RAMBLE #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce...

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1 RAMBLE #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; Scott Alan Barry is an Atheist Holocaust Denier Dunce... ; The Crisis : Covid 19 was only a Flu, The Mask and Vaccine were useless and did not work, Fasting Cures Everything along with sleeping on The Floor to re-align the Spine, also you people are all Brainwashed by Televion and Jew School, so it does not matter anyways, Primary Water is Well Water, Water from the Biosphere is made with electricity, The Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline was intentionally shut down, The Banks are Failing Intentionally, Global Warming is not Man Made and Scientific Data has shown that to be the case, Mentall Illness is all made up politics and opinions and Psychiatry is Quackery, The Holocaust Did not happen because there are Laws in Sixteen Countries that ban speech... ; So deprogramming starts now and what can you do... ; Organized Stalking is ran by The Government, Freemasons, The Sheriff's Departments, Religious Cults, Neighborhood Watch, Nextdoor Avalon, Your Narcissitc Family, Brainwashed People, and gets referred to as Gang Stalking or Zersetzung always. ; Sure the closest thing to GOD is Schumann and The Vaccuum aka Energy from a Diode Antenna Ground and Coil... ; So Ghosts will materialize and talk to you and s***... ; They somehow have Telepathy when we do not as Humans... ; Picture a Crystal AM Radio There is Diode One a 1N4007 and Coil Antenna Ground 100 Ohm Resistor, Variable Capacitor, Joule Theif For More Audio. Now replace that Capacitor with a Defibulator Capacitor or Microwave Capacitor now you Got Energy From the Vaccuum or Schumann, now what, Look at a Solar Panel, The Cathode Side can be hooked to an antenna and Anode to Ground now you have Power from the Vaccuum Also, also a kernel powers the Solar Panel on the Cathode Side and runs the Solar Panel when the sun is not shining, also you have Thermalvoltaic, a tube on a Seventy Two panel some gas mixture, a Compressor and it gets power all hours of the day based on temperature changes, this technology is all shut down by Talmudic Jews, They control the Prussian Schools we go to, They fake up the Victor Version of WWII, They are known well from Rabbi Finkelsten Tells All, also The Talmudic Jews get the correct Ver of WWII in their private Kohen Jew Only Schools then join into B'nai B'rith of the ADL, so you see where the Indoctrination goes and Prussian Public School that taught you the Fake Holocaust which there are denail laws in Sixteen Countries so it

2 shows how fake it is, and Prussian Model was adoped by John D. Rockefeller, JP Morgan Chase, and Rothschild the Richest Banking Family on earth of Talmudic Freemason Jews who follow the Talmud, The Book of Globalism, also They have Trillions of Dollars, Live in a Mansion in England, Are simply Talmudic Jews that have all the money Period. And you are what, a Poor Person, a Non Jew, A Goyim, someone who cannot have Six Travel Passports when a Talmudic Jew Can, you see, it took me a while to figure that out too, because I was lost did not know and Alex Jones was a Lying Shill, Just Listen to David Duke or Adam Green Know More News Instead to get the Real info, not some huckster Freemason. Five Volt Shortcut Two Five Hundred Ohm Resistors One Nine Volt Battery, Three D CELLS, Three C Cells, Three AA, Three AAA, Two Coin Cells, DONE. Regular USB in a Computer Blows up an LED Kills it... ; Then put a blasting cap in that flash drive LOL... ; Antenna Shortcut One Hundred Ohm Resistor Connect to it to Replace when it gets hit. Diode Shortcut, 1N4007 and Microwave are are the Two Most Common Used Ones Ever. Capacitor Shortcut, Ultracapacitors for they are more Efficient than Batteries. Other is a Defibulator Capacitor, and lastly a Microwave Capacitor and any Random Ceramic Capacitor for less... ; For Shortwave Four Corner Antenna as this content has no regulations is like the Internet. Also Public Access and Fact Sheet Five Library Card. At the Library Webliberachat Kiwiirc Dalnt Jitsi... ; The Library has many opportunities for Loners... ; Webarchiveorg permacc archivetoday temp ... ; The Slinkey is kind of crappy but works, never use analogue on Shortwave, use Digital Period. Alex Jones Shortcut 4840 KHZ for Instant BS. Alcohol is my favorite beverage, F*** everything. F*** Natalism MKULTRA SRA CIA your children... ; F*** Earth, F*** Zionism, F*** The Talmud... ; Talmudic Jews Control the Earth Period... ; The Patent Office is Controlled By Jews... ; All Self Publishers Search Engines and Domain Nane Registrars are Jew Controlled use a Home Server. ; Holocaust is Hoax, Denial Laws show this... ; Andriod Shortcut, Degoogle it, No Linked. OS shortcut Use Arch Linux on LUKS SSD... ; Networking Shortcut Spoof Mac Addr 8888 DNS... ;

3 Other OS Kubuntu Lubuntu Puppy Linux Kali... ; Shortcut Battery, self pumping saline, paper as paper and carbon and graphene are supreior to Lithium that China blows up a phone in your pants. Electric Vehicles Hover Boards all exploding... ; Edison make an electric car that was more efficient. Compressed Air is also more efficient so is Hydrogen. You see there are Policies UCC, RCW Codes, Statues Legal, Codes, Ordinances, you must comply or die. We live under communism not freedom, our countries are all still British Crown Colony Corporations Period. We live under a Zersetzung Government, you are being spied on by District of Columbia Government Mafia, The Government was hijacked by Jewish Talmudic Law. You are a slave to the system. Look at those Lithium Ion Batteries now, they catch fire and explode LOL, and Paper, Carbon, Saline, Graphene, The Earth are All more efficien than that, shows you the matrix for what it is, Silicon Valley already built a self pumping battery, we already have cameras the size of a salt grain, every f***ing computer now is embedded and runs Linux LOL. You have a capacitive touch screen on your phone, no more buttons, you have to lock your new phone now with an alphanumeric password instead of a pin because mah Police and the Nineteen Eightyfour Truman Show Matrix. You literally get two motors in frot one an AC generator and you get more efficient power when hooked to a step up, that can run, anything in your house, but the EST does not want that patent to exist, it would be so easy to do, you see Nine Eleven Truthers Mossad OP Inside Job People in The United States Such as David Dukes Jew Supremacism got put on the Patriot Act List to Organized Gang Stalked LOL. ; No good ideas are made in this artificial economy, every crisis was man made by policies and policy makers who shut down oil pipelines intentionally, look up Primary Water and Trans Alaskan Oil Pipelines, also water can be extracted with Electricity but we still live in this matrix with a fake crisis and a fake Television Media that gaslights us with useless fear porn for Brainwashed Lemmings, you see prepardness is also good, but the crisis was man made by design by The Central Banking system which is ran by Talmudic Jews Period.

4 Hitler was not the bad guy, he god Germany out of a bank debt, he saved parts of Europe from Communist Infiltration, did not start WWII, did not start the Fake Holocaust, The Victor Version is All Lies... ; Also Martians used Christiany as another Zionist Jew Control tool and Started The God Myth, the closet thing we got is Schuman Resonances which make up the Ghosts and Spirits you see that talk to you at haunted location. The ghosts will tell you that they have Telepathy and will give you Secret Info on Remote Viewing something The Martians want to supress from Humans as written in The Kyle Odom Manifesto PDF, and also The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion is another thing they call a forgery to discredit it. Moreso you have stuff like Mass Jewish Supremacy in all Television Media, They all are known pedophiles with Dual Citizenship with Israel... ; They consider goys non jews not anything at all and so then Jews get unlimited Travel Passports and Goys do not have a passort or only Two Passports... ; This was mentioned in David Dukes Book Jewish Supremacism, also Know More News Adam Green, Brian Ruhe, Mark Collett, Alfred Schaefer, all good sources, so is Brother Nathanael Foundation, Jared Taylor, Martinez Perspective all Accurate. I've been deprogramming for so many years, just random stuff, being told by another ghost that Religion is a Cult and Humans become Telepathic Ghosts when they die and to keep this a secret form every human and martian on Earth... ; Keep everything secret about Remote Viewing and how it is done period period. To be a little Nazi Bigot and to destroy anyones life if they mention it in accordance to The Talmud and Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion to

5 Supress Ozone Therapy Seven Eight Three One Pulse Magnetic Fields, Negative Hydrogen Therapy, Fasting as a Therapy, Vitabin B Seventeen from Apricot Seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Lemongrass, Chaga Mushroom, Citrus Curing Cancer, Negive Resistor Powering something indefinately, all of this is to be supressed in Accordance to The Synogouge of Satan, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and Talmud, you see Overunity can never be a posibility or cures for cancer when you have Talmudic Rule over the Press, Self Publishers, Search Engines, Pattent Offices, it is as Despotic as Zionist Occupied Government will ever get and this is how it will always be, nothing will get better or improve for the better, the Symbolic Snake of Ouroboros will be achieved in Year Twenty Twenty Five and David of Israel will be the king of the World as Palestinians will be masacred and killed through mass Genocide making a new real estate deal for Israel, just as they stole Land from Iraq and Policy Makeres allowed for Mass Importation of Gold Look up Lindie England a known war criminal if not sure about that one, then think Policy Makers. Things also escalated During the Phoenix Program with the Bogus Fake Viet Nam PSYOP SAM war where led to CIA created Cults, MKULTRA Mind Control and Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophilia at Psychiatric Institutions and Freemasonic Lodges... ; When you take your child to an IFB or Group Home you are getting your child Trafficked, by Talmudic Jewish Pedophiles who do not care about your children, Jews Control The Press. --Scott Alan Barry, passwd root, nmap -Pn -O localhost ext4ssdntfsfat32luks ("8888") DNS... ; This is the First Footer EOF of all of this Pathetic Useles This is the Second Footer EOF of all of this Pathetic Useles This is the Third Footer EOF of all of this Pathetic Useles