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1 Subject Title Author Shelf number Year Absenteeism (Labor) Absenteeism in food manufacturing organisations in the greater Gauteng area / Donald Yates. Yates, Donald GIB YATES 2001 Assessing service quality in the South African advertising industry / Andrew Jon Advertising Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth, Andrew Jon GIB SHUTTLEWORTH 2006 How is green seen : exploring the impact of visual elements in 'green' advertising / Ross Liston. Liston, Ross GIB LISTON 2009 The effect of foreign entrants on the South Africam television commercials production industry Poisson, Gregory Edward GIB POISSON 2008 The impact of content regulation on advertising creativity with reference to the alcoholic beverage industry / Mashinka Lisa Fourie. Fourie, Mashinka Lisa GIB FOURIE 2007 The impact of long tail distribution in keyword selection on the effectiveness of sponsored search advertising / Justinus Adriaanse. Adriaanse, Justinus GIB ADRIAANSE 2009 Airline industry Willingness to pay for airline services and product attributes in South Africa / Khanyisa Hlekane. Hlekane, Khanyisa GIB HLEKANE 2009 Attachment behaviour An investigation into place attachment in Newtown / Nicolene van Loggerenberg. Van Loggerenberg, Nicolene GIB VAN LOGGERENBER 2007 Automobile industry Investigating the drivers of growth in an automotive components industry : explaining the high growth of the South African catalytic converter industry / J. J. de Klerk. De Klerk, J J GIB DE KLERK 2009 Banking A comparative analysis of Economic Value Added (EVA) by South African banking and retail companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange / Romalin Nagan Nagan, Romalin GIB NAGAN 2008 Can Islamic banking work in South Africa? / Zahied Buksh. Buksh, Zahied GIB BUKSH 2006 Central bank independence in an inflation targeting regime : an assessment of South Africa's central bank independence / Bongiwe Tindleni. Tindleni, Bongiwe GIB TINDLENI 2006 Optimisation of the alignment of business and credit functions in the private bank segment in a South African bank / Daniel Chetty. Chetty, Daniel GIB CHETTY 2007 Responding to international competition : the formulation of strategic responses in the South African banking industry / Gary Winslow. Winslow, Gary GIB WINSLOW 2007 BEE The cost-benefit of regulation in South African banking / Craig Quiding. Quiding, Craig GIB QUIDING 2006 The reasons for the low market penetration of banking services in South Africa / Warwick Gill. Gill, Warwick GIB GILL 2006 Afrikaner economic empowerment ( ) and lessons for Black Economic Empowerment / Mzamo Masito. Masito, Mzamo GIB MASITO 2007 An analysis of growth trends of black economic empowerment information technology companies in South Africa / Ghandi Badela. Badela, Ghandi GIB BADELA 2001 Assessment of black economic empowerment financing options for sustainable value creation/ Wandile Motlana. Hillie, Mandla GIB HILLIE 2003 BEE at board level: how JSE-listed companies are bringing about transformation in the composition of their boards of directors / Jane Rankin. Rankin, Jane GIB RANKIN 2003 Black economic empowerment and its impact on wealth creation in the new South Africa Makhunga, Andile Caleb GIB MAKHUNGA

2 Black economic empowerment in the supply chain and logistics industry : a case study analysis of selected major players / Spencer Eckstein. Eckstein, Spencer GIB ECKSTEIN 2002 Challenges and coping strategies of female street vendors in the informal sector / Tanja Berry. Berry, Tanja GIB BERRY 2009 Corporate growth of JSE listed empowerment companies / Amon Khosa. Khosa, Amon GIB KHOSA 2007 Factors affecting the upward mobility of Black managers in corporate South Africa / Quintin Booysen. Booysen, Quintin GIB BOOYSEN 2009 Factors influencing financial structures in mining empowerment transactions Molapo, David GIB MOLAPO 2008 Micro Enterprise (SMME) manufacturers in the engineering sector / Philip Kenneth Dring. Dring, Philip Kenneth GIB DRING 2003 Practicalities around Black Economic Empowerment and small and medium enterprises in South Africa / Jayesh Nair. Nair, Jayesh GIB NAIR 2007 Private equity and black economic empowerment: managing the BEE challenge / Haroon Lachporia. Lachporia, Haroon GIB LACHPORIA 2003 The impact of broad based black economic empowerment on the financial performance of componanies listed on the JSE / Ashley Mathura. Mathura, Ashley GIB MATHURA 2009 The impact of broad-based black economic empowerment on foreign direct investment inflows into South Africa Veloso, Valdir Vagner GIB VELOSO 2008 The implementation of BEE in Gauteng-based private hospital groups Balfour-Kappa, Thuthula GIB BALFOUR-KAIPA 2008 The relationship between Black Economic Empowerment and entrepreneurship in South Africa / Marisa Meyer. Meyer, Marisa GIB MEYER 2007 The role of organisational change principles in the implementation and management of black economic empowerment initiatives / Malisha Pillay. Pillay, Malisha GIB PILLAY 2003 Biodiesel fuel industry Biotechnology The status of black economic empowerment / Wandile Motlana. Motlana, Wandile GIB MOTLANA 2001 Capability of producers to manufacture biodiesel and buyer-readiness for biodiesel use / Ruben Roach. Roach, Ruben GIB ROACH 2006 Biofuels in South Africa : factors influencing production and consumption / David Chambers. Chambers, David GIB CHAMBERS 2006 South Africa's strategy for developing its biotechnology industry by establishing biotechnology regional innovation centres (BRICs) / Raymond Donninger. Donninger, Raymond GIB DONNINGER 2006 Boards An investigation into the training of non-executive directors of banks / Sarita Martin. Martin, Sarita GIB MARTIN 2006 Role of boards in strategic goal setting on South African Alt-X listed companies / Mohammed Naim Rassool. Rassool, Mohammed Naim GIB RASSOOL 2009 Bottom of the pyramid Providing financial services to consumers at the base of the pyramid in Nigeria / Nicole Robertson. Robertson, Nicole GIB ROBERTSON 2009 Redefining BOP : in pursuit of sustainable opportunity at the base of the economic pyramid Louw, Andre Isak GIB LOUW 2008 Branding Brand origin and product characteristics effects on corporae versus product brand equity in B2B markets Dimitrov, Silvana GIB DIMITROV

3 Brand positioning : developing a brand position for the South African youth adult market / Lanya D. Stanek. Stanek, Lanya D GIB STANEK 2002 Open source brands and their online brand personality Haarhoff, Gareth GIB HAARHOFF 2008 The effect of line extensions on brand equity / Oscar Makola. Makola, Oscar GIB MAKOLA 2001 The role of brands in South African black middle class society / Hope Veronica Sebona. Sebona, Hope Veronica GIB SEBONA 2007 The role of custom publishing in building customer-based brand equity / Taryn van der Lith. Van der Lith, Taryn GIB VAN DER LITH 2007 The role of sponsorship in building brand value / Neil Marius Hobkirk. Hobkirk, Neil Marius GIB HOBKIRK 2002 Broiler (Poultry) industry To determine the major contributing drivers of brand equity / John Nagel. Nagel, John GIB NAGEL 2001 Understanding the effects of private label brands on branded food companies within the South African marketplace / Sarah Wassell. Wassell, Sarah GIB WASSELL 2004 An investigation of the factors that influence the performance of the South African broiler industry / Charlotte Nkuna. Nkuna, Charlotte GIB NKUNA 2004 Business communication The use of in the business communication channel / S D Smith. Smith, S D GIB SMITH 2002 Business enterprises A study on the effects of industry and time on profitability in listed South African companies / Simon A.B. Morgan. Morgan, Simon A B GIB MORGAN 2007 The use of strengths-based development practices in large South African business / Martin Mvulane. Mvulane, Martin GIB MVULANE 2007 Business ethics An analysis of the social responsibilty / ethical strategies of a pharmaceutical organisation throughout the life cycle of a controversial drug / Mike O'Grady. O'Grady, Mike GIB O'GRADY 2002 Evaluating the effectiveness of ethical decision-making training in a South African organisation / Nkosinathi Zwane. Zwane, Nkosinathi GIB ZWANE 2009 Business incubators Business incubator contributions to the development of businesses in the early stages of the business life-cycle / Peter van der Zee. Van der Zee, Peter GIB VAN DER ZEE 2007 Business intelligence The benefits of implementing business intelligence solutions in a South African banking institution / Jeetesh Vanmare. Vanmare, Jeetesh GIB VANMARE 2006 Business logistics An assessment of information flow as an enabler to collaboration in the supply chain within a South African context / Graham James Oates. Oates, Graham James GIB OATES 2006 Is the collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment model applicable to the South African consumer goods market? / Sean Harvey. Harvey, Sean GIB HARVEY 2003 Turning competitors into customers : criteria to be satisfied in order to gain industry support from outside of a vertically integrated value chain / Ryan Rodney Powell. Powell, Ryan Rodney GIB POWELL 2007 Call centres Management practices that support retention in South African inbound call centres / Ilvo Forgiarini. Forgiarini, Ilvo GIB FORGIARINI 2009 Call centres - Outsourcing Factors influencing performance of call centre agents : a study of a South African outsourced call centre / Fiona Bettesworth. Bettesworth, Fiona GIB BETTESWORTH 2009 An investigation into the relevance of real options analysis for capital budgeting and Capital budgeting - Real options long-term financing decisions at Rand Water / Alaric Pagel. Pagel, Alaric GIB PAGEL

4 Capital investment Optimal capital structure for JSE listed companies. / Murangi N. Ratshikuni. Ratshikuni, Murangi N GIB RATSHIKUNI 2009 Career capital Building career capital for senior managers in the South African public sector / Shireen Crosson. Crosson, Shireen GIB CROSSON 2009 Career capital for high-value knowledge workers in a South African bank / Ethel Nyembe. Nyembe, Ethel GIB NYEMBE 2009 Career changes Mid-career management transition : from corporate manager to entrepreneur / Roy Midlane. Midlane, Roy GIB MIDLANE 2007 Career development A roadmap of career capital accrual for knowledge workers Froneman, Sarel GIB FRONEMAN 2008 Building career capital in high technology research and development organisations / Garsen Naidu. Naidu, Garsen GIB NAIDU 2009 Change An analysis of the strategic change steps in a mining firm, moving from a product to a product-service delivery based business in the mining industy / Pieter W Jordaan. Jordaan, Pieter W GIB JORDAAN 2005 Critical success factors of transformation in the public sector : a case study / Joanne Murphy. Murphy, Joanne GIB MURPHY 2005 Climatic changes Climate change leadership : a study of climate change corporate governance within the mining sector / Venantio Mzenda. Mzenda, Venantio GIB MZENDA 2009 Climate change mitigation and the clean development mechanism in the South African cement industry / Aletta M Walker. Walker, Aletta M GIB WALKER 2006 Commercial real estate A standardised approach to valuing commercial property in South Africa / Athi Canzi Magwentshu. Magwentshu, Athi Canzi GIB MAGWENTSHU 2007 Commodity options The pricing of commodity raw materials to the South African gold mining industry / Robert Mark Brown. Brown, Robert Mark GIB BROWN 2007 Communication Communities of practice Compensation Competition The impact of changes in corn prices on pesticide demand Vermeulen, Abraham GIB VERMEULEN 2008 Investigating the relatonship between salutogenesis and organisation engagement in a manufacturing corporation / Simon Sonn. Sonn, Simon GIB SONN 2009 Critical success factors for communities of practice in the context of the Anglo American corporation / Judith Norah Sandrock. Sandrock, Judith Norah GIB SANDROCK 2006 Employee behaviour towards pay-for-performance in a collections environment of a financial institution De Winnaar, J F GIB DE WINNAAR 2008 An postmortem of corporate failure : an analysis of the effect that remuneration policy has on directors and consequent corporate failure / Warren Young. Young, Warren GIB YOUNG 2002 Comparing the efficiency of competition strategy to coopetition strategy in managed care in South Africa Roux, Stefan GIB ROUX 2008 The impact of competition vs. cooperation between subsidiaries within a multinational corporation / Francois J. P. Retief. Retief, Francois JP GIB RETIEF 2009 The impact of the Motor Industry Develoment Programme on the competitiveness of the automotive component manufacturers Kok, Leo GIB KOK 2008 Competitiveness Competitiveness of South Africa's biotechnology sector Moodley, Nivan GIB MOODLEY 2008 Consumer behaviour of the black middle class within the passenger vehicle market in Consumer behaviour South Africa / Desagen Moodley. Moodley, Desagen GIB GIB MOODLEY

5 Mental accounting : the psychology of South African consumer behaviour / Suchita Ramphal. Ramphal, Suchita GIB RAMPHAL 2006 The antecedent factors and business outcomes of customer delight in fashion retail / Junaid Rawat. Rawat, Junaid GIB RAWAT 2006 Consumer demand The impact of increased electricity prices on consumer demand De Lange, Ezzard GIB DE LANGE 2008 Consumer satisfaction A narrative exploration of prevailing low income consumer perceptions and myth in respect of the banking sector / Leela Ramdhani. Ramdhani, Leela GIB RAMDAHNI 2006 An empirical test of the service-profit chain at the bottom of the pyramid / Bongani Mageba. Mageba, Bongani GIB MAGEBA 2007 Does Mercedes-Benz service customer satisfaction measure the service advisor emotional intelligence? / Darret King. King, Darret GIB KING 2007 Examining the relationship between job satisfaction and customer satisfaction in a South African firm Stanford, David GIB STANFORD 2008 Identification and evaluation of patient satisfaction determinants in medical service delivery systems within the South African private healthcare industry Coovadia, MY GIB COOVADIA 2008 Consumers Consumption (Economics) The consumer-brand relationship amongst low-income consumers Rimmell, Shereen GIB RIMMEL 2008 The relationship between loyalty and business performance in a financial services organisation : an explorative study / Beverley Doyle. Doyle, Beverley GIB DOYLE 2004 Debt counsellors' appropriateness in addressing the requirements of over-indebted consumers and those of the National Credit Act / Mischa Nicholas Niedinger. Niedinger, Mischa Nicholas GIB NIEDINGER 2009 competitive advantage in the private healthcare environment in South Africa / Linda Lombaard. Lombaard, Linda GIB LOMBAARD 2001 Winners and losers : the evolution of consumer spending mix as emerging markets mature / Juanita van der Bergh. Van der Bergh, Juanita GIB VAN DER BERGH 2006 Corn industry Growth strategies for the South African maize industry / Jacqueline Lisa Barnett. Barnett, Jacqueline Lisa GIB BARNETT 2004 Corporate entrepreneurship Corporate entrepreneurship : creating a management model for organisations / Jonathan Fisher. Fisher, Jonathan GIB FISHER 2006 Corporate governance An evaluation of information technology governance in Eskom distribution / Yashmita Bhana. Bhana, Yashmita GIB BHANA 2003 The influence of social factors in corporate governance policy on workplace commitment for female employees in the South African banking industry Singh, Natisha GIB SINGH 2008 The prevalence of corporate governance theories in the South African platinum mining industry Mcube, Hlonitshwa GIB MCUBE 2008 Corporate profits Evaluation of the impact of brand equity on shareholder returns amongst South African companies / Ntebaleng Caroline Madikizela. Madikizela, Ntebaleng Caroline GIB MADIKIZELA 2007 The impact of financial performance on the Best Company to Work For ratings / Hilel Conrad January. January, Hilel Conrad GIB JANUARY 2009 The impact of reported corporate governance disclosure on the financial performance of companies listed on the JSE securities exchange South Africa / Andrew Abdo. Abdo, Andrew GIB ABDO 2006 The relationship between capital structure and the financial performance of the team / Cunning Gangeni. Gangeni, Cunning GIB GANGENI

6 Corporate social responsibility listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) index Tomson, Saul GIB TOMSON 2008 Building and experimentation process model for financial institutions developing personal finance products for the bottom of the pyramid Geldenhuys, Janine GIB GELDENHUYS 2008 Corporate social responsibility and marketing : a conceptual model for measuring the success of CSR / Adri Killian. Kilian, Adri GIB KILIAN 2005 Corporate social responsibility in an inequitable society: the role of the private sector in bridging the South African health care divide / Riedwaan Jabaar. Jabaar, Riedwaan GIB JABAAR 2009 Engaging stakeholders towards good corporate citizenship / Marja Prinsloo. Prinsloo, Marja GIB PRINSLOO 2004 Socially responsible investing and social private equity in South Africa Mtshazo, Zingisa Nozuko GIB MTSHAZO 2008 The strategic benefits of corporate social investment for big business in South Africa / Terry Canin. Canin, Terry GIB CANIN 2002 Using websites to communicate corporate social responsibility for listed financial services companies Morkel, Lisa GIB MORKEL 2008 Corporate social investment as a driver of customer loyalty at the bottom of the pyramid / Kamantha Naidoo. Naidoo, Kamantha GIB NAIDOO 2009 Creativity in business An investigation into innovaton in South Africa / Caryl Regnault. Regnault, Caryl GIB REGNAULT 2003 Developing an innovation strategy scorecard / Itumeleng Mphahlele. Mphahlele, Itumeleng GIB MPHAHLELE 2006 Financial scarcity and abundance of external connections in innovation / S. B. Bekker. Bekker, S B GIB BEKKER 2009 Credit card fraud Combating credit card fraud in the online environment / Rory O'Hagan. O'Hagan, Rory GIB O'HAGAN 2002 A framework that supports the acquisition of reflexive competence in a MBA : South Critical thinking African perspectives / Vasinthee Moodley. Moodley, Vasinthee GIB MOODLEY 2006 Customer loyalty programs Introducing a loyalty programme : key determinants of success / Similo Murape. Murape, Similo GIB MURAPE 2005 Customer relations A framework for applying customer relationship marketing principles to FMCG brands with a specific focus on the beer category / Jacqueline Carnelley. Carnelley, Jacqueline GIB CARNELLEY 2002 An exploratory study into the application of customer experience management within selected financial services firms in South Africa / Juanita Pretorius. Pretorius, Juanita GIB PRETORIUS 2009 Critical success factors for implementing customer relationship management in South African organisations / Thabo Kotoko Ezekiel Mokoto. Mokoto, Thabo Kotoko Ezekiel GIB MOKOTO 2001 Increasing the South African consumer's access to credit through the use of nontraditional sources Scott, Bradleigh GIB SCOTT 2008 Optimising price, service offering and customer relationship management in the South African Courier / Distribution industry / Andrew van der Velde. Van der Velde, Andrew GIB VAN DER VELDE 2003 The consequences of placing consignment inventory in the cardiology market and its role in creating sustainable customer relationship / Jacobus A Botha. Botha, Jacobus Allewyn GIB BOTHA 2001 The readiness of the fleet management industry to implement customer relationship management / Hendrik Lodewyk Cronje. Cronje, Hendrik Lodewyk GIB CRONJE

7 Customer services Debt relief Discrimination Diversity Downsizing E-commerce Economic conditions Economic development Economic downturn Economic growth Economic value added (EVA) E-government E-learning Word-of-mouth marketing is an effective means of relationship marketing / Jason Schmidt. Schmidt, Jason GIB SCHMIDT 2003 Customer retention versus customer acquisition during tough economic times: strategies explored within the South African IT sector / John Middlewick. Middlewick, John GIB MIDDLEWICK 2009 The key dimensions of effective customer service within the South African FMCG industry / Veronica Ross. Ross, Veronica GIB ROSS 2005 Business rescue in South Africa : a critical review of the regulatory environment / Marius N. Alberts. Alberts, Marius N GIB ALBERTS 2004 Space creation : an alternative strategy for achieving employment equity at senior management level / Kalien Selby. Selby, Kalien GIB SELBY 2006 Cultural differences between South Africans, onshore Indians and offshore Indian IT teams / Craig Williams. Williams, Craig GIB WILLIAMS 2009 The relationship between diversity climate perceptions and turnover inmtentions Selome, Gaolatlhe Jackson GIB SELOME 2008 The effects of diversity targeting on the motivation and retention of white technical graduates in a large South African corporation / Alistair Wright. Wright, Alistair GIB WRIGHT 2007 The impact of the diversity climate on the transfer of tacit knowledge in the South African financial sector / Kubendrie Linda Aiyer. Aiyer, Kubendrie Linda GIB AIYER 2006 Effects of downsizing in a South African automotive componet manufacturing environment / Jean du Randt. Du Randt, Jean GIB DU RANDT 2005 An investigation into the effects that Internet user experience, payment reliability and delivery reliability have on e-commerce use in South Africa Comline, Gregory Ian GIB COMLINE 2008 Benefits and barriers emerging market SME's face when adopting e-commerce / Hendrik J. C Kruger. Kruger, Hendrik J C GIB KRUGER 2007 Challenges faced by South African companies when serving low-income markets: a market orientation perspective / Mogomotsi Kele Mokoto. Mokoto, Mogomotsi Kele GIB MOKOTO 2009 Regulation : bit's impact on senior management decision-making and the growth of public companies / Gerhard Botha. Botha, Gerhard GIB BOTHA 2006 The role of the Port of Saldanha in the economic development of the West Coast Region / Lucky Ganzin. Ganzin, Lucky GIB GANZIN 2002 Analysis of the South African automotive retailers in an economic downturn using the resource based view Streicher, Hartogh GIB STREICHER 2008 The relationship between organised religion and economic growth in South Africa / James Simpson. Simpson, James GIB SIMPSON 2009 A comparative analysis of economic value created by South African mining companies in a growing platinum industry / Johannes J. Prinsloo. Prinsloo, Johannes J GIB PRINSLOO 2007 Measuring the economic value that marketing contributes to an organisation / Luisa Mazinter. Mazinter, Luisa GIB MAZINTER 2005 The evaluation of mineral projects using EVA / Washington Musara. Musara, Washington GIB MUSARA 2003 E-Government : an enabler of national competitive advantage in South Africa / Linda Monica Sing. Sing, Linda Monica GIB SING 2002 E-learning as a strategic intervention practical lessons from the financial services sector / Laura Malan. Malan, Laura GIB MALAN

8 Electric power distribution Electricity Emerging markets Emerging markets - Retailing Multi channel e-learning : evaluating the effectiveness of an interactive distance learning training programme for tellers / Melt S van der Spuy. Van der Spuy, Melt S GIB VAN DER SPUY 2001 The antecedents in the restructuring of South Africa's electricity distribution industry / Thami Mnyanga. Mnyanga, Thami GIB MNYANGA 2004 Factors affecting a competitive wholesale electricity market in South Africa / Akash Prakash. Prakash, Akash GIB PRAKASH 2005 economies : how emerging markets are chosen for market entry, a Standard Bank case study / Maidei Lucia Matika. Matika, Maidei Lucia GIB MATIKA 2009 Emerging markets multinational enterprises : South African retail giants moving into Africa / Zakhele Mkhize. Mkhize, Zakhele GIB MKHIZE 2009 Emotional intelligence The elevation of emotional intelligence competencies from the customers perspective Radmanovic, Milan GIB RADMANOVIC 2008 Management practics for retaining highly talented employees in a large South African Employee retention organisation Koetser, Robert Lotter GIB KOETSER 2008 The application of talent management principles at a leading South African mining company / Sabatha Mahote. Mahote, Sabatha GIB MAHOTE 2004 What makes a good retentio strategy for a professional services firm in South Africa / Oloff van Niekerk. Van Niekerk, Oloff GIB VAN NIEKERK 2005 Employment An assessment of the costs and benefits of employing people with disabilities / L.J. Swart. Swart, LJ GIB SWART 2001 Engineering Enterprise architecture Entrepreneurship The employability paradox Sieber, Louisa GIB SIEBER 2008 Why South African engineers choose to leave companies: a replication in the developing world / Craig Brown. Brown, Craig GIB BROWN 2009 Alignment of corporate and information technology strategy using enterprise architecture in Eskom distribution / Christopher C Reddy. Reddy, Christopher C GIB REDDY 2002 A descriptive analysis of the differences between two of the SMME categories in relation to entrepreneurial orientation, age and levels of education in South Africa Noma, Bulelwa GIB NOMA 2008 An exploration of critical success factors in the early stages of new venture creation / Adam Rabinowitz. Rabinowitz, Adam GIB RABINOWITZ 2005 An exploration of innovative teaching methods in the area of entrepreneurship on MBA programmes / Greg Fisher. Fisher, Greg GIB FISHER 2004 Bootstrap financing applied by South African entrepreneurs / Wilhelmus Pretorius. Pretorius, Wilhelmus GIB PRETORIUS 2007 Corporate entrepreneurship in large organisations / Makhosi Kunene. Kunene, Makhosi GIB KUNENE 2006 Do entrepreneurs think differently? : a study of entrepreneurial cerebral dominance and thinking preferences / Philip Costa Constantine. Constantine, Philip Costa GIB CONSTANTINE 2009 Entrepreneurial business opportunities that stem from the current trade imbalance between South Africa and Finland / Anthony Adendorff. Adendorff, Anthony GIB ADENDORFF 2002 Entrepreneurial team formation in the craft sector in South Africa : the case of the Ekurhuleni crafter groups / Anne Marie Tovey. Tovey, Anne Marie GIB TOVEY 2009 Entrepreneurship development in the formal sector through corporate intervention Vosloo, Werner GIB VOSLOO

9 Factors that promote corporate entrepreneurship within the First Rand Bank / Christopher Tshepo Chaka. Chaka, Christopher Tshepo GIB CHAKA 2006 Networks as an enabler of growth for survivalist SMMEs / Isabel Meyer. Meyer, Isabel GIB MEYER 2002 Promoting new venture formation by the unemployed / Brendan le Grange. Le Grange, Brendan GIB LE GRANGE 2007 The benefits of collaboration in the entrepreneurship incubation environment in South Africa / Gloria Dutiro. Dutiro, Gloria GIB DUTIRO 2009 The development of entrepreneurial capability in financial services entrepreneurs / Kenneth Coetzer. Coetzer, Kenneth GIB COETZER 2005 Environment The nature of corporate entepreneurship in the South African liquor industry Kriel, Phoebe GIB KRIEL 2008 The relevance of strategic planning for entrepreneurial businesses in South Africa / A. M. Odame. Odame, A M GIB ODAME 2007 The role of non-traditional business school programmes in fostering social entrepreneurship networks Enslin, Christo GIB ENSLIN 2008 International successess in clean development mechanism implementation: lessons for South Africa / Linda Seroka. Seroka, Linda GIB SEROKA 2009 A methodology to price certified emission reduction certificates from clean development mechanism projects / Rajesh Purohit. Purohit, Rajesh PUROHIT 2006 Accelerating the implementation of the clean development mechanism in South African industry / Grant Little. Little, Grant GIB LITTLE 2006 An analysis of South Africa's sustainable environmental strategy / Liz Moonsamy. Moonsamy, Liz GIB MOONSAMY 2007 Equities To assess the diversification performance of emerging market equity portfolios Mokoena, Trevor Thabang GIB MOKOENA 2008 E-retailing Credibility in an e-retailer : a South African perspective / Rodger Williams. Williams, Rodger GIB WILLIAMS 2007 Executive coaching Executive coaching : a natural extension of the principles of Ubuntu and African humanism / Marti Janse van Rensburg. Janse van Rensburg, Marti GIB JANSE VAN RE 2001 Executive coaching : a tool for advancing blacks into senior management positions / Thababg Motloung. Motloung, Thabang Flavious GIB MOTLOUNG 2007 Expatriation Expatriate management within a context of best practice in the Africa division of a multinational bank / Sisa Ntshona. Ntshona, Sisa GIB NTSHONA 2007 Expatriate management within the context of best practice in a globalised South African organisation / Michael John Hughes. Hughes, Michael John GIB HUGHES 2001 international joint venture? An evaluation of Sasol's permanent settlement policy for the United Kingdom / Anesa Naidoo. Naidoo, Anesa GIB NAIDOO 2007 Managing expatriated Indians in South African organisations through understanding their values Harris, Dawn GIB HARRIS 2008 Optimising return on expatriate investment throught effective management of expatriates / Musa Moment Zwane. Zwane, Musa Moment GIB ZWANE 2001 Exports - Marketing Product and promotion adaptation of selected South African consumer goods export products / Michael Goldman. Goldman, Michael GIB GOLDMAN

10 Family-owned businesses Assessment of the role of Indian women in South African family-owned businesses / Reishana Hoosen. Hoosen, Reishana GIB HOOSEN 2007 Critical success factors for Indian family owned businesses in Kenya / Sheetal Shah. Shah, Sheetal GIB SHAH 2006 Critical successor attributes in Idian family owned businesses in South Africa Desai, Jatheen GIB DESAI 2008 Major factors contributing to the sustainable profitability of South African Indian family businesses / Sugenthiran Moodley. Moodley, Sugenthiran GIB MOODLEY 2006 Understanding the influence of family context on entrepreneurial characteristics / Kamal Patel. Patel, Kamal GIB PATEL 2007 Feedback control systems Determinants of integrity in upward feedback / David Eames. Eames, David GIB EAMES 2006 Finance Factors influencing the provision of turnaround finance to financially distressed companies in South Africa / Nchaupe Khaole. Khaole, Nchaupe GIB KHAOLE 2009 Funding preferences of JSE listed companies: the choice between retained earnings, debt or equity / Letsane Rathaba. Rathaba, Letsane GIB RATHABA 2009 Finance - Mathematical models Finance - Retailing Financial institutions Financial literacy Financial performance Strategies for optimising financial inclusion in South Africa / Mindy Moloi. Moloi, Mindy GIB MOLOI 2009 The influence of year, period, supersector and business specific effects on the profitability of South African publicly listed companies / Matthew Edward Birtch. Birtch, Matthew Edward GIB BIRTCH 2009 The shortrun impact of acquisitions on shareholder value during the economic downturn for acquiring JSE listed companies / Percy Gumede. Gumede, Percy 2009 Assessing financing models to the goals of sustainable consumption / Yusuf Aboobaker. Aboobaker, Yusuf GIB ABOOBAKER 2009 A study of the relationship between market share and profitability in listed South African retail companies / Mutshinyani Magoro. Magoro, Mutshinyani GIB MAGORO 2009 in the treasury services market : an industry analysis of the financial services within South Africa / Martin Jonker. Jessen, Martin GIB JESSEN 2001 lending strategies to the South African small & micro enterprise industry / Rogan Davies. Davies, Rogan GIB DAVIES 2003 The role of financial cooperative in the funding of poor communities / Lenore Cairncross. Cairncross, Lenore GIB CAIRNCROSS 2003 The relationship between financial literacy, economic measures and delayed gratification in South African high school learners / Colette Delene Symanowitz. Symanowitz, Colette Delene GIB SYMANOWITZ 2006 An evaluation of the South African equity market's progress towards developed market behaviour Marais, Carl GIB MARAIS 2008 The characteristics and performance of concept stocks on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange Bryant, Gary GIB BRYANT 2008 The comparative impact of acquisitions on the financial performance of acquiring companies across market segments of the JSE Stevens, T G GIB STEVENS 2008 The F-score as an investment tool to analyse South African listed companies Ramloutan, Nishal GIB RAMLOUTAN 2008 The impact of diversification on the financial performance of organisations listed on the industrial sector of the JSE / Louis Thomas Rushin. Rushin, Louis Thomas GIB RUSHIN

11 The impact of the financial sector charter (FSC) in improving the creation of housing stock in the low-income market Ndlovu, Makhosini GIB NDLOVU 2008 Forecasting Foreign exchange controls Foreign exchange futures Foreign investments The role of Six Sigma in improving financial performance Moore, Bridget GIB MOORE 2008 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange / Andisa Humbulani Arthur Ramavhunga. Ramavhunga, Andisa Humbulani GIB RAMAVHUNGA 2009 The role of rolling forecasts in high environmental uncertainty / Hemendra Seechoonparsad. Seechoonparsad, Hemendra GIB SEECHOONPARSAD 2009 The impact of foreign exchange controls on the economic performance of emerging economies and South Africa in particular Sithole, Thulani GIB SITHOLE 2008 The impact of foreign exchange controls on the economic performance of emerging economies and South Africa in particular / Vikesh Neil Singh. Singh, Vikesh Neil GIB SINGH 2007 The affect of exchange rate and inflation on foreign direct investment and iits relationship with ecoomic growth in South Africa Kiat, Jason GIB KIAT 2008 The impact of primary off-shore listing by South African companies on shareholder value / Sello Ntsihlele. Ntsihlele, Sello GIB NTSIHLELE 2001 Forensic accounting Quality management in forensic accounting / Corn?? Oberholzer. Oberholzer, Corn?? GIB OBERHOLZER 2002 The nature of the relationship between franchisors and franchisees / Charisse Franchising Mignon Biddulph. Biddulph, Charisse Mignon GIB BIDDULPH 2002 Freight and freightage The role of freight forwarding and clearing agent in the supply chain / Maria du Preez. Du Preez, Maria GIB DU PREEZ 2002 Factors influencing the success of ethanol production for use in liquid transport fuels Fuels in South Africa / Tammy Chetty. Chetty, Tammy GIB CHETTY 2007 Gold Likeliness of a new Greenfield deep level gold mine in South Africa's Witwatersrand basin / Vaughn Duke. Duke, Vaugn GIB DUKE 2003 A framework for measuring and monitoring the financial performance of state owened Government business enterprise enterprises in South Africa / Nomfanelo Magwentshu. Magwentshu, Nomfanelo GIB MAGWENTSH 2001 Are South African public private partnerships achieving their stated objectives? / Alice Rennie. Rennie, Alice GIB RENNIE 2003 The maturity of enterprise architecture and challenges to its evolution in the South Health facilities African private healthcare service industry / Valter Adao. Adao, Valter GIB ADAO 2007 Health insurance Impact of the proposed national health insurance legislation on the sustainability of the South African private hospital industry / Dumisani Sizwe Bomela. Bomela, Dumisani Sizwe GIB BOMELA 2009 Hedge funds Regulation in the hedge fund industry / Jonathan Betsalel. Betsalel, Jonathan GIB BETSALEL 2006 The impact of corporate hedging on stock price performance / Nicholas Richard Towle. Towle, Nicholas Richard GIB TOWLE 2006 HIV/Aids Evaluating the HIV/Aids programmes in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Gauteng / M Geleba. Geleba, Mandisa GIB GELEBA 2004 Evaluation of the response of the mining and transport sectors to the HIV/AIDS epidemic Jenkings, Quinton GIB JENKINGS 2008 Impact of HIV/Aids on the retail banking market / Vasagi Nalini Moodley. Moodley, Vasagi Nalini GIB MOODLEY

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20 Impact of regulations on pharma company strategies / Kirti Narsai. Narsai, Kirti GIB NARSAI 2004 The impact of the healthcare transformation process on ethical multinational pharmaceutical companies' marketing and sales strategies / Suliman Tikly. Tikly, Sukiman GIB TIKLY 2005 An investigation into the reasons for turnover of black mining graduates at the Platinum mines and mining - Houoperational level in the South African gold mining industry / Richard Allen Cox. Cox, Richard Allen GIB COX 2003 Why are Anglo Platinum senior employees not interested in owning their own houses in the Rustenburg area / David Paul Cohead. Cohead, David Paul GIB COHEAD 2003 Assesing the business value of software process improvement using CMMI in South Process improvement Africa Cohen, Douglas James GIB COHEN 2008 Procurement A comparison of the Souh African procurement environment with global best practice / Gareth David William Rule. Rule, Gareth David William GIB RULE 2007 Product management Production management IT hardware purchasing influences in business / Lisa Voudouris. Voudouris, Lisa GIB 004 VOUDOURIS 2005 A critical assessment of the current procurement strategy of a major South African bank / Samantha Butchart. Butchart, Samantha GIB BUTCHART 2005 The role of personality traits and motivation in determining brand ambassador performance in the alcoholic beverage industry / Michael P. C. Byers. Byers, Michael P C GIB BYERS 2006 Actions for facilitating the integraton of the value chain in South African industrial manufacturing companies / George Polly. Polly, George GIB POLLY 2005 Condition monitoring for the future: a South African perspective / J R Vegter. Vegter, J R (Johannes Roelf) GIB VEGTER 2001 The role of manufacturer incentives as control mechanisms within the automotive industry of South Africa / Alheit Fischer. Fischer, Alheit GIB FISCHER 2009 The value-driving potential of budgeting in South African manufacturing companies / Joan King. King, Joan GIB KING 2009 Causal factors that influence turnover intent in a manufacturing organisation Lewis, Maximillian GIB LEWIS 2008 Project management Impact and management of project stakeholders in the chemical sector Moodley, Anban GIB MOODLEY 2008 Measuring project success : a case study within a South African institution / Madimetja William Seloane. Seloane, Madimetja William GIB SELOANE 2009 Project management maturity versus project success in South African companies / Andre Roux. Roux, Andre GIB ROUX 2007 Using an action based research approach to select and implement a project portfolio management system at a De Beers R&D facility / Faried Sallie. Sallie, Faried GIB SALLIE 2003 The impact of human resource practices on the psychological contract a quantitative Psychological contract study / Johannes Gotsilemang Shuping. Shuping, Johannes Gotsilemang GIB SHUPING 2009 The role of the psychological contract among blue-collar workers in the underground coal mining industry / Lars Fransen Steyn. Steyn, Lars Fransen GIB STEYN 2009 The role of the psychological contract and its influence on engineers' worker engagement / Kevin Stasch. Stasch, Kevin GIB STASCH 2009 Public relations Measuring the effectiveness of public relations spend in South African companies / Stacey Lee Maud. Maud, Stacey Lee GIB MAUD

Academic Discourse Graduate. Business Administration

Academic Discourse Graduate. Business Administration Academic Discourse Graduate ADG 400 Orientation. This five-week course is designed to provide international students with an introduction to graduate-level study at Benedictine University and to the BU

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G R A D U A T E P R O G R A M S GRADUATE PROGRAMS 18 Graduate Studies MASTER S PROGRAMS etc.) to understand a firm s progress in maximizing its value to stakeholders PART-TIME MBA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MISSION STATEMENT

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COMMERCE (Postgraduate Courses)

COMMERCE (Postgraduate Courses) UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND, DUBLIN COMMERCE (Postgraduate Courses) SESSION 2000/2001 University College Dublin NOTE This booklet contains information on postgraduate courses

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ARTICLE II AUTHORITY TO OPERATE Section 2. Section 3. Degree ARTICLE II AUTHORITY TO OPERATE All private higher education institutions (PHEIs) intending to offer the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) must first secure

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THE MBA PROGRAM CURRICULUM THE MBA PROGRAM CURRICULUM Module I Principles of Management Introduction to Management Management: An Overview: Definitions of Management; The Role of Management; Functions of Managers; Levels of Management;

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Advanced Knowledge to Periphery for Accelerating Development

Advanced Knowledge to Periphery for Accelerating Development Faculty of Postgraduate Studies- University of Colombo Advanced Knowledge to Periphery for Accelerating Development Postgraduate Courses on Public Sector Management Through IT for Top Public Sector Personnel

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MBA HANDBOOK 2011-2012

MBA HANDBOOK 2011-2012 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MBA HANDBOOK 2011-2012 Committed to Excellence in Europe Committed to Excellence in Europe CONTENTS Welcome Why in Cyprus University of Nicosia Introduction MBA Programme Philosophy

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John F. Welch College of Business

John F. Welch College of Business John F. Welch College of Business 2010-2011 Sacred Heart University Undergraduate Catalog John F. Welch College of Business John J. Petillo, Ph.D., Dean MISSION STATEMENT The John F. Welch College of Business

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Bachelor of Science in Business Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Human Resource Management Bachelor of Science in Business Human Resource Management The Bachelor of Science in Business Human Resource Management is a competency-based program that enables students to earn a Bachelor of Science

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EUROPEAN COMMISSION E U R O P E 2 0 2 0. A European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

EUROPEAN COMMISSION E U R O P E 2 0 2 0. A European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth EUROPEAN COMMISSION E U R O P E 2 0 2 0 A European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth Preface 2010 must mark a new beginning. I want Europe to emerge stronger from the economic and financial

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MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CURRICULUM DEGREE REQUIREMENTS Foundation Courses* Master of Business Administration MB8002 Quan Mthds for Bus 1 MB8004 Accounting 1 MB8005 Finance 1 MB8006 Economics

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MBA COURSES MBA-ACC 501: Managerial Accounting Required, Finance certificate requirement MBA-STAT 505: Applied Statistics for Business Decisions

MBA COURSES MBA-ACC 501: Managerial Accounting Required, Finance certificate requirement MBA-STAT 505: Applied Statistics for Business Decisions MBA COURSES MBA-ACC 501: Managerial Accounting This course introduces the use and analysis of accounting data so that managers may better conduct planning, controlling, and decision-making. In the first

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MBA-ECO 510: Managerial Economics MBA-MAN 520: Organizational Behavior MBA-MKTG 530: Marketing Management MBA-FIN 540: Corporate Finance

MBA-ECO 510: Managerial Economics MBA-MAN 520: Organizational Behavior MBA-MKTG 530: Marketing Management MBA-FIN 540: Corporate Finance MBA Program of Study Semester One (October-February) Quarter One Quarter Two MBA-ACCT 501: Managerial Accounting MBA-STAT 505: Applied Statistics for Business Decisions MBA-COM 515: Leadership Communication

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Government Collage University, Faisalabad. Master in Public Administration

Government Collage University, Faisalabad. Master in Public Administration Government Collage University, Faisalabad SCHEME OF STUDIES Master in Public Administration Under Distance Education Program From 2012 and onwards Directorate of Distance Learning Education Department

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Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Management Bachelor of Science in Business Management The Bachelor of Science in Business Management is a competencybased program that enables leaders and managers in organizations to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

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Annual Report 2010. Taking control of growth

Annual Report 2010. Taking control of growth Annual Report 2010 Taking control of growth We re taking control of growth at Experian by focusing our efforts on our best opportunities. Firstly, we re doing more to expand our global reach into key vertical

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management

Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management The Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management is a competencybased program that enables marketing and sales professionals to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

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Commerce. University College Dublin An Coláiste Ollscoile Baile Átha Cliath. (Undergraduate Programmes)

Commerce. University College Dublin An Coláiste Ollscoile Baile Átha Cliath. (Undergraduate Programmes) An Coláiste Ollscoile Baile Átha Cliath National University of Ireland, Dublin Ollscoil na héireann, Baile Átha Cliath Commerce (Undergraduate Programmes) Session 2004/05 Note This booklet contains information

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BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (BUS) Fall 2015 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (BUS) Fall 2015 Business Management (BUS) Major and Minor in Business Management College of Business Dean: Manuel London Associate Dean for the Business Program, Accounting Minor, and

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Model Accounting Curriculum (Revised)

Model Accounting Curriculum (Revised) UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT Geneva Model Accounting Curriculum (Revised) UNITED NATIONS UNCTAD/DIAE/MISC/2011/ 1 Model Accounting Curriculum (Revised) Contents INTRODUCTION...1

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December 2012 Rwanda 51% equity stake in CIMERWA acquired. 600 000tpa plant under construction, to be commissioned in 2015.

December 2012 Rwanda 51% equity stake in CIMERWA acquired. 600 000tpa plant under construction, to be commissioned in 2015. OVERVIEW OF PPC EXPANSION TIMELINE As the industry leader in southern Africa, with over 120 years of experience, PPC aims to become a leading emerging-market business (detailed in our strategy on page

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Academic Standards for Business, Computer and Information Technology

Academic Standards for Business, Computer and Information Technology Academic Standards for Business, Computer and Information Technology April 2012 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 333 Market Street Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

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I. (((((for private circulation only) SYLLABUS. Postgraduate Programme in Business Management. Batch 2012-14EC. Office of the Dean

I. (((((for private circulation only) SYLLABUS. Postgraduate Programme in Business Management. Batch 2012-14EC. Office of the Dean I. (((((for private circulation only) SYLLABUS Postgraduate Programme in Business Management Batch 2012-14EC Office of the Dean June 2012 Preface Programme Design and Requirements I. ECONOMICS CONTENTS

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) KENT Centre for Distance Learning Karnataka State Open University Syllabus Master of Business Administration (MBA) Page 1 of 40 KENT Centre for Distance Learning Semester I CODE SUBJECT CREDITS Management-

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MBA. Masters in Business Administration. Bradford University School of Management

MBA. Masters in Business Administration. Bradford University School of Management MBA Masters in Business Administration Bradford University School of Management Bradford University School of Management has been providing students with an opportunity to study for an MBA via distance

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