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1 Volume 15 #8 December 21 th, 2009 Baja s English Language Newspaper.com Feliz Navidad Prospero Año Nuevo More People Weigh In On Medical Stories Seems the story last issue about extortionist doctors hit a nerve with our readers Following last issue s article on the American Consulate warning to foreigners about Hospital Especialidades, we heard from a variety of people with a variety of horror stories, most concentrated on just a few doctors, who all had a fairly standard routine; examine a foreign patient for a relatively minor ailment then scare them into more treatment than they need, and then charge an outragous amount of money, bringing in the police if needed, to help with the scare. Whether this very unscientific survey is accurate or not, we couldn t say, but it Gringo Gazette P.O.Box Palm Desert, CA Return Service Requested BY DR. E. VILLE now seems the problem is more prevalent than most people familiar with the story first believed. Here are two quick stories to file away, because possibly if you remember them in your hour of need, you will be a more sophisticated consumer of Mexican medical care. Valerie Evans, from southern California, was staying in her family s condo in El Zalate when she suffered an asthma attack, not her first. She knew it was serious enough to see a doctor, so she called Dr. Alfonso Jurado who has the walk in clinic at Km 28 in San Jose in front PRESORT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID VISTA, CA PERMIT NO 11 of the El Zalate building. The doctor did nothing for her at all except give her an expired inhaler but called her husband in California and told him a hurricane was coming, (there was not), and if he did not put $25,000 on his credit card over the phone to summon an evacuation jet, his wife would die. I don t even know how he got my husband s cell number in the States, she says now. He must have riffled through my purse and got it off my cell while I was sucking on that no good inhaler. Evans husband googled the phone number he was given in the US and came up with a private residence in Culver City California, not an air ambulance company. He did not give them the $25,000. Evans managed to call a local friend who, with great continued on page 7 INDEX Que Pasa?...2 State News...3 Fish Report...31 Directory of Services...14 Timeshare News...12 Restaurant Guide Classifieds...26 Subscriptions...8 La Paz Section...30 Entertainment Calendar.38 Calendar...33 Maps Real Film Festival Coming To Los Cabos Well, it looks real to us, but they are looking for sponsors to make it happen BY MAY B. REEL It s tough to make anything happen in these difficult times, so you have to give these plucky Hollywood folks who have washed up on our shores credit for plowing on with a film festival planned for next November. At a recent press conference, all the players were present, including a representative of our mayor, a representative of the governor, and in the flesh, our tourist honcho. The Mexico Tourism Board is already onboard and has their logo all over the festival literature. Also in attendance were Mary Miller who is the executive director of MBM International, the company that s trying to bring this film festival to us. MBM s mission is to build and maintain an organization that, through festivals, workshops, laboratories, and conferences, fosters the development of artistic expression Also in attendance from Tinsel Town was Tom Bower, an actor/director, who has been named president of the new Los Cabos continued on page 24 Mass ralley against Global Warming. See story on page 42

2 Airport donates to charity. The employees of the GAP group, which owns 12 airports in Mexico, donated almost four grand to the Los Cabos Children s Foundation last week, as part of its For a Better Future for Children program. The Los Cabos Children Foundation devotes its efforts mostly to treatment for children who suffer cancer. This gift added to a similar sized donation that the GAP employees of the La Paz airport made the previous week to the Ray Thomas Foundation, which promotes sports among needy children in La Paz. Reminder. The Todos Santos 5K walk / run will celebrate its second year on Saturday, January 2nd - 9:00 am sharp at Plaza Marquez de Leon in Todos Santos. All proceeds go to benefit the Palapa Society s Chino Project for local children with major medical needs. Mark your calendars and contact Tori Sepulveda, , Todos Santos. Tourist rescued. Scott Abear, 62, was rescued by local firemen from a cliff in the Pedregal housing tract s pacific side last week. Scott said that he was walking along the beach on the Pacific, minding his own business, when a rogue wave forced him to scramble up a reef for about a hundred yards and he could not find a way to go back down safely. Fortunately, a Pedregal resident saw him and called the fire department, whose members came to the rescue. Scott was tired and a tad dehydrated but grateful to come out of his ordeal alive and kicking. New water well in the works. The city s water supply agency began construction of a new water well in San Jose, in the El Zacatal Fundador barrio, investing over 26 grand to find more water for the residents. More teens knocked up. The San Jose health center at the Zacatal barrio has taken care of 15 pregnant teens this year, said Esteban Juarez, a union leader. Our Southern Baja State, says Juarez, is number two in the number of pregnant teens in Mexico. Victor Castro, a federal lawmaker for our state, promised Juarez that he will work to increase funds for family planning programs and also to build day-care centers for young, single working mothers. Yes, most of the fathers vanish. In related news, young mothers who attend the Tech Institute in San Jose approached Castro to ask for access to government-run day care centers that are cur- TRAVEL AGENCY ph fx rently available only to mothers with a job. Local resort donates to charity. The Palmilla resort donated nine therapy beds to the local DIF, a family oriented charity that is run by government officials wives. The DIF s president, Carolina Castro, said that the nine electric beds will be used in the basic rehabilitation unit in San Jose. Cabo Wabo does Vegas. Sammy Hagar, onetime lead singer for the Van Halen rock band and owner of our very own Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo, has expanded to Vegas. Cabo Wabo opened in 1990 in Cabo San Lucas. There is also a Cabo Wabo in Lake Tahoe, California. Recession takes a toll. The local Organized Merchants Union, or UCO for its name in Spanish, stated that at least 300 mom and pop businesses went tummy up this year, due to the economic meltdown, the swine flu hysteria and the huge lack of tourists. Sebastián Álvarez, chairman of the UCO said that his organization will ask the city government for tax reductions to ease the crisis. Government responds. During mid-january, the Emprendedores (entrepreneurs) organization that was recently formed will hold a series of conferences and workshops for local entreprecontinued on page 5 2

3 Mega store construction opposed. Residents of the Girasoles and Capullo housing tracts in La Paz are opposing the construction of the upcoming Mega department store, saying that their zoning is not commercial but residential. So far, they say, Marco Dominguez, director of the La Paz urban planning agency, is ignoring them. They fear the increase of traffic will ruin their peace and tranquility. Small fishing boats tracked. Fishermen of all of the small fishing communities along our Southern Baja state will receive a tracking chip, courtesy of the State and Federal governments. The idea, says governor Narciso Agundez, is to offer more safety to small fishermen while at the same time reducing overfishing in the state s oceans. This year Governor Agundez obtained funding from the feds to replace a total of 1,100 old outboard motors for new ones. Now, that should get him some votes in next year s elections. At least No more city police? Following the proposal of Mexico s top public security official, Southern Baja s Governor has agreed to dismiss the city cops throughout the state, either integrating them into the state police or just letting them go out to pasture. When? He didn t say. Some fear that having one big police unit will give a huge power to the gov- MEXICO DEALER FOR CABO YACHTS / HATTERAS COLLECTION ernor over city mayors. And before you jump for joy that we re dumping our thieving, extorting, bullying city cops, wait until you see what s replacing them. Thieving, extorting, bullying state cops. Home Depot does La Paz. The new La Paz Home Depot opened last week, becoming the number 78 Home Depot in the country and the second in our beautiful state, just after the Cabo store. As is customary, Home Depot will be open 365 days a year, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Will inventory and service improve to US standards? Don t hold your breath, it s a franchise run by Mexicans. It s orange, and it has a bunch of home improvement stuff, that s about the extent of the similarities to the real Home Depot Ċareful, big brother is watching. Downtown La Paz has 42 surveillance cameras, installed and run by TelMex, the Mexican telecommunications monopoly that everyone loves to hate. The cameras are allegedly Hi-Fi and the system includes facial and license plate recognition software, night vision, 360-degree mobility and will take a hurricane licking, and keep on ticking. The cameras that were installed a couple of years ago in Cabo San Lucas are not operating. Last Yacht Charter Yacht Sales Yacht Management Yacht Brokerage Once in a lifetime deals on NEW Cabo Yachts in stock!!! Phone in Cabo time we heard about them, the cops manning them had been fired for using them to peek at pretty female tourists instead of watching out for law offenders. Sigh. Loreto to get another desal plant. The Villa group, developers of the Villa del Palmar at Ensenada Blanca beach in Loreto has promised to build a sea water desalinization plant for its own use. That should leave Loreto residents s water supply intact, said Mario Cortes, the Villa del Palmar s project director. The desal plant will be built at a cost of $400,000, and it is supposed to produce 85% of drinking water out of each gallon of treated sea water. Employment on the rise. The federal social security system (IMSS, for its looong name in Spanish) reports that employment has grown slightly, to a total of 126,000 in the entire Southern Baja state. That s about one quarter of the total working age population of the state. TRAVEL AGENCY ph fx Open pit gold mine project opposed. Residents of Southern Baja are banding together to oppose the Canadian-based Paredones Amarillos (yellow walls) open pit gold mine citing that it would cause irreparable damage to the precious Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. In a recent interview, Jock McGregor, president of the Vista Gold Corp. mining company said that its company paid $1.96 million for the property, which was previously owned by Viceroy Resources company. The Paredones Amarillos projects hoped to extract 1,84 million ounces of gold, which is currently selling for over $1,200 an ounce in international markets. McGregor believes that their project is well located, near accessible roads and electricity. Once in production, Paredones Amarillos is expected to produce an estimated average of 143,000 ounces of gold per year during the first five years and an estimated 1.2 million ounces of gold over the estimated 9.3 years life of the mine. Largest shark caught and released. Recently, the largest fish ever caught was continued on page 8 3

4 Out of approximately 210 countries in this world, only six have a jury system. (Mexico does not.) Furthermore, 90% of jury trials in the entire world are conducted in the US. Trial by jury is so ingrained into the consciousness of Americans today that a jurisprudence system based on anything else is virtually inconceivable to us, although for many of us, our knowledge about the jury system goes about as deep as a segment on Law & Order. From the origin of the first jury with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, to it s pathetic low point with the OJ Simpson trial, it s been a peculiarly Anglo thing. The right to a jury trial is derived from England and has been written into the US constitution, as well as each state constitution. The civil jury system in our country has been under siege over the past several years. By constantly hammering home their themes of frivolous lawsuits, greedy trial lawyers, runaway juries, and jackpot justice, the business community has chipped away at the civil jury system in America. Mandatory, binding arbitration has found its way into every conceivable consumer transaction, as we increasingly are required to sign our right to a jury trial away at the time we sign up for a service At the same time, other countries around the world are embracing the jury system in a wave of judicial reform that is democratizing jurisprudence in nations as diverse as South Korea, Mexico, and Japan. Mexico is in the process of adopting an oral and adversarial system in which jurors will be used as the final arbiters of justice. Although the Mexican constitution has a provision for jury trials, nearly all criminal cases since the end of the Mexican revolution have been decided by judges behind closed doors, after reviewing written arguments from both sides lawyers. The former Soviet republics of Russia and Kazakhstan have recently introduced the jury system to resolve legal disputes, and the trend is sweeping across many nations in Asia, East Asia, Central America, and South America. South Korea, Japan, and China are transforming their legal systems to incorporate lay-jury trials. Juries are becoming fashionable because we hope they will provide a democratic check on government, a sense of openness and fairness, they will increase the acceptance of verdicts by the community, and very importantly a jury helps fight corruption. It s a lot harder to bribe 12 of your neighbors than one judge. So. You know where all this is going. Riverside county, in a fleeting display of bureaucratic intelligence, called me to jury duty. I wasn t excited about serving but I never wavered, believing that this was a small price to pay to live in the great country of The United States Of America. I show up Monday morning at 8:00, which is not an hour I m well acquainted with. But I did my duty, actually, more than my duty, as I gave them 15 minutes bonus time, arriving at 7:45. I then proceeded to sit around with no less than about 500 other people until lunch time. I jammed home for a generously given hour and 45 minute break, returning only to be told that about 60 of us needed to drive 35 miles away to another court! With roads recently washed out, it took an hour and 10 minutes to get there. After sitting around for another hour and a half, we were dismissed with the admonishment that we had better be back at 8:00 the next day. Perhaps sensing a rebellion seething in the ranks, they mentioned the possibility of a bench warrant going out to any no-shows. (The next day when they called roll, three people apparently decided to risk the warrant.) By Tuesday I was so petulant over what I felt was my wasted Monday, that I took back my 15 minute donation of the previous day: I showed up 15 minutes late. We 57 sat in the halls whistling Dixie until shortly before noon when we were finally ushered into a court room. Well, this was finally going in the right direction, I thought. At least we did get to see a real live baddie, sitting there at the defense table, just like in Law & Order. No orange jumpsuit, a bit of a disappointment, and no Jack McCoy prosecutor, an even bigger disappointment, but I held hopes that this guy had killed someone in a love tryst or at least created some kind of interesting mayhem. Nope. The young Mexican stood accused of drunk driving. He was probably fighting it because conviction means permanent expulsion from the country. Although this silly little transgression was not going to be very interesting, I thought, at least it was my specialty. Over the years I ve had two drunk driving convictions, although widely spread apart so they each counted as a first. Since I know a lot about drunk driving, I was thinking I was sure to be a valuable asset to this trial. After an entire afternoon of the judge asking the same questions of each potential juror, and then listening as the prosecuting and defense attorneys both asking similarly inane questions of each person, we were sent home again. The next morning I pushed back my arrival to 8:30, just to make a statement, and sure enough, I didn t miss anything. I was also pissy about just being an alternate juror. I was juror # 14, so I was only needed if I got lucky and two jurors got hit by a bus. I asked to be sent into the game among the first 12 jurors, or to be traded to another jury where they would play me. Nope. And it went down hill from there. When it was my turn to be questioned, I of course presented my drunk driving credentials real loud and clear. I didn t come this far to be sent home, I wanted to get into the action! Maybe they would move me up to first class jury. The judge seemed dubious that I could be fair and impartial but the defense attorney seemed to cheer up when I mentioned that in my opinion a person with a blood alcohol level of.08 was not sufficiently impaired to yank him or her off the road. Then the judge asked if I could support a law I didn t believe in. Of course not, I said, that would be wrong. And isn t this why I m here? To give my citizens course correction to bad law? I m not on a jury to support bad law. I have to obey it, sure, I understand that, but now that I m on a jury, this is my chance to make a little law, as it were. To redress some wrongs. The judge disagreed, but by now he wasn t even letting the attorneys at me, he wanted me all to himself. He asked why I thought I was entitled to legislate from the jury box, and that s a step he shouldn t have taken. In my opinion one of the biggest problem in the US today is how judges legislate from the bench. They descend from interpreting law, into making laws. That s why we have so much judge shopping these days. Attorneys and Political Action groups change venues so their case can be heard by a judge who they know to be sympathetic to the outcome they re looking for. So why shouldn t I legislate from my jury box, I asked the judge. After all, your profession does it all the time. The judge didn t have the authority to toss me off the team; he left that to the prosecutor. As the bailiff was processing me out, he said I had too much personality to ever get picked for a jury I thought that was a strange observation, but I then asked if that meant I would not be called ever again. Nope, he said with a way too cheery smile. We ll see you back in a year. Published bi-weekly in Vista, CA. and distributed in Mexico, Canada, & The United States by Periodico Americano, S.A. de C.V. Office in Downtown Cabo on Leona Vicario St. between Carranza and Revolucion Four blocks up from the Mall (624) & United States P.O. Box Palm Desert CA Ph. (562) Subscriptions available, see page 10 or 11, maybe 12, sometimes 4. Or mail $60 for one year, (26 issues) or $35 for six months (13 issues) to the U.S. Online subscriptions available at You may view the entire newspaper, just as it appears in print, online Who s to blame: Publisher Carrie Duncan, Sales David Flores, Cell (624) Alejandra Saráchaga, Cellie (624) Distribution Antonio Fuentes Graphic Design Oliver Quintero Map to the offices of the Gringo Gazette, Scoop the nightclub, and Scoop the hotel. Phone

5 So, What s At The Bottom Of Our Ocean? Garbage! We need to get it out of there! One of the most prominent water sports company in Los Cabos, Cabo Expeditions, has created unforgettable water oriented experiences for the last 13 years. They started with just two boats and a team of three and have grown into a company serving thousands of tourists each year. All their activities are environmentally friendly, including parasailing, whale watching, clear-bottom excursions, kayaking, snuba, submarine and sea trek adventures, according to their mission, which is to be involved in programs of environmental care for the com- TRAVEL AGENCY ph fx munity. They constantly carry out campaigns to clean the sea floor and the local beaches. In addition, they are active in whale rescue actions and they conduct ongoing educational programs at local schools. Last month, for three Sundays in a row, Cabo Expeditions workers, both operations and administration personnel, assembled a group of environmental non profits to participate in a massive beach and sea clean up campaign at La Encayada, which is located on the Cabo San Lucas Bay. BY LISSETTE VALENTINE In the first two Sundays they collected trash of all sorts, including tires, glass and plastic bottles, and of course plenty of beer cans. All together they hauled 770 lbs. of garbage out of the sea. Oscar Ortiz, owner of Cabo Expeditions, told the GG:, The reason I do this is simply because I want to give back to the place that has given me so much and because I feel responsible for creating environmental consciousness. The cleanup was supported by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) the world s largest recreational diving membership organization and Project AWARE foundation a nonprofit organization located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland and Japan which combined efforts to try to conserve aquatic resources in more than 180 countries and territories of the world. Another participant was Reef Alliance, the only international nonprofit that works exclusively to protect the planet s coral reefs. They currently work in Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. And finally Snuba, a company selling an underwater breathing system based in Diamond Springs, California joined in the cleanup. For the final Sunday of cleanup, 118 volunteers from local schools and colleges joined in, collecting a total of 3,080 lbs of trash from the beaches as well as under the water. All participants were given a trip on the semi sub and instructed in marine life conservation, followed by an award ceremony which included complementary souvenirs from Cabo Expeditions. If you are interested in Tire is part of 770 lbs of garbage hauled off the ocean floor by volunteers participating in upcoming campaigns, contact Cabo Expeditions inside El Tesoro hotel at unit F9. Phone or QUE PASA?... continued from page 2 neurs who wish to start up a new business or expand an existing one. The group has received the support of the city government, which has promised to ease all the redtape involved in launching a new business. This red tape is much more involved than opening a business in the US. The Emprendedores group was formed to promote the creation of new AA Meetings Daily Cabo San Lucas: 6:00PM at Hidalgo St. between Lazaro Cardenas and Cinco de Mayo - that is, between the Christian Church and the Sex Shop. San Jose del Cabo: 6:00PM at the building next to Calvary Chapel on Degollado St near DIF, Cell businesses, new jobs, and also to support the PAN party candidate for governor in next spring s elections. Most likely candidate will be Luis Coppola, developer of the Finisterra resort in Cabo and the Los Arcos hotel in La Paz, where workers are now starting a second year on strike. Annual shark fest a success. The second annual Shark Festival that took place in Todos Santos was attended by over 700 concerned people who are interested in a culture of conservation toward sharks, rays, and their habitats. No sharks attended, but there were some abagados spotted in the crowd. Highlights of the festival included dancing, raffles, and the crowning of the 2009 Shark Festival Queen. There were several informational booths to educate locals about the importance of sharks and rays and sustainable fishing practices. Several community fisherman were presented with gifts and awards of acknowledgment for their efforts toward shark conservation. The annual event was organized by the Iemanya Oceanica shark and ray conservation program. 200 mile swim. Diego Gonzalez, a 26 year-old nature lover born in Mexico City, swam last week for 16 days across the 190 miles that separate San Jose from Mazatlan, on the other side of the Sea of Cortez. Diego was followed by a Mexican Navy escort boat. Just in case, you know. A cramp or something. Diego has climbed mountains, bicycled open roads and swam across deep waters on all seven continents under his What s Your Impossible? project. This year, he rode a bicycle built with bamboo from Alaska to Los Cabos, on a journey that will take him to the southernmost point of Mexico in an attempt to increase awareness on conserving our planet s natural resources. Profits from his trip, which is financed by ecological organizations, business owners and the general public, will be donated to the U.N. s program for children, UNICEF. To follow Diego s adventure: imposible.com.mx Marriott does Cabo. Almost. Marriott International CEO Bill Marriott announced a deal with Pulso Hotelero, a Mexican development firm to build 36 Fairfield Inns in Mexico over the next 10 years, with Cabo and Guadalajara city being its first two destinations. In just a decade, said Marriott, the hotel chain would triple its presence in Mexico. Marriott currently has 17 hotels in Mexico: 7 Marriott Hotels, 6 Courtyards, 2 JW Marriotts, 1 Ritz-Carlton, and a lone Fairfield Inn. Kamkhaji expects the Fairfield Inns to cater to more Mexican residents traveling inside their country than Americans visiting for business, he said. The new Fairfield Inn properties will operate under long-term franchise agreements. Recession? What recession? East Cape resort evolves. The Palmas de Cortez in Los Barriles on the East Cape, about an hour north of San Jose, has switched from an all inclusive hotel to an optional, more normal operation. Since the opening of a Solomon s Landing restaurant on its beachfront, the popular Palmas de Cortez has been offering its guests and Barriles visitors and residents the option to eat at Solomon s continued on page 10 5

6 Catsablanca Party Painlessly Raises $$S And helps the local critters BY ESTELLE HERTZ For more on this story watch the video at TRAVEL AGENCY ph fx The highly anticipated, seven month late, fourth edition of Dressed to the K9 s, the most popular fund-raiser for the Humane Society, was finally presented last week. It was cancelled in May due to the swine flu hysteria. The high end residences at Auberge Resort Esperanza were transformed into a Moroccan themed partyscape, created by interior designer Marc Luc. Luc also created this year s Catsablanca poster and even came up with the clever theme. A dozen volunteers welcomed close to 500 guests all whom ponied up $100 each, and upon arrival they were routed to the residence s model unit by nicely dressed sales reps. They were then herded to a booth where souvenir photos were snapped, to be sold by donation at the end of the night. Seen at the scene were Chris Snell and Co., big supporters of the critters, and Gerry Bruchard, developer of Palmilla s swanky tennis courts and tennis condos. Everyone was dressed to the teeth, (to the K9 s, get it?) and networking. There was some misunderstanding about the food service, some people thought their sawbuck entitled them to a meal like at last year s event, but there were only snacks this year, actually mini quesadillas, dwarf pizzas, and baby sandwiches. Many people were hungry and frustrated by the slow service of very little food, so they stood by the kitchen door and bushwhacked the servers as they brought out another plate of midget food. That left the polite folks who were sitting at the tables even more hungry. Another complaint heard was the venue was so large, the activities were so spread out, that folks couldn t see everything from their tables. But Sheri Guardi, spokes chick for the event, explained that the event was large, and indeed had several distinct areas. There were reserved tables, the auction area, the fire pit lounge, the lounge lounge, the bars, the cigar rolling table, the dance floors and two stages. Yes, if a guest decided not to go near either stage, (and remain at their table,) they wouldn t have seen the performances, but most people took advantage of the ample space around the stages and were treated to truly fabulous entertainment, very easily seen and heard. Classic guitarist Arturo Sotomayor opened the night followed by an outstanding tango show by Susie Q and her band. Then three belly dancers from Cabo Danza school wowed the crowd by dancing to the tunes of radical techno Arabic music. In addition, the Cuban band Los Trillizos Fiesta coaxed a few brave Gringos into taking off their shoes and dancing to the Latin rhythms of Zavala Pits. A couple lucky guests who bought raffle tickets won spa treatments and a lunch for two of course at Esperanza Spa and Punta Ballena Beach Club. The silent auction was fun, with such donated items as tennis club memberships at Palmilla and a four night stay at the private residences. A mercifully short live auction took place, (they usually drone on so!) Two original event posters sold for $1200 a piece, and copies of the poster sold out at $100 a piece. Well, it was a spectacular poster, and had to have been a big help in selling tickets. It s a good souvenir. The real winners were the dogs and cats of the Cabo streets, and congratulations go out to all the volunteers, the donors, and the workers at the animal shelter. If you missed this year s event, don t fret, these charity events are like buses, there s always another one coming along, there is that much need in this town. It will be interesting to see if this event returns to its original time slot of May, just a few short months away. If you would like to donate your time or some Christmas moola to the critters, contact the Los Cabos Humane Society at www. humanesocietycabo.com or call to volunteer at The animals need all the help you can give. What, you were expecting to see a shot of the people cavorting at the party? You ll have to go to to see yourself and your friends. This is Lulu s spot, and she would like you to know she s available. 6

7 Casa Don Pablo Gallery, an artesian shop located on Vicente Guerrero, next door to Galeria de Ida Victoria, brings an amazing selection of high quality Mexican crafts and art to the neighborhood and the building itself has an interesting historical past. This building with its strange entrance ramp was the home of Pablo L. Martinez, one of the most in order to keep its history alive. They took great care to renovate the old building, but at the same time, keeping the basic exterior the same. What was once a bit of an unusual eyesore has been given a facelift and now adds a lot of character to the street. Carlos has photos and information in his store about its famous occupant, and gave the name Casa Don Pablo in honor of him. Inside Casa Don Pablo Gallery, Carlos carries highend artesian wares from all over Mexico. His collection Casa Don Pablo Gallery is located next to Galeria de Ida Victoria on Vicente Guerrero, between Zaragoza and Obregon. He is open Monday- Saturday 10am-7pm. Ida Victoria Gustavson, Galeria De Ida Victoria, Art District- San Jose MEDICAL HELL... continued from page 1 effort, actually snuck her away from that clinic and No website? No problem! $50 Contact or call for more info Get a full page ad at MexOnline.com that promotes your business Only 00 USD important historians of Baja California Sur. Pablo L. Martinez was born in the nearby town of Santa Anita in the year He became the first local historian and record keeper for the state of Baja California Sur, he created general maps of the Baja Peninsula, and in 1956 wrote the first history of the area, entitled Historia de Baja California. This book was written based on his exhaustive searches through church and government records of the principal towns of the peninsula. In 1965, Pablo Martinez began a huge undertaking, with a book entitled Guia familiar de Baja California This book was basically a giant family tree tracing the local s ancestors since the year 1700 to the present. Unfortunately, Pablo Martinez passed away before its completion. But information from his research led to the published work Historia de la Alta California A few years after his death, the Cortez Espinoza family purchased the building and because of its historical past, it sat untouched for many years. In 2005, Carlos, a young member of the family, decided to open a shop here with his wife Cecilia, but it was very important to him to keep the look and integrity of the building the same of Mexican folk art pieces is impressive, as is his beautiful and varied selection of ceramic functional and nonfunctional pottery from every region of the country. He has black pottery by Rigoberto Mateos Campechano, from Jalisco created using a negative technique, works from Mixteco and Michoacan featuring prehispanic designs, and huge decorative vessels by Raul Otegon from Jalisco, just to name a few. Other collectibles he carries are handmade Nativity scene figures, a collection of exquisite ceramic Catrinas by Michoacan artist Mario de La Peña, handcarved rustic wooden boxes in many colors and some whimsical hand carved Alebrijes. These are folkloric devils, first created by the people of the region to keep away evil from their dreams and imaginations. His collection is huge. Carlos added a small but impressive gallery space with beautiful lighting to the back of his shop where he features some local as well as national artists, including mixed media abstracts by an artist from Guadalajara named Armenta. These pieces are extremely well executed on unusual canvas shapes and would be a great addition to any contemporary and modern space. Definitely worth a stop in to see them! took her to Dr. Jose Cerda at Medica Clinic in San Jose where she felt she got excellent care at a fair price. Six days there, in a private room, was under $1500. She had to pay the first doctor $1135 for no treatment, just so she could get out of there. Another resident of El Zalate, Val and Bill Cartier made the mistake of taking an ambulance ride across the parking lot from their condo to Dr. Jurado s clinic, which cost them $450. Dr. Jurado misdiagnosed what turned out to be a ruptured spleen as a stroke. When the transferred Mrs. Cartier to the Nun s hospital, it was diagnosed and repaired promptly for $1200, less than the $1600 Dr. Jurado wanted for a CT scan. They also were told by Dr. Jurado that they needed an evacuation jet or she would die. The Canadian consulate in San Jose is aware of the clinic, and did investigate him since he has Canadian credentials on his walls, but they could find no evidence that he graduated from the school he claims to have attended. Regarding the importance of getting that second opinion when the urgency of your condition allows for it, take a tip from Bob Faxon of Los Barriles. Faxon recently suffered a urinary back up due to an enlarged prostrate that he s nursed along for years. When it flared up to the point where he couldn t urinate, he suffered with it for three days without relieving himself. Finally he slouched into an emergency clinic in south San Jose. He was catheterized, given a drug against infection, and he felt he was good to go. But the doctor wanted $1500 US for those three hours, and he tried to talk Faxon into an operation and three day stay in the hospital that would run him an estimated $6000. Faxon managed to get out of the hospital without any further treatcontinued on page 14 7

8 Organic Market Vendor Of The week Flavored Salts And Secret Spices Chef Dany Le Mote sells three different flavored salts that can be used in a variety of ways and are not only tasty but ready made helpers for even the most bumbling home chef. They are all made with organic sea salt culled from the Sea of Cortez, then blended with spices. They are simple because they come in three colors. Red features chillies, chipotle and other spices. Green features herbs like dill and tarragon and yellow has a curry, ginger, cumin and star anise blend. All can be used as a rub for grilling fish, meat and even corn. They can be used as seasoning for soups, stews, sauces and eggs or they can be sprinkled on salads and popcorn so that you may create these chef s tantalizing taste teasers on your own BBQ. He is experimenting with bread, offering a mix of Sir Galahad organic white and whole wheat flour, with added chia seeds, and a little agave cactus plant syrup to sweeten it. The bread has a beautiful texture, somewhat like light rye bread. Chia (think of that eighties phenomenon the chia plant), is consistent with Dany s love of the all food from the south, for chia seeds are known as running food. Hopefully he will come up with a consistent bread, as last year s famous 17 grain bread lady seems to have disappeared. Dany makes his own organic agave syrup to use in his kitchen as well as to sell, and offers fresh, fragrant, organically grown vanilla, brought directly from Veracruz. Chef Dany speaks five languages, is of Belgium descent, and famous for such fine dining restaurants in the Canadian Rocky Mountains as Emerald Lake, Buffalo Mountain and Deer Lodge. He will be using his time off from chefing at Hotel California on Saturdays to peddle his fine mixes and spices at the San Jose Organic Market. Friendly, affable Dany and his two sons, as well as his good friend, gofer and new Todos Santos resident, Pete Smith, come along to assist with gift boxes and selling the products. Also on display are Baja paintings created by entrepreneurial son Vincent, Baja Chile T-shirts and of course, Dany s cookbook is available too. Seasoning salt is sold in seven ounce packages for 3.50 or all three for For more information contact the last opportunity for the Calderon government to push through politically charged economic changes before the country s attention turns to the 2012 presidential election, analysts say. Convenience stores become bank branches. Sort of. The Mexican unit of Spain s BBVA Bancomer is partnering with bottling company FEMSA to let clients make cash deposits and pay their credit card bills at the drink maker s convenience ers without making costly investments to open branches. Last week, Mexico s bank regulator gave the final go-ahead for Wal-Mart de Mexico, Citigroup, Scotiabank and locally controlled Banorte to start offering their services through retail stores. Airport operator reports decline. Mexican airport operator Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP) reports that total passenger traffic at its airports STATE NEWS... continued from page 3 landed by angler and television producer Chris Fischer and his crew around Guadalupe Island off of the coast of Baja California. This great white shark was estimated to be around 4,600 lbs, and was 16 feet 7 inches long. Although conventional tackle was not used exclusively to land this fish (as air buoys reminiscent of those in Jaws were used to tire the fish and prevent his death), it was still a major fishing feat. Great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) are among the world s largest predatory animals, and are usually comparable in size to large blue marlin and bluefin tuna. But the 4,600 lb specimen was a little bit larger than any other fish yet caught. The fishing expedition was sponsored by National Geographic, and detailed footage of the monster fish s capture will air in a show called Expedition Great White that is part of Nat Geo s Expedition Week. Mexico has new central bank chief. In the middle of his country s worst economic crisis in a generation, Mexican President Felipe Calderon named a close political ally, Finance Minister Agustin Carstens, to replace the well- respected head of the central bank. Carstens, a University of Chicago-trained economist, has serious credibility in the financial world too. But he is also seen as someone willing to be more collaborative with the president than the fiercely independent outgoing Bank of Mexico director. The Cabinet shuffle comes as Calderon plans to make economic policy his primary focus next year. The first half of his six-year term has been dominated by a bloody war against drug cartels. The coming year is also probably stores named Oxxo. There are about 7,000 Oxxo s across the country, and they are just about identical to US 7/Eleven stores. This move will give Bancomer, and possibly other banks, access to potential clients in rural areas that have had little contact with banks. Bancomer is taking advantage of new laws that allow retailers to act on like banks, helping banks reach custom- last month fell by 2.9% compared to the same month last year. Domestic passenger traffic for the month dropped by 1.7% compared to November 2008, while international passenger traffic showed a decrease of 5.2%. GAP operates 12 airports in the Pacific region of Mexico: Border crossing still a continued on page 16 8 SUBSCRIBE GRINGO Yes! Yes! Sign Me Up! It's not gonna be my fault the kitty got tossed under the bus! 6 Months 2nd Class Mail (13 Issues) -$45 12 Months 2nd Class Mail (26 Issues) - $65 Send Your Dinero To The Gringo Gazette and save the kitty! P.O. Box Palm Desert CA order now or we'll throw the kitty under the bus. Name Street City State/Province Zip Phone (in case we can't read your crummy writing) Sorry, Canadians, we just could not reliably get them to you so we re not mailing to Canada anymore. To subscribe, you must have a United States address.

9 865 Lb. Monster And Albino Sailfish Caught Just another day at Pisces Sportfishing BY CHARLIE TUNA Julio Gonzalez, captain of the Bill Collector, at first thought the giant billfish he saw feeding in the distance might be a whale. But when he guided the yacht closer, he realized it was a blue marlin, one of the largest he d ever seen. It was munching out on a 20 pound dorado and oblivious to the approaching boat. Anglers aboard the 32 foot sportfisher, which operates from Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas and was fishing near the Golden Gate, still had their lures in the water as they began to circle the great fish.the deckhand started to prepare one of the dorado that they had caught earlier in the day to use as bait, as they thought with a fish this size, they needed something big to attract its attention. They got as close as six feet while the deckhand was still preparing the bait, but they had lures in the water and started to circle the fish, going around while they were still preparing the bait. As they continued circling the fish; it was oblivious to the boat, concentrating on the tasty dorado that it was munching on. Captain Julio suddenly dropped the speed of the boat to six knots and as one of the lures was very close to the fish, they saw it open its mouth, the widest they had ever seen, and took the lure. It was like everything was happening in slow motion, Albino sailfish caught and released by Pisces Sportfishing guests. they said. With Florida angler Martha Chisholm in the fighting chair, she and the crew anticipated an epic struggle. But after two leaps and a deep dive, the marlin became increasingly inactive and then stopped moving altogether. The tackle was a Shimano Tiagra 80 reel with 100 lb line, 300 lb leader and the lure a 5.5 Zuker, they types used for striped marlin, green, with a white underside. They put as much pressure on the fish as they dared but one hour into the fight, they saw that line was going out very slowly, just with the current, and they were down to half the reel; Captain Julio realized the fish was dead and between all of them, taking turns on the reel they pumped the fish to the surface. It was not tail-wrapped and they assumed that it had 865 lb monster caught be another Pisces boat died of a heart attack. This was such a shame as the angler and crew had planned on releasing it. They had to remove the fighting chair to get it into the boat and after 30 minutes of struggling, it was a sudden wave that pushed it into the boat. Back at the dock it took a dozen men to hoist the fish up, but even then, it was too long to clear the bill off of the floor to truly let it hang free continued on page 23 9

10 Captain Randy Lynn Rozell Dies In Cabo On October 26, 2009, Captain Randy Rozell left the town and townspeople he had called home and family many years, to join the throngs in heaven with the God he knew and loved. Randy had fished the Baja since the late 1970 s, gaining expertise and professionalism, but never losing the excitement of the adrenaline as his crew pulled in the prized catch and always felt redeemed when it was released back into the sea. His great fortune in the love of fishing and doing what he knew best led him to be the proud winner of the first place Cabo San Lucas Gold Cup in both 1996 and Randy had a great love for the people of Cabo, loving to rehash and tell the stories of how little was here and what it was like when he first came to town. A traditional at-seamemorial was held, led by Tracy Ehrenberg, Annie Murphy and Jim Lilly, with Pastor Nick officiating. Coinciding Memorials were held in Maui, Fort Lauderdale, FL and from several boats enroute who had heard as news spread and calls kept coming in. He leaves his son Joshua, age 7, here in Cabo. His parents, Bob and June Rozell, and a brother, Rob Rozell, all live in Southern California. QUE PASA?... continued from page 5 Landing. This week, the Von Wormer resort group, which owns the Palmas de Cortez, announced that it has reduced its room rates by $30 per person per night and will not include all three meals. The three-meals a day package will now be offered by Solomon s Landing for only $37 per person. Obviously, some of the higher priced items in Solomon s extensive menu will be offered for an additional charge. Solomon s has been a popular restaurant on the Cabo marina waterfront for almost a dozen years. Brian Solomon just opened his Los Barriles operation a few months ago. Local Chef awarded. The Marquis Los Cabos resort s Executive Chef Thierry Dufour was one of three chefs in Mexico recently awarded the prestigious 2009 San Pascual for lifetime achievement and contribution to Mexican cuisine by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The 237-suite beachfront Marquis Los Cabos Resort is located on the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose. Mother of all Christmas trees. Mexico City is claiming to have the biggest Christmas tree in the world, but its actually not a tree at all, but an fake pine tree. With the help of funding from Pepsi Cola, the nearly 400-foot-tall imposter was lit up this past weekend. Environmentalists TRAVEL AGENCY ph fx protested. With more than one million light bulbs, 600 strobe lights and a truly vast amount of neon, the tree will consume as much elecctricty as 162 homes would during an entire year, or so the protestor claim. Discounts on property taxes. As is customary this time of the year, the city government has announced discounts on property taxes paid in a timely manner. You get 15% off if you fork it over in January, 10% in February and 5% in March. Bad, bad, baddies. There are crooks and then there are rotten crooks. Some rotten crooks have been lurking around the Liga Mac Ladies rummage drop off and swiping the stuff before the staff arrives. The ladies are now asking donators to please only drop off during business hours Saturday and Tuesday mornings, or take your stuff across the street to Laurie Erlinda Weyer Erlinda Weyer passed away peacefully in hospice Monday December 7, 2009 in Santa Ana, CA She was 68 years and 1 day old. She leaves Rick, her soul mate and husband of 49 years, three children, six grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Erlinda Pioneered collecting and delivering gifts to local children, and worked on many other San Jose charities as well. Upon Rick s return to San Jose, he will bring her remains for a funeral Mass. No date has been set at this time. We wish to celebrate the life of our friend and colleague ERLINDA WEYER who passed from this life Pearl Harbor Day, 2009 Erlinda will be remembered for her kindness and generosity in gifts to children of the barrios of San Jose, for her never ending cheerfulness and patient explanations of title problems for the Gringos coming to Los Cabos, and for her deep love of Rick, her husband. We shall miss her! Smuck s house and, I don t know, toss it over the fence maybe. Maybe not. Try and swing by when they re open. And if you see a creep going down the street in the Tommy Bahama shirt you thought you donated to charity, call the cops. Linda Neil, John Glaab, Alicia Parra, Quirino Parra the settlement company 10

11 11

12 Zman where they are:talk about a rags to riches story. Here is one for you, Kurt Morat, sales manager, sales center # 3, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort and Spa. The interview was conducted on site by the one and only Goldie Locks. While in college in Edmonton, Canada his major was science and math. He is now putting it to good use as he leads the three sales centers in total sales volume for the year. It was 15 years ago that Kurt explored our Baja at the urging of his best friend Steve Lincoln. He landed here with less than 500 pesos in his pocket! His first timeshare sales job was at Plaza Los Glorias, now Tesoro Resort. With zero sales experience he made two sales in his first day and eventually moved to Sheraton Hacienda del Mar where he worked the sales line for over two years. After gaining valuable experience he was made sales manager. In 2000 Eric White, vice president international sales for Pueblo Bonito Group came calling. Who would turn down a management position with this iconic development? Not Kurt. He was awarded the sales manager position and is there to this day. Kurt is married to Eloisa 12 years and they have two children, 7 and 10. The fiscal year has just ended as we go to press and the top producers 2009 have been released and no surprise who sits at the pole position, again. Job well done! I will bring you the winners in the sales centers of Kurt, Dave and Eddie once they are announced. Adam Toohey, former sales manager of Coral Baja Resort by WorldMark, a Wyndham Worldwide property, is currently corporate vice president of Wyndham in northwest USA. He is in charge of Seaside Resort in Oregon while brother Brian is in Seattle applying his considerable sales skills at WorldMark Camlin Resort. Zman I will take a slow Los Cabos for a busy anywhere else. My family and I miss Los Cabos and we feel it is our home. We hope to return, soon! Zman 2010 prognostications: It is almost New Years and that means it is time for my annual predictions for the coming year. These are based on insider information, facts, tips and of course, rumors. 1. A breakout year for two resorts in sales volume: Grand Solmar At Lands End Resort and The Grand Mayan. 2. A breakout year for two resorts in marketing, Cabo Azul Resort by Pacific Monarch and Pueblo Bonito Group. 3. Mision La Serena, private residence club gone bankrupt, will partner up with a name brand hospitality company which will allow it to reopen. 4. Two project directors will be shown the exit door. 5. Three sales managers will be pink slipped. 6. The fall guys, marketing managers, a minimum of five will be fired. 7. Qualified prospects tours continued on page A couple of issues ago we printed a sentence that stated Hacienda Encantada was having problems. We had the Hacienda Encantada mixed up with another timeshare that s in trouble. We re soooooo sorry for the misunderstanding

13 Mac Ladies Christmas Party Doesn t Disappoint How could it when there s free wine involved? For more on this story watch the video at The Liga MAC group did it again, kicking off the holiday season with their third annual Spirit of Giving Christmas gala at Palmilla Shoppes. With its biggest crowd ever, multitudes of cheery, generous people of all ages attended this stand up cocktail who s purpose was to gather presents for children ages 1 to 12 in an effort to help local low income families enjoy a happier Christmas. The Spirit of Giving is a good time party sponsored by LigaMAC to keep the BY ALBA tree propped up in the middle of the courtyard and to make donations at the various information booths. We can say that as the evening went by, the stack of toys grew quite high. Gifts and donations collected during the event will be given to kids in need during the Christmas Eve posada that LigaMAC hosts for families, as well as to provide blankets and special boxes of nonperishable food. Casa Vieja, Pepita s and Sugar and Spice models mingled with the crowd calendars and of course, the LigaMAC ladies cookbook. The evening s feature presentation was led by the LigaMAC children s choir called Los Angeles or The Angels directed by volunteer international pianist, vocalist and composer Marcie Castro and singing a repertoire of Mexican classical Christmas songs that moved everybody s heart and fanny! Spa Cielo a Laser Medical Spa 2009 Recipient Best Medical Spa by Mexican Association of Medical Tourism, Offers Rejuvenation Vacations here in Los Cabos These days everybody wants to look beautiful. As 78 million "baby boomers" near retirement, age is beginning to show. But with the fast pace of today's society, an aging society now wants that fresh look without This evening was one of the better parties of the charity circuit, possibly because it was a stand up, making it easy to mix and mingle and scoot away when the person you re talking to starts to bore. Every other charity event is based on the ten person round table, where you are expected to plant yourself and are pretty well stuck with those other nine people for the entire event. And this one was short, only about PAID ADVERTISEMENT featured on Doctors, Dr. Oz, and Oprah. Cielo starts the rejuvenation process with VISIA recently seen on Oprah and Dr. Oz. This computerized skin scan which records surface and subsurface skin conditions such as two hours, just right. LigaMAC is a registered charitable organization run by Mexicans, Americans and Canadians that helps families in crisis in and around San Jose. Its programs run entirely on donations from the community. For more information about LigaMAC visit their website, and keep an eye on the Gringo Gazette calendar for important dates of their events. incisions or recovery time and takes an hour or less to perform, leaving patients to resume normal activities or their vacation. Titan delivers a very uniform volume of heating under the skin to bring about collagen contrac- The folks attending the Mac party at the Palmillia Shoppes were generous, this is just part of the loot spending weeks of painful recovery. A rejuvenation vacation is their solution. Many people think about going on vacation for a little rest and relaxation hoping to go home feeling and looking refreshed. Spa Cielo Laser Center takes it one step further offering skin rejuvenation. Now they can return home looking years younger, without any loss of vacation time. "People want to look bet- wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, early skin cancer and photo damage from too much sun exposure. The VISIA gives us the information necessary to determine the best treatment options, yielding the most rejuvenation in the shortest amount of time. Vacationers, which return here to Los Cabos year after year, can take advantage of the AAD recommended annual UV skin scan. The scan, which is stored in the com- tion and then regeneration for months afterwards. It s painless and can be used on the face or any part of the body which requires skin tightening such as the abdomen, underarm, elbows, knees, or thighs. Included in Cielo s nonsurgical face lift procedure is Laser Genesis and LimeLight, IPL together they work to shrink pore size, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. spirit of the season alive in Los Cabos and to bring people together; those who want to help, but don t know where or how to do that. Partiers were invited to bring presents of all sizes and colors and to place them under the beautiful Christmas English Speaking Codependent Anonymous Cabo San Lucas 6:00 p.m. every Monday At CASA SERENIDAD 12th of October Street Between Morelos and Zaragoza For Information Call: Marty H. Cell or Home showing off the latest Palmilla Shoppes fashion and attendees were treated to hors d oeuvre recipes straight out of the LigaMAC cookbook the good ladies sell. Others browsed the various items for that evening s raffle displayed at Pez Gordo art gallery, Nick San and Manuel s restaurant, as well as other Palmilla Shoppes. Dinner certificates, a three hour yacht cruise, Leasingham wine and Diamond s International were among a few of the high ticket items raffled off. Available too at the LigaMAC stand were barely used books with Christmas themes, little backpacks, purse hooks, t-shirts, handy ter, but they don't want to give up any time from their daily lives or vacation," said Cathy Dammann, Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and Owner, of Spa Cielo Laser, a Medical Spa that offers the newest in safe, non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments. "The public is demanding, transformation without pain or downtime" states Dammann. Cielo, which specializes in light and laser treatments. Many of Cielo s treatments have been recently puter, allows Cielo to follow changes in their patient s skin from year to year. Cielo s most popular procedure is the non-surgical face-lift. Its signature service incorporates the Cutera Titan. Titan has been the recipient of numerous awards including: 2008 Aesthetic Medicine Award for Best Customer Experience and Satisfaction and Aesthetic Trends and Technologies Best non-laser for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Titan requires no When asked about prices, Dammann replies, prices vary based on procedure, but my clients often say, I am so surprised, this cost me no more than a round of golf or a day of sport fishing, and I have something to show for the money I ve spent. People can now enjoy their vacations and return home looking years younger! Call for your complimentary consultation Cathy Dammann-Fleishman is a Certified Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and has certifications in Aesthetics, and Light and Laser Therapies. Spa Cielo s Physicians and staff are trained and certified in the United States and Mexico and are Bilingual. Spa Cielo Laser Center has the experience you look for in a laser medical spa, with 7 years in the Los Cabos area, 4,000 patients and over 20,000 procedures performed, Cielo is your answer to skin rejuvenation. Spa Cielo is located in San Jose del Cabo, Plaza Los Portales, 3 rd Floor next to Mega and McDonalds. Present this Ad and Double Your Christmas Dollars Buy One Gift Certificate & Get a Second of Equal Value Brighten the Complexions on the Ones You Love with Laser Rejuvenation from Age Spots, Spider Veins, Wrinkles, Unwanted Hair and Skin Laxity. Offer Good December 1st - 24 th 13

14 MEDICAL HELL... continued from page 7 ment. When his symptoms returned, he drove himself to La Paz and checked into a hospital that all he knows about is that it was purple. Very purple. He got drained again and this time it only cost him $40 US, a far cry from $1500 it cost in San Jose. His doctor, Dr. Cruz Martinez, suggested a rotor rooter job for $2700, all inclusive, drugs, doc, and hospital, guarantied. He went for it, (half price off the San Jose hospital s estimate for the job,) and even though he had to stay an extra day, they stuck with the original estimate for the job. He had a Directory Of Services private room, the doctor spoke English, and Faxon is a happy man; he says he can now urinate like a race horse. Faxon s advise: When you are sick or injured, try to get a second opinion, and when the doctor does a hard sell that attempts to scare you into a decision, run, don t walk to that second opinion. More Faxon advise: Look for a hospital with a bright purple exterior. Our advise: Next time catch the name off that building. PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE Real Massage Therapy Relaxing, Sports, Swedish Out Calls Only - No special services Cell or CONDO RENTALS C.S.L. Props Affordable downtown CONDO RENTALS Studio & 1 bedrm by month or week Cel Ph TRANSLATOR Local Legal Translator English-Frances-Español & Viceversa TSJ de BCS # SGA-466/992 & 179/996 Ph Cel PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CATERING SAILBOAT 45' Private Sailing, Snorkel or Sunset Cruise Charters. Bar & Lunch, 1/2 price for locals. Only $350 USD. Book up to 10 people - 4hours. Ph anytime. DENTIST Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain, Orthodontic Treatment, Dental Implants. 25% OFF IN LASER WITHENING Leona Vicario Between I. Green and Lopez Mateos Ph Cel. (624) Next to Camarena Autoparts CLEANING SERVICES CABO PAINTER MEMORIAL SERVICES RENTALS CONSTRUCTION MARINE SURVEYOR PERSONAL TRAINER CELEBRATE RECOVERY PURESKIN CHIROPRACTOR Back Pain Dr. Stanley Song, D.C. Palmer Graduate with 20 years U.S. experience. Office Cell Plaza Tamaral # 8 in Cabo, Between immigration and 7 Crown hotel across from Bancomer Bank TRANSLATIONS PHYSICIAN/SURGEON USED STUFF GOT JUNK? We haul your used stuff away, And we pay you for it! Clothing and accessories too Cell. (624) CABO OUTFITTERS MEXICO WEDDINGS CABO INFO BEAUTY SALON CABO SAN LUCAS Wedding Ceremonies Creation of vows Vow Renewals Tel. (624) Scott A. Parsons D.D. Universal Life Church Ordained Minister 1965 got cabo? w w w. g o t c a b o. c o m Swedish Massage - Outcall available In Hotel Costa Real Cabo, near Dairy Queen. Phone Cell. (624) Men s and Women s Haircuts Shampoo & Blow Dry Custom Color Work Frosting & Weaving Acrylic Nails & Fills Facials Perms Wax Shampoo Set Manicure Pedicure MARINAS U.S. TAX PREPARATION U.S. Federal & State returns All Past year returns IRS Offers in Compromise Don D. Nelson, Attorney,CPA. INTERNET AND BOOKS DENTIST PHONE: (949) WEB: RENTALS LANDSCAPING CHURCH SERVICES CALVARY CHAPEL CHURCH SERVICES JEWISH SERVICES CATHOLIC CHURCH Main Church in Square San Jose Bilingual Mass every Sunday at Noon Come join all residents and tourists Father Juvencio 14

15 Writing about Mexican cuisine, its origins, traditions and ingredients, is something that might keep me busy for at least 200 issues of the Gringo Gazette. Now that s job security! Last issue I rambled on about many of Mexico s traditions leading up to Christmas, which in Mexico is celebrated with a dinner on the evening of December 24th, rather than on the afternoon of 25th. as most of our readers are accustomed to. At this time of the year most of us celebrate with some traditional Mexican dishes and some foreign influence as well. Nowadays it is increasingly common to find our traditional foods already prepared in almost all supermarkets and certainly on the menus of local restaurants that offer Mexican food. The most traditional and ancestral dish is Romeritos. This is a dish prepared from rosemary plant, nopales (edible cactus with a delicate flavor and very fleshy), dried shrimp cakes and of course our mole which is practically the base of this dish. That s pronounced mol a, not like the rodent. The mole has a smooth consistency, there are several words I could use to try to describe it, such as a thick sauce or some kind of marinade, but the truth is that it is none of the above and all of them at the same time. Let s say that is a thick broth made with many ingredients and spices including chocolate. It is not necessarily hot or aggressive on the palette. The shrimp cakes are made with dried shrimp and Celebrating 25 years! Christmas Dinner in Mexico TRAVEL AGENCY egg mixture which makes this dish almost a full meal, but we use only a small portion for each dish, and they make great leftovers. We also serve salad made with apples, nuts, cream and beets. Another traditional dish but not 100% Mexican is the bacalao which is white Norwegian dry codfish, a real pain in the neck to cook because you first have to soak it for two days to remove all the salt and then prepare it with a spicy tomato sauce, very tasty. It is delicious and even better reheated the next day with sandwiches. Yummy! But of course, what should not be missed is the king of the table: turkey. Yep, turkey. The original word is Guajolote (WA-HO-LO- TE) a derivative of the name in native hexolotl language. Thus, the turkey is native to Mexico and its name means, large old monster. I am sure that this is because of their ugly appearance and huge size, around two feet tall. Contrary to widespread belief, the turkey is one of the more traditional dishes in our Christmas dinner. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1521, they were surprised by the richness of the food we grew. The turkey was in fact the only bird to be domesticated; all the others were for hunting. By the time Cortes arrived in Mexico this turkey had been tamed, and soon after, in 1511, some of these birds were sent to Europe and later exported back to other parts of the American continent, eventually ending up on the Puritan s table and becoming a tradition for the American Thanksgiving celebration. As proof, there is a letter that was sent to King of Spain Charles V describing the thousands of turkeys that were being raised in the palace of Emperor Montezuma. These huge birds of more CSL Original celebrating 25 years! Corner of Leona Vicario & Revolucion (across from GG new office) Tel: (624) Fax: Los Delfines in San Jose: Plaza Chicos, 4-lane next to Nissan Tel; (624) Fax: than two feet in height were used to honor the Kings and Huitzilopochtli, the god of war to the Aztecs and the cooked turkey was offered as tributes. The turkey meat was one of the most prized for their richness in meat, white color and juicy flavor. Even today Italian Food That Makes Your Mouth Water BY JULIA CHILD I love Italian food. Ever since I arrived here I have been searching for a good Italian restaurant that serves the kind of food that makes your mouth water and leaves you wanting to go back again and again. I tried many Italian restaurants in Los Cabos, but they all fell short of what I was looking for, until one day a friend and I stumbled across a gem of a place called La Trattoria. It s often said that the best restaurants are unassuming places that are usually found off the beaten path, far from the usual tourist haunts. But that s not the case with La Trattoria, which is not tucked away on some side street far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. In fact, this Italian restaurant is right in the heart of Cabo on Marina Blvd., at Plaza Bonita mall, smack in between Hard Rock Café and the new Starbucks, across from Squid Roe. It s been there for almost 15 years. Just a few years ago, La Trattoria changed hands, and the new owners have done a fine job with the place. For one, La Trattoria has an excellent selection of wines from all over the world. The owner of La Trattoria, Juan Castaneda (or Don Juan, as his employees know him) was there when we stumbled in one day, he recommended a great bottle of Malbec from Argentina, Altos Las Hormigas Reserva. It paired perfectly with our main course. During the course of our meal, I discovered that Juan imports most of his wines himself and sells them to hotels and restaurants all over Mexico, not just Cabo. Aside from being a topnotch wine critic, Juan is a personable guy who grew up in Southern California, where he was a computer scientist before chucking it all for Cabo for a different kind of in upper class wedding receptions it is almost always served as a main dish, with mole too, but a different one (which we will talk more in depth in another issue). The way to prepare turkey for Christmas dinner varies, but I looked for a recipe to present here that has distinctly Mexican ingredients and is easy to cook. New year s eve dinner is usually the same as at Christmas, and sometimes a dish made from pork, instead of turkey is offered PAID ADVERTISEMENT life. His American upbringing helps; Juan has a unique understanding of what his mostly Gringo clientele expect from a fine dining experience in terms of service, quality and presentation. Another big advantage to dining at La Trattoria is the price. The tab you run here will be considerably less than what you would expect to pay if you were to eat in your hotel or at one of the many overpriced Italian restaurants in the area. I grew up eating Italian food, and make it a point to travel every year to Italy on business. La Trattoria has all of the elements of an authentic Trattoria in Sorrento or Rome. The interior of the restaurant is in the traditional Italian style simple and spacious enough to accommodate groups. There is even a back room with it s own bar that can seat up to 30 people, which they often close off for private parties. Juan mentioned to me that they are going to start using this room to host a monthly wine and food tasting with their executive chef, so make sure to ask about this when you stop in. Overall, La Trattoria can entertain a large group while at the same time maintaining a quaint, elegant environment that is perfect for couples seeking a romantic dinner Now for the food First Course: I chose the Caesar salad for the first course. It was delicious, and I decided to order a glass of the house Pinot Grigio, which was crisp, dry and refreshing. My friend ordered the fried calamari, which was also excellent, and paired well with the Pinot Grigio. We also sampled Lupe s famous baby back ribs cooked on a mesquite-fired grille. (Lupe is a local institution; he also serves the best after hour burritos in Cabo from a cart right next to El Squid Roe.) Main Course: Because I was feeling particularly hungry, 12 pound Mexican Christmas turkey Ingredients: 1 1 / 2 cup white wine 8 medium tomatoes 4 garlic cloves 2 chiles pasilla (dry chiles, long and very dark brown usually they come in plastic bags. They have the appearance of the skin of someone who does not know that botox exists) 1 / 2 cup olive oil salt to taste chicken broth to taste. continued on page 19 I went for the meat lover s pizza, a mesquite-fired oven pizza with Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, onions, and green peppers. This again was first class and quite substantial. My friend ordered the lobster ravioli served in a shrimpbased red sauce. Very tasty indeed! Dessert: For dessert I went for the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, since I have a sweet tooth, was very much to my tasting. My friend loved the tiramisu, which he ate while knocking back an espresso. Not Mexican espresso, but the real deal: Caffee Diemme coffee, an authentic Italian brand that s even better than Illy or Lavazza. After dinner, we stepped outside to enjoy an after dinner drink at the horseshoe shaped wooden bar on the terrace facing Marina Blvd. and Squid Roe. Our intent was to dine at La Trattoria and head out for a night on the town somewhere else, but we had such a great time sitting at the bar, listening to music, people watching and laughing it up with the Martini-making Mario and the bottle-flipping Jonathan, that we didn t leave until closing at 4 am! If you like good Italian food, this well-known Cabo Italian restaurant won t disappoint. The food and service are first class so much so that I ve lunched or dined there regularly since writing this review. They have $10 dollar lunch specials, which include food and beer. For me, La Trattoria was great value for the quality of food and service. And when you stop by, make sure to say hello to Don Juan! La Trattoria Italian Restaurant Address: Blvd. Marina, Plaza Bonita, across from Squid Roe, between Starbucks and Hard Rock Kitchen Open for Lunch and Dinner (11 AM Midnight), Closed Mondays Reservations: (624)

16 STATE NEWS... continued from page 8 mess. But will make the country safer. We re told. Driving into Mexico will involve longer delays come January, when the Mexican government implements new border security measures designed to disrupt the flow of weapons and cash to Mexican criminal groups. The new measures, which include gates, cameras and vehicle weighing scales, are being tested in Tijuana and have lengthened the south bound border crossing from a few minutes to an hour or more despite officials claims that initial screening will take only eight seconds. Business leaders in Baja are concerned that the new policy will further erode an already bleak tourist trade, but 16 the government is determined to go through with the plan in an effort to improve security. Mel Gibson plans film in Mexico. Mel Gibson will make a movie at a prison in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz next year, according to the state s governor Fidel Herrera. Part of the Ignacio Allende prison will be emptied in January because a grand production will be filmed there with our friend, the actor and producer Mel Gibson, said Herrera. Gibson filmed his 2006 Mayan-language movie Apocalypto in Veracruz. The actor-director donated $1 million to replace stormdamaged homes in Veracruz and in neighboring Chiapas state earlier this year. Anti-drug aid to Mexico is tardy. The perception of a slow flow of aid has rankled some in the Calderón government and fueled criticism here that the United States, which spends billions of dollars consuming illegal drugs, is fiddling while 50,000 Mexican soldiers and police officers are fighting and dying in the streets in an attempt to stem the drug flow. The United States has sent only a fraction of the money pledged - just $24 million of $1.3 billion appropriated - to help Mexico in its bloody TimeshareTony.Com Buy - Sell - Rent Mexico, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona Hawaii Marriott, Sands of Kahana, Kahana Beach Resort California San Francisco, Big Bear Lake Nevada Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe Arizona Lake Havasu Here Are Just A Few Of Our Units In Cabo Pueblo Bonito Blanco Junior Suites - $2,500, Luxury Suites - $3,500, Master Suites - $4,500, Executive Suites $7,500, Presidential Suites - $10,000 Pueblo Bonito Rose Junior Suites - $2,500, Luxury Suites - $3,500, Master Suites - $4,500, Executive Suites $5,500, Royal Suites - $7,500, Presidential Suites - $15,000, Penthouse Suites - $25,000. Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Junior Suites - $2,500, Executive Suites $7,500 Villa Del Arco Studios Suites - $2,500, Executive Suites - $5,500, Presidential Suites - $10,000 Villa Del Palmar Studios Suites - $500, Executive Suites - $1,500, Presidential Suites - $7,500, Penthouse Suites - $20,000. Call for pricing on AZ, CA, HI, NV or see us online - (714) Beach Blvd., Suite # 203 B Huntington Beach, CA three-year-old battle against the drug cartels that have turned parts of country into a war zone and left 15,000 dead, according to a U.S. government report issued last week. The Merida Initiative, signed by President George W. Bush and Mexican leader Felipe Calderón in 2007, promises Black Hawk helicopters, night-vision goggles and drug-sniffing dogs, as well as a more robust crimefighting partnership between the United States and Mexico. So far the United States has delivered two percent of the equipment and support promised, according to the report by the Government Accountability Office. The Merida Initiative did not lay out a specific timeline for delivering the U.S. assistance, but the report made clear that the pace of spending was not acceptable. Show us the money, Gringos! Think vacatining here is pricey? The room tax guests pay in Mexico City will increase by one percent to three percent starting next year. This is in addition to the federal 15 percent value added tax (which is only 10 percent in Baja), that applies to almost everything in Mexico except food and pharmaceutical purchases. Funds raised from the increased room tax will be used to fiancé the first International Tourism Fair of the Americas, planned for Mexico City next September. That event, according to its organizers, will attract 300,000 visitors from 70 countries yet cost local tax payers nothing. They ll get it from the tourists. PAID ADVERTISEMENT

17 The Legend Of How The Christmas Tree Got Its Angel What, you thought we were going to forget this this year? C mon, it s a GG tradition One Christmas season long ago and far away, Santa was getting ready for his annual trip... but there were problems everywhere. Four of his elves called in sick, and the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones, so Santa was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa that her mom was coming to visit. This stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were knocked up and two had jumped the fence and were out, heaven knows where. More stress. And as he began to load the sleigh, one of the boards cracked under the load and the bag of toys fell to the ground, scattering toys everywhere. Now thoroughly frustrated, Santa went back into the house for a cup of coffee fortified with a dollop of whiskey. But when he looked into the cupboard, he discovered that the elves had got into the liquor and there was nothing left. In his frustration, he lost his grip on the coffee pot and it fell to the floor, breaking into smitherings. Grabbing the broom to clean up the mess, he found that mice had eaten the straw. Just then the doorbell rang and Santa cussed his way to the door. He opened the door with a mighty swoosh, and stand- BY CRYSTAL SNOW ing there was the cutest little angel with a great big Christmas tree. The angel said, very possibly with just a tad too much cheer, Merry Christmas Santa. Isn t it just a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it? Thus began the tradition of the little angel perched on top of the Christmas tree. TIMESHARE... continued from page 12 will increase by 6.5% due to the opening of Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe and an increase in cruise ship dockings. 8. This is a Zman stretch; Preconstruction timeshare sales will begin in Puerto Los Cabos. 9. Olamar, a Tom LaTour signature private residence club, will be funded and sales will begin, again. 10. Playa del Sol at the La Jolla property in San Jose will re open sales and marketing. 11. My bonus prediction: a private residence club will complete phase 1 of construction and will have occupancy. Sales will be slow. Zman news: Park Royal Los Cabos is on hole #1 of the Grupo Mayan golf course in San Jose. While on a site visit this month, I found this boutique resort to offer a very tranquil setting, 56 suites with golf course views, much different than the beachfront timeshares of Medano Beach. I enjoyed it! Not all inclusive yet close to Mega super market and banks, it is only a five minute taxi ride to downtown San Jose. The guests and members may enjoy the beach club and facilities of the Crown Plaza Hotel. Opened as Royal Holiday Bouganvilas Resort, it underwent a major $1.9 million renovation in It is an affiliate of the Royal Holiday Club (RHC) system which operates a point based timeshare membership. RHC holds inventory in 52 countries and 180 resort destinations. It includes over 3,000 cruise ship itineraries on most cruise lines. Under the direction of Lourdes Ayala regional project director whose oversight responsibilities include Puerto Vallarta, Nayarit, Guadalaraja, Guanajuato and Michoacan the sales have increased year by year. I have known Lourdes since her Club Regina days as a marketing manager in the late 1990s, and she has come a long way, baby! She is one of the very few females in upper management in Mexico/ Latin America. Javier Alves serves as sales manager when on site, but he has additional duties as the sales director of Los Tules Resort in Puerto Vallarta, another RHC property. Javier has a reputation as a master closer. If there is such, he is it, according to my insiders who have worked the sales floor with him. I understand why Lourdes increased his role and duties within her territory. Kudos to Javier Alejandro Andrioti, assistant manager and the sales team who are all bilingual with years of experience. Such is Juan Arroyo. He has 24 years with RHC! More on him in an upcoming publication. Zman and ARDA:The America Resort Developers Association (ARDA) International Foundation, (the largest worldwide timeshare association), just published the 2009 Timeshare Buyers Profile. I will present it to you in a two part series as soon as I decipher it. Zman just a thought: Christmas commerates life. It is the moment where the ones who are here and the ones who are gone meet, again. Until next edition happy and sharing time. Zman, Mike 17

18 18

19 Still Time To Buy Reasonably Priced Art For Christmas Over 70 art lovers and art buyers enjoyed holiday cheer and a feast of holiday goodies while snapping up original fine art at bargain prices. Visions Gallery at Cafelix Coffee & Kitchen in Todos Santos sponsored this holiday gala featuring over 55 small works of art with the first annual A Holiday Gift of Art exhibition. Each piece of art was no larger than 12 X 12 and each was priced at or below $150 US. Sales were brisk as holiday music filled the air and most of the 15 artists exhibiting were present to discuss their work. A Holiday Gift of Art continues through January 1, so there is still time to get your gift of art. The gallery is located on Calle Benito Juarez in the heart of Todos Santos, just down the street from the book store and the CFE office. The front gallery also contains works by the ten artists who exhibit regularly at Visions. Hours are from 7AM to 9PM, seven days a week The Visions Gallery is organized by the Artists of Todos Santos (ARTS), an informal group conceived to develop and support a sustainable visual arts community and to inspire and grow visual arts talent in Todos Santos. MEX COOKING... continued from page 15 2 cups of prunes for garnish 4 cubed yellow apples Preparation: Preheat oven to 350 º F. The white wine has to be injected into the turkey. Remove the seeds from the chiles and roast them. ( Do not touch your eyes or mouth with your hands during this. It can be very irritating). Do the same with the tomatoes and peel them off. Grind them. Chop the onion, very fine and smash the garlic cloves. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan, and when its good and hot add the garlic and fry the onion. Add tomato sauce, salt, pepper and broth. Leave to boil on low until you have a soft dough. When the sauce is ready, spread out all over the turkey. Put the roasting pan in the oven with a lid or in a cooking bag for four to five hours at 350 º C. Add the prunes and apple and cook it for another 20 minutes. It is served at the table with the juice released during cooking. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo! 19

20 Art s Day Festival Celebrates Arts For Youth With mostly American organizations assisting mostly Mexican youths in art appreciation and access For more on this story watch the video at The first Art s Day Out festival was held at the town square in San Jose. Not surprisingly, since we re in Mexico, the event kicked off on Mexican time, blamed this time on the late arrival of the equipment, which is the responsibility of the city s cultural department. The event was organized by the local Department of Culture and Bright Life Music lead by composer and musician Todd Clouser. The festival s mission was to bring together and inspire the youth of Los Cabos. American, Mexican and Canadian youth participated. Around 400 people enjoyed the many activities sponsored by the non profits such as Casa Hogar, Red Autism, Liga Mac, Foundation Tres Deseos, Yo Reciclo and some art galleries like Ida Victoria and Gallery 256. Each of these organizations coordinated several workshops and donated the materials for kids to express themselves through different BY LISSETTE VALENTIN types of art: sculpture, paint, pottery and music. Casa Hogar showed up with 21 boys who live full time at the orphanage to interact and play hula-hula with other kids and of course to raise some funds for their home. Foundation Tres Deseos, another non profit, this one devoted to teaching music to children, sent a Mexican knowledgeable in drums to display his kids aptitude for beating on pots, pans, and barrels. The galleries assisted the youngsters with inspiring workshops in art. Gallery Ida Victoria donated paper frames and watercolors for photo frames for Christmas presents, Yo Reciclo gave away old CDs for kids to make hanging mobiles for their bedrooms, Liga Mac set up two tables with ceramicclay figures and watercolors as well; Gallery 256 donated wood, colorful sprays and built a gigantic dragonfly sculpture. Yoga, Rolfing and nutritional information were given away by local practitioners, with the to teach the public to be healthy and mostly to teach fat kids how to change their eating behavior. On the food front, one of the sponsors, Sabor de Amor 400 people turned out for Arts Day, an event to familiarize local kids with various kinds of art. Organic Restaurant from Raices y Brazos Integral Center, displayed a buffet of fresh organic treats: zucchini bread, cookies, crackers, vegetarian pizza and an incredibly tasty seafood curry. This restaurant showed it is possible to eat healthy and at the same time help take care of the environment and support the local farmers. Most of the goodies were free for children and sold at low prices to everyone else. Later in the afternoon the show opened with Liga Mac s choir of a dozen Mexican kids completely out of tune and out of sync, guided by a music teacher, actually a sax player, who never saw the kids until that day. Well, so they weren t mistaken for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, at least they were cute. The choir was followed by two young rock bands who s members were no older than continued on page 23 20

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Case STUDIES IN SPORT MANAGEMENT Case STUDIES IN SPORT MANAGEMENT Volume 3 Case Study 5 http://dx.doi.org/10.1123/cssm.2014-0017 Learning Sport Management Jillian McNiff Flagler College Gil Fried and Kimberly Mahoney University of New

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starts here. A lasting recovery Take the first step and ask for help. Call (855) 973 7333 Today.


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Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing ABOUT THE AUTHOR Florida Attorney Frank M. Eidson has practiced law since 1998 in Central Florida. Since that time he has represented thousands of injured clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents,

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1.19. Border Patrol speaks out on safety. Win 1 of 8 BE PROTECTED IN 2013. What s new in theaters? Disney on Ice this weekend

1.19. Border Patrol speaks out on safety. Win 1 of 8 BE PROTECTED IN 2013. What s new in theaters? Disney on Ice this weekend Win 1 of 8 PRESORTED STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID EL CAJON, CA 92020 PERMIT NO. 237 SUBSCRIBE TODAY! CALL (619) 444-5774 VOLUME 14 Gazette Newspaper Group, Local, State and National Award winning publications,

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May 2006 Volume 56 Number 5. In This Issue: May 2006 Volume 56 Number 5 MAGAZINE In This Issue: Ten Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Criminal Law Probation The Unsung Hero of the Criminal Justice System The National Criminal Defense College

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