Registrazione partecipanti e caffè di benvenuto

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1 Registrazione partecipanti e caffè di benvenuto

2 Alignment with Business Strategy MB 81% SB 73% AMI-Partners GM 2H M devices in 2013 Growing to 147M in % SMBs support a mobile workforce AMI-Partners GM 2H % of SMB employees work in more than one location Tablets +26% Laptops +8% AMI-Partners GM 2H 2013 AMI-Partners SMB Trends 2014 Many SMEs access cloud-based services on a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones, which enable employees to stay connected on the run. The Boston Consulting Group

3 Windows 10 for SMB Best platform for modern business Simple to use Integrates the Cloud and PC Affordable and innovative devices Highly mobile and built for agility Broadest range and selection Simple to setup and manage Set up out of the box Light-touch management Enterprise-quality security for SMBs Security for your devices Security for your data and user identities

4 Best platform for modern business

5 Simple to use Easy for Windows 7 users Familiar experience across devices Tailored to form factor

6 Universal applications across devices

7 Cortana your clever new personal assistant Speak naturally or type in the search box Keep track of your calendar, change events and set reminders Answer questions Find documents on your PC or search the web Cortana s Notebook

8 Designed for cloud services Runs SaaS apps for SMBs Office Online apps Sync with Skype anywhere OneDrive built-in cloud storage Windows Store Synchronized settings

9 Project Spartan (codename) Edge

10 Windows + Office better together New universal Office apps for Windows 10 OneDrive for Business cloud storage Single sign-on with Office 365 Use MDM in Office 365 Continuum feature


12 Pen 2-in-1s Touch laptops


14 Boot times Battery life Performance More secure Other improvements

15 Upgrade existing PCs inplace Ideal for Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices Windows does the work, preserving all data, settings, apps, and drivers High compatibility bar Free for one year after launch on qualified devices








23 Set up new devices right out of the box Retail or channel devices Configure with a single file the file Simple workflow Use off-the-shelf hardware Apply a provisioning package Device is ready for productive use

24 Light-touch management Use built-in MDM features of Office 365 (Intune) Advanced MDM control when needed Use existing infrastructure

25 Your own website for acquiring, using, and managing apps Integrates with existing MDM and PC management solutions Complements the Windows Store

26 a) Personal devices stay current with latest innovations b) Businesses can update with market tested updates c) Option for mission critical systems to delay updates Benefits in user experience, management and security

27 Enterprise-quality security for SMBs

28 Trusted Boot App security Windows Defender Windows and IE SmartScreen

29 Next Generation Credentials Breach, theft, and phish proofing Two-factor authentication Windows AD Azure

30 Protects data when a device is lost or stolen using full disk encryption Provides single sign on and protection from cold boot attacks


32 Soluzioni Cloud Applicazioni Infrastruttura Sicurezza e gestione

33 ADFS Come posso gestire i miei utenti Nel Cloud Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync User & PW Sede Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sede

34 online Migrazione a Fasi 2013 Configurazione Ibrida ecc. Migrazione IMAP

35 SharePoint Share Organize Discover Build












47 Organize all your team communications in one place

48 Manage permissions






54 #DEMO



57 X Placed in Leaders Quadrant in Gartner 2014 Unified Communications and Corporate Telephony Magic Quadrants. **


59 Infrastruttura

60 Infrastruttura

61 Infrastruttura

62 Infrastruttura

63 Infrastruttura

64 Infrastruttura

65 Infrastruttura

66 #DEMO

67 Sicurezza e gestione

68 Perché Windows Intune è così speciale? È una soluzione all-in-one che combina un servizio cloud per la gestione dei device e la protezione dai malware, ad una sottoscrizione mensile che include l'aggiornamento a Windows 8 Enterprise e alle future versioni di Windows.



71 #DEMO

72 Widnwos Insider Pianificazione dell'utilizzo della larghezza di banda di Internet per Office 365 aspx Office 365 Roadmap

73 Grazie per l attenzione!