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7 » * *? * ^ -^ THE LAWYERS' LIST ;/ A SELECTED LIST OF GENERAL PRACTP TIONERS, CORPORATION AND TRIAL LAWYERS OF THE UNITED STATES OP AMERICA Containing also a List of Counsel in Patent^ Trade-Mark and CopyrightCauses in the United States and Canada^ and the names ofrepresentativelegal Pra fition^ ers in Canada^ England^ Scotland^ Ire* land^ Central America^ South America^ Africa^ Asia^ Australasia and Europe. MCMXVllI * 4 J?" ^ s HUBERT R. BROWN, Vublisher 70 Fifth Avenue, New York U.S. A

8 81186 Copyright, 1918, by Hubert R. Brown? «* urton E*

9 «CONTENTS AMERICA, UNITED STATES of General Practitioners^ "c Counsel in Patent Causes^ "c Counsel in Patent Causes y "c. Foreign Countries America, Central 458 America, South Africa 4S2-4S3 Africa, South Asia Australasia Canada, Dominion of General PractitionerSy ffc Counsel in Patent Causes, l^c. 377"" Europe Great Mexico Britain West India Islands


11 INDEX UNITED STATES 0/ AMERICA PagB Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado 38 Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia. Florida Georgia 54 Hawaii 63 Idaho 64 Illinois 66 Indiana 80 Montana Nebraska Nevada New New New New North North Ohio Oklahoma Hampshire Jersey Mexico York Carolina Dakota Oregon Pennsylvania Philippine Islands Porto Rico Iowa 89 Rhode Island 276 Kansas 98 South Carolina 279 Kentucky 104 South Dakota 282 Louisiana no Tennessee 28s Maine 114 Maryland 118 Texas Utah Massachusetts 123 Michigan 137 Minnesota 147 Mississippi 155 Missouri 159 Wyoming.., Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin s 329 CENTRAL AMERICA Pag Pagt Costa Rica 45S British Honduras Republic of Honduras 458 Republic of Salvador. 458

12 INDEX SOUTH AMERICA Argentine Republic Pat0 Pagf Ecuador 465 Bolivia 462 Panama 465 Brazil 462 Paraguay 465 British Guiana 463 Peru 466 Chile 463 Uruguay 466 Republic of Colombia 464 Venezuela 466 AFRICA Pag Pag9 Algeria 452 Congo Free State. Canary Islands 452 Egypt 453 SOUTH AFRICA Pag0 Pag Cape Colony 454 Orange River Colony. 456 Natal 455 Transvaal 456 ASIA Pag9 China 467 Java (Dutch East /n- Pag Hong Kong 467 dies) 469 India 468 Siam 470 Japan 469 Straits Settlements AUSTRALASIA Pagt Pag0 471 New South Wales.. South Australia New Zealand 471 Tasmania 473 Queensland 472 Western Australia Victoria 473

13 INDEX DOMINION OF CANADA (Arul Newfoundland) Pag Pag0 Alberta 377 Ontario 386 British Columbia Prince Edward Is'd Manitoba 381 Quebec 396 New Brunswick 384 Saskatchewan Nova Scoria 385 Yukon Newfoundland EUROPE Pag0 Pant Austria-Hungary 475 Luxemburg 483 Channel Islands 476 Norway 483 Denmark 476 Portugal 484 France 476 Roumania 484 Germany 478 Russia 485 Greece 480 Spain 486 Holland 481 Sweden 487 Italy 481 Switzerland 487 Turkey 488 GREAT BRITAIN Pag9 England 405 Scotland Pag Ireland MEXICO Mexico City 404 Pag Bermuda WEST INDIA ISLANDS {And Danish Wist Indies) Pagt Pag9 459 Jamaica 461 Barbados 459 St. Croix 460 Cuba 459 St. Thomas 460 Danish West Indies 460. Dominican Republic 460

14 PREFACE The edition of The Lawyers' List has been compiled with all of the scrupulous care customarily employed by its publisher in the effort to maintain the standing of this publication as regards accuracy and reliability. We are unable this year, as last, to present the lists of lawyers for Germany, France, Russia, Austria, Italy, and the other countries at war, without the accompanying norice that they are published with that degree of uncertainty which is unavoidable under the present conditions in Europe. The compilation for Great Britain is, we believe, quite reliable, while the compilations for the other warring countries are as dependable as it has been possible for us to make them. We are once again regretfully obliged to omit Belgium altogether. The Lawyers' List is a selected list of Legal Practitioners, international in scope. It is assembled with the most painstaking care; with assistance and counsel from authoritative and responsible sources. It serves as a guide in the selection of Counsel, and is published for the use of Members of the Bar, the legal departments of Corporauons, and others requiring the services of legal correspondents. In the present edition, for the year 1918, the work of revision has been accomplished as the result of extensive investigation, covering every city and town (except in the cases of some of the cities and towns in certain of the warring nations) of the several countries represented in this volume. The most careful and comprehensive inquiry has been made in respect to the character and standing of the Members of the Bar named in The Lawyers' List, and it is believed that this work contains only the names of able, responsible c6nfidence. lawyers who are deserving of the fullest Eminent Members of the Bar in the principal cities and towns of the United States, for years associated with

15 PREFACE Thf Lawyers' List, have aided in the compilation for this country. They have given the publisher of The Lawyers' List the benefit of their knowledge and experience, and their familiar acquaintance with many practitioners. This information has been supplemented with advice and opinions from the officers of bank institutions, the legal departments of prominent Corporations, and from other trustworthy sources. The names of Counsel in Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright Causes have been assembled with the assistance this of many of the most eminent lawyers engaged in practice. In Canada and Great Britain the conditions with reference to Patent and Trade-Mark practice differ from those which prevail in the United States. There, Patent Solicitors, so-called, are frequently expert draftsmen and engineers, and conduct the business of procuring patents, and they are not, as a rule, members of the legal profession. While Solicitors in Canada and Great Britain do not specialize in Patent practice as do Members of the ng Bar in this country, certain firms of General Practitioners have had large experience in the conduct of Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright litigation,and are fully qualified to undertake any commissions relating to causes of this character. We present as Counsel in Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright causes, instances, the names of Members of the Bar. in all The methods employed in compiling The Lawyers' List for the United States have obtained, also, in the selection of the names of Practitioners in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe. The names given American, English have been assembled with the aid of and Canadian law firms which have had occasion to retain Counsel in these countries; and with the added assistance of the principalforeign banking institutions, and others. I am indebted, as well, to the foreign representatives of

16 Chicago, PREFACE the United States for such information as they could consistently give, and for useful data from the Department of Commerce and Labor, at Washington. and I gratefullyacknowledge, in particular,the valued aid the many courtesies accorded by Members of the Bar here named, in the preparation of this compilation of General Practitioners, Corporation and Trial Lawyers: Sullivan " Cromwell New York, N. Y. Simpson, Thacher " Bartlett New York, N. Y. Homblower, Miller, Garrison " Potter New York, N.Y. Cravath " Henderson New York, N. Y. Taylor, Humes k Begg New York, N. Y. Joline, Larkin " Rathbone New York, N. Y. Cadwalader, Wickersham " Taft..New York, N. Y. Hughes, Rounds, Schurman " Dwight New York, N. Y. Evarts, Choate " Sherman New York, N. Y. Guthrie, Bangs " van Sinderen...New York, N. Y. Stetson, Jennings " Russell New York, N. Y. Judah, Willard, Wolf " Reichmann.Chicago, Isham, Lincoln " Beale Chicago* 111- Church " McMurdy Chicago, 111. Nelson, Little " Gordon Chicago, III. Scott, Bancroft, Martin " Stephens.. III. Frank E. Lord Chicago, III. Miller, Starr, Brown, Packard " Peckham Chicago, III. Wilson, Moore " Mcllvaine Chicago, 111. Burry, Johnstone " Peters Chicago, 111. Butz, von Ammon " Johnston Chicago, III. Dunbar, Nutter 6c McClennen Boston, Mass. Gaston, Snow " Saltonstall Boston, Mass. Ropes, Gray, Boyden " Perkins Boston, Mass. Storey,Thomdike, Palmer " Dodge Boston,. Mass. Whipple, Sears " Ogden Boston, Mass.

17 ..Cleveland, PREFACE Matthews, Thompson " Spring Boston, Mass. John Hampton Barnes Philadelphia, Pa. Dickson, Beitler " McCouch Philadelphia, Pa. A. H. Wintersteen Philadelphia, Pa. George Wharton Pepper Philadelphia, Pa. Simpson, Brown " Williams Philadelphia, Pa. Patterson, Crawford, Miller " Arensberg Pittsburgh, Sterrett and Acheson Pittsburgh, Pa. Burleigh " Challener Pittsburgh, Pa. Dalzell, Fisher " Hawkins Pittsburgh, Pa. Reed, Smith, Shaw " Beal Pittsburgh, Pa. Knapp, O'Malley, Hill" Harris Scranton, Pa. Boyle 8c Priest St. Louis, Mo. Warwick Massey Hough St. Louis, Mo. Lehmann " Lehmann St. Louis, Mo. Watts, Gentry " Lee St. Louis, Mo. Nagel " Kirby St. Louis, Mo. James A. Seddon St. Louis, Mo. Bernard Carter " Sons Baltimore, Md. Venable, Baetjer " Howard Baltimore, Md. Semmes, Bowen " Semmes Baltimore, Md. Barton, Wilmer " Stewart Baltimore, Md. Marbury, Gosnell " Williams Baltimore, Md. Maxwell " Ramsey Cincinnati, Ohio Harmon, Colston, Goldsmith " Hoadly Cincinnati, Ohio Hoyt, Dustin, Kelley, McKeehan " Andrews Cleveland, Ohio Kline, Niman, Buss " Holliday Cleveland, O. Tolles, Hogsett, Ginn " Morley.. Pa. O. Squire, Sanders " Dempsey Cleveland, Ohio M. B. " H. H. Johnson Cleveland, Ohio Morton, Irvine, Turner " Blanch ard Columbus, Ohio McMahon " McMahon Dayton, Ohio Brown, Geddes, Schmettau " Williams.Toledo,Ohio

18 PREFACE Locke, Babcock, Spratt " Hollister. Buffalo, N. Y. Moot, Spirague, Brownell " Marcy...Buffalo, N. Y. Chickering " Gregory San Francisco, Cal. Goodfellow, Eells, Moore " Orrick San Francisco, Cal. Pillsbuiy, Madison " Sutro... San Francisco, Cal. Harrison " Harrison San Francisco, Cal. Gibson, Dunn " Crutch er Los Angeles, Cal. Stevenson,Carpenter,Butzel " Backus Detroit,Mich. Warren, Cady, Ladd " Hill Detroit, Mich. Campbell, Bulkley " Ledyard Detroit, Mich. Angell, Bodman " Turner Detroit, Mich. Donnelly, Hally, Lyster " Munro. Detroit, Mich. Brewster, Howell " Heyman Atlanta, Ga King " Spalding Atlanta, Ga. C. T., L. C. " J. L. Hopkins Atlanta, Ga. Tye, Peeples " Tye Atlanta, Ga. Harris, Harris " Wkman Macon, Ga. Hardeman, Jones, Park " Johnston...Macon, Ga. Adams " Adams Savannah, Ga. Keith, Kingman, Cross " Wallace Minneapolis, Minn. Palmer Pillans Mobile, Ala. George C. Bedell Jacksonville, Fla. Miller, Parker, Riley " Stewart Des Moines, Iowa Baker, Botts, Parker " Garwood Houston, Tex. Andrews, Streetman, Burns " Logue Houston, Tex. Pickens, Moores, Davidson " Pickens Indianapolis, Ind. Miller, Dailey " Thompson Indianapolis, Ind. Barrett, Morris " Hoffman Fort Wayne, Ind. Collins " Corbin Jersey City, N. J. Lindabuiy, Depue " Faulks Newark, N. J. McCarter " English Newark, N. J.

19 PREFACE Trabue, Doolan " Crawford Louisville* Ky. Humphrey, Middleton " Humphrey. Louisville, Ky. Fairleigh " Fairleigh Louisville, Ky. Miller, Mack " Fairchild Milwaukee, Wis. Quarles, Spence " Quarles Milwaukee, Wis. Upham, Black, Russell " Richardson Milwaukee, Bottum, Bottum, Hudnall " Lecher Milwaukee, Wis. Wis. Flanders " Fawsett Milwaukee, Wis. McKenney " Flannery Washington, D. C. Farrar, Goldberg " Dufour New Orleans, La. Howe, Fenner, Spencer " Cocke. New Orleans, La. Denegre, Leovy Be ChafFe New Orleans, La. Edwards " Angell Providence, R. L Munford, Hunton, Williams " Anderson Richmond, Va. Van Winkle " Ambler Parkersburg, W. Va. William S. Hilles Wilmington, Del. Cates " Price Knoxville, Tenn. Engerud) Divet, Holt " Frame Fargo, N. D. Bailey " Voorhees Sioux Falls, S. D. Streeter, Demon d, Wood worth " Sulloway Concord, N. H. Blair " Lillard Topeka, Kans. Frank M. Hall Lincoln, Neb. Gurley " Fitch Omaha, Neb. John Lee Webster Omaha, Neb. George M. Hogan St. Albans, Vt. James M. Ashton Tacoma, Wash. Ross, Ross " Alexander Fort Worth, Tex. Thompson, Barwise " Wharton.. Fort Worth, Tex. Smith, Gage " Dresser Worcester, Mass. Mayes " Mayes Jackson, Miss. Gross, Hyde " Shipman Hartford, Conn. Robinson, Robinson " Cole Hartford, Conn. Ailing,Webb 6c Morehouse New Haven, Conn.

20 PREFACE Bristol " White New Haven, Conn. Marsh, Stoddard " Day Bridgeport, Conn. Moore, Smith, Moore " Trieber. Little Rock, Ark. Webber " Leamy Rutland, Vt. Davis, Marshall, Macneill " Pugh Vancouver, B. C, Can. Pitblado, Hoskin, Grundy, Bennest " Haig Hudson, Ormond, Spice Winnipeg, Man., Can. " Symington Winnipeg, Man., Can. Tupper, McTavish, Foley " Tupper Winnipeg, Man., Can. Aylesworth, Wright, Moss " Thompson Toronto, Ont., Can. Blake, Lash, Anglin " Cassels. Toronto, Ont., Can. Cassels, Brock, Kelley " ts] Falconbridge Toronto, Ont., Can. Crombie, Worrell " Gwynne..Toronto, Ont., Can. Saunders, Torrance " Kingsmill Toronto, Ont., Can. Brown, Montgomery " Mc- Michael Montreal, Que., Can. Fleet, Falconer, Phelan " Bovey Montreal, Que., Can. Lafleur, MacDougall, Macfarlane " Barclay Montreal, Que., Can. McGibbon, Casgrain, Mitchell " Casgrain Montreal, Que., Can. MacKenzie, Brown, Thorn " Company Regina, Sask., Can. Simpson " Marwick Edinburgh, Scotland Richard A. Macnamara Dublin, Ireland I acknowledge, also, the courteous assistance given by these Members of the Bar in the compilation of the list of Counsel in Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright Causes:

21 PREFACE Dyer " Taylor New York, N. Y. Kenyon " Kenyon New York, N. Y. Wetmore " Jenner New York, N. Y. Gifford "BuIl New York, N.Y. Redding, Greeley " Goodlett.... New York, N. Y. Bartlett " Brownell New York, N. Y. Duell, Warfield " Duell New York, N. Y. Fraley " Paul Philadelphia,Pa. Offield, Towle, Graves " Offield Chicago, 111. Dyrenforth, Lee, Chritton " Wiles Chicago, 111. Banning " Banning Chicago, 111. Brown " Nissen Chicago, III. Bakewell " Church St. Louis, Mo. Emery, Booth, Janney " Vamey... Boston, Mass. Roberts, Roberts " Cushman Boston, Mass. Wright, Brown, Quinby " May Boston, Mass. John H. Miller San Francisco, Cal. Owen, Owen " Crampton Toledo, Ohio Thurston " Kwis Cleveland, Ohio Staley " Bowman Springfield,Ohio Orwig " Bair Des Moines, Iowa Morsell, Keeney " French Milwaukee, Wis. Erwin " Wheeler Milwaukee, Wis. Bottum, Bottum, Hudnall " Lecher Milwaukee, Wis. Flanders " Fawsett Milwaukee, Wis. Church " Church Washington, D. C. Nfauro, Cameron, Lewis Be Massie Washington, D. C. Elwin M. Hulse Fort Wayne, Ind. Tupper, McTavish, Foley " Tupper Winnipeg, Man., Can. Henry, Rogers, Harris " Stewart Halifax, N. S., Can. Aylesworth, Wright, Moss " Thompson Toronto, Ont., Can. Blake, Lash, Anglin " Cassels. Toronto, Ont., Can.

22 PREFACE Cassels, Brock, Kelley " Falconbridge Toronto, Ont., Can. Lafleur, MacDougall, Macfarlane " Barclay Montreal, Que., Can. H. R. B.


24 Alabama The Lawyers' List BIRMINGHAM, JeffersonCounty {Continued) V. J. Nesbit American Trust Building Valentine J. Nesbit Evans Dunn John R. Boyle Percy, Bbnnbrs " Burr Augustus Brown'Marx Borden Burr Benners Le Roy P. Percy James Rice D. K. McKamy Building J. R. Forman A. G. ". D. Smith First National Bank Building Addison Gillespie Smith Edward Devereux Smith StOKBLY, ScRIVNER " DOMINICK First National Bank Building J. T. Stokely R. H. Scrivner Frank Dominick I. M. Engel Tillman, Bradley " Morrow Empire Building John P. Tillman Lee C. Bradley Hugh Morrow Mortimer M. Baldwin Charles E. Rice John S. Stone i8

25 The Lawyers' List Alabama BIRMINGHAM, Jefferson County (Continued) Tillman, Bradley " Morrow (Continued) Empire Building Ernest L. All W. B. White T. A. McFarland James A. Simpson John M. Bradley William M. Rogers F. M. Brown Spier Whitaker American Trust Building Brewton Leigh " Hamilton Butler O. L. Gray Camden Bonner " Miller Carrollton M. B. Curry Center Hugh M. Reed Centerville Jerome T. Fuller Chatom Granade " Granade Clanton Middleton " Reynolds Clayton George W. Peach Columbia Refer to Dothan Columbiana Browne, Leeper " Koenig Cullman George H. Parker Dadeville Jere C. Dennis Decatur Refer to Albany Demopolis Refer to Greensboro Dothan T. M. Espy Double Springs Zadock McVay Elba C. Riley Ensley Refer to Birmingham Enterprise Richard H. Arrington Eufaula A. H. Merrill " Sons 19

26 Alabama The Lawyers' List Euuw Refer to Greensboro Evergreen Hamilton " Stallworth Fayette Beasley " Wright Florala G. W. Reeves Florence Ashcraft " Bradshaw Fort Payne J. A. Davis Gadsden Boykin " Duke Girard Refer to Seale Greensboro Evins " Jack Greenville Lane " Lane Grove Hill Quincey W. Tucker Guntersville John A. Lusk " Son Haleyville Refer to Double Springs Hamilton C. E. MitcheU Hartford Refer to Geneva Hartsells John R. Sample Hayneville Refer to Montgomery Headland Refer to Abbeville Heflin J. R. Barker Huntsville David A. Grayson Hurtsboro Refer to Seale ackson Refer to Grove Hill acksonville.^ Refer to Anniston asper J. H. Bankhead, Jr. Lafayette James A. Hines Linden Refer to Greensboro Lineville Refer to Ashland Livingston Refer to Greensboro Luveme Frank B. Bricken Marion Refer to Greensboro 20

27 Thf Lawyers' List Alabama MOBILE, Mobile County Palmer Pillans Fan Antwerp Building Palmer Pillans Milton V. Hanaw William Buck Taylor Gregory L. " H. H. Smith S6 St. Michael Street Gregory L. Smith Harry H. Smith Earl. Brogan Stevens, McCorvey " McLeod City Bank Building Thomas M. Stevens Gessner T. McCorvey William McLeod David B. Goode Monroeville Bamett, Bugg "Lee MONTGOMERY, Montgomery County Hill, Hill, Whiting " Thomas loyi ffaskington Street? WilUam W. Hill Wiley C. Hill A. Fred Whiting J. Render Thomas W. Raymond Cooper Weil, Stakely " Vardaman first National Bank Building Lee H. Weil Davis F. Stakely John W. Vardaman 31

28 Alabama The Lawyers' List Moulton James M. Irwin Opelika R. B. Barnes Ozark H. L. Martin Pell City M. M. " V. H. Smith Phoenix Refer to Opelika Piedmont Refer to Anniston Prattville Eugene Ballard Roanoke Refer to Wedowee Rockford John W. Batson Russellville William H. Key St. Stephens Refer to Chatom Samson Refer to Geneva Scottsboro Bouldin " Wimberly Scale Glenn " de GrafFenreid Selma Pettus, Fuller " Lapsley Sheffield Andrews " Peach Sylacauga Refer to Talladega Talladega Knox, Acker, Dixon " Sims Tallassee Refer to Wetumpka Thomasville Refer to Grove Hill Troy J. H. Wilkerson Tuscaloosa Henry A. Jones Tuscumbia A. H. Carmichael Tuskegee H. R. Powell Union Springs J. D. Norman Uniontown Refer to Greensboro Vernon J. C. Milner Wedowee H. T. Bums West Blockton Refer to Centerville Wetumpka Frank W. Lull 32

29 The Lawyers* List Alaska Alaska FAIRBANKS McGowAN " Clark Fairbanks Banking Company Bldg. Thomas A. McGowan John A. Clark Iditarod Refer to Fairbanks Juneau Shackelford " Bayless Ketchikan Charles. IngersoU Nome O. D. Cochran Seward L. V. Ray Sitka. Refer to Juneau Skagway Refer to Juneau Valdez Thomas J. Donahoe 23

30 Arizona The Lawyers' List Arizona BIsbee Ellenwood " Ron Clifton L. Kearney Douglas Albert M. Sames Flagstaff Thomas A. Flynn Florence Bailey P. Wootton Globe Morris " Malott Holbrook D. J. Thomas Jerome Heyward M. Gibbes Kingman Carl G. Krook Mesa George W. Silverthom Miami Refer to Globe Nogales S. F. Noon PHOENDi; Maricopa County Chalmers, Stahl, Fennemore " Longan Fleming Block Louis H. Chalmers Floyd M. Stahl H. M. Fennemore John M. Longan Prescott Norris " Norris SaflFord W. R. Chambers St. Johns Gilbert E. Greer Solomonsville Refer to SaSbrd Tempe Refer to Phoenix Tombstone Lee 0. Woolery Tucson Selim M. Franklin Winslow Refer to Holbrook Yuma C. A. Lindeman 24


32 Arkansas The Lawyers' List Evening Shade Refer to Batesville Faycttcville Walker " Walker Fordyce T. D. Wynne Foreman Refer to Ashdown Forrest City C. W. Norton Fort Smith Read " McDonough Green Forest Refer to Berryvillc Greenwood Refer to Fort Smith Hamburg U. J. Cone Hampton C. L. Poole Hardy Arthur Sullivan Harrisburg J. J. Mardit Harrison J. M. Shinn Hartford Refer to Fort Smith Heber Springs Mortimer Frauenthal Helena Fink " Dinning Hope James H. McCollum Hot Springs Martin, Wootton " Martin Huntington Refer to Mansfield Huntsville J. B. Harris Jasper Spears " Smith Jonesboro Lamb, Frierson " Sloan Judsonia Heniy P. Cleveland Lake City Refer to Jonesboro Lake Village Hariy E. Cook Lewisville Searqr " Parks LITTLE ROCK, Pulaski County COCKRILL " ArMISTEAD Southern Trust Building Ashley Cockrill H. M. Armistead 26

33 The Lawyers' List Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, Pulaski County (Continued) Moore, Smith, Moore " Trieber Moore i^ Turner Building John M. Moore William B. Smith J. Merrick Moore Harry M. Trieber Rose, Hemingway, Cantrell, Loughborough " Miles 314 West Markham Street Wilson E. Hemingway George B. Rose Deadrick H. Cantrell J. Fairfax Loughborough Vincent M. Miles Lockesburg Refer to De Queen Lonoke Trimble " Williams McGehee Refer to Arkansas City Magnolia Stevens " Stevens Malvern Henry Berger Mammoth Spring Refer to Salem Manila R. L. WiUiford Mansfield William R. Alexander Marianna H. F. Roleson Marion L. P. Berry Marked Tree Refer to Harrisburg Marshall W. F. Reeves Melbourne Godwin " Harris Mena Wright Prickett Mondcello Williamson " Williamson Morrillton Sellers " Sellers Mountain Home Z. M. Horton Mounuin View W. H. Miller Mount Ida Earl Witt a?

34 Arkansas The Lawyers' List Murfreesboro J. C. Pinnix Nashville W. C. Rodgers Newport John W. " Joseph M. Stayton Osceola Joseph T. Coston Ozark J. D. Benson Paragould Block, Kirsch " Block Paris Anthony Hall Perryvillc Refer to Morrillton Piggott La Fayette Hunter Pine Bluff.Bridges " Wooldridge Pocahontas T. W. Campbell Prescott Hamby " Hamby Quitman Refer to Heber Springs Rector Refer to Piggott Rison Refer to Pine Bluff Rogers Funk " Funk RussellviUe R. B. Wilson Salem G. T. Humphries Searqr Brundidge " Neely Sheridan Refer to Benton Siloam Springs Williams " Williams Springdale Refer to Fayetteville Star City H. R. Lucas Stuttgart John L. Ingram Texarkana William H. Arnold Van Buren Samuel R. Chew Waldron Bates " Duncan Walnut Ridge H. L. Ponder Warren J- R. Wilson Washington Refer to Hope Wynne O. N. Killough YellviUc J. C. Floyd 28

35 The Lawyers* List California California Alameda Edwin M. Otis Alhambra Refer to Los Angeles Alturas. C. Bonner Anaheim Homer G. Ames Antioch Refer to Martinez Auburn Ben P. Tabor Bakertfield C. L. Claflin Benicia Refer to Fairfield Berkeley J. Arthur Elston Brawley James L. Allen Bridgeport Refer to Sonora Calexico Alfred Blaisdell Chico Samuel J. Nunn Colton Refer to San Bernardino Colusa Thomas Rutledge Corona George R. Freeman Crescent City George W. Howe Downey Refer to Los Angeles Downieville Wehe ": Redding El Centre D. V. Noland Escondido James D. Malcolm Eureka George W. Hunter Fairfield Joseph M. Raines Fort Bragg Piersol " Stone Fresno Everts " Ewing Fullerton T. L. McFadden Glendale Refer to Los Angeles Grass Valley L. P. Larue flantoro????? j* i^* v^* xrwm Hayward Refer to Oakland Healdsburg E. M. Norton HoUister George W. Jean Hollywood Harlan G. " William J. Palmer Holtville J. E. Simpson Imperial Refer to El Centre 29

36 California The Lawyers* List Independence.W. A. Lamar Jackson C. P. Vicini Lakeport CM. Crawford Long Beach Clock " Harriman LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles County Flint " Jutten Title Insurance Building Frank P. Flint L. W. Jutten Henry S. MacKay» Jr. Ed. R. Brainerdy Jr. William R. Flmt J. H. Schenck Frank R. Williams Henry T. Gagb " W. L Foley Merchants National Bank Building Henry T. Gage W. L Foley Gibson, Dunn " Crutcher Merchants National Bank Building James A. Gibson W. E. Dunn Albert Crutcher Norman S. Steny S. M. Haskins James A. Gibson, Jr. Edward E. Bacon Bradner Wells Lee Herman W. Hellman Building Bradner Wells Lee Bradner Wells Lee, Jr. Kenyon Farrar Lee 30

37 The Lawyers' List California LOS ANGELES, Los Angeles County (Continued) (ymslvenyy MiLLIKIN " TuLLER TitU Insurance Building Henry William O'Melvcny E. E. MiUikin Walter K. TuUer Sayre Stuart Macneil O'Melveny Roy V. Reppy Joseph C. Finch Warren B. Pinney James Westervelt Hewlings Mumper Phelps, Winston " Wharton Union Oil Building William W. Phelps Frederick J. Winston L. R. Wharton Herbert G. Polhill Pierce, Critchlow " Barrette Hibernian Building Frank Pierce Edward B. Critchlow William J. Barrette SiMMS " FULWIDER Citiuns National Bank Building Dan W. Simms David E. Fulwider James G. Owen U. W. Breeden A. C. Thompson 31

38 California The Lawyers* List Los Gatos Refer to San Jose Madera R. L. Hargrove Mariposa Refer to Merced Martinez W. S. Tinning MaiysviUe W. H. Carlin Merced F. W. Henderson Modesto J. M. Walthall Monrovia Refer to Los Angeles Monterey Silas W. Mack Mountain View Refer to San Jose Napa. P. S. King Nevada City Searls " Searls OAKLAND, Alameda County Bell, Bell " Smith Thomson Building Harmon Bell Traylor W. Bell Stanley J. Smith Fitzgerald, Abbott " Bbardsley Oakland Bank of Savings Building Robert M. Fitzgerald Carl H. Abbott Charles A. Beardsley ReBD» NuSBAUMER " BiNGAMAN Union Savings Bank Building George W. Reed mil Nusbaumer Joseph W. Bingaman Ocean Park Tanner, Odell, Odell " Taft Oceanside David Rorick Ontario Refer to Pomona Orange William M. Brown 32


40 California The Lawyers' List SAN FRANCISCO, City and County of {Continuii) Frank P. Debrino 14 Montgomery Street DsNMAN " Arnold Merchants Exchange Building William Denman George S. Arnold William B. Acton GoODFELLOWy EeLLS» MoORB " OrRICR Insurance Exchange Building Charles P. Eells William H. Orrick Stanley Moore Hugh Goodfellow T, T. C Gregory Insurance Exchange Building T. T. C. Gregory H. C. Hazzard Daniel Hadsell Thomas A. Allan Harrison " Harrison Mills Building Ralph C. Harrison Richard C. Harrison Jared How Mills Building Knight " Heggbrty Crocker Building George A. Knight Charles J. Heggerty William M. Madden 34

41 The Lawyers* List California SAN FRANCISCO, City and County of (Continued) McCuTCHEN, OlNEY " WiLLARD Merchants Exchange Building Edward J. McCutchen Warren Olney, Jr. P. J. Muller Ira A. Campbell J. M. Mannon, Jr. A. Crawford Greene CharlesJV. Willard John F. Cassell Warren Olney, of Counsel Garret W. McEnerney Hohart Building Metson, Drew " Mackenzie Balboa Building William H. Metson Frank C. Drew James A. Mackenzie Morrison, Dunne " Brobeck Crocker Building Alexander F. Morrison Peter F. Dunne William Edward I. Brobeck Hohfeld PiLLSBURY, Madison " Sutro Standard Oil Building Evans S. Pillsbury Frank D. Madison Alfred Sutro Horace D. Pillsbury Oscar Sutro 35

42 California The Lawyers' List SAN FRANCISCX), City and County of {CotUinued) Charles W. Slack Alaska Commercial Building CharIes_W. Slack Chauncey S. Goodrich San Jose Hiram D. Tuttle San Luis Obispo William Shipsey San Mateo Ross " Ross San Pedro Refer to Los Angeles San Rafael James W. Keyes Santa Ana F. O. Daniel SANTA BARBARA, Santa Barbara County Canfield " Starbuck Howard-Canfield Building Robert B. Canfield Henry P. Starbuck Santa Cruz W. P. Netherton Santa Maria Preisker, Preisker " Goble Santa Monica Tanner, Odell, Odell " Taft Santa Rosa Kellogg " Kyle Sausalito L. C. Pistolesi Selma Joel H. Smith Sonora F. P. Otis Stockton Ashley, Gumpert " Shaughnessy Suisun City Refer to Fairfield Susanville Pardee " Pardee Tulare Calvin L. Russell Turlock Refer to Modesto Ukiah Mannon " Mannon Vallejo Joseph M. Raines Venice Fredericks " Hanna Ventura Orr " Gardner 36

43 The Lawyers' List California Visalia Bradley " Bradley Watsonvillc David F. Maher Weaverville H. R. Given Whittier M. T. Owens Willow Frank Moody Woodland Hurst " Hurst Yreka Tapscott " Tapscott Yuba City Sanborn " Schillig 37

44 Colorado The Lawyers' List?I Colorado Akron Chalkley A. Wilson Alamosa John T. Adams Antonito Refer to Alamosa Aspen Harold W. Clark Boulder Tedrow " Fitzgerald Breckenridge Barney L. Whatley Brighton George A. Garard Buena Vista George K. Hartenstein Burlington Canon City Louis Vogt D. W. Ross Castle Rock Refer to Denver Central City James M. Seright Cheyenne Wells V. H. Johnson Colorado City Refer to Colorado Springs COLORADO SPRINGS, El Paso County Horace G. Lunt Mining Exchange Building Cortez William F. Mowiy Craig W. B. Wiley Cripple Creek Guy P. Nevitt Del Norte Refer to Monte Vista Delta Mortimer Stone DENVER, Denver County William V. Hodges Colorado National Bank Building Hughes " Dorsby International Trust Building Gerald Hughes Clayton C. Dorsey 38

45 Th^ Lawyers' List Colorado DENVER, Denver County (Continued) Henry McAllister, Jr. Equitable Building Henry McAllister George E. Tralles Pershing, Nye, Fry " Tallmadge Equitable Building James H. Pershing George L. Nye John H. Fry Myles P. Tallmadge Harold E. Popham Robert G. Bosworth Lewis A. Dick Rogers, Ellis " Johnson J. C. Foster Building Henry T. Rogers Daniel B. Ellis Lewis B. Johnson Pierpont Fuller George A. H. Eraser Percy Robinson John H. Schultz Erl H. Ellis S. T. Hawthorne H. C. Denny Durango Ritter " Buchanan Eads Refer to Tribune, Kans. Englewood Refer to Denver Fairplay Refer to Leadville Florence Joseph D. Blunt Fort G"llin8 R. W. Fleming Fort Morgan Stephenson " Stephenson 39

46 Colorado The Lawyers' List Georgetown Refer to Idaho Springs Glenwood Springs. Edward T. Taylor Golden William A. Dier Grand Junction Wheeler ": Weiser Greeley McCreery " McCrecry Gunnison E. M. Nourse Holyoke Refer to Sterling Hugo William H. Crow Idaho Springs F. L. Collom Julesburg Rolfson " Hendricks Lafayette Miller " Barnd La Junta F. A. Sabin Lamar Heniy C. Rogers Las Animas Refer to La Junta Leadville John A. Ewing Littleton Refer to Denver Longmont Secor " Secor Louisville Refer to Lafayette Loveland John H. Simpson Meeker Frank Delaney Montdair Warwick M. Downing Monte Vista Richard R. Mitchell Montrose Sherman " Sherman Ordway Perry Behymer Ouray Story " Story Pagosa Springs A. M. Emigh PUEBLO, Pueblo County Devinb " Preston Opera House Block Thomas H. Devine J. W. Preston Todd C. Storer Rocky Ford Glenn " Gobin Saguache John I. Palmer 40

Alabama Andalusia Regional Hospital Andalusia Alabama Athens-Limestone Hospital Athens Alabama Atmore Community Hospital Atmore Alabama Brookwood Medical Center Birmingham Alabama Carraway Methodist Medical

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CLI Outreaches May 2015. US Prisons and Youth Centers 1334. Alabama - 25

CLI Outreaches May 2015. US Prisons and Youth Centers 1334. Alabama - 25 CLI Outreaches May 2015 US Prisons and Youth Centers 1334 Alabama - 25 Baldwin County Corrections Center, Minette, AL Bibb County Correctional, Brent, AL Bullock Correctional Facility, Union Springs, AL

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Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey

Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey Cost of Care Survey 2014 Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey Care Providers, Facilities, Living Facilities and s 130568 03/25/14 Cost of Care Survey 2014 Build a Better Plan with the Genworth 2014 Cost

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Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey

Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey Cost of Care Survey 2015 Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey Home Care Providers, Facilities, Living Facilities and s 130568 03/20/15 Cost of Care Survey 2015 Long term care plans start with the Genworth

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Type - Academic Institutions State - Alabama

Type - Academic Institutions State - Alabama 11:18 Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1 Type - Academic Institutions State - Alabama 001002 Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Normal, AL 001034 Alabama Southern Community College Monroeville,

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Appendix E Four-Year College Codes

Appendix E Four-Year College Codes 36 Appendix E College Codes Four-Year Do not use these codes as test center codes. The code numbers for test centers established at colleges are different from the code numbers in this list. (See Appendixes

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The Chronicle of Higher Education November 1, 2013 A1

The Chronicle of Higher Education November 1, 2013 A1 Alabama Alabama A&M U $8,580 10.2% $15,570 $5,546 Alabama Southern CC $4,200 1.4% $7,530 Alabama State U $8,263 6.5% $11,731 $5,422 Athens State U $5,760 7.9% $10,770 Auburn U $9,852 4.3% $26,364 $11,552

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National Survey of Student Engagement

National Survey of Student Engagement National Survey of Student Engagement Preliminary* List of U.S. and Canadian Comparison Group Institutions for NSSE 2015 NSSE 2015 customizable comparison groups can include participating institutions

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State-by-State Index. Senior Colleges Alaska, U. of (Fairbanks) Alaska, U. of (Anchorage)

State-by-State Index. Senior Colleges Alaska, U. of (Fairbanks) Alaska, U. of (Anchorage) The National Directory of College Athletics ONLINE Only $29.95 for One Year or 365 Daily Logins. State-by-State Index Order at Alabama Alabama A&M U. Alabama State U. Alabama,

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Schools of Education Research Project Survey of Deans. Methods Report

Schools of Education Research Project Survey of Deans. Methods Report Schools of Education Research Project Survey of Deans Methods Report Prepared For: Schools of Education Research Project Teachers College Columbia University 525 West 120 th Street New York, New York 10027-6696

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Instructions for Form 8941

Instructions for Form 8941 2014 Instructions for Form 8941 Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Section references are to the Internal Revenue Code unless otherwise

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APPROVED SCHOOLS LIST-2012 APPROVED SCHOOLS LIST-2012 OPE_ID Name Address City State ZIP ZIP Ext Program Type School Type 001061 Alaska Pacific University 4101 University Drive Anchorage AK 99508 4672 Master's Degree or Doctor's

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008221 Universal Technical Institute 10695 West Pierce Street Avondale AZ 85323 021005 Universal Technical Institute 2844 West Deer Valley Road

008221 Universal Technical Institute 10695 West Pierce Street Avondale AZ 85323 021005 Universal Technical Institute 2844 West Deer Valley Road *Updated as of 10/21/2013. Subject to change. ID NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP 031603 Alaska Vocational Technical Center 809 Second Avenue Seward AK 99664 025410 Career Academy 1415 E. Tudor Road Anchorage

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US Recognition List: Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations and Accrediting Bodies Recognizing IELTS

US Recognition List: Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations and Accrediting Bodies Recognizing IELTS IELTS International 825 Colorado Boulevard, Suite 112 Los Angeles, CA 90041 USA Phone: 323 255 2771 E-mail: US Recognition List: Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations

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Four-Year Colleges Fielding Softball Teams (U.S. and Canada)

Four-Year Colleges Fielding Softball Teams (U.S. and Canada) Four-Year Colleges Fielding Softball Teams (U.S. and Canada) 101 102 COLLEGE LISTINGS U.S. AND CANADIAN COLLEGES FIELDING SOFTBALL TEAMS The following information is designed to help you start identifying

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- - 5 - - - 1/2-1948. A -A

- - 5 - - - 1/2-1948. A -A Chicago Streets Avenue - Title applied mostly to streets running North and South. There are exceptions. Blvd - Title given to streets where trucks over 5 tons are not permitted. Court - Title given to

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International Codes-Adoption by Jurisdiction (February 2015)

International Codes-Adoption by Jurisdiction (February 2015) International Codes-Adoption by Jurisdiction (February 2015) ICC makes every effort to provide current, accurate code adoption information. Not all jurisdictions notify ICC of code adoptions. To obtain

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MAT Score Recipient Codes

MAT Score Recipient Codes United States MAT Score Recipient Codes Alabama 2762 Alabama Library Association Montgomery Loan Board 1002 Alabama State University Montgomery School of Graduate Studies 2683 Amridge University Montgomery

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proc format; value ptypfmt 0 = 'Republican' 1 = 'Democrat' 2 = 'Federalist' 3 = 'Jeffersonian-Democrat' 4 = 'Democratic-Republican' 5 = 'Whig'; proc

proc format; value ptypfmt 0 = 'Republican' 1 = 'Democrat' 2 = 'Federalist' 3 = 'Jeffersonian-Democrat' 4 = 'Democratic-Republican' 5 = 'Whig'; proc value ptypfmt 0 = 'Republican' 1 = 'Democrat' 2 = 'Federalist' 3 = 'Jeffersonian-Democrat' 4 = 'Democratic-Republican' 5 = 'Whig'; value boomfmt 0 = 'Appointment' 1 = 'Elevation'; value crossfmt 0= 'Same

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Directory of Providers

Directory of Providers Centers for Knee and Hip Replacement Directory of Providers Released January 2012 Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Your Participating

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WEEKEND ACCESS LEVEL 3 AWARD* WEEKEND ACCESS LEVEL 3 AWARD* This Award includes accommodations for one weekend night and applicable room taxes. Choose from over 2,700 participating properties worldwide. Includes JW Marriott, Renaissance

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FOUR-YEAR GRADUATION RATES FOR FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES FOUR-YEAR GRADUATION RATES FOR FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES A college s average graduation rate is a very important characteristic to consider when deciding which college to apply to and attend. If the college s

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2013 Utility Bundled Retail Sales- Residential

2013 Utility Bundled Retail Sales- Residential Alaska Electric Light&Power Co AK Investor Owned 13,968 141,237 18,068.0 12.79 Alaska Power and Telephone Co AK Investor Owned 4,867 24,475 7,509.0 30.68 Alaska Village Elec Coop, Inc AK Cooperative 6,263

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February 11, 2013. 235 Cannon House Office Building 361A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Washington, DC 20510

February 11, 2013. 235 Cannon House Office Building 361A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Washington, DC 20510 February 11, 2013 Rep. John Boehner Sen. Harry Reid Speaker of the House Majority Leader U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate 1011 Longworth House Office Building 522 Hart Senate Office Building Washington,

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Introduction 1. First American Financial Corporation. 2

Introduction 1. First American Financial Corporation. 2 Table of Contents Introduction 1 First American Financial Corporation. 2 Title Insurance and Services.. 3 First American Title Insurance Company... 3 Centralized Lender Services... 4 Eagle 9 UCC Division...

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2014 National GRAMMY Signature School Diamond Bar High School - Diamond Bar, CA

2014 National GRAMMY Signature School Diamond Bar High School - Diamond Bar, CA 2014 National GRAMMY Signature School Diamond Bar High School - Diamond Bar, CA 2014 GRAMMY Signature Schools Gold Las Vegas Academy of the Arts - Las Vegas, NV Mira Costa High School - Manhattan Beach,

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