Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft. Global Grid User Support - GGUS - within the LCG & EGEE environment

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1 Global Grid User Support - GGUS - within the LCG & EGEE environment

2 Abstract: For very large projects like the LHC Computing Grid Project (LCG) involving some 8,000 scientists from universities and laboratories all around the world, it is an indispensable requirement to have a well organized user support. The Institute for Scientific Computing at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe started implementing a Global Grid User Support (GGUS) after official assignment of the Grid Deployment Board in March For this purpose a web portal together with a helpdesk application has been developed. As a single entry point for all Grid related issues and problems GGUS follows the objectives of providing news, documentation and status information about Grid resources. The user will find forms to submit and track service requests. GGUS collaborates with different support teams in the Grid environment like the Grid Operations Center and the Experiment Specific Support. They can access the helpdesk system via web interface. GGUS stores all the incoming trouble tickets and outgoing solutions in a central database and plans to build up a knowledge base where all the information can be offered in a structured manner. As a prototype GGUS started operation at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe in October 2003 and supported local user groups of the German Tier 1 Computing Center, called GridKa. 4 month later the GGUS system was opened for the LCG community and since March 2004 ASCC Taiwan is the second GGUS partner. Due to the time difference between the two support centers GGUS is operational 15 hours per day now. A major target for GGUS is to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore we are trying to find a qualified third partner in the US time zone. In the talk the GGUS system will be explained and integration into the Grid environment will be explained.

3 About the Author Name: Wolfgang Thöne Born 1965, living in Linkenheim near Karlsruhe Working at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institute for Science Computing. He is member of the Global Grid User Support team, that is established since October 2002 within the LCG project. He leads the concept phase of the project and is currently working on the concepts for user support within the EGEE project.

4 Outline Support? GGUS concept and objectives Support teams Current status of GGUS web portal and helpdesk system Outlook and next steps GGUS staff

5 Forschungszentrum One of the biggest research institutions in Europe, 3500 employees 5 Research areas: - Structure of Matter - Earth and Environment - Health -Energy - Key Technologies (Nanotechnology, Grid Computing) Institute for Scientific Computing: - providing IT services - establishing GridKa, GGUS

6 Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe International Grid Projects Through links with sister projects, there is the potential for a truely global scientific applications grid

7 Goal EGEE manifesto: Enabling Grids for E-science in Europe Create a wide European Grid production quality infrastructure on top of present and future EU RN infrastructure ERA Applications Build on EU and EU member states major investments in Grid Technology International connections (US and AP) Several pioneering prototype results Larg Grid development teams in EU Requires major EU funding effort Approach EGEE Leverage current and planned national and regional Grid programmes Geant Geant Research network Network Work closely with relevant industrial Grid developers, NRENs and US-AP projects Grid infrastructure

8 Operations Center Regional Support Regional Support GGUS Regional Support Resource Center (Processors, disks) Regional Support Center (Support for Applications Local Resources) Grid server Nodes Resource Center Resource Center Resource Center EGEE Operations Structure

9 Why Support? New support groups Network layer Resource centers CIC / GOC / etc. more to come New Support challenges: Jobs are spread over several locations New types of Job and Data access Often more than one group is involved Virtual Organizations

10 Why Support? Need to have a common platform for: Collect service requests Exchange service requests Document solutions Need to document: Quality feedback To the VO s Middleware development To the Grid Operations FAQ s Knowledge Base

11 Concept of Global Grid User Support - GGUS Target: 24 7 support via time difference and 3 support teams Currently: GGUS FZK GGUS ASCC Planned: GGUS USA

12 Objectives Single point of contact and information for Grid related questions (by now for LCG and EGEE) FAQ s Downloads News and problems Support entry point for 8 HEP experiments (and other Grid user communities, EGEE) Operate a central trouble ticket database and system Design, implementation and operation of a knowledge base Be the last resort for all support requests

13 Support Teams within LCG & EGEE Deployment Support (DS) Middleware Problems Operations Center (CIC / GOC / ROC) Operations Problems Resource Centers (RC) Hardware Problems Global Grid User Support (GGUS) Single Point of Contact Coordination of UserSupport Experiment Specific User Support (ESUS) VO spec. (Software) Problems Other Communities (VOs), e.g. EGEE LHC experiments (Alice Atlas CMS LHCb) non-lhc experiments (BaBar, CDF, Compass, D0)

14 Support Workflow (LCG) ESUS Application problem GGUS DS Middleware problem User CIC / ROC +Resource Center Operation problem

15 User Problem Process model Support request Interaction Support request GGUS Support Feedback & Solution Support request Interaction ESUS Red lines: Interface the GGUS support system and/or supply an interface to GGUS system DS CIC/ROC Interaction Resource Center

16 Process model Update Web Portal Info Interaction GGUS Support Interaction Create Solve Ticket ESUS Red lines: Interface the GGUS support system and/or supply an interface to GGUS system DS CIC/ROC Interaction Resource Center

17 Architecture User Resources and Status Central User DB VO DB Web-Interface for user interaction Middleware & Interfaces GGUS Helpdesk Application (Remedy) Reporting & Analysis Workflow engine Middleware & Interfaces Web-Interface & JAVA Client for support interaction Universal Database for for GRID GRID related related problems ESUS, DS, GOC/ROC

18 Application model SuSE Linux 9.x Apache 1.3.x with mod_ssl Tomcat 4.1.x (for Remedy 6.0) MySQL 4.0.x PHP 4.x Remedy 5.1 Server & Middleware Next Release will base on Remedy 6.0 Remedy 5.1 C/C++ API Next Release will base on Remedy 6.0 Oracle OCI 9.x with Oracle in a cluster environment

19 Application model access via Remedy Client access via web-browser Apache webserver PHP Oracle/Remedy Interface Remedy API Interface Remedy Mid-Tier Application Remedy Client Remedy Application Oracle database read

20 Current status GGUS team 4 people at FZK 5 people at ASCC Teamed up with ASCC since April 2004 Support time from 02:00 16:30 CEST

21 Current status Helpdesk application Release version 1.0 is deployed and operational Workflows and escalations are running Application is accessible via web interface and via windows client User authentication via certificates and userid/password are in place DS, GOC/ROC and ESUS may use a central application via the Web

22 Current status Web Portal is online since October 2003 User interface to submit, modify and track tickets is deployed and operational Rudimental news information system is in place First version of FAQ system and a documentation section is online Monitoring and status information is available for LCG-2 Sites and local operations (GridKa)

23 Screenshots GGUS-website Home GGUS-website Submit a Service Request Remedy web view for support staff




27 Outlook New Helpdesk application (Remedy release 6.0) Enhancements based on user and support feedback Provide a simple interface for other helpdesk systems (short term) design a web-services interface for other helpdesk applications (mid term) Develop further interfaces to other helpdesk systems New FAQ system with high user integration First plans on how to establish the knowledge base Provide support for EGEE community Search for an third partner in the US to achieve the goal of 24h support

28 Access to GGUS GGUS web portal: Phone FZK: Support time: - ASCC: Mon. to Fri. 0:00 to 08:00 UTC (local time: 8 am to 4 pm) - FZK: Mon. to Fri. 6:00 to 14:00 UTC (local time: 8 am to 4 pm)

29 Thank you for your attention!