We re there when you need us.

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2 SIEBENCAREY We re there when you need us. You have the right... to get your life back. to a fair settlement. to seek justice RIGHTS

3 A history of success More than 65,000 injured people have put their trust in us since 1951: people injured in accidents and at work; people affected by medical malpractice and other serious and fatal injuries. Our attorneys are ready to work vigorously on your behalf to represent your interests. We have the resources, experience, and depth to properly pursue your case. You can count on our expertise at the negotiating table and in the courtroom to help you get the justice you deserve. Why are we the right choice for you? Trusted by People Who Have Been There. SiebenCarey is distinguished by a high rate of referrals from clients and past clients, their friends and family, and other attorneys. Award-Winning Attorneys. SiebenCarey lawyers are consistently recognized by their peers as the very best, whether as a Super Lawyer, Best Lawyers in America or as a certified trial specialist. U.S. News also named us one of America s best law firms. Minnesota s Original Personal Injury Law Firm. We were founded in 1951 as the first law firm focused entirely on injured people. From day one, the decision was made to represent working families and individuals deserving the same top-notch legal representation as big business and the insurance companies. Our clients come to us because they have been injured and they want to get their life back, a fair settlement, and justice. We advocate and fight on our clients behalf to protect their rights and interests. We do our best for every client. That is our promise to you. Jim Carey, President

4 Workers Compensation If you are injured in an on-the-job accident or suffer from an illness caused by your work environment, we will help you: When your company s insurer refuses to pay by disputing the seriousness of your injury or saying it isn t job related When your employer tries to prevent you from filing your claim or tries to retaliate if you do When your employer does not carry workers compensation insurance Workers compensation can be complicated and challenging, especially when you are injured and simply trying to get your life back. There are times when workers compensation claims are associated with a personal injury case. We can manage all aspects of your case. We re there when you need us RIGHTS

5 Personal Injury SIEBENCAREY A car, motorcycle or truck accident can cause debilitating injuries. When you ve been injured as a result of someone s negligence, you need an advocate in the legal system. Making a claim against your own or another party s insurance company can be a complex and lengthy process. Our investigators thoroughly capture the details associated with your case. We specialize in the entire spectrum of personal injury cases. We have the resources, experience and depth to effectively develop and pursue your case. We re there when you need us.

6 Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice cases can include birth injury, misdiagnosis, surgical complications due to error, sickness or death due to medication administration errors and other types of serious injury and wrongful death. These are complicated matters and we will work with you to identify a solution that works best for you and your family. We re there when you need us. SIEBENCAREY RIGHTS

7 Choosing your attorney is a significant decision. You never thought you would be in this situation. Yesterday everything was fine. Today you need a lawyer a lawyer you can trust to advise you, take care of all the details and stand up for your rights. You need a lawyer backed by a team of experienced legal professionals and the full resources of a top personal injury law firm. Our promise to you: we will listen to you, guide you through the process, protect your rights, and work aggressively for you to deliver a positive outcome. We will earn your trust. We will be honored to represent you.