Earlier this year we learned that Hank was among 50 persons of all ages and conditions from

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1 Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Pro Cathedral Founded September 1, 1772 Mass Schedule Saturday: 7:00 am, and 5:30 pm Vigil Sunday:: English Sunday English:: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 6:00 pm Spanish: 12:30 pm and 7:30 pm Weekdays:: 7:00 am and 12:10 pm Weekdays Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturday:: 4:00-4:30 pm Saturday Fourth Fourth urth urth th Sunday S Sund da day ay of of Ea Ea Easter ast ste ster ter A April prril 26, p pril 26, From our Pastor... Old Mission Church is deeply blessed that one of our families will be making a pilgrimage of healing through the generosity of the Order of Malta and the grace of Our Lady of Lourdes. The 900 year old Order of Malta performs works of charity and faith outreach to those in special need. Last fall Old Mission received a letter from the Order of Malta, Western Association, inviting the parish to nominate one or more candidates to be granted an all-expense paid journey to the healing site of Lourdes, France where the blessed Mother appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in After inquiring about the needs of both parish and Old Mission School families, we nominated Hank Gibbs, son of Jeff and Terri Gibbs and brother of Charlie and Lucy. Hank is an eighth-grader at OMS who is affected by Parry-Romberg Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder which attacks the bone, tissue and nervous system connected to facial features. There is no known cure and to date Hank has undergone five surgical procedures to repair and replace damage caused by this rare disease. In spite of his challenges, Hank continues to inspire others and is a champion for those who must live and thrive with a rare disease. In his letter of nomination I wrote, Hank comes from a deeply loving and faithful family and has accepted this challenge with courage and dignity. He also has the respect and support of his classmates and Old Mission School. I cannot imagine a more deserving young person than Hank to be included in a Lourdes pilgrimage. I have spoken to his parents and they have given their full permission and support. The Gibbs Family Left to Right: Charlie, Terri, Lucy, Jeff & Hank Earlier this year we learned that Hank was among 50 persons of all ages and conditions from throughout the western United States chosen to join the 2015 Malta pilgrimage to Lourdes during the first week of May. The Order of Malta is also partially subsidizing the travel costs of Hank s mother Terri who will be joining the group as co-pilgrim and care-giver. They will depart on April 28 to join more than 25,000 malades from around the world gathering in Lourdes for a week of services, prayer and healing. To learn more about Hank and his family, to help with medical costs, and to follow their journey of a lifetime, go to or To learn more about Lourdes, a good website is: Please keep Hank and his family in your prayers and remember your own needs during this pilgrimage. Hank is on his own journey but he is also aware that he is our ambassador to Lourdes and is mindful especially of those with rare diseases and difficult diagnosis. Continuing Easter Blessings Fr. Russ Brown, Pastor Monsignor Joseph Stieger Blessings on your 65th PriestlyOrdination Anniversary April 26, 2015

2 PAGE 2 Parish Center Administration Rev. Russell Brown, Pastor Rev. Braulio Valencia, Parochial Vicar Rev. Msgr. Joseph Stieger, In Residence Rev. Jim Nisbet, In Residence Deacon Chuck M. Roeder, Permanent Deacon Deacon Jim Burrows, Permanent Deacon Mr. James D. Childs, Principal Mission College Prep Ms. Tina Ballantyne, Principal Old Mission Elementary Offi ce: 751 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA Phone: (805) Fax (805) Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm Wednesdays Noon to 5 pm Chapel Hours: Monday thru Friday 9 am to 4 pm Website: Use your bar code scanner for quick access to our Parish Website Parish Staff & Ministries Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers are Ext. # (Voice Mail Extensions) 26 Fr. Russell Brown Pastor 16 Fr. Braulio Valencia Parochial Vicar 32 Deacon Chuck Roeder Permanent Deacon 14 Deacon Jim Burrows Permanent Deacon 11 Theresa Shipsey Business Practices 13 Corina Onato Office Manager 20 Erika Havens Office Assistant 15 Terry Burrows Faith Formation, Altar Servers 35 Donna Gibson Youth Ministry 18 Rosalba Torres Faith Formation Assistant 19 Patty Moyer Pepper ( ) Pastoral Care Ministry 38 Gayne Pinto-Bennett ( ) Bereavement Ministry Eucharistic Ministers/Lectors 36 Minerva Soto Gift Shop Manager 22 Iva Svitek Music Ministry Jocelyn Roeder ( ) Liturgy Coordinator Nancy Kelso-Doody ( ) Events & Environment Coordinator Jack & Eunice Pierce ( ) Landings Program Finance Council Gayla Newman Ann Palmer Charles Porter Bernie Suttle Chris Will Schools & Campus Ministry Old Mission School ( ) Ms. Tina Ballantyne, Principal 761 Broad St., SLO Mission College Preparatory ( ) Mr. James D. Childs, Principal 682 Palm St., SLO Newman Catholic Center ( ) Fr. John Ulrich, S.M. and Fr. Kevin Duggan, S.M Foothill, SLO Ministries Gift Shop & Museum ( ) Open 7 days per week 9 am - 4 pm (Winter hours) (9-5 Summer hours) Social Justice Ministry Delores Winje ( ) St. Vincent de Paul ( ) Public Assistance Tuesdays at Prado 2-3 pm Thursdays at Old Mission 3-4 pm by Appointment only Catholic Charities Office Old Mission Thrift Store Broad Street, SLO ( ) Mon-Sat 10 AM - 6 PM, Sunday 12-4 PM Old Mission Cemetery ( ) Gift Shop News A prayer for First Communion Bless this child with gentle kindness. Guide this child with tender love Show this child the way of brightness. Fill this little heart with love. The crowds from Spring break 2015 have all gone home and there is some quiet time before we get ready for the summer season. The Communion season is upon us. This is a special time for families to gather and celebrate this rite of passage in their children s lives. We have a large selection of our hand-made Mission Rosaries, Gift sets, Bibles, as well as prayers books from which to choose. If you haven t been in to see us lately this is a perfect time to visit. Our staff is both knowledgeable and eager to assist you. The music truly adds to the feeling of peace and tranquility so feel free to linger in the book room where you will find lots of wonderful books. You may also visit us and enjoy a secure shopping experience. We are here to serve you 7 days a week, from 9-5PM. We welcome you as always. The Little Ones A CONTEMPLATIVE ROSARY Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. MISSION SAN LUIS OBISPO DE TOLOSA Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. With Mission Singers, and Piano Praying the Glorious Mysteries with Scripture and Song. A Contemplative Rosary is a pastoral response to Pope JohnPaul II s Apostolic Letter on the Most Holy Rosary (Rosarium Virginis Mariae), composed by Bob Hurd in San Jose, California, May 2005 P lease, Pray for Rain. Jim Burrows 2015 Jim Burrows

3 Monthly Mass at Old Mission Cemetery The monthly 1st Saturday Mass at the Old Mission cemetery for May will be May 2nd at 10 am celebrated by Fr. Philip Garcia. All are welcome to join us. NEWMAN SAYS THANK YOU It is with many thanks that we acknowledge the parishioners of Old Mission for their generous donations on April 18 & 19 for the Newman Catholic Center. We sincerely wish we were able to thank each of you. Your support for this ministry is a vote of confidence in the young adults who are the future of the Church and our communities. A student s hunger for faith, for community and for service is both a source of great hope and a treasure for our Church. You will be remembered in the hearts and prayers of the Newman Community. May Christ grant you peace and continue to bless the parish family of Old Mission. With much gratitude and prayers, Fr. John Ulrich, S.M., Director, and the Students and Staff of the Newman Catholic Community SPRING CONCERT Sunday, April 26, :00 pm Mission Singers ProCathedral Choir Piano, Organ Trumpet, Flute Mission San Luis Obispo 751 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo Free Admission Donations supporting Mission Music Ministry are greatly appreciated Y outh Ministry ALL YOUTH ARE WELCOME! Find us on Facebook: Mission Nativity Youth Night Every Friday 7:00-8:30 pm in the Youth Center Confirmation Year One: Rite of Affirmation Sunday, April 26th at 6:00 Mass E lementary Faith Formation No faith formation this weekend. We are juggling a lot these days family, work, and fun activities not to mention giving God a chance in your full life. God Knows You re Stressed by Anne Bryan Smollin gives some great ideas on simple ways to restore your balance. 1. You might decide to be imperfect. Things worth doing are worth doing poorly. Think you could practice that saying? Tune in next week for #2. Blessings, Terry Burrows at ext. 15, or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament First Friday, May 1, :30 am to 4:30 pm in the Oratory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Divine Mercy Rosary at 3 pm, Petitions at 3:30 pm and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 4 pm. We are still in need of individuals for a monthly committment of time, either a half hour or an hour adoration spent with our Lord. Sign up at the booklet near the garden door of the church with your name and phone number so we can remind you of your time. There are so many people in need of prayer during these turbulent times. Sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of America. For more information call Confused Catholic? Inactive Catholic? Alienated Catholic? An Invitation to Consider COMING HOME AGAIN (We ve missed you.) If you ve been away from the church, or are drifting away from it, if you ve been hurt by the church, or are confused or angry because of your Catholic experience, please consider our invitation to come and talk with us. If you are an active Catholic who would like to assist with this ministry, we welcome your help. LANDINGS Mission San Luis Obispo Jack Pierce Mass Intentions PAGE 3 Initials in italics indicate scheduled Presider SATURDAY APRIL 25 7:00 (JS) Mary Flor Serpa, Family & Friends 5:30 (BV) Lou Garcia Bill Herrera & Antoinette Bridge SUNDAY APRIL 26 4th Sunday of Easter 7:00 (JS) Manuel Limon Int of Msgr. Joseph Stieger, 65th Ordination Anniversary 9:00 (JN) William Jeong, Jose Koo & Family John Hiensen & Family 11:00 (RB) Hilda J. Roza E.C. Benjamin & Priscilla Bermudez 12:30 (BV) Intention of Parishioners 6:00 (RB) Edward & Patricia Laubacher 7:30 (BV) Intention of Parishioners MONDAY APRIL 27 7:00 (JN) Julia Morris Int of Roberta & Wayne Dengate 12:10 (JN) Int of Lia Way Way Hernandez Int of Javier Trujillo Z. TUESDAY APRIL 28 7:00 (RB) Roberta Dengate 12:10 (RB) Rita Mertens WEDNESDAY APRIL 29 7:00 (JN) Int of Fr. Ken Brown 12:10 (BV) Hilda J. Roza Lorene Steinman THURSDAY APRIL 30 7:00 (BV) Mary Flor Serpa, Family & Friends Patti Moerman 12:10 (BV) David Sterling Int of Ann Campbell FRIDAY MAY 1 7:00 (bv) Mary Flor Serpa, Family & Friends Patti Moerman 12:10 (BV) Int of all Living & Deceased SATURDAY MAY 2 7:00 (JS) Rita Marie Goehner 5:30 (RB) Int of Theresa Salazar Int of Richard Equinoa (Birthday on 3rd) SUNDAY MAY 3 5th Sunday of Easter 7:00 (RB) Jim Zanoli Bill & Joan Clark 9:00 (RB) William Jeong, Jose Koo & Family John Hiensen & Family Int of Aurea Cruz 11:00 (RB) Hilda J. Roza Mariano & Remedios Budano 12:30 (BV) Oswaldo Israel Garcia Alvarez 6:00 (BV) Int. of Christine Vega & Michael Int of Evette Valentine 7:30 (BV) Intention of Parishioners Fr. Ken Brown Please Pray for the recovery of Fr. Ken Brown, Pastor of St. Patrick s in Arroyo Grande, who suffered an aneurysm last week.

4 PAGE 4 Prayer Requests... If you or a member of your family would like the faith community of Mission Parish to join you in prayers for special needs, contact the parish office at We do occasionally take some names off of the list printed in the bulletin. The current list contains names received since April 1, If we have taken a name from the printed list of a person still in need of prayers, please give us a call and we will happily put him or her back on. Please take some time this week to remember the following in your prayers: For all in our parish family who are suffering serious or terminal illness For Armed Forces Men and Women on Active Duty, and for Fr. Ken Brown Claude Alvis Dave Anderson Virginia Aranico Santos Arrona Margaret Askelund Celia Bautista Delia Bautista Ereberto Bautista Cindy Bebereia Taylor Blete Susan Bliss Ines Bongio Paul Bonjour Jerry Bonsato Barbara Boyle Kevin Bright Karen Brown Jolene Carman Brina, Cody and Eli Donna Casalegno Charlene Casciola Sylvia Cazier David Cicinato Maryanne Cicinato Regina Clarke Shawn Clarke Jeff Cole Helen Collins Cathy Connor Elena Corbelli Renee Curco Anna Dahan Nancy & John Deering John Deering, Jr Lorie Deito Imelda Delossanpos Santiago, Camila Diaz Kambria Doherty Joan Duclos Jinah Duncan Richard Engel Erich and Susi Griffth Flick Kay Foster Gladys Fraund & Family Charles Freeman Vivian Fuller Christian Garcia Guadalupe Garcia Mary Ella Garder Nadia Ghobrial Hank Gibbs Michael Glynn Spencer Godsey Dorothy Ellis Goldberg Walt Gonyer Enedina Gonzalez Mary Grimes Median Guideal Paula Gurney Garney and Vicky Hall Christopher Hernandez Li Way Way Hernandez Kay Heton Gary Hitchcock Teresa Illicete Misael Jaimes Bea Jeong Russ Kiger Jimmy Kitchens Curry Koehler Nate Kovesdi Rachel Kovesdi Jason Lal Betty Ann Lile Maria Limon Manuel Luvano Javier Maldonado Yaneli Maldonado Norma Mangabat Cathy Martin Ernie Martin Cipriano Martinez Justeniano Martinez Pedro Martinez Rufina Martinez Nancy McDonough Marsha McGowan Christina M McMasters The Medeiros Family Georgina Mele Enrique Melendez Ellen Miller Judith Moreno Cecilia Nievez Eliodoro Nievez Jesse Nieves Julian Nieves Julianna Nievez Nievez Family Nancy Ochs Bill Oldson James Oldson Don Owens Mabelle Pence Brian Porterfield & Family Sean Porterfield Frank Reed Joan Rostain Jerry Salmina Rose Santos Peter Schellin Halley Scott Steve Smith Karen Strand Donna Strong Diane Suderman Derek Thoele Pax Thomas Shannon Thompson Emily Tilton Felipe Trejo Veronica Trejo The Vargas Family Juana Velasquez Susanna Velasquez Nick Valentine R.I.P. Roberta Dengate, Gilbert Diaz, and all who have died this week. ADULT ENRICHMENT Fr. Jim Nisbet s Scripture Class 7:00 pm Mondays in the Hall 10:30 am Tuesdays in the Hall The classes run one hour each in the form of a lecture with opportunity for questions at the end. They are separate areas of studies. Scripture Study Reflect on Readings for this coming Sunday s Masses. Scripture study meets each Wednesday at l:00 pm, following the 12:10 Mass in the Serra room. We read the scripture for the following Sunday and reflect on and discuss the readings. As a group we nourish one another by sharing our faith and reflecting on our own experiences in our journey. Missalettes and other materials are provided. Any questions? Please call the Parish Center at Pray the Rosary With Us Every MONDAY evening at 5:45 pm, we pray the Rosary. Share devotions and petitions while praying as a spiritual community in our historic Old Mission CHAPEL. Please join us and stay for one or more decades of the rosary. Ave Maria, Friends! Interested in Becoming Catholic? Is God calling you? If you are someone who is not Catholic, or has not completed your sacraments, but you feel like you are being called in this direction - come and explore. Call Terry in the parish office for more information ext. 15 or Docent Training! Would you like to learn about our Old Mission s History? Training for new docents will start Saturday MAY 16 with a focus on Chumash Life through the American Period. Come to the Serra Room at 9:30am. Training will continue on the 3 following Saturdays. Please call the office to sign up Social Justice Ministry meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in the Serra Center. Join us to learn what our new projects are, and what you can do to help. We have completed three sessions of our study of Pope Francis inspirational message on the Joy of the Gospel with some thoughtful discussions on how our church (and our parish) can more fully bring the joy of the gospel into our lives. We would love to have more parishioners join us for our simple soup supper at 6:00 (bring a bowl and a spoon) followed by about an hour of reading and discussion. Tuesday evening in the Serra Center. The books will be available. Next weekend, the brightly colored baby bottles for ALPHA Pregnancy and Parenting Support will be available at the doors of the church for you to take home & fill with your loose change (bills and checks very welcome too!). This annual fundraiser runs from Mothers Day to Fathers Day and enables ALPHA to continue their work of 35 years offering emotional support and practical help to pregnant and parenting families. And please check the table at the Garden Door for beautiful Mothers Day cards, hand decorated by ALPHA volunteers. Please remember to sign up for the run/walk from beautiful Morro Bay to Cayucos on Saturday MAY 9th to support MIRACLE MILES FOR KIDS--a wonderful cause. Family Care Network, who serves at least 1500 youth/ families per year, sponsors this event. It s a fun day! Lunch included. For more information : miraclemilesforkids.com See what love the Father has bestowed on us in letting us be called children of God! From the first letter of John, 3:1 Need Help with the Rosary A local care facility has requested that someone from the Mission Parish come in once a week to say the rosary with about six to eight of the Catholics there. The Activities Director at the facility will work with the Volunteer/Minister to discover a day and time that works for everyone. Please contact Patty Moyer Pepper, Coordinator of Pastoral Care Ministries at (805) if you are interested in taking on this wonderful ministry. She will be happy to share the specifics with you. Thank you. Mother s Day Cards and Flowers are here! Treat your Mom and benefit ALPHA moms. Mother s Day cards will be available through May 2 / 3. Orders for bouquets will be taken and can be delivered before Mother s Day, May 9th. For information, contact Faith Ann at , or call the ALPHA office at

5 Old Mission School The staff members of Old Mission School assist in the experience of schooling in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony in the following ways: Students learn basic academic skills and develop creative abilities. Students learn fundamental social skills. Students learn to be disciplined and productive citizens. Students belong to a vital Catholic community where Christian compassion, values, and lifestyles are shared. Students are prepared for active participation in sacramental life. Students know Jesus, love him, and become his followers. We hope that the children s deepest dream will be to work with others in the Spirit of Jesus to establish a new world of justice, equality, and love for all, a world in which no one will be excluded. Old Mission Catholic School is currently accepting applications for preschool through eighth grade. Our entire school community is dedicated to the development of socially responsible citizens for the twentyfirst century who are spiritually empowered, academically enriched, and morally accountable for their actions. For more information or to obtain an application, please visit our website at com or call Come see us. We have openings, and we have financial assistance. A Catholic education is an advantage for life. CARING FOR THE KOVESDIS Please join us for an afternoon of fundraising for The Kovesdi Family Saturday, May 16th at 12 noon at the SeaVenture Restaurant Beer, wine, & Appetizers Live music from Soul Sauce Contact Lauren at for info $50 per person, proceeds go to Caring for the Kovesdi s. To purchase tickets, search Caring for Kovesdi s on EventBrite.com Simon Kovesdi has served as manager of the SeaVenture Restaurant for 15 years. His family needs our support. Simon s wife, Rachel, is fighting leukemia. Their son, Nate, was recently diagnosed with Crohn s Disease. Rachel and Nate have undergone extensive testing and treatment and, thankfully, are doing better. Hovever, they will both require expensive on-going treatment for the rest of their lives. April 26, 2015 Fourth Sunday of Easter Readings For This Week Listen and remember through Word and Bread Sun, 4/26: Acts 4:8-12; Ps 118:1,8-9,21-23,26,28,29; 1 Jn 3:1-2; Jn 10:11-18 Mon, 4/27: Acts 11:1-18; Ps 42:2-3;43:3,4; Jn 10:1-10 Tue, 4/28: Acts 11:19-26; Ps 87:1b-7; Jn 10:22-30 Wed, 4/29: Acts 12:24 13:5a; Ps 67:2-3,5,6,8; Jn 12:44-50 Thur, 4/30: Acts 13:13-25: Ps 89:2-3,21-22,25,27; Jn 13:16-20 Fri, 5/1: Acts 13:26-33; Ps 2:6-11ab; Jn 14:1-6 Sat, 5/2: Acts 13:44-52; Ps 98:1-4; Jn 14:7-14 Sun, 5/3: Acts 9:26-31; Ps 22:26-28, 30-32; 1 Jn 3:18-24; Jn 15:1-8 Second Collection NEXT Week Next weekend we will taking up the annual collection for Catholic Home Missions. Infant Baptism: Registered parishioners may call , x35 for information and dates about baptism for their children. Baptism classes: Spanish class will be May 4 at 7 pm English class will be April 26 at 2 pm Catholic Daughters Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court # 1162 will meet Saturday May 9, 2015 at 10AM in the Serra Room Mission SLO. Our speaker will be Tina Ballantyne, Principal, Old Mission Elementary School SLO. For more info, please call or Spring is here. Pray for rain. Thank you! The Kovesdis greatly appreciate the love and support they have received from their friends, family and community. To make a donation visit: or Google: Caring for the Kovesdis PAGE 5 This Week... Saturday April 25 4 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation Sunday April 26 4th Sunday of Easter 7 am Msgr Stieger 65th Priestly Ordination Anniversary - Reception after Mass 9 am Coffee & Donuts Social -after mass 3 pm - in Church Spring Concert Reception Follows Monday April 27 5:45 pm Rosary Group -Chapel 7 pm Fr. Jim s Scripture Study -Hall Tuesday April 28 10:30 am Fr. Jim s Scripture Study -Hall 6 pm Social Justice Joy of the Gospel -Serra Center Wednesday April 29 1 pm Scripture Study -Serra Ctr 6:30 pm ProCathedral Choir -Church Thursday April 30 Friday May 1 7 pm Youth Night -Youth Center Saturday May 2 10 am Sung Rosary - Church 4 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation 2nd Collection -Catholic Home Missions Sunday May 3 5th Sunday of Easter 9 am Coffee & Donuts Social -after mass 10:30 am Elementary Faith Formation - Grades 1-6 at Old Mission School 10:30 am Sacramental Prep - 1st Communion Children s RETREAT -Old Mission School Our Weekly Offering The Old Mission Budget requires $10, per week to meet expenses. The collection for Sunday, April 19, 2015 was $ 10, * *includes $ 2, Electronic Funds Transfer donations this week. We thank you for your continued support and generosity. 12,500 11,500 10,500 9,500 8,500 7,500 6,500 The amount donated for last week s Newman appeal was $6,056. Thank you for your generous support.

6 LA VOZ LATINA Cuarto Domingo de Pascua 26 de abril de 2015 Miren cuánto amor nos ha tenido el Padre, pues no sólo nos llamamos hijos de Dios, sino que lo somos. 1 Juan 3:1 TRADICIONES DE NUESTRA FE Imágenes antiguas de Cristo lo mostraban como un pastor joven cargando una ovejita en sus hombros. Él mismo se presenta como el buen Pastor (Juan 10:11). Esta imagen que nos conforta con el amor de Cristo, es en realidad una imagen radical. Hay que saber dos cosas sobre el pastor palestino de aquella época: 1) los pastores eran considerados sucios, peligrosos y ladrones, y 2) cuando cargaban una ovejita era porque ellos mismos le habían quebrado la pierna. Porque Jesús se describe como uno de ellos? Jesús ve más allá de las apariencias y los estereotipos, y se asocia con aquellas personas que la sociedad de su tiempo odiaba y marginaba. Por voluntad propia decide estar entre los pobres y despreciados. Si Jesús viniera a la tierra en nuestro tiempo, se describiría a sí mismo como el buen inmigrante. En cuanto a la ovejita sobre el hombre: en casos extremos, de ovejas rebeldes que se alejaban del rebaño, los pastores tenían que quebrarles la pierna para cargarlas sobre los hombros. De esta manera las amansaban para que no se alejaran de él. Dios no hace esto en nosotros, pero tampoco nos evita el sufrimiento. Antes bien, nos ayuda a llevarlo de manera heroica, como lo hizo con el santo Job. Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM, Copyright J. S. Paluch Co. EL BUEN PASTOR El Cuarto Domingo de Pascua tradicionalmente se conoce como el Domingo del Buen Pastor. Hoy escuchamos las palabras del Señor cuando se llama a sí mismo el buen pastor que da la vida por sus ovejas. A veces es tan difícil para nosotros comprender la realidad de que alguien esté dispuesto a dar su vida por alguien. Esto es muy cierto en una sociedad que pone tanto énfasis en el poder y en el avance social, con frecuencia a expensas de pisotear a otra gente para escalar a la cima. Las Escrituras de hoy nos muestran a quién debemos imitar al que da su vida por las ovejas. Las Escrituras de hoy nos retan a descubrir la manera de llevar vida a los que están a nuestro alrededor a construir y no a destruir. Copyright J. S. Paluch Co. Los consejeros certificados de Caridades Católicas de la Diócesis de Monterey continuarán brindando asistencia a aquellos que necesiten solicitar cobertura médica de Covered California hasta el día 30 de abril de Para obtener mayor información acerca de esta prórroga y la para hacer una cita, llame a su oficina de Caridades Católicas en San Luis Obispo al (805) NUESTRO CATECISMO No tenemos formación en la fe este fin de semana. Hoy día, estamos haciendo malabares con mucho familia, trabajo, actividades sociales, etc. sin mencionar el darle una oportunidad a Dios de entrar en nuestras vidas. Dios Sabe Que tú Estás Estresado de la autora Anne Bryan Smollin nos da algunas ideas simples para recuperar el equilibrio. 1. Puedes decidir ser imperfecto, las cosas que valen la pena hacerse, se pueden hacer mal. Creen que pueden practicar esta frase? Sintonícese la próxima semana para el consejo #2. Bendiciones, Terry Burrows ext. 15 y en Español con Rosalba Torres ext.18 BAUTISMOS Los feligreses registrados en la Misión de San Luis Obispo pueden llamar al para obtener información y fechas para bautizar a sus hijos. Las clases de bautismo en español son el primer lunes de cada mes. Quinceañeras Avisar a la oficina con seis meses de anticipación. 1. Llame para verificar que el templo y el sacerdote están disponibles para la fecha deseada. 2. Llame a la coordinadora de Ceci Pimienta, al (719) para seguir el proceso de preparación. BODAS Tendremos bodas comunitarias (en grupo) para facilitar el tramite y la recepcion del sacramento del Matrimonio para aquellos que asi lo deseen. Se invita a las parejas que llevan tiempo juntos y no se habian decidido a casarse por la Iglesia a que lo piensen y aprovechen esta oportunidad. Para mas informacion hablar a la oficina o con el P. Braulio. Las Bodas comunitarias seran el dia 8 de Agosto del 2015 a las 2:00 p.m. Tiene amigos y conocidos que se preguntan cuál es el significado del Catolicismo? Tiene familiares o amigos que se han alejado de la fe o que no han recibido todos tus sacramentos? Invítelos a investigar la verdad de ser Católico. Haga una cita con Terry Burrows llamando al , ext. 15 o por

7 WHY IS IT A man wakes up after sleeping Your ad could be in this space! under an ADVERTISED blanket on an ADVERTISED mattress and pulls off ADVERTISED pajamas bathes in an ADVERTISED shower shaves with an ADVERTISED razor brushes his teeth with ADVERTISED toothpaste washes with ADVERTISED soap DR. BEVERLY FORD BC-HIS, ACA Audioprosthologist 3550 Broad Street San Luis Obispo CA puts on ADVERTISED clothes drinks a cup Psychological Assistant PSB Supervised by Dr. Halley Moore Fax of ADVERTISED coffee drives to work in an ADVERTISED car and then.... refuses to ADVERTISE believing it doesn t pay. Later if business is poor he ADVERTISES it for sale. Ph.D SANDRA SOUZA CHRYSLER - DODGE - RAM - JEEP - MAZDA Professional Compassionate Therapeutic Care PTSD & Trauma, Sudden Loss, Domestic Violence, Family Issues, Anxiety & Depression WHY IS IT? Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences 1107 Johnson Ave. San Luis Obispo Broad St., SLO Don t Walk Your Path Alone (In Marigold Center) PROTECTING SENIORS NATIONWIDE 1704 Spring St., Ste. 101 Paso (Spring & 17th) PUSH TALK... 24/7 HELP Prado Rd. S.L.O., CA Don Sverchek 805/ Price Guarantee American Made CONTRACTORS GLASS CO. Windows Glass Mirrors Shower Doors Skylights No Long-Term Contracts $19.95*/Mo. + 1 FREE MONTH TOLL FREE: *First Three Months Come Sail Away on a 7-night Catholic Exotic Cruise. Prices begin at $1045 per couple which includes all port fees and taxes. Daily Mass and Rosary offered. Deposit of only $100 per person will reserve your cabin. Space is limited. Thanks and God Bless, Brian or Sally, coordinators an Official Travel Agency of AOS-USA Mon-Sat 10:00 AM 5:30 PM 2640 Broad St. Support Your Church & Bulletin Free professional ad design & my help! It s a great place to DONATE and SHOP! We gladly accept donations including furniture and unwanted cars. Ser ving SLO County for 35 years. Grow Your Business, Advertise Here. WEIPERT S R.V. STORAGE Motor Homes Trailers Boats Cars 4355 Vachell Ln Old Mission San Luis Obispo (B) Call Frank Saldana a 501c 3 non-profit organization For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc

8 LOLA Tutoring Lifelong Optimized Learning Associates In Home Private Tutor - SLO County Area Math-Reading-English-Science-Other Subjects Online tutor via Skype RIZZO FAMILY CAFÉ ROMA IS NOW OPEN ON SUNDAY FOR DINNER AT 5PM ALSO BANQUET FACILITIES ARE AVAILABE Consider Remembering Your Parish in Your Will RAILROAD AVE FAX For further information, please call the Parish Office. JOHN A. RONCA JR. Jesus A to Z A L AW C O R P O R AT I O N J OHN A. RONCA J R. Michael O Neill McGrath, OSFS ATTORNEY AT LAW A colorful Catholic ABC 755 SANTA ROSA ST., STE. 310 SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (805) book for kids and families! Includes a 241 SOUTH BROADWAY, STE. 201 ORCUTT, CA (805) glossary of questions to help adults pass on their Catholic faith x 12 Hardcover FAX (805) $16.99 each Special Offer 2 for $25.00! WEB: YOUR LOCAL BROKER since 1971 ACROSS FROM MISSION SLO in the historic Sauer-Adams Adobe ADOBE REALTY FREE LIST OF PROPERTIES 964 Chorro Alex Gough 1104 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through NFP Securities, Inc. (NFPSI), member FINRA/SIPC. NFP Securities, Inc. is not affiliated with Central Coast Wealth Management LLC. Corporate & Business Law Wills, Trusts & Estates Land Use Litigation Ziyad I. Naccasha ARROYO GRANDE SAN LUIS OBISPO BRETT GARRETT, DMD, MS Parishioner CONVENIENT OFFICES IN SLO AND ARROYO GRANDE BUDGET CAFE The Breakfast & Lunch Place 3121 S. Higuera St., Suite J San Luis Obispo, CA Rhonda Mayeda REIS FAMILY MORTUARY & CREMATORY 991 Nipomo St., San Luis Obispo, CA Old Mission San Luis Obispo (A) GENE REIS KIRK REIS For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Pro Cathedral Founded September 1, 1772 Mass Schedule Saturday: 7:00 am, and 5:30 pm Vigil Sunday:: English Sunday English:: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 6:00 pm Spanish:

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Saint Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church

Saint Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church Saint Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church Laguna Beach, CA MONTH OF THE SACRED HEART Solemnity of Pentecost Sunday June 8, 2014 Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth. Psalm 104

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St. Pius X Catholic Community

St. Pius X Catholic Community St. Pius X Catholic Community JANUARY 27, 2013 THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 1025 E. Madison Street Lombard, IL 60148 630-627-4526 www.stpiuslombard.org WELCOME TO ST. PIUS X CATHOLIC COMMUNITY 1025 E.

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CATHOLIC CHURCH & SCHOOL ST. JOAN OF ARC CATHOLIC CHURCH & SCHOOL As a diverse Catholic community, we joyfully worship God, celebrate fellowship and care for our neighbor with steadfast faith, confident hope and passionate love.

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St. Catherine Labouré

St. Catherine Labouré WWW.STCATHERINECV.ORG CHINO VALLEY, AZ 928-636-4071 July 26, 2015 St. Catherine Labouré Roman Catholic Church 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Parish Ministries, Devotions, Groups, and Councils MINISTRIES

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The Guide. Queen of Angels Parish. COMING EVENTS Monday, October 27 All-School Mass, 8:30 a.m., Church

The Guide. Queen of Angels Parish. COMING EVENTS Monday, October 27 All-School Mass, 8:30 a.m., Church COMING EVENTS Monday, October 27 All-School Mass, 8:30 a.m., Church Saturday, November 1 All Saints Day / Todos los Santos 9 a.m. Bilingual Mass / Misa Bilingüe see pages 1, 3 and 6 for more info Weekend

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The Catholic Church of Visalia

The Catholic Church of Visalia June 14, 2015 The Catholic Church of Visalia St. Mary s, Holy Family, St. Thomas the Apostle & St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Center PARISH OFFICE 506 N. Garden St. Visalia, CA 93291 Office Hours/ Horas

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February 2, 2014. SACRED HEART SCHOOL 10770 Henderson Rd., Ventura, CA 93004 (805) 647-6174 Visit us on the WEB at: www.sacredheartschoolventura.

February 2, 2014. SACRED HEART SCHOOL 10770 Henderson Rd., Ventura, CA 93004 (805) 647-6174 Visit us on the WEB at: www.sacredheartschoolventura. February 2, 2014 Page 1 SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH 10800 HENDERSON RD., VENTURA, CA 93004 (805) 647-3235; FAX (805) 647-8087 Visit us on the WEB at: www.sacredheartventura.org Email us at: rectory@sacredheartventura.org

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A Prayer for the Family

A Prayer for the Family The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph A Prayer for the Family Jesus, our most loving redeemer, You came to enlighten the world with your teaching and example. You willed to spend the greater part of

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Community of St. Barbara of Brookfield

Community of St. Barbara of Brookfield Community of St. Barbara of Brookfield Third Sunday of Ordinary Time January 26, 2014 Parish Directory Rectory: 4008 Prairie Ave 485-2900 Brookfield, IL 60513 Fax: 708-387-0103 E-mail: bulle n@stbarbarabrookfield.org

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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church We find Christ here. We bring Christ to the world. 100 Harpersville Road, Newport News, VA 23602 Phone: 757-595-0385 ~ www.olmc.org Parish Office Hours: Monday Thursday:

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Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord The Church of HOLY APOSTLES March 29, 2015 Roman Catholic Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Our Mission Statement: The Church of Holy Apostles is a compassionate, welcoming and healthy family that

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Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux August 9, 2015 Pastoral Staff 209-835-4560 Ext. # by Name Rev. Fr. David Dutra, #125 Pastor Rev. Fr. Chad Wahl, #156 Rev. Fr. Charles S. Fermeglia, #112 Parochial Vicars Rev. Mr. Ray Whitlock 836-3194

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OUR LADY OF THE LAKES CATHOLIC CHURCH OUR LADY OF THE LAKES CATHOLIC CHURCH 15801 N.W. 67 th Avenue Miami Lakes, FL 33014 (305) 558-2202 (Office) (305) 558-2631 (Fax) www.ollnet.com (Website) Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time February 23, 2014

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SACRAMENT INFORMATION / CELEBRACIÓN DE LOS SACRAMENTOS ST. MARK THE EVANGELIST 1201 Alma Dr., Plano, TX 75075 (Parish) 1105 West 15 th St., Plano TX 75075 (Office) Church: 972-423-5600 Fax: 972-423-5024 Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9AM-4PM; Friday 9AM-12PM

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Our Lady Queen of Peace

Our Lady Queen of Peace Our Lady Queen of Peace 4696 Notre Dame Lane, House Springs, Mo 63051 636-671-3062 www.olqpparish.org July 5, 2015 PASTOR Reverend Michael Murphy ASSOCIATES Reverend James Beighlie, C.M. Reverend Donald

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Immaculate Conception Parish

Immaculate Conception Parish Immaculate Conception Parish W E L C O M E T O O U R C H U R C H, A C A R I N G A N D S H A R I N G C A T H O L I C C O M M U N I T Y Served by Rev. Msgr. Randall J. Vashon, Pastor Rev. Edgar Madarang,

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San Sebastian Catholic Church

San Sebastian Catholic Church San Sebastian Catholic Church www.sansebastiancatholicchurch.com 1112 State Road 16 / St. Augustine, FL 32084 / 904-824-6625 The Most Holy Trinity June 3, 2012 Mass Schedule Sat. Vigil Mass 4pm, Sun. Masses

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Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello. Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein. Faith Formation... Linda Doyle

Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello. Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein. Faith Formation... Linda Doyle Catholic Church Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein Senior Priest in Residence...... Reverend Monsignor Gregory L. Schmidt Deacons... Deacon Joseph

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The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Seminarian Service in the Summer

The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Seminarian Service in the Summer The CatholicWitness The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg July 18, 2014 Vol 48 No. 14 Seminarian Service in the Summer EMILY M. ALBERT, THE CATHOLIC WITNESS Seminarian Bennett Smith takes time during

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Saint Thomas the Apostle Church

Saint Thomas the Apostle Church THE MOST HOLY TRINITY June 15, 2014 FATHER S DAY Saint Thomas the Apostle Church Mission Statement We are a Catholic family, living our awareness of Christ s presence through worship, service, evangelization

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TODAY S CATHOLIC. The gift of vocation. Serra Club hosts regional conference at Notre Dame

TODAY S CATHOLIC. The gift of vocation. Serra Club hosts regional conference at Notre Dame 50 Volume 80, No. 40 www.diocesefwsb.org/today November 5, 2006 Serving the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend TODAY S CATHOLIC The gift of vocation Tony Steinacker ordained to priesthood There is life after

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CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD Page 1 April 7, 2013 CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD 8121 CYPRESS LAKE DRIVE FORT MYERS, FLORIDA 33919 PASTOR: Rev. Msgr. Stephen E. McNamara, V.F., V.G. Parochial Vicars: Fr. Oliver Toner and Fr.

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Florida Catholic I N S I D E THIS ISSUE. Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation

Florida Catholic I N S I D E THIS ISSUE. Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation Florida Catholic The Orlando Edition Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation Martinez now serves at Mother CASSELBERRY of Good Counsel Parish in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Father Jim Mar tinez,

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NORTH COAST CATHOLIC A NEW SISTER FOR SANTA ROSA DIOCESE SETTLES ABUSE CASE NORTH COAST CATHOLIC The newspaper of the Diocese of S anta Rosa w w w.srdiocese.org AUGUST 2014 A NEW SISTER FOR SANTA ROSA The Diocese of Santa Rosa recently gained its newest professed woman religious.

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St. Lawrence Catholic Community. Church School Cemetery

St. Lawrence Catholic Community. Church School Cemetery St. Lawrence Catholic Community Church School Cemetery FORUM Third Sunday of Lent March 23, 2014 Suddenly, we find ourselves entering into the third week of our Lenten Journey with Jesus. Are you still

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scissors and more. It s neat to see how proud the children are with their backpack, said Father Fred Ruse of the Orlando Diocese.

scissors and more. It s neat to see how proud the children are with their backpack, said Father Fred Ruse of the Orlando Diocese. FloridaCatholic WWW.THEFLORIDACATHOLIC.ORG Your Faith. Your LiFe. Your CommunitY. Play ball! Spring training has Catholic side DEnIsE O TOOLE KELLY of the Florida Catholic staff With the spring training

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PARISH LEADERSHIP/ EVANGELIZATION DAY 2009 PARISH LEADERSHIP/ EVANGELIZATION DAY 2009 Evangelizing for Parish Leadership Saturday, February 7, 2009 Maria High School 6727 South California Avenue Chicago, IL 60629 Archdiocese of Chicago Sponsored

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ur Church Circular Pilgrimage Tema de Agosto 2015: peregrinación August 2015 Theme: Agosto 2015 / Nuestro periódico iglesia

ur Church Circular Pilgrimage Tema de Agosto 2015: peregrinación August 2015 Theme: Agosto 2015 / Nuestro periódico iglesia ur Church Circular August 2015 Agosto 2015 / Nuestro periódico iglesia August 2015 Theme: Pilgrimage Tema de Agosto 2015: peregrinación See pages 4-7 for more pilgrimage photos! First Unitarian Church

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