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1 New Jersey FOP NEWS F R A T E R N A L O R D E R O F P O L I C E W I N T E R E-Board Event Attendance Reduced Travel Expenses Slashed Building Fund On Hold Economic Trickle-Down Meets the State Lodge Charitable Giving Temporarily Reduced CDG out of Business Board pushes self-sufficiency through cutbacks & higher dues Care packages for U.S. soldiers FOP wife finds new calling Welcome to three new lodges Florence Township Customs & Border Protection Camden County Corrections Get on board with NJM NJ s best auto insurer now offers FOP discount

2 New Jersey FOP NEWS The New Jersey FOP News is published quarterly by New Jersey FOP Newspaper, Inc., a subsidiary of the State Lodge. It is an independent commercial publication sanctioned by the NJ FOP and is mailed on a complimentary basis to all members and advertisers. Reproduction of any part of The New Jersey FOP News for commercial purposes without permission is strictly prohibited. Publisher New Jersey FOP News, Inc. 108 West State Street Trenton, NJ Phone: (609) Fax: (609) F E A T U R E S W I N T E R CONTENTS Civic Development Group out of business State Lodge campaigns for self-sufficiency with cutbacks & higher dues FOP wife helps create Project Our Town Care packages for U.S. soldiers abroad Jersey City monument to rescuers, itself a double victim of crime Advertising Inquiries Call State Lodge headquarters (609) , x208 or send to Editorial Production Patric Communications 204 South Branch Drive Whitehouse Station, NJ Phone: (908) Fax: (908) Editor: Robin Patric Printer A.F.L. Web Printing 2 Executive Drive Voorhees, NJ Phone: (856) Fax: (856) NJ FOP State Lodge Officers President Ed Brannigan Executive Vice President Bob Fox Vice President Dominic Romeo Corresponding Secretary Wayne Winkler Treasurer George Kline Recording Secretary Steve Demofonte Sergeant at Arms Ken Hawkins Chaplain Andy Castellanos National Trustee Ron Bakley Past Presidents Rick Whelan, John Sisto, Jim Forcinito, Harold Shea Director of Member Services Steve Szypulski FOP State Legal Counsel A.J. Fusco, Jr., P.A. S T A T E L O D G E N E W S 11 NJM now offers auto insurance discount to FOP Mini Conference, Mar Labor Council on steady pay-down track 15 Rate reduced for 2010 state conference 19 What the FOP can expect from the Christie administration 20 Welcome to three new lodges 22 Let the spirit ring! State Lodge holiday reception photos 25 More police switching to FOP 26 Middlesex Prosecutor s Office offers police suicide seminar L O C A L H I G H L I G H T S 29 River vessel christened in honor of Jersey City s DiNardo 30 Freak accident paralyzes L-179 President Lowe 30 Atlantic Lodge wins scheduling arbitration 31 Rich Sarlo now chief in Collingswood 31 Farewell to Erdman, Magee and Angulot 33 Newark s Gianella recovering from traumatic car accident 34 LaBruno named member of the year in Mt. Arlington 35 Matlock & Fox honored by Monmouth Lodge D E P A R T M E N T S 3 From the President s Desk 4 Grand Lodge Update 6 Legally Speaking 16 State Lodge Briefs 18 Richman Report 24 NJ FOP Membership Benefits 25 Awards 26 Dear Steph 32 Cop2Cop 35 Quickbits 36 Local Lodge Officer Elections 37 Members on the Move A D V E R T I S E R S 5 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 7 Modern Mortgage 9 Stark & Stark 10 Allied Mortgage Group 13 Thomas Edison State College 15 Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers 17 The Cushane Law Firm, LLC 18 DWC Enterprises, Inc. 21 Loop Realty 25 Eastern Dental 27 Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp. 29 Santamaria Eye Center 40 Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts 2 NJ FOP NEWS

3 F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T S D E S K Stay Alert, Stay Alive! NJ FOP President Ed Brannigan I am frustrated by the abrupt increase in ambush and rampage-style assaults on police officers. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund released its preliminary 2009 fatality report in December. One inspiring aspect of the report was that line-ofduty deaths were down 5% in 2009 compared to 2008, the lowest in five decades. As encouraging as that drop may be, I am frustrated by the abrupt increase in ambush and rampage-style assaults on police officers. Law enforcement officer fatalities as a result of gunfire rose 26% last year. We witnessed incredible assaults on police officers with multiple officers being shot. Mar. 21, Oakland, Calif. Four police officers were shot and killed by a parolee during a traffic stop. April 4, Pittsburgh, Pa. Two officers responding to a domestic disturbance were ambushed by a suspect who opened fired with an AK-47, killing both officers. A third officer was shot and killed as he got out of his car. April 25, Okaloosa County, Fla. Two sheriff s deputies attempting to arrest a suspect for domestic violence were gunned down. July 26, Seminole County, Okla. Two deputy sheriff s officers and an officer from the Seminole Nation Lighthorse Police Department were attempting to serve an arrest warrant. When they approached the front door of the suspect s home they were fired upon. Both deputies were fatality wounded. July 16, Jersey City, NJ. Five police officers were shot following an investigation of two suspects wanted for armed robbery and a shooting. Officers on stake-out attempted to stop the suspects and a fierce running gun battle ensued. Four Jersey City officers and one Port Authority officer were shot. Det. Marc DiNardo of Jersey City succumbed to his wounds. Nov. 29, Lakewood, Wash. Four police officers preparing for their shift were sitting in a coffee shop working on laptops. The coffee shop, owned by a retired Tacoma police officer, was considered a safe hangout for cops waiting to go on duty. A man on line reached the counter, drew a handgun and opened fired on the officers. One officer was able to return fire and wounded the suspect as he fled. All four officers died at the scene. After a massive two-day manhunt, the suspect was shot and killed by a Seattle police officer. We have to be ever-vigilant of our surroundings, never letting down our guard. Criminals and domestic terrorists look for opportunities to kill when we are most vulnerable. Law enforcement officers today are confronted by daring and bizarre criminals, yet our men and women display remarkable bravery. When I was a young police officer in Newark, we had a dispatcher who, when broadcasting on Newark Police radio station KRI 750, would always end by saying Stay Alert, Stay Alive. Fraternally, Ed Brannigan, President New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police WINTER

4 G R A N D L O D G E U P D A T E National FOP Directory HEADQUARTERS 701 Marriott Drive Nashville,TN PatrickYoes National Secretary (800) FAX: (615) NATIONAL FOP LEGISLATIVE OFFICES 309 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E. Washington, D.C Jim Pasco Executive Director Phone: (202) FAX: (202) CURRENT OFFICERS President Chuck Canterbury Vice President Dave Hiller Secretary PatrickYoes TreasurerTom Penoza 2nd Vice President Frank Gale Sgt-at-ArmsTim Downs PAST PRESIDENTS Gill Gallegos Dewey Stokes Dick Boyd Leo Marchetti John Dineen Day on the Hill, Feb FOP Day on The Hill 2010 will be Monday to Wednesday, Feb. 8 to 10. The National Legislative Office and the National Legislative Committee will host a short briefing on the FOP legislative agenda at D.C. Lodge #1 headquarters, located at 711 4th Street, NW. The one-hour briefing will take place Monday afternoon. On Tuesday and Wednesday, state delegations will proceed to pre-arranged meetings with lawmakers from their respective states. Participants should try to meet with the representative or senator in each office, in addition to their staff. Contact National for hotel information. A block of rooms is reserved for members. FOP neutral, for now, on big truck weight limits Six-axled vehicles weighing up to 97,000 pounds would be able to operate on interstates within their respective state boundaries if the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act is passed. Current limits allow five-axled trucks carrying up to 80,000 pounds. For law enforcement, HR-1799 poses issues of officer and highway safety. More weight means more potential hazards and faster road deterioration. Some local law enforcement factions support the bill because current weight restrictions force large trucks off the interstates and onto local and state roads, putting all the potential hazards into the local arena. Five winter training opportunities 1. Leadership Matters Seminar, Feb. 4-6, Nashville, Tenn. Local and state leaders learn how to conduct lodge business more efficiently. 2. Annual Labor Forum, Feb , Harrah s Las Vegas. Grievance processing, officer rights and recent developments in labor issues. 3. Legal Counselors Seminar, Feb , Harrah s Las Vegas. FOP attorneys learn about officer bills of rights across the country; participate in roundtable discussions on public policy, critical incidents, legal best practices and more. 4. Collective Bargaining I, Mar , Harrah s Las Vegas. Bargaining techniques, comparables, economics, the negotiation process. Involves role playing in mock contract talks. Also covers ratification and interest arbitration. For new and experienced bargainers. 5. Collective Bargaining II, Mar. 31-April 2, Harrah s Las Vegas. Covers health care and economic issues, interest arbitration, mock arbitration hearings, political action, FLSA and using the media. For information on Leadership Matters, contact Joyce Jackson at National FOP HQ, (800) or For all other seminars, contact Labor Services Director Rick Weisman at (800) , (614) , or In a press statement, the National FOP Legislative Office wrote, without greater consensus on this issue on the part of these officers, the FOP will continue its monitoring and research, but will take no position at this time. Boyd honored Past National President Dick Boyd was named in December as one of four original inductees into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame. This is a well-deserved honor for a brother whom I deeply respect, said current National President Chuck Canterbury. The four inductees each received the Bill Tilghman Award, named after a famous lawman from Chandler, Okla., where the Hall of Fame is located. Boyd, a 22-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department, is a charter member of Oklahoma City Lodge #123 and served as its first secretary. He was president of his local and state lodges before serving as national president from 1983 to Cont d on page 6 4 NJ FOP NEWS

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6 LEGALLY SPEAKING By State Lodge Attorney Tony Fusco Watch out if you re sending personal messages on departmental devices Police mobile devices such as cell phones and two-way pagers have become common in the workplace, especially in on call departments. Internet and usage policies are likewise common, but gray areas still exist. You may wonder how new technology and office policies affect your Fourth Amendment rights and expectations of privacy, especially as a public service employee. This issue was examined by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a case arising out of Ontario, Calif. In brief, the Ontario Police Department purchased two-way pagers for their SWAT team members to communicate more efficiently. All team members, prior to receiving the devices, signed memos acknowledging their understanding of the department s technology policy, which allowed for minimal personal usage and also warned of possible audits. But the city s Computer Usage, Internet and Policy did not expressly mention pagers and text messages. Instead, employees were advised informally on several occasions that messages transmitted via pager were considered and thus covered under the city s policy. For several months before the audit, a few SWAT members continuously exceeded their monthly allowance. After eight months, the chief of police ordered an audit to determine whether a higher-limit messaging plan was necessary. The audit revealed that one employee had sent and received explicit messages on the two-way pager. Once confronted, the officer and his wife initiated a lawsuit on grounds that their Fourth Amendment expectation of privacy was violated by the audit. The suit included the service provider for releasing the records of messages to the police department. The court held that the plaintiff s Fourth Amendment rights were violated because a less intrusive search could have reached the same conclusion that the department was exceeding its contract with the text message service provider. Further, the city s policy did not expressly mention the inclusion of pagers and text messages. The court dismissed claims against the service provider on grounds that the contract was between the police department and the provider. Accordingly, the provider was permitted to release the information to its client upon request. I advise you to review your department s internet and technology policy. Also, be cautious of your message usage on devices sponsored or owned by the department. If your department has yet to address these issues, you should still be wary of using the devices for personal reasons. By doing so, you may avoid future headaches and embarrassment. With time, more specific policies will be put in place to regulate personal usage of high-tech devices. Until then, contact your FOP representatives if you have any concerns or questions regarding your department s policies. Anthony J. Fusco, Jr., Esq. and his firm, Fusco & Macaluso, LLC in Passaic, are the administrators of the New Jersey FOP Legal Defense Plan. They can be reached at (973) G R A N D L O D G E U P D A T E Cont d from page 4 Driver license guides still available Need help identifying fake IDs and preventing underage access to alcohol and tobacco at retail locations? Miller- Coors still has thousands of copies of the 2009 Drivers License Guide, developed in partnership with the FOP. The guide displays color reproductions of drivers licenses and ID cards from all 50 states and nine Canadian provinces. Samples from American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory, and Yukon Territory are also shown, as is the driver's license from the U.S. Department of State. Accompanying text describes the corresponding minors licenses and identification cards, and security features displayed on the front and reverse sides. Guidelines to help verify authenticity of legal IDs are printed on the back cover. The guide is free except for shipping. 6 NJ FOP NEWS


8 S T A T E L O D G E N E W S Civic Development Group goes out of business Board pushes for self-sufficiency through cutbacks & higher dues Travel Expenses Slashed Building Fund On Hold Charitable Giving Temporarily Reduced E-Board Event Attendance Reduced CCivic Development Group, the nationwide public safety fundraising machine, closed shop in December. For 20 years, the company raised millions for public safety organizations, including the New Jersey FOP and many other state lodges across the country. Since 1994, the New Jersey FOP was receiving income from CDG s ongoing residential solicitation, but the economic downturn tightened donor pockets and squeezed the company out of business. At the Dec. 16 State Lodge meeting, President Ed Brannigan announced, We do not have a solicitor as of this moment. What we ve been telling you over and over again has come true: We can t rely on the general public to run our business. State officers have contacted several fundraising companies to maintain minimal income until the next state conference in August. At that time, they will ask members to approve a significant per capita increase from $12.50 to $52 a year. The change would make the State FOP entirely self-sufficient. If members say yes, we won t have to rely on fundraising any more, said Brannigan. We re doing what we can to survive until we can get the increase. Cost-saving measures include board members paying their own way to many events. For example, I m going to a four-day conference in Las Vegas and picking up three nights myself, he said. In the current-year budget, State Lodge costs are calculated at $63 per member, according to Treasurer George Kline. If per capita were $52, the State Lodge would need the equivalent of $11 per member to cover remaining costs. Kline said the difference is already met by State Lodge merchandise sales, primarily travel cards, FOP license plates, gold shields, holders and wallets. Right now, out of the $12.50 per capita, there are two automatic allotments: $2 for the NJ FOP Political Action Committee and $5 for the building fund (to finance construction of larger headquarters in Florence). That leaves $5.50 to run the business, said Kline. Compared to other duespaying organizations, FOP per capita for state affiliation is remarkably low. PBA members pay $54 to their state organization, members of the Professional Firefighters Association pay $120, and teachers pay $731 to the National Education Association of NJ. We re not out to make money off the members but we should be paying our own way, said Kline. The board has now launched a campaign to sell the idea of cutbacks and increased dues to local lodges. They are presenting the strategy to local members one lodge at a time. By deadline, they had visited 15 local lodges. We seem to have their support, said Kline. We haven t had anybody say they re going to leave the FOP because of the increase. Some members have 8 NJ FOP NEWS

9 pressed the board on spending practices. One big question is the four cars, said Kline. It s actually cheaper to have a company-owned car over a period of many years than paying gas and mileage for a personal car. We always pay the cars off up front so there s no interest, plus we double up in one car when we go places. It s definitely a big savings. Brannigan said the biggest cut in expenses was postponing construction of the new FOP headquarters building in Florence Township. Another was cutting out receptions at the Chiefs of Police Expo in Atlantic City and at the national conference. Board members are attending fewer events, such as the annual Special Olympics banquet and fewer local lodge affairs. We re sending one or two people from the board to reduce the cost in tickets and gas, said Brannigan. Board members also are doing more work from home instead of driving to the office. The ongoing residential solicitation conducted by Civic Development Group allowed the FOP to be generous to charitable groups like Deborah Hospital, Special Olympics and Easter Seals. But for daily business, we need to pay our own way, said Kline. At $12.50 per member per year, current State Lodge dues amount to 25 a week. So what s the difference if the increase is approved? We re talking about a dollar a week, said Kline. Sean Grannan, president of Gloucester Township Lodge #206, said his members reacted favorably to the presentation at their recent lodge meeting. Thirty-five out of 110 members were present. Dollars & Cents Current State Lodge per capita: $12.50 (25 /week) Proposed new per capita: $52 ($1/week) Comparative State Union Dues PBA - $54 PFA (firefighters) - $120 NEA (teachers) - $731 If dues need to be raised, so be it, he said. Everything goes up. Nobody minds paying an increase in cable dues, and running a lodge is the same way. At most local meetings, state board members are hearing cost-cutting suggestions. For example, Lodge #206 members suggested no more out-of-state conferences. When we re jetting everywhere, it cuts down on attendance and it s a pretty big cost, for local lodges and the State Lodge, said Grannan. Executive board visits will continue until next summer. The final decision on per capita will come in a delegate vote at this year s state conference in Myrtle Beach. To set up your lodge s advance visit with executive board officers, call the state office at (609) or send to STARK & STARK NJ FOP STATE CIVIL COUNSEL Experience You Can Trust. For over 75 years, STARK & STARK has represented working families with sound legal advice when they need a lawyer the most. Our Workers Compensation and Personal Injury attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights of injured workers. With over 100 lawyers and 250 support staff, STARK & STARK stands ready to protect you and your family s rights in all areas of civil law. Please call your New Jersey State Civil Counsel for a concerning any civil law issue. Lawrenceville, NJ LEGAL Marlton, NJ WINTER


11 S T A T E L O D G E N E W S New Membership Benefit! Get on board with NJM, the state s best auto insurance company Your FOP membership now brings you access to the preferred auto insurance policies of New Jersey Manufacturers. If your automobile is currently insured by another carrier, you are encouraged to call NJM and find out about savings as high as 23% on personal auto insurance. By calling the company and using the exclusive FOP membership number, you can find out whether NJM would offer savings over your current auto policy. To obtain the membership number, check with your local lodge president or call State Lodge HQ. A flyer prepared for the FOP by NJM lists the following benefits: 23% savings on personal auto insurance. On average, NJM policyholders paid $803 per car in 2008, Labor Council on steady pay-down track Unlike most businesses, the New Jersey FOP Labor Council had a good year in Increased membership income allowed the council to pay down $44,000 on a long-term loan from the State Lodge. The latest increment, $20,000, was handed over at the December State Lodge meeting. The council s reversal in fortunes is a boon to the State Lodge, which last year scrunched its budget belt to the max. The State Lodge loaned more than $250,000 to the Labor Council in its start-up while the statewide average was $1,041. Dividends paid every year since More than $4.8 billion has been returned to policyholders, not stockholders, over the past nine decades. No rate hikes or surcharges for accidents or tickets. Premiums never go up and dividends never go down due to occasional driving incidents. A++ (superior) rating for financial strength. NJM receives the highest rating from A.M. Best Company, the nation s premier insurance rating agency. To contact the State Lodge about the new benefit, call (609) For more information direct from the company, call (800) , or visit years. Treasurer George Kline speculates, In a few years, it ll all be paid off. Increasing membership is the biggest reason for the financial turn-around. For example, Princeton Borough Lodge #208 and Lawrence Township Lodge #209 both chartered last year and quickly joined the Labor Council, bringing nearly 80 new duespaying members at a rate of $300 per member per year. We didn t even think about the financial cost, because we want the best representation for our membership, Cont d on page 19 Sign up now for the 2010 NJ FOP Mini Conference Mar in Atlantic City Bally s Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City will be the site for the 2010 New Jersey FOP Mini Conference, Monday to Thursday, Mar. 22 to 25. Events begin with the State Lodge Board meeting on Monday from noon to 4 p.m. Conference sessions will be Tuesday to Thursday. Conference highlights will include: A talk on officer-involved shootings by prominent Florida FOP member George Hachigian. A one-day seminar on bargaining, grievances, unfair labor practices and representation elections. A presentation on PAC fundraising by Tim Richardson from the National FOP Legislative Office in Washington, D.C. PERC, Civil Service and the Pension Division will be back after their absence last year. We re bringing them back because of all the shake-ups in state government, said conference organizer Ron Bakley. He urges members to ask questions during the agency talks. If you don t want to ask yourself, send your questions to Wayne Winkler or me and we ll ask for you. A Texas hold-em poker tournament may be held one night. The final agenda will be ed to all local lodges and posted on the State Lodge website. The FOP room rate is $73 per night single occupancy; $20 for an additional person. Members must register by Mar. 4 to get the reduced rate. Call (800) and be sure to say you are with the NJ FOP. Or reserve online at and use the Bally s Atlantic City link. Concurrent with the conference, the NJ FOP Labor Council annual meeting will take place the morning of Monday, Mar. 22. A downloadable conference registration form is available from the opening page of the State Lodge website. Registration is $150 for the labor conference and $30 for the Labor Council conference. WINTER

12 S T A T E L O D G E N E W S FOP wife devotes herself to care packages for U.S. soldiers abroad through Project Our Town What do American soldiers in a war zone want? Coffee granules to slip under their tongues to stay awake at night. Flea collars for their ankles to deal with nagging insects. Toothpaste, since it s $5 a tube in base supply stores. Eye drops for sandstorms. One item at a time, Carol Blake has learned the necessities of life in a war zone. She also has learned how much soldiers watch out for one another, knowing who gets care packages from home and who doesn t. Carol, the wife of New Jersey Investigators Lodge #174 member Bill Blake, has found a way to spread the love. As the keystones of Project Our Town, she and a good friend ship basic necessities and small treats to hundreds of U.S. soldiers in far away lands. Every day I get up and first thing I do is check my to see if I m hearing from the kids, says Carol. ( I m 66; they re kids, she says as an aside.) Project Our Town is a grassroots military support program operating out of two houses in Jackson Township the Blakes and their good friends Denise and Bill Allmann. The couples selfless service has earned them kudos from the Army, local government and hundreds of individual soldiers. But the two women are the heart of the project. Each week, Carol and Denise ship an average 35 care packages. Each recipient gets three 15- pound boxes: a man box, a woman box and a food box. The idea is for recipients to share as they see fit. It all came about because of one special Marine. Last February, the Blakes adopted the Allmann s son Will who was deployed for nine months in Iraq. We started sending packages to him... well, my wife and Denise did, said Bill Blake. They were sending about three packages a week. After a month or so, young Will said, Please don t send me packages. We ve got people here who never get packages. That s when Carol began asking Will for names via . We started sending Project Our Town founders and operators, Carol Blake, left, and Denise Allmann, right, shown with their favorite Marine, Will Blake. individual packages. We only send to individuals because we want the ones who need it to be the ones who get it, she said. Whether male or female, every recipient gets a man box and a woman box because everyone knows people who would appreciate the goodies. Typical Man Box: Shaving cream, razors, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, sunscreen, Q- tips, body wipes, lip balm, deodorant, eye glass cleaner, eye drops, flea collars, tissue packets, foot powder, antifungal creams or sprays, long white socks, hand and foot warmers, magazines (except porn). Typical Food Box: Dried meats like beef jerky and pepperoni, wax-coated hard cheese, microwave popcorn, breakfast bars, protein bars, gum, nuts, hard candy, chocolates (in winter), Hostess or Drakes cakes, instant powder drinks, dried soups. The packages average 15 pounds and contain up to 50 items, with an estimated average value of $50 per box plus $11.95 postage. They also get an enclosed note from Carol and Denise with contact information. Often recipients respond via with thanks and an address for another soldier who could use a care package. Carol is the official contact. I look at 10 times a day, she says. We get a lot of s from soldiers. They thank her for caring and send me pictures of themselves or groups of their friends. I get three or four new names a week. 12 NJ FOP NEWS

13 Sometimes people in your line of work don t get the credit they deserve. Finish your degree. Anytime. Anywhere. - Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness - Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice - Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Homeland Security Earn credit for college-level knowledge you ve gained through training: ourses Visit or call (888) It s all about having a key person in a place, says Carol. We keep a log of what we packed and who got it the last time. The soldiers distribute as they see fit. It s been a learning process, she said. They really want candy but we stopped sending chocolate in summer. Also, we stopped sending rolls of toilet paper because it s an item they can get on base and it takes up too much room in the box. They ll let us know if that changes. Carol and Denise also get soldiers names from people in their community. I was on line in the grocery store and I saw a lady with a military key chain, said Carol. I asked if she had anybody in the military and she said she had a son. I took his address. We tell everybody. I spoke with Congressman Chris Smith last week. He will likely send a donation. Project Our Town donation cans can be found in a Jackson Township dollar store, a liquor store and a bagel shop. A small luncheonette draws contributions of almost $100 a week. I go in maybe once a week to see what money is there. I use that to buy items, said Carol. In the Blake family are several teachers who run classrooms collections. During the holidays, students embraced the project and rounded up more than 1,000 Christmas cards and other holiday supplies. The classrooms started collecting for Valentine s Day back in December. Local senior communities also have been generous. One adult community gave a check for $500. Half went to postage and the other half for supplies, said Carol. It s whatever we need the most of right at the time. Shipping is a huge part of the effort. Each package is allowed to weigh up to 15 pounds to qualify for the special rate of $11.95 per box. Sometimes the packages are overweight, but the postmaster lets it go, says Carol. I have a special date at the post office every Tuesday an hour and a half before they open to process the paperwork. Everything has to be signed in front of the postmaster. It takes 10 days for a package to get there. Some people who ve heard about the program write checks for $12 to the post master general, which simplifies matters for Carol. It s a lot of work, you better believe it, she says. But there s people over Cont d on page 14 Know someone who will be deployed? Contact Carole Blake with the name and military address of the soldier. The Project Our Town team will make sure your special soldier receives a care package. Call (732) or send to Donations may be sent to the Blake s home. Make the check payable to Project Our Town, 30 South Baker Drive, Jackson, NJ WINTER

14 S T A T E L O D G E N E W S Project Our Town Cont d from page 13 Letter from Carol and Denise (in every care package) Please accept these items from the citizens of Jackson, NJ as a small token of thanks for everything you do to keep us safe. Feel free to share with everyone as there will be more coming for as long as you are away from home. God bless all of you and keep you safe, and God bless America. - Denise Allmann & Carol Blake s from Recipients Thank you again for the box of snacks and letters. We really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to send us these gift boxes. Please thank all the children too for their beautiful cards. We put them up around our work places to remind us of what we are here for. - M. Sgt. Ken Gestring, USAF On behalf of the 42nd MLB, I would like to thank you for all the much-needed items you sent. Believe me they were very much needed since the majority of us cannot leave our locations for hours on end. - Sgt. Jean LaTortue, Bagram We seem to go right through those packages. The soldiers love the chicken noodle soup because it s a meal on the go. Your support group has truly been a blessing to us. Oh yeah! We are hanging the children s cards and letters on our wall. I will try to see if I can get a picture sent to you guys. - Spec. Ra-kia Morgan, USAR Thank you a lot for the wonderful holiday decorations. We put them all up and gave the Hannukah stuff to our two Jewish soldiers. It was awesome! Gold bless America and especially God bless you. You are why we do what we do. - 1st Sgt. Carmela Wong Please extend our gratitude to your group of fine citizens. Our mission was long and arduous but we endured as Americans always do. Your gifts helped us get through it all. - Sgt. Anthony Henderson Carol Blake is the wife of Bill Blake, trustee of New Jersey Investigators Association Lodge #174. He helps out with Our Town paperwork. there that never get anything. Project Our Town started on Carol s dining room table. Now we have banquet tables in Denise s basement. All of the collected box contents are organized in categories and strategically placed around the tables. Once a week, the two women conduct an assembly line to pack the boxes. Bill Blake manages the international paperwork and Bill Allmann labels the boxes and hauls them to the post office. Much of the work falls to Carol because she is retired, a former emergency room nurse. Denise still works full time as an executive secretary for Bristol Myers. Both women are poor sleepers and often, instead of going to bed, they get a jumpstart on the week s packing. Carol wraps herself in a robe, jumps in a car for the 10-minute drive to Denise s place and the two of them package in their pajamas until they decide they re ready to sleep. When the project started it was a lot of money for Bill and Carol. It had gotten to be about $200 a month out-of-pocket. Now, thanks to donations, we spend maybe $50 or $100 a month between us, she said. You don t always have pockets full of money to give to people, but this to me is another good work of charity. And there other rewards. Like the military medical unit that will be coming home soon. They ve invited us to greet them at Fort Dix, said Carol. You feel like they re your kids. You really want to meet them. The medical unit will present the Blakes and Allmanns with flags from their mission. Carol and Denise also have received a Freedom Team Salute, an Army commendation thanking dedicated civilians for the value they bring to the Army family. It s a commitment. It definitely is, says Carol. But you know what? You get these s and they re so happy. It makes it all worthwhile. I am Catholic by religion, and not particularly devout, she adds. I just feel I make bargains with God. I ll do this if you ll bring these kids home. 14 NJ FOP NEWS

15 Rate Reduced for 2010 state conference hotel The room rate at this year s state conference hotel has been reduced from $155 to $145 per night. The hotel also has reduced the guaranteed room reservation and meeting space requirements. The 31st biennial NJ FOP State Conference will be held Monday to Friday, Aug. 16 to 20 at the Sheraton Hotel in Myrtle Beach. Local lodge delegations are encouraged to stay there to help host lodges that have invested in the guaranteed room minimum. The Sheraton is a contemporary hotel with one restaurant and one bar and 17,000 square feet of meeting room space. It is located 10 minutes from Myrtle Beach Airport. All guest rooms have wireless Internet. There is an indoor pool and a fitness center. Nearby is Broadway at the Beach, an area that includes 300 acres of shopping, dining, nightlife and attractions. Several golf courses, water and amusement parks, an aquarium and Coastal Grande Mall are within a 10- minute drive. The beach is one mile away. This year s conference hosts are five Gloucester County lodges: Deptford Lodge #72, Gloucester County Regional Lodge #86, Glassboro Lodge #108, Monroe Township Lodge #125 and Clayton Lodge #130. Ed Giordano of Lodge #86 said the conference facilities are fantastic and food vendors will be available all day. Room reservations can be booked directly through the hotel at (843) When calling, say that you are with the NJ FOP conference to obtain the reduced room rate. A conference registration fee of $100 will be charged to each delegate and alternate, including $50 for registration and a $50 out-of-state fee Myrtle Beach charged by the State Lodge. Both fees must be paid in advance to the State Lodge to receive credentials. A conference registration link soon will be provided on the host website:, or at For more lodging information, the hosts at Conference apparel is available now through the State Lodge Ways & Means Committee. Two conference deadlines to be aware of: Deadline to submit 2012 state conference bids, May 19. Deadline to submit bylaws at this year s conference, June 18. August 2010 FOP: The Voice of Law Enforcement The Fraternal Order of Police is the world's largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers. We have 324,000 members in 2,100 lodges. We improve member working conditions and safety through education, legislation, community involvement, and employee representation. No one knows the dangers and difficulties faced by today's police officers better than another officer, and no one knows police officers better than the FOP. INJURED ON THE JOB? LEARN WHAT YOU MUST DO TO PROTECT YOUR WORKERS COMPENSATION & DISABILITY RIGHTS! Questions and answers about your rights as a police officer. Q. HELP! I was hurt at work. What do I do? A. You must report the accident or injury as soon as possible, even if you might not lose time from work or need immediate medical care. Report all injuries to all body parts, no matter how minor they may seem. Remember that the report you write will be used if you need to apply for an accidental disability retirement pension. Choose your words carefully! Q. My job will NOT give me an MRI. Can I still get one? A. Your doctor controls the treatment, not risk management. If you need an MRI and the job will not approve it, the experienced attorneys at BAGOLIE FRIEDMAN can fight to get it approved at no cost to you. Workers comp should be paying for ALL benefits, not your health insurance. You should NOTbe using your sick time. Q. Can I collect money even if I have previously injured the same body part? A. Yes, the job is responsible for all new injuries or aggravations of old injuries. Don t let the job tell you different. Q. Can I only collect money if have an accident? What about my exposures to asbestos, fumes, noise, and blood? A. You can collect money, medical treatment and benefits for lung disease, cancers, hearing loss and Hepatitis, even if you are retired. Q. Will I have to pay any money out of my pocket to find out if I have a claim? A. No, the Law Offices of Bagolie Friedman will evaluate your claim for free and will set up a no-risk doctor s examination. If there is no case you do not pay a fee. Q. Does Bagolie Friedman know about the rights of Police Officers? A. Yes, Ricky Bagolie and Alan Friedman have successfully represented hundreds of Police Officers, have lectured to other attorneys on the rights of workers and Ricky Bagolie is an associate member of FOP Lodge #46. Q.WhatdoIdonow? A. Call Ricky Bagolie or Alan Friedman toll free at now for a confidential and free consultation. If you have sustained an injury from a take-down or accident, experience shortness of breath, coughing or hearing loss or have been diagnosed with cancer or Hepatitis, Bagolie Friedman will fight for your right to obtain just compensation. EVER HAD SHOULDER SURGERY? YOU MAY HAVE A LEGAL CLAIM Did you have a pain pump installed? If yes, following the shoulder surgery Do you experience... Increased shoulder pain whether the shoulder is in motion or at rest Shoulder joint clicking, popping, or grinding Stiffness or weakness of the shoulder Decreased shoulder range of motion You may have a legal claim. Contact us NOW for a free & confidential evaluation. Call Toll Free LAW ( ) Shoulder surgery pain pump lawsuits are being pursued for those who have experienced cartilage damage following shoulder surgery. The use of shoulder surgery pain pumps has been linked to the development of postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis, also referred to as PAGCL. The painful disorder causes permanent deterioration of shoulder cartilage, which could lead to complete shoulder joint replacement. RICKY BAGOLIE B F BAGOLIEFRIEDMAN INJURY LAWYERS 660 Newark Avenue Five Corners Building Jersey City, NJ ACCIDENTS LUNG DISEASE HEARING LOSS Ricky Bagolie, member NJ FOP Lodge #46 WINTER

16 S T A T E L O D G E B R I E F S Two wins for FOP bargainers! Two more FOP lodges have defeated the PBA in recent union representation elections. East Orange Lodge #11 bested PBA Local 64 by a vote of 77 to 64. The Sept. 22 election at police headquarters was run by the state s Public Employment Relations Commission. Out of 250 eligible voters, a little more than half voted. State Lodge PERC Committee Chairman Ken Hawkins said, The PBA gave them a run for their money. It wasn t an easy win. Lawrence Township Lodge #209 routed PBA Local 119 by a vote of 39 to 12 among the rank and file, and 12 to 1 among superiors. The mail-in balloting was managed by PERC. President Drew Lee said the election was needed because the PBA local was being managed as a dictatorship and State PBA officials refused to intercede. Makin nice with the new guy Governor-elect Chris Christie has said he s not putting money into state pensions, unlike Jon Corzine whom the FOP endorsed. Nonetheless, it s cozy-up time for the FOP and President Ed Brannigan sent a swift letter to the new gov following the Nov. 3 defeat of Corzine. I congratulated him and told him we re willing to work with him constructively on anything he wants. Brannigan said he met Lt. Gov.- elect Kim Guadagno at a Dec. 5 dinner for Monmouth Lodge #30. I put my hand out to her and she said, I know who you are. We got to sit down and meet, said Brannigan. We ll see! To plunge or not to plunge If you haven t done it yet, now s the 11th hour for plunge sign-ups to benefit Special Olympics. The annual New Jersey FOP Polar Bear Plunge takes place Saturday, Jan. 16 at the Wildwoods Convention Center. The event includes a motorcycle rally from Camden to Wildwood boardwalk, hot tubs, lunch buffet and indoor facilities for registration and changing. A beef-and-beer event will be held the Friday night before the plunge at Bolero Hotel & Resort in Wildwood. For plunge information or registration call (609) , or go to njpolarplunge. org. For room reservations at the Bolero, call (609) The rate is $75 per room plus tax. Are your insurance beneficiaries up to date? The widow of Jersey City Det. Marc DiNardo was having a hard time getting benefits following her husband s shooting death on July 16. Special legislation was developed in December to give her some relief. The problem? When Di- Nardo married about seven years ago, he never updated his life insurance policy; his mother and father were still listed as his beneficiaries when he died. The legal tangle to change the beneficiaries is a long drawn out process, said State Lodge President Ed Brannigan. Too many officers divorce and don t update their insurance documents. Do you know who s listed on your policies? Milgram out, Dow in State Lodge President Ed Brannigan has had no dealings so far with Paula Dow, the outgoing Essex County Prosecutor who was tapped by Governorelect Chris Christie as the new Attorney General. She has done a good job in Essex and I will be reaching out to meet with her in the near future, said Brannigan. My biggest concern is Camden. They re understaffed by about 75 officers and everybody s working overtime. Brannigan had numerous meetings with outgoing Attorney General Anne Milgram regarding Camden. We never seemed to get any headway with her, he said. I hope we can turn things around with the new AG. Jersey members reappointed to national committees Seven New Jersey FOP members have been reappointed to National FOP operating committees. President Ed Brannigan - Grievance Committee. Executive Vice President Bob Fox - Healthcare Committee. Corresponding Secretary Wayne Winkler - Compliance and Audit Committee. New Jersey National Trustee Ron Bakley chairman of Member Recruitment. Ed Giordano, NJ FOP Labor Council - National Labor Committee. Jim Sharrock, Jersey City Lodge #4 - National Legislative Committee. Lenny Whetsel, Scott Wampler Lodge #148 - History Committee. State conference deadlines Deadline to submit 2012 state conference bids May 19. Deadline to submit bylaws proposals for this year s conference June 18. Get ready for a health benefit hosing The Senate version of the proposed new health care bill includes an excise tax on insurance companies and plan administrators. National FOP President Chuck Canterbury says, The cost is likely to be passed on to our members in increased premiums, less coverage, or a combination of both. For example: an individual plan costing $10,850 would be taxed $400. The insurer would most likely increase premiums by more than $500 or offer $400 less coverage to pay for the tax. The tax applies to self-insured state and local governments and insurers who provide the coverage. We re going to get hosed, said Labor Council Executive Director Ron Bakley. He noted how the Labor Council will be affected. We have eight em- Cont d on page NJ FOP NEWS


18 S T A T E L O D G E N E W S Know the difference between shift selection and job assignments by State Lodge Labor Attorney Steve Richman The Public Employment Relations Commission recently denied restraint of arbitration by a county employer regarding changes in work hours. PERC did, however, restrain arbitration over temporary reassignments. County of Union and PBA, Union County Correction Officers Local No. 199, 36 NJPER 130, P.E.R.C. No (October 29, 2009). The PBA claimed that THE RICHMAN REPORT LABOR LAW UPDATE DWC Enterprises Inc NJ County Corrections promotional exam preparation programs 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Individual tutoring 16-week prep classes Cutting-edge materials CALL FOR INFORMATION PACKET Your future is in your hands. Make it count. Union County violated the collective negotiations agreement when it reassigned correction officers from their normal assignments to fill vacant posts rather than call in qualified officers to work overtime. In 2008, the county established a new shift assignment called the Supplemental Relief Post. The SRP cut overtime costs by ensuring an available group of corrections officers to fill temporarily vacant posts caused by leaves or other reasons. The SRP would cover vacancies without using off-duty officers at overtime rates. At the time of the grievance, not all SRP officers had been fully trained. When certain vacancies occurred, the county reassigned officers on shift to the vacant positions and brought in the SRP officers to cover vacancies created by the reassigned officers. The PBA contended that the employer had used the SRP officers to circumvent the express provisions of the contract concerning shift bidding and overtime opportunities. PERC determined that the dispute implicated two principles of case law: 1). Public employers and a majority representative may agree that seniority can be a factor in shift selection where all qualifications are equal and managerial prerogatives are not otherwise compromised; 2). Public employers have a non-negotiable prerogative to assign employees to particular jobs to meet the governmental policy goal of matching the best qualified employees to particular jobs. In this case, PERC determined that because the PBA grievance involved employee shift changes to avoid overtime, the grievance involved a mandatory negotiable subject that can be submitted to binding arbitration. However, the grievance involved only a change in assignment within a shift to avoid overtime and to assign regularly scheduled correction officers to positions for which they are qualified, so the subject of the grievance predominantly involved the managerial prerogative to assign duties within a shift and within a job description. PERC determined that even if the parties had agreed that employees who had bid for a particular post should not be reassigned, it would substantially limit governmental policy to permit the PBA to enforce that agreement when the reason for deviating from the alleged agreement was to avoid overtime costs and to be able to assign officers to positions for which they are qualified. PERC concluded that the interest of an employee in working the post he or she bid for is real but to permit arbitration would unduly restrain the employer s ability to assign duties to those best qualified to perform them within their regular work hours. Accordingly, PERC restrained arbitration to the extent that the grievance concerned temporary assignments within a job classification and work description and did not involve a change in work hours. Please contact the New Jersey State FOP Lodge or the New Jersey FOP Labor Council if you have questions concerning the scope of negotiations process or the interplay between shift selection and the managerial prerogative to assign employees to particular jobs. Steve Richman serves as labor counsel to the State Lodge and the FOP Labor Council. His firm, Markowitz & Richman, maintains offices in Haddonfield, NJ, New York City and Philadelphia. He can be reached at or (215) NJ FOP NEWS

19 S T A T E L O D G E N E W S ployees and all of them have their own pensions. We have a $400,000 a year budget and now we ll have to cough up $16,000 in additional taxes to the federal government. Scholarship applications due now! Mar. 1 is the deadline to apply for the New Jersey FOP Scholarship program. Six graduating high school seniors who are children of New Jersey FOP members will be selected for the $4,000 four-year college scholarships. The awards are distributed in increments of $1,000 per year. Recipients must maintain at least a C average to continue earning the year-to-year grant. Students whose educational plans were delayed by military service are welcome to apply. All recipients will be announced this summer. For an application, call the State Lodge at (609) , or Deborah down, Bowman Fund up The State Lodge s 2009 donation to Deborah Hospital was $7,000, way down from the $25,000 that has been standard for years. It s the economic times, said Deborah Committee Chairman Kevin Karcher. Meanwhile, it s sunny times for the George Bowman Survivors Fund. Chairman Bob Fox said investments lost during the worst of the recession have been recouped and then some, with the fund now standing at $391,000. Last year s golf tournament alone resulted in a $32,000 profit. Sharrock voted PTC vice chair Jim Sharrock has been voted in as vice chairman of the New Jersey Police Training Commission, a vote taken in October by the 16 commissioners of the regulatory agency. Sharrock has been a commissioner since 1995 representing the interests of the New Jersey FOP. He also chairs the standards committee. Harold Shea in a 2003 photo S T A T E L O D G E B R I E F S Cont d from page 16 Past President Shea recuperating They lost me twice. I m very fortunate to be here, said past State Lodge President Harold Shea, who reported in December on his recent 14-week stay in a Florida hospital. Shea thanked all the members who sent cards and best wishes. What the FOP can expect from the Christie administration It s a new day in Trenton under the helm of Governor Chris Christie. Here s what some FOP people had to say about it at the December State Lodge meeting... Tony Pace, Monroe Lodge #125 There s been a lot of news about the way benefits are distributed in police and fire departments. The media has made public the excesses and sick-day abuses and sentiment is growing for a freeze on employment. Where is the FOP going to be on this? NJ National Trustee Ron Bakley Christie said he s going to notify everyone of an economic crisis and he may do that freeze. FOP Legislative Agent Pete Guzzo CWA is ready to oppose that and 85% of the abuses are attributed there. Consolidation of services is definitely going to come up under Christie. Bakley - The public is against us right now but they re really hammering on teachers. They ve left us alone mostly for the past couple of months. Guzzo With the new legislature there s going to be a shift in power. It s shifting to the south. (Senator Steve) Sweeney feels public sector unions should be treated the same as private unions. He says they should be paying 8.5% into their pensions, which is what PFRS members are paying already. It s the others that need to catch up... The pension system is going to change for new employees. It s going to go to 401K instead of defined benefits... I ve noticed that Christie doesn t come down as hard on police and fire as on other public employee unions... The League of Municipalities always wants to get rid of binding arbitration, but Christie is saying he doesn t want to do that... Hmmm.... Maybe the new governor won t be the baddie some of us have anticipated. Then again... Labor Council pay-down said Lodge #209 President Drew Lee. His lodge includes roughly 70 members. Lawrence members heard about the Labor Council before joining the FOP. A lot of guys don t have the ability and experience to deal with contracts and grievances, said Lee. It s better to have the Labor Council go in there for us. Cont d from page 11 Robert Currier, president of the Princeton Borough lodge said some of his members have resisted joining the Labor Council, but success in behalf of the current subscribers could spur them to sign on. Many of us are new to contract issues and processes that go along with that and so far we have no experience with the Labor Council. WINTER

20 All 25 officers in the Florence Township Police Department have formed a new FOP lodge, ending a long-term affiliation with regional Burlington County Lodge #2. It s not that we had any issues with Lodge #2, but now any issues that arise will be our own and the moneys we raise will be for us, said Lodge #210 President Jim Ford. The new lodge was chartered on Sept. 29. It includes all ranks from patrol to Chief Stephen Fazekas. Ford said some retirees are still transferring from Lodge #2. Our officers considered doing this a while ago, he said, but we never followed through. When I became president of the (independent bargaining) association (under Lodge #2), I felt the climate in the department and attitude of the officers was right to bring both retired and current officers S T A T E L O D G E N E W S under one umbrella and become our own entity. The new lodge has two separate bargaining units, the Patrol Officers Association and the Sergeants Association, just as before under the Lodge #2 umbrella. Ford said members haven t yet considered whether to join the NJ FOP Labor Council. We have a lot of young guys in our department, a new chief and a new captain. Things are moving along in an aggressive manner, he said. The new lodge is another thing to move us along in the future. Along with Ford, other lodge officers are Vice President Brian Boldizar, Second Vice President Jon Greenberg, Secretary Michelle Hollins, Treasurer Albert Jacoby, Chaplain Charles Levach, and Delegate Darryl Fisher. Camden County Corrections Lodge #212 Three New Lodges! Florence Township Lodge #210 Customs Border Protection Lodge #211 Out of 200 Customs and Border Protection officers in the New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware port or entry, 40 chartered a new FOP lodge back in October. President Russ DeNault said he led the push for FOP membership because I wanted to build morale and I knew the FOP would be good for that. There s comradery and loyalty between brother and sister officers in the FOP. A January/February member recruitment drive is expected to draw even more members. The lodge includes no supervisors. Customs and Border Patrol is a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Its mission is keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. The officers secure trade and travel while also enforcing immigration and drug laws. Members of Lodge #211 are headquartered out of Philadelphia. They work at tri-state airports, seaports and land borders at air and sea ports of entry. Their bargaining is conducted by the National Treasury Enforcement Unit. DeNault said that while his lodge would like having the FOP as the bargaining unit, that won t be happening any time quickly. He said the impetus for joining the FOP was improved comradery in the agency. I ve dealt with FOP officers for 30 years. I know the morale, he said. I did not see that in federal law enforcement. Other executive board officers are: Vice President Bob Rogo, Secretary Sean Butler, Treasurer Amanda Golden, State Delegate Francisco Casasnovas, and Chaplain Frank McCarthy. Sixteen superior officers, from lieutenant to deputy warden, chartered Lodge #212 in December. President Frank Franceschini was anticipating more sign-ups in the weeks ahead. Camden County Corrections Department has a total 320 officers. Bargaining for all ranks was previously managed by PBA 351A. Franceschini said the switch to FOP came about because superiors were not receiving the kind of help and representation from the PBA that we felt we deserved. The new lodge is now seeking bargaining-unit status through the Public Employment Relations Commission, a process that should be simple since the PBA has put up no resistance. The new lodge members already know they want to join the NJ FOP Labor Council for bargaining and grievance assistance. I hope that we have a (PERC) ruling soon, said Franceschini, so we can start our contract negotiations. Our contract expired Dec. 31, We attempted to start negotiating a new contract but the county just keeps jerking us around. With the Labor Council they will not be able to do that so easily. Other members of the lodge executive board are Vice President Albert Richer, Secretary Karen Taylor, Treasurer Michael Murphy, State Trustee Carla Taylor, and Sergeant-at-Arms Robert Riemer. 20 NJ FOP NEWS

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Unlocking the Power of Public Records

Unlocking the Power of Public Records Unlocking the Power of Public Records Access Across America tour Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi Foundation and the National Freedom of Information Coalition April 27, 2010 through

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F.O.P. NEWS. President s Report, By Mark Donahue

F.O.P. NEWS. President s Report, By Mark Donahue December 2007 F.O.P. NEWS Committee: Rhonda Bullock, Chairman Gerry Majerczyk Bill Burns Official Publication of Chicago Lodge No. 7 President s Report, By Mark Donahue FOP, Chicago Lodge 7 1412 W. Washington

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PAXCENTURION. The Newsmagazine for the Boston Police Patrolmen s Association. Boston Police & EMS Honor the Fallen During Memorial Sunday Observances

PAXCENTURION. The Newsmagazine for the Boston Police Patrolmen s Association. Boston Police & EMS Honor the Fallen During Memorial Sunday Observances PAXCENTURION The Newsmagazine for the Boston Police Patrolmen s Association Boston Police & EMS Honor the Fallen During Memorial Sunday Observances See story & photos on pages 14-17 BPPA Receives a Generous

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