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1 Management #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; Say you have someone a LOLCOW who has a Psych History, and if that gets any worse, it becomes Management Issue, They also put activists and whistleblowers on this list, What happens to Management Issues in Society on Earth, They get their cerebrum smashed and they get killed by their own Government during a Mental Evaluation that is what happens, The many times I've been to a Mental Hospital I saw people getting their brains bashed and killed with a gun and mentally ill people got shot in the head during their mental evaluation, this would never make it to the press anyways as this is part of CIA MKULTRA and FBI COINTELPRO to get rid of the elderly especially as in the New World Order the elderly are no longer needed often times Mentally Ill elderly folks get their cerebrum smashed by The Government during their mental evaluation and The MKULTRA CIA Government calls it management issue, also I witnessed all the child p*** they made at these doctors offices where they D***** little girls with chop sticks for for some PTHC video to be shared on Peer2Peer Networks and these were trusted Government Doctors doing all of this P***, If you still think that MKULTRA of the CIA and COINTELPRO of the FBI is dead you are dead wrong, they still make Snuff Films and Child P*** at Doctors offices and Hospitals esp Psychiatric, also a lot of Psychiatrists are guilty of possessing Child P***, not only that whistleblowers are shut down in society by the Freemasons and Killed by our government during a psych evaluation where security can just smash your cerebrum with a gun and that never makes it to the press ever. Also there is still Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory, Mr Pickles Circus in central Texas Underground in Tunnel Ways Where Child P*** and Snuff Films are Directed for The Underground Snuff Film Industry Ran by our CIA as part of Project MKULTRA which still happens today, also, Karly Noel Franz exposed the Freemasonic Lodges for Doing Satanic P*** Rituals where they molest kids at Freemasonic Lodges, then you have Katy Dylan Groves exposing the Underground Snuff Film Industry, so you government is still corrupt and only there to stalk and harass you gang stalk you to get you to react and if

2 you do react you will be set up for entrapment and that is it... ; America is not a free country, it is still a British Crown Colony, A Corporation, A Dictatorship, A Despotic Monarchy, that is all. ; The Holocaust Never Happened, The Interview with Maria Farmer and Whitney Webb Exposed the Jewish Crime Network so did David Duke. Also there are still laws in Sixteen Countries on Holocaust Denial and that should tell you the blatant obvious Jewish Supremacy. ; The Eightys Psychiatry was basically Human Trafficking they would go to a boot camp instead of going back home to their parents and they would never get to meet their original birth parents ever again and their other parents would lie and say that their previous parents died in a plane crash, the most common story of these Freemasons. The Earth is not these Indoctrinating Government Run Public Schools told you it was, Hitler actually got Germany out of bank debt and that was his only real crime, if you believe the Prussian Victor Version of WWII History you are clearly just that a Brainwashed Lemming, not only is our brainwashing so deep, it all goes away when we die and become telepathic ghosts as the indoctrination is so deep we only figure it out in the afterlife when we become Telepathic Ghosts, Martians are censoring this Information, Martians Destroyed this earth and use wild humans as sex s***** as Kyle Odom said in his manifesto, also Martians started the GOD Myth, Christianity is just another Zionist Tool as Know More News Adam Green has told you in his videos and now it is an Anti White Agenda, you are demonized

3 all the time for simply being white and male, that is the way society is set up and the double standard starts when you realize Black on Black Gun Crimes are nine times more according to FBI Crime Statistics, also you family is not truly Conservative they are woke liberals and Narcissists, that is all they are, they could have easily gotten the COVID 19 Jab thinking it would benefit them LOL, that is just how they are it was only probability that told your family not to get the Jab, also just because someone sounds Conservative does not mean they are still woke, I can tell you that much, As for computers everything with Sudo and LUKS GELI Veracrypt Drive Encryption just works e.g. NomadGhostBSD, Arch Linux, Solaris, BeOS, all of those work and now your preps have to try harder to stalk harass and target you and have to take additional steps, also you do not care if they spy on you, because you realize they need to get a life instead of stalking people all day long and getting paid by the Government to do all the illegal stalking harassment and other malicious acts to the Target that they always do non stop and we know Freemasons and Government and Neighborhood Watch and Nextdoor Avalon and Liberal Democrats and The Sheriff's Department does all the stalking and Harassment, also one of your family members is a Fake Conservative who is gaslighting you every single day and you have to come to grips with that, Not only that, you have SSDs on Ext4 because they will destroy any HDD you have and not SSD, because SSDs have no moving parts, so the perps cannot get to SSDs only to HDDs, they did one black back job though where they put an HP SSD instead of a San Disk SSD into one of my laptops and they booted it to a BIOS thing that destroyed the real time clock on the computer thus rendering the Computer unusable aka dead bios means that you can no longer boot any Linux or Windows system on that device, they do these black back jobs then we will just get an Intel NUK or Dell Inspiron Blue so they cannot get to the drive

4 as easily to put a malicious SSD in the Device that corrupts the Voltages and BIOS rendering the computer unusable and unable to boot Windows or Linux or BSD that is BIOS Destruction, you gonna get a lot of that if you own multiple computers, they will physically destroy your BIOSes by take the original SSD replacing with and HP SSD with Sticky Note, Some Instructions, that was your sheriff's department going into your property with out a warrant or consent often refereed to by the Slang Term Organized Stalking or Gang Stalking on the Internet, and these people really know how to get into any lock, you may have to upgrade from Master to American or some other brand or just get the circular lock as these people are Perps being paid to illegally stalk and harass, not only that, these people have real problems, we let the lowest people in society do all the stalking and harassment and smear campaigns and these then normal people get if the ever react badly they get entrapped and their family maybe disowns them, not only that there are so many things in society such believe or go to hell, a lot of families have that policy that you must believe in it or go to hell and be disowned by your family over Pro Zionism vs Anti Zionism so it is a tool more or less of the Government to Micro and Macro Manage every person on Planet Earth also a planet Controlled by the Martians and Talmudic Jews Zionists aka One Percent aka Globalists who live in a Big Mansion in England Called the Rothschild Mansion and that is all I can say about that Period. ; --Scott A. Barry, passwd root, namp -Pn -O localhost, ext4ssdntfsfat32exfatluksgelinomadbsdarchlinux... ;