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1 Training and Assessment Plan Qualification: FNS30317 CERTIFICATE 3 in ACCOUNTS ADMINISTRATION Unit Code and Name: Assessment 2 BSBITU304 PRODUCE SPREADSHEETS Performance Task

2 Assessment 2 Performance Tasks Instructions General Instructions This assessment task must be completed individually. These questions should be attempted after you have attended all classes for this unit. Answer each question below in writing. This is an open book assessment and you may use the offline/online catapult resource, the internet or other resources to form answers. If you do not understand a question, you may ask your trainer for assistance. This assessment must be your own work. You may not copy answers from any other person; and You may copy answers from a book or internet site and clearly reference the source in your evidence Except when asked to make a list, you must put answers into your own words. This assessment is worth 30% of the grade for the cluster. Successful completion of this Assessment To complete this assessment task, you must provide a satisfactory answer to each and every activity. Due Date 20 th of February 2024 Format This assessment is to be submitted in soft copy via to your trainer for assessment. (Do not print). You must advise your trainer/assessor which format you will use by Soft Copy Answers must be typed (word processed) into the spaces provided below. Each activity/questions must be numbered. Use a different font color for your answers Read and understand before attempting the questions. There may be two or three parts within a single question. Answer all parts to the questions in order to be awarded full marks. You must provide the soft-copy to your trainer/assessor before or by CoB on the due date above. Hard Copy NA

3 Candidate s name Qualification Code & Name: Assessment 2 Performance Tasks Task 1a S NYS Set up a workstation to meet ergonomic and health and safety standards. Task 1b S NYS Develop strategies for resource conservation in completing work activities. Task 1c S NYS Identify the data entry, storage, output, and presentation requirements for a spreadsheet.

4 Task 2 S NYS Plan a spreadsheet design ensuring: the design suits its purpose, audience, information requirements, enhances readability, and the design enhances the appearance the design meets the task requirements according to style and layout Task 3a S NYS 1. This project task requires you to complete practical tasks; practice each step to develop your skills. Submit to your trainer via when you have completed all tasks. Complete these tasks: 1. Plan, design and create a new workbook to reflect the batting average of a cricket team over a designated period in a series of 5 matches in Sheet Names of batsmen should be listed down in Column A. Come up with at least 15 fictitious names. 3. Give an appropriate title to your worksheet in row Validate cells in column B as a list to display the following positions; Pitcher, Bowler, Wicket Keeper, Batsman and Fielder. 5. Matches 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 headings should be in columns C, D, E, F and G respectively. Input run score for each player of each match. 6. Calculate the average, minimum and maximum runs for each match and each player. 7. Use Autofill wherever necessary. 8. Add footer with your name, date and filename. 9. Add a validation rule to the range containing the run scores not to accept any negative values. Accompany your rule with a customized error message. 10. Enter the heading Mini Games in column K. Use the logical IF function to determine Mini Games selection for players if the criteria

5 is for them to have an average test score run of more than 100 to be in the selection squad for the Mini Games. Output Yes if they meet the required benchmark, output a Null value instead if otherwise. 11. Rename the sheet as Cricket Series 12. Proofread and check for any spelling errors and save the workbook as Surname_Task3a_V0#. Task 3b S NYS 1. Open your project task workbook 2. Create a column chart and move it to a chart sheet showing the average, minimum and maximum for each player. 3. Apply a meaningful title to your chart and change the axis titles to Runs and Players respectively. 4. Move the chart to a chart sheet and rename it as Surname_Chart. 5. Update the file. Task 3c S NYS 1. Open the project task workbook. 2. Protect your workbook with a password. Use your surname (all in lower case) as password characters. 3. Update changes and a copy of your workbook to your trainer/assessor on provided.

6 Task 3d S NYS Access help topics to overcome problems with spreadsheet design or production by using manuals, user documentation and the online help function. You want to check some data and do not know much about validation. Search Excel help for checking data. Which help topic seems the best match? Results Overall performance Satisfactory Not Yet Satisfactory Feedback to Candidate Assessor s signature Candidate s signature Date