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1 1 page Overview 21 Oct Tuesday 1500 on REGISTRATION 1800 Welcome Reception & Cocktails at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) 22 Oct Wednesday 0730 REGISTRATION 0830 OPENING 0900 PLENARY 1 Cutting Edge Science 0950 imig Special Keynote Lecture Stem cells 1030 COFFEE CONCURRENT 1A, 1B, 1C Mesothelioma Epidemiology Biomarkers Surgery Symposium 1300 LUNCH 1400 PLENARY 2 - imig medallists session - What have we learnt over the past 50 years? 1530 TEA & POSTERS 1600 CONCURRENT 1D, 1E, 1F Biology & Pathogenesis Multi-Modality Immunology 1 Sundowner sessions Genomics Clinical FREE EVENING & IMIG BOARD DINNER 23 Oct Thursday 0830 PLENARY 3 The best of imig COFFEE 1300 LUNCH CONCURRENT 2A, 2B, 2C Combination therapy Nursing Immunology 2 - Clinical trials CONCURRENT 2D, 2E, 2F 1400 Trials in progress: investigators Optimising surgery Optimising Radiotherapy are invited to submit theirs 1530 TEA & POSTERS CONCURRENT 2G, 2H, 2J 1600 Genomics Novel therapeutics: Clinical Pathology Trials Sundowner sessions Biology and biomarkers Chemotherapy have we gone as far as we can go? 1830 on GALA DINNER AND DRUMMING 24 Oct Friday 0830 CONCURRENT 3A, 3B, 3C Social Advocacy Early drug development Personalised therapy 1000 COFFEE 10:30 CONCURRENT 3D, 3E, 3F Animal /Preclinical models Peritoneal mesothelioma Imaging for Mesothelioma 1200 PLENARY 4 CLOSING SESSION All venues are at the Cape Town International Conference Centre CTICC unless otherwise specified

2 DAY 1 WEDNESDAY October REGISTRATION AT CTICC OPENING and WELCOME Presidential Address Opening address by the. Minister of Health South Africa PLENARY 1 Genomics: Tumour Genome Atlas-mesothelioma. An update Mesothelioma--From Chaos to Mitochondrial Functionality. Novel strategies for therapeutic inhibition or What the fractal? 0950 IMIG SPECIAL KEYNOTE LECTURE - Cancer stem cells as a target pathways A 1B 1C COFFEE Epidemiology for Mesothelioma Keynote Presentation Current western mesothelioma epidemics Predicting mesothelioma incidence near Kuruman, South Africa - the MINKS study The South African legacy of asbestos - then and now Mapping environmental asbestos pollution in South Africa Ceramic fiber exposure and Mesothelioma Occasional exposure to asbestos: what is the risk Biomarkers Challenges in development of biomarkers Molecular prognostic factors in practice Pitfalls in biomarker research Surgery Symposium IMIG/IASLC staging The state of the art technique for extrapleural pneumonectomy The state of the art technique for lung-sparing surgery Save the lung or take the lung?-advantages and disadvantages of extrapleural pneumonectomy and pleurectomy decortication Personalising surgery 2

3 LUNCH PLENARY 2 imig medallists - What have we learnt over the past 50 years? Cell lines and animal models Biomarkers and immunotherapy Surgery and other conventional therapies Gene therapy and other novel therapies Understanding signalling events Understanding molecular lesions and events TEA & POSTERS POSTERS - Author stand by posters for discussion with delegates SURGERY: NOVEL THERAPEUTICS: IMAGING AND STAGING: PATHOLOGY AND CYTOLOGY: PROGRAMMATIC APPROACH AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR MESOTHELIOMA CARE: D Biology and Pathogenesis Keynote presentation: The BAP1 Cancer Syndrome Suggest PI3K/mTOR Hippo pathway mutations in mesothelioma 1E 1F Multi-Modality Combining chemotherapy and/or radiation with surgery, before, after, never or both: what is the rationale, what is the evidence? Intraoperative adjuvant therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma -worthwhile or waste of time? Patient selection for multimodality therapy-what is the evidence Immunology 1 Keynote: Let s think outside the box-can we combine surgery and immunotherapy? Should we? How would we? 3

4 Immune microenvironment of mesothelioma Phase I trial of Mesothelin-CAR redirected autologous T cells in human- Checkpoint blockade Dendritic cell treatment results of current studies- What is the place of anti-pd1 treatment in MPM- Discussion SUNDOWNERS 1G 1H Genomics best approaches to understanding molecular lesions. Strengths and pitfalls. How it might inform us about diagnosis, pathogenesis, new pathological categorization and new therapies Clinical topic - FREE EVENING & IMIG BOARD DINNER DAY 2 THURSDAY, October 23 PLENARY 3 - The best of imig the top submitted abstracts (the best abstracts) A 2B COFFEE Combination therapy for Mesothelioma Neo-adjuvant therapy and surgery Changes in FAK and cancer stem cell expression after chemotherapy Novel radiation schedules after surgery Adjuvant therapies after first line treatment Discussion (round table) Nursing Promoting entry into clinical trials & improving access to specialist treatment and care Improving outcomes in Mesothelioma-An international approach to meeting nurses educational needs 4

5 2C Developing and coordinating a specialist mesothelioma program of treatment and care Palliative care in Kuruman-setting up a community oasis Immunology 2 - Clinical trials Keynote Presentation Anti-mesothelin immunotoxin in mesothelioma Phase 2 trial of intrapleural Ad.IFN Anti-CTLA4 checkpoint blockade in patients with mesothelioma Anti CD D LUNCH Trials in progress Investigators are invited to submit their current trials in progress for presentation 2E 2F Optimising surgery P/D the best there is? How to implement surgery in a combined modality approach MARS2 After surgical treatment: A critical appraisal Surgery for MPM - how should we select patients today and how will we select them in five years Optimising Radiotherapy Radioresponsiveness, Rationale, and Roles for Radiation Therapy for Mesothelioma Radiotherapy Techniques and Outcomes After Radical Pleurectomy for Mesothelioma Neoadjuvant Radiation Therapy in Mesothelioma Patients Receiving Extrapleural Pneumonectomy Future Horizons for Radiation Therapy for Mesothelioma: Radiobiology and Immunotherapy TEA & POSTERS POSTERS - Author stand by posters for discussion with delegates DIAGNOSTIC AND PREDICTIVE BIOMARKERS: TRIALS IN PROGRESS POSTER SESSION MULTIMODALITY: 5

6 IMMUNOLOGY: RADIATION THERAPY AND BIOLOGY: G Genomics Keynote presentation:. Tumour suppressors in MPM Genetic targets Genomics and drug sensitivity-r SWAMP study- (UK) 2H Novel therapeutics: Clinical Trials Keynote presentation Novel therapeutics Triple angiokinase inhibition PD-1 Integrating immune checkpoint modulation into therapy for MM FAK 2J Pathology Keynote presentation: Using cytology for MPM diagnosis Cytogenetics for diagnosis Mesobank UK Mesoscape Pathological challenges in diagnosing mesothelioma Clinico-autopsy accuracy in diagnosing asbestos disease SUNDOWNERS 2K 2L Biology and biomarkers How does the biology of MM, especially tumor cell signaling, immunology and tumor microenvironment, inform us about screening, diagnosis, new therapies and disease monitoring Chemotherapy - have we gone about as far as we can go? What is the best way to approach this in the lab and clinic moving forward eg. Mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance? Combined therapies, personalized therapies etc? 1830 on GALA DINNER AND DRUMMING 6

7 A DAY 3 FRIDAY, October 24 Social Advocacy The Global Asbestos Landscape 2014 The critical role scientists and health professionals can play to prevent asbestos-related harm. Recent examples and lessons learned. Limitations of legal recourse in South Africa for mesothelioma victims 3B 3C D Asbestos blues a history of asbestos mining in South Africa Models for early drug development Keynote Presentation- Spheroids and drug sensitivity Primary MPM cultures and multiple drug testing PROOF study: which patient to treat with outcome of primary culture testing) Preclinical molecular pathogenesis of preclinical asbestos induced mesothelioma Towards Personalised therapy Keynote Presentation Human and mouse sequencing data NF2 and FAK-synthetic lethality Targeting NF2 CDKN2A CDKNA and synthetic lethality COFFEE Animal/Preclinical models Keynote Presentation: Spontaneous tumor models in MPM 3E Peritoneal Mesothelioma Keynote Presentation 3F Imaging for Mesothelioma 7

8 1200 PLENARY 4 and CLOSING Closing Session Presentation of Young Investigator & Travel Awards Keynote presentation Closing Remarks and Welcome to imig