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1 MEDICAL #flushyourmeds BY SCOTT A. BARRY

2 Medical #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry Same BS today, family argues over car, then other anon decides to punch holes in the wall, break a door, then shatter a bunch of picture frames with glass on floor. ; Exposing the Medical Establishment aka Freemasonry has Corrupted Healthcare and implemented Big Pharma Drugs What you hear online is child molestations by cops who visit freemason lodges to do satanic rituals. I am sure every other church catholic even is just as corrupt. Karly Noel Franz. ; If you look that one up you can see for yourself The Freemasons Cops do all the Gang Stalking and Organized Stalking of random people on Patriot Act WL aka it is known as COINTELPRO TWO Point Zero and works Amazingly well When the government body jacks people their eyeballs turn pitch black, doing sun gazing, demon possession? Some of my family members this happens. That's what you were saying yesterday. True. I've heard stories about fake caseworkers with black eyes. It's also mkultra. Mind control. Remember Bill Clinton. He was a puppet. Monica Delivers The Pizza... The secret ingredient is Arby's Ketchup. That was mentioned at comet ping pong. The Pedo Place. Then There was Podesta and scandals. The remote viewer Dick Algire predicted the comet ping pong pizzagate scandal. Maria Farmer interviews Whitney Webb. Karly Noel Franz Freemasonry Pedophilia. Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory Katy Dylan Groves. Underground base in central texas. Snuff IND. The Bohemian Club Weaving Spiders Come Not Here. Rabbi Finkelstein Tells All. Rabbi Tells All. Ovadia Yosef The only purpose is to serve Jews. Holocaust Denial Laws in Sixteen Countries. The medical establishment is so corrupt they produce or collect child p*** and get away with it. Especially child psychiatrists and psychologists. Both Psychiatry and Psychology are politically ran Quackery, Also children go to indefinate human trafficking boot camps instead of being discharged to thmeir parents this happened

3 especially in the eightys during mkultra of the CIA pretty much man. they never get away with it though. it's black magic it always bounces back aka Freemasons who are corrupt traffick steriods use meth are to blame. True. it is a rigid reality we live in brother. /dev/con/con/ on Windows 95. Winkey R. Con is a reserved System driver. BSOD. Windows93 dot net is an HTML Operating System. That too. It has ROM Emulators Doom. Other Silly Things It has the dark web to browse Secret Websites Running Tails OS or Linux online would be an idea also. Online Virtual Machines aka servers are faster They had oses from the eightys that I did not know even existed. Unixes I've never heard of. Maybe Haiku and that's it. Also the NES can still run a Unix Like OS. Back then it was all monopoly and ten other cpus and oses. In Notepad Microsoft it changes "bushhidthefacts" to Squares. I played a lot of doom man. Bush really did hide the facts notepad gives you squares in some windows versions. 22/7. All these emulators and virual machines are online. CLR. And the dirt is gone. The Military is experimenting on us with black mold it is very sick what they are doing to us. My water shows 30 PPM others are better so I don't know what is good. You can still get water from the air. And primary wells away from bad environment. Distillation also. Then of course electicity has the ability to generate water, there is a patent for that one also. Also can generate fire as well. " "slitaz linux" "" Slitaz Linux was the only OS that could run in The Virtual Machine In comparison every unix-like or microkernel OS is very buggy, Linux being the only good one, BSD being in second place, that is it Nomad and Ghost BSD seem bloated and need an SSD just to run right. ; Also Linux just works with ext4 and Luks so it works for stuff In Virtualbox-iso-tar... : ("lubuntu desktop-i386.iso") Only works with 3D acceleration off ("Ublock Origin-P Badger")

4 ("lubuntu desktop-amd64.iso") Never use (".appimages") Power Manager ("Always on") Monitor ("1280*768") or greater... ; ("Ublock origin, P badger, Decentraleyes, Canvas blocker") Bare Minimum would be ("Ublock Origin - Privacy Badger") Cloned Mac Address ("R") or f0faba44f45a0140 with ("888844") DNS Tor Browser needs to be windowed not full screen. 64 bit now works. ; Live only 4096 base memory 4 MB Virtual Drive shared clipboard Thirtytwo MB of video memory, bidirectional drag drop clipboard Windows was never as buggy as other unix-like oses, Mac OS also was very buggy at times, so it is a matter of opinion I guess Remember Plan9 OS, that was terrible and buggy as well RAM 1024 GPU Mem 32 Proxy Yes aka need internet The Arch Linux One seems to work the best as tested Cloud based virtual machines partially suck but it is what it is It is mostly slow and unusable, Steganos Web Proxy, Brave Browser Could just run Slitaz or Puppy Linux in Virtualbox okay then > Fedora Console q=online+virtual+machine&t=ffab&ia=web --Scott Asshole Barry, The nonpartisan Holocaust Denier This is the first footer EOF of all of this dumb stupid drivel This is the second footer EOF of all of this dumb stupid drivel This is the third footer EOF of all of this dumb stupid drivel This is the fourth footer EOF of all of this dumb stupid drivel This is the fifth footer EOF of all of this dumb stupid drivel This is the sixth footer EOF of all of this dumb stupid drivel