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1 How To Grind Like Diddy

2 How To Grind Like Diddy Learn How To Sell Anything Anthony Frasier, James Lopez Built On Wax, Inc. New York, NY

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4 Dedicated to anyone trying to be filthy rich with a clean heart.

5 Contents Disclaimer Introduction The Experience The Legacy The Quality Make Everything Big Gratitude Inspire Laws Of Success aka Diddyisms About the Publisher vi v

6 vi - How To Grind Like Diddy Disclaimer Anthony Frasier, James Lopez, and Built On Wax, Inc. are in no way affiliated with Sean Diddy Combs or his entities. This is not a parody, it is a work inspired by one of our favorite people in the world and our own research. vi

7 Introduction Sean Combs aka Diddy was everything kids from any innercity neighborhood wanted to be: successful, having fun, driving the latest whips, and making hit records. Knowing how he became who he is today takes more than what you see on the outside. We had to dig in and see what else was making the gears turn. We always admired Diddy and the way he handled his business. Today he is the richest man in the Hip Hop entertainment industry with an estimated net worth of $550 million. A big part of his success is his ability to make himself a brand. Diddy has mastered the art of selling and can virtually place himself next to any product. We all have heard the popular quote be true to yourself when it comes to success. Diddy is one of the figures that provided many the visuals to what that quote means. Diddy is the same person wherever he goes. That may not play so well as he attempts his acting career, but in business it is his strongest asset. On reality shows, hosting gigs, behind the scenes clips, studio footage, interviews, marathon tracks, commercials and more. He never breaks out of a fictional character because it is real, he is being true to himself. So how do you hustle like Diddy? That s what this guide is all about. We wanted to explore how Diddy sells, then apply those lessons to our business. They say to be great, study greatness. We put together this short, straight to the point fluff free guide so you can grind and sell like Diddy. 1

8 2 - How To Grind Like Diddy Who is this guide for? This guide is for anyone looking for a beginners guide to selling. We wanted to create something Hip Hop lovers could relate to and bring a fresh perspective on how to be a great salesman. We intend for this guide to be a stepping stone for aspiring entrepreneurs, college kids, and the younger versions of ourselves. Most of all, this guide is for anyone looking for some entertainment. What will you learn from this guide? We consumed an immeasurable amount of interviews, books, and tweets to come up with the material for this guide. We hate books that are all theory and don t really teach or show us how to do anything. We set out to make sure there was something actionable and easy to execute in every chapter. We wrote this for ourselves and my friends as a reference to keep going back to, so hopefully you find it just as valuable as we do. This guide covers: Why experience matters with every product Using your history or other s to create compelling story lines Why the quality of your product matters Why everything you do needs to be a big deal Being thankful Using inspiration as a selling tool If it s one thing Diddy can do well, it s selling. We took some time out to watch the clip of when he appeared on Home Shopping Network (HSN) and sold out of his entire scent

9 Introduction - 3 collection in 15 minutes. He then went on to pretty much sell out of every other Sean John product he brought out that day. He didn t do much talking, in fact the host did much of the pitching the entire time. So how did he pull it off so well? We keep using this example throughout this quick guide to help drive home his qualities. If you have any questions or feedback you can always us at Join the mailing list for this book as well for updates and free resources:

10 The Experience When describing his products, Diddy spoke about his own interaction with them. When speaking about the cologne he gave away his secret tips on how to layer it just right. When he spoke about his robes, he explained how he likes to lounge around like the gents in the classic movies. He definitely made sure you understood these were items he was using himself. 6 Tips To Sell With A Story Like Diddy ( How important is experience? It s make or break. It s very hard to get my attention if you re a new music artist, or anyone s attention rather. So years ago when I used to browse the CD Baby website for interesting music, it was rare I would come across anything worthwhile. One indie rapper caught my attention, however; I don t remember his name but he had a video of himself using his product. It showed him taking his CD out of the plastic and putting it into his CD player in the car. The camera man would interview him about the records as the bass heavy music played in the background. It looked like a relaxing good ride and the music fit the mood. I wanted that feeling of cruising the neighborhood to these smooth beats for myself. So I bought the CD, despite not remembering who the rapper was, I was sold on the experience. Step 1: Don t list your features, live them! 4

11 The Experience - 5 Diddy places himself in the shoes of his customers, and talks about how he uses his own products. It s beyond influential. You should be doing the same with your products as well. You sell sneakers? Then show me how wearing your sneakers makes my life better. When Diddy described how he lounged around in his robe, he taught me how to use the Sean John robe. I had never used a robe in my entire life, but I knew how to use this particular robe if I ever bought it. He made it seem like the fabric on the item was a huge part in being comfortable. When you are selling your product and talking about your features, you have to assume the person you are selling to has no idea about it, much like how I had no idea how to enjoy a robe. For example: Don t just tell me your TV has built in DVR. Explain to me what DVR is and how I can enjoy it through an example or personal experience. Step 2: Know what your customers want! You can have the best example or use case about your product ever, and it still might not matter. Why? Because you failed to know what your customer cares about. What you are selling will not be for everyone, so the way you explain it should be specific. I ll use the television DVR example again to further explain. If you re in front of a bunch of NBA fans pitching your product, you need to tune your message to fit what they care about. So telling them you will never miss another episode of Game of Thrones again because you prerecorded it with your DVR product could fall flat. However, when you talk about how you can rewind live television to catch that Kobe Bryant dunk again, you re onto something.

12 6 - How To Grind Like Diddy One of the best ways to discover what your customers desire is to ask them questions. If you are your own customer, you can begin that process right now. Just answer this question: What do you care about? Step 3: Sprinkle in some street credibility! We don t question Diddy s ability to attract women and opportunities. He is successful and has plenty of money. So when he talks about how he layers his cologne, I listen hard. I want to smell like success. Who doesn t? This is important when we pitch our own products. Why should we listen to you? How long have you been around? How many positive reviews have you gotten? Did anyone important cosign you? Don t hesitate to name drop a little if possible. Don t go overboard, your mission is to make your customer confident in you, not think you re a cocky asshole. Even if you have a small bit of credibility, blow it up and make it seem large. That s a Diddy chapter we talk more about later in this guide. Take these steps and apply them today. You should now understand that you are not selling features, but you are selling an experience. A relevant experience that your customers care about.

13 The Legacy Not only was music his life, but fashion as well. There was a story that connected him to fashion even as a child. He told the story of helping his grandmother pick out designs and patterns. Diddy also spoke about how he used to follow his mother to photo shoots because she was a model. This made his Sean John brand not look like some quick flip venture you see so many celebrities do. There is a story attached, with some level of passion. - 6 Tips To Sell With A Story Like Diddy ( PjdPal) Sell with a story! That s what a mentor repeatedly told me when I was learning to pitch my startup. I had all the data in the world, but I wasn t communicating it the right way. Standing in front of people and talking about a bunch of numbers and bullet points on a presentation slide gets old very quick. I wasn t trying to bore investors, I wanted to sell my idea to them. I slowly but surely started to get it. I had to find the story behind the numbers. Make it compelling and informal at the same time. After my pitch, I got compliments from almost everyone in the room. I sold them on my idea, and got the meetings I was hoping for. I couldn t help but think to myself, what a powerful skill the art of storytelling is. It is no surprise its one of Diddy s best traits. 7

14 8 - How To Grind Like Diddy Hearing Diddy tell the story of his past as a child, helped him sell us on his passion for fashion. It was a cool story and kind of surprising to hear he had such a history behind his reason for starting Sean John. So how can you master the art of story telling? It s going to take a bit more than listening to Outkast. Step 1: Show some growth! A story doesn t start from the middle, or the end, it starts from the beginning. In other words, make sure you follow the same structure as any typical story. Think about it like a movie. The main character is an introvert who likes a girl in school, but is too scared to speak to her. During this movie, the character grows and becomes the cool kid and gets the girl at the end. Metaphorically, your product has to be the girl at the end of every story you tell. So make sure you show how you got to that point. From rags to riches. Step 2: Become a drama king! Every story should have a plot. The last thing you want to do is bore your customers. People love emotion and drama, so include that in any story you tell. Bring the emotions out of the customer. Tie them in by making them care. Step 3: Make them relate! I remember a stand up routine by comedian Chris Rock on drug commercials. He made fun of the way they name off symptoms until you feel like you can relate: Are you depressed? Are you lonely? Do your teeth hurt? Even, Do you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning? It s a

15 The Legacy - 9 funny joke because it s true. I often look at those commercials thinking how much I relate to those very happy looking sick people. The keyword is empathy. Make them feel what you re feeling. That s why it s important to know exactly who your customer is. We don t want to be like the drug company naming off thousands of symptoms until we connect with one. You should know exactly what symptoms and pain points your customer has. Its easy to come off empathetic when your message is hitting the right person. Step 4: Give a history lesson! Use a story from your actual past. Diddy used the memory of him following his mother and grandmother around as his foundation into the fashion world. His story was mostly an inspirational one. If you would like to showcase how life used to suck before things got better, then take that lane as well. You don t have to use your own story. It s okay to borrow from a friend or borrow from history. History is filled with good stories. If you can find one that is parallel to the message you re trying to get across, use it. Gone in 60 seconds! Using the qualities above will help you come up with a great way to communicate with your audience using stories or your personal history, like Diddy. I wanted to give an extra bonus and showcase how you can pitch what it is you re selling in 30 to 60 seconds. You can view that presentation online at: ZjZKtP

16 The Quality Diddy loves quality. He is the type of person who wouldn t stand behind something that would come off as cheap and unauthentic. The self proclaimed brand architect values everything in his products, including the materials used. In his appearance on HSN he was proud of something as small as the stitching on his Sean John robe. He bragged about the softness of his robes as if you couldn t get this anywhere else. What does that say to a customer? It demonstrates how much he values what he makes. I don t really see other brands going the extra mile on some of their smallest features. He was even showing appreciation for the packaging. If it is good enough for him, it is good enough for me. I m a big fan of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. He follows the mantra, make something people love and work like you give a damn. This is parallel to the way Diddy thinks. You give yourself an instant competitive edge the moment you decide to do more than just enough. No matter what it is you do, it always has to be something that makes your product just that much better for the customer. For Diddy, that s the presentation and the material. For Alexis, that s staying up all night writing thank you letters by hand to his first 100 customers. What will be yours? One of the best examples of this in Hip Hop is the independent record company Rhymesayers Entertainment. Rhymesayers doesn t believe in releasing regular CD s in boring jewel cases. They go the extra mile by creating a unique experience with the packaging. They released an album by Philadelphia 10

17 The Quality - 11 rapper Freeway titled The Stimulus Package. The album came inside of a makeshift wallet that had the CD inside one of the wallet pockets. Inside the main part of the wallet were dollar bills with Freeway s face on them and other hidden gems in the design. There were also extra items in the wallet CD case as well. If they go through all of that for an album release, they are already doing more than most major labels. I feel like I bought something extremely valuable from a group of people who give a damn. Making that extra push is a trait that Diddy lives by. Diddy also has the talent to communicate the quality and value he is creating as well. Here are a few ways you can go about showcasing the value in what you re selling. Step 1: Give social proof! Make sure you get people who used your product to give you a testimonial on it. When you create something great, you have to make sure there are people other than yourself that feel that way as well. If someone famous likes your product, make sure that is front and center on your website. Another way to showcase social proof is to showcase the love you are getting from the press Step 2: Know your features! You should know your product inside out. Just like how Diddy gets excited about the stitching in his robes, you should get excited about the smallest feature in your product. Show customers what makes you special and different.

18 Make Everything Big Diddy being on HSN was a big deal. Even if it wasn t he was going to make sure you believed it was. He tweeted how epic this night was going to be. He called his appearance historic, and I firmly believe he would have said that even if he didn t sell out in 15 minutes. Nothings too small. He made it all seem bigger than himself. - 6 Tips To Sell With A Story Like Diddy ( Diddy is a master at making a small thing bigger than life itself. While selling his products on HSN, he made sure to repeatedly tell you why having him on the show was a historic moment. He is the ultimate hype man for his own products, himself and the artists he manages. People always say that you re only as good as you make yourself seem, Diddy has no problem telling you that he is epic himself without over doing it. Step 1: Use your social capital! During his stint on HSN, the host made sure to tell the viewers that Diddy was a Grammy award winner and also an award winning fashion designer. Diddy also made sure to mention that he had a mother who was a model and that most of the artists he worked with were fashionable. He set the stage by telling folks that he was part of the fashion scene from an early age. He did this to make sure that the viewers knew that he 12

19 Make Everything Big - 13 knew what he was talking about. He dropped his credentials so people would not question him. You might call it bragging, but to a consumer, it s social proof. Highlighting your accomplishments and the people you have worked with can set you apart from the competition. Diddy did a great job of helping his consumers weed through the mass amount of products out there and so should you. Even if you have not worked with known customers or partnered with big brands, you should still let the world know that you have got work done. Imagine heading to a website that you never heard of and being presented with a buy now option. Chances are you will search for another site that at least has a few testimonials from happy customers. If you have a website for your product, grab a few testimonials from your customers and place it on the front page. Let people know that others are happy with your service. If it s a new business have some of your friends or people you have done work with provide testimonials for you. If you got press for your previous work, include that on your site also. Show that you can be trusted and more people will buy or work with you. Step 2: Tell people why they should buy! The best sales men will force you to let your guard down and buy from them. Diddy did a great job of this by telling you a story around the product he was selling. When he was on HSN he made sure to tell you that he made his Sean John robe because he wanted to feel like royalty. He emphasized the luxurious look, how comfortable the material felt and that you too could have a special robe that would make you feel like you were Diddy himself.

20 14 - How To Grind Like Diddy Hyping your product could work big time for your business. You want to make sure you tell people why they should purchase something from you or even do business with them. Think about a pair of Jordans. Jordans are stylish as hell but are they really going to make you play like Jordan himself? Nike sure would like you to think so. They have been hyping Jordans for the past decade and now people sleep on lines for days to get the newest pair. Is your product the best thing out there? If you believe it is then tell people why you believe that. Leave the guess work out of it; make sure they know exactly why they are buying it. Do you use organic materials or are the proceeds from your product going to help build a new school somewhere? Let them know. People don t buy products; they buy why the products were made. Tell them the story behind it and proceed to profits. Step 3: Bring on the hype! Diddy is the ultimate hype man! Before selling his product on HSN, he took to Twitter to let his millions of followers know that he was about to put it down. He let them know that history was about to be made. He let them know it was time for a Hip Hop mogul to take over a show and outsell his competition. His fans then went on to spread the message. HSN even had to cancel a second offering because the products sold out. Diddy does this with everything and he proves that this method works. No one will hype your product unless they know about it and are excited about it. When Diddy would throw his all-white parties he made sure to let the world know. Before social media, he would go to all the media outlets and radio stations to talk about it. Wherever he could talk about the party, he

21 Make Everything Big - 15 would. He would tell us, this is going to be the biggest party ever, you can t miss this. After a while we all started to believe that it was a big deal and the word of mouth would take off. Now, Diddy has folks that wouldn t even attend the party talking about it. He created such hype behind it that it became the talk of the country. As the promotional vehicles change in the digital world you can spread your message even quicker to a bigger audience. Diddy and some of the best business men out there have taken it to the digital platforms to hype their businesses or products for free. It is now easier than ever for someone to jump on Twitter and start promoting. By creating a buzz around your product you are increasing the chances of people seeing it. With more people seeing the hype, the chances of making a sale increase. Do like Diddy, believe in your product and tell the world why they should buy into it. Tell them why you are the right person to buy from, tell them your history in the market. You want people to buy into you or your company more than anything. By telling people why and how you are creating value, you are taking the guess work out of it while making it easier for them to support you.

22 Gratitude Diddy has always been thankful to God, hosts, his fans, networks, everyone. His very humble approach resonates with his audience, and they always feel good about buying from him. They don t feel like they are being sold to. Make no mistake Diddy takes plenty of pride in his work, but the amount of humility he shows over powers that. At least in public! - 6 Tips To Sell With A Story Like Diddy ( Growing up as a child I always remember my parents telling me always be thankful for what you have! They didn t just mean to give thanks during Thanksgiving or when Christmas came along. They wanted to make sure that I would show gratitude to everything and everyone around me. How many times have you showed support to a person or brand and have told yourself, they never said thank you, I m never supporting them again? This is a common occurrence considering we are all human. Showing gratitude is not difficult and can pay huge dividends in the long haul. Diddy takes the time to thank everyone as many times as possible. Step 1: Always be thankful! When Diddy wins an award he always starts off by thanking the man above then thanks his fans. By taking the time to thank God and the fans, Diddy is letting the world know that 16

23 Gratitude - 17 he is grateful for where he has been and is going. Nothing strikes closer to home than you showing the world that you are a normal person who has worked hard and got lucky. It shows humility, it shows that you are not gassed and it shows that you are thankful for where you are in life. You can create a product that is the best thing since sliced bread but the people will determine how much of it is sold. Take the time to thank them in order to let them know that you are grateful for the purchase. How many times have you gone to the store to cop something as small as a gallon of milk or something else? Now, how many times has the cashier actually thanked you? There is one store around my block that gets all of my business. They charge a bit more than the rest of the stores, but they make sure to thank me every single time I purchase something no matter how small of a purchase it is. The other stores drop my change on the counter like I should be blessed to have them in my life while talking on the phone. I hate that, and I know you hate that, so don t be that person! Sometimes all it takes is a genuine thank you to sell others. Next time you make a sale, take out the quick two seconds, smile and thank the person for the purchase. Watch their reaction, you might even catch them off-guard. Most of the time they will say you re welcome, or smile back at you. This will put the buyer at ease and could possibly lead to future sales. You might even have a customer for life. Step 2: Do something different! Diddy is a master at showing how grateful he is and does it in many different ways. Nothing is worse than the cocky seller who makes it seem like you as the customer are blessed to be copping from them. Think about the grocery store story earlier. By the cashier not saying thank you on multiple

24 18 - How To Grind Like Diddy occasions, I vowed never to buy again from them. You might say oh a simple thank you and I have a customer for life. Yes and no. A thank you goes a long way but the way you say it means even more. Things have changed like crazy since the Internet made selling and replying to customers easier. When you purchase something online, you usually receive a thank you . Sometimes the will have your name in it, but more often than not it won t. This same message is sent to everyone and I usually just delete it. It doesn t entice me enough to read it. So how do you change that? Hand written notes can be the answer. I purchased a snap back from a man named Jabari Johnson. I received the usual thanking me, which I archived away as a receipt. When I received my hat I found a note inside the box. It was hand written by Jabari and it simply said thank you for supporting the movement. An immediate smile came to me, I was happy to receive the note. It made me feel like I was appreciated. It also showed that he took the time to thank me in a different way. Guess what, I am going to buy another few hats from his team! Step 3: Make everyone part of the movement! Diddy as a brand has been one of the most recognizable movements in Hip Hop for the past 15 years. Since the shiny suit days people and even employees were screaming out Bad Boy for life and rocking Sean John to show that they were part of something big. Even on HSN you could see that he was selling to recruit more members to his tribe. It was like he was saying cop this robe and you are officially family.

25 Gratitude - 19 It is so easy now to make people feel apart of your movement. One quick way is to use social media. One example is the fitted I bought from Jabari. Whenever someone wears his hat and posts it on Instagram, Jabari will repost the picture to his followers. 40oz Van does the same thing but using Twitter. When someone tweets about his hats, he will retweet them to his followers. I bet you people tweet things to him just to have him retweet it. They just want to be part of the family. Another good way to promote the movement is through discount codes. Karmaloop does a great job with this. They will assign you a discount code so you can spread it to your friends. You get them a discount and you get yourself one. This is a genius way to get people excited to promote your movement to their friends while thanking them for being down with the cause. The grateful man is a humble man, people love to support the humble person. The cocky person can still be successful but the humble man will forever trump him in sales and relationships because others will want to help them succeed. Take the time to thank everyone that supports you, thank them in ways they would not expect, make them part of the movement in a humble way and watch the sales soar!

26 Inspire While surrounded by a stage filled with Sean John products, Diddy left the audience with some words of wisdom. His message of work hard one day and be like me was loud and clear. He looked like success and wanted to make sure that everyone knew they too could be like Diddy. - 6 Tips To Sell With A Story Like Diddy ( Diddy is not only one of the most successful businessmen in Hip Hop, he also serves as an inspiration to us all. We all look at Diddy and say I want to create value and make money like him. He has served as an unofficial mentor to many of us as we pursue greatness. At the HSN event Diddy left us with a few words to inspire us, all we had to do was listen. He said things like, anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. He also stated, work hard, I am a work in progress. Many people believed that once he hit the half a billion mark in regards to his net worth, that he had made it. Diddy is telling us that no he s still working on being the best man possible. This is what we all should strive for, we should strive to be the best me. That is what success really means and should inspire us all. Step 1: Who was I before this? Diddy did a great job telling us where he came from. On the HSN show he told us that he didn t even know he would be this successful. He took us back to the beginning with his love of music and dancing around the house. He walked us through 20

27 Inspire - 21 the moments when he started working on patterns with his grandma and how he would accompany his mother, a model, to fashion shoots and how this inspired him to be part of the music and fashion world. He gave the viewers insights to his early life. In order to inspire people, you must get your message out there. With the internet this has gotten easier and easier. Whenever I am feeling down and out I look at Hip Hop interviews that cover how someone is getting business done. By hearing their stories of the come up, I am quickly motivated to perform. It shows me that most of the time they started from zero. Due to this I can always tell myself, if they made it so can I. As an entrepreneur, you must craft your story with the notion of inspiring others. People love to learn and get inspired by thought leaders and the movers and shakers. Start thinking about your come up and how you could tell that story to inspire others to boss up. Think about the hard times and how you made it through. Show people that they too can make it through the trials and tribulations. They will respect your hustle even more and will want to work with you even more. Diddy makes sure to let you know that it can be done and that you should try to get it. Step 2: Share that knowledge! Usually when Diddy is asked about his come up, he tends to answer by stating that he worked hard. In his interviews he always tells people that he had a dream but he never knew exactly where the dream would take him. All he knew was that he was going to work hard to become a successful person

28 22 - How To Grind Like Diddy even if he did not know what success would look like in the long haul. He loves to give tips on how he made it this far and how you could apply that to your life. When you share knowledge, you not only show people that you know what you re talking about, but you also inspire people. People are always looking for a shortcut. They tend to look for people that are moving at a quicker pace than them to learn from while also being inspired. By sharing your knowledge you also solidify or even build a relationship with your customers or fans. When Diddy says, Hey you can do it also! you start to think about success. Now when he says, Here is how I did it, you really start to think that anything is possible. Now you start to take his tips and start applying them. People are looking for lessons that they can use as inspiration, so give it to them. Sharing knowledge is easy to do. You can do it by speaking at public events or even writing a book. I gain knowledge by watching interviews and reading blogs. It is easy as hell to start a blog now with companies like Tumblr and WordPress. They both have themes in place that will enable you to start sharing knowledge as soon as you register for an account. Share the knowledge, inspire and remember that execution is king. You can share and inspire but it is up to them to execute. Step 3: Pay it forward! Diddy pays it forward by letting us into the making of his empire. He wants you to know that if he made it so can you and is willing to share some of his secrets. Some say, But if he gives me his secrets I can now crush him. That is not true. When Diddy shares his secrets, he also knows that the chances of someone using them against him are slim. Everyone wants

29 Inspire - 23 them, but not many will execute like him. He can pay it forward by sharing his tips because he knows that he will still out-hustle the next man. The technology and entrepreneurial worlds are notorious for paying it forward. They want people to learn and be inspired but they also know that not everyone is cut out to work as hard as they do. They pay it forward by spilling the beans about everything. Need to know how Instagram was built in a year? All you have to do is Google it. The founders tell you almost everything you need to know, but the truth is execution can never be replicated. By them sharing the knowledge, they build great karma around themselves. Everyone wants to work with them and even help them since they are helping others. We all learn from other s mistakes, so the best repayment is to pay it forward and share that knowledge. When you tell your story and then help others, it puts you in a different league. You become a thought leader. People will gravitate towards you and will support you in anyway possible. It could be through sales, or it could be through partnerships. Most successful people love to share knowledge and love to be around others that do the same. Paying it forward also can put your mind at ease. You can now do your part to inspire and this leaves you with a feeling that could never be purchased. Starting a business is hard work, inspiring others to reach for the stars is actually easier. With technology it has never been easier to inspire. So craft your story, share your knowledge through a blog or video and keep paying it forward. It will open doors for you that you never knew existed.

30 Laws Of Success aka Diddyisms We grabbed a collection of inspirational quotes from Diddy and formatted them in what we like to call Diddyisms. These aren t necessarily about selling but we feel they add value to any entrepreneur. Follow these small anecdotes and you will surely be grinding like Sean Diddy Combs himself. Lock in on your dreams and have extreme focus on your goals Get rid of anything and anyone who will distract you away from your goal. Having focus is a key measure of success. Read your goals everyday, and make sure they are realistic. Think A to B, not A to Z. Don t go backwards, always move forward Don t worry about your mistakes so much. Stay focused on progress and moving forward. This doesn t only apply to mistakes but relationships and other situations as well. Keep everything moving. 24

31 Laws Of Success aka Diddyisms - 25 Have incredible belief in yourself, and your abilities This is one of Diddy s strongest qualities. If you don t believe in yourself, than nothing will ever work. You can t rely on what your friends and family feel about you. As a hustler there will be times where the only support system you have is your own self belief. Run marathons, don t sprint Everything takes time. Take time to understand what you have to do to achieve a goal or complete a task. Be smart. Marathon runners get to where they are going and they run for miles. Sprinters will burn out and lose energy quickly and never make it to where they want to go. It is not about how you start, its about the overall race Don t worry about the mistakes you make early in the game. You shouldn t let the fear of failure stop you from starting either. Self improvement is the smartest investment someone can make. Learn how to get better at your craft and finish strong. Don t make risky decisions, make smart decisions Do your research. Think things through thoroughly. Don t make decisions based on emotions, hype, trends, or friends. Do your own homework before deciding.

32 26 - How To Grind Like Diddy Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. You are always a reflection of the people you hang around. The people you hang around is also a factor in whether you will be successful or happy. Keep positive people and experiences around you at all times. Don t worry about what anyone else is doing, use your time on yourself Don t envy anyone. Keep your mind on your own progress and what you are doing. Time is the most precious thing you have as a hustler, so spend it on your next goal. If you can t do the little job, you can never get to the big job Know your hustle inside and out. If you don t know how to do the small things, how can you ever teach someone to do it? Your time is everything, so you should learn how to do the small jobs, so you can focus on the big ones. This is also a great reminder to be patient. You have to grind your way to the top, it s not overnight. If you want something bad enough, you ll do whatever it takes Diddy believes there is no ego when it comes to getting money. You have to be able to put yourself out there and not care what anyone thinks. Be bold!

33 Laws Of Success aka Diddyisms - 27 You get out of the game, what you put into it You can t party and sleep all day then expect the success of Diddy. Stop looking at music videos thinking that success comes without work. When the cameras are off, it is back to work. Go hard or go to sleep. Keep dreaming, but know when to wake up from your dream It s OK to have a dream, but you have to know what it s going to take to make those dreams a reality. So know when to wake up and get to work!

34 About the Publisher From Jay-Z to Warren Buffet there is no denying that Hip Hop has embedded itself all over the business world while influencing some of the greatest minds to date. We aim to show the correlation and lessons to be learned between Hip Hop and the Business World. Starting a business is not easy but it can be done with determination and passion. We decided to start The Phat Startup during a Startup Weekend that focused on music and gaming. We realized that many of the entrepreneurs were inspired and actually learned from many of their favorite Hip Hop figures. We decided to bring these lessons to life while also providing an educational platform that people could use as inspiration or to get started during their journey as an entrepreneur. Our core beliefs are: Solve big problems Be prepared to switch your style up Always test your assumptions Don t wait for permission 28

TALKING TO HUMANS. Success starts with understanding your customers GIFF CONSTABLE

TALKING TO HUMANS. Success starts with understanding your customers GIFF CONSTABLE TALKING TO HUMANS Success starts with understanding your customers GIFF CONSTABLE with Frank Rimalovski illustrations by Tom Fishburne and foreword by Steve Blank Copyright 2014 Giff Constable First edition,

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Praise for Breaking the Time Barrier

Praise for Breaking the Time Barrier Praise for Breaking the Time Barrier It s the eternal struggle of the freelance worker: how do you price your work in a way that s fair to both you and the client? Nothing less than your career success

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What People Share On Facebook. and Why They Share It

What People Share On Facebook. and Why They Share It What People Share On Facebook and Why They Share It Created by: Brian Carter and Marketo 1 CONTAGIOUS CONTENT - What People Share On Facebook and Why They Share It Table of Contents Introduction EdgeRank

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When Your Parent Has Cancer A Guide for Teens

When Your Parent Has Cancer A Guide for Teens National Cancer Institute When Your Parent Has Cancer A Guide for Teens U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES National Institutes of Health This booklet is for you If your mom, dad, or an adult

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Look at any e-biz Web site. Take away the words. Could it sell without the words? Nope. Now take away the graphics. Could a no-graphics site sell?

Look at any e-biz Web site. Take away the words. Could it sell without the words? Nope. Now take away the graphics. Could a no-graphics site sell? Look at any e-biz Web site. Take away the words. Could it sell without the words? Nope. Now take away the graphics. Could a no-graphics site sell? Sure.... Time to focus on something that gets sales...

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The Writing Process Notebook

The Writing Process Notebook The Writing Process Notebook FULL Version For More information Visit by Steve Peha The best way to teach is the way that makes sense to you, your kids, and your community. Notebook

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What is Good Writing?

What is Good Writing? Full Version What is Good Writing? More More information Visit by Steve Peha 2 The best way to teach is the way that makes sense to you, your kids, and your community. 3 What is Good

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How To Write a Good PRD. Martin Cagan Silicon Valley Product Group

How To Write a Good PRD. Martin Cagan Silicon Valley Product Group How To Write a Good PRD Martin Cagan Silicon Valley Product Group HOW TO WRITE A GOOD PRD Martin Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group OVERVIEW The PRD describes the product your company will build. It

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2009, 2010 Government of Alberta, Advanced Education and Technology

2009, 2010 Government of Alberta, Advanced Education and Technology This publication can be ordered online or downloaded at ISBN 978-0-7785-8131-4 For copyright or more information about this resource, contact: Advanced Education and Technology

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Pioneering a Different Future Why don t they just leave? (The Booklet) Written by Brian Fox

Pioneering a Different Future Why don t they just leave? (The Booklet) Written by Brian Fox Why don t they just leave? (The Booklet) Written by Brian Fox - 1 - Forward Pioneering a Different Future During the past five years I have come to learn more about domestic violence and abuse than I ever

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Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School

Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School Partner in Mental Health Leadership: Parenting for Life Presents: Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School Have you ever wondered why some people are particularly good at dealing

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Pretotype It Make sure you are building the right it before you build it right Alberto Savoia Second Pretotype Edition

Pretotype It Make sure you are building the right it before you build it right Alberto Savoia Second Pretotype Edition Pretotype It Make sure you are building the right it before you build it right Alberto Savoia Second Pretotype Edition October 2011 Copyright (c) Alberto Savoia 2011 This Is Embarrassing This is not a

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You re Not Alone. The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment

You re Not Alone. The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention You re Not Alone The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment You re Not Alone The Journey from

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Principles. by Ray Dalio

Principles. by Ray Dalio Principles by Ray Dalio What follows are three distinct parts that can be read either independently or as a connected whole. Part 1 is about the purpose and importance of having principles in general,

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About that First Tweet

About that First Tweet About that First Tweet A practical guide to #SocialMedia for #Charities & #SocialEnterprises Contents 03 Preface 04 Introduction 07 Interview: Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Head of Social Innovation, Twitter 08 Case

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How to make your own radio shows: Youth Radio Toolkit

How to make your own radio shows: Youth Radio Toolkit How to make your own radio shows: Youth Radio Toolkit Published in 2011 by: UNICEF UNICEF & Children s Radio Foundation All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under

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How to choose your key stage 4 options

How to choose your key stage 4 options Which way now? 2010-2011 PARENTS &CARERS SUPPLEMENT INCLUDED How to choose your key stage 4 options Help Your choices SupportYour future Advice Name Contents Getting started Who can help you?... 2-3 Your

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Read a Story That Will Change Your Life!

Read a Story That Will Change Your Life! Read a Story That Will Change Your Life! The One Minute Manager is an easily read story which quickly shows you three very practical management techniques. As the story unfolds, you will discover several

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Paul Kloosterman. > What do I want/need to learn? > How can I learn it? > When will I learn? > Who can help me learn it?

Paul Kloosterman. > What do I want/need to learn? > How can I learn it? > When will I learn? > Who can help me learn it? 30 B1 How to support learning Paul Kloosterman This chapter aims to help you get to grips with the term learning in relation to concrete activities in the Youth in Action Programme. Different methods and

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It s Not What They Do, It s How They Do It: Athlete Experiences of Great Coaching

It s Not What They Do, It s How They Do It: Athlete Experiences of Great Coaching International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching Volume 4 Number 1 2009 93 It s Not What They Do, It s How They Do It: Athlete Experiences of Great Coaching Andrea J. Becker Department of Kinesiology,

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Information for parents living apart from their child

Information for parents living apart from their child Information for parents living apart from their child a child maintenance decisions guide Understand your child maintenance choices Tools to help you set up a child maintenance arrangement Ideas from other

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Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology

Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology Contemplation, introspection, curiosity turning inward, and this entire meaning making system is fertile terrain for the future of positive psychology Todd

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An Evening with Morris Chang in conversation with Jen-Hsun Huang. Recorded: October 17, 2007 Mountain View, California

An Evening with Morris Chang in conversation with Jen-Hsun Huang. Recorded: October 17, 2007 Mountain View, California in conversation with Jen-Hsun Huang Recorded: October 17, 2007 Mountain View, California CHM Reference number: X4614.2008 2007 Computer History Museum John Toole: Jen-Hsun is co-founder, CEO and President

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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WHAT I KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF WORK (student edition) Name: Date:

WHAT I KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF WORK (student edition) Name: Date: WHAT I KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD OF WORK (student edition) Name: Date: Number Statement Agree Disagree Don t know 1. Only people who make more than $30,000 a year pay income tax. 2. Parents who work can afford

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4.G. Working Together. How Do We Work Together as a Team?

4.G. Working Together. How Do We Work Together as a Team? 4.G. Working Together. How Do We Work Together as a Team? In This Section: G.1. What Is Working Together? G.2. Working Together Across the 4 Phases G.3. Tips G.4. Special Considerations G.5. Facilitator

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This edition is designed to be viewed on screen and emailed to friends and teachers. If you d like the ready-to-print edition, click here.

This edition is designed to be viewed on screen and emailed to friends and teachers. If you d like the ready-to-print edition, click here. This edition is designed to be viewed on screen and emailed to friends and teachers. If you d like the ready-to-print edition, click here. Keep reading, or even better, click the full screen button above.

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