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8 DURST PRO USA, Inc NE 25th Avenue, Hillsboro Oregon 97124, USA Phone: , Fax:

9 Operating manual DIIRST OPTOCOH Basie unit Durst GA 1V30065 (e) 5/87

10 Basic Uni t Conte nt s DESCRI P TI ONS The basic unit's outflt Dimensions 1.3. Space requirements 1.4. Technical data P age 5 q 4 5 RAIIGE OF ÁPPLICATIONS 6 PREPARIIIG TgE BASIC UNIT 6 J.1. Cleaning 3.2. the baseboard HountinB the counterneight spnings' cover 3.4. BaLancing the counter{eight springs 3.5. Establishing connections 3, b. Starting up the enlarger head 3.7, Fitting the film carrier 3.8. Xountlng lens holder and lens panels 3.9. Connecting Èhe basic unit to the maj,ns líountinb the cover plàt.e Hounting the cable holder of baseboard equipped unit, versions 6 7 plate 7 t o STARTTflG gp TSE BASIC UNTT f,itioiit CONTROL PAIIEL 4.1. Electrical connections of renotê control 4,2. Descrlptions of remote control operat,ing el ements STARTIIIG UP TEE BASIC UNIT XITI CONTROL PA}IEL CARE AHD XAI}ITENANCE líai n tenance 12 ACCESSORY RANGE 12

11 Basic unit 1. DgSCRIPTIONS D0BST optoco í - a modular enlarging system for printing film originals up to 10 x 12,5 cm (4 x 5 in.) IIODULAR CON- STRUCTI0Ií lon matching unit eomponents to your nequirements SCOPE OF AP- colour as rell as black-and-rhite Fork, PLICATI0[: layout-naèching enlar6ements, reduclions, part en] argements SáFE ÁllD EFFICIEIIT 0PERÀTIOH depending on unit outfit - by autoínat.ic prinl size determination and autofcreus - autonatic erposure control - use of various light sources The besic unlt's outlit * OPTO - EPU poner supply unit i OPTO - HOT motor uni! * EI - SIilo ínains lead * spannen íith gcrefs and tfo metal guides

12 Basic uni t Di mens i ons basi.c unit Space requlremenbs oubfit including rolj papen easel. and autol matic erposune control (ac 1201)

13 Basic uni.t 1.4. Technical data líai ns suppl y i 22O/ztIO V. 1OO/1'lO/'l20 V, 5o-6{-l llz Stabilising range : +'to I - 15 X Poxer consunpbion : appror.,loo VÁ rnax. ( for outfít including all options) Suggested ambient : 30 to 8oÍ relalive humidily, 25 conditions to 55 degrees Celsius temperature Column height : l7o cm Haxirnun height ( enlarger head fully extended) : 19b cn Speed of adjustment' smallest/largest Ínagnification factor (autolocus version) : approx. 1O seconds Baseboard dinensions : 80 r 84 cm Ilsable baseboard area : 80 x 7o cm optical axis/column base distance : 35.8 cm Net Feight : appror. 54 kg llagnif ication f actors,ens Filn size i ni nun* maximum^ maximum* ( lab table) 150 mm 135 mn 1O5 mm 100 t Ín 8O mn 50 mm 10 r 12-5 cí (4 r 5") 9 r 12 cm bx7l6xq cm 6t7/6x9 cn 4,516l6xb mm 2q x 36 rnn 0.? r O.b x 0.q5 r O.q Í o.3 r O.7 /?.3 r ó. J r 11.2 t 11.8 r 'l 5.4 x 25t 11.3 x 13 x 17.5 x 18 r 23.5 x JÓ X * indicative values

14 Basic uni I RAIIGE OF ÀPPLICATIONS Hhat conponent combinations /light sources are available? COLOUB PRINTI}IG BLACK-À}ID-}IBITE PRI NTIHG E COLTKTï r20t (CLS - 501) colour head with conlinuously adju5lable colouí tlltcrs {Y. M, C,0. 130), built'in densiry conríol (0.60) and supplomentary til lers (45 Y, 15 M) as well as FEMOBOX 450 N mixing box.! vnlrxrr.rzor 1vr-s sorl oríu5 d ÍgnI souíco lor píinl;ng on cgnvonliondl black'and.while enlarqing paper as well as variablhon. tíasl onlaígin9 paper, complêro wilh FEMOBOX 450 N miring box. E OPTO<ol - AUTOCOLOR syslem wilh built-in coloua and erposuro conkol. low co(ection and erposuío rimeí complelq wilh opto col adapter and FÊMOBOX 450 N mixiog box, I reuoxr Blw.on.. o0ns6í nghl $urce toa píinling ílal black-and-while negalives. codpleto with FEMOCON 151 and FEMOCON'152 condenseís l[ oer.o.4c r2o1 colouí ^gao WrlD aulomá!c subtraclive exposuíe conkol! law co(eclion, automalic íe cipíocity Íailure compensation and VCNA líanslaloí mode; lhe ou(íil includes onê FEMOSOX 450 N mixing box,! vahrporní.t2oo poinr rgnt source roí prn0ng eleclígn-mic.oscope as well as lechnical negatives. com. plele with suíace<oàled FEMOCON lsll and FEMOCON 152Í con. denseís,? PREPÀRING TIE BASIC UilIT J. r. Cl eani ng Before assembly cleàn all parts flith a cloth.

15 Easic uni t 3.2 Hounitng the baseboard Place the colutnn (1) and en- Larger head support ( 2) on a table or the floor Rold the baseboard (3) against the column ( 1) and secure rith the socket head cap screis ( 4)! that the reinfoccing rails (6) are first fitted. Tighten socket head cap screís nith spanner (5) llounting the counterxeight spring's cover plate Pl.ace cover plate ( 47/1) on colunn ( 1) 47fl Secure cover plate ( 47l1) ri th screfs ( tt8/1 ) 3. tl. Balancing the counterfeight springs The txo counterreighè springs are factory adjusted to the reight of the heaviest enlarger head (AC 12O1). Upon fitting anolher enlarger head, adjust the counterreight springs as follois: Renove scrers 9/1 Renove cover 9/2 Renove scrers 9/3 Lift cover 9/q Remove scren 9/5 Either remove or insêrt metal plafe 9/6r depending upon enlarger head beeing fitted (see charts 1, 2) l t 9l!,'/ 11'u, ;; '- JY t\1.t ^",'.- I t-\ rffi --el2 i\i' i\\ \,\.\

16 Basic uni t CIART 1 EnIar8er head líetal platês À ut0colob1 200 cls 5o1 vls 501 VÀ BI POI }ít 1200 FEHOKIT BX Ihsert 1 plate fnsert 4 plates Insert. I plates fnsert 9 plate: Insert 9 plate: CEART 2 Enlarger head nith FEBIDAP fletal plates A UTOCOLOR1 200 Remove 2 plate: cls 5ol Insert 1 plate YLS 501 Inser! 5 plate: YARI POI }IT 1200 fnsert 6 plate! FEIíOIIT BR fnsert 6 plater 3.5. Establlshing electrical. connecti ons Establish the folloning cable connections

17 Basic unit Cable ( A) rith "Enlarger Enc. " socket Cable ( B) rith "EnIarger líot. " socket For plugging the unit into the mains First nount the enlarger head Then remove the shipping plate For this proceed as aollofs: PIacê enlarger hêad on baseboard Secure enlarger head by neans of knurled head screns ( 7) Unscren shipping plate ( B) - at the rear of the column - by undoing scrers ( 9) _l-ïl ''"r I --] JJ

18 Basic unit l.6. SÈarting up the enl.arger head See operating manual of enlangen head being used - cls 5o1 / VLS 5O1 / VARIPOINT 12Oo / FEHOKIT Brf - opto - AC 120't - opto - col 3.7. FitLinB the film carrien See operating manual of filn earrier being used - FEBIDÀP / BIHÁNEG - FEHONEG - OPTONEG - OPTOCROP - CARRIER J.8. HounLing lens holder and lens panels See Lens holder/iens panels operating instructions. 3,9. Connecting the baslc unil to the mains * Connect the basic unit to the mains supply Fitling the cover plate ScreÍ docn cover plate ( 47) using screfs ( qb) Renoving Ehe cover place: Undo screns ( 48) and push cover plate ( 47) uprards. Main OO 11B 10

19 Basic trni t Hounti ng the cabl e hol der of baseboard equipped unit ver.sions Screx hook ( 49) to the Hall using scner (5O) 4. STARTI}IG UP TEE BASIC UNIT flitrout COIITROL PANEL q. 1. Electrical connection of remote control ^ Connect plug (2?l to socket (28) * Snitch on the unit Fith the "Hain Sxitch" 4.2. Description of remotê control openating elements keys for up or dohn enlarger head movement 30- kêy! for up or doín l ns movement 31 - "RAPID" keys lor justrdent of lens quick adstage and enlargen head 32' On/Off srilch for lens stage and ênlarger head adj ustnents

20 Basic uni t NoTE: Before retro-fitting your Durst optocoh Fith "opto-fi,s" or "0PT0-F['S-HEHoRï", call in the service department of your country's Durst Sole Agency. STARTINC I'P TgE BASIC UNIT RITU CONTROL PANEL For thís consult the OPTO-FUS/oPTo-FIS-HEHORï,/OPT0-PRIHTER,/ OPTo-TIH operaèing instructj.ons b. CARE AND HAINTENAHCE 6.'l. Ha i nt enanc e Íhen that llo!e Eveny 6 months Lubricate folloning pants: - both counterreight spri ngs - both Lens stage guide rails - lens stage spindle Use vaseline mineral oil ATTEHTI0N: If the counterneight springs shob signs of Hear, have the service technician attend to it'..7 ACCESSORY RAHGE LAGUH: dust coven for basic unit, and enlarger head


22 U' = o lto l- =


24 OPTO-FUS/ OP TO- ECU/ OPTO-F US-}1 EIíORY / OP TO-P NI NTER/ OPTO_TI H Con te n ts I NTRODUCTI ON Page 2. TIIE CODITG SÏSTEII?.1. Set-up code 001 2,1,1. Programning 2.?. Status codê 0O NV code PV code OO4 2.5, set-up code Negative glass compensaèion cocle OOb 2.7. l{emory print out code OO VYY Set-up code OO8 J q q J 3. THE AIITOFOCUS TI{ PBACTICE The xorking meíronies 'l. St.oring printing data Calling up stored printing dat.a 3, 1. 3, Printing out printing data 3.2. changing the roll of paper 3.3. Changing the ribbon aa 3q Jf 4. *opto-ti í.' EXPOSI]RE TIIíER 36 q. 1. Description peration 4.3. Connecting of conènols a roll-papen easel JO J' 5( ( LENS DÁTA SEËET 38 ERRORS AND TEEIR CAUSES, TECHNICAL DATA SU P P LEIIENT Description ol controls 42 42

25 OPTO_FUS,/OPTO-ECU/OPTO.FOS.HEHORY/OPTO-PRI HTER/ OPTO-TI H 1. I I TRODUCTIOtf OPToCoX is a modulap system. The basic modules are: * opto-hot - motor unit * OPTO-ECU - overall control * OPTo-F{IS - aulofocus conlrol Supp.l. ementary modul es are: * 0PT0-FUS- íehony - Forking menories (1-5O) * OPTO-TIIí - exposure tiíner À opto-printer - data print,er OPTO-HOT / OPTO_ECU / OPTO-FOS These modules offer the folloring advantages: * Simpte operalión - built-in user's guide by coíítputar * Autofocus - print.s are alfays in eocus * - by entering negativê size and proiênti nh ai 'ê or by - entering magnification lactor x Easy to servie - thanks t.o built-in test program 2. TEE CODII{G SÏSTEH

26 OP TO-FU S/ OP TO- ECÍI / OP TO- FU S.HE},íORY / OP TO- P RI NTER/ OP TO.TI H "Set-up" codê 0o1 Hemory for programning the aulofocus. optimum autofocus funclion ênsured by absolutely precise focusing and projectíon size measureínent, Erplanat,ion of symbol,s you are frequently going to find in this operating manual. Symbol c A T u xx xxr )ulfi t xilh OPTO - TIH xi.èhout.0pto - TIH Bith opto - FUS - XEHoRY ri thout OPTo - FIIS - íexory rith OPTO - llho single-lens holder Fith opto - TRIS lens turret value depending upon programming and input Ài ds: 'OPTO-FUS-NEG" line-test negat,ive A cc e ssori es: line-plate order code professional focusing magnifier IU PROSCOP Pnogramming Removal: - of end sritch ertension pins on lens stage - of red fi.lter or diffuser SFitch on t.he unit xith the nain sfitch

27 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECU/OPTO-FOS-HEHORY/OPTO_PRINTEN/OPTO_TI X The lolloxing indications rill appear in sequence on the display Run-dorn of routine questions and their àl ternatives A A ^2 DURST OPTOEOH-}JEHORÏ setup VEnSTON HP Q. 1z DUBST OPTOCOTí SETUP VERSIOH l,te Q. 1Z llead noves to referenr:e setti ng C ÁJ A4 n=nx, IXX llv= +X, XX PV=+XxX, X F/XX, X m=xï, fxx }IV-+X, XX PV=+XïX, Í EnLe. co(le OO1 Press Lhe "ST^RT" key tq IS TIIíER 0PT0-ï1H Ill- TEGRATED? YES/NO Do yotr use the OPTO-TIH erposrlre t.imer? Ab STEP 1: cánrier 1 SE- LECTED? Did you select carri er? the Press "No" ---> A 7 A7 STEP 2A: CÁRRIER 1 = FE}íONEG? YES/NO Are you using the FEHONEG film carrier? Press "YES" ---) A 11

28 OPTO-FUS/ OPTO-ECU / OP TO- FUS-}íE}íORY / OP TO_ P RI NTER/ OPTO-TI H AB STEP 28: CARRIER 1 = BI}IANEG? YES/NO Are you using the BIHANEG film carnier? YES NO Pness "YES" ---) A 11 Press "NO" A9 STEP 2C: CARRIEB 1 = OPTOIIEG? YES/NO Àre you using bhe OPTOIIEG film carrier? YES HO Press "YES" ---) A 11 Press "NO" 410 STEP 2D: CARRIER 1 = OPTOCROP-CARR.? ÏES/NO Àre you using the OPTOCROP- CARRI ER? YES Press 'ïes" ---) a 11 NO Press "lfo" ---> a 7 STEP 2E: GLASSLESS CÁRRIER? YES/}IO Film carrier Pness "ilo" Film carrier Press "ïes" xith SLasses: nithout glasses: 412 STEP 2F: USE TEIS CAR- Press "YES" ni ER AS lrn. 1! ïes 413 UNIT I}I OPERATÍON 414 STEP 2: INSERT carnier 1! YES USE TEST NEC Insert line-test negative in no- 1 film carrier Push filín carrier into t.he unit and pness "TES"

29 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECU/OP O-TUS-HEHORY/OPTO_PNI IIÏER/ OPTO-.TI }í 415 STEP 3: SELECT LENS! Select Press lens "YES" À1 6 I'NIT IN OPERATION A1? I'SE XÀXI}íUH COI,UHN LE}IGTH? YES/NO The Drrrst service engineer can Ínounb the limit snitch stope either on set.tins 1 on setting 2 SETTI NG Press "YES" Press " lio" E u ---) ---) A 1B A'lg A1B ENTER LEHS CÍIAIINEL ER. 1 /2/3/4 Enter the lens channel Press "EllTER" À19 STEP 4: EHTER FOCAL LEIíGTIi Enter actual focal lenqth '/alue, if sane unknofn, enter nominal focal I enílth val ue Press " EHTEn" 420 STEP 5: ENTER EE For HH values seê on page.- Enter IIH value, if unknofnr enter "HULL" Press "EllTER" A2'I UNIT 1N OPERATION [Iead moves to maximum magnification factor setting

30 OP TO-FIIS/ OPTO- EC O / O PTO-F US-HETíO RY,/ OPTO-P RI IIT ER/ OP TO_TI }1 422 STEP 6: FoCÍIS IíANUAL- LY FITR LENS! YES Sxj.tch on enlarger lamp Focus rilh "SIZE,/LENS A DJUST" Press "YES" À23 STEP 7: l,leastrre PRO- JECTED IIíÀGE OF IX }í}i ENTER Heasure lenglh being displayed on projection plane and enler in mm. Pr'ess 'ENTEB" 424 STEP 8: FocUS llallual- LY FITS LENS! YES Focus by means of.size/lens ADJUST' Press "ïes" 425 STEP 9: XEÀSURE PRO- JECTED IXAGE OF XX HH EHTER líeasure length being displayed on projection plane and enter in mm. Press "ENTER" 426 FoCAL LEt{cTH ERROR = xx, xxí IHPRo9E YES,/NO STEP 1O PrÊss "ïes" ---> A 23 NOTE: deviation smallen than o,o5% ---> ^ 2? 4,27 UNIT IH OPERATION Eead moves to 1:1 magnification facton setting NOTE: display indication nhen programming 28 or 35 mm lenses: Íxac. out of RANoE, PRESS ïes, EIITER ilex m. " BEHEDï: Press "YES" fhile in STATUS mode enter the lg value of the lens being used (Ëee 1e rtep 810) End óf programmi ng A28 STEP 11: Il,lAGE IN FOCUS IES/NO Os*it"t on enlargen tamp - fmage in focus: Press "ïes" ---> A 30 - Image out of focus: Press "NO"

31 OPTO-FUS/ OPTO-ECU/OPTO-FUS-HEHONY/OPTO-PRI II TEN/ OPTO_TI IÍ 429 STEP 12: FOCttS líállual- LY FITH HEAD! YES Focus by means of: "FEAD ADJUST" Press "YES" A3O EllD OF AUTOFOCUS SET- Rould you like to progran UP? YES/NO additional lenses? Yes: Press "llo" ---> A 14 llo: Press "YES" 431 m=xx, rxx ily=+lt XX P9=+XXX, X F/\.XY. o A32 m=xi, xxx lfv-+x, xx pv=+xxx, X End

32 OP TO- FUS,/ OP TO_ EC U / OPTO-F I'S- H EIíORY/ O P ÍO-P RI NTER/ OP TO-TI H 2.2. code 0O2 By entering knonn lèns charactenistics you may program or monj.tor your unit. líeasuring and focusing ron'l be required for this. tep splay Run-doín of routine questions and their alternatives o B1 B? r$-ix, XXX NV=+X, XÍ PV=+XXX, X F/XXI m=xx! XXN NY=+X, XX PV=+XXIr X Enten code O02 Press "START" B3 IS TIHER OPTO-TIH IN- TEGEATED? YES,/NO Áre you usins Lhe OPTO-TIH erposure timer? YES Press "ïes" NO Pness "NO" B4 IíODIFY FTTg E}ITER OR COI{TINUE FTTH STEP REF C = XXXX,X Press "STEP " or REF. Compare C value xith table beloí and if necessary change Press "ENTER" Pness "STEP LII,íIï SBITCÍI STOP

33 OPTO-FI]S/OPTO-ECU/OPTO-FUS-HEHORY/OPTO-PRI }ITEN/ OPTO..TI H imit sfitch stop on setting 1 EF C FiLhut SIasg 1rt1O, O 1415, o 1 ll0g, o EF C nit I ass 1409, O 1 ll1,t, g 'l rt0b, B 1408, I Limit sritch stop on setting i,l m arrier i EI{ONEG ]I }í À HEG )PTOI{EG )PT0CR0 ]ARR IEP C xith- )ut glass 1183 ó I 1183 I REF C xit glass 1182 I D 1 1B?- ó 85 USING SIIICLE LENS- BOABD? ÏES/NO I tj Press "YES" Press " llo" ---) B? B6 ENTER LEIIS CHiINNEL NR.1/2/3/4 Enten Iens channel Press "EllTER" 87 ENTER LE}IS NR. 1/2/3 Enter lens numben Press " EilTEn" B8 EIITEB CARRIER HR. 1 /2/3/4 Enter fiiín earrier Press "ENTEB" number' íodify FITE ENTER OR CONTÍIIOE IIITE STEP LENS X F = XIx, lx CARNIER X Press "STEP " on change 'rfrl f^^ál lêntth Press " ENTËIl" Press "STEP

34 OPTO-FI'S/ OPTO-ECU / OPTO-F US-I, EHORY/ OPTO- P RI HTE R/ OP TO-TT H 81 O },IODI FY NI TE ENTER OR CONTINI'E FITR LENS X Eg'= + XX, XX STEP CARRIER X Press "STEP " or change EE value Pness "ENTËR" Press "STEP 81 1 IiODI FÏ IíI Tf, E}ITER OR CO}ITINUE iite STEP LENS X CARRIER X da = + XX,XX Press "STEP " or change da value Press Press "ENTER" "STEP B12 EllD 0F CÁ STATUS YES/ilO Arê you going t,o check, modify on program aneí other Iens channel,s? YEs: press "No" ---> B 5 llo : press "ïes" O 813 m=xx, XX! ry=+ï, XX PV=+XXX, X. F/tX.X. (_.) B'l 4 m=ix, XXX Iv=+I, XX PV=rXXX, I END

35 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECU/ OPTO-FUS-hEHONY,/ OPTO-PRI NTER/ OPTO-TII{ 2.3. NV code OO3 If the film original's thickness differential is not knofn, use t.he user's guide code oo3 ( NY = negative va ri a Lor) St ep Di spl ay Run-dotn of routine questions and their alternabives C1 C2 m=xn, xxx ilv=+x' xx PY=+XXX, X F/XXX n=xx, ïix NY=+X, XX PV=+ÍXXr X Enter code OO3 Press "SïART" c3 STEP 30: I'SE LENS RITf, Use the lens havins the Sf,oRTES FoCAL LENGTR! shortest focal Ienglh YES Press "YES" ---> I c tt Ll ---> c 5 C4 ENTER LENS CRANHEL Enter appropriate lens llr,.1/213/u chqnnêi Press "EllTER" C5 I]HIT IN OPERATIOH Cb STEP 31: FocUS íanual- O SFitch on enlarger lamp LY FITn LEIS! YES Focus by means of:.sizellexs ADJUST'' Press "YES" ïote: if "STEP 32 Nv out OF BANGE RETRY! YES" is being indicated, p.ess "YES" ---> c 3 O cz m=xx, XXf Nv=+X, XX Pv=+XXX, r F/xXX Cg m=xx,xxx NV=+X,XX C PV=+XXX, I llv indicates the film origlnal' s thickness differential (mm) that has bêen established Elrt) 13

36 OPTO- FUS/ OPTO- ECU / OP TO- FÍ'S-HEHORY/ OP TO-P RI ilter/ OP TO-TI H 2.4. PV code 004 NOTE: These instructj.ons are only meant for the establishment of the Lhickness differential of papêr easels, In all other cases the distance differenlial relative to the reference plane must be neasured by hand and the respective value entered. Ste p Display Run-doxn of routine questions and their alternatives o (J D1 m=xi, XNX NV=+I, XX PV=+XXïr X F/XXX m=ix, xxx Nv=+xr xx PV=+IXïr X Enter code 004 Press "START" UJ USING ENLARGER flits BASEBOÀRD ÏES/NO? [Ipon usi ng: - baseboard-equipped enlanger or lab furniture xit,h unit table in no. 1 sehting Prêss "ïes" - enlargêr Íithout. baseboard or lab funniture rith unit table in sêtting 2, 3, tl or Press " llo" 'lq

37 OPTO-FI'S/ OPTO-ECU/ OPTO-FUS_HE},IORY,/ OPTO-P RI NT EN/ OPTO _ T I }í D4 RETIOVE FNO}I EASEBOABD A LL l TE}JS Y ES AII it-ems are to be taken off the baseboard [ote: upon using the 5o mm Iens, remove the folloxing parts, if they arê still nounted: - Iimit sri Lches' extension pins of the lens stage - diffuser or red filter Press "YES" D5 UNIT IN OPERATIOII Enlarger head moves to the 1 : 1 magni fication setli ng Db STEP 40: FOCUS XATÏ,AL- Lï FITE EEAD! YES O SHitch on enlarger Iamp Focus by means of:. IEAD ADJITST" Press "YES" llote: if "STEP q1: PV OUT of nange! YES" is being indicated, press 'YES" ---) D 1 D7 ENTER DISTAHCE-EH- LARGER-SOCKET TO PRO- JECTION-PLAHE IN }íh IIpon usi ng: - 0PT0-t{AL ( xall mounting) fit the FOCUSIIIG ARI'í to the basic unit ( see 0PToHAL instructions). take a measurement of distance A and enter in mm FOCUSIHG AN},í ROLL PAPEB t]iiiï Press "ENTEB" 15

38 OP TO- F US/ O PTO-ECO / OPTO.FUS- IíEHONY / OP TO- P NI NT EB/ OP TO-TÏ H LABoH ( Lab lurniture) Take a measurement of distance B and enter in mm unit L ABOH table Press "ENTER" Opa Ope m=xx, XïX Nv=+x, Xï Pv=+XxX, X F/XXI m=xx, xxx llv=+x, II PV=+IIX, X PV indj.cates bhe height dieferential ( Ínm) of the projection plane END 16

39 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECU/OPTO-FUS-HEHONY/ OPTO_PNIITER/ OPTO-TI },t 2.5. CARRIER SET-UP code OO5 L' Programming the film carriens tlse code 005 to program the height differential betxeen the negative planes of the FEHotlEC, BIHAIIEG, 0PTONEG, 0PTOCR0P- CARRIER and FEHKÁ filn earniers ( 4 film eanriens maximum) StÉp Display Run-dorn of routine questions and their àlternatives Cnr Onz n=xx, TÏX PV=+XXXr X m=xx, ïxx PV=+XXX, X HV=+X, TÍ F/XXX Nv=+x, rx Enter code OO5 Press "START" STEP 50: USE LEIIS FITR SEOBTEST FOCAL LEHGTH! ïes Irse the lens having the shortest eocal length Press "YES" ---)E4! T-l ---> E 5 L t Eq ENTER LENS Cf,ATIIEL HR. 1 /2/3/4 Enter the appropriate lens c ha nnel P.ess "ENTER" E5 STEP 51: I'NTER CARRIER NB.2/3/4 Fi.E the desired film carrier in the unit and enter its number Press "ERTER" Xake a nole of the number' in the tabie. E}10 NEG IIíAHEG P TONEG ïocnop can 17

40 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECtI/OPTO-FUS-HEHOBY/OPTO-PRI NTER/OPTO.TI X UXIT IH OPÊRATION c2 STEP 52: FOCUS HANtIAL- LY NITN LENS! YES O síitch on enlargen lamp Focus by means of:.size,/leils ADJI'ST' Press "YES" Ons Ons m=xx, xxx Nv=+x, xx PY=+XXX, X F/LXX m=xx, XIX ilv=+x, XI PV=+XXXr X The "CARRIER" LED rill nof indicate the filn carrier thaf has been programmed END 18

41 OPTO.FUS/OPTO-ECI'/OPTO_FUS-IíEHORY/OPTO-PRI HTEN/ OPTO-TI H 2.6. Hegative glass cotdpensation code oob This code is used upon changing film carrier glasses of met,al format masks- The code is for the compensation of glass thickness and netal. mask thickness diflenenti al s. NoTE: AII Iens channels that have bee programmed are automatically readjusted for each film carrier Ste p Display Run-donn of routinê questions and fheir alternatives Q rr O ru m=xx, xxx Nv=+X, XX PV=+XXX, Í F/XXX n=nï, xxx Nv=+X, xï pv=+xxï, X Enter code Ob Press "START" F3 STEP 60: USE LENS IITE Use the lens having the shon- SIoRTES FoCÁL LENGTE! test focal length YES Press "YES" )Fq l ---2 I I f ) U Fq EilTER LENS CHANIEL l{r. Enter the appropriate lens 'l /2/3/4 channel Press "ENTER" F5 STEP 61: EHTER CAR- Enter film carrier number Rf ER lf R. 1 / 2/ 3/ 4 Press " E}ÍTER"

42 OP TO-FUS/ OP TO-ECI]/ OPTO -FUS-HEHORY,/ O P TO-P BI NTE R/ OP TO-TI },I F6 IITIIT IN OPERATION OEs One STEP 62: FoCUS XANUAL- LÏ RITS LEUS! ÏES m=xx, XXX NV=+I, IX PV=+XXX, N F,/IXI m=xí, XxX Nv=+I, fï PV=+ïXX, X O SxiLch on enlarger Iamp Focus by means of: "SIZE/LENS ADJUST" fress I EJ' The unit Fill. nof fake into account glass or forma! nask thi c knes s. E}ID 20

43 OPTO-FUS,/OPTO-ECI]/OPTO-FUS_I'IEHORY/ OPTO-PNT }ITEN/ OP TO_ÏI H 2.?. líemony print out code 0O7 Di spi ay PrinLer Run-doFn of routine questions and their alt,ernatives Ocr O.z n=xf, XïX NV=+X, XX P v=+xxx, Í F,/XXX m=xx, XXX NV=+X, XX PV=+XXX, X EnEer code 007 Press "STÁnT" G3 XEHORT PRII{T IíETíORY PRINT OUT OUT REF. C = xxxr, x REF C values (see page 11 step B 4) USING SINGLE LENSBOA RD YES/ NO? t T-t U Press "YES" Press "NO" ---) c7 G5 TíEHOBYPRINT out OPTO_I'NO Gb EHTER LEHS CHÀNNEL NR. 1/2/3/4 Enter Iens channel Press "EllTER" ---> G I }íehoryprint OUT OPTO-TRIS c8 ENTER LENS na. 't/2/3

44 OPTO-FI'S/ OP TO-ECU/ OP TO-FUS-}í EI{ORY/ O PTO-P RI NTER/ OPTO- TI H c9 }íehory PRIIIT LENS NR = X OI'T G1 O ENTER CARRIER NA. 1/2/3/tl Enter film carri,er number Press "ENTER" G11 HE}IORY PRIilT CARRIER NR=X OUT F = XXï,XX. tr['= + X, XX da = xxx, xx C G1? G1 3 END OF XEHORY PRINT OUT? ïes/ NO m=xx, XXX NV=+X, Xr PY=+xxï, X F/ XTX Hould you like to transeer additj.onsl. lens focal length values lo the data printer? Yes: Press "NO" ---> G ll No : Press "YES" E}ID G1 4 m=xx, XXI NV=+X, IX PV=+XXX, X

45 OP TO - F US,/ O P TO _ EC I' / O P T O_ F U S- I,' E H O R Y/ O P T O - P R I }IT E R / O P T O - T I H 2. B. "VVVset-up" code 0oB Pressing the "FILH CRAI{CE PoSITIo} " key causes the head Lo move to an easily accessj.ble height for the sieling user. St ep Display un-dorn of routine quest.ions nd their alternatives O nt m=xi, XxX llv=+x, XX PV=+ïIX, X. F/\\X Enber code oob Press "start" O sz m=xx, IIX PV=+XXX, X Nv=+x, xn E3 FILIí CHANGE PoSITIoN 1) If project.ed image is in IN FOCIIS? YES/NO focus, press "YES" 2) ff projected image is out of focus, presg "No" a E,t m=xx, XxX Pv=+IXX, X IV=+X, XX F/XxX E IID C ts m=xx, XxX Nv=+x, xx PV=+XIX, X 23

46 OPTO-F US/ OP TO-EC I] / OP TO-FUS-}I EHORÏ/ OP TO-P RT NTER/ OP TO- TI H THE AUTOFOCOS IN PRACTICE Ste p Di. s pl ay Run-doBn of routine questions and their alternatives --" tt rl m=xx, XXX IV=+X, XX PV=+XIX, X F/XXX m=xx, XXX líy=+x, XX PV=+XXX, X Upon using the film carrier: - FEIíONEG ---> I 3 - BI},ÍANEG ---> I4 - optoneg ---> I 5 - OPTOCROP-CARRIER ---> I 6 - Cit lens, mi:ing bor and glass or glassless nask - i.nsert film carrier ilm si.ze Le ns ieho- FEIíO 24r3b mn 50 ÍnÍn.5x 6 cm 8O mm 6rbcm óu mm 6r?cm oo/ 105 6x9cm 105 mín 9r'l 2 cm 135 mn 'l Or12! 5cm 150 mm 415 " > r.l íask BOX 15 ll 35N t5 lr 66 r{ 16 lf 66N r7n 69 l{ r9n b9n 12N450N lf lc - fit lens, miring bor and glass or glassless mask - insert film carrien ;iin size Le ns ]INE- BIHA {A BOX 24x36 mm l.51 6 cm 6xbcm 6r?cm 6x9cm 50 mm 80 rnm 8O mm O0,/ 105mr 105 mm ó > Í 7 24

47 OP TO- F US/ OP TO-ECU/ OPTO-F I'S-H ETíORY / OP TO-P RI NT ER/ O P TO -TI H 15 Fit "optodap-neg" and "OPTO- DAP-BOX" adapters ( see sandrich-type carrier instructions) Fi t I en.s as xei I as ni xi ng bor and insert film carrier. i.lm size Len s ]PTO- NEG F EHO- BOX 24x36 nín 4.5r b cn 6rbcn 617cm óx9cm 9r1 2 cm 1 Or1 2, 5cn 4 x5" 50 mm 80 mn 8O mn 'too/ mm 135 mm 15O nm J) oí 69 r50 35N b6n b6n 69N 69 li qn ---) Í? I6 Fit "OPT0DAP-HEG" and "OPï0- DAP-BOI" adapters ( see sandriah-type carrier instructions) fnsent OPT0CROP mask in fil.m carrier ( lor detailed instructj.ons ínanual ) see 0PTOCR0P opdrating Snitch on enlarger lamp I8 Plaee negative in fi lm carrien Select carrier PaBe 17 step E5) Press "CÁRÍlIEIl" number ( see r10 I11 I Enter number of lens u sed Press "LElÍS" n Select lens by turning Iêns holder heing 1)

48 OPTO-F US,/ OP TO-ECO/ OPTO-F I]S-HEHORY / OP TO_P RI HTER/ OP TO-TI H 112 Enben desired ftagnificatlon factor- There are t,hree xays fon doing this: 1) Enter magnification factor Pness "m" 2) Enter percentage value Pness "F" 3) Enter the negative's edge length, press 'N" desired projecti,on size ( edge length) Press "P" Press "ENTE8" NOTE: Use the same unit of measure nhen entering edge lenght values for negatives and projection sizes. I13 Press "FILIí CHAIíGE POSITIoN". The enlarger moves to an easily accessible height for the sitting user. 114 Adjust filtration, exposure time and f/stop aceording to the light source being used. I15 Press "START" Ilb FOCUSING 0PERATIOII The unit focuses automatically L\? Triggen the exposure END?6

49 OPTO-FUS/OPTO.ECU/OPTO-FUS-HEHONY/OPTO-PRI ilten/opto-ti X For erample: The negative of a photo taken from a shoe is Lo be printed in Lhree differenl sizes. The len8th oa the shoe in the negative amounts to 4.3 cm. 1st print: length of shoe 15.8 cm 2nd print: length of shoe 31.6 cn 3rd print: length of shoï 57.3 cm FILH ORÍCINÀL 4x5in. negalive Xaking tha first print Ste p Display Run-dorn of routine quegtions and!hei.r alternati.ves O J1 m=ix, XïX Nv=+X, rx P9=+XXX, X F/XXX O.lZ m=xx, XXX NV=+X, Xx pv=+xxx, X Enter length of shoe in the Degative Press "ll" J2 N=4,3 P=XXXX, X PRESS EUTE8 T0 RE^D,D" Enten projection size ol 1st print Press "P" J4 N=4,3 P=15, I PRESS EIITER To neàd m" Press "EllTER" C C: m=3,67rr HV=+X, XÍ PV=+XXX, X F/XX, r Press "START" O,o m=3,6?4 Nv=+X, xx PV=+rfX, X J7 FoCUSING OPEnATIOII The unit. focuses automatically Expose ---> J I

50 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECU/OPTO-FUS-HE}íORY/ OPTO-PRINÏER/OPTO_TIH )íaking the second print Step Display Run-doxn of routine questíons and thei.r alternatives JB UIIIT IN FOCUS PRESS Press "STOP" STOP 0R ADJTST SIZE Enter projecfion size of second prine Press "P" J9 [=4, 3 p=]1, 6 PRESS press EIíTEB TO READ n "E] TER" lq ;r o m=?, 348 Nv=+x, xx PV=+ÏXX, X F,/IXX Q ;r r m=?, 5qB NY=+x, xx PY=+XXXr X Press "START" J12 FOCUSIIG OPERATION The uniè focuses automatically Expose ---> J 13 íaking the third print. Ste p Display Run-dorín of routine questi.ons and their alternatives J13 IIIIIT Ilf FOCUS PRESS Pness "SToP" STOP OR ADJITST SIZE Enter projection size of third print Press "P" J1 4 N=4, 3 P=5?, 3 PRESS Press "ENTER" ENTER TO READ m O ;r E Q rn=13, 325 llv=+x, XX PV=+XXX, X F/XXX -lt O n=1 3, 325 r{v=+x, Nx PV=1XXX, X Press "STABT" J17 FoCUSIIIG operation The unit focuses automatically Ex pos e EIID

51 OPTO- FUS/ OPTO- ECUl OPTO- FUS- HEHOR Ï,/ OP TO- P R I IITER / OP TO_T I }í 3.1. The íorking menories The opto-fiis-hehori module is equipped rith memories for storinb all printing data. 50 xorking Stori ng pri nti ng data Step Display Run-dorn of routine questions and their alternatives O rr rn=xx, xxx ilv=+x, Nx PV=+XXX, X F,/XXX I ---r x : O xz n=xl, xxï Nv=+x, xí f] pv=+fxl, I ---, x,* K3 Enter lens channel, e- g. 2 Press "LEllS' ---) K 5 Select Iens on opto-tris e.8. 3 K5 Enter film carrier number, e.8. 4 Press "CARRIER" EnÈer nagnification e. s.?.952 Press "m" f act.on, O Enter erposure time, e. g 8,2 seconds Pness "EXP. TIHE" Enter Forking neínory number, e.g. 5 Press "ST0RE"

52 OP TO-FUS/ OP TO-ECU/ OP TO-F US-HEI,IOBÏ/ OPTO-P RI NTE R / OP TO-TI }í Cre Ors Y=XXX H=XXX C=XIX D=XXX F/SToP XXX ENTER Ï OB STEP c[=5 ï=xxx H=xxx c=xxx D=XXX F/SToP IXX T=XXX, X ENTER Ï 0R STEP^ cs=5 o Press "STEP --> Kl 0 --> K1 1 or enter yellon filèer value, e. g.?o Press "ENTER" -> K1o o --) K1t Q e K1O Y= 70 H=XÍX C=XXX D=XXX F/SToP lxx ENTSR H or srep ^ cfl=5 Press "SïEP À --> rre I --1 rt: Q K.l 1 Y=?O H=XXX C=rXX D=Ixï F/SToP IXX T=XXX, X ENTER }í or srep ^ ch=5 enten magenta e Press "EilTER" filten value, --> K1z Q --) K13 O o K12 ï=?o )í= 50 C=IXI D=XXX F/STOP ÏXX EIITER C 0R STEP ^ c[=5 Press "STEP^ " --> K14 --> K1 5 o K13 l= 70 H= 50 C=XXX D=X TX T=XXx, X F/STOP XXX ENTER C OR STEP^ cn=5 enter cyan filter value, e.g. 0 Press "ENTER' --> K14 --> K1 5 o o Kl q Y= 70 X= 50 C=0 D=xxx F/sToP XXX EIITER D OR STEP CS=5 Press "STEP l ' --> K16 --> x1 7 o K15 r= 70 u= 50 c=o D=IXX F/SToP XXX T=XXX, x EIITER D or STEP^ cs=5 enter density value, e. g. 15 Press " EIITER" --> K1 6 --> K1 7 o 30

53 OPTO-FUS/OPTO-ECU/OPTO_FUS.HEHORY/OPTO-PNI IITEN/OPTO-TIH O K16 Y= 70 x= 50 c-o D= 15 F/sToP XXX ENTER F/SToP 0R STEP CII-5 press ',STEP A,' --) Kl9 --) K18 or O K17 Y= 70 tl= 50 C=O enter F/stop, e. g. 1b D- 15 F,/SïOP=IXX Press "EtlTEB" --) f,19 T=tXr,I ENTER F/SToP --> Ktg or STEP l cb=5 O C a C O K18 Y= Zo lt= 50 C=O press "STEP^ " --> K19 D=15 F/SToP 16 T=XXX,f or ENTER EIP. TIIíE 0R enler erposure Líme, STEP l CE=5 e. g seconrls Press "ENTER" O K19 n=?,852 Nv=+N,IX The folloning data rill be PV=+XXX, I F/XXX stored automatically: - negative variator - variaton O K2O n=?,852 lfv=+x, XX - magnification fact.or PY=+XXX, I F/XXX - film carrier number C - exposure time END 31

User Manual. Flextight X5 / X1 English v/1.3

User Manual. Flextight X5 / X1 English v/1.3 User Manual Flextight X5 / X1 English v/1.3 Table of contents Warnings and Restric tions 4 System Requirements 4 Parts and components 5 Fr o n t p a n e l 5 B a c k p a n e l a n d c u t a w ay v i e w

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Eclipse Veri-Flame Single Burner Monitoring System Model 5600 Version 1

Eclipse Veri-Flame Single Burner Monitoring System Model 5600 Version 1 Instruction Manual 88 9/5/008 Eclipse Veri-Flame Single Burner Monitoring System Model 5600 Version Modulation Model No Purge Model Purge Model Co p y r i g h t Copyright 008 by Eclipse, Inc. All rights

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Humidity Chambers HCP 108 HCP 153 HCP 246

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Humidity Chambers HCP 108 HCP 153 HCP 246 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Humidity Chambers HCP 108 HCP 153 HCP 246 HCP page 2 1 General notes and safety notes...5 1.1 Transport...5 2 Installation...6 2.1 Subframe (accessory)...6 2.2 Stackable version

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1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN... 3 2. INTRODUCTION... 5 3. SETUP... 7. AC POWER... 7 Power Linking... 7 MOUNTING... 8 Orientation... 8 Rigging...


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Niko Home Control. Installation Manual

Niko Home Control. Installation Manual Niko Home Control Installation Manual Niko Home Control: Table of contents Warnings regarding installation...2 Guarantee provisions...3 CE...4 Key of symbols...5 1. Installation preparations...6 2. Controller...8

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PJD5151/PJD5153/PJD5155/ PJD5250/PJD5253/PJD5255/ PJD5555w_Tiger DLP Projector User Guide

PJD5151/PJD5153/PJD5155/ PJD5250/PJD5253/PJD5255/ PJD5555w_Tiger DLP Projector User Guide PJD5151/PJD5153/PJD5155/ PJD5250/PJD5253/PJD5255/ PJD5555w_Tiger DLP Projector User Guide IMPORTANT: Please read this User Guide to obtain important information on installing and using your product in

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Modular I/O-System ETHERNET TCP/IP 750-841

Modular I/O-System ETHERNET TCP/IP 750-841 Modular I/O-System 750-841 Manual Technical description, installation and configuration Version 1.0.0 ii General Copyright 2003 by WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH All rights reserved.. WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL 9224-2887-11 H-A108

INSTRUCTION MANUAL 9224-2887-11 H-A108 E INSTRUCTION MANUAL 9224-2887-11 H-A108 Thank you for purchasing the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO. The DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO AF- 5000 is a Multiple format film scanner capable of scanning 35mm, 120/220

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Table of Contents Prologue...i A Overview... 1 B System Description... 11 C Operation... 31

Table of Contents Prologue...i A Overview... 1 B System Description... 11 C Operation... 31 Table of Contents Prologue...i I. Revision History... i II. Contact Addresses... i III. Certificate of Conformity...ii IV. Warranty...ii V. Trademarks...ii VI. Intended Use...ii VII. License Statements

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High Performance Inverter

High Performance Inverter Instruction Manual High Performance Inverter Thank you for purchasing our multifunction FRENIC-Ace series of inverters. This product is designed to drive a three-phase motor under variable speed control.

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Enecsys Installation and Operation Guide

Enecsys Installation and Operation Guide Enecsys Enables OPTIMAL SOLAR SOLUTIONS intelligent reliable power Enecsys Installation and Operation Guide Enecsys Micro inverters Enecsys Gateway Enecsys Repeater Enecsys Double Repeater Document Number:

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Photo All-In-One. Quick Start Guide. series

Photo All-In-One. Quick Start Guide. series Photo All-In-One Quick Start Guide series Getting Help from Canon Help Us Help You Better Before you contact Canon, please record the following information. Serial Number (located on the inside of the

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USER MANUAL LOGOSOL PH260 USER MANUAL IN ORIGINAL FORMAT. ARTICLE NO: 0458-395-0170 USER MANUAL USER MANUAL IN ORIGINAL FORMAT. ARTICLE NO: 0458-395-0170 LOGOSOL PH260 Read through the user manual carefully and make sure you understand its contents before you use the planer/moulder. This

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LaserLite Pro and LaserLite Mx Hardware Manual

LaserLite Pro and LaserLite Mx Hardware Manual LaserLite Pro and LaserLite Mx Hardware Manual Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 by Videx, Inc. All Rights Reserved GCO# 927 MN-DTL-05 Blank Page Notice: Videx, Inc. reserves the right to make improvements or

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TechBook. Y seriestm whatever the spa, this is your control system. Total Flexibility Total Compatibility Total Satisfaction

TechBook. Y seriestm whatever the spa, this is your control system. Total Flexibility Total Compatibility Total Satisfaction TechBook Y seriestm whatever the spa, this is your control system Total Flexibility Total Compatibility Total Satisfaction Table of contents Warnings 2 Introduction 3 Features 4 overview 5

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Digital Still Camera

Digital Still Camera 3-060-523-13(1) Digital Still Camera Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference. Owner s Record The model and serial numbers

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EPSON. LX-80 PRINTER User s Manual

EPSON. LX-80 PRINTER User s Manual EPSON LX-80 PRINTER User s Manual FCC COMPLIANCE STATEMENT FOR AMERICAN USERS This equipment generates and uses radio frequency energy and if not installed and used properly, that is, in strict accordance

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Compact POS System. User Manual

Compact POS System. User Manual BEETLE /ipos Compact POS System User Manual Edition October 2005 Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds Pentium is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation MS-DOS, Wind ows 95, Wind ows

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AS7. Wire Rope Hoists_ Operating and Maintenance Instructions

AS7. Wire Rope Hoists_ Operating and Maintenance Instructions AS7 Wire Rope Hoists_ Operating and Maintenance Instructions Fundamental information You have purchased a product manufactured by STAHL CraneSystems GmbH. This wire rope hoist has been constructed in compliance

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One Series Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches

One Series Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches One Series Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches Discrete Input and Loop-Powered Models: 2W2D, 2W4D, 2W3A, 2WLP External Powered Models: 4W3A, 8W2D UNITED ELECTRIC CONTROLS Installation and Maintenance

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HDPii High Definition Card Printer/Encoder User Guide (Rev. 1.4)

HDPii High Definition Card Printer/Encoder User Guide (Rev. 1.4) 15370 Barranca Parkway Irvine, CA 92618-2215 USA HDPii High Definition Card Printer/Encoder User Guide (Rev. 1.4) HDPii Dual-Sided 2011 HID Global Corporation. All rights reserved. 1 Exclusive permission

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Service manual. ActivA

Service manual. ActivA Wall hung, fan flue, room sealed, high efficiency gas boiler Service manual ctiv Models: G.C. ppl. No. ctiv 25C 47---583---21 ctiv 30C 47---583---22 ctiv 35C 47---583---23 ctiv 18S 41---583---11 ctiv 25S

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i800 Series Scanners User s Guide A-61169 Part No. 9E3959 CAT No. 129 5237

i800 Series Scanners User s Guide A-61169 Part No. 9E3959 CAT No. 129 5237 i800 Series Scanners User s Guide A-61169 Part No. 9E3959 CAT No. 129 5237 Safety and Installation Information for the Kodak i800 Series Scanners IMPORTANT: WARNING: WARNING: Equipment shall be installed

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Guide to Using AMS 4.0 Marking Software

Guide to Using AMS 4.0 Marking Software Guide to Using AMS 4.0 Marking Software Guide to Using AMS 4.0 Marking Software Contents System Requirements...2 Software Installation...2 Selecting the Output Device and Changing Settings...2 Definitions...

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vacon nx ac drives active front end unit (afe) user manual

vacon nx ac drives active front end unit (afe) user manual vacon nx ac drives active front end unit (afe) user manual vacon 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Document: DPD00906B Rev. B Version release date: 18.5.15 1. Safety...5 1.1 Warnings...6 1.2 Safety Instructions...6

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When modified to PBX (See page 18)

When modified to PBX (See page 18) Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic Easa-Phone VA-824, Key Telephone System. This system can connect eight central office lines and twenty four key telephones and DSS, door box, external paging amp

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VALUE-100 A/C Service Station User s Manual INDEX


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E INSTRUCTION MANUAL E INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE YOU BEGIN Thank you for purchasing this product. Please take the time to read through this instruction manual so you can enjoy all the features of your new digital camera. Check

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Protect B.3000 (BP) PRO Protect B.PRO OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Protect B. 750 PRO Protect B.1400 PRO Protect B.2300 PRO Protect B.1000 (BP) PRO Protect B.1800 (BP) PRO Protect B.3000 (BP) PRO 2 Thank you for purchasing the Protect

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