προσπαθεια. 8

9 www athens2004 com Olympic Mascots Olympic Village Οι Μασκοτ των Ολυµπιακων Αγωνων ΑΘΗΝΑ 2004 Ο Φοιϖος και η Αθηνα ειναι δυο σηµερινα παιδια, δυο αδερφια που συνδεονται µε την αρχαια Ελλαδα. Το αγορι εχει το ονοµα του µυθικου θεου του Ολυµπου ΑπολλωναΦοιβου, Θεου του φωτος και της µουσικης. Το κοριτσι το ονοµα της Αθηνας, αδελφης του Φοιβου, Θεας της Σοφιας και προστατιδας της πολης των Αθηνων. Ο Φοιβος και η Αθηνα συµβολιζουν τον αρρηκτο δεσµο της Ελληνικηςιστοριας µε τους συγχρονους Ολυµπιακους Αγωνες. Παραλληλα, προβαλλουν τις αξιες που αντιπροσωπευει το Ολυµπιακο Πνευµα. υο παιαδια που µεσα απο την χαρα του παιχνιδιου τη χαρα του αγωνα θα µας δειξουν την πραγµατικη αξια της συµµετοχης και οχι του αποτελεσµατος. υο αδερφια, συµβολα της µεγαλης Ολυµπιακης Ιδεας: της αδεφφοσυνης ολων των ανθρωπων του κοσµου. Ενα αγορι και ενα κοριτσι, πρεσβευτες της συνερ γασιας, της ευγενικης αµιλλας και της ισοτητας. υο παιδια που αναδεικνυουν το ανθρωπινο µετρο και µας θυµιζουν οτι το κεντρο, η καρδια των Ολυµπιακων Αγωνων, ειναι και θα παραµεινει γαι παντα, ο ιδιος ανθπωπος. Η Εµπνευση Μια αρχαια Ελληνικη κουκλα απο τον 7ο π.χ. αιωνα αποτελεσε την πηγη εµπνευσης για τη δηµιουργια του Φοιβου και της Αθηνας. Κατασκευασµενη απο πηλο, η κωδωνοσχηµη κουκλα εχει κινητα ποδια και ειναι ντυµενη µε χιτωνα. Στην αρχαιοτητα οι κουκλες αυτες ηταν γνωστες ως <<δαιδαλα>>. Η συγκεκριµενη κουκλα εκτιθεται στο Εθνικο Αρχαιλογικο Μουσειο Αθηνων, ενω αντιστοιχες υπαρχουν στο µουσειο του Λουβρου και στα µουσεια της Βοστωνης και του Βερολινου. Athena and Phevos Athena was named after the ancient goddess of wisdom Athena. In ancient Greece, Athenians chose Athena to protect them and honoured the goddess by naming the city after her. Phevos was named after the ancient god Phoebos-Apollo who loved to play games, music and sports. They are symbols promoting noble competition and peace in the world. They represent the Olympic values and the idea of brotherhood among all people, ambassadors of participation and equality. Two siblings wearing the colours of the Greek sea and sun reminding us that humanity is and will always remain in the heart of the Olympic Games. Inspiration An ancient Greek doll from the 7 th century B.C. was the source of inspiration for Athena and Phevos. The bell-shaped terracotta doll has movable limbs and is dressed in a tunic. In ancient times, these dolls were known as daidala. The doll is exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, while similar ones are on display in the Louvre and in museums of Boston and Berlin. Modified by Gina Gouvatsos On the 23 rd of July the Olympic village was officially opened with an agiasmo that was carried out by the Mitropoliti of Athens. Other distinguished people, such as Gianna Aggelopoulou-president of Athens 2004, were also present. The Olympic village will function for the 34 days of the Olympic Games on a 24 hour basis. Sixteen thousand athletes, trainers and coaches etc will be hosted at this venue which requires more than ten thousand people to run efficiently. On the grounds of the Olympic village, which is estimated to be approximately 1,240,000 square meters, there are 366 buildings which range from 2 to 3 storey apartment blocks. Within these blocks there are 2,292 apartments, 8,814 rooms and 17,428 beds. Greece may have had troubles getting the project completed, however, it is considered to be one of the most spacious venues built for the athletes of the Olympic Games as 16 squares meters are assigned to each of them. Another advantage of this place compared to that of previous years, is that the distance needed for athletes to travel from the athletic centers where they will be training daily to the Olympic village is minimum as these centers are situated quite literally next to the village. It must be noted that in a few months 2,500 families will have the opportunity of living in this original accommodation which will be like no other. The Mitropoliti of Athens His Eminence Panteleimwn ended the service by wishing all those staying at this venue, all the best and much success. By Angela Gouvatsos 9

10 1 Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall 2 Port of Piraeus 3 Ano Liossia Olympic Hall 4 Galatsi Olympic Hall 5 Faliron Coastal Zone Olympic Complex (FCO) 6 Historical Centre 7 The Athens Metro 8 National Archaeological Museum 9 The Acropolis 10 Stiloi Olympiou Dios 11 International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos 12 Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre 13 Marathonas: Marathon (Start) 14 Markopoula Olympic Equestrian Centre 15 Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre 16 Port of Rafina 17 Helliniko Olympic Complex (HCO) 18 Panathinaiko Stadium 19 Goudi Olympic Complex (GOC) 20 Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OCO) 21 Parnitha Olympic 22 Vouliagmeni Olympic Centre 23 Agios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Centre 24 Olympic Village 25 Peristeri Olympic Boxing Hall points of interest Olympic venues Athens and the Olympic Venues 1 Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall One of the first projects planned for the 2004 Olympic Games, the all new sporting complex includes a principal indoor gymnasium building with a 5,000-seat capacity, areas for warming up, training, medial care, hostels for visiting athletes and rooms for security, press and spectator services. 3 Ano Liossia Olympic Hall Another major new sporting centre being constructed for the 2004 Olympic Games is the Olympic Hall for Judo and Wrestling located in Ano Liossia. This state-of-the-art facility will also provide a boost to the regional development of these two popular sports. Death before defeat in the Ancient Games In 564BC Arrichion of Phigaleia, the new Olympic champion in the pankration - a cross between boxing and wrestling - received his victory olive wreath posthumously. Competing for his third Olympic crown, Arrichion had found himself being choked in a stranglehold from behind. Unable to free himself from the ferocious grip, Arrichion managed to grip his opponent s ankle and twist it until it broke. In agony his opponent submitted, but by then the damage was done - Arrichion s throat had been crushed and even as he was proclaimed the winner, he breathed his last. All-consuming desire Although Arrichion s death occurred in a particularly dramatic way, tales of athletes giving their lives for Olympic glory were not unusual in ancient Greece. Competitors in the brutal pankration, where choking, finger breaking and blows to the genitals were all permitted, were particularly vulnerable, often succumbing to their wounds days after the games had ended. But what was it about the ancient Olympics that sparked such desire to win that athletes would accept death before defeat? According to legend, the Olympics started in 776BC with a single race, a 192-metre dash held at the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia. Then, a runner named Koroibos sprinted ahead of the field to become the first ever Olympic champion. Greatest show on earth The games, just one part of a quadrennial religious festival held in honour of Zeus, continued for over 1,100 years before they were axed in 393AD by Emperor Theodosius, who insisted the event was too pagan. Field of dreams By the fourth century BC the stadium at Olympia held 40,000Over time more disciplines were added until there were 10 in all, divided into men s track and field and equestrian events, and spread over five days. Over time the Olympics also grew in prestige and fame, completely surpassing similar games held in other cities. As in the daytime there is no star in the sky warmer and brighter than the sun, likewise there is no competition greater than the Olympic Games, the Greek poet Pindar said of the games in the 5th century BC. Like the spectacle about to be unveiled in Athens the ancient Olympics were the largest event in the world. They were open to all free Greek males, and later Roman citizens too, drawing competitors from Spain to the Black Sea. Olympic truce Every four years heralds travelled throughout the Greek world proclaiming a sacred truce giving safe passage through any state for athletes and spectators travelling to and from the games. During the competition the truce extended to the city-state of Elis, near Olympia, as well. For the most part the truce was carefully observed, although in 420BC the Spartans were banned from the games for attacking a town in Elis territory during the truce and in 364BC the Arcadians and Eleans fought a pitched battle for control of the games inside the sanctuary itself, while the pentathlon was in full swing. Competitors went to Olympia on their own initiative

11 20 Athens Olympic Sports Complex Situated in Maroussi, OCO is the focal point of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, it will also host the opening and closing ceremonies. The Olympic Sports Complex is being redesigned by famed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. 17 Helliniko Olympic Complex On Athens southern coast, the former site of Athens airport, is now being transformed into a complex of parks and Olympic venues, which will play host to the Softball and Baseball competitions. Other facilities in the complex will host Field Hockey, Handball, Fencing and Basketball preliminaries. The Olympic Canoe/Kayak slalom centre is also being constructed here. and at their own expense, but the romantic notion that they were noble amateurs competing simply for the glory of winning is a myth, largely sparked by the emphasis on amateurism in the modern games. When the Olympics were revived by Pierre de Coubertin and other enthusiasts in 1896 it was decreed that only amateurs should be allowed to compete. But this decision owed more to Victorian class divisions, rather than a desire to copy the ancient games. Material rewards Although the only prize on offer at Olympia was an olive wreath, it is known that victors commonly received other more lucrative rewards when returning to their home city. In 600BC Athenian Olympic victors could expect a cash prize of 500 drachmas from the city, the equivalent of $300,000 today. Competitors were not even above switching city states for money. The Roman writer Pausanias tells us of a Cretan long-distance running champion, Sotades, who became an Ephesian having been offered a bribe by the people of Ephesus. Athletes would wait in the bench-lined entrance to the stadiumathletes received precious gifts, free meals and even made appearances for cash. Such benefits, in tandem with fame and adulation that bordered on worship, unsurprisingly fuelled the desire to win at all costs and athletes were not above cheating to do so. Although, like their modern counterparts, the athletes swore a sacred oath to abide by the rules, some sought unfair advantages. False starts and illegal manoeuvres were punished with public floggings and expulsion from the games. By the fourth century athletes caught lying, cheating or involved in bribery were also fined and the money used to erect a statue to Zeus along the route to the stadium - an everlasting testament to their shame. The most breathtaking example of race rigging occurred in AD67 when the Roman emperor Nero took part in a 10-horse chariot race, an event added just for his benefit. Despite falling from his chariot and not completing the race Nero was declared the winner - although years later after his death Nero s name was symbolically deleted from the champions list. The mind of a champion The clash between the lofty ideals of the Olympics and political acts or commercialism is a mark of both the ancient and modern games, but perhaps the element that most closely links the two is the pursuit of what the Greeks called arete, or excellence. This is a pursuit understood by ancient and modern Olympians alike, encapsulated in the motto of the games today: Citius, Altius, Fortius - the desire to go faster, go higher and be stronger than anyone before. In one of his celebrated speeches the Greek orator Aeschines asked why any man would be willing to compete at the Olympics in an event like the pankration. The answer? Because of the competition and the honour, and the undying fame that victory brings, men are willing to risk their bodies, and at the cost of the most severe discipline to carry the struggle to the end. Extracts from: Verity Murphy, BBC News Online

12 www athens2004 com Beach Volleyball TEN YEARS TOGETHER AND AIMING FOR A MEDAL IN 2004, EFI SFYRI & VASSO KARADASSIOU, BEACH VOLLEYBALL. When, one weekend in the summer of 1992, Efi Sfyri ad Vasso Karadassiou went to watch some friends play Volleyball on the beach at Varkiza, just outside Athens, they could hardly have imagined that one day they would be Greece s top Beach Volleyball pair and that thanks to the new Olympic sport, they would cover the distance of the three Saharas. The two girls have made great progress in the sport and have even greater ambitions. Together, they have raised the profile of Beach Volleyball among sports fans and in 2003 will have been together longer than any other pair in the international circuit. Vasso (Vasiliki) Karadassiou was born on 6 January 1973 in the Athens suburb of Vyronas. She is 1.82 metres tall, and weighs about 72kg. Her highest block is 2.95 metres and her highest spike 3.05 metres. She speaks English, Italian and in her spare time enjoys listening to music and going to the cinema. Efi (Efrosyni) Sfyri was born on 8 August 1971 in Korydallos, west of the Greek capital. She is 1.80 metres tall and weighs about 65kg. Her highest block is 2.90 metres and her highest spike is 3 metres. She speaks English, French, and enjoys swimming and music. The highlights of their career so far are their third place in the sixth tournament of the World Tour in Rhodes in 2002, their gold medal at 2001 European Championship at Jesolo in Italy, and their silver medal at 2001 World Challenge event at Xylokastro, (going one better than their third-place finish in 2000). At the Sydney Games they finished 17 th. They have also lent their name to a beach volleyball court in Xylokastro, Korinthia. The greatest challenge of all, however, will come in 2004 when they take part in the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium and a few hours later, on home turf-or home sand, rather-when they will try to make history. Although they avoid talking openly about how far they might get in 2004 (when they will have been together for ten years), their successes against some of the world s best Beach Volleyball teams allows them to dream of the greatest prize of all. Source GREEK LIGHT:the flame s long journey; Modified by Gina Gouvatsos Weightlifting Dream Team When Christos Iakovou took over the reigns of the Greek Weightlifting Team at the end of beginning of 1989, statistics were the greatest enemy of the sport in Greece. The last time Greece had won an Olympic medal was in time immemorial. To be precise, it was in 1904 in Saint Louis, USA, when Pericles Kakousis became an Olympic gold medal winner. Iakovou knew it, of course, better than anyone since he himself had been a top athlete in his time. The last time Greece had won some medal in a World Championship was also many years ago. Imagine that he was the champion with a silver medal in However, his presence at the reigns of the National team was decisive. Everything changed as if by magic in such a short period of time that it was something between miracle and dream. At the end of the 1990 the first medals began to roll in again at the World Championship, and in 1992 at the Barcelona Games after 88 years-greece celebrated Pyros Dimas Olympic gold medal. The rest is pretty much known to everyone: five Olympic medals in Atlanta in 1996 and an equal number in 2000 at Sydney. Perhaps Iakovou is the only sports coach in Greece who receives the same high levels of glory and recognition as the Olympic weightlifting champions, his kids as he frequently calls them. The way in which he gave instructions at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 went down in history. His approach, together of course with the major successes of his champions, manages to bring the sport of the strongmen into the homes of all the Greeks, who got to know and love Weightlifting, learned its rules, and better recognised the athletes efforts. Unbelievable but true...it is not by chance that today Weightlifting is one of the most popular sports, with fans seeking to ensure their tickets for the Games in Nor of course is the fact that the increase in young people taking up the sport since1996 onwards, compared to the past, has reached figures in the order of 280%! Source GREEK LIGHT:the flame s long journey; Modified by Gina Gouvatsos 12

13 www athens2004 com The Impressive Girls of the Greek Ensemble For many decades the sceptre of Rhythmic Gymnastics was held by female athletes from what was then the Soviet Union and Bulgaria. The sport of beauty and grace was associated in absolute terms with them. Other countries watched on as bystanders or, in the best-case scenario, as secondary players to the stars from the former Soviet Union and Bulgaria who inundated the podiums of major events and fought it out for top position. The first crack in the East European regime appeared in 1996 when Spanish ensemble won first place in Atlanta leaving Bulgaria and the main heir of the former Soviet Union, Russia, on the lower steps of the podium. However, the stage began to turn in 1997, a turning point for the sport in the ensemble category and the starting point of the amazing rise of the Greek team to world acclaim. Since 1997 and the European Championship in Patra, the Greek women s ensemble and the corresponding youth team have followed a shining, non-eastern European path at both world and European level. Despite changes in its line-up due to athletes departing, over all these years the Greek ensemble has managed to remain in the top places of major international events and become the team with the great number of distinctions in the history of Greek sport. The greatest moments in the five year history of the Greek ensemble team were the three gold medals in the European Championship in Budapest in 1999, two golds and a silver medal in the World Championship in Osaka in 1999, a bronze Olympic medal in 2000 in Sydney. The most recent success of the Greek ensemble was in July 2002 at the World Championship in New Orleans, USA. Despite the absence of the experienced Irini Aindili and the changes due to injuries, the Greek team was warmly received and once again did not lose its rendezvous with the international podium. Headed by Hara Karyami, who had recovered in the meantime, and with Celia Pantazi and Hartini Ioannou still on the line-up and two newcomers, Liana Christidou and Xenia Kontelia, it managed to win a gold and two bronze medals exceeding even the most ambitious predictions. In this way the athletes once again showed that the Greek ensemble is a golden force in Rhythmic Gymnastics to be reckoned with thus rising the sights for the Athens Olympic Games. Source GREEK LIGHT:the flame s long journey; Modified by Angela Gouvatsos New Medal Design There will be a new design on the medals awarded at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The main feature of the medals is the Greek character shown on both sides, since their basic side has been changed for the first time since the Amsterdam Olympic Games in This is of particular importance, as from now on all Olympic medals will reflect the Greek character of the Games as regards both their origin and their revival. On the medals awarded to Olympic athletes from 1928 until the Sydney Games, goddess Nike was seated, holding an ear of corn in one hand and a wreath in the other. Since goddess Nike would fly into a stadium to crown the best athlete, we concluded that it was best to represent the interior of a stadium on the medal, said an Athens representative, and she added: For the Athens Olympic Games medals, we selected the Panathinaikon Stadium where the Olympic Games were revived in The reverse of the medal will also include the sport in which the athlete won it. The elements on the obverse of the medal are three: The first is the eternal flame that will be lit in Olympia and will travel through the five continents by way of the 2004 Torch Relay. The flame is accompanied by the opening lines of Pindar s Eighth Olympic Ode composed in 460 BC to honour the victory of Alkimedon of Aegina in wrestling. The medal is completed within the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games emblem. The design of the Medal was created by Elena Votski and the total number of medals to be produced is 1,130 gold, 1,130 silver, and 1,150 bronze. 13

14 www athens2004 com Greek Champions of past Olympic games The Olympic Torch Andreas Varotsos The creator of the 2004 Olympic Games Torch In this article we will find out everything behind the creation of the Olympic torch and get into the psyche of the creator. The Torch, even though it is an object with small dimensions, is de facto charged with many meanings which primarily relate to world culture. Moreover, it had to contain all those elements which characterize Modern Greek culture. Andrea Varotsos objective was to find the cultural stratification necessary in this case which would lead him a design proposal representing modern Greece. The main element which highlights its Greekness, apart from the formalist and semantic reference to the olive leaves, Andreas aim was to stress an element of Greek culture which was born on our motherland and which has influenced world culture, which is none other than harmony; in specific the harmony between man s activities and nature which has been forgotten and needs to be appreciated again. The Greek Torch symbolizes the immense effort of all Greek designers, like Mr Varotsos, as well as architects and artists to build a Modern Greek outlook which springs from the very core of Greek culture, with the aim of offering something to the international community as active members of that community. Returning to the technical characteristics it has a direct relationship with formalism. The flame had to come out from the middle; it had to be the harmonious result of the osmosis of the two materials of which it is comprised: wood and metal. The Olympic Torch trip round the world The torch has been exposed to climate conditions ranging from -6C to +45C and that was an additional challenge. However what is the most important element is that it is the first torch to have traveled to all five continents, a face which gives it a magical dimension, which makes you think that perhaps the path will open up for modern Greece to generate culture, to acquire the position it deserves among the five continents. If you are curious as to how long this specific Torch can remain lit the answer is for about 20 minutes. Nonetheless, the designer hopes that the message carried by the Torch, a message of peace, love and solidarity among people, will remain alight forever! article by Angela Gouvatsos 14

15 www goyanz org nz A Greek visitors guide to Melbourne As soon as I arrived in Melbourne for study a few weeks ago, I was able to recognise which houses were Greek - well, at least some of them. This did not require any special degree of intuition, as I got here the day after Greece s soccer triumph - so the number of buildings featuring Greek flags on their windows and front doors definitely made me feel more at home! Surely those who haven t visited the capital of Victoria will have heard that it is a great place for lovers of arts and culture in general (not to mention shopping) and also has an inescapable Greek element due to its large Greek community. In the city centre, the Greek precinct is mainly situated on Lonsdale St. This is where the annual Antipodes Festival takes place and also where thousands of Greeks gathered recently to celebrate the soccer victory. If you ever happen to be in Melbourne and miss your mum s tiropita or spanakopita, International Cakes will offer you the real homemade thing. Of course there are various other Greek eateries on this street, not to mention - among other shops - newsagents and music stores where you can buy the latest newspapers and CDs from Greece. The Greek Hellenic Bookshop in Brunswick (not far from the CBD) also stocks a great variety of Greek books, DVDs and magazines, of both popular and more highbrow/educational varieties. Further out, you could say that the suburb of Oakleigh is to Melbourne what Miramar is to Wellington except that the former has even more Greeks! Brimming with Greek businesses of all kinds, in the last few years Oakleigh has developed into a place which definitely resembles a Greek village. There s not a gaidouraki in sight, but you ll see plenty of Greek signs on the main streets and hear plenty of the language spoken around you too. It s definitely worth a visit if you re interested in purchasing anything Greek, from bombonieres to icons to any kind of food you can imagine - in fact the markets and delicatessens there are a paradise for foodlovers. Even if shopping isn t at the top of your priority list, surely you will take pleasure in a meal at the new Orexi Souvlaki Bar or some coffee and dessert at Café Frappé just down the street. Also nearby and very popular with Greeks is Niko s Quality Cakes, a stylish café featuring an array of Greek and non-greek treats and screens playing Greek music clips. The upcoming Greek food and wine week is something to look forward to as well. It will take place from the 6 th to the 13 th of September, as part of the inaugural Melbourne Food and Wine Winter Festival. For more information on the various events that will be included (such as cooking classes and banquets at some of the city s finest Greek restaurants) visit One website that will inform you of Greek nights in Australia and other news is whereas the online version of the Greek Australian newspaper Neos Kosmos (http:// will keep you up-to-date with reports from Greece and Australia; it also includes listings of many Greek venues in Melbourne and plays, concerts and other events. Likewise contains information on all aspects of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria. Finally, a search on the very comprehensive will help you locate Greek spots in all major Australian cities. After all, I haven t provided a totally definitive directory of the numerous Greek places spread across Melbourne - I ll try hard to work my way through the list in my free time within the next few months! By Meropi Kafakis GREEK COMMUNITY GREEK SCHOOL DAY TRIP Saturday 14 August, pm Visit Te Papa plus other activities Call Costa

16 www goyanz org nz Capital Greeks support Paralympians New Zealand s team to September s Paralympics in Athens will take with it some extra encouragement from Wellington s Greek community a medallion of a Hellenic flame. The medallion was presented to Paralympics chef de mission Cathy Hemsworth yesterday by Greek community president Stella Bares and the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of New Zealand Joseph Harkliolakis. Designer Angelo Giannoutsos said the medallion depicted an olive tree and a fern coming together to form a flame that represents the enduring friendship formed between New Zealand and Greece in the struggle against tyranny. It is mounted in a Hellenic torch a symbol of Greece, both ancient and modern. Ms Hemsworth said the medallion would form part of a special wreath to be placed on Greece s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at a service before the start of the Paralympics. New Zealand will be sending 37 athletes and 25 support staff to the Games, which will use the same venues and village as next month s Olympics. The New Zealand team at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney returned with 18 medals, nine of them gold. Ms Hemsworth said the 2004 team was capable of doing just as well. Wellington middle-distance runner Tim Prendergast, who won two silvers in Sydney, is hoping for better at Athens. Gold is definitely the aim. He has been running 100 kilometres a week in training and spending an hour a day in a heat chamber to help him get accustomed to temperatures expected to average more than 30 degrees Celsius in Athens. Keeping motivated while training in the cold has sometimes been a problem. On a couple of days at Newtown Park there was just me and a magpie cackling away. Designer, Angelo Giannoutsos with The Hellenic Flame The Honourable Trevor Mallard, Minister for Sport Next week Mr Prendergast, who has just 5 per cent of normal vision will give up his job as a recreation adviser for the Blind Foundation so he can train fulltime for his specialist events the 800 and 1500 metres. This year New Zealand s Paralympic Team will be taking with them some extra encouragement from the Greek Community The Hellenic Flame to the September Games in Athens. The gift was presented to the Paralympics chef de mission Cathy Hemsworth on the 28 July by Greek community president Stella Bares and the Arch Bishop Joseph Harkliolakis at the Cultural Hall in Hania Street. Designer Angelo Giannoutsos said the symbolic gift depicts an olive branch and a fern leaf coming together to form the flame that represent the enduring friendships forged between New Zealand and Greece in the struggle against tyranny. The Hellenic torch carries with it the Greek key design which represents the Hellenic world, both ancient and modern. Below, the koru pattern represents Aotearoa/New Zealand and together they symbolise the harmony of all the members of the Hellenic communities and the people of this nation. The Hellenic Flame is an enduring symbol that dates back to the ancient Hellenic era when, at Olympia, the flame was lit at the start of the Olympic Games using the rays of the sun. The sacred are burned in the shrine of Zeus throughout the duration of the Games. The Hellenic Flame is thought to be related to the myth of Prometheus, who gave are, which once belonged exclusively to the gods then to mankind. Thus, the sacred are represents humanity s liberation, intelligence, strength and innocence. With this symbol of support we, the Hellenic Community of New Zealand, offer to the New Zealand Paralympic Team our best wishes and trust that each member of the team will excel in the spirit of Olympism in the great and ancient city of Athens. Greek Community President, Stella Bares, delivers her speech to guests Archbishop Joseph Harkiolakis and Father George give their blessings to the NZ Paralympic Team. 16

17 www goyanz org nz GREEK COMMUNITY OF WELLINGTON ANS SUBURBS INC A Newsletter from the Management Committee Another two months have come and gone and the Athens 2000 Olympic Games are only a few days away. We send Greece our heartfelt wishes for a successful and peaceful Games played in the spirit of the vision of its modern day founder Pierre de Coubertain. The Paralympic Medallion The Hellenic Flame a bronze medallion, designed by Angelo Giannoutsos, was gifted to the New Zealand Paralympic Team recently in a moving ceremony at the Greek Cultural Centre. The medallion was accepted on behalf of the team by Chef-de-Mission Cathy Hemsworth. The Management Committee hosted an afternoon tea for about fifty guests including His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph, the Honourable Trevor Mallard, Minister for Sport, representatives of the Greek Embassy, two paralympians who will be competing in Greece and members of the Greek Community. The medallion will be incorporated in a wreath which will be laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens and will then return to New Zealand with the team and be placed in the Paralympic Museum in Christchurch. We look forward to the games and wish the Paralympic team every success. Patritha Several donations have been received for the sculpture Patritha which went to Greece for the Olympic Games but still not enough money has been received to cover our costs. To the communities, associations and brotherhoods who have yet to donate, please table our petition at your next meeting. We would gratefully accept any donation, large or small. This was a gift from all Greeks and Communities and Somatia in New Zealand. Individuals are also invited to donate. Subscriptions Subscriptions for the 2004/05 year are now due. Parthenon Hall The Parthenon Function Centre is getting a good clean out something which hasn t been done for many, many years. Equipment which is outdated, old and in many cases not working or not able to be repaired has been either dumped or sold. The committee has spent two weeks cleaning and taking inventory of all the chattels that are left in the hall. To date we have not leased the Parthenon but we do have an interested party. 22 Pirie St The end two car parks in front of the Cultural Centre are for the tenants use. Please do not park in these spaces nor block their entrance and exit into the car park at any time. Our tenants are unable to get in and out during church services. Austin St The house at 126 Austin St has now been sold. Although we no longer have the rental income from this property, we also are not incurring costs associated with an ageing dwelling which had been ill maintained for several years. School The last few weeks of the second term were spent preparing an exhibition piece for Inspiration Station at Te Papa by our school children. They have done a magnificent job. The exhibition ends at the end of September when hopefully the community will display it in the Community Centre. This term the pupils of the pre-school and primary school have been invited on a school trip on the 14 th August. It will include being bussed to a special lunch in Tawa and then on to Te Papa to view their art work at Inspiration Station. Please book your and your childrens seat on the bus through the school. Enrolments are coming in weekly for the preschool. The class is now starting to bulge. The teachers Dina and Ria are both absent this term so the School Committee members are taking the class. Thank you to the teachers and parents who volunteer their time in the classroom. Please don t forget the playgroup! Sessions are held on a Friday morning at the Odysseus Hall in Miramar. Attending playgroup really does make such a difference to their early education and is a good start to their pre-school and primary school years. Landscaping Several working bees have been held to complete the landscaping in the carpark. Landscaping was a condition of resource consent being granted for the building of the Cultural Centre and for the final code of compliance to be given. Olive and bay trees will be planted and under planted with rosemary within the next week. The committees grateful thanks go to all the people who worked so hard to make this possible. Parking As stated in the previous newsletters, members should feel free to park between the Church and the Parthenon and in the grounds of the Cultural Centre while attending Church Services. Please park with consideration to others. PLEASE NOTE The Cultural Centre car park has two designated car parks which must remain vacant 24 hours a day, every day, as these are for the Metropolitan and the Ambassador. Rutherford and Bond have entered into a lease with the Community to park their vehicles in the remaining spaces when there are no church services. 17

18 www goyanz org nz Greece - Champions of Europe Two Types of People: Confessions of a Wellington wog wannabe Anglo-Kiwi, Rose Baker, reports from a remote outpost of the Hellenic empire Today, more than ever, I find myself agreeing with the bride s father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when he asserts that there are only two types of people in this world: the Greeks and everybody else who wishes they were Greek! I m the latter, a sentiment I m sure I share with many right now, in the midst of Hellenic euphoria over Greece s monumental Euro Cup win. Setting: Club Appollon. On a Wellington winter morn, I m yelling Ellas, Ellas! with the best of them. Yep, Greeks rule, man! But I ve got a confession to make: I ve been a secret Hellenophile, a closet wog wannabe, most of my life, long before today s football glory Born into the wrong bloody culture, I was, mate! Although a xeno, I feel strangely at home, drawn to, and energised by these vibrant people, whose language is music to my ears. (Even when they re calling the opposing team a bunch of malakas!) I love Greek faces, food and music. Why could the Antipodes not have been colonized by these exuberant people? It s hard living in an Anglo society sometimes, sighs the man, who s introduced himself as Con, seated next to me. I know what you mean!, I sympathise, and I m an Anglo! Im impressed how New Zealanders and Australians of Greek descent manifest a passionate allegiance to a country to which many of them were not even born. I wish I could feel the same patriotism towards my own culture. I envy their sense of belonging. Especially today. We did it! To Greek music full blare, dancing on the bar spills out onto Adelaide Road, where passing cars honk as the blue and white is waved with vigour. I turn to an elderly, moustached gentleman in the crowd: How do you feel? (Silly question.) Very, very happy! My (well-meaning) Anglo mother was horrified when I told her where I was heading at this ungodly hour (catching the 5:12 from Tawa). I grew up in Wellington and now reside in Melbourne (which, as the world s third largest Greek city after Athena and Thessaloniki, suits me fine). I m in town for the annual pilgrimage back home, to touch base with my roots. Only this time, as well, I want to touch base with roots not remotely my own. Call it journalistic curiosity. Anyway, Mum s reaction was: You can t just barge in there! But barge in I did, albeit somewhat shyly. I d plucked up the courage to phone the Greek Association and tentively enquire where everybody was gathering for the game. Actually, umm, I m not even Greek, I apologise, upon arrival. But I needn t have worried. Doesn t matter everybody can come!, smiles the club president, extending me a big, fat Greek welcome and asking how I like my coffee. ( Glyko, parakalo.) I wonder if the Greeks were as warmly received when they first migrated to these shores? It s no secret Greeks, Italians and many others found the New Zealand and Australia of the 50s and 60 s to be morgue-like cultural and culinary deserts. Many locals were kind but prejudices also abounded. Wog kids were beaten up and taunted for their school lunch contents and the colour of their skin. Teachers insisted upon anglicising those unpronounceable names. Etc, etc. Well, I say, to all you Sotiris and Dimitris masquerading as Steves and Jims, today is the day to reclaim your name with Hellenic pride. For they are truly beautiful. Personally, I d like to be called Eleftheria. The more multisyllabic a mouthful the better. The fact that these names, along with my limited stock of Greek phrases, such as sas efxaristo para poli and pou ine to museo?, roll off my tongue with such ease, means I must have been Greek in a previous incarnation. My own parents spoke somewhat disparagingly of Greek migrants as those people who d buy up a whole street. They ve practically taken over the suburb of Mt Victoria!. They don t blend in, dear; not like the Dutch. Oh, and they made a lot of money and they all helped each other. Personally, I could never see the crime in that I ve always been a little unusual. Not your typical kiwi girl. For example: I used to follow little old ladies in black down Courtney Place, just so I could catch strains of their exotic language. Since young, I ve felt like a euro soul trapped in an anglo body. At twenty-something, I developed a secret, unrequited crush on Nick, a dark-eyed, medallionwearing Adonis, with leather trousers and shiny sports car both black. My passion remained unexpressed as he also happened to have an absolute koukla of a Greek fiancée Funny thing is, here he is today, all these years later, at Club Appollon, a little older but still lookin good, celebrating Greece s glory with his wife and kids. I led a hellenically-deprived childhood in tedious Tawa. Raised a meat-and-three-veg. girl, I tragically never clapped eyes on an eggplant, didn t know my melinzanosalata from my moussaka, and the only olive oil in our house was a tiny bottle of rancid, yellow liquid lurking in the bathroom cupboard, for medicinal purposes only, certainly not something that would make it s way to the dining table. Then there were a couple of Greek girls at university, who fascinated me. I wanted what they had. From the fish and chip shop to the lecture hall, they managed to look stunning and like they were off to a nightclub. Hair and nails immaculate. Dripping gold and black leather. They made an effort. Made the most of themselves, exuding a self-pride. In my upbringing it was considered vain and bimbo-like to pay too much attention to your appearance. But these euro girls made me start to see myself and fellow Anglos as positively feral in comparison. Unplucked, unwaxed, uncoordinated. I vowed to transform. It s gotta be something in the blood cos I swear you Greek girls are just born with perfect manicures and hairstyles. I try my hardest to emulate you but still fall short. Talk about integration in reverse. I long to be accepted by you, hang with you and the ultimate be invited home for tea and have your yiayia impart to me her special way of making galactoboureko. These days, they tell me I look European, asking, where are you from?. I glow with pride; I ve made it. But then I m embarrassed to admit my surname is the boring, bisyllabic Baker - as anglo as you can get. (Is there a Mr Karapanaggiotidis out there somewhere who d like to change all that?) Back to the soccer. I m mesmerised as the crowd starts to filter in. The first of the females to enter is incensed at the Reserved signage on some of the seating: whose bloody club is this?. Her partner s complaint is What s with this no smoking? Kafe and toasted sandwiches are dispensed. Voula on her cell phone instructs John to stop at the shop on your way here and pick up the flags. Kids, probably third-generation NZ Greeks, have their faces stained blue and white. Some men are suited up, clearly off to the office after the match. Smiles, hugs, lots of kalimera! yasou! ti kanis? The atmosphere is electric. I stand reverently for the Greek national anthem. Hope no one notices I don t know the words Game over. Shedding tears of happiness for my Greek friends. And of sadness for the fact that I have no Hellenic blood coursing through my veins. I m excitedly texting my Greek mates in Melbourne. Ellas, I m rapt for you; I share your joy. Now, just find me a Nice Greek Boy (complete with Greek mother and yia-yia to pass on all those recipes and wisdom) and my little anglo-skippy heart will be happier still. I briefly contemplate staying to party all day, dancing like Zorba, feasting and drinking. But I decide to slip away quietly. This day belongs to you. I m honoured you let me share some of your glory with you but now it s time I went home. Olé, olé, olé, olé, Ellas, Ellas.., this is Eleftheria Karapanaggiotidis signing off. 18

19 www goyanz org nz European Champions by Steve Samaras The underdogs have done it. The Greek soccer team will never be underestimated again. It was an absolute miracle. European Champion, thanks to Angelos Charisteas s 57 th -minute goal against Portugal, sent Greek fans across the globe into a week long of celebrations. It was like celebrating Easter, Christmas and New Years all at once. With hard work and a Greek soul, a dream has come true, said Stylianos Giannakopoulos. Future generations of Greek players will never again be allowed to have such low expectations. Captain Theodoros Zagorakis was named as the JVC UEFA EURO 2004 Player of the tournament. The presentation of the trophy will be arranged around the UEFA Football Gala in Monaco on 26 August, which is also the start of the new European season. Midfielder player Zagorakis, was as inspiration figure in Greece s astonishing march to the European title. UEFA s technical study group has given fulsome praise to Otto Rehhagel, the German coach who has guided Greece to a remarkable European title. UEFA technical director Andy Roxburgh said that Rehhagel had done a fantastic job in taking an unsung group of players and turning them into conquerors at UEFA EURO 2004 in Portugal. With the help of God and hard work, I hope that the Greek National team qualify for the FIFA World Cup and continue their success. TOP 5 Players for Greece first championship since 1986/87, Giannakopoulos and co delivered in emphatic style, winning seven titles in succession prior to the player s departure to Bolton Wanderers FC on a three-year contract in summer Giannakopoulos s influence in Athens was never more keenly felt than during his final season, when he scored a personal best 15 goals and was named the Greek Footballer of the Year. He also struck what many regarded as the goal of the tournament against FC Porto in the 1998/99 UEFA Champions League. Antonios Nikopolidis Date of birth: Current Club: Olympiacos CFP Position: Goalkeeper Born in 1971, it took six years for Nikopolidis to reach the first team at Panathanaikos after his move from third division side Anagennisi Arta as an 18-year old in Since his debut in 1995, however, he has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable goalkeepers in Greek football. He played five games as the Greens won the championship in 1994/95 and three as they retained it the following year. Although Olympiacos CFP have since monopolised the Alpha Ethniki, Nikopolidis has performed with distinction, helping the club reach the 2001/ 02 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Nikopolidis then missed just two league matches to help Panathinaikos achieve the best defensive record in Greece, although Olympiacos again reigned supreme. Stylianos Giannakopoulos Date of birth: Current Club: Bolton Wanderers FC Position: Right midfielder, Left midfielder His debut season in professional football in 1992/93 was a personal triumph - Giannakopoulos scored six times in 32 games - but disappointing for his club, Ethnikos Asteras FC, who narrowly missed out on promotion from the third division south. He then moved on to Paniliakos FC and enjoyed three wonderful seasons which included two promotions and a campaign of consolidation in the top flight. Signed by Olympiacos CFP as they sought a In 2003/04 season, he enjoyed a solid first season in the Premiership, scoring twice in 31 games. Giannakopoulos also appeared as a late substitute in the League Cup final which Bolton lost 2-1 to Middlesbrough FC. Giorgios Karagounis Date of birth: Current Club: FC Internazionale Position: Central midfielder He joined Panathinaikos FC as a youngster but was allowed to leave for Apollon Smirnis FC, where he a regular scorer over two seasons before returning to the Athens club. He scored six times in 24 Alpha Ethniki games in his first season back with the Greens and in 2000/01 he appeared in all 12 of Panathanaikos UEFA Champions League games, scoring a memorable goal from a direct free-kick against Manchester United FC at Old Trafford. After Panathinaikos missed out on the Greek championship to Olympiacos CFP by virtue of an inferior head-to-head record in 2003, Karagounis opted for a move to FC Internazionale in summer Theodoros Zagorakis Date of birth: Current Club: AEK Athens FC Position: Central midfielder After beginning his career with FC Kavala - for whom he scored six goals in 114 league matches - Zagorakis moved to FC PAOK Thessaloniki during the 1992/93 season. Zagorakis was a firm favourite with supporters at PAOK. He rarely missed a league fixture and often chipped in with important goals, particularly in 1994/95 when he struck four, his best-ever tally. From there Zagorakis joined Premiership outfit Leicester City FC for a 1.2m fee. Club and player enjoyed an impressively long stay in the English top flight and claimed the League Cup in 1998 and Signed for AEK Athens FC in the summer of Zagorakis took part in all AEK s 26 league games in the 2001/02 season and no team-mate could make the same claim. He also scored three goals in their eight UEFA Cup games, including one in the San Siro stadium against Internazionale FC. The following term was another season of near misses for AEK, who were unbeaten in Europe yet still eliminated at the first hurdle. Amidst AEK s financial turmoil, the Greece captain continued to be as dependable as ever, missing just three Alpha Ethniki matches. Angelos Charisteas Date of birth: Current Club: SV Werder Bremen Position: Forward It was during his first stint at FC Aris Thessaloniki following a move from non-league Strimonikos Serron that Charisteas proved he was one for the future, scoring twice in nine matches as the northern club won the Greek second division in May The striker subsequently made 12 appearances in the Alpha Ethniki - six as a substitute - before spending time on loan at Athinaikos FC in the 1998/99 season. In 1999 he returned to Aris and made his European debut in a UEFA Cup defeat by RC Celta de Vigo at the age of 19. Charisteas was continually developing and in 2000/01 scored seven goals, his best return in Aris colours. Having been watched by scouts from a number of Europe s leading sides, Charisteas opted join his national coach Otto Rehhagel s former club SV Werder Bremen on a four-year contract in June The 3m fee also made the Greek the most expensive signing in Bremen history and he scored nine goals as the Weserstadion side finished sixth. 19

20 PORTOGALIA - ELLADA 1-2 Karagkounhõ (7 ) PORTOGALIA - ELLADA 1-2 Mpasinaõ (51 penalti) ELLADA - ISPANIA 1-1 Caristeaõ (66 ) RWSIA - ELLADA 2-1 Bruzaõ (43 ) GALLIA - ELLADA 0-1 Caristeaõ (65 ) ELLADA - TSECIA 1-0 Dellaõ (105 ) Greece Champions of Europe PORTOGALIA - ELLADA 0-1 Caristeaõ (57 )