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2 2 3 Welcome to your future at NUI Maynooth NUI Maynooth is a dynamic University of almost 10,000 students, located just 25km from Dublin city. We have a strong tradition of graduate employability, teaching and research excellence, and links to over 100 universities around the world. As Ireland s only university town, our vibrant and beautiful campus is closely integrated with the historic and lively Kildare town of Maynooth.

3 4 5 We take pride in our innovative degree programmes and worldclass teaching staff and facilities. We have three academic faculties Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy; Social Sciences; Science and Engineering from which students choose programmes from undergraduate to doctorate level, in a broad range of disciplines including the humanities, music, education, science, social sciences, law, business, accounting, digital media and engineering. The University is a place of lively contrasts. We maintain the historic beauty of the fine medieval buildings on campus, while continuing to invest in modern teaching facilities, state-of-theart research laboratories and high-quality accommodation. NUI Maynooth s roots as a college extend back to 1795, but today we are at the cutting edge of scientific research and continue to forge links with the many high-tech industries located nearby. Our spacious campus, laid out over extensive grounds, retains an intimate, friendly atmosphere, thanks in large part to the 100-plus student clubs and societies, and a vibrant social scene that extends to and encompasses the town. We celebrate diversity, and we welcome students from all walks of life and from all over the world. Our student body currently consists of school-leavers, mature students, transfer students, and students with FETAC qualifications, students from all over Ireland and from more than 20 other countries around the world, students who face economic, social, academic, and personal challenges, and students with disabilities. Sample the University for yourself on any of our Open Days over the coming academic year: November Open Days: 29th and 30th November 2013 Spring/summer Open Days: 12th April 2014 and 30th June For the latest news and updates on undergraduate admissions, visit us at

4 Contents 6 7 NUI Maynooth general Introduction 2 A Note from the President of nui maynooth 8 Academic year 10 lines of conversation 12 studying at nui maynooth 20 studying abroad 26 international university partners 28 world-class Academics 34 maynooth graduates 44 Life in Maynooth s university town 46 Clubs, Societies & Sports 48 sport scholarships 51 Supports for our students 54 Careers advice 58 transport links to maynooth 59 how to apply Minimum Entry Requirements 296 how to apply 298 alert list 306 FETAC / btec students 308 maynooth student summer school 312 Fees, Grants & Scholarships 314 Postgraduate Studies 316 NUI Certificate Courses 318 Glossary of terms 320 Campus Map 322 need more information? 326 Faculty of Arts, Philosophy & Celtic Studies and Faculty of Social Sciences 70 Overview of Degree Structures 74 Non-Denominated Degrees Bachelor of Arts MH Bachelor of Arts International MH Subject choices for bachelor of Arts MH Accounting 82 Anthropology 84 Business 86 Chinese Studies 88 Computer Science 90 Economics 92 English 94 Finance 96 French 98 Geography 100 German 102 Greek 104 Greek and Roman Civilization 106 History 108 International Development 110 Latin 112 Law 114 Mathematical Physics 116 Mathematical Studies 118 Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies 120 Music 122 Nua-Ghaeilge 124 Sociology 134 Spanish 136 Statistics 138 Denominated (Specialised) Degrees Bachelor of Education MH001, MH BA Early Childhood Teaching and Learning MH BA Music Technology MH Bachelor of Music MH BA Mathematics MH BA Psychology MH Bachelor of Social Science MH BA European Studies MH BA Media Studies MH BA Digital Media MH BA Anthropology MH BA Politics MH BA History MH BA English MH BCL Law and Arts MH BA Community & Youth Work (Full Time) MH BA Community and Youth Work (Part Time In-Service) MH LLB Law MH BA Politics, Philosophy, Economics MH BA International Development MH BsC Computer Science and Software Engineering (Arts Entry) MH BSc Product Design MH BA Finance MH BA Accounting and Finance MH BBS/BBA Business and Management MH BBS/BBA Equine Business MH BBL Law and Business MH Faculty of Science & Engineering 230 Overview of Degree Structures 234 Non-Denominated Degrees Bachelor of Science MH Biology 238 Chemistry 240 Computer Science 242 Engineering Science 244 Experimental Physics 246 Mathematical Physics 248 Mathematics 250 Statistics 252 Denominated (Specialised) Degrees BSc Biotechnology MH BSc Computer Science and Software Engineering (Science Entry) MH BSc Physics with Astrophysics MH BSc Theoretical Physics and Mathematics MH BSc Biological and Biomedical Sciences MH BSc Psychology MH BSc Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry MH BSc Multimedia, Mobile and Web Development MH initial teacher education options for undergraduates at nui maynooth MH212, MH BSc Science (with Education) MH BSc Mathematics (with Education) MH Nua-Ghaeilge (Modern Irish) 126 BBS/BBA Business and Accounting MH the professional master of education 278 Philosophy 128 POLITICS (NEW) 130 Psychology 132 BA International Finance and Economics MH BBS/BBA Marketing MH BBS/BBA Entrepreneurship MH BSc Computational Thinking MH BE Electronic Engineering MH301/2/3/4 282 BA first Arts-Kilkenny Campus MH

5 8 9 A note from the President of nui maynooth Planning your future as a student is both exciting and challenging. Choosing the right university and the right degree are key. Our undergraduate prospectus will serve to guide you in these decisions by showcasing what NUI Maynooth has to offer both as an academic institution, and as a vibrant student campus. We pride ourselves on our dynamism and our strong sense of community. We offer innovative degree programmes delivered by high-calibre staff, access to world-class research laboratories, and the benefits of strong links to local industry. On top of this, our students enjoy an active yet intimate campus life, supported by a thriving community spirit. Baineann idir ríméad agus dúshlán le do thodhchaí mar mhac léinn a phleanáil. Tá sé ríthábhachtach an ollscoil agus an chéim cheart a roghnú. Tá súil againn go mbeidh ár réamheolaire ina threoir duit agus an cinneadh seo á dhéanamh agat trí eiseamláir dá bhfuil ar fáil in Ollscoil na héireann, Má Nuad a léiriú mar institiúid acadúil agus mar champas beoga mac léinn araon. Táimid an-mhórtasach as ucht an fhuinnimh agus an chómhuintearais atá le brath san Ollscoil. Tairgímid céimeanna nuálacha, árna seachadadh ag foireann ardcháilithe, fáil ar shaotharlanna taighde den chéad scoth, agus na buntáistí a ghabhann le naisc láidre le tionscadail áitiúla. Thairis seo, baineann ár mic léinn sult as saol ollscoile atá gníomhach ach dlúthpháirteach ag an am céanna, agus a bhfuil comhphobal rafar ag a chroílár. Guímis gach rath ort agus tú ag pleanáil na chéad chéimeanna eile ar d aistear i dtreo shaol an mhic léinn. We wish you every success with planning the next steps on your journey toward life as a student. Professor Philip Nolan, President

6 Academic Year First Semester SEPTEMBER Orientation & Registration 15th 19th September 2014 Freshers Week 22nd 26th September 2014 Lectures Commence 22nd 26th September 2014 Clubs & Societies Day 1st October 2014 OCTOBER Halloween Ball October 2014 Study Week 27th October 31st October 2014 DECEMBER Conclusion of Lectures 15th - 19th December 2014 Christmas Vacation 22nd December 2nd Jan 2015 Study Week 5th 9th January 2015 JANUARY / FEBRUARY First Semester Examinations Not before 10th January 2015 Inter-Semester Break 26th 30th January 2015 second Semester February Lectures Resume 2nd - 6th February 2015 MARCH Charity/Arts Week March 2015 Study Week 16th 20th March 2015 APRIL Clubs & Societies Awards April 2015 Easter Vacation 6th - 10th April 2015 MAY Conclusion of Lectures 4th 8th May 2015 Study Week 11 15th May 2015 Summer Ball May 2015 First Semester Examinations Not before 15th May 2015

7 Lines of Conversation around NUI Maynooth Lines of Conversation At our Open Day in April 2013, we invited students, staff & researchers to share their views on the University. We asked a series of questions and together we discussed topics such as life, education and the future. We captured participants comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions through notes and recordings. Participants also wrote comments on their coffee mugs and their own new questions on postcards. These conversations evolved into an open, friendly and honest discussion about people s real experience of NUI Maynooth. Comments and imagery from the Lines of Conversation event feature throughout this publication. FUTURE This University prepares students for the workplace and life. humanity We care about the development of the students we teach.

8 Lines of Conversation open We came up to the Open Day from Cork... everyone was so approachable and helpful. First YEAR We are always here to support you, especially in the first year. EXPERIENCE Sharing ideas with others opens the mind. EDUCATION We have our own way of teaching. Our own view of what the university experience should be for a student.

9 Lines of Conversation Questions: experience technology degree education How have you benefitted from your time at NUI Maynooth? Are online search engines and predictive spelling making us lazy? What can I do after my degree at NUI Maynooth? Is your imagination trusted or constrained in university? future life lecture future Does chance favour the connected mind? Are you afraid of failing? What is the best way to participate in a lecture? How do NUI Maynooth s plans for the future differ from other universities? power education skills education If you had the attention of all of Ireland for 30 seconds, what would you say? What gets in the way of innovative students/teachers? Do you believe entrepreneurial skills are important for a university graduate? Why is collaboration important? education education international experience What makes a good university? What else? How would you improve Maynooth? How does NUI Maynooth help you to work or study abroad? If you were the University President what would you do? life library DEGREE ADD YOUR QUESTION How does a university education improve quality of life? What s your favourite book? How recognisable are Irish degrees internationally? Tweet #linesofconversation

10 opportunity NUI Maynooth has given me a lot. The more I wanted to do, the more opportunities arose to get involved. Lines of Conversation LIFE Education can play a big part in improving a person s quality of life.

11 Studying at NUI Maynooth Studying at third level differs in many ways from experiences at second level. The key difference at university is an emphasis on self-directed learning. As a student, it is your responsibility to take care of your academic responsibilities, such as attending lectures and tutorials, doing research in the Library, or writing assignments to a deadline. At NUI Maynooth, we are here to support you in your academic life, with modern library, laboratory and computer facilities, and access to expert help and advice as and when you need it. The academic year The academic year is divided up into two semesters, each lasting 16 weeks. A semester consists of 12 teaching weeks and two study weeks, followed by a period of examinations. The teaching weeks normally involve a series of lectures and tutorials, along with written assignments and/or laboratory work, depending on your chosen discipline. Lectures, tutorials, lab work & assignments Lectures You will be expected to attend a series of lectures as part of your course. Lectures form the core of theoretical knowledge of your subjects, introducing the main ideas of your discipline and providing a guide to further research and reading. Lectures are delivered to groups of students, varying in size from 40 to 450 people. Tutorials Tutorials involve smaller groups of students, who meet regularly with a member of academic staff, to work through ideas and topics relevant to their course. Tutorials provide an opportunity for you to engage in debate and exchange ideas with your fellow students. Marks are allotted for attendance at tutorials, as part of continuous assessment. A high attendance record is required to pass each year. Labwork Certain courses, especially within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, involve a substantial amount of laboratory work. This consists of a series of hands-on, practical sessions where you will have an opportunity to explore the reality behind the theory of your chosen subjects, under the supervision of experienced staff members. Assignments Assignments take the form of essays or project work, which require reading and independent research. A certain amount of marks will be given for assignments, and these will contribute to your overall grade for continuous assessment each year. In, students are given guidelines on how to prepare and present assignments. Modules Degree programmes are made up of modules in a range of subjects. A module is a self-contained fraction of the workload for the year, and carries a unique examination or assessment mark. Different modules are given different credit weightings, for example, a module on the study of modern drama, as part of English literature (MH101), is worth 2.5 credits. An entire year of an undergraduate degree programme is typically worth 60 credits. The credit system is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which provides common procedures, to guarantee academic recognition of studies at institutions offering ECTS-based programmes across Europe. Within your chosen degree programme, there is a range of modules some compulsory, some required, and some optional. Compulsory and optional modules are just that. Required modules are compulsory and must be passed in order to progress to the next year of your degree. For more information on modules, and to see the structure of the various degree programmes in terms of modules and credits, visit

12 22 23 Flexible options At NUI Maynooth, we offer students the opportunity to explore subjects beyond the confines of their chosen degree. In the last two years of your degree programme, and with the permission of the relevant department, you will have the choice to pick optional modules to satisfy your individual needs and interests. Internet access, WIFI, IT support & computer training Course Finder your guide to our courses Course Finder (nuim.ie/courses or scan the QR code below) is our online, interactive tool future and current NUI Maynooth students use it to find information about all degree courses, subjects, modules and timetables. Access the complete database of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes available at NUI Maynooth. User-friendly and easy to navigate, the site provides details such as: + Course description and structure + Entry requirements and points + Information on current subject modules and timetables + Career options + Department contact details + Form to request further information for each subject The Course Finder tool was developed by the NUI Maynooth Information Systems team and is maintained by the academic departments and the Registrar s Office. It acts as a companion to our paperbound annual prospectus. You will also find the Course Finder QR code on our degree course pages, for easy access to the full suite of information about our degrees, modules, credits and timetables. New course Politics is a new subject in omnibus Arts MH101 Computer Centre The Computer Centre caters for the computing needs of staff and students, providing services including computer rooms (known as PACRs, Public Access Computer Rooms), internet access, IT support, and computer training. The PACRs, located on both North and South Campuses, provide vital services such as printing and access to , the internet, and the University s own e-learning tool Moodle. Computer Centre staff also give advice on the purchase of software and hardware, and an IT helpdesk can be reached by phone or ( or Support in some of the computer labs on the North Campus is provided by a team of Computer Assistants. Here you can find help with queries about the usage of the computers and the printers. Through the Computer Centre, you can study for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL). This is an internationallyrecognised qualification that denotes a certain standard of computer competence. Users learn at their own pace through computer-based training. The ECDL is a requirement of certain degree programmes. For more information on the Computer Centre, visit

13 the Library Our new 20 million world class Library building was officially opened by Minister Ruairí Quinn on June 13th At a total size of over 10,000sqm, the University s Library caters for a diverse range of study styles, ranging from social and collaborative, to silent and individual. The Library features fully-equipped seminar and group study rooms for larger numbers. To meet the changing needs of students, the Library offers longer more flexible opening hours (particularly during exam times), and extensive electronic resources and services. The new building features ways to take time out too including a Starbucks Café, exhibition space, touch tables, landscaped atrium and bean bags! It is also a smart and very green building with a seeded roof and a range of technologies to minimise its environmental impact. The Library has a track record of innovation and, as well as books, it lends kindle readers and laptops. In addition to a comprehensive desk service, the Library also has designated subject librarians for each programme offered. The Language Centre The Language Centre at NUI Maynooth offers language classes and related services to all users of the University and to the general public. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and members of the public may sign up for courses in modern languages from Irish to Chinese, and access support tools such as multimedia materials, self-study resources and online learning facilities. The list of languages on offer is extensive: Irish, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and English as a foreign language, are offered as standard. Apart from classes, the Language Centre has a range of facilities for learners, including two digital language laboratories; access to a language advisor and technician; a self-access learning area with PCs, audio-visual resources and satellite television and online learning materials. Students enrolled in Chinese, French, German, Irish or Spanish must sign up for a Language Centre class in addition to their Departmental classes. Students of any course, who wish to learn another language, have a number of ways to do so: sign up for language class at the Language Centre; use the Self-Access Language Learning Room in the Arts Building to access self-study material in various languages, or join an evening class. Evening classes are also available for members of the general public. For more information, visit nuim.ie/language The Industrial Placement Office The Industrial Placement Office organises student placements for those who require a placement as an integral part of their degree. All placements must be deemed to be academically relevant to the particular degree. Students are assisted in finding suitable placements, doing company research, interview preparation and CV preparation. Workshops are held on a regular basis on topics helpful to students requiring placement. Guest speakers from industry are welcomed. Interviews are organised through the Industrial Placement Office, and may be held on campus or on site. Designated subject librarians assist students with sourcing information for projects and essays. The Library is committed to training users in finding, using and managing information. Training on all aspects of the Library is provided in the initial weeks of the first semester, and on a scheduled basis throughout the academic year. For more information about the Library, please: Visit the Library website Follow the Library on Or like the Library on Facebook/NUI-Maynooth-Library

14 Studying Abroad Studying abroad for a semester or an academic year is an exciting way to enrich your educational experience, while getting to know another country and culture. It is not only language students who study abroad; all NUI Maynooth students have the opportunity to study abroad as part of their degree. The promotion of study abroad opportunities has become an increasingly beneficial educational and professional asset to students around the world. International experience gained as part of your degree will give you an advantage over other job seekers. In an increasingly global market, employers want to hire people who have experience of other cultures, languages and countries. As a global University, NUI Maynooth has been working closely with many prestigious higher education institutions to promote and facilitate student mobility in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North & South America. Each academic department also has an International Coordinator who works closely with the International Office to provide academic support to incoming international students and current students applying to study abroad. For more information on the Bachelor of Arts (International) degree, see page 79. For more information on the Bachelor of Science (International) degree, see page 232. For details of opportunities to study abroad contact the International Office , or visit Ottawa, Canada Belema Hannington Alasia BSc Biological and Biomedical Sciences Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada I took advantage of the study abroad programme and went on exchange to Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada for a year. My decision to go abroad was greatly influenced by my adventurous nature. I love to travel and experience new cultures. Doing this while still studying was really exciting for me. I had a wonderful time in Canada; there were lots of events organized by the International Student Services Office (ISSO) which helped me adjust to living in Ottawa and gave me the international experience of a lifetime. I registered for the same classes as I would have taken back in Maynooth, and the lecturers and professors were nice and of great help. I m really grateful to the International Office in Maynooth for all their support in the process.

15 International University Partners Norway SWEDEN FINLAND Canada Russia NUI MAYNOOTH UK GERMANY DENMARK Lithuania Study abroad partner institutions Argentina - Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Australia USA - The University of Notre Dame - University of New South Wales - Bond University - Australian Catholic University Brazil - Universidad de Sao Paulo MEXICO Canada - York University - McMaster University - Concordia University - Carleton University - University of Toronto - University of Columbia Ottawa - University of Alberta Chile - Universidad de Santiago de Chile Ecuador China - Beihang University - Beijing Foreign Studies University - Peking University - East China Normal University - Shanghai University - Beijing Union University - Zhejiang University Chile - Beijing Normal University Columbia - La Salle University Ecuador - Universidad San - Francisco De Quito Japan - Nihon University - Akita International University Mexico - Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico Morocco - Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies Russia - Voronezh State University Singapore - Nanyang Technological University South Korea - Sogang University - Keimyung University - Korea Tech - Soongsil University Taiwan - Fu Jen Catholic University - Feng Chia University BRAZIL USA - New Mexico State University - Old Dominion University - California State University San Marcos - Louisiana State University - Manhattanville College - Fordham University Uruguay - University of San Francisco - University of North Carolina Wilmington - University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Argentina - Loyola University New Orleans - Francis Marion University Netherlands Poland Belgium AUSTRIA - Washburn University Czech Republic - University of Miami Switzerland FRANCE - University of Arizona Slovenia - Boston College SPAIN Portugal - University of Kentucky ITALY - University of Maryland - Kansas State University Turkey - Towson University - University of Dayton Morocco - John Carroll University - SUNY Brockport - University of Massachusetts Amherst - University of Illinois Springfield - California State University Monterey Bay Uruguay - Universidad de Montevideo Erasmus partner institutions Austria - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - University of Vienna - University of Graz Belgium - Ghent University - Universite Libre de Bruxelles - Catholic University Leuven Czech Republic - Palacky University - University of Ostrava Denmark - Roskilde University - University of Copenhagen Finland - Aalto University - University of Tampere - Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - University of Turku - University of Helsinki France - Université de Strasbourg - Novancia Business School - Université Dijon-Bourgogne - ESC Rennes - Versailles University - Paris Marne-la- Vallée University - Paris Nanterre (Paris X) University - Catholic University of Lyon - Rennes 2 University - Jean Monnet St Etienne University - University of Rouen Haute Normandie - University of Poitiers - Paris Sorbonne University - Henri Poincare University (Nancy 1) - Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble 1) - University of Provence Aix-Marseille 1 - Toulouse 1 Capitole University - Lumiere Lyon 2 University Germany - European University Viadrina - Philipps- Universität Marburg - Universität Bielefeld - Oldenburg University - Technical University of Berlin - RWTH Aachen University - Wuppertal University - University of Ulm - University of Tubingen - University of Siegen - Ludwig- Maximilians University Munchen - Georg-August University Gottingen - Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt Um Main - Hochschule Bremen - Kiel University - Bremen University - Bonn University - University of Mannheim Italy - University of Catania - Politechnic University delle Marche Lithuania - Mykolas Romeris University Netherlands - Eindhoven University of Technology - Utrecht University - University of Groningen - University of Nijmegen - University of Amsterdam Norway - Universitetet i Oslo - University of Bergen - Trondheim University of Science and Technology Poland - University of Wroclaw Polish-Japanese Portugal - University of Lisboa Slovenia - University of Ljubljana Spain - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Universidad de Almería - Universidad de Alicante JAPAN SOUTH - Fundación KOREA Universitaria CHINA San Pablo CEU - University of Granada - University of Alcala - University of Valladolid - University of La Laguna Taiwan - University of Salamanca - University of Oviedo - University of Murcia - University of Deusto - Pompeu Fabra Barcelona - University of Barcelona Singapore - Polytechnic University of Madrid Sweden - Lunds University - Uppsala University - Stockholm University Switzerland - Basel Turkey - Izmir University of Economics UK - University of Kent - University of Essex Australia - Brunel University - Aberystwyth University

16 30 31 Boston, USA Síona Cahill, BCL Civil Law and Sociology Final Year (4th Year) Boston College and Boston College Law School, Boston, MA, USA Studying abroad at Boston College and BC Law, as well as living and interning in America, has been one of the most amazing and challenging educational and personal experiences I ve ever had. I interned for a State Senator, campaigned in the 2012 US Elections, travelled on a student-led service at Spring Break, taught High School students, and along the way, met people who will genuinely be my friends for life from all over the world. I didn t just study in America, I lived there for a year, and Boston has become a second home. NUI Maynooth s Study Abroad programs have incredible academic ties all over the world, ones we need to take advantage of if we are to grapple with our sense of global citizenship, and how the world is shaped into the future. Living and studying in another country afforded me that unique opportunity - to see what makes a place tick, to try and understand decisions and people from a different perspective; an invaluable experience that not only enhances my own understanding, but also my degree here at NUI Maynooth. Salamanca, Spain Ben Finnegan BA Spanish and Business Salamanca, Spain Whilst on my Erasmus year in Salamanca, Spain I took it upon myself to attempt to share my Irish culture and heritage amongst the local people of my adopted home. My aim was to try find someone who could authorise for Salamanca s iconic and world famous Plaza Mayor to be illuminated in green lights for Saint Patrick s day. I sought assistance from Irish TD s, Tourism Ireland & the Irish Embassy in Madrid, all of whom said it was a great idea but would never happen. Maybe next year was the most common phrase I heard. However after months of lobbying and hearing the word NO, I finally managed to make contact directly with the Lord Mayor of Salamanca who thought it was a great idea and accepted my proposal immediately. The Greening was a huge success with over a thousand people attending the Plaza to mark the occasion and to celebrate Ireland. The Mayor has promised to make this an annual event. I received congratulations from President Michael D. Higgins and the Irish government. Building on this success I also managed to green the US Embassy in Dublin this year and also the church steeple in NUI Maynooth. This success encouraged me to run for President of Maynooth Students Union, and thankfully I was successful with my campaign. When in Salamanca it was with great pride as an Irishman away from home and family to see my hard work pay off, and now it is equally with great pride that I take up office as the Union s first ever President who is from the town of Maynooth. The experiences I have gained throughout my years in NUI Maynooth have not only given me skills and knowledge but also a greater sense of confidence in myself, for which I am most grateful.

17 Toronto, Canada Adele Connor BSc Biology and Chemistry York University, Toronto, Canada If you have any desire at all to travel and study abroad, you need to go for it. I have so many amazing memories that it would be impossible to fit them all in here, but my highlights were definitely hanging off the CN tower, getting to explore Toronto and Canada, and also meeting so many people from all over the world. I truly have made friends for life. There is so much to gain from a study year abroad including discovering new cultures, being introduced to new teaching styles and also exploring a new country. I cannot recommend it enough; it truly is a once in a lifetime experience! Arizona, USA Sam Harte and Mark Power BBA Equine Business students 4th Year University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA August 2012 May 2013 Our year at the University of Arizona exceeded any expectations that we had before travelling to America. We would both agree that what we enjoyed most were the new experiences we gained, the people we met and the places we saw. What brought us to studying in the USA was the Race Track Industry Programme, which is a programme that ties in perfectly with our Equine Business degree. Both of us have a passion for the horse racing industry and we were lucky enough to attend some of America s biggest races including the Breeders Cup, the Santa Anita Derby and the Preakness. Our travelling didn t end there and we were also lucky enough to visit Philadelphia, Cleveland, the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Los Angeles, Lexington, Louisville and Las Vegas. We highly recommend the University of Arizona to any student who is looking for the full American college experience. Read our blog: semester-2-exceeding-all-our-expectations/

18 World-Class Academics Our modern teaching facilities and state-of-theart research laboratories are home to world-class academics who have helped to establish the University s reputation for research and teaching excellence. NUI Maynooth breakthrough offers hope for treatment of immune-mediated diseases The possibility of new treatments for debilitating diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis has been opened up with a breakthrough discovery by a research team at NUI Maynooth. Its findings have been accepted and published in the prestigious Nature Immunology journal. The research findings follow almost three years of intensive research by a team of ten scientists led by Professor Paul Moynagh, Director of the Institute of Immunology at NUI Maynooth. The team has discovered the critical function of a gene, Pellino3, in regulating the amount of protective proteins called interferons produced in response to a virus. The function of Pellino3 in the body had previously been undetermined. When infected by a virus, our immune system senses the threat and responds by producing protective proteins, interferons, which prevent the spread of the virus and ultimately facilitate the elimination of the virus. The body also produces Pellino3, a gene, which the NUI Maynooth team has discovered, acts as a braking system to prevent overproduction of interferons. The overproduction of interferons can lead to debilitating inflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis and hepatitis, so control over the amount of interferons produced by the body is critical in the treatment of viral disease. While in some cases it is not yet known whether specific viruses cause specific diseases, regulating the production of interferons offers a means of controlling these outcomes. The NUI Maynooth team deleted the Pellino3 gene in an experimental model system to determine the physiological role of the gene in regulating interferons. The research team is now building on these findings with the objective to develop drug molecules that target Pellino3 and exploit its role in combating diseases that are affected by interferons such as multiple sclerosis and lupus. The team is also investigating ways in which Pellino3 can impact the health of those who are particularly susceptible to viral infections.

19 Yahoo! donates servers to NUI Maynooth to design better Wave Energy Converters Yahoo April 2013 Yahoo! has donated 44 servers to Centre for Ocean Energy Research at NUI Maynooth. The machines are enabling research that was previously impossible in data-intensive computing. At NUI Maynooth, the servers will be crunching data on renewable ocean wave power. The donation is part of Yahoo! s Y! STAR programme (Yahoo! Servers To Academic Researchers) under which Yahoo! is refurbishing and donating decommissioned servers to university researchers. Yahoo! has already donated over 1,500 servers to 23 of the top universities in the USA. The shipment to NUI Maynooth is the first in Europe. Ronan Costello, Assistant Director at the Centre for Ocean Energy Research NUI Maynooth commented; This donation from Yahoo! will allow calculations that will lead to lower cost of renewable energy, contributing to a sustainable future. The hardware will be used to optimise the techno-economic performance of ocean wave energy conversion through an integrated analysis of the engineering, marine operations and economics. The research aims to provide a step change reduction in the cost of energy provided by wave energy conversion technologies. Such optimisation calculations are extremely computationally-intensive and have only recently become practical, but have already shown dramatic results. Planned Construction: New ICT Hub and Education Building NEW CONSTRUCTION June 2013 Construction is due to commence on our new 20 million ICT (Information & Communications Technology) Building. The ICT Building is set to contain the IVI, the Hamilton Institute, the Callan Institute, the Business Incubation Centre, the Department of Computer Science, the Computer Centre and several teaching spaces. President Nolan commented: We will shortly see work commence on our new ICT Hub building on the North Campus; the next phase of student residences is scheduled to go out to tender before the year-end, and we have applied for planning permission for a new Education Building. Our newly integrated Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education signals a new era in education at Maynooth. The new Education Building is set to cost 12 million, and is planned to house our Education Department, along with the new Froebel Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education

20 38 39 Historic Morpeth Roll Reveals Royal Family Link to Ireland The Morpeth Roll april 2014 The Morpeth Roll, a collaborative project by the Department of History and the Library at NUI Maynooth, Castle Howard in Yorkshire and Ancestry.com, has discovered a connection between the British Royal Family and Henry White from Booterstown. In 1841, Lord Morpeth, then Chief Secretary for Ireland, was leaving office having lost his seat in the UK parliament. During his time as Chief Secretary for Ireland Morpeth enjoyed good relations with Daniel O Connell and his followers. To mark his departure, the Duke of Leinster gathered a petition of outpourings of affection and support from across the country - in effect a gigantic farewell card - filled with 160,000 signatures. The signatures, gathered over a six week period, are on a continuous roll measuring 420 metres, three times the length of Croke Park. Morpeth returned to Castle Howard, taking the Roll with him. But after his death it lay unrecognised in a basement for more than a century. Now this extraordinary document has resurfaced and returned to NUI Maynooth for research and conservation. The Roll poses many questions. Politically it gives an insight into Anglo- Irish relations at the time, however there is much mystery around the signatories of the Roll. While there are many famous names on the Roll - the Duke of Leinster, Daniel O Connell, Thomas Davis, Charles Gavan Duffy, and Charles Bianconi to name a few, the identity of the majority of signatories is unknown. An interesting aspect of one of them has, however, emerged. In 1841 Henry White was one of three brothers, Luke, Henry and John, who signed the Morpeth Roll. In 1919, Luke Henry White, greatgrandson of the Henry White, the original signatory, married Lavinia Spencer, brother of Albert Spencer who was Princess Diana s grandfather, and mother of Prince William. And so, we find a direct connection from the Morpeth Roll through to the future King of England. See morpethroll for further details. NUI Maynooth s Fifth Year to Compete at Robocup RoboCup June 2013 RoboCup is an international research initiative aimed at advancing state-of-the-art intelligent autonomous robotics. RoboEireann, the team from NUI Maynooth, compete in the Standard Platform League where all teams use the same robots, but must develop software that enables the robots to play football i.e to understand their surroundings, find the ball, make decisions, and coordinate their behaviour without human intervention or remote control, and score goals! See how they play at be/5ut0nbh4piy Sponsored by Intel Labs Europe, Team RoboEireann comprises students and staff from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Computer Science at NUI Maynooth. RoboCup provides a fun and creative platform for increasing student interest in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). NUI Maynooth also recently announced a new joint research program in intelligent systems between NUI Maynooth and Intel Labs Europe. The core area of research will be intelligent systems with a particular focus on realtime collective and collaborative intelligence and actuation.

The University for World-Class Professionals. Human Resource. Management. B (Hons) Management for Business

The University for World-Class Professionals. Human Resource. Management. B (Hons) Management for Business The University for World-Class Professionals Human Resource Management B (Hons) Human Resource Management for Business Welcome to the Department of Management Welcome to the Department of Management,

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The University for World-Class Professionals. Social Care and Social Work

The University for World-Class Professionals. Social Care and Social Work The University for World-Class Professionals Social Care and Social Work Welcome to the department of Social Care and Social Work We are delighted that you are considering studying with us at our brand

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International Prospectus Contact Us International Development Office Marketing Department, Singleton Park Swansea, Wales, UK, SA2 8PP Telephone: +44 (0)1792 602600 www.swansea.ac.uk/international International Prospectus B C Welcome

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2015/16. Sixth. Form 2015/16 Sixth Form 2 Brockenhurst College Lyndhurst Road Brockenhurst Hampshire SO42 7ZE enquiries@brock.ac.uk 01590 625555 We have used our best efforts to ensure that all the information provided in

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Jobs. love it. Jobs. Living CPD. Learning. Thinking. variety. WB Yeats. like it. the union. night life. Cloud. Nuálaíocht. Taighde Jobs Professional Development variety Construction Mechatronics Thinking night life Taighde Oiliúint Quality Management Computing Learning Saol Spórt Accounting Arts Smart Economy Industrial Pharmaceutical

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Faculty of Social Sciences School of Psychology Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

Faculty of Social Sciences School of Psychology Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Faculty of Social Sciences School of Psychology Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Contents 02 Welcome to the School of Psychology 03 Why Study with Us? 04 Research Informed Teaching 05 A Graduate

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Excellence through understanding. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Excellence through understanding. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Excellence through understanding. Master of Business Administration (MBA) 1 Contents The University of Southampton MBA will give you the understanding, knowledge and confidence to challenge conventional

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Postgraduate Prospectus 2014/15 Postgraduate Prospectus 2014/15 UK university Masters and MBAs delivered by online distance learning Flexible university study to fit your lifestyle Our UK Partners Contents 2 5 7 8 10 11 12 14 15 16 The

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BSc Honours Degree in Business Administration. Programme Handbook for 2013/4 entry

BSc Honours Degree in Business Administration. Programme Handbook for 2013/4 entry BSc Honours Degree in Business Administration Programme Handbook for 2013/4 entry This handbook is available in alternative formats. Please contact the Programme Administrator if required. BSc HONOURS

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Dublin City University 2013 Postgraduate Prospectus

Dublin City University 2013 Postgraduate Prospectus Dublin City University 2013 Postgraduate Prospectus 1 The 3U Partnership Contents Together we can achieve even more! In June 2012, details of the 3U Partnership were announced major collaboration between

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MBA Courses 2014/15. Learn today Lead tomorrow

MBA Courses 2014/15. Learn today Lead tomorrow MBA Courses 2014/15 Learn today Lead tomorrow Contents A Word from the Dean 4 Welcome to the Smurfit MBA 5 Why choose an MBA? 6 Why the Smurfit MBA? 7 Our courses: Full-time MBA 9 Executive MBA 15 Careers

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International Leader In Teaching & Research. The Sheffield. Guide 2014.

International Leader In Teaching & Research. The Sheffield. Guide 2014. International Leader In Teaching & Research. The Sheffield International Guide 2014. One of the world s top 100 universities. QS World University Rankings 2012 Firth Court 1 In the UK s top 3 for student

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Cardiff School of Psychology. Undergraduate Degree Programmes. www.cardiff.ac.uk/psych

Cardiff School of Psychology. Undergraduate Degree Programmes. www.cardiff.ac.uk/psych Cardiff School of Psychology Undergraduate Degree Programmes www.cardiff.ac.uk/psych Cardiff School of Psychology BRIGHT WORLD-CLASS PROSPECTS RESEARCH OUTSTANDING FACILITIES AWARD-WINNING STUDENT SOCIETY

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Index. Note from the Vice-Chancellor 3. About the University of Liverpool 4. About Laureate Online Education 5. A fruitful partnership 5

Index. Note from the Vice-Chancellor 3. About the University of Liverpool 4. About Laureate Online Education 5. A fruitful partnership 5 2 Index Note from the Vice-Chancellor 3 About the University of Liverpool 4 About Laureate Online Education 5 A fruitful partnership 5 A new world of learning 6 Rigorous, challenging 7 Academic excellence

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School of Management and Business Marketing School of Management and Business Marketing Welcome Welcome to the Marketing degree scheme brochure. We re sure you ll find that Aberystwyth is a fantastic place to study. It is a busy tourist and culturally

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Coventry Business School. Undergraduate Business Courses. Contact Details

Coventry Business School. Undergraduate Business Courses. Contact Details Coventry Business School The phoenix, the symbol for Coventry University, is a mythological bird that represents continuous self-creation, opportunity and abundance. Contact Details Recruitment and Admissions

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BUSINESS. Postgraduate courses 2013

BUSINESS. Postgraduate courses 2013 BUSINESS Postgraduate courses 2013 Welcome to Business at QUT Business can be considered the engine room of the economy it drives recovery in hard times and growth in good times. Postgraduate study provides

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Nursing Undergraduate study 2016 For general undergraduate enquiries contact: The Enquiry Centre t: +44 (0)115 951 5559 e: undergraduate-enquiries@nottingham.ac.uk w: www.nottingham.ac.uk/faqs Nursing Undergraduate study 2016 Contents

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MA in Human Resource Management

MA in Human Resource Management CITY CAMPUS London Metropolitan Business School MA in Human Resource Management Course Handbook For admission in 2009-2010 The Postgraduate Academic Year 2009-2010 AUTUMN SEMESTER Start - End Welcome Programme

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COURSE GUIDE POSTGRADUATE. EMMA COHEN PhD, School of Nursing, page 61. JIGNESH PATEL Master of Information Technology (Professional), page 41.

COURSE GUIDE POSTGRADUATE. EMMA COHEN PhD, School of Nursing, page 61. JIGNESH PATEL Master of Information Technology (Professional), page 41. POSTGRADUATE COURSE GUIDE 2014 Melbourne I Geelong I Warrnambool I Off campus EMMA COHEN PhD, School of Nursing, page 61. JIGNESH PATEL Master of Information Technology (Professional), page 41. AMY HICKMAN

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Bachelor of Science Full-time & Part-time EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht

Bachelor of Science Full-time & Part-time EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht EBS Business School 1 Bachelor of Science Full-time & Part-time EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht 2 EBS Business School 10 good reasons for a Bachelor s degree in Business and Management at EBS

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2013/2014. www.coventry.ac.uk/postgraduate

2013/2014. www.coventry.ac.uk/postgraduate Postgraduate FULL-TIME Prospectus 2013/2014 www.coventry.ac.uk/postgraduate Contents Contents 3 Welcome 4 Postgraduate Support 5 Global Leaders Programme 6 Campus Support 8 Campus Facilities 9 Teaching

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Worldwide Study. Online Study. On-Island Study

Worldwide Study. Online Study. On-Island Study Worldwide Study Online Study On-Island Study Why choose higher education? Returning to study or progressing to university can be very rewarding, but it can also be very hard work and often requires a lot

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Cardiff School of Psychology

Cardiff School of Psychology Cardiff School of Psychology Undergraduate Degree Programmes Entry 2016 www.cardiff.ac.uk/psych Cardiff School of Psychology Bright prospects World-class research Award-winning student society Outstanding

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Strategic Plan 2011-16

Strategic Plan 2011-16 Strategic Plan 2011-16 LSE in Profile Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (ESRC) LSE Health and Social Care Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion Centre for Analysis of Time Series LSE Ideas:

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Postgraduate Courses 2015

Postgraduate Courses 2015 Postgraduate Courses 2015 Postgraduate Courses 2015 1 Contents Welcome from the Dean of Graduate Studies 04 Why Choose Trinity? 06 University Rankings 06 International Reputation for Research and Teaching

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THE EDINBURGH MBA. Built on our heritage. Designed for your future.

THE EDINBURGH MBA. Built on our heritage. Designed for your future. THE EDINBURGH MBA Built on our heritage. Designed for your future. Edinburgh is a leading international centre for business and finance. It s also a beautiful inspirational city. And here at the University

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Faculty of Social Sciences School of Social Work Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

Faculty of Social Sciences School of Social Work Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Faculty of Social Sciences School of Social Work Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Contents 03 Welcome to the School of Social Work 04 Why Study with Us? Our Research Methods Degree 15 MRes Social

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find your future! the young person's guide to higher education

find your future! the young person's guide to higher education find your future! the young person's guide to higher education 2 9th oldest university in the UK Queen s University Belfast Campus Map To City Centre Ranked in the top 1% of the universities throughout

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