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1 WATCHLIST #flushyourmeds BY SCOTT A. BARRY

2 WATCHLIST #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; So a lot of Government Stalking is Tied to Narcissism and Two People that just put you in the COINTELPRO Program Zersetzung on a Patriot Act Watchlist to be Stalked Harassed by Sheriff's Departments and Freemasons who do it all and It's Ran by The Government Period... ; The Watchlist gets referred to as COINTELPRO MKULTRA Zersetzung, The Patriot Act, Stasis Decomposition, Oganized Stalking, Gang Stalking, Narcissism, Believe or Go To Hell, Monarch, Human Trafficking, Cults in General. You have your moms side of the Family and dads side of the Family and they both have Life Insurance and you do not have Insurance, all you have is Medicare or Medicaid that's it, they betted on getting you on a Patriot Act Watch List post Two Thousand COINTELPRO Program aka Zersetzung or Gang Stalking or The Truman Show, and The Live, or even Idiocracy is another name for it, and it's a bet to have Freemasons and Sheriff's Departments to locally Gang Stalk you and make your life a living hell, they get your family to disown you since most of society is brainwashed by Radio and Television and Hollywood Movies it really is Believe or Go to hell in that exact way, your family will gaslight you and if you react to the gaslighting they will force you into the mental health system, then psychiatrists will make up hearsay into you medical records and other patients seeing guardianship will go through perjury, some TIs go through this some do not, so what to expect is Voice To Skull pretending to be Telepathic Ghosts, Directed Energy Weapons, being remote viewed by Freemasons and Government, Dazzing, Sound Campaigns, and overall things that make it so you cannot sit still for even five minutes and focus on a simple book, you can no longer meditate, because you are being harassed all day, they are easy on some targets and let them sleep, on other targets they cook them with energy weapons causing them to be unable to sleep, some of us eventually crash and sleep right through the sound campaigns, Voice To Skull, Silent Spread Spectrum, etc, so it is not new, you noticed that NAMI of the Mental Health system has a Customer Complaint about Severe Abuse of

3 someone in the BBB customer Complaints on Better Business Bearough Website, that really tells you something about how The Mental Health system is Quackery and not based on any science unlike neurology which actually studies the brain. One of the big things I noticed is sound campaings, akathisia or restless from psychiatric drugs, also known as restless leg syndrome, literally if you take Nardil and MAOI like I just did in the ward, it will later on make you Manic as hell and crazy as hell, where you can no longer read a book, focus on anything or meditate for that matter, also the patients said meditation is for p****** when all of them were screaming loudly, in there for disturbing the piece and most of them were going from jail back to the funny farm, they want a population of nonstop criminals, The patients in there told me all about child pornography "PTHC" and other crap that I did not need to know, they were all criminals, getting other people to commit crime, they also put normal people with a bunch of Geriatrics just to experiment on the normal people in this Psychiatric System, I'm sure Eightys Psychiatry was much worse as they were doing abuse and human trafficking as those organizations were shut down and later featured on shows such as Sixty Minutes which exposes corruption and suff. Again it is today the same crap and Quackery, it is not a science and people in there are hit, molested, raped, and treated as less than human, esp minors and the elderly. Common Sense tells you Psychiatry is not a science and is Quackery, one there only prognosis tool is the Book Called The DSM and that is it, no actual equipment is used to measure any mental illness, mental illness is decided on by a Psychiatrist and that is it, that is why so many psychiatrists are above the law and commit perjury in court. So yeah, your family may have gaslight you into doing whatever and getting diagnosed by a psychiatrist, they get your family to disown you based on Two People reporting you on

4 either your moms side or dads side and when they do that you react and bad stuff happens. The goal to stay out of Gang Stalking is to not react, plead five, never react, they act like they are COPS and demand you talk or threaten you with force or violence or scream in your ears so loud you go deaf in that ear, that is the stuff they do to gaslight you into getting angry or initiating violence then getting arrested for doing so LOL... ; It's just pure gaslighting, that is what, Restless Leg Syndrome from Meds AKA Akathisia, and Directed Energy Weapons aka Dazzing, The Believe or Go TO HELL thing, the nonstop stalking, the remote viewing by Freemasons and Government, The Silent Spread Spectrum, The Voice To Skull is all and lastly the overall sound campaigns, they a machine that makes your ears ring really loud, then they turn off that machine then you stop hearing the hum at night or whatever, people are just brainwashed by Public School, Television, Radio, and Mainstream Sources are either Democrat Republican and have no critical thinking skills so they would gladly wear a mask and get Vaccinated for COVID Nineteen that is just how it is, it really is believe or go to hell, same with not accepting Global Warming Manmade, Nirvgorilla kept telling me Global Warming is Happening and man made, and my situation we have a fake conservative who is all greenie and believes Global Warming is man made, so that is the stuff these stalkers all do, they pretend to be something they are not, that is it LOL. Any of those Ghosts that talked to you and told you all of those things, some of that is Voice to Skull from The Government, that's why they say all of that crap, it is because you are black listed by The Government, The Term for it is called Zersetzung or Watchlisted. People who are watchlisted in their country are Stalked, Harassed, Mobbed, Experimented on Twenty Four Seven Three Six Five and that is what they want a reaction out of you, I asked if my family was gaslighting me, they denied it, then it was either Voice To Skull or just a family member gaslighting me so it could have been either of the two and who the heck cares

5 that is what I just realized, they only want you for your rent money, you are literally invisible now, if you die nobodies gonna care, you are literally worth nothing to society. When you realize that, that is all watchlisted really actually is. They get your whole family to disown you, they get you isolate away from all people, they get every local business you go to or frequent to turn on you and gaslight you, that is just the way it is, and everything you do in your life will have a bunch of screwery, and all you have to do is ignore it, because you know psychiatry is not a science is quackery is just a DSM not a Real Medcial Field, and all you will do is get used to it, bwall, bline your way from place to place, do your stuff and that is what it always was, you see now, no one cares about you, you only friends will tell you that your situation benefits no one and that you should just commit suicide, that is what they will say to you, you go to other TIs who are actors and fakes and all they will do is hold an eternal grudge over some superficial S*** and try to hack your by sending Javascript in the and you will continue to ignore the repeated s that go in the trash anyways that you keep filtering, also you keep going to your phone and blocking more stuff as spam, pretending to be Umpqua Bank a Bank account that you do not have, again your family does not have it in your best interest, your family is gaslighting you, telling you it's all in your head, they do this just for fun and ammusement, it is not new, you end up hating your other family members, you end up attacking them then being pushed in the Psychiatric System which is just a pseudoscience and quackery as we know now that they all put heasay and made up stuff in your medical records and commit perjury period. They escalated your stalking when you told Nirvgorilla that you thought the Mask and Vaccine for Covid Nineteen Did Not Work and was useless and that Global Warming was not Man Made, and the fake pretend conservatives in your family then turned against you, these people in your family are marxists who do understand the first amendment or Freedom of Speech and The Press or even that the Internet is The Press, so all they do is harass you with sound campaigns all day day long and they whatever METH

6 or whatever drug they take whether it's Meth or Speed or whatever they use that drug to do a second night shift and day shift to do nonstop sound campaings and harass you all day and all night as they always do LOL, and you have so noticed it, recording it is a waste of time, all you have is your family sreaming at each other non stop, the cops constantly come to house over a disturbance of the peace, then they blame that disturbance of the peace on YOU the Targeted Individual and you get accused of disturbing the peace, when they do sound campaigns all day and all night because they are tweakers and high on meth all the time and that is how they are able to stay for weeks or months on end without sleep and you the TI have to go through all that crap, so it really is believe or go to hell LOL. Like I've said many times before, Life Sucks, Then you Die, Then You're a Telepathic Ghost... ; --Scott A. Barry, nmap -Pn -O localhost passwd rootssd ext4ntfsfat32exfatiso9660luks ; This is the First Footer EOF of all of this Useless Drivel I have This is the Second Footer EOF of all of this Useless Drivel I have This is the Third Footer EOF of all of this Useless Drivel I have This is the Fourth Footer EOF of all of this Useless Drivel I have This is the Fifth Footer EOF of all of this Useless Drivel I have This is the Sixth Footer EOF of all of this Useless Drivel I have