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1 Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc. 600 Louis Drive Diane W. Rosati, MA Suite 102A Executive Director Warminster, PA Fax (215) (215) , Option 2, Ext Client Handbook Client Sign Off I,, have received the BCDAC, Inc Client Handbook in which the following has been explained: (please initial next to each to confirm that you understand and accept the following) There is no limit to the number of assessments I may have. See page 4. I have a choice in picking a place for treatment; I must work with my assessor to find a treatment provider I want, as long as there are beds available and it meets my treatment needs. See page 5. If residential treatment is being recommended, I understand that I may not be admitted the same day of my assessment. If my placement is pended, I am recommended to continue working with my assessment site by attending a lower level of care, be engaged with Mobile Engagement and/or Intensive Case Management. See page 5. There are limits to the number of times I can have inpatient treatment. I can have one admission for a full continuum of care, which includes detox, rehab, halfway house, in a 12 month period from the date of my assessment. You must meet clinical criteria for each level of care. Pregnant clients are exempt from restrictions. See page 6. There is no limit to the number of times I can get outpatient treatment. See page 6. I will be assessed for co-pays depending on my income and level of care. The treatment facility will be collecting this co-pay upon admission into the program. See page 6 I have specific rights and responsibilities in accepting county funding. See page 6. My information is private and cannot be shared unless I have signed consents. See page 6. I can file a complaint or grievance if I do not agree with how I was treated or the amount of time I received. See page 7-8 for details on how to file, the need for consent to share information with those not involved in the complaint/grievance and the process to get resolution. See page 7. I am aware that if I have any questions or concerns, I can speak to my assessment counselor or call for further clarification or support. Client Signature Date COMMISSIONERS: Robert G. Loughery, Chairman Charles H. Martin, Vice Chairman Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW Jon Rubin, MSW, Director of Human Services Robert A. Silberg, Chair, Board of Directors

2 Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. Client Handbook

3 TABLE OF CONTENTS County Funding for Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment Services 3 How Do I Get Help 3 Pregnant and Priority Populations 3 Where to Go for an Assessment 4 Para Información Sobre Una Evaluación y Tratamiento 4 If this is an Emergency 4 I can get Funding for Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment If 4 I Understand That 4 What to Bring to the Assessment Appointment 5 What will happen at the Assessment Visit/Client Choice 5 How Much Treatment can I receive 6 Client Co-Pays 6 My Prescription Medication 6 My Rights to Privacy/Confidentiality 6 My Bill of Rights 6 How to file a Complaint or Grievance 7 Upon Completion of Your Inpatient Treatment Experience 9 Resources 9 Network of Care 9 Case Management (MOMS, ICM) 9 If I want help to stop smoking or use tobacco products 10 If I need Transportation. 10 Other Agencies that can help you 10 Self Help Groups 10 Mental Health Agencies 11 Domestic Violence Help 11

4 COUNTY FUNDING FOR DRUG AND/OR ALCOHOL TREATMENT SERVICES If you do not have health insurance, you may be eligible for Medical Assistance or county funding for drug and or/alcohol treatment services. In order to get help with funding, you must meet some requirements and agree to certain conditions. This booklet describes these requirements and conditions. Please read it carefully and make sure you understand it. Your Assessment Counselor will help you with any questions you may have. If you have any questions or need further clarification, you can contact: Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc Approval of Care Department 600 Louis Drive Ste 102A Warminster, PA Telephone: Fax: HOW DO I GET HELP? If you think you or a family member needs treatment services, you can call/go to an assessment site in Bucks County to obtain an assessment. You will meet with an Assessment Counselor who will work with you to help determine your Drug and Alcohol treatment service needs. If treatment is needed, and you meet the requirements for our funding, the Assessor will contact Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. (BCDAC, Inc.) to request funding. Preferential treatment services are given to pregnant women. Funding is prioritized according to the following: Pregnant Injection Drug Users, Pregnant Substance Users, and Injection Drug Users, Individuals who are referred by an Emergency Room following an overdose. Funding is available to all others accordingly. Pregnant Females are exempt from any limits and restrictions. Assessment Sites Aldie Doylestown (Adults and Adolescent) Aldie Langhorne (Adult and Adolescent) 11 Weldon Drive 2291 Cabot Boulevard West Doylestown, PA Langhorne, PA Walk In: M-F 8am-2pm Walk In: M-F 8am-2pm Today, Inc. (Adult and Adolescent) Today, Inc. (Adult and Adolescent) 1990 Woodbourne Road 1210 Veteran s Highway, Suite 8 A Langhorne, PA Bristol, PA Hours: M-F 9am-5pm (Appt only) Walk In: M-F 9am-3 pm Penn Foundation Recovery Center 807 Lawn Avenue Sellersville, PA Hours: M-F 8:30am-2:30pm (Appt only) If you only speak Spanish, please call our Case Management Services Office at for information about an assessment and treatment. 1

5 Si usted no habla ingles, por favor llame nuestra oficina de Servicios Sociales al para información sobre una evaluación y tratamiento. Depending on the seriousness of your situation, you will be seen within seven (7) days or sooner. They will ask some questions to help determine how soon you will need to be seen. As part of getting county funding, you will also have to apply for Medical Assistance through the Department of Public Welfare. The Assessment site can help you with this process. You will be asked to bring in certain documents and they can help you complete the application. If you have completed the Medical Assistance application before your assessment, please bring in proof that the application has been submitted. You can complete the application on line at The Assessment site will let you know what paperwork you will need to bring with you. WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU TO YOUR ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENT: Proof that you live in Bucks County (a valid driver s license, a valid state photo id, lease or rental agreement or a current phone/utility bill). For Residential treatment, proof of residency must be at least 90 days old. If you have applied for Medical Assistance prior to your assessment, please bring proof that you have applied. You will also need to bring supporting documentation for the medical assistance application like: o birth certificate o social security card o if you are working, paystubs for last 30 days o if you aren t working, a management letter written by the person who is helping you listing their name and address and how they are supporting you o Any other information that the assessment site has told you to bring. If married and you or your spouse receives any income, proof of income for the past 30 days. (For example, most recent pay stub) WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT THE ASSESSMENT VISIT: You will be asked questions that will help decide if you need treatment and what type of treatment will meet your needs. You will be asked to sign consent forms to allow the assessor to talk with us about funding treatment for you. The Assessment Counselor will help you to decide on which treatment better meets your needs. You have the choice of attending a program that meets a special need, like a religious or gender preference and/or disability. Once you are in treatment, if you want to transfer to another facility you may do so by telling your therapist. We will try to transfer you within 1-2 days of your request or sooner. It will take about two hours to complete this process and set up your first appointment. It may take more time to place you in Residential Treatment, if that is the recommendation. IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY An emergency situation is when you are having a medical or mental health problem that you need help with NOW. In this case you can do one of the following: Call 911 Go to the nearest hospital emergency room 2

6 If you are very confused, hallucinating or having thoughts of hurting yourself or others, you should be seen by a mental health specialist to make sure you are safe. In this case you can do one of the following: Call the Bucks County Crisis Intervention Service at Go to Lower Bucks, Doylestown or Grandview Crisis Services located at these hospitals I CAN GET COUNTY FUNDING FOR DRUG AND ALCOHOL TREATMENT IF... I am a Bucks County resident and have proof of this. There may be some exceptions to this which can be explored at the time of your assessment. I do not have any insurance coverage. I do not have benefits through the Veterans Administration. I meet funding guidelines. My Assessment Counselor says I need Drug & Alcohol treatment services. Funding is available for the type of treatment I need. I UNDERSTAND THAT.. There is no limit to the number of assessment I may have or no limit to the number of times you go to outpatient treatment. There is a limit on how many times I can get into residential treatment each year, except for Pregnant Women. Priority is given to pregnant women and injection drug users I can talk with my treatment provider to develop a plan that works for me. If I choose to leave treatment against medical advice, I may not be eligible for funding in the future. I have to apply for Medical Assistance and hand in the paperwork needed to my assessor before I can be placed into residential treatment or within 30 days of assessment while in Ambulatory Treatment. I may not be able to start residential treatment the same day I am assessed. HOW MUCH TREATMENT CAN I RECEIVE? You and your assessment counselor will work together to find the best treatment that will help you. Due to our limited funds, it is mandatory that you complete the process of applying and supplying all documentation for Medical Assistance. You can receive more treatment through Medical Assistance than through county funding. Pregnant Women are exempt from these limits. For Residential Treatment: There are limited funds available to pay for these services so there is a limit to the amount of times you may access residential treatment in a 12 month period from the date of your assessment. You can have one residential episode in a 12 month period, which includes detox, rehab and halfway house. You must meet clinical need for each level of care. Treatment that was paid for by someone else will be considered at the time of your assessment. Also, if you leave on your own, against the treatment provider s advice, you will be placing future funding in jeopardy. There is also a limit to the number of days you may receive while in residential treatment. Once you have been admitted, we will work with your counselor at the treatment center to discuss how you are doing in treatment and approve additional days as needed. 3

7 It s important to remember that the amount of treatment recommended and approved is going to be based on your needs. It will also depend on the availability of funds. There is no advance guarantee that you will receive a set amount of days of residential treatment. For Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization Services: There are no limits to the number of times we will pay for outpatient services. You will work with your assessment counselor to find the right level of outpatient treatment for you. CLIENT CO-PAYS There is a co-pay that you are responsible for when you are admitted to each residential level of care. You will receive a Client Liability and Income Verification form at time of your assessment listing how much you must pay. There is a co-pay for these services that you will be responsible to pay when you go to treatment. PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION If medication is needed while you are in a residential level of care, it will be provided to you free of charge. Once you leave residential treatment, you will be given one or more prescriptions which you will need to get filled. Wal-Mart and Target provide some medications that have low co-pays. Speak to the doctor prescribing your medications about these lower cost medications. You can call us at so that we can try to connect you to resources to obtain your medications. You should make sure that your medical assistance application is complete so that you get enrolled in Medical Assistance as soon as possible since they can pay for your doctor s visits and medications. PRIVACY/CONFIDENTIALITY You will be sharing personal information with an Assessment Counselor. Federal and State Regulations require that this information be kept private. You will be asked to sign consent forms so that certain information can be given to our agency to allow us to make a decision about funding your care. The information will not be given to or shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose. MY BILL OF RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES As a county funded client, I have the right to the following: 1. Receive quality care. 2. Receive a complete assessment. 3. Get care that matches my needs. 4. Be treated with respect. 5. Have staff respect my culture, as well as my beliefs. 6. Be treated as an equal. 7. Not be sexually harassed in any way. 8. Not have my civil rights violated. 9. Decide not to go to a specific treatment facility if I have a good reason. 10. Get a copy of all forms that I have to sign. 11. Have all my records kept confidential in accordance with the law. 12. Know that staff are not talking with others about my treatment except as allowed by law. 13. Make a complaint at any time. I can complain if I feel my counselor did not treat me right or if I feel my counselor did something wrong. I can complain if I feel I am not getting enough treatment. See the complaint and grievance process below to see how to file a complaint or grievance. 14. Be respected even if I file a complaint. 4

8 As a county funded client, I am responsible to: 1. Continue to work with my assessment site and attend all groups recommended, especially if I cannot go into residential treatment right away. 2. Pay co-pays. 3. Help write a treatment plan that makes sense to me. 4. Follow my treatment plan. 5. Tell my counselor, or someone else if I do not feel safe in the treatment program. 6. Talk to my counselor first if I want to leave treatment before it is finished. IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT OR GRIEVANCE OR APPEAL We want you to have the best possible drug and alcohol treatment. Please tell us if we can make these services better. If you have a complaint, you can call us Monday through Friday at between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We will not stop your treatment while we look into your complaint or your grievance. We will let you know how things are going every step of the way. COMPLAINTS You can make a complaint to us at any time. You can complain if you feel your counselor did not treat you right. You can complain if you feel your counselor did a wrong thing. To make a complaint please call us, us or write us. Complaint Department Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc. 600 Louis Drive, Suite 102-A Warminster, PA or Anyone can help you make a complaint in writing. One of our staff members can also help you write a complaint. If you need someone to speak for you, please let us know. We will work to address your complaint quickly. GRIEVANCES AND APPEALS The following are some of the reasons why you can file a grievance: if you are not happy with your treatment if we will not pay for your treatment if you want more treatment than we will pay for if you do not agree with the type of treatment you are getting if you do not agree with the amount of money you are being charged for treatment as a co-pay; if you are not happy with the way you were treated by your counselor if you feel your human rights or your civil rights were violated The information about the grievance or appeal you make will be kept confidential. You can have a copy of the details of how your grievance was resolved. There are three levels for grievance and appeals: LEVEL ONE: You may make a grievance or appeal by or letter to our Grievance and Appeal 5

9 Department. You do not need to use a special form. Just tell us your concern and let us know that this is a grievance or appeal to a decision made regarding your treatment. Explain the problem, and give us all of the facts. Tell us how you want the problem solved. We will get back to you, in writing, within seven (7) days. You may call us for help in preparing this grievance. LEVEL TWO: If you are not happy with what we decide at the first level grievance/appeal, you can ask for a second level grievance/appeal. You will need to let us know of this appeal within ten (10) working days from when you hear our decision. You can let us know of this by or letter. We will get back to you in seven (7) days. Our clinical management team will hear your grievance/appeal. LEVEL THREE: If you are not happy with the decision made at the second level grievance/appeal, you can ask for a third level grievance/appeal. You can let us know of your choice to appeal by or letter within seven (7) working days from when you hear our decision. A group of at least five people who are not connected with our agency will review your grievance/appeal. You must sign a consent form so that your information can be shared with the people reviewing your request. You have the right to get all paperwork about the appeal; also, you, or someone you choose, will be allowed to be involved in the appeal process. You will hear from us in writing in seven (7) days. Please call or send this appeal to: Grievance and Appeal Department Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc. 600 Louis Drive, Suite 102-A Warminster, PA Phone or Upon Completion of Your Inpatient Treatment Experience Once you complete your inpatient treatment experience, whether detox, rehab, or halfway house, it is important for you to return to the outpatient treatment provider within seven (7) days for a continued treatment. Below are the names and numbers of the Bucks County Outpatient Treatment Providers: Aldie Foundation, Inc. 11 Welden Drive Doylestown, PA (215) TODAY, Inc Woodbourne Rd Langhorne, PA (215) Penn Foundation, Inc. The Recovery Center 807 Lawn Ave Sellersville, PA (215) Aldie Foundation, Inc Cabot Blvd West Langhorne, PA (215) TODAY, Inc Veterans Highway Suite A-8 Bristol, PA (215) Livengrin Foundation 4833 Hulmeville Road Bensalem, PA (215)

10 RESOURCES To get more information about the different services available in Bucks County, you can visit the Network of Care website located at: Network of Care in Bucks County Case Management Services Case Management services are available that will help you with other needs to support your treatment effort. If you are pregnant and using alcohol or other drugs, there is a special program that can help: Mothers Overcoming Mood Altering Substances (MOMS). If you need help with transportation, medical issues, housing, etc., Intensive Case Management Services can help. Both of these programs are available through the Council of Southeast Pennsylvania at the Southern Bucks Recovery Center, 1286 Veteran s Highway, Bristol, PA 19007, IF I WANT TO STOP SMOKING OR USING TOBACCO PRODUCTS If you want to stop smoking, there are programs that can help you. You can call the following places: Pennsylvania Free Quit Line IF I NEED TRANSPORTATION Your Assessment Counselor will help make arrangements for your admission to Residential Treatment, if that was the recommendation. If you are in outpatient treatment, speak to your counselor if you need assistance with this. If you have medical assistance, you may also be able to use Bucks County Transport, Inc. for a reasonable fee. Their telephone numbers are: Toll Free Central Bucks (215) Upper Bucks (215) OTHER AGENCIES THAT CAN HELP YOU PRO-ACT- Provides advocacy, information and referral to persons with alcohol and/or drug addiction problems. They also conduct consumer satisfaction surveys. 252 West Swamp Road Unit 12, Bailiwick Office Complex Doylestown, PA Recovery Centers Promotes recovery through advocacy, support, educations and service. Southern Bucks Women s Recovery Central Bucks Community Recovery Center Community Center Center 1286 Veterans Highway 25 Beulah Road 252 W. Swamp Road Bristol, PA New Britain, PA Doylestown, PA (215) (215) (215)

11 Self Help Organizations Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Cocaine Anonymous Double Trouble Dual Recovery Anonymous Eating Disorders Narcotics Anonymous Family Services Association 4 Cornerstone Dr, Langhorne, PA (215) Mental Health Agencies Penn Foundation Lenape Valley 807 Lawn Avenue Foundation Sellersville, PA 500 N. West St Doylestown, PA (215) (215) Penndel Mental Health Center 1517 Durham Road Penndel, PA 1907 (215) National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Bucks County Chapter- Self-help/advocacy group of consumers and family members working to increase public education about and removing the stigma of mental illness. P.O. Box 355 Warrington, PA Reach Out Foundation- Organization of consumers and professionals who work to help consumers who are receiving mental health or substance abuse treatment and need help getting into treatment. Reach Out Foundation of Bucks County 152 Monroe Ave. Penndel, PA DOMESTIC RELATIONS Network of Victims Assistance (NOVA) or A Woman s Place- Provides shelter, counseling, court accompaniment, advocacy, referrals, and children s programs to victims of domestic violence