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1 West Chester University f Pennsylvania Department f Nursing Advance-2-BSN Prgram Infrmatin and Applicatin Guide Chrt 10: May December 2015 Versin: 24 July 2013


3 TablefCntents WelcmetWestChesterUniversityAdvance2BSNPrgram...4 FrequentlyAskedQuestins...5 AdmissinsInfrmatin...5 FinancialAid&CstInfrmatin...8 CurriculumPrgressinInfrmatin...9 Advance2BSNCurriculumSequencefCurses...11 Chrt10ApplicatinPrcedure...17 AdmissinEligibilityChecklist...19 Advance2BSNPrerequisiteCurses...20 Advance2BSNTranscriptSelfGReview...21 CmpsiteScienceGPACalculatinWrksheet...22

4 Welcme't'West'Chester'University'Advance(2(BSN(Prgram ThankyufryurinterestintheAdvance2BSNAcceleratedSecndDegreePrgramatWestChester University.This18Cmnthprgramisfrthsewhalreadyhaveabachelr sdegreeinanncnursing disciplineandwanttbeeligibletearnabachelrfscienceinnursing(bsn)inrdertbeeligiblettake thenclexcrnnursinglicensureexaminatin. ThisdcumentcverstherequirementsandprceduresfrapplyingtChrt10thatrunsfrmMay2014 tdecember2015.thisguidealsincludesafaqntheprgram,eligibility,financialaid,andcurriculum prgressin.attheendfthisdcumentareseveralimprtantchecklistsandfrms. Pleaseusetheeligibilitychecklistbefresubmittingyurapplicatintseeifyumaybequalifiedfrthis prgram(itisntsubmittedwiththeapplicatin). TheTranscriptSelfCReviewfrmandtheScienceCmpsiteGPAfrmwillhelpyudetermineifyuhavethe prerequisitecursesandgparequirements. Interestinurprgramisveryhigh.Weexpectabut400applicatinsfrthischrt.Wenlyhavespacefr abut40studentsscmpetitinisquitehigh.duetthishighnumberfapplicantswehavesetupa prcesstacceptnlythemstqualifiedprspectivestudents.ifyuarentaccepted,rdeferacceptance, yumayneedtreapplyfrafuturechrt. ThetimelinefrapplyingtChrt10is: September2013:Applicatinspen. OctberCDecember2013:OnCcampusgrupinterviews Nvember2013:Applicatinsttheprgramclse December2013:Acceptanceletterssent. January2014:Depsitsfrmacceptedstudentsdue. March2014:Studentcntractssent May2014:Orientatin,Firstdayfclasses(Summerf2014) December2015:Graduatin WantthelatestApplicatinGuide? Rememberurwebpageshrtcut: Advance2WCU.rg 4 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

5 AdmissinsInfrmatin Frequently*Asked*Questins What is the NCLEX-RN passing rate? Each f ur previus chrts has had first-time passing rates between 90 and 100%. What is yur attritin rate? Our attritin rate, that is thse students wh leave the prgram, is less than 1%. Students wh d nt pass a curse may repeat the curse and cmplete the prgram. WCU plicies regarding repeating curses apply (See WCU Undergraduate Catalg). What is yur acceptance rate? Fr the 2013 chrt we received ver 1000 inquiries, apprximately 400 applicatins were submitted, and admissin was ffered t apprximately 15% f this grup. Please nte that all applicants d nt prgress t the interview stage if they d nt have the apprpriate requirements. What are the requirements befre admissin? See the checklist in this dcument t review yur qualificatins t apply. A cmpleted bachelr s degree frm an accredited cllege/university. All prerequisites must be cmpleted prir t beginning the prgram. D I need t have a certain GPA t qualify fr admissin? This prgram requires a cumulative GPA f at least 2.75 frm a student s previus bachelr s degree AND a Science Cmpsite GPA f at least 2.75 in the fllwing curses: BIO 100, BIO 259, BIO 269 and CHE/CRL 107 (r equivalents) (See Cmpsite GPA Wrksheet t calculate) All prerequisite grades must be at least a C t transfer. Hw will I knw if my curses will be accepted? Check the University s apprved list f curse equivalencies at: Cmpare the descriptin f the curse yu tk at anther university with the curse descriptin frm West Chester University: Final curse equivalency will be determined by the Department f Nursing at the time f applicatin. We d nt fficially pre-apprve curses via phne r . Use the Transcript Self-Review frm at the end f this dcument. I am having difficulty finding a chemistry curse that is equivalent t CHE/CRL107. CHE/CRL 107 at WCU is 5 credits. We will accept a 4-credit intrductry chemistry curse frm anther university if it included a labratry cmpnent described n the transcript. My Science Cmpsite GPA is nt at a What can I d t apply? Yu shuld nt apply nw but yu are permitted t repeat the science curses t imprve yur GPA t at least a WCU plicies regarding repeating curses apply (See WCU Undergraduate Catalg). 5 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

6 What if I never tk a BIO100 curse? D I need t g back and take that? If yu ve already taken anatmy, physilgy, chemistry and micrbilgy, yu d nt need t take an intrductry bilgy curse. We can use the grade frm yur micrbilgy curse t calculate the cmpsite GPA. I tk Anatmy and Physilgy in Will it transfer? N. The ldest Anatmy and Physilgy curse accepted fr Chrt 10 must have been cmpleted by May f We require this due t ur finding that newer A&P credit crrelates with success in NSG 310 (Human Respnses t Disease). D nursing curses frm ther universities transfer? N, nursing curses d nt transfer. Can I CLEP any pre-requisites? Yes, fr the fllwing curses: Human Grwth and Develpment, Intrductry Psychlgy, and Intrductry Scilgy. Accrding t WCU plicy, West Chester University accepts the examinatins, fr degree credit nly, in which the scre is in the 50th percentile r abve. We d nt accept CLEP fr any f the science curses. Fr further infrmatin see D yu accept nline curses? Yes, we will accept nline curses frm accredited universities, but generally NOT in the sciences that require a lab. I have nt cmpleted all prerequisite curses befre filing an applicatin, will that affect my chances f admissin t the prgram? Yes, extra weight is given t applicants wh have cmpleted all prerequisites prir t applying. If prerequisites are nt cmpleted yu may get a prvisinal acceptance based n cmpletin f the curse(s) BEFORE beginning the A2B prgram. Where can I take my prerequisite classes? We d nt require that yu take classes at any specific institutin, but ask that yu lk at the curse requirements as yur guide. What is the TEAS V exam? TEAS V is a multiple-chice assessment f basic academic knwledge in reading, mathematics, science, English and language usage. The time limit is 209 minutes. The cmputerized exam cntains 170 furptin multiple-chice questins and must be taken in a prctred envirnment. Calculatrs may NOT be used fr the test. Test results are available 48 hurs after cmpletin f the test. See Theminimumscrefrapplicatineligibilityis70. TheTEASVisNOTadministeredatWCU.Yuwillneedtfindatestinglcatinatyurlcal OnlyTEASVscrescmpletedafterAugust1,2012willbeaccepted. RequestthatATIsendyurscrettheWestChesterUniversityAdmissinsDepartment.The cstftheexamincludesnetranscripttbesentttheschlfyurchice.donotsubmit screstthenursingdepartment. ApplicatinswillntreachtheinterviewstagewithutsubmittedTEASVscre.Yumaybeginthe applicatinprcessbefretheteasiscmpletedbutyurapplicatinwillntbeprcesseduntilthe screissubmitted. WedntsubstituteracceptSAT,ACT,rGREscresfrtheTEASV. Yumayrepeattheexamifyuscrelessthan70.Wewillnlycnsideryurlatestscre. 6 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

7 I am an internatinal student and sme f my curses such as Scilgy and Psychlgy are nly 2 credits. Will yu accept these? Curse requirements are stated in the Admissin Requirements PDF at the bttm f ur webpage Shuld yu be in this situatin, yu must either retake the classes fr 3 credits, r yu can CLEP sme curses (see nte abve abut CLEP). Hw can I be sure I have all the requirements t apply? Cmplete the eligibility checklist in this dcument t see if yu are eligible t apply. Only applicatins that meet all the criteria will be cnsidered fr acceptance fr admissin. Cmpletin f all areas des nt mean yu will be accepted, nly that yu will be cnsidered fr acceptance. I ve met with staff frm ther universities; can I meet with smene at WCU t discuss the prgram? We are unable t accmmdate preadmissin interviews due t the tremendus interest in the prgram. If yu have questins that are unanswered by ur published resurces please send an t Dr. Brent Thmpsn at What is the best way t get infrmatin abut WCU s Advance 2 BSN Prgram? Our website at is regularly updated. Lk at the annuncements and check fr updates t the dwnladable Infrmatin PDF yu re reading nw. Will I be interviewed? Once the applicatin perid begins, we will be reviewing applicatins as sn as pssible and cntact yu by r phne. We cnduct grup interviews due t the large number f applicants. If yu are invited t an interview yu will be sent a link t schedule it. Interviews are held n Fridays and sme Saturdays in Octber, Nvember, and December. Applicatins with missing transcripts, TEAS scres, r belw minimum GPA requirements are nt reviewed fr inclusin in the interview stage. What happens at the interview? The grup interview will ask yu why yu chsing nursing as a career and why yu want t cme t WCU. Yu will als take a shrt clinical prblem-slving quiz. Yu will then have time t ask questins yu may have abut the prgram. I dn t knw if I shuld apply t a Bachelr s Degree Prgram r an Assciate s Degree Prgram. Can I speak with smene at WCU t discuss this? This is an imprtant decisin and yu shuld have full infrmatin n these ptins. Due t the vlume f requests fr ur prgram, we cannt spend the time necessary t explain these differences. We suggest that yu access infrmatin nline thrugh the American Nurses Assciatin (ANA), the American Assciatin f Clleges f Nursing (AACN), r the Rbert Wd Jhnsn Fundatin Can I r call smene t get mre infrmatin? The mst up t date infrmatin is n ur web page (shrtcut: If yu still have a specific questin that cannt be answered frm ur nline resurces please send an t the A2B crdinatr, Dr. Brent Thmpsn at Due t the high vlume f applicants Dr. Thmpsn will nt be available fr pre-admissin meetings. Please submit questins via fr fastest respnse. 7 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

8 FinancialAid&CstInfrmatin What the csts fr the Advance 2 BSN Prgram? The fees and tuitin are same as all ther bachelr degrees at WCU. See the Bursar s page at: As a Klipinger s Best Buy WCU prvides an excellent educatin at an affrdable price. In-state tuitin and fees fr the five semester f the prgram are currently arund $18,000. Out-f-state tuitin and fees will be arund $41,000. Tuitin and fee increases have been cmmn annually, s prepare fr increases. Husing and meal csts are additinal. Bks will be arund $2000 ver the five semesters, with mst f the bks purchased in the first tw semesters. There are als unifrms, clinical equipment, and study guide csts. D I pay upfrnt fr the entire prgram, r am I billed each semester? Each semester is billed separately and is due each semester. Be aware that sme student lans nly pay fr students beginning in the fall semester. Our prgram starts in May s yu may be respnsible t find anther funding surce fr the first semester. Hw d I pay? Students may arrange fr payment plans with the financial aid ffice. Wuld I be cnsidered a full time student? Yes, students are cnsidered full time in the prgram. During the summer sessin yu nly need 6 credits t be cnsidered full time. D I pay in-state r ut-f-state tuitin? Generally, yu need t be living in Pennsylvania fr 12 cnsecutive mnths prir t admissin t be cnsidered an in-state student. See residency details at the Registrars page: Is there financial aid available? Yes, aid available but it is ften dependent n things such as yur previus student lan amunts and ther parameters. Yu shuld als check with a tax advisr n the deductibility f yur educatin expenses. G t the Bursar s web page fr links t financial aid ptins: 8 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

9 CurriculumPrgressinInfrmatin Is the Advance 2 BSN prgram the same as the traditinal undergraduate prgram? The curses are the same but ffered in a different frmat directed twards the adult learner. Only in the Advance 2 BSN prgram are cre-nursing curses ffered during summer sessins. Advance 2 BSN take all cre nursing curses as a chrt. Advance 2 BSN students take NSG310 in lieu f BIO307 Pathphysilgy (cmpletin f BIO307 des nt preclude the NSG310 requirement). Are the classes ffered nline? N. All classes meet n campus. There are nline cmpnents t mst classes and require Internet access and a cmputer. A laptp cmputer and a handheld cmputer r smartphne are recmmended. What classes are required? 1 Human Respnse t Disease curse (NSG310) 12 Cre Nursing curses: NSG212, NSL212, NSG367, NSG313, NSG311, NSL311, NSG312, NSL312, NSG411, NSL411, NSG412, NSL412 2 Nursing Electives (minimum f 4 ttal credits) 1 Nutritin curse (NTD303) 1 Statistics curse (MAT121) Hw lng is the prgram? The prgram is 18 mnths lng fr 5 cnsecutive semesters. Each chrt begins the end f May and ends in December the fllwing year. See the attached curse sequence fr details. When are classes held? Classrm curses NSG311, NSG312, NSG411 and NSG412 are held weekday evenings n campus during the fall and spring semesters. They are in 4-5 hur blcks ne evening per week. Usually 4 t 8 pm. Clinical curses NSL 311, NSL 312, NSL 411, and NSL 412 are held in area hspitals and clinics. They ccur n the weekends during the fall and spring semesters, averaging 11 hurs per week. Sme rtatins may differ slightly with lnger clinical hurs n sme days and ther days ff. Shifts vary between days, evenings, and nights. Summer sessin clinical curses are held weekdays. They average 16 hurs per week and usually are n Mnday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Class times are days and/r late afternns up t 7 pm. Classrm classes NSG367 (3 credits) and NSG313 (3 credits) are n campus and are scheduled weekdays in the first fall and spring semesters. They may be day r evening classes. Hw lng is a semester? Fall and Spring semesters are 15 weeks in length (14 weeks f classes plus ne week f final exams). Summer semesters include SS1 and SS2 as ne 9-week semester fr the NSG curses. There is a ne-week break at July 4 th. Nn-nursing curses run 5-weeks in SS1 r SS2. Summer pst-sessin (r smetimes called Summer III) and Winterim (the first weeks f January) are 3-4 weeks in length, and may be shrter fr sme curses. We d nt teach any cre curses during these semesters. Yu may use these sessins fr elective curses if available. We fllw the University Calendar fr classes, hlidays, and breaks. We als fllw University clsings fr weather r ther emergencies. 9 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

10 Are there any curses I need t take befre starting? NSG 310 is recmmended t be taken in the Spring semester befre starting the prgram. Only students accepted int Chrt 10 are eligible t take this curse in Spring f If yu have nt yet cmpleted MAT121 r NTD303 is recmmended yu cmplete them befre starting the prgram. What is a passing grade? Fr all NSG/NSL curses except the 6 credits f Nursing Electives, the grade is a C (minimum f 73%). Yu will take the NSG and NSL prtins f the curses tgether (i.e. NSG311 and NSL311) s yu must pass BOTH curses with a minimum f 73% in rder t prgress. Fr NTD303 and Nursing Electives the minimum grade is a C-. What happens if I d nt pass a curse? If yu d nt achieve the minimum grade as utlined abve yu will nt be permitted t prgress in the prgram until the curse(s) are passed. Yu will als need t apply fr readmissin t the prgram. Yu may be able t register fr NTD303, NSG367, NSG313 r Nursing Electives while yu wait fr readmissin assuming yu have satisfied the necessary prerequisites. Because all curses are nt ffered each semester yu prbably need t wait up t a full year befre being able t repeat the curse. A single curse may nt be repeated mre than twice. Accrding t the University Repeat Plicy, n student may use the repeat ptin mre than five times TOTAL. Fr example, this means repeating five different curses nce each, r repeating each f tw different curses twice (fur repeats) and ne additinal curse nce. At all times, the theretical and clinical cmpnents f the nursing curses must be taken cncurrently (i.e. NSG311 and NSL311) even if yu nly failed ne f the curses. If I need t repeat a curse, will yu autmatically schedule this fr me when ffered next? Students wh fail t meet the criteria (passing) must apply fr reacceptance t the nursing majr. Students applying t return will be ranked by cumulative GPA (in the cre nursing and science curses) with all applicants t the nursing curse. Reacceptance will be ffered n a space available basis. Students wh return t the nursing majr must demnstrate cmpetency in calculatin f dsages. The student is required t attain 100% prficiency in the test administered. Students are als t successfully pass the NSL practical exam with a C. I have a full time jb. Can I cntinue t wrk full time during the prgram? N, this is a rigrus full time prgram. We strngly suggest that students d nt wrk mre than 20 hurs per week during the semesters. This is an individual decisin, and as such each student shuld carefully cnsider this recmmendatin prir t applying t the prgram. Students must keep the entire clinical day free since hurs vary between day, night and evening shifts. What will I need t be a student in this prgram? Aside frm dedicatin, intelligence, caring, and a desire t help peple it will help t have a laptp, a handheld cmputer r smartphne, and a car. Is anything in this dcument subject t change? Yes. Plicies change regularly s be sure t dwnlad the latest A2B Infrmatin Guide and Undergraduate Student Handbk, and check the WCU Undergraduate Handbk. Please Nte: This dcument is infrmatinal and is accurate as f May The infrmatin and plicies described here are subject t change and shuld nt be cnsidered cntractual in any way July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

11 WestChesterUniversityfPA DepartmentfNursing Advance(2BSN$Curriculum Sequence'f'Curses Effective(May(2014((Chrt(10) Curse( Credits( 1 st (Summer( 1 ST (Fall( Spring( 2 nd (Summer( (2 ND (Fall( NSG212 NSL X NSG X NTD X NSG311 NSL X NursingElective 3 1H3 X NSG367 3 X NSG312 NSL X NursingElective 4 1H3 X NSG313 3 X NSG412 NSL412 NSG411 NSL X X 1 =NSG$310$may$be$taken$in$the$Spring$semester$prir$t$1 st $Summer$ 2 =NTD$303$Nutritin$must$be$cmpleted$by$the$end$f$the$1 st $Fall$semester$(ffered$first$week$f$August)$ 3 =First$Nursing$Elective$may$be$dne$in$1 st $Summer$r$in$Winterim$(first$3$weeks$f$January).$A$ttal$f$4$Nursing$Elective$credit$ is$required 4 =Secnd$Nursing$Elective$is$ptinal$(may$be$needed$if$applying$fr$Hnrs$recgnitin$which$requires$cmpletin$f$60$ credits$at$wcu)$ TOTALCREDITS=59 63 Please Nte: This dcument is nly infrmatinal and is accurate as f March The curse sequence described here is subject t change July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

12 AdvanceG2GBSN$Curse$Descriptins RequiredCurses Althughthenursingcursedescriptinshavebeenseparatedbetweenthery(NSG)andclinical(NSL) cmpnentsfrclarity,studentsmusttakethetheryandclinicalcmpnentscncurrentlyatalltimes. NSG212GHNURSINGTHEORIESANDCONCEPTS[3credithurs] In this curse the student will examine varius nursing theries and cncepts; cnceptual framewrks; theries frm ther disciplines which apply t nursing; nursing histry; nursing educatin; prfessinalism in nursing; the nursing prcess; leadership; ethical, legal, and plitical and ecnmic aspects f nursing; intrductin t research prcess; and current issues in nursing. This curse serves as a fundatin fr subsequent nursing curses in the upper divisin. NSL212HHNURSINGTHEORIESANDCONCEPTSLAB[3credithurs]( (Must be taken with NSG 212). This clinical experience includes interviewing skills, physical and psychscial assessment, vital signs measurement, basic hygienic practices, bdy mechanics, and infectin cntrl. Students are required t take a Nursing Lab Practical Exam at the end f this curse. NSG310GGHUMANRESPONSETODISEASE[3credithurs] Examinatin f cre cncepts f alteratins f human respnses t disease prcesses at the cellular and systemic level. This curse fcuses n illness as it affects majr bdy systems. Students will identify and analyze prttypical clinical situatins, which will prvide a fundatin fr their nursing practice. This curse will link clinical situatins t their underlying mechanism f disrder and prvide a sund knwledge fr the practice f prfessinal nursing. Fr Advance 2 BSN students ONLY. NSG311HHADAPTATIONI[4credithurs] The emphasis f this curse is the preventin f illness and prmtin f health by assessment f the health status, apprpriate interventin, and evaluatin f the health prmtin plan. The nursing prcess prvides the framewrk fr maintaining wellness in a variety f settings with clients f any age grup. Prerequisite: NSG 310. NSL311GHADAPTATIONILABORATORY[5credithurs] Clinical experiences are prvided in agencies where relatively well ppulatins have been identified, such as schls, day care centers, pediatrician's ffice, health maintenance clinics, childbirth settings, senir citizen's prgrams, and retirement cmmunities. NSG 311 and NSL 311 must be taken cncurrently. NSG312GGADAPTATIONII[5credithurs] The emphasis f this curse is n the maintenance f health and prmtin f adaptive respnses in clients with chrnic health prblems. The nursing prcess is used t assist these clients t adapt t stressrs thrugh supprtive, therapeutic, palliative, and preventive measures. NSL312GGADAPTATIONIILABORATORY[5credithurs] Clinical experience is prvided in settings where clients with chrnic health prblems have been identified. These settings include rehabilitatin centers, a child develpment center, nursing hmes, and acute care settings. These envirnments prvide flexibility fr students t implement changes fr clients and acquire skills that will be utilized in ther nursing curses. NSG 312 and NSL 312 must be taken cncurrently July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

13 NSG313 APPLIEDNURSINGRESEARCH[3credithurs] This curse is designed t assist students in understanding, interpreting and applying the research prcess t a variety f nursing clinical situatins. Opprtunities will be prvided t develp a literature review and t critique nursing research studies. NSG367HHNURSINGIMPLICATIONSOFDRUGINTERACTIONS[3credithurs] In this curse the student will be intrduced t essential pharmaclgical principles and cncepts. The nursing prcess will prvide the framewrk by which students will apply these principles and cncepts t situatins in a variety f health care settings. NSG411HHADVANCEDADAPTATIONALPROBLEMSI[5credithurs] The emphasis f this curse is n the study f adaptive respnses that create new stresses that require additinal adaptatins and frequently interrupt an individual's mde f functining. The nursing prcess is used t assist clients in crisis. NSL411GHADVANCEDADAPTATIONALPROBLEMSILABORATORY[5credithurs] Clinical experience is prvided in acute care in psychiatric in-patient, and cmmunity health settings. NSG 411 and NSL 411 must be taken cncurrently. NSG412HHADVANCEDADAPTATIONALPROBLEMSII[5credithurs] NSG 412 is a cntinuatin f NSG 411 with the emphasis n the sub-cncepts f decisin-making and advcacy. The nursing prcess is utilized interdependently in appraching multi-health care prblems f clients. Special attentin is given t inquiry as the student crrelates nursing/scientific theries and cncepts with identifiable research prblems in varied envirnments. Opprtunity is prvided in this semester t develp rganizatin and management skills. NSL412GGADVANCEDADAPTATIONALPROBLEMSIILABORATORY[5credithurs] Clinical experience is prvided in acute care, in psychiatric in-patient settings, and in cmmunity health settings. The emphasis during each clinical experience in NSL 412 is n decisin-making, advcacy, and the further develpment f the student's rganizatinal and management skills. NSG 412 and NSL 412 must be taken cncurrently. NTD303 INTRODUCTORYPRINCIPLESOFHUMANNUTRITION[3credithurs] This curse is taught by faculty f the Nutritin department. Practical apprach t the rle nutritin and dietetics play in imprving the quality f ur lives scially, physically, mentally, and emtinally. Dispelling f fads and fallacies. Prerequisite t NSG 311. MAT121 STATISTICSI[3credithurs] Basic cncepts f statistics. Frequency distributins, measures f central tendency and variability, prbability and theretical distributin, significance f differences, and hypthesis testing. Must be cmpleted befre entering the Advance 2 BSN prgram but applicants may apply withut this curse cmpleted July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

14 OptinalCurses Ntallptinalcurseswillbefferedeachsemester.Checkthecursecatalgfreachsemesterfr availabilityandprerequisites.( NSG109GGHEALTHISSUESOFWOMEN[3credithurs] This curse encmpasses the needs and cncerns f wmen as cnsumers in ur present health care system. Students will examine varius bilgical, psychlgical, and scial tpics related t wmen's health care. This curse is ffered in the Wmen's Studies Prgram, and is pen t all students. This curse als is a diversity curse. NSG110HHTRANSCULTURALHEALTH:PRINCIPLESANDPRACTICES[3credithurs] This curse examines the health beliefs and practices f a variety f sub-cultural grups in the U.S. Emphasis is placed n the applicatin f multi-cultural health beliefs t the caring prcess. NSG216 HEALTHYAGINGINTHENEWMILLENNIUM[3credithurs] In this curse the student will have the pprtunity t frm a relatinship with a healthy, elderly individual. Students will utilize cmmunicatin skills thrugh interactin n a ne-t-ne basis with senir citizens in a private hme setting. Students will becme acquainted with the prblems f day-t-day living and the crises that face this ppulatin alng with the adaptive strengths and resurces that are an essential part f the healthy lder persn's persnality. NSG217GHLOSSANDGRIEVING[3credithurs] What t say and what t d when encuntering the universal experiences f grief and/r depressin in self r peers is the fcus f this curse. Cncrete measures t help self and peers better cpe with these are presented. Barriers that make prviding cmfrt and supprt t thers difficult r uncmfrtable are identified and discussed. Effective measures fr talking with and helping thse wh are grieving, depressed, r suicidal are presented and each student is assisted t develp his/her wn style in cmfrtably using selected appraches. Classes will be participatry with minimal lecture. NSG218HHCONCEPTSINCARING[3credithurs] The emphasis f this curse is that caring is a universal cncept that can be viewed frm varius perspectives. Views frm the disciplines f nursing, art, literature, and psychlgy are explred in a quest t develp mre fully fr each student a persnal cncept f caring. Nurses, prfessinal experts in the caring business, serves as the guides in a creative jurney cnnecting human caring and the varius disciplines. Creativity will be encuraged in this curse. NSG221HHSKILLSFORPROFESSIONALSUCCESS[1credithur] This ne credit curse fr level III and IV nursing majrs is designed t help students fster clinical judgment skills by fcusing n study skills, critical thinking and test-taking. Emphasis is placed n preparing students with skills that are essential fr success n the Natinal Cuncil Licensure Examinatin fr Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). May be required fr sme students as per the Academic Supprt Plicy July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

15 NSG222HHISSUESINTRANSCULTURALHEALTHCAREDELIVERY[3credithurs](( This is a systems apprach t health care delivery. The curse surveys health needs f diverse U.S. ppulatins using a multidisciplinary apprach. The curse will intrduce the rigin and evlutin f sci-cultural health beliefs as they impact health behavirs and health utcmes f culturally and ethnically diverse individuals and ppulatins in the United States. All cncepts in this curse will be apprached frm the perspectives f business/ecnmics, health, and plitical science. The gal f the curse is t prmte cllabratin amng disciplines, imprve student cmmunicatin skills t facilitate their ability t advcate fr diverse ppulatins, and imprve health care services fr diverse ppulatins. This curse is an interdisciplinary curse.( NSG314GHINTERNSHIP[3credithurs](bypermissinfthedepartment) This curse is designed t prvide nursing students with the pprtunity t enhance knwledge and skills acquired in NSG/NSL Students will have the pprtunity t participate in the care f a grup f clients ver a cnsecutive span f days and t increase their awareness f the prfessinal rle. NSG316HHCOPINGWITHCANCER[3credithurs] The emphasis f this curse is n cping with clients wh have cancer. Varius physilgical and psychscial effects this disease has n clients and their families will be examined. The curse will allw students t explre their wn feelings related t cancer and assist them in their cntacts with cancer clients. Tpics that will be discussed include dealing with lss, pain management, Hspice care, and cmmunicatin with the cancer client. This curse is pen t all students. NSG317 WOMEN,SEXANDSEXUALITY[3credithurs] This curse examines ideas and infrmatin abut wmen, sex, and sexuality frm bilgical, psychlgical, plitical, and scial perspectives. Areas f fcus include: the imprtance f sex and sexuality t wh wmen are and hw they live; the effect n wmen f the scial cnstructin f wmen s sexuality; and hw increased understanding will change and imprve hw wmen see themselves and are served by scial institutins. NSG318 SELECTEDTOPICSINNURSING,1t6credithurs. An in-depth study f selected, current tpics relevant t nursing and health care. This curse will emphasize the critical analysis f current tpics n health care. Each student will develp a cmmitment t reading and critiquing nursing literature in prfessinal jurnals as part f the teaching-learning prcess. NSG320GGCAREOFTHEINNERSELF[3credithurs] This curse fcuses n care f the inner self r spirit. The purpse f the curse is t prepare ne t understand the inner self and t knw hw t utilize the pwer within the self t maintain wellness and prevent illness. NSG350HHQRS sbasicarrhythmiainterpretation[1credithur] This curse presents methds fr identificatin f nrmal and abnrmal cardiac rhythm and ratinale fr basic treatment f cardiac arrhythmias. Curse cntent includes review f anatmy, physilgy, and electrical cnductin system f the heart; skills necessary fr nrmal and abnrmal ECG interpretatin. If time permits we will investigate current treatment ptins fr arrhythmias, and investigatin f advancing treatments fr chrnic rhythm disturbances (pacemakers, internal cardiac defibrillatrs, ablatin, etc). NSG352HHINTERPRETATIONOFLABORATORYVALUES[1credithur] This curse will prvide an in-depth study f frequently encuntered labratry findings with an emphasis n the critical analysis f these labratry results and apprpriate fllw-up. The curse will help students t identify and priritize nursing interventins fr the client underging labratry testing t assure quality specimen cllectin 15 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

16 NSG353HHSUGGESTIVETHERAPEUTICSFORTHEHEALTHCAREPROFESSIONAL[3credithurs] This curse will prvide a practical framewrk fr the healthcare prfessinal t structure suggestins and pattern cmmunicatin with patients. The mst recent innvatins and research in the field will be presented and a variety f appraches will be synthesized int a cmprehensive apprach t the practice f suggestive therapeutics. NSG380HHCLINICALSIMULATIONINURSING[3credithurs] Students will rle-play a variety f rles during patient care scenaris using SIM-MAN technlgy. During scenaris students will assess patient cnditin, critically think thrugh patient care prblems, implement nursing interventins, and evaluate patient utcmes. Students will evaluate perfrmance f self and peers during debriefing sessins fr cntinued imprvement in prblem slving and patient utcmes. NSG401 ISSUESINNURSINGSCIENCE[3credithurs] This curse will explre a variety f appraches t nursing science including grand and middle range theries and their applicatin t nursing practice. Current issues that affect nursing practice will be addressed. NSG407GCRITICALCAREPRACTICUM[3credithurs] The purpse f this curse is t prvide students wh have successfully cmpleted NSG/NSL 312 nursing curses, an pprtunity t enhance their knwledge and skills in acute, critical care nursing. This is an ff campus curse which will allw the student pprtunities t demnstrate critical thinking skills in nursing. The students will gain expsure t electrcardigram interpretatin and respiratry ventilatr nursing care. The curse will als prvide an pprtunity t learn medicatins utilized in critical care areas, and t bserve the critical care nurse and their respnsibilities. This is a clinical elective curse and will be limited t 10 students. NSG410GHINDEPENDENTSTUDYINNURSING[3credithurs](bypermissinfDepartmentChairpersn) In this curse the student prduces an independent research-riented prject under clse faculty advisement, n a nursing tpic f special interest t the student. Participatin in a selected field experience is ptinal. NSG414GGBREASTFEEDINGANDHUMANLACTATION[3credithurs] This curse is fr students seeking in-depth knwledge abut breastfeeding and human lactatin. Emphasis is n understanding the physilgy f human lactatin and the health impact n infants and their mthers. The nrmal prcess f breastfeeding will be addressed with explratin f the barriers t breastfeeding and as well as the supprts available fr breastfeeding. NSG420 PHYSICALHEALTHASSESSMENT[3credithurs] This curse cmbines cmprehensive theretical and labratry experience t enable the nursing student t perfrm a cmplete hlistic health assessment and physical examinatin f the adult, adlescent, and pediatric client. Opprtunity is prvided t enhance the participant s ability t cllect relevant data via use f apprpriate interviewing methds, develpmental and physical assessment techniques. Emphasis is placed n effective cmmunicatin techniques and essential assessment skills. NSG480 ADVANCEDCLINICALSIMULATIONINNURSING[3credithurs] In this curse students will rle-play a variety f rles during advanced patient care scenaris using SIM-MAN technlgy. During scenaris students will assess patient cnditin, critically think thrugh patient care prblems, implement nursing interventins, and evaluate patient utcmes in crisis situatins. Students will evaluate perfrmance f self and peers during debriefing sessins fr cntinued imprvement in prblem slving cmplex patient care situatins and evaluate utcmes. Prerequisite: NSG/NSL 311 & 312 (with at least a 73%) 16 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

17 Chrt&10&Applicatin&Prcedure 1. CmpletetheselfMchecklistfapplicatineligibility[npage19]. a. Thischecklistisnlyfryuruse,itisntsubmittedtWCU. b. Yumayapplyevenifyuhaventcmpletedallprerequisites.Hwever,applicants withmreprerequisitescmpletedwillhaveagreaterchancefacceptance. c. ThescienceCcmpsitecursesfIntrductintBilgy,Anatmy&PhysilgyIandII, andchemistrymustbecmpletedbydecember2013.intrductrybilgycanbewaived ifmicrbilgyiscmplete. d. AllprerequisitesmustbecmpletedbefreMay20,2014tstartprgram. 2. CmpletetheAdvance2BSNTranscriptSelfMReviewfrmattheendfthisApplicatin Guide a. Reviewyurwntranscriptstseewhichprerequisitesarecmplete b. YuneedaminimumGPAf2.75fryurundergraduatedegree,andScienceCmpsite minimumgpaf2.75(usethefrmtcalculate). c. DntsendinthisfrmuntilAFTERyuhaveappliednline(seeStep5). 3. TaketheATITestfEssentialAcademicSkills3VersinV(rTEASV)exam. a. See infrmatin. b. Theminimumscrefrapplicatineligibilityis70. c. SeetheFAQinthisguidefrmreinfrmatinabutTEASVexam. d. OnlyTEASVscrescmpletedafterAugust1,2012willbeaccepted. e. RequestATIsendyurscrettheWestChesterUniversityAdmissinsDepartment. Thecstftheexamincludesnetranscripttbesentttheschlfyurchice.D ntsendteasscrestthenursingdepartmentunlessspecificallyrequested. f. ApplicatinswillntreachtheinterviewstagewithutasubmittedTEASVscre.Yu maybegintheapplicatinprcessbefretheteasiscmpletedbutyurapplicatinwill ntbeprcesseduntilthescreissubmitted. g. WedntsubstituteracceptSAT,ACT,rGREscresfrtheTEASV. h. Yumayrepeattheexamifyuscrelessthan70.Wewillnlycnsideryurlatestscre. 4. ApplynlineattheWCUUndergraduateAdmissinspage. a. ApplicatinspeninSeptember.TheAdvance2BSNwebpagewillannuncethepening ftheapplicatinwindw.thiswindwwillpennlaterthanseptember6,2013. b. GtWCUAdmissinsat c. SelecttheApplyNwtabandfllwtheprcedure.Createanapplicatinaccuntthefirst timeyubegintheprcess.theapplicatinprcessandfeesarethesameasallther undergraduateprgrams. d. PickyurmajrasNursingCAdvance2BSN(prgramcde:S167, Startingsemester:August/Fall2014[inrealitytheprgramwillbegininMay2014]) e. ApplicatinEssay:WriteanessaynwhyyuwanttbeaRegisteredNurse. f. TranscriptsfALLpreviusundergraduategradesmustbesenttAdmissins. TranscriptsmaybesentelectrnicallytAdmissinsfrmthepreviusschl,rhave themmaileddirectlytadmissinsfrmyurpreviusschls July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

18 g. UndergraduatetranscriptsfrmuniversitiesutsidetheUSAmustsubmitatranscript reviewasutlinedat Cstsfrthisreviewaretherespnsibilityftheapplicant. h. ApplicatinwindwwillclseNvember15,2013. i. PleaseNte:theNursingDepartmentAdmissinsCmmitteewillntreview applicatinsuntilallrequiredtranscriptsandscresaresubmittedtwcu Admissins. 5. Aftersubmittingthenlineapplicatin,mailONLYthecmpletedTranscriptSelfMReview frmtdr.thmpsnat: BrentThmpsnPhDRN ATTN:A2BApplicantHChrt10 222SturzebeckerHSC:Nursing WestChesterUniversity WestChesterPA Ifyumeettheeligibilityrequirements,andareasuperircandidatefrmamngthe applicants,yuwillbefferedanpprtunitytparticipateinasmallmgrupinterview ncampus. a. ApplicantswillbejudgednOverallGPA,ScienceCmpsiteGPA,TEASVscre,and numberfprerequisitescmpleted.attheinterviewyuwilljudgednyurinterview perfrmanceandqualityfrespnsetawrittenclinicalprblemexercise. b. InterviewswillbeheldintheFallf2013. c. Detailsabuttheinterviewwillbesenttyu. 7. SuccessfulapplicantswillbesentlettersfacceptancebyDecember20,2013. a. OnceChrt10isfilled,nmreapplicatinswillbeaccepted. b. Clsurefapplicatinswillbeannuncedntheprgramwebsite. 8. Chrt10willbegininlateMay2014. a. AnrientatinsessinwillbeheldtheweekfMay19,2014. b. ClassesbeginMay27,2014. TEASCVscresandfficialtranscriptsshuldb edt: OfficefUndergraduateAdmissins 100W.RsedaleAve. WestChesterPA19383 IfyuhavequestinspleasewritetDr.BrentThmpsn,CrdinatrftheAdvance2BSNPrgram, 18 24July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

19 Admissin(Eligibility(Checklist UsethischecklisttseeifyuhavetherequirementstapplyttheAdvance2BSNprgram. Thiswrksheetisnlyfryurplanningpurpses.DONOTsubmitthisfrmtWCU. Cmpletedabachelr sdegreefrmanaccreditedinstitutininanydisciplinetherthan nursing(rawcustudentnearingcmpletinfannhnursingdegree). GraduatedwithataGPAfatleast2.75. TEASVscrefatleast70.ScremustbenewerthanAugust1,2012. CmpsiteScienceGPAfatleast2.75(seeCmpsiteScienceGPAWrksheet)byDecember 20,2013. (GPAfWCUequivalentprerequisitesciencecursesfIntrductryBilgy(maysubstitutewith yurmicrbilgygradeifyuhaventhadanintrductrybilgycurse),intrductrychemistry withlab,andtwlevelsfanatmy&physilgy[a&pimustbenewerthanspring2011]).yumay applyifnefthesecursesisstillinprgress. Cmpleted,rwillhavecmpleted,alltherprerequisitecursesbyMay16,2014(seeSelfH TranscriptReviewfrm). (IncludestheWCUequivalentsfIntrductryScilgy,IntrductryPsychlgy,Human DevelpmentAcrsstheLifespan,IntrductryStatistics,andMicrbilgy.Failuretcmpletethese bymay2014willresultinyuracceptancebeingwithdrawn.itisbeneficial,butntprerequisitetthe prgram,thavecmpletedintrductryprinciplestnutritin(ntd303)befrebeginningthe prgram.yumayapplyifallfthesecursesareinprgressbutntyetcmplete. Meetsthetechnicalstandardsfradmissin,academicprgressin,andgraduatin (seetechnicalstandardsplicyinwcuundergraduatestudenthandbk:availableat HavenfelnycnvictinsrlegalrestrictinstnursinglicensureinPennsylvania. EligibletlegallyliveasastudentintheUnitedStates. NativeEnglishspeakerrscresatleasta80nTOEFLexamrasspecifiednthe InternatinalStudentAdmissinspageat Ifyurbachelr sdegreeisfrmannhusauniversityyuwillneedtpayfratranscript reviewasdescribedntheinternatinalstudentadmissinspage July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide

20 Advance(2BSN$Prerequisite$Curses Inadditintanearnedbachelr sdegreeallstudentsmusthavethefllwingcursescmpleted befrebeginningtheprgram.admissinprirityisgiventthsewithmstfthesecmpleteatthe timefapplicatin. Required Curse Required Credits WCU curse ffering Basic Bilgical Science* 3 credits BIO100 Anatmy & Physilgy with Lab** 8 credits BIO259 & BIO269 General Chemistry fr Health Sciences with Lab *** 4 credits minimum, must include a lab CHE107 & CRL107 Intrductin t Scilgy 3 credits SOC200 Intrductin t Psychlgy 3 credits PSY100 Intrductry Micrbilgy with Lab 4 credits BIO204 Human Develpment r Develpmental Psychlgy Acrss the Lifespan 3 credits PSY210 r HEA206 * BIO 100 may be waived if yu have cmpleted micrbilgy. ** Anatmy & Physilgy must be taken within 3 years f starting the prgram (Spring 2011 r newer). *** Cmpleting bth CHE/CRL 103 and 104 is als equivalent. Thefllwingcursesarentrequiredtapplyttheprgrambutshuldbecmpletedbefre beginningtheprgram. Required Curse Required Credits WCU curse ffering Intrductry Principles f Nutritin* 3 credits NTD 303 Intrductry Statistics** 3 credits MAT121 * NTD303mustbecmpletedbefreNSG311(usuallyfferedasacceleratedcurseinAugust).It recmmendedthatitbecmpletedbefrestartingtheprgram). ** MAT121mustbecmpletedbefrestartingtheprgram July2013:A2BApplicatinGuide


TRUCKEE MEADOWS COMMUNITY COLLEGE TRUCKEE MEADOWS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MAXINE S. JACOBS NURSING PROGRAM STUDENT HANDBOOK Truckee Meadws Cmmunity Cllege William N. Penningtn Health Science Center 18600 Wedge Pkwy. Building B Ren, Nevada 89512

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Please review. Sincerely, ve better. learn more. liv

Please review. Sincerely, ve better. learn more. liv 108 N. 40th Street Phenix, AZ 85034 (602) 286-8000 INFORMATION & APPLICATION PACKET 2015 2016 PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTING Assciate in Applied Science Degree in Physical Therapist Assisting

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College of Graduate & Undergraduate Studies Department of Nutrition. Internship Programs in Nutrition and Dietetics Handbook

College of Graduate & Undergraduate Studies Department of Nutrition. Internship Programs in Nutrition and Dietetics Handbook Cllege f Graduate & Undergraduate Studies Department f Nutritin Internship Prgrams in Nutritin and Dietetics Handbk The Internship Prgrams in Nutritin and Dietetics at Life University has been granted

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Education Sciences. TUNING Report 2 (2003-2005) 1. Introduction to the subject area

Education Sciences. TUNING Report 2 (2003-2005) 1. Introduction to the subject area TUNING Reprt 2 (2003-2005) Educatin Sciences In: Gnzales, J. and Wagenaar, R. (eds.). Tuning Educatinal Structures in Eurpe. II. Universities Cntributin t the Blgna Prcess. Bilba/Grningen: University f

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Alvin Community College Vocational Nursing

Alvin Community College Vocational Nursing Alvin Cmmunity Cllege Vcatinal Nursing Prgram Infrmatin and Applicatin Instructins Applicatin Perid Sep 24 Nv 5, 2015 Classes begin June 2016 (last mdified 7/30/2015) U:\Karens LVN\App Packet - 2016-2017.dcx

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RN/BSN Completion Student Handbook Academic Year 2011-2012

RN/BSN Completion Student Handbook Academic Year 2011-2012 RN/BSN Cmpletin Student Handbk Academic Year 2011-2012 COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin... 1 Welcme frm the Dean... 1 Sectin 1: Overview... 2 Missin... 2 Philsphy... 2 Gvernance...

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Frequently. education. evenings. 3. Complete the. *Developmen. 5, & 6 4. Complete two. grade beloww. 6. After meeting. period.

Frequently. education. evenings. 3. Complete the. *Developmen. 5, & 6 4. Complete two. grade beloww. 6. After meeting. period. Revised August 2014 fr Applicatin Perid Fall 2015 Frequently Asked Questins LPN - RN Prgram LPN s interested in the LPN-RN transitin have the same pre-admissin & general educatin requirements as generic

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1 Two focus groups were held in November 2011. Nine members of the community participated. Individual phone

1 Two focus groups were held in November 2011. Nine members of the community participated. Individual phone New Prgram Prpsal: Spiritual Wellness & Cunseling Certificate Prgram Submitted by the Departments f Educatin and Allied Studies and Thelgy and Religius Studies, and the Office f Graduate Studies, Cllege

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Check the GRE website (link to for registration and test writing dates and locations. Register online, by phone, or by mail.

Check the GRE website (link to for registration and test writing dates and locations. Register online, by phone, or by mail. Applying t Graduate Schl I. General 1. Backgrund U f S Psychlgy students are bth able and well-trained. Over the years they have had measurable success mving n t graduate schl. They d well n the GREs,

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THANK YOU...for your interest in our AD Mobility Nursing Program.

THANK YOU...for your interest in our AD Mobility Nursing Program. After cmpletin f yur PN educatin, the Assciate Degree Nursing Mbility Prgram may be right fr yu! THANK yur interest in ur AD Mbility Nursing Prgram. Whether yu are wrking as a Licensed Practical

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Final Report of the Commission to Study College Affordability and College Completion December 9, 2014

Final Report of the Commission to Study College Affordability and College Completion December 9, 2014 Final Reprt f the Cmmissin t Study Cllege Affrdability and Cllege Cmpletin December 9, 2014 Page 1 f 32 Page 2 f 32 Intrductin The Cmmissin t Study Cllege Affrdability and Cllege Cmpletin was created by

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2015-16. Online Financial Aid Orientation. Pima Community College Financial Aid Office. Notes: Slide 1:

2015-16. Online Financial Aid Orientation. Pima Community College Financial Aid Office. Notes: Slide 1: Slide 1: 2015-16 Online Financial Aid Orientatin Pima Cmmunity Cllege Financial Aid Office Welcme t Pima Cmmunity Cllege and thank yu fr cmpleting the nline Financial Aid Orientatin. Slide 2: Orientatin

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SCHOOL COUNSELING Salt Lake City 2014-2015 UPDATED: April 1, 2014

SCHOOL COUNSELING Salt Lake City 2014-2015 UPDATED: April 1, 2014 SCHOOL COUNSELING Salt Lake City 2014-2015 UPDATED: April 1, 2014 The prfessinal schl cunselr is a licensed educatr wh assists students, teachers, parents, and

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2014-15. Online Financial Aid Orientation. Pima Community College Financial Aid Office. Notes: Slide 1:

2014-15. Online Financial Aid Orientation. Pima Community College Financial Aid Office. Notes: Slide 1: Slide 1: 2014-15 Online Financial Aid Orientatin Pima Cmmunity Cllege Financial Aid Office Welcme t Pima Cmmunity Cllege and thank yu fr cmpleting the nline Financial Aid Orientatin. Slide 2: Orientatin

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VA BENEFIT INFORMATION HANDBOOK 1 VA BENEFIT INFORMATION HANDBOOK Registrar s Office Janice Nrdin, Veterans Benefits Crdinatr 2031 Rseman Hall (262-472-1580) Updated: September 9, 2014 2 UNIVERSITY WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER

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Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation.

Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation. Certificatin Handbk The IIBA guide t gaining the CBAP designatin. April 16, 2014 Table f Cntents Table f Cntents... 2 1.0 Abut this Handbk... 3 2.0 Abut Internatinal Institute f Business Analysis... 3

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How to use Moodle 2.7. Teacher s Manual for the world s most popular LMS. Jaswinder Singh

How to use Moodle 2.7. Teacher s Manual for the world s most popular LMS. Jaswinder Singh Teacher s Manual fr the wrld s mst ppular LMS Jaswinder Singh Hw t Use Mdle 2.7 2 Hw t use Mdle 2.7, 1 st Editin Teacher s Manual fr the wrld s mst ppular LMS Jaswinder Singh 3 This bk is dedicated t my

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2014-2015 FINANCIAL AID AWARD AND DISBURSEMENT GUIDE 2014-2015 FINANCIAL AID AWARD AND DISBURSEMENT GUIDE Financial Aid Services 1200 W. Internatinal Speedway Blvd. Wetherell, Rm 104 Daytna Beach, FL 32114 386-506-3015 / FAX 386-506-4442 Email:

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Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N

Better Care, Better Health, Lower Costs M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N A Plan t Transfrm the Empire State s Medicaid Prgram Better Care, Better Health, Lwer Csts M U L T I - Y E A R A C T I O N P L A N TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin... page 3 Health System Redesign in New Yrk:

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No Unsafe Lift. Workbook

No Unsafe Lift. Workbook N Unsafe Lift Wrkbk Cver and Sectin Break image prvided curtesy f Arj Canada Inc. Table Of Cntents Purpse f this wrkbk... 2 Hw t use this wrkbk...3 SECTION ONE A Brief Review f the Literature...5 SECTION

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How to Write Program Objectives/Outcomes

How to Write Program Objectives/Outcomes Hw t Write Prgram Objectives/Outcmes Objectives Gals and Objectives are similar in that they describe the intended purpses and expected results f teaching activities and establish the fundatin fr assessment.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS... 2 INTRODUCTION... 3 Table f Cntents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS... 2 INTRODUCTION... 3 LESSON PLANS Lessn 1: Welcme and intrductin - What is entrepreneurship?... 6 Lessn 2: Entrepreneurship assets and deficits and Defining expectatins...

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2e. Programme-specific appendix to the TER 2014-2015. Public Administration (PA)

2e. Programme-specific appendix to the TER 2014-2015. Public Administration (PA) 2e. Prgramme-specific appendix t the TER 2014-2015 fr the Master f Science prgramme Public Administratin (PA) 1. Objectives (TER article. 3.1, subject 1 NVAO accreditatin system) 1a Prfile f the prgramme

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The Voice of Brain Injury in New Jersey Since 1981

The Voice of Brain Injury in New Jersey Since 1981 The Vice f Brain Injury in New Jersey Since 1981 Dear Reader, On behalf f the Brain Injury Alliance f New Jersey, I am pleased t present this guide t resurces that may be f assistance t peple with brain

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Global Health Diplomacy -- A Survey on Training Programmes & Courses

Global Health Diplomacy -- A Survey on Training Programmes & Courses Glbal Health Diplmacy -- A Survey n Training Prgrammes & Curses Prf. Dr. Ilna Kickbusch & Christian Erk Glbal Health Prgramme May 2008 The Graduate Institute f Internatinal and Develpment Studies (GI)

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***** CURRICULUM FOR THE ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIAL CHANGE (OSC) TRACK PhD in Business Administratin PROGRAM OF STUDY Three Tracks t Chse frm Organizatins and Scial Change investigates hw the resurces and techniques f business can be harnessed t address scietal issues (first

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The Critical Need for Knowledge and Usage of AT and AAC Among Speech-Language Pathologists

The Critical Need for Knowledge and Usage of AT and AAC Among Speech-Language Pathologists The Critical Need fr Knwledge and Usage f AT and AAC Amng Speech-Language Pathlgists Survey White Paper Published by: Assistive Technlgy Industry Assciatin ATIA 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicag, IL 60611,

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ACEN Accreditation Manual GENERAL INFORMATION. A publication of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. UPDATED: July 31, 2013

ACEN Accreditation Manual GENERAL INFORMATION. A publication of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. UPDATED: July 31, 2013 ACEN Accreditatin Manual A publicatin f the Accreditatin Cmmissin fr Educatin in Nursing. UPDATED: July 31, 2013 ACEN 3343 Peachtree Rad NE, Suite 850 Atlanta, Gergia 30326 Phne: 404.975.5000 Fax: 404.975.5020

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