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1 OPTIMISM #flushyourmeds BY SCOTT A. BARRY


3 Optimism #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; The Three Hour Columbine HS Footage is Fourteen Gigabytes in Size and Three Hours Thirty Minutes Long and was not much... ; If you want to kill people, simply build a bomb and do it... ; Nothing on Earth is Worth it, F Natalism, F Society... ; The Optimistic Message : Oh it is just Organized Gang Stalking Ran by Freemasonic Government, ignore it, Telepathy, LOL... ; I am just on a Patriot Act Watch List, Voice to Skull, LOL... ; The Directed Energy Weapons are one thing, gonna die anyways... ; The Directed Energy Weapons, The Poisonous Psych Meds, LOL... ; image.jpg... ; image.jpg... ; ; ; The World of Wonders Snuff Murder Film would go with Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory and Mr Pickles Snuff Circus and would make a good Genre... ; files.catbox.moe/03fskf.mp3 ; files.catbox.moe/03fskf.mp3 ; We are always told this, if you want to kill yourself, no one will miss you, do it right, stick to conventional methods, all those things and then some, and of course your narcisstic family talks stuff about you and then some, but if you wanted to deal with it, you would say Oh, it is just gang stalking, it is just organized stalking ran by the Government for being put on a patriot act watch list, oh they are just liberal democrats, that is all they are, oh it is okay to be white, EF their politics and they are gay for stalking another man, oh I can ignore it, also subvocalizations, they are powerful, other people hear your subvocalizations you could literally play tones K and that that would get their attention if you played that in your head, also simple english words such as gang stalker perp same time exit entry cointelpro mkultra satanic ritual abuse all get their attention

4 if you subvocalize it, solfeggio numbers, the schumann resonance seven eight three one, zero nine five three six one four four seven all of these things aka subliminals are that of a Security role player again do not subvocalize passwords or personal info like SSN or EIN period, and lastly it is a powerful magic tool as others have telepathy and do remote viewing, not only is this stuff secret but talmudic jews and B'nai B'rith and Freemasons all censor the internet so the only option to get hidden info is The Dark Web tor i2p ipfs torrents freenet mesh nets virtual oses that run in the browsers peer2peer extensions that install in the browser some work for firefox if you just search PTHC for instance that would land you right in jail, because Child P*** is illegal well duh, I'm not gonna reccommend you abuse the dark web, I'm just saying it has p*** with little children, again just search critical stuff in The Dark Web such as Mossad GCHQ CIA FBI other stuff that is not found on today org permacc will be some where else or another telepathic person will tell you it in person, again Freemasons and Zionists censor our internet esp conventional google, so you have to go to other places to get real info, I noticed how much better it was to have your own port forwarded server than to use a Registrar that is censored by Secret Societies and Jews. I joined a secret society o9a years ago to get away from contracts and to become a dead hand to Deal with Uniform Commercial Code and The District of Columbia, so I did my initiation and got away from the system to an extent, I never had jury duty even, if that, I never see anything I am what is known as a Dead Hand, it is a good option... ; Brave, Tor Browser, I2P, Tails OS, should never ever be ran on a Windows or Mac System, you supposed to run your Operating System on RAM Disk when you go to the Dark Web, that is how it works, if you store steganography files on a regular hard drive you may end up with the police at your door, Cache Files are meant to be stored on RAM Disk not The Drive, it is called a Live Operating System, Some of them are Linux, Some are BSD, you can look that up, Another thing that really works well for dark web browsing is Archivers todayorgphvnis and permacc with Temp Mail... ; You have websites such as windows93 dot net that virualize another operating system in your browser, you could run tails or any OS this way and you would get the ip of the server the OS is on instead of your conventional public ip, if you typed

5 in what is my ip into google you would get an IP that is that of of the virtual machine server that you are accessing through your browser, you can try this with windows93 or running puppy linux bionic through the web browser in an online virtual machine you will see that it will give you the IP of the server and not your ISP IP, you can check for yourself and see for yourself... ; Just another way to do dark web browsing, also these virtaul operating systems that built as online websites have built in dark web services that already load tor and i2p links for doing whatever, ipfs even works on it also, then you have other peer2peer extensions that install in chrome or firefox that get you on websites that use another port number or internet protocol, that only work with network settings changed in the user manual and the browser extension that is peer2peer needs to be installed in the web browser to access these parts of the internet, so the dark web is not just tor, i2p, ipfs, it is ten, twenty or even fifty different browser extentions and softwares even peer2peer softwares that are available anywhere online, and Again if I just searched on acronym PTHC I would be breaking the law and getting child gang rape videos non stop also... ; If want to talk about bad child P*** is very very bad... ; So I have been thinking about these things there are literally virtual machines that run inside of Firefox all you have to do is upload an ISO File to the website, puppy linux will do, then it runs the whole entire OS when you log into the website and say load virtual machine as ISO, and you get a LIVE OS running on a virtual server in your web browser firefox and it literally can not be crazier than that, now if you go to a library, in the virtual machine type what is my ip, now do it in the regular web browser in second tab, you see the TWO IPS have two different server locations, one is in another state or country, the other is closest to the library, you can even have an entire file system of files stored in a virtual machine that runs on a library web browser, all you gotta do is log in with a username and password, back in the day, these services usually costed money to store data

6 such as an ISO file and Virtual Machine on the server, Linode can do this somewhat, I am talking other services that let you even host a server similar to linode, but you get graphics a GUI, a high frame rate for video and game, so you literally have all that and then some, windows93 is like a little dumb version of that, you can still upload jpegs gifs and videos to windows 93 from another library computer and watch them in your web browser if you know where the programs are, windows93 gives you a small tiny ram disk that erases itself and runs and HTML only OS, and then you can literally play an mpeg four by uploading it to the windows93 ram disk and it will play on the windows93 website there are ten or twenty other services like this some cost money that will even let you have a full OS with high frame rate and custom virtual GPU that you can acceess at any library, you just gotta look up these services, the free ones are anonymous, they give you a RAM DISK to work with that gets erased or files store in the browser cache, it is a service you can waste your time with also you could literally install Puppy Linux on an online virtual machine, note that I said online aka remote server that you log into with a username and password, then you boot the machine and the library OS gives you your local library IP, the virual machine gives you a different state or country if you type in what is my IP Address, you can waste a lot of time with this I discovered this rabbit hole in dar web browsing that works at any public library, I realize the homeless who have library priveledge figured out how to get their stuff at the library, again it is hard it is not easy, you have to go through all this, some people choose to own nothing and put their stuff on todayphvnisorg and permacc... ; A lot of my stuff is on Harvard Law Library and Library of Congress... ; The internet is limited in information in many ways and the rest of it usese either peer2peer or torrents or tor-i2p-ipfs... ;

7 Then you have the archivers webtodayorgphvnis and permacc... ; There are mysteries such as why do people spray paint dead kennedy logos all over the place in these random cities to mark them... ; Or the Monarch Butterfly for CIA Project Monarch or even of course those common Vulcan Plus Symbols, then of course joke hoaxes such as have you seen this man, which is really just a funny joke and I tell the Cestui Que Vie Dist of Columbia UCC to Shove That Warrant up your A** just as GGALLIN has said in his song along w F*** Authority... ; Lastly I would like to say, this life just is not worth it Natalism was a mistake of your Mother and Father, you get it now... ; I'm frustrated, because I failed at suicide and now I should realize Stick to conventional methods, and then it will work out correctly... ; --Scott Asshole Barry, The Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce... ; This is the First Footer EOF of this useless drivel of such a This is the Second Footer EOF of this useless drivel of such a This is the Third Footer EOF of this useless drivel of such a This is the Fourth Footer EOF of this useless drivel of such a This is the Fifth Footer EOF of this useless drivel of such a