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1 VIRGINIA RAILWAY EXPRESS REQUEST FOR QUOTES (RFQ) VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL SYSTEM UPGRADE Submit Quotes to the Project Contact: Ms. Amanda Vitko, Contract Specialist Telephone/Facsimile: (703) CONTENTS: RFQ ISSUED: May 29, 2014 QUESTIONS DUE: June 3, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. EST. QUOTES DUE: June 9, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. EST. VIRGINIA RAILWAY EXPRESS 1500 King Street, Suite 202 Alexandria, VA P: (703) F: (703) Attachment 1 - General Terms and Conditions (39 pages) Attachment 2 - Quote Form (2 pages) Attachment 3 VRE Insurance Coverage Requirements for Small Purchase of Services (1 page) Page 1 of 9

2 PURPOSE/BACKGROUND 1. PURPOSE The purpose of this is to establish a Purchase Order with one (1) qualified Contractor to provide an upgrade to VRE s voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system called Customer Interaction Client (CIC) from version 3.0 to version VRE BACKGROUND A. The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) operates commuter rail service to the District of Columbia from Northern Virginia. The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) and the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) jointly sponsor this service. B. The VRE began operations in 1992 and carries an average of 20,000 daily passenger trips. In addition, growth and service changes have added many new facilities and infrastructure enhancements to VRE s program of projects. VRE is committed to continued infrastructure improvement, as the future growth of VRE will depend upon service reliability and the ability to expand to accommodate additional passengers. 3. PROJECT BACKGROUND A. VRE is planning to migrate the mail server from Exchange 2003 to Exchange The CIC version 3.0 has compatibility issues with Exchange Therefore, the solution is to upgrade from CIC 3.0 to CIC 4.0. B. The migration shall consist of two (2) incremental upgrades: one (1) upgrade from Exchange 2003 to 2010 and one (1) upgrade from Exchange 2010 to C. VRE intends to virtualize the physical servers into virtual machines (VM) and upgrade the existing physical servers into VM servers as part of the CIC upgrade process. D. VRE shall provide two (2) VM guest servers for the CIC 4.0 server applications. Page 2 of 9

3 REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATIONS 4. SUBMISSION OF WRITTEN QUESTIONS A. Deadline: All questions and requests for clarifications regarding the meaning or interpretation of this RFQ and other solicitation documents, or any ambiguities, discrepancies, inconsistencies, or conflicts in or between any of the technical, pricing, or contractual provisions, must be submitted no later than the date and time specified on Page 1 of this RFQ. Questions and clarifications requested after such time will not be answered unless VRE elects, in its sole discretion, to do so. B. Format for Questions: Questions must be submitted in Microsoft Word format and include the related section number and title. C. VRE Point of Contact: Questions must be submitted to the VRE Contract Specialist, in writing via electronic mail as listed on Page 1 of this RFQ. No questions or requests for additional information, clarification or any other communication should be directed to any other individual. D. No oral communication will be accepted. VRE will not be bound by any oral communications, or written interpretations or clarifications that are not set forth in an addendum. E. Questions and responses will be posted on VRE s website at F. Any interpretation of a question made by VRE will be in the form of an addendum to the RFQ and will be available to all interested Contractors through the VRE website. Page 3 of 9

4 SCOPE OF WORK 5. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The Contractor shall conform to the scope of work, plans and/or specifications as applicable and furnish all qualified and certified labor, materials, equipment, permits, and licenses required to perform the work specified below. A. Hardware and Software The Contractor shall perform the following tasks: 1. Provide server hardware specifications for the application server necessary to run CIC 4.0 server application with automatic switchover features. 2. Purchase, install, and configure two (2) media servers. Media servers shall be installed on the existing rack space where the existing CIC 3.0 servers reside. 3. Purchase, install, and configure ninety (90) CIC 4.0 media sessions to work with existing services being utilized by VRE. B. Service Requirements The Contractor shall perform the following tasks: 1. Ensure that existing CIC services function properly after the migration to Exchange 2010 and the subsequent migration to Exchange Provide a list of existing services running on the CIC 3.0 system to the VRE Manager of Information Technology (IT). 3. Coordinate with the Train Information Provider (TRIP) vendor for any existing integrated services that need to be re-installed during or after the upgrade to CIC Ensure automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services are functioning properly after the CIC 4.0 upgrade. 5. Ensure services including voic , electronic fax, and Outlook contact integrated services with Exchange are functioning properly post CIC 4.0 upgrade. Page 4 of 9

5 C. License Information D. Special Terms The Contractor shall export the existing CIC licenses form the current CIC 3.0 servers for the upgrade to CIC The Contractor shall have an Interaction Center Certified Engineer (ICCE) which possesses 4.0 certification with Interactive Intelligence. 2. For post installation support, the Contractor must have the ability to provide on-site technical support at VRE headquarters located at 1500 King Street, Alexandria, VA within a six (6) hour window. The Contractor may also provide remote technical support within a six (6) hour window. 3. Support services shall be available for thirty (30) days post installation. 6. WORKING HOURS The Contractor shall perform work during the following hours: Monday through Friday: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST. Weekends: As needed 7. COMPLETION OF WORK The Contractor shall complete the work/deliver goods within fifteen (15) business days from the date set forth in the Purchase Order. 8. MODIFICATION OF THE SCOPE OF WORK The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) reserves the right to modify the scope of work at its discretion when it is in the best interest of the VRE. See Clause 66. CHANGES of the General Terms and Conditions. 9. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Contractor shall comply with ATTACHMENT 1 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, as applicable to the scope of work. Page 5 of 9

6 PRICE INFORMATION 10. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. The price information in ATTACHMENT 2 QUOTE FORM must be submitted by the date and time specified on Page 1. Incomplete bids may be disqualified. B. Unless indicated otherwise, quotes shall be inclusive of all costs and shall include full compensation for all taxes, fees, shipping/delivery charges, materials, labor, equipment, tools, transportation, insurances, permits, overhead and profit, etc. necessary to complete the work in conformance with the scope of work and to the satisfaction of VRE. Extra charges will not be allowed. Page 6 of 9

7 INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS 11. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. By signing and submitting a Quote under this solicitation, the Contractor certifies if awarded the Purchase Order, the Contractor will have the insurance coverage identified and described in ATTACHMENT 3 VRE INSURANCE COVERAGE REQUIREMENTS FOR SMALL PURCHASE OF SERVICES. B. The Contractor shall furnish VRE proof of compliance with these insurance requirements in the form of an original Certificate of Insurance signed by an authorized representative or agent of the insurance company(ies). The Certificate of Insurance must be furnished within three (3) days as requested by VRE. C. Failure to provide the Certificate(s) when required may be cause for VRE to award a Purchase Order to the next responsive Contractor. However, in no event shall work be performed until the required Certificates of Insurance have been furnished and approved by VRE. D. All insurance must be raised to an amount approved by VRE as changes are made to the Purchase Order. Page 7 of 9

8 DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (DBE) 12. A. VRE is committed to an active effort to involve Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) in contracting opportunities and encourages participation in procurement activities. Disadvantaged business enterprise or DBE means a forprofit small business concern: 1. That is at least 51 percent owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged, or, in the case of a corporation, in which fifty-one percent (51%) of the stock is owned by one (1) or more such individuals; and 2. Whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one (1) or more of the socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who own it. B. All DBEs proposed must be certified by one of the following: 1. U.S. DOT 2. Another federal agency using essentially the same definition and ownership and control criteria as DOT 3. Another recipient of DOT funds 4. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 5. Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise 6. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority C. The prospective Contractor agrees to ensure that disadvantaged business enterprises as defined in 49 C.F.R. Part 26 have a level playing field on which DBE s can compete fairly and participate fully in contracts financed in whole or in part with funds provided under Contract. In this regard, the Contractor shall take all necessary and reasonable steps in accordance with 49 C.F.R. Part 26 to ensure that disadvantaged business enterprises have a level playing field to compete for and perform contracts. Page 8 of 9

9 ATTACHMENTS 13. The following documents are incorporated in this and the resulting Purchase Order by this reference. A. Attachment 1 - General Terms and Conditions B. Attachment 2 - Quote Form C. Attachment 3 - VRE Insurance Coverage Requirements for Small Purchase of Services Page 9 of 9