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1 CHANGE #flushyourmeds BY SCOTT A. BARRY

2 CHANGE #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; Just today Voice To Skull kept harassing me saying that I am "wasting time" then I snapped, was very ticked off, was body jacked, I said : "Nobody would miss you if you blank...". They want to try to gaslight you to entrap you, to ruin your life, to split up your family, by doing this constant thing to you, Freemasons in the Government are doing this, the real demon is The Government Freemasons who ruin peoples lives for random reasons because they are on a terror WL, because of the Patriot Act and Columbine of Ninty Nine Four Two Zero... ; This is why they do this crap, they want to gaslight you, to get a reaction, to make you tick, then explode, so you end up entrapped and arrested, and your family only escalates the situation so it it is hard to function even in society, but you have to change the script and ignore any all of it... ; The Mossad Participated in Columbine, do not ever believe the crap on any search engine, it is all Jewish Zionist Controlled, only telepaths know. Only Remote Vieweres know the truth. They are Gaslighting TIS every day. The Freemasons are doing this. Corrupt Freemasons, Stalking, Harassing, Provoking TIS day to day basis, you must change the script and ignore their entrapment attempts at stalking and harassing you. They are gaslighing us daily Three Six Five. The Martians are also doing this. Change the script and ignore all of your perps, stop attacking them, that is what they want you to do, so they can then frame you and set you up. Stop putting your trust into the Jewish Freemasonic Zionist Controlled Internet, only telepathic people who do remote viewing actually know what is going on and they use online Virtual Machines, Archivers, The Dark Web, to do all their work, IPFS-Tor-Torrents-i2p, also we know TV and Radio is a Lie, but so is DuckDuckGo, Startpage or any other Search Engine, you gotta go to Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble, Archive, Permacc, Ugetube, Windows Ninety Three Dot Net ONLINEVM,

3 Online Virtual Machines are another, The Dark Web, because Ninety Percent of what is on DuckDuckGo is Zionist Jew Controlled Propaganda from Six Companies and those six companies are TV Radio. From being Targeted and Stalked by Freemasons as a TI I have learned you gotta ignore it and change the script, that is the best way to deal with it, these karens get triggered over words, they are Liberal Communists and we all know this, The Freemasons and Zionists and Martians Run Earth not the Goyim. Kyle Odom Pointed out the martians also, KMFTF is a Communist Liberal Band, again we need to wake up to this fact, The O9A would not approve of that music, you gotta ignore any and all stalking and harassment by Freemasons they know what makes people tick, they will try harder to gaslight you, the stalkers will then fail and you will be saying Voyeurism is a Mental Illness, Global Warming is a Hoax, Masks and Vaccines Do Not Work, you gotta realize this Stuff. KMFTF is a Liberal Democrat Communist Zionist Band that these Actors Listen to, also Columbine of 420 was done by Israeli Mossad Agents if you look at the actual Fourteen Gigabyte Footage. The Mossad is doing all of it and then justifying the taking of constitional rights, not just guns, but even censorship of speech, more people are moving platforms due to extreme Liberal Democrat Zionist Censorship, I am telling you know do not believe Google Searches, The Surface Web, Television, Radio, or any of those Jew Controlled Platforms, this is how they do their MKULTRA Mind Control, The Zionist Media Censors our Internet also and the rest of the internet aka The Dark Web, Those Online Virtual Machines, talks about everything else, what happens when we die, psychic ghosts, information on Freemasonry, Telepathy, Remote Vieiwng, Free Energy Patents, stuff that the Zionist Surface Web Internet does not allow. --Scott Asshole Barry, The Atheist Holocaust Denier... ; ALSO NOTE MY EYES TURNED BLACK WHEN I WAS BOD JACKED... ;