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1 STAFF #flushyourmeds BY SCOTT A. BARRY

2 Staff #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce... ; For the GhostNomadBSD use NTFS Exfat Fat32 with it to recover the Files on Another System for your Temporary System (UFS Sucks)... ; Martians Started The God Myth and Ghosts are the only Real... ; Now forget the staff oozing out of my face from Meth Use, let us look at Five Staffing Operating Systems and why you should use them to staff things, On the Bloaded List Kubuntu, Arco Linux, GhostBSD, NomadBSD, on the lightest list Puppy Linux Bionic. The two that I suggested are GhostBSD and NomadBSD because one They have limited essential drivers, are not linux, thus being more different to compromise, then the sixth one Lubuntu... ; So for this All of these have ("SUDO"), have good enough Security, are built for Staffing, a basic task for media processing... ; That will be it for that The Two BSDs NOMADBSD and GhostBSD and for that One Gigabyte Flash Drive you would have Puppy Linux... ; What I have noticed in society is everyone is a Truman, for Females they do Satanic Ritual Abuse aka P********* at Doctors Offices as these doctors have piles of child P*** in their offices and many folks know about this for both Male and F this Satanic Ritual is known as Cortisol Adjusting it replaces their soul with a Demon and This Demon becomes a Freemason and Sells out To The Man and Becomes a Brainwashed Truman instead of a Oneman, and the book of life only allows One Hundred Fourty Four Thousand Real Actual Onemans To the other side to escape this hell pergatory that was started up by Martians and Talmudic Zionist Jews who started the Holocaust Myth. Many have figured this out and that your schools lied to you about Hitler when all he ever really did was get Germany out of a Bank

3 Debt, also with Awakening it takes a very long time to Deprogram, you will have to know that America is Still a Corporation and a British Crown Colony that has no real true rights or freedoms so it will take an extremely long time to actually deprogram these Trumans are under Mind Control by The Martians and Freemasons and the Oneman are always going to be Gang Stalked Organized Stalked by these Freemasons and The Sheriff's Departments, once you are on a Government Watchlist you get put into Human Trafficking same goes with Group Homes, Psych Hospitals, IFB Homes, Anything Psychiatry Related, it is all Human Trafficking, you end up doing P*** Rituals with The Freemasons and make all this Child P*** with The Freemasons. It is not new, I was in it, we Sacrificed Child and Made Child P*** and distributed it on Peer2Peer Networks with PTHC in the titles, so none of it is new, All Freemasons do this, Freemasonry is a Cult, so So is The Talmud, Judiasm, and Zionism, the One Percent that controls Freemasonry, so all of this was exposed, so many psychiatrists today are actually P***s and we all know this, it is not new, and they accuse random people in the general public of crimes they did not commit as this is a tool to do smear campaigns and anyone in society will believe any rumor they are told without questioning the validitity of that rumor when we know the real criminals are actually you own corrupt governments that illegally stalk harass and target other normal people in society that happen to be on a Government Watchlist and have nothing to hide are only wrinting stuff and that's it, freedom of speech is just an illusion right, why do we always fight over