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1 French Pavilion Cosmoprof / Bologna 2012

2 BUZZ on The French Pavilion Come and visit the french buzz zone Perfumery & Cosmetics and Hall 25 Organic and green products! Reflecting the French industry s vitality, the French Pavilion is delighted to announce the presence of the French buzz zone. This highly visible showcase will promote 8 companies on the hall and 4 companies on the hall 25, exhibiting for the first time at Cosmoprof Bologna BIOSTASE A14B13 R 2. CENTIFOLIA A14B13 O 3. EPILOV A14B13 P 4. FILOSOFILLE A14B13 Q 5. IMIZA A14B13 M 6. MARBELLA A14B13 L 7. SAVONNERIE DU MIDI A14B13 I 8. VITA OCEAN A14B13 N 1. EXO KERATIN C B 2. JEUNE POUSSE D A 3. NATURE EFFISCIENCE C A 4. PROBIONAT PROVENCE D B UBIFRANCE -FRANCE The French Agency For International Business Development http// (en cours réalisation) Ubifrance facilitating business relations between french-based companies and their counterparts outside france UBIFRANCE, the French agency for international business development, comes under the aegis of France s Ministry for the Economy, Finance & Industry. UBIFRANCE lies at the heart of France s publicsector export-support framework. With 76 Trade Commissions in 63 countries, UBIFRANCE offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at accompanying French-based companies in their development on export markets: knowledge-based products and services, from business information to consultancy and monitoring services, in order to help companies elabo rate a strategy for international expansion promotional operations in order to foster partnerships with companies outside France. 2 T H E P L A N

3 O U R P A R T N E R S COSMEBIO COSMED FEBEA BEAUTY PRESS Cosmebio, the French Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics promotes worldwide organic cosmetics towards professionals and consumers. It federates suppliers of ingredients, cosmetic laboratories, contract manufacturers, retailers and represents several hundred members. COSMEBIO developed in 2002 the Charter defining the principles for production of ecological and organic cosmetics and is the owner of the corresponding label providing guarantees to consumers. COSMEBIO is today the main European association for organic cosmetics. Cosmed serves more than 600 SMEs in the cosmetics industry. Our missions are, firstly, to defend and represent companies with French and European institutions. COSMED but also helps companies by pooling of actions, the organizationn of training, dissemination of regulatory information, access to a purchasing group and delivery of Certificates of Free Sale. For more information: The FEBEA Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté (French Federation of Fragrance, Cosmetics and Toiletries) is a trade association for beauty and wellness companies (perfume, cosmetics, hygiene and personal care products, hair care). The FEBEA is made up of more than 300 companies (82% ME & SME (micro, small or medium-sized enterprises and 18% large enterprises). FEBEA has two central missions : - convince public authorities to implement the most favourable framework for the cosmetics industry (lobbying), - assist (on a national and international scale) its members in developing their business to its full potential (consulting). Beautypress is an international company that develops and manages media portals (France, Germany and USA). We offer beauty companies a cost-effective digital PR tool equipped with the latest software that enables them to reach quickly and easily a targeted group of editors and journalists with their information. They increase their share of voice and editorial coverage significantly. We offer editors a convenient way to view and download product and background information with high resolution visual assets provided cost-free by companies for editorial use. b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 D E contact: Betty SANTONNAT Ph.: Fax: Pôle Ineed-Rovaltain TGV 1 rue Marc Seguin BP ALIXAN Valence Cedex 9 contact: Stephanie PETITJEAN Ph.: Fax: La Cité de la Cosmétique 2 rue Odette Jasse Marseille contact: Juliette Mélédié Ph.: Fax: rue de l Université PARIS contact: Pascal Schwaab Ph.: Fax: Boulevard Haussmann Paris 4 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s 5

4 18 Wellness page 7 ADVANCE BEAUTY B/ 28 - C/ 23 F 7 AQUAROLL B/ 28 - C/ 23 G 8 E-SWIN B/ 28 - C/ 23 H 8 Laboratoir PYC B/ 28 - C/ 23 E 9 MULTIWELL B/ 28 - C/ 23 D 9 PHYT S B/ 28 - C/ 23 I & Spa Products equipment ADVANCE BEAUTY Advance Beauty is manufacturer of Advance Derma Method, exclusive and complete SKIN CARE SOLU- TIONS, dedicated to Clinics, Spas and Beauty Salons: Advance: Our Equipments integrate the most advanced techniques such as Cavitation, Ultrasound, Radio-Frequency, Luminologie TM and Vacuum massage. Derma: Our Dermo-Cosmetics products are benefiting from the latest innovations for professional treatments and home cares. Method: We provide reliable trainings and marketing supports. Our PROTOCOLS do offer immediate visible and long lasting results. b o o t h : B / 28 - C / 23 F contact: Christian PENEL Ph.: Fax: Rovaltain - Parc 45 Parallèle 5 rue O. de Serres Valence Cedex 9 AQUAROLL Aquaroll sas, manufactures and markets innovative beads hydromassage systems for Spas, hotel-spas, thalassotherapy centers, beauty institutes, wellness centers. Aquaroll is a major innovation in the field of well-being and beauty. It provides draining of heavy legs and lighter legs, blurring of age spots. It rejuvenates hands and feet skin, relieves from joints pain and generates an intense feeling of relaxation. Hands free equipment, Aquaroll offers fast return on investment and great differentiation. b o o t h : B / 28 - C / 23 G contact: Thierry FAVREAU Ph.: Fax: rue de la Prée aux Ducs - BP Noirmoutier En L ile 6 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Wellness & Spa Products / equipment 7 18

5 18 E-SWIN LaboratoirE PYC MULTIWELL PHYT S 18 In 2007, Yves Vincent Brottier founded the company E>SWIN with an intense pulsed light (IPL) hair remover for home use (the E-One). After achieving world leadership in medical flash lamps for hair removal in under 4 years, E>SWIN is launching PROGRAMEO. Supported by 50 million in investments over 3 years, PROGRAMEO will give all beauty professionals access to an IPL hair removal device. E-SWIN s success is particularly due to its technological innovations and its ability to reinvent long-term IPL hair removal through miniaturisation, a perfectly even, regulated flash, 12 safety levels and effective treatment even on tanned skin, etc. E>SWIN is an ISO and ISO 9001 certified French company that guarantees flawless quality monitoring and customer service for beauty professionals. Laboratoire PYC is a French contract-manufacturer of diet products and nutritional supplements. The company provides a fullservice: development, manufacture and packaging under customer brand. Discover our French nutricosmetics using natural and clinically proven ingredients. The products are instant beauty drinks in powder to rehydrate and packaged in stick-pouches. Our formulae include solutions for hydration, skin glow, anti-aging, skin imperfections using beauty from within ingredients. Also discover our full-range of weight-management products (meal replacements and high protein and low calorie products). Multiwell, the French leader manufacturer of a complete slimming concept, combines all the best techniques to treat cellulite and overweight problems from diagnostic bioimpedance analysis, to corporal treatment. MULTIWELL also manufactures professional hair removal and skin rejuvenation device. A unique combination of devices Made in France. MULTIWELL launches EFFICIENCE TOUCH, a complete range of high-tech treatment machines equipped with colour touch-screens and multimedia functionalities that guaranty the beautician ergonomic use and provides comfortable instants to the patient. For over 40 years, Laboratoires PHYT S have been creating, developing, manufacturing and selling organic and 100% natural cosmetics intended to the professional and retail markets. PHYT S stands for absolute naturalness of its products, which are all certified COSMEBIO and associates naturality, efficiency, beauty and safety. A concentration of exclusive know-how for authentic and innovative products, which cover any segment from skincare to organic make-up. b o o t h : B / 28 - C / 23 H contact: Elodie Ricchiuti Ph rue de la Noue Adainville b o o t h : B / 28 - C / 23 E contact: Aurélie DE SCHUYTENEER Ph.: Fax: avenue d Archimède Les Pléiades 3 - Bat. B Aix-en-Provence cedex 3 b o o t h : B / 28 - C / 23 D contact: Philippe Dijol Ph.: Fax: Zi Du Grand Pont La Roque D antheron b o o t h : B / 28 - C / 23 I contact: Arnaud Bénard Ph.: Fax: La Bouygue Caillac 8 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Wellness & Spa Products / equipment 9

6 19 Packaging page 11 apf aromes ET parfums D/ 15 - E/ 16 E 11 BOUGIE ET SENTEUR D/ 15 - E/ 16 B 12 EMBATHERM D/ 15 - E/ 16 C 12 SFA ROMANI D/ 15 - E/ 16 A 13 SPINNLER CARTONNAGES D/ 10 apf aromes ET parfums Creation and production of original and exclusive fragrances apf arômes & parfums cultivates creativity and innovative capacity to offer CUSTOM- IZED FRAGRANCES for Cosmetics, Toiletries, Fine fragrances, Home products, etc apf arômes & parfums offers you fragrances in current and coming trends as: Eco designed, allergens free or limited, CMR free, 100% natural (ECOCERT, COSMOS...), ECOLABEL Creations in compliance with international regulation and all customers high level demands and markets ISO 9001: 2008 apf arômes & parfums contributes to the creation of framework for Corporate Social Responsibility and for sustainable development in perfumes & cosmetics. BOUGIE ET SENTEUR We are a recognized specialist in manufacture and conditioning of Private label perfume candles. We are located in Grasse, World Capital of Perfume; for a very long time, we control the subtle alchemy between wax, wick and perfume. After having acquired a real «savoirfaire» in the perfume candle, «Bougie & Senteur» has developed, according to an original concept, a new product for the Cosmetic: the massage candle. Thanks to vegetable wax, this massage candle turns to warm and moisturizing massage oil. Controlled and conformed (to innocuousness tests), it perfectly answers cosmetic professional s needs VTA FRANCE D/ 8 b o o t h : D / 15 - E / 16 E contact: Benoît ORSSAUD Ph.: Fax: av. de la Plaine Mougins b o o t h : D / 15 - E / 16 B contact: Philippe BERODIAS Ph.: Fax: Parc D activités Aromagrasse 45 Bd Marcel Pagnol Grasse 10 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Packaging f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Packaging 11

7 19 EMBATHERM SFA ROMANI SPINNLER Cartonnages VTA France 19 Any solutions to your sealing projects: lids sealers sub-contracting. The lids sealing achieve tamper evidence, air and water tightness and design originality. EMBATHERM: our experts in sealing cosmetics products for more than 25 years! Alu and PET lids: more than 150 standard diameters from 7 to 127 mm, starting from units, different personalization available, specific shapes possible. Sub-contracting in sealing for empty plastic pieces (plugs, orifice reducers, etc). Sealers: by conduction and by induction (capless or capsealing), from tabletop machines to fully automatic ones. The company, SFA ROMANI Societe Française d Aromatiques, has a history of over 49 years. We are a specialized manufacturer of fine fragrances, creating & elaborating fragrances for toiletries, perfumes, soaps, reed diffusers and cosmetic applications. The factory is located in Saint Cézaire near Grasse where we incorporate all the up to date technologies & procedures required for efficient and reliable fragrance production. SFA makes more than 95% of its sales figures abroad. SFA offers to all our customers, its know-how and seriousness for their greatest satisfaction. Established since 1936 Spinnler is a European leader in cylindrical composite packaging. Cardboard or plastics, our experience and dedication, second to none, will help your marketing and sales teams to create an innovative and different packaging to enhance your product capabilities to stand out from the crowd. Reference for the perfume and cosmetics industry worldwide, our aim is to realise and produce exceptional packaging. Manufacturer of tubing glass vials and bottles, sampling vials for perfumes, roll-on system, spray bottles and droppers. We produce vials in various sizes from 0.60ml up to 80ml. We make various colors and decoration on glass: Metallization, lacquering, frosted and printing one color. All accessories for closures Packaging and filling. b o o t h : D / 15 - E / 16 C contact: Nathalie BEREZIAT Ph.: Fax: Parc La Saccuniere LA BOISSE b o o t h : D / 15 - E / 16 A contact: Viviane ROMANI Ph.: Fax: PA de la Festre Sud - Route de Grasse Saint Cézaire sur Siagne b o o t h : D / 10 contact: Mathieu SPINNLER Ph.: Fax: Z.A. Nord Rue Comtesse de Ségur Pierrelatte b o o t h : D / 8 contact: Jean Louis Delore Ph.: Fax: rue du Marais Montpothier 12 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Packaging 13

8 25 Natural page 15 ACORELLE A/ 31 - B/ 32 F 16 Activilong LABOMAI B/ 31 - C/ 32 D 16 Ab cosmetic A/ 31 - B/ 32 E 17 EXO KERATIN C/ B and Organic Cosmetics 19 LAURENCE DUMONT A/ 31 - B/ 32 G 19 LES FLEURS DE BACH A/ 31 - B/ 32 L 20 MONOI TIKI TAHITI since 1942 A/ 31 - B/ 32 B B 20 Nature Effiscience C/ A ACORELLE A pioneer in the development of organic fragrances, ACORELLE is, today, an expert in this field. Spin out the pleasure and benefits of ACORELLE s perfumes with its lovely perfumed range of shower gels and body lotions. ACORELLE, the leader in natural hair removal products, offer a complete and innovative range of waxing products: waxes, strips, hair removal and bleaching creams. ACORELLE is committed to offering natural products which respect the skin and the environment while assuring real effectiveness and a truly pleasurable use. ACORE- LLE s formulas are 100% natural, ECOCERT certified and possess the BIO label from the COSMEBIO charter JEUNE POUSSE D/ A 21 PROBIONAT PROVENCE D/ B 18 LABORATOIRES BIOCOS B/ 31 - C/ 32 A 18 laboheme A/ 31 - B/ 32 A 21 PROVENDI A/ 31 - B/ 32 H b o o t h : A / 31 - B / 32 F contact: Lucie MONTEAU Ph.: Fax: ZAC Agropole Allée du Saylat Agen Cedex 14 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Natural and Organic Cosmetics 15

9 25 Ac tivilong - LABOMAI Ab cosmetic N 1 independent company expert in curly and ethnic hair since We offer a wide range of products (Relaxers, Styling, Shampoos, Treatment). Our products have received numerous awards including Victoires de la Beauté 2009 and Our laboratories perform all functions of R&D, production and quality control. All innovations are realized under pharmaceutical development in a secure European legislation. 16 B / 31 - C / 32 D contact: Younes DERMOUG Ph.: Fax: Av. Montboulon, Z.I. du Sauvoy Saint- Soupplets EXO KERATIN Ab cosmetic is specialised in distribution and formulation. Marilou Bio is a Organic Brand with small price. Alexis cosmetic is a French collagen brand. A / 31 - B / 32 E contact: Benjamin Aiach Ph.: Fax: rue Alexandre Cabanel Paris COSMOPROF.BOLOGNA2012 Exo Keratin is the first natural straightening product distributed exclusively in pharmacies and chemist s shops to be developed in a French research laboratory. Exo Keratin offers a safe, high performance straightening complex suitable for numerous hair types and complying with international health and safety standards. Exo Keratin takes advantage of a know-how and a reputation from France in the cosmetic sector. In order to ensure an optimum traceability, our products are designed, developed, produced and dispatched by ourselves. Our Formulations respond to the European and International regulations. C/ B 25 JEUNE POUSSE contact: Marylene Le Dizes Ph.: Fax: rue Du Banquier Paris f r e n c h Jeune Pousse is a bio hair and body brand elaborated by chantal cousinard who owns an hairdressing salon in paris 17. It includes 5 hair products: 3 shampoos (for dry and coloured hair, fine and limp hair, oily hair ) 1 dry hair mask and 1 dry hair oil bath as well as 5 body products: two shower gels with clementine or lavender, 1 citrus body milk, 1 jasmin dry body oil (3 vegetable oils with jasmin scent) and 1 olive soap with bayberries oil. D/ A p av i l i o n s contact: Chantal COUSINARD Ph.: rue de Tocqueville Paris Natural and Organic Cosmetics 17

10 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K laboheme_logo copia.pdf 1 10/02/12 16:18 25 LABORATOIRES BIOCOS laboheme LAURENCE DUMONT LES FLEURS DE BACH 25 Laboratoires BIO- COS offers a range of sun care, organic sunscreens and organic beauty care products that are effective, pleasant to use, natural and affordable, because we know that our nowadays consumers are no longer satisfied with compromise. In 2011, to strengthen our position in the mass market channels in France and all over the world, we first acquired Laboratoire Mahogany with its Multi-Ethnic cosmetic range (KARILINE) and then Laboratoire Home Institut Paris with its family cosmetic range (Les Karités, Dermato shampoo, Look n Gel), to complete our catalogue with an alternative offer of conventional cosmetics. In 2012, reveal your beauty Laboheme, Private Label Manufacturer. As a laboratory of research and development, laboheme has sticked up for uncompromising making. Our formulations are entirely made of vegetable active ingredients. We have also focused on an original production process laying on craft work. To take it even further, our laboratory is the only craft maket that offers the Nature et Progrès label. This very demanding label certifies the use of 100% organic raw materials, using no synthetic product. In 2012 we offer more than 500 references: preservative-free emulsions, 100% hydrol aqueous phase, cold saponification and so on. Since 2000, Laurence Dumont have offered its unique range of perfumes Les Senteurs Gourmandes, featuring sensous, generous notes that match the rich heritage of one of France s most emblematic regions, Gascony. The range include 14 fragrances with 100% natural alcohol classified within 4 distinctive families: Traditional vanilla, The orchard offers its fruity notes, Chilhood memories and Travel diary. The fragrances are also available in shower gels and body lotions. Our company is the specialist of authentic quality and organic specialist Bach flower essences. We are the first brand to fully harness the benefits of Bach flower essences through an extensive range of natural and innovative products bringing well-being to body, mind and soul: Elixirs, Treating fragrances, Perfume ranges, anti-stress organic skincare range and our news Eaux d élixir. b o o t h : B / 31 - C / 32 A contact: Christophe Melliès Ph.: Fax: Avenue Paul Sabatier REVEL b o o t h : A / 31 - B / 32 A contact: Joel pobeda Ph.: Fax: rue Violet Paris b o o t h : A / 31 - B / 32 G contact: Coralie LABEDAN Ph.: Fax: ZAC Agropôle Allée de saylat ESTILLAC b o o t h : A / 31 - B / 32 L contact: Bertrand MILLETRE Ph.: Fax: rue des Batignolles Paris 18 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Natural and Organic Cosmetics 19

11 25 MONOI TIKI TAHITI since 1942 Nature Effiscience PROBIONAT PROVENCE PROVENDI 25 Parfumerie Tiki is a renowned manufacturer of Monoï de Tahiti A.O. (Cocos nucifera and Gardenia tahitensis flower) in Tahiti since An extensive line of Made in Tahiti finished natural cosmetics such as perfumed Monoï, Soaps, monoï Bath references have made the reputation of the factory. The major asset is the onsite complete range of production line: from production, filling and packaging in bulk or in bottles, for overseas distribution. The company is ISO9001 certified for these activities since Nature-Effiscience offers a line of six innovative products anti-aging certified Bio Ecocert. Each formulation de-stresses and re-programmes the skin s metabolism according to its type and its requirements. The products complement and reinforce each other, producing a synergy and targeted effectiveness. Care multifunction Nature-Effiscience are ultra- active and suitable for all skin types, and can be used day and night: for the active woman looking for a top-of-the-range organic and product offering anti-ageing care new generation that are effective, easy to choose, and easy to use. Probionat Laboratory is, since 1993, a contract manufacturer, specialized on creation, production and packaging of natural,vegetal and BIO range of cosmetics. We offer a large choice of galenic (emulsion, gel, lotion, basalm ) and types of packaging (bottles, jars, airless system, tube, foamer ). Probionat was one of the first manufacturer certified by ECOCERT. All stages of your cosmetic project are covered by Probionat: creation, design and packaging choice, statutory aspect, certification and manufacturing and conditioning. For more than 10 years, Laboratoire PROVENDI has been creating formulas and producing liquid soap under private label using a traditional process (of cooking oils in cauldrons). All liquid soaps are made of natural ingredients of which 100% vegetable oils (coprah, olive, sesame, linen...). The company is certified by Ecocert and thus can produce under bio - organic label. b o o t h : A / 31 - B / 32 B B contact: Sandra LANGY Ph.: Fax: Bp 805 Papeete - Tahiti Polynesie Francaise b o o t h : C / A contact: Florent DAVID Ph.: Fax: Bât. ABC - 13 rue Desaix mundolsheim b o o t h : D / B contact: Stéphanie GIRARD Ph.: Fax: Parc D Activites La Cremade Route Des Oliviers LA FARE LES OLIVIERS b o o t h : A / 31 - B / 32 H contact: Thiry Xavier Ph.: Fax: rue Du Grand Vire Zi Les Bracots Bons En Chablais 20 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Natural and Organic Cosmetics 21

12 Perfumery & Cosmetics 28 C. EUROPEENNE DES PARFUMS B/ 14 - C/ 13 G 28 DECORSE & VOIRIN B/ 14 - C/ 13 N DELSOL C/ 4 - D/ 3 I 33 JCH INTERNATIONAL B/ 14 - C/ 13 A 34 JEAN D ESTREES B/ 14 - C/ 13 I 34 Laboratoires Kosmeto B/ 14 - C/ 13 F 39 Paname B/ 14 - C/ 13 C 39 Phytocosma C/ 4 - D/ 3 G 40 PRODENE KLINT A/ 14 - B/ 13 A page 24 AB7 Industries C/ 4 - D/ 3 A 24 BIOSTASE A/ 14 - B/ 13 R 25 CENTIFOLIA A/ 14 - B/ 13 O 25 CFFC C/ 4 - D/ 3 M 26 CHARMEL PARIS B/ 14 - C/ 13 D ELOI PERNET C/ 4 - D/ 3 C 30 EPILOV A/ 14 - B/ 13 P 30 EVOLUDERM C/ 4 - D/ 3 E 31 F I LO S O F I L L E A/ 14 - B/ 13 Q 31 FRAGRANTIA SECRETS A/ 14 - B/ 13 F 35 Lady s Secret C/ 4 - D/ 3 F 35 LEONARD C/ 4 - D/ 3 B 36 LES 3 CHÊNES B/ 14 - C/ 13 L 36 LESSONIA LABORATORY A/ 14 - B/ 13 E 37 MARBELLA A/ 14 - B/ 13 L 40 PROVENCE ET NATURE B/ 14 - C/ 13 H 41 REFLEX PARIS A/ 14 - B/ 13 G 41 Savonnerie du Midi A/ 14 - B/ 13 M 42 SLIMTESS B/ 14 - C/ 13 B 42 SVR 26 CHARRIER PARFUMS C/ 4 - D/ 3 D 32 France Cosmetics C/ 4 - D/ 3 H 37 MEDIATIC LABS C/ 4 - D/ 3 N 43 Versailles Beauté A/ 14 - B/ 13 H 27 CHO NATURE C/ 4 - D/ 3 L 27 CHRISTIAN BRETON B/ 14 - C/ 13 M 32 FRENCH KERATIN RLIZZ B/ 14 - C/ 13 E 33 IMIZA A/ 14 - B/ 13 M 38 MORJANA A/ 14 - B/ 13 C 38 Nature & Senteurs de Provence A/ 14 - B/ 13 B 43 VITAOCEAN A/ 14 - B/ 13 N 44 VYRGÔ A/ 14 - B/ 13 D1 22 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 23

13 AB7 Industries BIOSTASE CENTIFOLIA CFFC - Conservatoire Français des Fragrances & Cosmétiques AB7 Industries manufactures the range Dr RECHELL in France, according to GMPs. The company has recently developed a new technology (BornWith Technology ) enabling a NEW GALENIC form. Dr RECHELL offers cosmetic and OTC innovative products, like: - Slim&Go, a range of slimming textiles sold worldwide. NEW products available. - SoCalm a range of joint comfort braces and bands, extremely well developing. ALL EFFICACIES ARE PROVED by independent tests. Now, Beauty has its own address: Biostase. Creative craftsman, I am looking for: Selection, Exclusivity, Prestige, Distinction. Traveling all over the world, I could choose the best ingredients that nature has to offer for your beauty, preserving your health. My playground is the architecture of the senses, my own way of putting on stage my vision about cosmetics, melting together gourmet flavors, essences, perfumes, textures and sensations, to orchestrate the perception. Cosmetics are part of luxury, a luxury based on the know-how born of a quest for the absolute. This French luxury, I don t want to book it for elite, but make it available to all connoisseurs. The pursuits of excellence, the realization, the originality of my products make from Biostase an exclusive signature! Enjoy my products as a way of life, a privileged moment out of time, a luxury that makes you dream. Always strive for excellence is the prestige of my brand: BIOSTASE. Let yourself charmed! Manufacture and distribution of organic cosmetics (Babies care and body care). Ultra gentle organic products made with 100% natural ingredients. To satisfy eco-consumers with eco-refill packaging, and limit the waste of non-renewable natural resources. Discover the new ultra gentle baby care range CENTIFOLIA Bébé: hypoallergenic, essential oil free, alcohol free, 100% natural perfume. The best products to share special moments with your baby. CFFC is a French company specialized in creation, research, development of perfumery and cosmetics products under the Château de Versailles & Parfums Pergolèse Paris brands. Available at most gentle and affordable prices to address a broad public s expectations, and most particularly a more and more demanding younger generation, our fragrances are characterized by their high level of quality, creativity, innovation and fun: for the first time in 2012, CFFC will introduce to the public the official Château de Versailles perfumes, under the Official license & High Patronage of the Château de Versailles State Museum. b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 A contact: Philippe CHELLE Ph.: Fax: BP9 Chemin des Monges DEYME b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 R contact: Frederic Noblot Ph.: Fax: rue de Miromesnil Paris b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 O contact: Dominique DELARCHE Ph.: Fax: PA de l Estuaire Arzal b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 M contact: Patrice MICHEL Ph.: rue du Clos des Pommiers Belbeuf 24 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 25

14 CHARMEL PARIS CHARRIER PARF UMS Charmel Paris Professional Cosmetics was created and is manufactered in France. We offer a wide range of products for professional makeup artists and the public. Our liquid foundation is unique because it is completely waterproof. So be sure CHARMEL PARIS will be able to fulfill all your cosmetic needs. 26 B / 14 - C / 13 D contact: Thierry ROUSSEL Ph.: rue de l Etoile Paris CHO NATURE Charrier Parfums is a French company created in 1888, in the East South of France.Our activity starts from the elaboration of the perfume to the creation of the packaging and conditionning of the finished product. We are specialised for 40 years in the creation of GIFT SETS with miniature perfume bottles from our own brands. They are ideal for Gifts and Tourists and are worldly sold in different networks. We are one of the leaders on this market.. We also create the perfumes of your dreams with the corresponding packaging, all Made, Bottled and Sealed in France. C/ 4 - D/ 3 D contact: Regine Cassio Ph.: Fax: Chemin Notre-Dame Vallauris COSMOPROF.BOLOGNA2012 Known as the safest, most effective skincare you can buy without a prescription, Christian BRETON s problemsolving products work to solve whatever concerns your complexion is facing. Christian BRETON first biggest hit is Eye Priority range, a specific line dedicated to the eye contour problem only. This range is based on Cryotherapy, the used of cold, to reduce the appearance of serious under eye circles, wrinkle, puffiness and fatigue under the eye. CHO nature is also the meeting between natural and beauty. That s why each ingredient has been strictly selected and harmonized in single synergies, with exceptional fragrances. CHO nature is, consequently, the first top of the range natural cosmetics products brand wich integrates, in detail, beauty; nature, respect and pleasure. CHO nature is so a range composed by cream, foral mists, body milk, makeup removal milk, beauty oils, eye contour cream, candles and fragrances. We conceive and produce ourselves our products from organic agriculture products. C/ 4 - D/ 3 L CHRISTIAN BRETON contact: Beatrice DUBOIS Ph.: rue Nationale MARCQ EN BAROEUL f r e n c h B / 14 - C / 13 M p av i l i o n s contact: Carole Barrot Ph.: Fax: rue Camille Desmoulins Bezons Perfumery & Cosmetics 27

15 COMPAGNIE EUROPEENNE DES PARFUMS The Compagnie Européenne des Parfums, a French company created in 1973 manufactures and exports fragrances. Its high quality creations for adults and children, all made in France, hold a leading position on the market. CEP revisits for the children movies characters such as DORA, SPIDERMAN, LITTLEST PETSHOP launched in 2011,. and offers a range of products for the teenagers and young adults under its own brand CHRISTINE ARBEL and for adults with the LOMANI products. CEP is regularly relooking its children s fragrances and each year a new Brand is being developed. 28 B/ 14 - C / 13 G contact: Isabelle DELSAHUT Ph.: Fax: rue Févret Dijon D ECORSE & VOIRIN DELSOL Sam presents you his full range of professional cuticle and nail nippers for beauticians and pedicurists, implements for acrylic nails, cuticle and nail scissors, tweezers. The high standard of the quality of these tools is made with a SPECIAL UPGRADE STAINLESS STEEL. They are engineered to fit the natural movement of the hand and provide a long lasting durability. If you are in search of professional high quality, we will satisfy your needs. Delsol, French manufacturer over 100 years, is an expert in hair ornaments, and offers efficient hair and beauty accessory concepts: hair accessories, brushes and combs, manicare, cosmetic bags Complete solutions to customer requirements. Our ranges are designed by our marketing teams to provide quality and choice at the best price, attracting every different kind of consumer. Our new collections of hair ornaments are keenly awaited the world over and adapt to all cultures and styles. Based on our experience as a manufacturer and designer, we create complete turnkey concepts that attract consumers from the world over. We bring them to life through our brands and those of our clients. B / 14 - C / 13 N contact: Michel VOIRIN Ph.: Fax: Rue Des Forges B.P Nogent COSMOPROF.BOLOGNA2012 C/ 4 - D/ 3 I ELOI PERNET contact: Gorges Eric CLARY Ph.: Fax: Zi Des Temps Modernes - Bp Chasseneuil Du Poitou Eloi proposes a large range of instruments dedicated to beauty (nail & skin nippers or scissors, tweezers, nail files, etc), combining the most high-grade steels together with a secular know-how. Cutty Line: a unique and uncluttered design, an exceptional sharp edge, a rare thinness through a complete and colored range; Prestige: pure expression of elegance and quality made in France ; Soft: combination of quality tempered stainless steel together with rubber touch (elastomer) for a matchless comfort and grip. f r e n c h C/ 4 - D / 3 C p av i l i o n s contact: Pascal PIQUE Ph.: Fax: Rue Lavoisier BP Nogent Perfumery & Cosmetics

16 EPILOV EVOLUDERM FILOSOFILLE FRAGRANTIA SECRETS Epilov Paris has been manufacturing and distributing since 1989 in France and in a growing number of Export countries an original hair remover device called EPILETTE. We propose 3 versions: EPILETTE Lady for the body and legs EPILETTE special for the FACE EPILETTE special for MEN Distribution: parapharmacies, drugstores, super markets, direct selling, TV infomercial Products 100% made in France. Evoluderm is a french brand identified in a glance and instantly attractive to everybody. EVOLU- DERM offers you several lines of products The brand EVOLU- DERM is carrying a complete range with hair together with facial and body skin care products, a complete range of whitening milks with shea butter and also a baby line. The brand EVOLUDERM has become very soon one of the leading brands on its market due to the professional and effective formulas used, its attractive high quality packaging and also to the very competitive prices specially studied for the chains and hard discount stores. Filosofille s vocation is to offer young girls and young women beauty accessories collections which are fashionable, fun, feminine and above all, of high quality, to be given as a treat and to treat oneself in an unlimited manner! The brand emblematic product is the IT tweezers which their torso-shaped print. All the models are created in France and patented. We offer limited series organized around the life of Filo and Sofie the creators: Winter sports relaxation for Filo and Sofie, Filo and Sofie in love. Filo and Sofie go to the beach. Fragrantia Secrets presents its new perfumes range for woman and man. Modern, offering large choice, MADE IN FRANCE, develloped with original designs and packagings for a mass an selective distribution. Moreover, we are the exclusive distributor of the FRENCH cosmetics brand: CORYSE SALOME.It will be a pleasure to welcome you... b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 P contact: Michel FAVIER Ph.: Fax: rue Raffet Paris b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 E contact: Gabriel AIACH Ph.: Fax: /101 Rue De La Bongarde Gennevilliers b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 Q contact: Valerie CORDIER Ph.: Avenue Jean Lebas ROUBAIX b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 F contact: Karine ZANNELLI Ph.: Fax: Avenue Des Champs Elysees Paris 30 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 31

17 France Cosmetics FRENCH KERATIN RLIZZ IMIZA JCH INTERNATIONAL France Cosmetics has been creating high quality cosmetic products since 1973, enabling every woman and man to express his/her style and beautiful best in any situation. Today, France Cosmetics is a professional manufacturer and distributor of perfumes, cosmetics and hair colour products. The company is experiencing strong growth, both in France and abroad. A professional team of designers and marketers proposes unique creations always keeping in mind clients requirements and all the latest market trends. Creators Of Hair Cosmetics, established in France, designs and manufactures a large range of smoothing/straightening hair care. Developed in our own laboratory, our straightening treatment, combined with new technological and scientific expertise has made RL- IZZ one of the leading companies in the keratin hair treatment. HIT have already a huge presence in more than 14 country in a world. IMIZA invites you to discover an authentic and effective cosmetic where glamour is the main ingredient. OLIU DI SOLE is a multi-usage dry oil. It offers a moisturizing care of the body, face or hair. LATTE DI SOLE is a nurturing body milk, enriched with many soothing components. Our paraben and phenoxyethanol-free cosmetics are formulated with plants from the protected Corsican countryside : hazelnut and olive oils, and Helichrysum essential oil, used for its unique anti-wrinkle properties. You will first notice the cool notes of our perfume IMIZA Eau de Parfum which contrast with its woody base scents such as everlasting flower, sandalwood, and patchouli. Dedicated to manicure and pedicure implements for 15 years, Jch International is skilled in designing innovative and attractive tweezers, scissors, nippers, nail clippers, files and accessories. JCH has been working for all channels of distribution (mass market, drugstores, departments stores, perfumery chain stores beauty wholesalers, mail order catalogs) FRANCE and export and is skilled for building up customized assortments. JCH s team is taking care of QC, packing and stock housing for flexible and quick deliveries. b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 H contact: Tatiana Samoylenko Ph.: Fax: rue Bleue Paris b o o t h : B / 14 - C / 13 E contact: Nadine PAGNOTTA Ph.: Fax: Allee Du Doyen Georges Brus Unitec Pessac b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 M contact: Elise LALANDE Ph.: Fax: Bd De Gaulle BASTIA b o o t h : B / 14 - C / 13 A contact: Philippe CORDIER Ph.: Fax: rue Des Buissons Is-En-Bassigny 32 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 33

18 JEAN D ESTREES Laboratoires Kosmeto Lady s Secret L EO N A R D Jean d Estrees was a professional stylist. He knew how to study the individuality of a woman s features to create the ideal shades and colors to sublimate her face. He was guided by one principle: combining the efficiency of his formulas and the pleasure of a beautician s touch. Women differ due to their culture, their physical and physiological characteristics and their expectations. Jean d Estrées responds to that diversity by developing a professional know-how based on exclusive treatment methods used in beauty salons and spas, innovative formulas, created in our laboratory from the riches of the world around us, with the most appropriate active ingredients, regardless of whether their origin is marine or mineral, as well as from the traditional cosmetics industry. Laboratoires Kosmeto has been recognized for their competence in the field of the private label packaging since 1986: manufacturing and packaging of cosmetics, capillary and personal care. As professionals of the cosmetic, we put at your service all our strengths to accompany you in the success of your projects and provide you with products which look like you. We develop ranges shifting professional s expectations while being in agreement with consumer s expectations: Techni Salon (Professional quality hair products), B.O. (Bio Ecocert certified range from Techni Salon) and Isawa (Skin and body care for women, men and institute). Groupe JLF is the European leader in manufacturing and distribution of a large range of insoles. The groupe has recently launched a new collection of shoe accessories for lady s shoes under the brand, Lady s Secret. These products are solutions to unconfortable shoes and high heel shoes. They are used to prevent the back pain, the bad odor, the shock and the the excessive perspiration! No Crash!, No Scratch!, No Shock!, No Pain!, No Hurt! and No Skid! Are out main products. The Leonard brushes are still hand made in France since Thanks to the skill and expertise that we have acquired in our field, we are now in a position to offer a complete selection of brushes for cosmetics and skin care. Our offer is now so diversified that we can supply the widest range of users, from the student to the professional as well as the public and help you meet your needs and reach your goals. b o o t h : B / 14 - C / 13 I contact: Alexia PAREYN Ph.: Fax: Bis rue Du Rocher Paris b o o t h : B / 14 - C / 13 F contact: Jean-Michel Moll Ph.: Fax: Avenue Henri Barbusse Harnes b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 F contact: Pierre Henri FRENET Ph.: Fax: rue du président Carnot LYON b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 B contact: Henri Bullier Ph.: Fax: BD Laennec Saint Brieuc 34 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 35

19 LES 3 CHÊNES LESSONIA LABORATORY M A R B E L L A MEDIATIC LABS Set up in 1996 by its current Chairman Eric Favre, Les 3 Chênes is among the 10 first laboratories out of 440 French actors in the food supplement field. The Laboratory has a scientific research approach by manufacturing the latest generation of food supplements and cosmetics, made from raw materials rigorously selected and advanced manufacturing methods. Laboratory Lessonia, French company, specialized in development of Cosmetic products dedicated in the SPA industry. We are developing, producing and packing under your brand name. Expert in private label for the best top SPA brands worldwide, we design your products, your concept, your expectation. With a strong expertise and knowledge in cosmetic since many years, we offer a large portfolio of standards products (400 references) under your name and/ or your own development according your needs, to match perfectly well to your desires. Founded in 2005 by Adeline Moniez, Marbella has become, the Luxury Body Jewels designer in France. The designer demonstrates the French art of seduction can be conveyed by outstanding pièces of jewelry, sensual and glamorous placed on the skin. Somewhere between the tattoo and the piece of jewellery, between the fashion accessories and make up, Marbella declines exceptional collections The French brand created for Dior a collection of Patch Eyeliner and declines now its own collection. developed the new Eye Patchliner adhesive and repositionnable. Easy to fit, the Eye Patchliner imitates perfectly the professional makeup artists touch. L Action by Mediatic Labs offers a range of on-the-go cosmetic treatment products. In addition to their high quality and fast results, the products are small, effective, and easy to carry and use at any time, day or night. The light, modern design of L Action packaging clearly displays each product s function, allowing the client to understand it in a few split seconds. b o o t h : B / 14 - C / 13 L contact: Jean-Noël NEGRONI Ph.: Fax: Za La Terre Ronde Villechenève b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 E contact: Christophe WINCKLER Ph.: Fax: Croas Ar Neizic 800 St Thonan b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 L contact: Karen Pearl Ph.: rue de la Boetie Paris b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 N contact: Laure Coulombel Ph.: Fax: rue Saint Lazare Paris 36 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 37

20 MORJANA Nature & Senteurs de Provence Paname Phytocosma Morjana: Escape to the Orient and its Mysteries. Morjana is a unique and luxurious cosmetic range, subtly mixing oriental beauty traditions with powerful and modern ingredients. Morjana s products offer both spirit and body an exceptional feeling of well-being and relaxation, as well as incredible beauty results. Sensual textures and wonderful scents transform every treatment into an unforgettable experience. Feel charmed! Nature & Senteurs de Provence offers you scents from the Durance valley, those from the fields of lavanda and from the Luberon. Between the Rhone river and the Mediteran sea, Perfumers of Grasse select fragrances of our perfumes, prepared according to the hundreds of years old tradition of our beautifull country of Provence. In our line Les Eaux Provençales, we propose a wide collection of Eaux de Cologne, Eaux de Toilette, Eaux de Parfum, Perfumes for Baby, and Home Perfumes. In our new body care line fragrance and care, we propose a collection of Savon de Marseille, Massage Candle and Fresh Fragrance. Our products are made from plants oils good for the skin. Our fragrances are 100% natural and contain essentials oils-all made in Provence. Paname is the nickname of Paris, city of lights and fashion. Paname is the most fashionable way for beauty. Paname s trendy Accessories get inspiration from home design / inside architecture / perfumery atmosphere and from the world of fashion. Paname creates at least 2 new collections per year and we are pleased to introduce the Crazy Love line at Cosmoprof New Bags, Pouches, Amazing Parisian beauty tools Come and visit us come and feel the Crazy love atmosphere for all the Fashionistas!! For 60 years, Phytocosma is at the service of your brand for all your OEM cosmetics with natural active ingredients. Specialist in skin care products, body, hair, dermo cosmetics and recently organic products, from creating to manufacturing, packing and labeling, on a full service basis. Close to your business activities, Phytocosma combines expertise, seriousness, flexibility and reactivity to develop your new private label projects. Come and discover on our Cosmoprof booth our new 2012 range. b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 C contact: Mme Thibaux Ph.: Fax: rue du vieux pont Tredarzec b o o t h : A / 14 - B / 13 B contact: Anna BIO FARINA Ph.: Fax: rue Famille Laurens Aix En Provence b o o t h : B / 14 - C / 13 C contact: Christophe WALMÉ Ph.: Fax: bis avenue Edouard Vaillant Boulogne Billancourt b o o t h : C / 4 - D / 3 G contact: Jessica LOPES Ph.: Fax: rue Des Frères Lumières Chassieu 38 f r e n c h p a v i l i o n s Perfumery & Cosmetics 39

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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SUSTAINABILITY REPORT DANONE 2011 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Strategy and Performance The strategy in action: Health, For All, Nature, People performance indicators complete GRI INDEX COMMITMENTS and Progress Danone Sustainability

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The Sun and its rays!

The Sun and its rays! 02-2012 issue 14. A Complimentary copy from IKMIB. ISSN 1309-0445 Beautyland Turkey /MAGAZINE OF TURKISH COSMETICS EXPORTERS TURKEY Vitamin D vs UV The Sun and its rays! DESIGN WORLD Esma Dereboy &Levnalevn

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Annual Report 2012. organic. is our. choice

Annual Report 2012. organic. is our. choice Annual Report 2012 organic is our choice Annual Report 2012 Introduction To make our organic brands the most desired in Europe we are strengthening our businesses Welcome to Wessanen 01 Wessanen at a glance

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EDITORIAL NEOPOST S MOMENTUM CONTINUES IN 2011 2011 LANDMARKS EDITORIAL NEOPOST S MOMENTUM CONTINUES IN 2011 In North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, 2011 was a robust year for Neopost. There was a number of new initiatives and successes

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Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A.

Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 06 Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 05.Index 1. Chairman s Statement 07 10 10 10 13 15 16 16 16 17 18 18 19 22 24 25 27 29 33 33 38 46 50 56 62 69 74 2. Sonae Group business approach and portfolio

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krones Lifecycle Service

krones Lifecycle Service LCS Solution Individual solutions for extraordinary success Your company is unique why should you be satisfied with conventional solutions? KRONES accompanies you through every phase of the life cycle

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Annual report 2010. Together for sustainable business

Annual report 2010. Together for sustainable business Annual report 2010 Together for sustainable business Content Foreword 3 The Milcobel Group in 2010 5 Cooperative news 8 Key figures 2010 11 Industrial products and third-country export 13 Consumer cheese

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what you need to know about food safety

what you need to know about food safety what you need to know about food safety SGS Consumer Testing Services FOR CONSUMER PRODUCTS, WE ARE ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW SGS is the world s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

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Good Sustainability practice (GSP) FOr the cosmetics industry

Good Sustainability practice (GSP) FOr the cosmetics industry Good Sustainability practice (GSP) FOr the cosmetics industry Summary 3 4 5 6 7 7 9 10 11 12 14 14 14 16 18 19 20 21 23 23 24 25 28 30 31 Executive Summary Introduction Background Life Cycle Thinking and

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Western Switzerland. The future of microtech. Precision. Time. Innovation. Reliability


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Passion for coffee and tea

Passion for coffee and tea Passion for coffee and tea Who we are D.E MASTER BLENDERS 1753 is a pure-play international coffee and tea company, headquartered in the Netherlands. Our coffee and tea products are available in more than

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SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2013 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2013 CONTENTS 2 A year in the sustainability business OUR APPROACH 6 What is Outotec 8 CEO s message 10 Megatrends giving us tailwind 12 Megatrends, risks and opportunities 14 Strategy

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across all boundaries magazine no. 1

across all boundaries magazine no. 1 across all boundaries magazine no. 1 REINVENTING PAYMENT SINCE 1999 Online, offline and mobile: Wirecard is the leading specialist for payment processing and issuing. content Mobile payment ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

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DANONE. Registration Document

DANONE. Registration Document DANONE 2010 Registration Document 1 SELECTED FINANCIAL INFORMATION, INFORMATION ABOUT THE ISSUER 3 1.1 Selected fi nancial information 4 1.2 Information about the issuer 5 7 SOCIETAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL

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executive review ENGINEERED PRODUCTS & HIGH TECH > Designing new products and solutions > New business models > Globalizing R&D ISSN 1617-4194

executive review ENGINEERED PRODUCTS & HIGH TECH > Designing new products and solutions > New business models > Globalizing R&D ISSN 1617-4194 executive review 2/2007 ENGINEERED PRODUCTS & HIGH TECH > Designing new products and solutions > New business models > Globalizing R&D ISSN 1617-4194 "We analyze current management issues to find out what

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FINANCIAL REPORT 2012. Sharing values

FINANCIAL REPORT 2012. Sharing values FINANCIAL REPORT 2012 Sharing values Five-year Financial Overview MILLION 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Group Results of operations Sales 1,319.9 1,362.0 1,571.9 1,583.6 1,734.9 Share of sales in emerging markets

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Annual report 2012. Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers

Annual report 2012. Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers Annual report 2012 Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers 1 The year 2012 was full of challenges, to say the least. The telecom sector underwent major changes, which had an important impact

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2012 Sustainability Report based on the specifications and guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

2012 Sustainability Report based on the specifications and guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 01 Sustainability Report based on the specifications and guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) Validation of Sustainability Reports

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!"#$%&'())$*(*&*+&,-'())$*(*./& 0)&$&%($10*2&3"45$*#&0*&67(&& 89:"5($*&":2$*03&;""1&4$:<(6=& >5(:$60*2&4$0*%#&0*&?:$*3(@&67(&

!#$%&'())$*(*&*+&,-'())$*(*./& 0)&$&%($10*2&345$*#&0*&67(&& 89:5($*&:2$*03&;1&4$:<(6=& >5(:$60*2&4$0*%#&0*&?:$*3(@&67(& Annual Report 2010 !"#$%&'())$*(*&*+&,-'())$*(*./& 0)&$&%($10*2&3"45$*#&0*&67(&& 89:"5($*&":2$*03&;""1&4$:5(:$60*2&4$0*%#&0*&?:$*3(@&67(& A(*(%9B@&67(&CD@&E6$%#&$*1&F(:4$*#@& G(&4$*$2(&$*1&1(+(%"5&"9:&H:$*1)&

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DISCLAIMER. Unilever accepts no responsibility for any information on other websites that may be accessed from this site by hyperlinks.

DISCLAIMER. Unilever accepts no responsibility for any information on other websites that may be accessed from this site by hyperlinks. DISCLAIMER Notes to the Annual Report and Accounts This PDF version of the is an exact copy of the document provided to Unilever s shareholders. Certain sections of the have been audited. These are on

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The Trade Council Russia Healthcare

The Trade Council Russia Healthcare Healthcare Activity Plan 2015 Q3-4 This folder provides an overview of all the different activities and possibilities the Trade Council Russia offers in 2015. In the folder you can find invitations to

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John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo

John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo 2 Regardless of our growing size, scope and reach, our common vision and distinct values form the fabric that holds us together

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Our Values and Policies

Our Values and Policies Our Values and Policies 2P&G Our Values and Policies P&G Our Values and Policies1 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Letter from the CEO 3 Hierarchy of Company Ethics Principles 4 Our Purpose 5 Our Values

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Copyright Virtual University of Pakistan


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GS1 Healthcare Reference Book

GS1 Healthcare Reference Book GS1 Healthcare Reference Book 2013/2014 Table of Contents Opening Standardised Data for Safer Healthcare & Acknowledgements 3 Introduction Leading the Way for Traceability 4 Argentina ANMAT Marking the

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Annual Report 2006. Changes

Annual Report 2006. Changes Annual Report 2006 Changes Contents Changes 01 Letter to the Shareholders 02 Report of the Supervisory Board 04 Our Strategy 12 GFT International 16 Our Staff 24 Innovation and Development 32 GFT Share

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