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1 Table of Contents Introducing the Module... 3 User Roles... 4 User Maintenance Document Management... 6 Document Management Retrieval... 7 Capturing Documents... 9 Using the Action button... 9 Capturing Documents after Posting a Transaction Capturing an Image from a Scanner Retrieving documents using the Scanner Icon Reporting /07/ Document Management

2 07/07/ Document Management

3 Introducing the Module Pegasus Document Management or PDM is an electronic document storage system that allows users of Opera 3 the ability Document Management is a fully integrated Opera 3 module that provides highly efficient and secure document capture and retrieval functionality both in the Document Management module and throughout the Opera 3 product. Paper documents and previously saved electronic documents and s can be captured and securely archived. Documents can be captured and retrieved at header and transactional level via direct modular integration, or captured in batch through the Document Management module. When capturing or retrieving in another Opera 3 module, like the Sales Ledger, all document type selection and indexing is managed such that there is the minimum of additional clicks or data entry. Indexing can also be done using bar codes. To maintain security in the product documents can only be retrieved through Opera or the Desktop utility, all captures, retrievals, re-indexing & ing of documents is logged for auditing reasons. Barcode scanning is an additional function of PDM and does not prevent the continued use of manual scanning. Menu access can be set so searching for a documents only take place in the modules the user has access to. Searching can be done on any of the standard or optional indexes within the modules required. 07/07/ Document Management

4 User Roles To allow users to be given restricted access User Roles need defining Document Management Maintenance. User Roles Three standard roles are defined by default, but these can be modified or new roles created. Use Add Role to create a custom user role and then specify the desired access required as below. Role Maintenance Capture Settings On the Capture Settings tab you can specify whether members of this role can capture new documents It would be recommended that document capturing method be set to Default, although it can be set either Scan (manual indexing), Scan (barcode indexing) or Browse for existing file (manual indexing). 07/07/ Document Management

5 Role Maintenance Retrieval Settings Members of the role can specify what access they have to documents: Retrieve Items view Protect Items password protect document Reindex Item move to a different record Delete Item remove the document completely Print Copies of the Item - Print Items send via Export Items Save as a file on your network Role Maintenance Information Types Within information types you can specify what searching access members of the role can have. Modules with a white X next to them have no access for members. To change access rights you must right click on module and select Set All within This Branch and then Deny Access and then right click and select Deny Access. The same can be set for Allow Capture only or Allow Retrieve only. Once you have finished defining your User Role select Save & Close. 07/07/ Document Management

6 User Maintenance Document Management To allocate User Roles to users you must modify their User Profile record in System Maintenance. User Profiles By selecting Document Management on an employee s record you are giving them access to stored documents. Click the Document Management button to assign a User Role to the user. Select Add Role to choose a role for the user and then right click on the role and mark it as Primary Role. To delete a highlight it and select Delete Role On the options tab select the appropriate method of capturing documents, it is recommended to use the User Role default Use Role Settings. 07/07/ Document Management

7 Document Management Retrieval When selecting Document Management Processing you will be presented with the following screen: Select the Retrieve button to start searching for documents, see following screen: Retrieve Information - Criteria Under the Criteria tab on the left side a list of type will be displayed as defined in the User Role been used by this user. On the right side is displayed some advanced searching functionality (none of which need changing under normal searching conditions) At the top of the screen is filename which should always be left to *.* At the very top is Search For field which by default has the cursor. In the Search For enter any words used when indexing the document (i.e. customer/supplier name, invoice/credit references) On pressing the enter key the results will be displayed in the Search Results by Type 07/07/ Document Management

8 Retrieve Information Results by Type Displayed are a list of Results that matched the Search For word (in this example it was Adams ). From this screen we can right-click on a document to view, print, , export, etc. dependent on the User Role retrieve access. Retrieve Information Results - Grid The same information is displayed in the Results Grid tab but this time the information is broken down into the month it was indexed on. Clicking on a cell will reveal the documents at the bottom of the screen where you can again right-click and view etc. 07/07/ Document Management

9 Capturing Documents Using the Action button In any part of the system documents can be captured by using the action button (access depending). From the account/transaction selected you can choose Document Management Capture. Capturing using the Action Button On selecting this options, you will be presented with the following screen (this maybe be different dependent on the User Role or User Profile - options) Capture Information - Start From here you can select if you wish to capture a document from a scanner or from a file on your system, (the scanner option will only be enabled if a scanner and its software is installed on your computer. 07/07/ Document Management

10 Selecting Browse for Existing File will display the indexing screen: This screen is denoting that the document will be index in purchase transaction adjustments with the following five indexes: 1. Date 2. Account Code 3. Company Name 4. Reference 1 5. Reference 2 Clicking next will show the following screen: Capture Information Browse for Files From this screen you can add any file(s) for capture or hyperlink(s). Select the Add File(s) button to browse for a document on your computer or network. The document can be any file type. Once all documents have been selected for capture in this instance select Commit. Once the document(s) have been committed the scanner icon will appear next when the transaction is highlighted or the account is selected. 07/07/ Document Management

11 Capturing Documents after Posting a Transaction After posting a transaction (invoices, credits, receipts, payments adjustments or orders) on the system you will be prompted to capture a document for the current posting. If you select yes you will be prompted with Capture Information Start screen as shown in previous section. Capturing an Image from a Scanner If you are capturing an image from a scanner ensure the device is ready and document is correctly positioned in the scanner. When the Capture Information Start screen appears select the Scan Information button. Capture Information Scan Manual Indexing When the Manual Indexing screen appears all the indexing information should be populated as in the previous section. If the computer has more than one scanner attached ensure the correct scanner is selected from Settings button. Select the Start Scanning button to scan the image(s) in the scanner. Dependent on the scanner you may be prompted by the scanner to confirm the quality of the scan required. 07/07/ Document Management

12 Once any actions from the scanner have been completed you will be shown a preview of the image Append can be used to scan additional images. Commit will complete the scanning procedure. Retrieving documents using the Scanner Icon Where ever you see the scanner icon you can double click it to retrieve the information associated with the account or transaction. Alternatively you can select the Action button and Document Management Retrieve. Reporting Within the reporting section of Document Management are three reports for producing statistics on the use of Document Management, these reports are :- Audit Trail Captured Documents Retrieved Documents 07/07/ Document Management