Da.., see also De.. daaba (O) 1. honey comb; 2. stall in a market; 3. jamb, doorpost, support for wall; 4. ritual food etc. put aside for the gods;

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1 Da.., see also De.. daaba (O) 1. honey comb; 2. stall in a market; 3. jamb, doorpost, support for wall; 4. ritual food etc. put aside for the gods; 5. poor, unfortunate JDG56 Daababali Kaaylu (D. Caailu) (area) 09/40 [+ WO] daad (Som) flood, floodwater; daadi (Som) to irrigate, to water, spill, scatter HDC83 Daadi 08/36 [WO] JCG97 Daalota, see Dalota HDM60 Daanci, see under Mendida 09/39 [WO] daar (Som) building of stone; daaro (Som) touch lightly, provoke HFE84 Daaro Tekle, see Dearo Tekle HBL91c Daas (small village with wells) 04/38 [20] -- Daasanach language (Daasanech), see Dasenech -- Daashi language, see Burji HDU17c Daawy, near Shewa Robit 10/39 [20] dab (Som) 1. fire; 2. trap, snare; (O) (Daab-) plant; (Dab-) hit a target; daba (O) 1. jamb, doorpost, support for wall; 2. ritual food etc put aside for the gods; 3. poor, unfortunate; daba (A) skin coloured yellowish, born by itinerant monks or by poor people; deba (däba) (A) intrigue Daba (Dabba), a male personal name HDK15 Daba (Dafu) (with church Medhane Alem) 09/37 [AA Gz] 09 11'/37 58' 2713 m, see under Ilfeta, cf Debe JDJ34 Daba 09 23'/41 58' 2098 m 09/41 [Gz] HDT29 Daba Ager, see Ahba H... Daba Gabir (mountain in north-east Geralta) 13/39 [x] HET96 Daba Gebre Menfes K'idus (church) 13 31'/38 59', 13/38 [Gz] south of Abiy Adi HFE05 Daba Tadis 13 49'/38 59' 1569 m 13/38 [Gz] JCT21 Dabadur [=Daba Dur?] 07 29'/43 33' 922 m 07/43 [WO Gz] dabaka (O) tree, the bark of which gives red colour, Faurea rochetiana HCM91 Dabaka (Dabaca) 07 12'/39 26' 2209 m 07/39 [+ Gz] dabala (O) increase; daballe, dabballe (O) age grade 1-8 years in the Oromo gada system; dabaali (Som) cause to swim; debal (däbal) (A) 1. work for each other by taking turns; 2. parasitic person who moves in with somebody JEG24 Dabala (area), cf Debela 11/40 [WO] JCS09 Daballac 07 15'/43 20' 893 m 07/43 [WO Gz] daban (Som) trapped, snared; dabaan (Som) bail, guaranty; dhaban (Som) cheek; deban (T) dark, nebulous, overcast HDJ97 Daban (area) 09/37 [WO] JCD13 Dabanak (Dabanach, Dabannac, Dalanac) 05/42 [+ WO Gz] 05 32'/42 50' 573 m JCK65 Dabanak (Dabanac) 06 53'/43 01' 551 m 06/43 [+ WO Gz] HBT33 Dabanas 04 51'/38 44' 1523 m 04/38 [WO Gz] (with seasonal waterhole) HC... Dabansha, in the Gidole region 05/37 [x] dabar a..: abale (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Maesa lanceolata; (abalä) (T) commemorate, celebrate JBN26 Dabar Aballe (area) 04/40 [WO] JBS98 Dabardulet, see Muldata HES34 Dabarek (Dabark, Dabarq), see Debark

2 dabar (Som) tethering, hobbling, hobble rope for camels; weyn (Som) big, important KCA18 Dabarueine, see Deber Wen dabas: debes (däbäs) (T) condoleance; dabbese (dabbäsä) (A) touch lightly, grope, feel one's way JDR08 Dabas (area) 987 m 09/42 [WO] Dabasa, a male name among the Mecha Oromo JDK.. Dabass, about 100 km north-east of Harar, 09/42 [18] with many wells in a stream bed dabat, debat (A) twilight HES11 Dabat, see Amba Giyorgis HES32 Dabat (Debat, Dahat) 12 58'/37 46' 2610 m 12/37 [MS Ad WO Gz] Centre of Dabat wereda & Beker sub-district, in 1950s-1980 of Wegera awraja; with Saturday market. Within a radius of 10 km there are at km 5E Dudebit (village) 8E Selamge Iyesus (Selamghie Jesus) (church) 10SE Amba Shaa (Amba Sciaa) (area) 3S Sindeduaie (village) 6S Dara (village) 7S Charbita (Ciarbita) (area) 2608 m 8S Amergie (Ameghie) (mountains) 2533 m 7SW Werkesha (Uorchescia) (area) 7SW Cherna (church) 8N Seket Amba (Sechet Amba) (area) 7NE Kudara (Qudara) (village) 8NE Merka (Merca) (area) 9NE Avtara (village) 9NE Arnaldo (area) HES32 Dabat sub-district? (-1997) 12/37 [n] HES32 Dabat wereda (centre in 1964 = Dabat) 12/37 [Ad] (-1994-) is divided into 31 rural and 4 urban kebeles. HEJ56 Dabaza, west of Gorgora 12/37 [Ch] dabba (A) yellowish tanned cow skin /worn by monks & hermits/ Dabba (Daba), a male personal name HBR99 Dabba 05 25'/37 29' 1217 m 05/37 [WO Gz] JEN06 Dabbaho (area) 12 45'/40 27' 443 m 12/40 [WO Gz] dab..: dabbaan (Som) shallow water; to ford a river HCN79 Dabbano (area) 07/35 [WO] JDR08c Dabbas (on map of 1901) circa 10 00'/42 25' 10/42 [x] HDH72 Dabbasso (hill) 09/35 [WO] HER22 Dabda 12/36 [WO] HDU94 Dabdo 10 50'/39 44' 1752 m 10/39 [Gz] HER30 Dabdo 13 01'/36 39' 1218 m 13/36 [WO Gz] dabe, daabee (O) type of women's or children's hair style HDE49 Dabe 08 31'/39 18' 1600 m, see under Nazret 08/39 [Gz] JCN98 Dabe (mountain) 08 04'/40 34' 1575 m 08/40 [Gz] JCG64 Dabei (Dabel), see Dabey dabela (A) billygoat JDJ58 Dabelo 09 33'/42 21' 2359 m 09/42 [WO Gz] dabelw..: weyna (A from Somali wayn) 1. large, big; 2. wine-coloured JDE45 Dabelweyna (Dabelueina) (area) 08/43 [+ WO] JDL12 Dabelweyna (Dabelueina) (area) 09/43 [+ WO] HDJ96 Daben (mountain) 09 55'/37 10' 2288 m 09/37 [Gz]

3 HDB44 Dabena 08 42'/36 06' 1965 m 08/36 [Gz] HDB54 Dabena 08 38'/36 08' 2018 m 08/36 [Gz] JDK48 Dabera 09 25'/43 29' 1473 m, cf Damerabob 09/43 [Gz] JCG64 Dabey (Dabei, Dabel) (area) 06 56'/40 14' 2760 m 06/40 [+ Gz WO] dabey w..: weyna (A from Somali wayn) large, big JDK86 Dabey Weyna 09 48'/43 07' 1442 m 09/43 [Gz] JDS22 Dabeyloweyn (Dabeilouein) (area) 1697 m 10/42 [+ WO] HDK36 Dabi 09 24'/38 05' 1830 m 09/38 [AA Gz] JCS92 Dabidar Gurawein (area) 08/42 [WO] JCS72 Dabilla (hill) 07/42 [WO] HDR05 Dabis 09 59'/37 04' 2295 m 09/37 [Gz] dabit (A) rib meat, sparerib, sirloin JDG95 Dabita 09 55'/40 18' 619 m 09/40 [Gz] JDP11 Dabita (volcano), see Adwa JDG75 Dabita Ale, see Derabale HEL46 Dabiye 12 10'/39 03' 2513 m 12/39 [Gz] HEJ68 Dablo (area known from the 1600s) 12/37 [20] dabo: dabbo (A) bread /of wheat/; debo (däbo) (A), dabbo (O) communal labour; daabo (Som) 1. become sick; 2. make a handle Dabo.., cf Dapo.. GCU56 Dabo 07/34 [WO] HDB57 Dabo (Tulu Dabo), mountain west of Didessa river 08/36 [x] HDB57 Dabo Anna (church) 08/36 [WO] dabo du..: daabo (Som) become sick; dhurwaa (Som) hyena JDE35 Dabo Durua (area) 08/43 [WO] HD... Dabo Gacho (in Gimbi awraja) 09/35? [Ad] HDM64 Dabo Gedam kebele (.. Gädam..) 09/39 [Ad] centrally in north Ankober wereda, 9-11 km north-northeast of Ankober town; area 299 hectares. dabo gu..: gumbi, gumbii (O) granary inside the house; (A) black-and-white bird with curved beak HDB66 Dabo Gumbi (Dapo G.) (mountain) 08/36 [WO Gz] 08 46'/36 17' 2261/2290 m?? Dabo Hana sub-district (-1997-)../.. [n] H... Dabo Zellelew, in Temben south/?/ of Abiy Adi 13/39? [n] Archaeological site being a cave 4.6 m wide and 3 m high. HER09 Daboja (Dabogia) (area) 12/37 [+ WO] HDN74c Dabok (ford across the Abay) 10/35 [Ch] JCC25 Daboli (El Davole) 05 39'/42 05' 502/677 05/42 [Gz WO] HD... Dabotemo (in Arjo awraja) 08/36? [Ad] Dabra.., see Debre.. HDM62 Dabra Berhan, see Debre Birhan HDE66 Dabra Zeit, see Debre Zeyt HEL75 Dabro Giyorgis (Dabro Gheorghis) (church) 12/38 [+ WO] HDM40 Dabta 09 27'/39 22' 2882 m 09/39 [Gz] dabu (O) to plant, set up, fasten, place, arrange, break down, put into fire, straighten, etc GDL48 Dabu (hill), see Dubu HDA46 Dabu 08 34'/35 25' 1666 m, cf Dapo 08/35 [WO Gz] HDE52 Dabu 08/38 [WO] JCP65 Dabuli 07 46'/41 08' 1439 m 07/41 [WO Gz] H... Dabunko (ford across the Abay) 10/35? [Ch] KCA18 Dabureine, see Deber Wen JBG54 Daburre 04 04'/40 13' 955 m 04/40 [WO Gz]

4 HDN64 Dabus (left-bank tributary of the Abay) 10/35 [Ch] dabusi (O) pepper HDN15 Dabuso 10 14'/35 14' 781 m 10/35 [WO Gz] HDE67 Daca, see Daka JEH76 Daca, see Daha HBR67 Daca Alati, see Daka Alati HBS31 Daca Cuilinei, see Daka Kwiliney JBR70 Dacai Adade, see Dakay Adade JDC18 Dacata Ierei, see Dakata Yerey JDK20 HDJ49 Dacata, see Dakata Dacche Debelo, see Dakke Debelo dacha (O) pass, opening between hills or mountains JCL16 Dacha (waterhole) 06 29'/43 59' 06/43 [WO Gz] -- Dache (Gereze) dache (O) kind of spirit in traditional beliefs; (A) run over HDF80 Dachew kebele (Dch'äw..) 08/39 [Ad] to the west in central Minjar & Shenkora wereda, 4-5 km west of Balchi; area 243 hectares. dachi, dache (O) earth, ground, land, soil for burial; dachi, daachi (O) ceremony involving slaughter HCJ66 Dachi 06 56'/37 11' 1876 m 06/37 [WO Gz] -- Dachitu (dach'itu), a clan of the Fullelle of the Borana people HCP36 Dacho (Dacio) 07 33'/36 15' 1541 m 07/36 [+ It Gz] HBM74 Dacka Dima, see Dakka Dima JBP19 Dackara (Daccara) (area) 04/41 [+ WO] JDB13 Dackara (Daccara) (area) 08/40 [+ WO] HBT25 Dackura (G. Dakkura) (area) 04/38 [+ WO] HDB61 HEL74 HDF96 JDK93 HES43 HBK32 KCP47 HCS95 Daclo, see Daklo Dacna, see Dahana Dacne, see Dakne Dacsile, see Daksile Dacua, see Dakwa Dacuagalla, see Kagalla Dacub, see Dakub Dacun, see Dakuna dad (Som) 1. people; 2. conceal, hide; dada (O) ghee, /clarified/ butter, oil; -- Dada, a clan of the Mecha Oromo HDD91 Dada 1824/1864 m 09/37 [AA] HDK48 Dada 09 25'/38 17' 2454 m 09/38 [AA Gz] JCP14 Dada 07 23'/41 07' 1405 m 07/41 [WO Gz] HDT31 Dada Gimbel 10 15'/38 36' 1857 m 10/38 [Gz] HEE12 Dada kebele 11/38 [Ad] in south-western Sayint wereda, km west-southwest of Ajibar; area 4,479 hectares. HCT87c Dadabo, see Dedebo JDC55 Dadaga 08 40'/42 07' 1298 m 08/42 [x Gz] JCB59 Dadajo (Malca Addaggio?) (seasonal spring) 05/41 [MS WO Gu] -- dadale: Dadalle, an Oromo tribe which is fully Muslim JDK63 Dadale (area) 09 38'/42 44' 09/42 [Gu Gz] JDH28 Dadar, see Deder HEM94c Dadata (area) 12/39 [Gu] JDN59c Dadda (waterhole) 10/40 [Ne]

5 dadd..: dadachu (O) 1. crackling sound like when coffee beans with shells are roasted; 2. to boast /over a victory/ JBP65 Daddacho (Daddacio) (area) 05/41 [+ WO] JBP85 Daddacho (area) 05/41 [WO] HCM80 Daddecia, see Tadecha JCR80 Daddeo Amara (area) 08/41 [WO] HBR34 Daddota (area) 04/37 [WO] dade, daaddee (O) meaning what? HDC44 Dade 08 35'/37 02' 1828 m 08/37 [Gz] dadecha (O) thorn shrub or tree, Acacia etbaica HDE38 Dadecha (Dadeccia, M) (area), cf Tadecha 08/39 [+ WO] JDS43 Dadehta (area) 1257 m 10/42 [WO] dadetta (Konso) kind of "holy" tree; dadatu (O) shrub or tree of the Leguminosae family, Millettia darassana, with long pods; dadi (O) patience; chances for success; daadhi (O) mead made of honey, tej; daddi, daddie (western O) porcupine, Hystrix cristata Dadi, a male personal name JDH34 Dadi 09 20'/41 06' 2133 m 09/41 [Gz] JDR09 Dadi 10 01'/42 26' 945 m 10/42 [Gz] HCP26 Dadibano (Dadbano) (fuming thermal springs) 07/36 [WO Gu Gz LM] 07 29'/36 15' 1479 m HBS46c Dadim (Dhadim), see also under Yabelo wereda 04/38 [20] HBS.. Dadim kebele (Dhadim..) 04/38 [20] JCG67 Dadimos (Dadimus, Gulbaduma) (mountains) 06/40 [Gz WO x] 06 57'/40 26' peak 2168 m/2987 m dado (A,T) nut /of screw/; dado, daadoo (O) temporary association for co-operative minor activities; dhaado (Som) tie an animal by the leg; -- Daddo Aro, a lineage of the Sabbo-Digalu of the Borana people HDJ65 Dado 09 40'/37 08' 2440 m 09/37 [Gz] HDL12 Dado 09 12'/38 41' 2552 m 09/38 [AA Gz] JCH20c Dado (visiting postman under Jimma) 06/40 [Po] JCH20 Dado, M. (seasonal waterhole) 06/40 [MS WO] dadu (O) matting; daddu (T) Pupalia lappacea HDK70 Dadu 09 41'/37 32' 2285 m 09/37 [AA Gz] HEJ75 Dadu, see under Chilga 12/37 [WO] HEE15 Dadula 11 01'/38 54' 2939 m 11/38 [Gz] HFF42 Daeda Amba sub-district 13/39 [Ad] (centre in 1964 = Sinkata) HFF42 Daeda Amba wereda (Da'eda..) 13/39 [Ad] (centre in 1964 = Sinkata) JEH94 Daertuma (Daei-tuma) (hill) 12 38'/41 03' 478 m 12/41 [Ne Gz n] JDG45 Daetali 09 29'/40 16' 690 m 09/40 [WO Gz] HEJ.. Dafacha, see Defecha JEH02 Dafala 11 50'/40 57' 415 m 11/40 [Gz] JEJ75 Dafara 12 26'/42 08' 553 m, with Dubti settlement 12/42 [Gz] HCR.. Dafat 07/36 [It] HEM70 Dafat Kahinate Semay (church) 12 24'/39 23' 12/39 [Gz 18] (on map of 1814) dafe, dafee (O) kidney-bean HDF55 Dafe Jema 08 39'/39 50' 1219 m, cf Jemah 08/39 [Gz]

6 HEE11 Dafer Geregera kebele (Dafär Gärägära..) 11/38 [Ad] in south-western Sayint wereda at its western border, km west-southwest of Ajibar; area 2,348 hectares. JCM04 Daferur (waterhole) 06 20'/44 42' 06/44 [WO Gz] JDN49 Daffeina (area) 10/40 [WO] JDP63 Daffeina Garsa (area) 10/40 [WO] daffen (A) kind of fine for not cultivating allotted land; deffene (däffänä) (A) fill up /hole in the ground/ JEJ55 Daffena (area) 12/42 [WO] dafino (O) Monday, god of Monday GDM33 Dafino 1548 m 09/34 [WO] dafino g..: gaba, gabaa (O) market; gabaa (O) thorn-like shoot or stalk; gaba (A,T) thorny shrub HDG06c Dafino Gaba (with Monday market) 1738 m 09/35 [Gu] -- /Gaba is an ethnic group = Dullay/ HEK90 Daflecha (area near Gondar) 12/37 [n] HCD92 Dafne, see Boreda?? Dafo, village in Tigray visited in /.. [18] JCD07 Dafoyeh (Dafoie) 05/43 [x WO] dafu (O) 1. to hurry; 2. to strike, beat, knock; defu (däfu) (A) the doorsill HDK15 Dafu 09 09'/37 59' 2713, 2859, 3015 m, 09/37 [WO Gz] see also Daba daga, dagaa (O) stone, stone enclosure, rock; daga (A) ridge serving as boundary between two fields; dagga, degga (O), dega (A) highland; dege (T) out-of-door HCU84 Daga 08 02'/36 43' 1521 m 08/36 [Gz] HDT90 Daga (ford) 1260/1310 m, cf Dega 10/39 [Gu Ch] HEJ18 Daga, see Dega JDC86 Daga (area) 08/42 [WO] HBT05 Daga Bera Dego, see Dega Bera daga bu..: burka, burqaa (O) spring or stream; (A) official in charge of sub-district H... Daga Burka (river in the Agere Maryam region) 05/38? [Mi] HC... Daga Dima, west of lake Ziway 07/38? [x] HEF53 Daga Estifanos, see Dega Istifanos HEJ18 Daga Estifanos (Dega Istifanos, D. Estefanos) 11/39 [En x Gu] (Debre Daga E.) old monastery on an island in lake Tana, still active daga fa..: fachaasa (O) will cultivate JDK56 Daga Fachaas (Daga Faciaas) (area) 09/43 [+ WO] daga me..: medo (A) comb; meddo (Som/H.Salt) black JCL81 Daga Medo (Medo) 06/43? [Gz WO] JCS85 Daga Medo, see Degeh Medo daga odda, fig tree rock? oda (O) kind of large fig tree, Ficus sycomorus; odda (O) not on speaking terms; (Kefa O) kind of scrubby bush or tree, Ximenia americana JDJ52 Daga Odda (area) 1359 m, see under Dire Dawa 09/41 [WO]?? Daga Roba (historical hill)../.. [n]?? Daga Shaha, see under Mai Islami daga tu..: tulla, tuullaa (O) sheaves stacked upright JCP52c Daga Tula 07/40 [Wa] dagab..: boka has several meanings, see directly under this word GDM41 Dagaboka (T. Dagaboca) (hill) 09/34 [+ WO]

7 dagabora (O) rock saddle? cf bora GDF73c Dagabora (hill) 08/34 [Gu] GDF92c Dagabora (hill), see under Gidami 08/34 [Gu] HDH70 Dagaborra 09/35 [WO] dagabul.: bule (O) 1. assistant at a ceremony of sacrifice; 2. stay overnight; bulee (O) several meanings for colour; bulee (Som) put tassels on HCD62 Dagabule, see under Arba Minch 06/37 [Br Ca] HFD.. Dagabuna (near Inda Silase) 14/38 [Yo] JDE01 Dagabur (Dagabour, Dagahabur), see Degeh Bur GDF95 Dagacha (Dagacia) 09/34 [+ WO] -- Dagadima, cf Karrayu dagaga (O) 1. ivory; 2. well developed, grown; dagaag (Som) 1. migrate; 2. become destitute JDC56c Dagaga, cf Degaga 08/42 [Wa] JDR59 Dagago 10 28'/42 26' 943 m 10/42 [Gz] dagaha wo..: worabbo (Som) hyena; weraba (Harari) hyena; warabboo (O) large antelope, eland? JDS12 Dagaha Woraba (Dagaha Uoraba) (area) 10/42 [+ WO] JDE01 Dagahabur (Dagahbur), see Degeh Bur JCD92 Dagaielei, see Dega Yiley JCB70 Dagaio (Dagajie, Dagagie) 06 09'/40 47' 826 m 06/40 [MS WO Wa Gz] Coordinates would give map code JCA79 HDA38 Dagakeri (Dagacheri) 08/35 [+ WO] dagal: dagaal (Som) attack, fight, battle HBK27 Dagal (area) 03 50'/38 11' 829 m 03/38 [WO Gz] JBU83 Dagal 05/44 [WO] dagala, daggala (O) forest, thicket; hermitage, retreat JDJ69 Dagala (area) 2406 m, cf Daggala 09/42 [WO] dagale (O) cupola-shaped structure under the thatch of a round house HEP04 Dagalish (Jabal D., Jebel D.) 12 43'/36 01' 12/36 [Gz] (mountain largely inside Sudan) HDL81 JCS85 Dagam, see Degem Dagamedo (Daga Medo), see Degeh Medo dagamo: dagama (O) sorcery, witchcraft HBS98 Dagamo (area) 05 24'/38 15' 05/38 [WO Gz] dagano: dagaan (Som) settlement, environment; dagan (Som) deceived; defenseless; degan (dägan) (A) bow for carding wool or cotton JCN28 Daganno (area) 07/40 [WO] JCG63 Dagano 06 47'/40 03' 1704 or 3339 m 06/40 [WO Gz] JEH75 Dagar, see Dagat dagara, dagaraa (O) 1. kind of axe; 2. Maria Theresa coin JCP52 Dagaru (Dagatu) 07 46'/40 57' 1538 m 07/40 [WO Gz] JCC90 Dagas 06 18'/41 40' 863 m 06/41 [WO Gz] dagat: daget (dagät) (A) uphill road, slope, ascent; (T) quay JEH75 Dagat (mountain area) 12 25'/41 07' 786 m 12/41 [WO 18 Ne Gz] JCS92 Dagata (area) 827 m 08/42 [WO] dagaya (O) hearing (or similar meaning) JCD92 Dagayeley (Dagaielei) 06/42 [+ WO] JEH66 Dagazo (plain) 12/41 [Ne] HEB28 Dagenga, see Dajenga HDM14 Dagete 09 11'/39 46' 1273 m 09/39 [Gz]

8 HDR25 Dagga, see Degga, cf Daga JFB40 Daggaddo 14 02'/40 43' - 34 m, below sea level 14/40 [Gz] HCU35 Daggagga (area) 2290 m 07/39 [WO] JDE01 Daggah Bur, see Degeh Bur daggala, daggalaa (O) forest, thicket JEB69 Daggala (area) see under Asaita, cf Dagala 11/41 [WO] HDJ80 Daggam (mountain), cf Degem 09/36 [WO] dagi, daagii (O) lazy /oxen that lie down on the job/ HEC45 Dagi (Daghi) 11 15'/37 05' 2106/2150 m 11/37 [+ WO Gz] JDB90 Dagi (G. Daghi) (area) 2431 m 08/40 [+ WO] JDB90 Dagi, see under Bedesa HDM63 Dagiat, see Digut HET17 Dagibi 12 51'/39 06' 1759 m 12/39 [Gz] JEC84 Dagirye (Daghirie) (with waterhole) 11/41 [+ WO] HDU15 Dagmat kebele 09/39 [Ad] in westernmost central Kewet wereda at the southern end of its main western border, km north of Debre Sina; area 1,013 hectares. JCS85 Dagmeda, see Degeh Medo JBU84 Dagnerrei, see Danyerrey & JCE21 dagno (O) courtier serving an Oromo king HDK26 Dagno, see Danyo dago, daggo (O) arbitrator, judge; dagoo (O) permit, license; dago (Som) 1. first month of Somali lunar calendar; 2. narrow escape; be misled; daggo (Som) minestrone-type soup?? Dago, in northern Menz (historical from mid-1400s)../.. [x] HEB44 Dago 11 16'/36 04' 1201 m 11/36 [WO Gz] HEJ18 Dago Istafanos, see Debre Istifanos GDE68 Dagobassa (Gebel Dagobasa, Dagobesa) (hill) 08/34 [WO Gz] 08 44'/34 11' 715 m HFE36 Dagohia, see Dekuya HEK71 Dagoma, see Deguma JEJ55 Dagorri (area) 12/42 [WO] dagos..: dagussa (A) kind of cereal with black grains, millet, Eleusine coracana, E. toccusso HEJ54 Dagossa (on map of 1868), see Takusa?? Dagoye (in the Guma kingdom of the 1800s)../.. [x] HEM51 Dagrich Giyorgis (church) 12 17'/39 27' 12/39 [Gz] HDU84 Daguche kebele (Daguché..) 10/39 [Ad] in south-western Antsokiya & Gemza wereda at its western border, 4-7 km north-west of Majete; area 1,003 hectares. HFF22 Dagudit (mountain chain) 13 50'/39 35' 2239 m 13/39 [Gz] H... Dagum (ctr in 1964 of Zeban Geralta sub-district) 13/39 [Ad] dagwa (Welega Bega) tree growing near rivers; tafa (O) hip, haunch, thigh, rump; t'afa (A) plates of metal as decoration of shield HER67 Dagwa Tafa (Dagua Tafa) (amba) 13/37 [+ WO Gz] 13 19'/37 23' 2513 m HDS72 Dagwey (Daguai, Daguaj, Degwe, Dägwe, Dague) 10/37 [+ WO Gz Pa] (mountain) 10 38'/37 43' 2798 m, peak 3228 m JED13 Dagwin (Daguin) (mountain), cf Deg Weyn 11/42 [+ WO] daha (O) /=:?/ deha (däha) (A) poor; dahe (Dahä) (A) crawl, walk on all fours /like a baby/; dahwa (Kwara Agaw) clay JEH76 Daha (Daka, Daca) (well) 12 24'/41 16' 12/41 [WO Ne Gz]

9 HEC95 Daha Giyorgis (D. Gheorghis) (church) 11/37 [+ It] JEH22 Dahafala (area) 11/40 [WO] HDT06 Dahahila 10 01'/38 59' 2225 m 10/38 [Gz] JEB78 Dahale 11 33'/41 28' 353/360 m, see under Asaita 11/41 [WO Gz] JEC83 Dahali (waterhole) 11/41 [WO] HDU04 Dahama, M. (area) 09/39 [WO] JCF65c Dahambar (salty rich well) 06/44 [Gu] HDL74 Dahana 09 44'/38 50' 2196 m 09/38 [AA Gz] (with church Abune Filipos), see under Debre Libanos HEJ67c Dahana (large village), cf Dehana 12/37 [Gu] HEL74 Dahana (Dacna) 12 27'/38 51' 2182 m 12/38 [Gz] dahar (Som) 1. house, building; 2. tree; dahaar (Som) 1. turtle shell; 2. decoration JDG48 Dahari Mafari (area) 1088 m 09/40 [WO] HES32 Dahat, see Dabat JDP64 Dahau (mountain) 10 30'/41 06' 790 m 10/41 [Gz] H... Dahimela (sub-district, centre in 1964 = Feres Deg) 13/39 [Ad] dahna: dehna (dähna) (A) good, safe HEJ57 Dahna (Darna) 12 16'/37 19' 1784 m, 12/37 [Gu Gz] cf Dahana, Dehana, Dena.. HFE,? Dahna, historical small district of Lasta, current village Dahna is 20 km east of Tekezze river daho: daaho (Som) drape, cover with a curtain; dahoo, Oromo word HDD75 Daho, M. (area) 08/38 [WO] JEH83 Dahohale (mountain area) 12 35'/40 57' 570 m 12/40 [WO Ne Gz] JEH11 Dahorrita (area) 11/40 [WO] HEK55 Dahuch (Dauc) (mountain) 2396/2945 m 12/37 [LM WO Gu] -- Dahuchi, cf Tach Dahuchi JCJ45 Dai (area) 06/42 [WO] HDE19 Daia, see Dera HCD24 Daichita 05/37 [WO] HER41 Daid, see Amba Daid HCD81 Daida c m, small district south of Chencha 06/37 [x] HDN32 Daildessa, see Dildessa?? Daime, in the country of the Guji people../.. [x] JEC40 Daimoli (mountain, same as Damahale?), 11/41 [x] on map of 1901 HCA38 Dainghei Ueca, see Dingay Wiha dair: dayr (Som) cool season HDU63 Dair, see Dasa JDH87 Dairara (recorded in 1841) 09/41 [Ha] HET98 Dairey Chalakuy (Da'irey Ch'alak'uy) 13/39 [Gz] 13 33'/39 13' 2034 m HEM71 Dairo (Da'iro) 12 25'/39 28' 2151 m 12/39 [Gz] HFF21 Dairo (Da'iro), see May Dairo HFF95 Daisoli (mountain) 14 24'/39 54' 470 m 14/39 [Gz] HDL71 Daite (Da'ite) 09 45'/38 35' 2979 m 09/38 [AA Gz] GDM12 Daito (Da'ito) 09 09'/34 33' 1557 m 09/34 [Gz] HFC08 Dajana, see Dejena HEB28 Dajenga (Dagenga) (area) 11/36 [+ WO] HDM42 Dajet 09 28'/39 31' 2928 m 09/39 [Gz] HEF12 Dajole kebele (Dajolé..) 11/39 [Ad] in south-western Dese Zuriya wereda touching its southern border, km south-west of Dessie town; area 2,715 hectares.

10 dak: daak- (O) grind HEJ17 Dak (Dak', Daq), see Narga daka, daga (O) 1. stone; 2. turning round, return, reward; 3. down, toward a lower part; 4. swimming; (daaqaa) border; daka (T) ground HDE67 Daka (Daca), cf Dakka, Deke 08/38 [+ Gu] JEH76 Daka, see Daha daka a..: allatti (O) any large bird HBR67 Daka Alati (Daca Alati) (hill?) 05/37 [+ WO] daka ba..: baru, baruu (O) learn, get used to HBF81 Daka Baru (Gara D. B.) 03 30'/39 26' 1229 m 03/39 [Gz] (mountain near the border of Kenya) HBF81c Daka Baru (locality) 03 36'/38 56' 03/38 [Gz] HBS31 Daka Kwiliney (Daca Cuilinei) (mountain?) 04/37 [+ WO] daka se..: sedada (sädada) (A) bare, without covering JCB89 Daka Sedadi (Daca..) 06 16'/41 34' 808 m 06/41 [WO It Gz] HEL.. Dakana, see Dehana HFF.. Dakane 14/39? [En] archaeological site in Gulo Mekeda wereda HCR38 Dakano, see Dekano dakanu (Afar) elephant JDJ06c Dakar (historically recorded in the 1400s) 09/42 [20] south-east of Harar, see also Deker HFD.. Dakashaha 13/38 [+ n] JDJ.. Dakata (Dakhata), see Babile : Valley of Marvels JDK20 Dakata (Dacata) (area), cf Daketa 09/42 [+ WO] dakata ye..: yeri (O) lean, emaciated JDC18 Dakata Yerey (Dacata Ierei) (area) 08/42 [+ WO] dakay ad..: adada (O) aunt JBR70 Dakay Adade (Dacai..) (mountain) 05/41 [+ WO Gz] 05 05'/41 30' 345 m JEH74 Dakbivie (Dakbwie) (well) 12 28'/41 07' 12/41 [WO Gz Ne] JCG83 Dakera, see Darera JDD50 Daketa 08 40'/42 34' 1048 m 08/42 [Gz] JDD70 Daketa 08 50'/42 34' 1210 m 08/42 [Gz] HFE86 Dakeyano (Dak'eyano, Daqeyano) 14/39 [Gz q] 14 19'/39 03' 2040 m HCP04 Dakia (forest) 07/36 [WO] dakiye (A), daakkiyee (O) kinds of wild duck HBK95 Dakiyo, G. (area) 04/38 [WO] HBM46 Dakka (area) 04/39 [WO] dakka (A) large metal vessel for fermenting dough; (O) rock on land; ararsa (O) peace-making, reconciliation HBM01 Dakka Arasa (area) 03/39 [WO] HBL41 Dakka Chro (area) 04/38 [WO] dakka di..: dima, diima (O) 1. red /animal/, white /human/; 2. kind of small tree, Rhamnus prinoides; 3. baobab large tree, Adansonia digitata dakka dima (O) rock with the baobab tree? HBL41 Dakka Dima (area) 04/39 [WO] HBM74 Dakka Dima (Dacka Dima) (w seasonal waterhole) 04/39 [WO Gz MS] 04 17'/39 42' 1117 m HBK94 Dakka Kurrari (area) 04/37 [WO]

11 dakka wa..: wata come out; watta hunter; wata, waata (O) 1. caste of potters; 2. chairman; 3. (Gondar A) minstrel, itinerant singer; daka watta (O) rock of the hunter? -- Wata is a tribe HBM70 Dakka Wata (D. Uata, Daccauatta) (area) 04/39 [+ WO Gz] 04 39'/41 33' dakkabore (O) rock with hydromel? JCR78 Dakkabore (area), cf Dekabora 07/42 [WO] HBR15 Dakkamunna, see Kumbi dakkaro..: roba, rooba, robaa (O) rain HBL22 Dakkaroba (Takoaroba) (with seasonal waterhole) 03/38 [WO Wa Gz] 03 48'/38 38' HDJ49 Dakke Debelo (Dacche D., Dokkie Dabalo) 09/37 [+ It Gz] 09 25'/37 26' 2288 m HBT25 Dakkura, see Dackura HDB61 Daklo (T. Daclo) (hill) 08/35 [+ WO] dakna (daqna) (O) body /of person or animal/ HEL74 Dakna (Dacna) 12 26'/38 51' 2182 m 12/38 [+ n] HDF96 Dakne (Dacne) (area) 1464 m 09/39 [+ WO] daks..: daqsi (Som) fly JDK93 Daksile (Dacsile) (area) 09/42 [+ WO] dakub (T) kind of shrub or small tree, Grewia trichocarpa KCP47 Dakub (Dacub) 07 39'/46 20' 610 m 07/46 [+ WO Gz] HCS95 Dakuna (Dak'une, Daquna, Dacun, Dakonna) 08/37 [x Gz WO] 08 05'/37 58' 2343 m (centre of a sub-district in the 1960s), see under Indibir dakwa (T) collar; dakway (T) be impoverished HES43 Dakwa (Dacua, Wek'in, Weqin) 13 04'/37 49' 13/37 [+ WO Gu Gz] (with Gondarine church) 2713 m, see also Wekin? dal (Som) country, land, territory; dhal (Som) children, descendants; dhaal (Som) earthenware cooking vessel, smoking pipe; (O) (Daal-) inherit; (Dal) give birth JBS28 Dal Dal (waterhole) 04 45'/35 58' 368 m 04/43 [WO Gz] dal le..: lele, leelee (O) dirt JCR36 Dal Lehele, see under Hamero 07/42 [WO] dala (O) 1. area closed to cattle; 2. new-born baby, offspring; 3. female animal e.g. mare; 4. usury, interest, profit; (dhala) 1. inheritance; 2. marrying a widow of one's brother HEE59 Dala 11 21'/39 19' 2037 m 11/39 [Gz] HET39 Dala (Dela) 12 59'/39 19' 2294 m 13/39 [Gz] JCP52 Dala, see Dalla dala ka..: kara, qaraa (O) 1. road, path; 2. edge; 3. far-away place; 4. never, not at all; 5. (qaraa) green chilli; 6. dry sorghum stalk; 7. first-rate boiled coffee; kara, karra (A), kaaraa (O) knife HDM67 Dala Kara 09/39 [WO] HC... Dalacha, in Duro in the lake region 07/38? [x] JDR73 Daladdu (area) 10/41 [WO] dalaha..: hati, hatii (O) mother JEP64 Dalahati 13 17'/41 05' 389 m 13/41 [Gz] JDD32 Dalalaha (area) 08/42 [WO] dalalian ma..: maru (O) 1. swirl, roll, wind, surround; 2. to heal, recover, regain health; 3. to advise, pardon

12 JEP94 Dalalian Maru 13 31'/41 03' -25 m, below sea level 13/41 [WO Ne Gz] JCD13 Dalanac, see Dabanak GCU76 Dalanchi (Dalanci) (area) 07/34 [+ WO] HEE78 Dalanta, see Delanta HEP26 Dalasa, Jebel (Delesa) 12 54'/36 11' 12/36 [WO Gz] dalata: dalate (O) first-born, eldest son; dhalatta (O) one who is adopted into a clan HDE64 Dalata (mountain) 08 46'/38 49' 2133 m 08/38 [n] HDH77 Dalata, cf Deleta 09/36 [WO] HDM40 Dalata, M. (area) 09/39 [WO] HDA72 Dalati (Delatti) 08 51'/35 03' 1776 m, cf Daleti 08/35 [Gz] HDG05 Dalati, T. (hill) 09/35 [WO] HDG19 Dalati, see Daleti HEM73c Dalati 12/39 [Gu] dalatti, daalattii (O) grey /usually of female animals/ GDU.? Dalatti, village north-east of Asosa 10/35? [x] HDH85 Dalatti (mountain) 1790 m 09/36 [WO] HDD63 Dalbatta (mountain) 08/37 [WO] dalbo (Som) 1. send away on an errand; apply for job; 2. having knock-knees HCK64 Dalbo (Dalbu), see Delbu HCK63 Dalbu, see Damota dale, dalee (O) cows /mostly/ with grey colour; dalee (O) 1. camel; 2. melted butter -- Dale, a clan of the Arsi Oromo HDG38 Dale 09 20'/35 31' 1837 m 09/35 [Gz] HDH58 Dale (Luber, Lubet) (mountain) 09/36 [Gz] 09 33'/36 27' 1242 m HDJ32 Dale 09 22'/36 52' 1876 m 09/36 [Gz] HDJ60 Dale 09 42'/36 41' 1460 m 09/36 [Gz] HDK78 Dale 09 45'/38 15' 2583 m 09/38 [Gz] dalee (Som) decorate; establish a nation; male (Som) thought, idea; (A) swear, take a vow; male, malee (O) without -- Male, Malie, name of an ethnic group HBK18 Dale Male 03/38 [WO] HD... Dale Sedi sub-district (-1997-) 08/35? [n] H... Dale sub-district (-1997-)../.. [n] dale su..: suukii (O) shop, store HDG04 Dale Suchi (Dalie..) 09/35 [+ Ad] (sub-district, centre in 1964 = Immo) dale wab..: waabara (O) algae, green vegetation layer on water surface H... Dale Wabera sub-district (Dalie..) 08/35? [n Ad] (centre in 1964 = Wabera) ( ) HCL.. Dale wereda (Dalle..) 06/38 [20] HDA82c Dale wereda (Dalie..), in the Awasa region 08/35 [+ Ad] (centre in 1964 = Alem Teferi) (-1994-) is divided into 77 rural and 9 urban kebeles. dalecha, dalicha (A) grey; dalecho (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Olinia usambarensis; dalacha (O) grey /animal/; dalcha (O) sperm HDC08 Dalecha (Daleccia), see Seto HDE05 Dalecha (Oriessa, Uriesa, Uryesa) 08/38 [Gz WO Gu] 08 09'/38 54' 1710 m

13 HDK19 Dalecha 09 12'/38 22' 2695 m 09/38 [AA Gz] JDG29 Dalecha (area) 1776 m JDG29 Dalecha (Gebel Daleccia, Dalesha, Dalecho) 09/40 [WO Gz Wa] (mountain) 09 13'/40 40' 1513 m Coordinates would give map code JDG19 HCP69 Dalecho (Bore) 07 49'/36 34' 1847 m 07/36 [Gz] JDG19 Dalecho (Dalecha) (mountain) 09/40 [Gz] 09 13'/40 40' 1513 m dalecho dako: dhako (Som) 1. summit, crown of the head; 2. hide oneself; dhaqo (Som) raise, breed, care for one's own family?? Dalecho Dako (visiting postman under Jimma)../.. [Po] JE... Daleh (at left bank of Awash) 11/41 [18] JDR28 Dalelmale (Dallei Malle) (area) 838 m, cf Deleymeley 10/42 [WO n] HDJ33 Daleta 09 22'/36 54' 1846 m 09/36 [Gz] daleti: dalatti (O) grey /usually of female animals/ HDA79 Daleti (Dalatte) 08/35 [LM WO] HDG19 Daleti (Dalati, Dalatti) (with church Maryam) 09/35 [Gz WO Gu] 09 10'/35 38' 1709 m, west of Gimbi HDG29c Daleti (Dalleti) (mountain west of Gimbi) 09/35 [+ Mi] HDH84 Daleti 09 52'/36 06' 1202 m 09/36 [Gz] HDJ20 Daleti (mountain) 09 16'/36 41' 1667 m 09/36 [Gz] HDJ35 Daleti (area), see under Haretu 09/37 [WO] HDJ46 Daleti 09 29'/37 10' 2225 m 09/37 [Gz] HDK83 Daleti (area) 09/37 [AA] HDL52 Daleti (Daletti) 09 34'/38 39' 2289 m 09/38 [AA Gz] HDL61 Daleti (Daletti) (with church) 2666 m nearby 09/38 [AA WO] HDL62 Daleti (Daletti) 09 37'/38 36' 2526 m, 09/38 [Gz] (with church Silase) HDL67 Daleti 09 41'/39 04' 2577 m 09/39 [Gz] HDL75 Daleti 09 46'/38 56' 2304 m (with church Maryam) 09/38 [Gz] HDL77 Daleti (Bocolo) 09 47'/39 07' 2609 m, 09/39 [Gz WO] see under Webera HDL85 Daleti (with church) 09/38 [AA] HDL91 Daleti 09 55'/38 32' 2203 m 09/38 [AA Gz] HDM61 Daleti 09 40'/39 26' 2771 m 09/39 [Gz] JDC46 Daleti Afeta (Gara Daletti) (mountain) 08/42 [Gz WO] 08 34'/42 07' 1155/1345 m Coordinates would give map code JDC45 HDT55 Daleti kebele (Daläti..) 10/38 [Ad] in eastern Wegdi wereda at its south-eastern border, 6-11 km east of Mahdere Selam; area 2,914 hectares. HDM61 Daleti & Mekegn kebele (Daläti & Mäqägn..) 09/39 [Ad] in south-western Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda touching its western border, 6-10 km west of Debre Birhan town; area 1,755 hectares. HD... Daleti Wenji (in Gimbi awraja) 09/35? [Ad] HCR97 Daletti (church) 08/37 [WO] HDL46 Daletti (plain) 09/39 [WO] HDL78 Daletti, see under Deneba 09/39 [WO] JDC46 Daletti, Gara (area) 08 34'/42 07' 1155/1345 m 08/42 [WO n] Coordinates would give map code JDC45 JEA72 Daleymate (Daleimate) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]

14 dalgal ga..: Galla (A) Oromo; gala (O) camel GDE89 Dalgal Galla, Gebel (hill) 08 54'/34 19' 08/34 [WO Gz] HDD62 Dalidao (mountain) 3200 m 08/37 [WO] HC... Dalie (centre in 1964 of Wushayie sub-district), 07/37 [Ad] cf Dale HDE72 Dalita 08 53'/38 38' 2266 m 08/38 [Gz] JCM63 Dall 06/44 [WO] dalla, dallaa (O) fence, cattle enclosure, 'kraal'; della (dälla) (A) 1. be comfortable; 2. be biased, show favour JCP52 Dalla (Dala) 07 43'/40 55' 1520 m, cf Delle 07/40 [WO Gz] dallad (Som) umbrella dalladu (O) kind of marsh grass, bulrush? JDH33 Dalladu (Calladu, Kalladu) 09 23'/40 50' 09/40 [MS WO Gz] 1149/1268 m, see under Afdem HCR52 Dallati (mountain) 2120 m, see under Jimma 07/36 [WO] cf Dalati, Dalatti, Daletti dalle (A) hips /of woman/ HCJ66 Dalle 06/37 [WO] HCJ74 Dalle (Dale) 07/37 [WO LM] HCK39 Dalle Avio (Italian name, airport of Dalle) 06/38 [Gu] HCK49 Dalle, see Yirga Alem 06/38 [WO] HDH02 Dalle, T. (hill) 2095 m 09/35 [WO] JDN66 Dalle Faghe 10/40 [Ne] H... Dalle wereda, see Dale.. JDR28 Dallei Male, see Dalelmale HDG29c Dalleti, see Daleti HC... Dallo (area) 06/39 [Gu n] HD... Dallo (Dallu?) in Arsi, near the Liban forest../.. [x] JFA.. Dallol, see Dalol dallu, dalluu (O) hump HDC79 Dallu, T. (hill) 08/37 [WO] dalo: dhalo (Som) 1. crown of the head; 2. be born HCK58 Dalo (area), cf Delo 06/38 [WO] HDB61 Dalo 08 47'/35 50' mountain peak 2038 m 08/35 [Gz] HDE66 Dalo 08 46'/39 02' 1951 m 08/39 [Gz] HDH.. Dalo (village), see under Nekemte 09/36 [n] HDH12 Dalo 09 10'/35 55' 1735 m 09/35 [Gz] HDJ10 Dalo (mountain) 09 10'/36 41' 2164 m 09/36 [Gz] JDA99 Dalo 08 59'/40 36' 1982 m 08/40 [Gz] JDH34 Dalo (mountain) 09 22'/41 05' 1800 m 09/41 [Gz] JDH47 Dalo 09 32'/41 44' 1377 m, cf Delo 09/41 [WO Gz] HDT98c Dalo Bet sub-district (.. Biet..) 10/39 [+ Ad] (centre in 1964 = Akista) dalo ga..: galala (O) grass; galalu (O) shake off soil from uprooted grass; galalo (western O), kind of medium-sized tree, Bridelia macrantha, B. micrantha HCL34 Dalo Galalo 06 37'/38 49' 2185/2548 m 06/38 [x Gz] dalo si..: siba, siiba (O) large jar in which beer is brewed HDH01 Dalo Siba 09 09'/35 49' 1847 m 09/35 [Gz] -- /Siba is a Borana lineage/ HDH11 Dalo Siba sub-district (centre in 1964 = Gimbi) 09/35 [Ad] -- Dalocha, traditionally a Gurage area

15 HCT60 Dalocha (Daloccia) (area) 07 47'/38 15' 2048 m 07/38 [WO Gz] HCT60 Dalocha sub-district 07/38 [Ad] (centre in 1964 = Dengi) ( ) (-1994-) is divided into 59 rural and 2 urban kebeles.?? Dalofa (west of Angolala) 09/39 [Ha] dalol: dalool (Som) hole, opening; dhalool (Som) kind of tree with thick resin JFA65 Dalol (Dallol, Dalul) 14 12'/40 14' 14/40 [Gz] altitude -123 m, below sea level JFA76 Dalol (Dallol) 14 16'/40 17' c. 50 m 14/40 [WO Gu Mi Ne] JFA84 Dalol 14/40 [MS] JFA.. Dalol sub-district (-1997-) 14/40 [n] JFA.. Dalol wereda (Dalul..) in Agame awraja /40 [n] JCL25 Dalot 06 31'/43 56' 533 m 06/43 [WO Gz] dalota (O) tribe, origin, birthplace, descent HBK27 Dalota (mountain) 03 52'/38 11' 969 m 03/38 [WO Gz] HCR36 Dalota 07 32'/37 14' 2823 m 07/37 [Gz] HDD83 Dalota 08 54'/37 48' 2378 m 08/37 [Gz] HDE64 Dalota 08 46'/38 50' or 51' 2133, 2121 m 08/38 [Gz] (with church Gebriel), see also Guji HDE74 Dalota (Dalata) (mountain) 08 54'/37 48' 2419 m 08/38 [Ad WO Gu] HDE74 (centre in 1964 of Ensilale sub-district), see under Akaki HDL35 Dalota 09 24'/38 54' 2622 m (with church Mikael) 09/38 [AA Gz] HDL50 Dalota 09 34'/38 25' 2226 m (with church Maryam) 09/38 [AA Gz] HDL66 Dalota 09 40'/39 01' 2541 m 09/38 [AA Gz] HDL84 Dalota, two at 5 km distance 09/38 [AA Gz] 09 50'/38 55' 1814 m, 09 51'/38 53' 1837 m (with churches, one Mikael) JCG97 Dalota (Daalota) 07 13'/40 30' 2090 m 07/40 [Gz WO Gu] JDD52 Dalota (area) 08 39'/42 37' 1159 m 08/42 [WO Gz] JDH59 Dalota (area) 09/41 [WO] HDL95 Dalota kebele 09/39 [Ad] in north-western Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda stretching to its northern border, km south-southwest of Alem Ketema; area 1,900 hectares. dalotee (O) sparrow daloti (O) same as dalota above JDD62 Daloti (area) 08/42 [WO] HFF96 Dalsoli (area) 14/39 [WO] daltu, daltuu (O) female /animal/ JCN54 Daltu (Tulu Dalto) 07 43'/40 12' 1864 m 07/40 [Gz]?? Dalu Ali 10/40 [20] A prominent basalt hill near the Aramis stream north of Gewane, with fossils of many kinds of animals HBL23 Daluch (Dalucc) (area) 03 49'/38 43' 1466/1623 m 03/38 [Gz WO] JFA65 Dalul, see Dalol HDH76 Dam 09 47'/36 15' 2106 m 09/36 [Gz] dama (O) 1. (daamaa) reddish-brown, bay /colour of horse/; 2. ('Dama) whey; dama (A) reddish-brown; damma (O) honey in general /red, white etc/; dhama' (Som) to faint /from dehydration/; dem (A) blood; -- Dama, name of a negroid tribe in the south-west HBP93 Dama (area), cf Dema 05/36 [WO] HCL00 Dama 06 24'/38 28' 2773 m 06/38 [WO Gz] HEA96 Dama (area) 758 m 11/35 [WO] -- Dama language, see [1] Dasenech, [2] Mursi

16 damahale: dammalle (Konso) highest deity of the Galgussa people JEC40 Damahale (Damai Ali, Dama A., Dhamali, Dema'ali) 11/41 [WO Gz] (mountain) 11 19'/41 38' (or 11 28') 831/1068 m -- Damahawi, an ethnic group? damal (Som) thorn tree, Acacia spp. KDA45 Damal Abodi (Damalabodi) 08 34'/45 17' 08/45 [Gz WO] JBP33 Damale 04 49'/40 59' 822 m 04/40 [Gz] HDJ45 Damam 09 29'/37 07' 2319 m 09/37 [Gz] damane..: demena qey (A) cloud being red? HCN32 Damanekay (Damanecai) 07/35 [+ WO] JCK08 Damanleh 06/43 [WO] HEU.. Damaskal (Damascal) (mountain) 12/39 [+ It] HDS60 Dambacha, see Dembecha HFD47 Dambagwina, see Indabaguna HCD93 Dambala (lake), see Abaya HBM73 Dambaldoro, see Dembel Doro HC... dambali (O) deep /water/ Dambara, see Denbara Kela dambas (Som) ash, ashes JBS46 Dambas 04/43 [WO] JCK74 Dambasuerer [=Dambas Werer?] 06/42 [Gz] 06 58'/42 52' 625 m HBL29 Dambau (hill) 03 52'/39 14' 03/39 [WO Gz] HER07 Dambea, see Dembea dambi (O) 1. large wild fig tree, Ficus spp, F. thonningii; 2. custom, law, rule; dambi (Som) blame; crime; dambee (Som) be last, be behind HCD77 Dambi (area), cf Dembi 06/38 [WO] HCR83 Dambi, see Ambuye HD... Dambi (river valley in Wellega) 09/..? [Mi] HDR21 Dambi 10 09'/36 43' 1555 m 10/36 [Wa Gz] JDH33 Dambi (Gebel D.), see Dembi GDF45 Dambidollo (Dambidolo), see Dembidolo -- Dambitu, a clan of the Haroressa of the Borana people HEJ77 Dambiya, see Dembia (also old name of lake Tana) JCL22 Dambrueni, see Damrarweini Dambulla, cf Dembole dambulla bi..: biloow (Som) beginning, start JBG72 Dambulla Billow 04/40 [WO] dame, daamee (O) 1. river; 2. arm HEJ44 Dame 12 11'/37 02' 1801 m 12/37 [Gz] JCG46 Damelei (area) 06/40 [WO] damer, dameer (Som) donkey; damera (A,Geez) the bonfire at the Meskel festival JED04 Damer, M. (area) 739 m 10/42 [WO] JDL40 Damerabob (Domerabob, Domeraba), cf Dabera 09/43 [Gz] 09 25'/43 28' 1473 m on the border of Somalia (also in Somalia if WO map is correct?) JCU37 Damerei, see Demerei JCK31 Damerta (hills) 06/42 [WO] JEA13 Dameto (Demoto) 11 02'/40 07' 1352 m, cf Demmato 11/40 [Gz WO] dami (Som) extinguish, put out light; dhaami (Som) pour water, get water, go for water HCA77 Dami (Damme) (mountain) 06 06'/35 24' 1826 m 06/35 [WO Gz]

17 Coordinates would give map code HCA76 HDH84 Dami 09 46'/36 39' 2158 m 09/36 [Gz] HDJ70 Dami (mountain) 09 48'/36 05' 1289 m 09/36 [Gz] HCA75 Dami sub-district (centre in 1964 = Jegg) 06/35 [LM Ad WO] HFE19 Damicha 13 43'/39 21' 2144 m 13/39 [Gz] HDE44 Damisa 08/38 [WO] damma..: dammete (dammät'ä) (A) crush cotton in order to separate the seeds JEJ32 Dammata 12 01'/41 44' 387 m, cf Demmato 12/41 [WO Gz] HCA77 Damme, see Dami dammi (O) red and yellow /cattle/ HDH76 Dammi (area) 2270 m, cf Dami 09/36 [WO] -- Dammo, name of a Christian group of the Gurage; damo (Gurage) man regarded as 'ritual wife' of the male deity Waq HCK12 Damo 06/37 [Wa] HCS75 Damo 07 56'/37 59' 2869 m 07/37 [18 Gz] HDC79 Damo 08 48'/37 30' 2459 m 08/37 [Gz] -- damo g..: Galila, a tribe of the Ari group HFE54 Damo Galila (Damo Korebta) (mountain) 14/38 [WO Gu Gz] 07 23'/36 58' 2162/2560 m JBP54 Damole (mountain) 05/41 [WO] JBP64 Damole (well) 05 04'/41 03' 05/41 [WO Gz] JCG47 Damole (mountain) 06 45'/40 27' 1973 m 06/40 [Gz] HDH78 Damot 09 42'/36 25' 1895 m 09/36 [Gz] HDK02 Damot 09 08'/37 44' 2097 m 09/37 [AA Gz] H... Damot (historical province) 10/37 [x 18] HED67 Damot 11 27'/38 10' 2547 m 11/38 [Gz] HED98 Damot 11 46'/38 17' 3158 m 11/38 [Gz] KCS85c Damot (near Trijunction Point between countries?) 07/47 [It] HDR78c Damot awraja, see mainly Kola Dega Damot awraja damot ga..: gale, galee (O) climbers and lianes in general HC... Damot Gale sub-district? (-1997-) 06/37? [n] HC... Damot Gale wereda (.. Galie) 06/37? [+ Ad] (centre in 1964 = Jege) (-1994-) is divided into 55 rural and 3 urban kebeles. HCK65c Damot wereda (centre in 1964 = Tora) 06/37 [Ad] H... Damot Weyde wereda (.. Woyde..,.. Woide..)../.. [n] in the North Omo zone ( ) (-1994-) is divided into 51 rural and 2 urban kebeles. damota, daamota, damote (O) cold, chill HCJ70 Damota 07 03'/36 39' 1637 m 07/36 [Gz] HCK57c Damota (area) 06/38 [Gu] HCK63 Damota (Dalbu) (mountain) 06/37 [WO Gu Gz] 06 55'/37 47' 2330/2738 m, see under Soddo HDE40 Damota 08 32'/38 28' 2878 m (with church Mikael) 08/38 [Gz] HDE91 Damota (mountain) 08 59'/38 35' 3191 m 08/38 [Gz] HDJ01 Damota 09 08'/36 43' 3076 m 09/36 [Gz] JDJ45 Damota 2096 m, see under Kombolcha 09/42 [WO] HEF62 Damota kebele 11/39 [Ad] in south-eastern Ambasel wereda at its eastern border, km south of Wichale and 7-11 km north-west of Hayk town; area 1,300 hectares. HDK63 Damoticha 09 40'/37 48' 2489 m, 09/37 [AA Gz]

18 see under Kachisi HCK.. Damotsahi wereda (-1969-) 06/37 [x] in Welamo/Welayita awraja HDL33 Damotu 09 19'/38 43' 2590 m, cf Demoto 09/38 [AA Gz] HEU72 Damra 13 21'/39 34' 2323 m (with church Silase) 13/39 [Gz] JCL22 Damrarweini (Dambrueni) (well) 06 34'/43 37' 06/43 [WO Gz] damu, daamuu (O) 1. burnt-out /fire/; 2. send a message HDD29 Damu 08 13'/38 24' 2154 m 08/38 [Ad Gz] HDD29 Damu, mountain at 08 12'/38 26' 2552 m (centre in 1964 of Acheber sub-district) JEA94 Damuta (Damutta) (mountain) 11/40 [Gz WO] 11 42'/40 11' 803/970 m dana (O) 1. /from Amharic danya/ kind of sub-chief among some of the peoples in southern Ethiopia; 2. muscle of thigh; 3. appearance; 4. promising, prospects HCD51 Dana (island) 05 57'/37 38' 1188/1233 m, 05/37 [WO Gz] in south-western lake Chamo HCD83 Dana (island) 06 11'/37 45' 1168/1268/1285 m 06/37 [WO Gz] HE... Dana (in Wag awraja?) 12/39? [+ Ad] JDA53 Dana 08 38'/40 08' 1903 m 08/40 [Gz] JEA.. Dana, in Yeju awraja 11/40 [x] with the highest centre of Muslim learning in Ethiopia dana ali, cf Ali as first part of name JEB81 Dana Ali (area) 11/40 [WO] HER17 Dana Amba (area) 12/37 [WO] HEM04 Dana kebele 11/39 [Ad] in north-east Habru wereda narrowly along the western border of its "arm" to the north-east, km east of Weldiya; area 1,349 hectares. danab (Som) thunderbolt, thunder HEA93 Danab (Gara D., El Danab, Daneb) 10/35 [Gz] 10 41'/35 04' 662 m JEC02 Danab (area, with boiling spring) 10/41 [WO] danaba: dannaba (O) 1. kind of group song /to cry shame when a thief is caught/; 2. penis HDL89 Danaba, see Deneba & JDB89 JDN99 Danagera (Danaghera) (area), see under Trena 10/40 [+ WO] JBU70 Danaiou (Danziou) (waterhole) 05 13'/44 20' 267 m 05/44 [Gz WO] danan (Som) neighing, to neigh; dhanaan (Som) salty flavour JCL11 Danan, see Denan danane: danaani (Som) large container; denene (dänänä) (T) to lean, to sink JCE00 Danane (Danaue) 05 27'/43 31' 579 m 05/43 [WO n] Coordinates would give map code JCE01 (there was also an Italian concentration camp in Somaliland, for Ethiopians, by the name of Danane) JCL11 Danane, see Denan danane d..: dere (A) a kind of acacia JCD53 Danane Dere 05 55'/42 49' 390 m 05/42 [Gz] JDG87 Danangera (Dananghera) (area) 863 m, cf Danarie 09/40 [+ WO] JEB05 Dananko (Dananco) (area) 10/41 [+ WO] JDK63 Dananley (Dananlei) (area) 09/42 [+ WO] JCK80 Danar (salt well) 07 07'/42 32' 07/42 [WO Gz] JCD53 Danarie (Danane Dere) 397 m 05/42 [MS WO] JEC03 Danat (area) 10/41 [WO]

19 JCE00 HDE56 HEK81 HFE88 danate (O) fertility Danaue, see Danane Dancace, see Denkaka Dancaz (Dangaz, Dankaz), see Denkez danda, denda (A) platform for guards of the crop, set up in a field; danda-a (O) tolerant, patient /male person/ Danda, see Menatu dande (A) 1. strong and stupid; 2. thief, bandit; (O) expression said to a toddler when teaching to walk HBP18 Dande, Gebel (hill) 04 42'/36 27' 04/36 [WO Gz] HBP28 Dande 04 47'/36 26' 684 m 04/36 [WO Gz] HCE66 Dande (Daudo) c m 05/39 [WO Gu] JDK04 Dande (on map of 1814) 09 05'/42 52' 1884 m 09/42 [Gz] dander (A,T) kinds of thistle, Carduus spp., Echinops spp. HEU82 Dandera (Dandela, Dandeia) (village) 13/39 [Gu WO Gz] 13 26'/39 34' 2380 m, see under Kwiha HEU83 Dandera (Dandeia) 13 26'/39 40' 2115 m 13/39 [Gz] (with churches K'irk'os and Mikael) dandi (O) 1. track, footpath, road; 2. skin disease /believed to be caused by sitting near a fire/ JDD70 Dandi (area), cf Dendi 08/42 [WO] JDK13 Dandi (Dhandi) (pass) 09 10'/42 42' 1825 m 09/42 [Gz Gu] HEA93 Daneb, see Danab HCR68 Daneba, at the road to Jimma, cf Unkuri 07/37 [x] HEC43 Danegela, see Dangila H... Danei Kawlos, in Temben south/?/ of Abiy Adi 13/39? [n] archaeological site, rock shelter 13.5 m x 8 m x 3.5 m high H... Danei Tikun, in Temben south/?/ of Abiy Adi 13/39? [n] archaeological site, rock shelter 2 m x 3 m x 3.5 m high HDM26 Daneli, see Wasil HDP.. Dangab (Tulu Dangab, Fre: Toulou D.), cf Dangeb 10/36 [+ x] -- Dangabo (people), see Gonga, and also Shinasha dangaga (O) 1. acid; very fat ox with large horns; dangagga-a (O) fermented, sour /beer/; dangaggo (O) edible plant with very sour juice JDJ43 Dangago, see Dengego HEJ72 Dangal (area), cf Dengel 12/36 [WO] dangala-a (O) liquid HDG94c Dange, about 23 km east-northeast of Mendi 09/35 [x] dange du..: duba (O) 1. sheep's tail; 2. outer surface of an object; (duuba) level diection, not upwards or downwards; dubaa (O) behind, in the rear; dhububaa (O) soaked grain HCS67 Dange Duba (centre of a sub-district in the 1960s) 07/38 [x] dange la..: lashe (A) become tender, weak, soft; (O) typhus HCS.. Dange Lasho, in Dalocha wereda 07/38? [x]?? Dangeb, locality in the Metekel region../.. [20] -- Dangella, see Dangila HEB79 Dangera (Dangara, Dangarra) (area) 11/36 [WO It Gz] 11 15'/36 54' 2131 m HDG86 Dangi, T. (hill), see Dengi HE... Dangia, see Dengiya HDS77 Dangiama (Dangyame, Dangiame) 10/38 [Gz WO] 10 40'/38 14' 2342 m Dangila is also a scientific name of certain fishes HEC43 Dangila (Dangla, Danghila, Dangilla, Dangela) 11/36 [Gz MS WO Te]

20 (Danghela, Dangala, Dungoler) 11 16'/36 51' 11/36 [Gu x] (11 17'/36 55' = HEC43; 1940s source: 11 25'/36 55') MS coordinates would give map code HEC /2235 m, (old Dangila) 2330 m 11/36 [Gu] Centre at least of Agew Midir awraja & in 1964 of Dangila wereda. Within a radius of 10 km there are is km 5SE Sambuo (village) 6S Gumidiv Abba (church) 10S Afra (village) 4W Akunda (Acunda) (with church) 5NE Abelta Giyorgis (Avelta Gheorgis) (church) 9NE Yoboden Amnri (Iovoden A.) (church) 10?? Saguma (summit) 2492 m HEC43 Dangila wereda (Dangella..) 11/36 [En] centre 1990s- = Dangila (1994) is divided into 52 rural and 7 urban kebeles dangille (A) ram HEH36 Dangilli (Dangili) (area) 12/36 [+ WO] HDP22 Dangiza (area) 10/35 [WO] dango: dangoo, Oromo word meaning what? HDG18 Dango 09 12'/35 34' 1563 m 09/35 [Gz] HD... Dangor, Tulu Wayu (in Gudru awraja) 09/37? [Ad] HER25 Dangora, see Dangura HD... Dangora Dise (in Gimbi awraja) 09/35? [Ad] HEA37 Danguei, see Tangui HEC67 Danguel, see Gentenya HEB52 Dangur (Dangvur) 11 22'/35 57' 2375 m 11/35 [Gz Gu WO] (high plateau) peak 2488 m, cf Dongur HEB95 Dangur 11 45'/36 11' 1239 m 11/36 [Gz] HEH05c Dangur 11/36 [MS Ad n] (centre in 1964 of Dangur wereda & sub-district) ( ) HEH22 Dangur (Dangvur), see Dunkur HEB52c Dangur wereda 11/35 [20] (-1994-) is divided into 47 rural kebeles and 1 urban. HE... Dangura (in Metekel awraja) 11/36? [Ad] HER25 Dangura (Dangora) 12 52'/37 06' 1249 m 12/37 [Gz Ad Pa] (centre in 1964 of Dawa sub-district) (also historically recorded area) HCL32 Dangure Ticha 06 37'/38 37' 2584 m 06/38 [Gz] HED63 Dangyadas (Danghiadas) (area) 11/37 [+ WO] HDS77 Dangyame, see Dangiama JDG33 Danihile (area) 966 m 09/40 [WO] JDR93 Danikel (Danichel) (area) 10/41 [+ WO] HFC75 Danilo, see Sof Omar HEM93 Danis 12 39'/39 37' 1698 m 12/39 [Gz] danisa, danissa, danessa (O) kinds of large tree, Dombeya spp., Dombeya schimperiana; danissa (O) kinds of forest tree, Apodytes dimidiata, Dombeya torrida; dannisa (O) 1. purified honey, white honey /named from trees that produce it/; 2. "fatherhood" ceremony in the Oromo gada system, bringing to conclusion a forty-year cycle HDK07 Danisa 09 06'/38 14' 2660 m (with church Mikael) 09/38 [AA Gz] HDK19 Danisa 09 12'/38 24' 2657 m 09/38 [AA Gz] HDK34 Danisa 09 22'/37 56' 2372 m 09/37 [AA Gz]

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The Emergence of Human Societies, to 3000 B.C.E.

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Wild Things at School

Wild Things at School Wild Things at School A book for Primary School Teachers by Éanna Ní Lamhna Illustrations by Christine Warner Wild Things at School Wild Things at School A book for Primary School Teachers by Éanna Ní

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Ben set his book down on the table.

Ben set his book down on the table. 3 Canada s First Peoples Ben set his book down on the table. He was very confused. He had never really thought before about what the word nation meant. Just then, Sara walked into the room. How s it going?

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THE LEARNING CIRCLE. c l a s s r o o m a c t i v i t i e s o n f i r s t n a t i o n s i n c a n a d a. a g e s 8 t o 1 1

THE LEARNING CIRCLE. c l a s s r o o m a c t i v i t i e s o n f i r s t n a t i o n s i n c a n a d a. a g e s 8 t o 1 1 THE LEARNING CIRCLE c l a s s r o o m a c t i v i t i e s o n f i r s t n a t i o n s i n c a n a d a a g e s 8 t o 1 1 A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s a n d C r e d i t s The Learning Circle: Classroom

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What did Europeans see when they looked at the New World and the Native Americans?

What did Europeans see when they looked at the New World and the Native Americans? What did Europeans see when they looked at the New World and the Native Americans? Documents collected and text updated by Peter Pappas www.peterpappas.com Document 1: From a letter by Christopher Columbus

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Manual A Vegetable Garden for All 5th Edition FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS A vegetable garden for all Manual A Vegetable Garden for All 5th Edition FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS Manual A Vegetable Garden for All 5th Edition A vegetable garden for all

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Text Mark W. Lockwood. Conservation Biologist, Natural Resource Program. Editorial Direction Georg Zappler. Art Director Elena T.

Text Mark W. Lockwood. Conservation Biologist, Natural Resource Program. Editorial Direction Georg Zappler. Art Director Elena T. Learn about... A Learning and Activity Book Color your own guide to the birds that wing their way across the plains, hills, forests, deserts and mountains of Texas. Text Mark W. Lockwood Conservation Biologist,

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They Wrote on Clay. The Babylonian Tablets Speak Today. By EDWARD CHIERA. Edited by GEORGE G. CAMERON

They Wrote on Clay. The Babylonian Tablets Speak Today. By EDWARD CHIERA. Edited by GEORGE G. CAMERON They Wrote on Clay They Wrote on Clay The Babylonian Tablets Speak Today By EDWARD CHIERA Edited by GEORGE G. CAMERON V5 W> THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS CHICAGO AND LONDON THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO

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"Where there is a promise, there is a tragedy"

Where there is a promise, there is a tragedy "Where there is a promise, there is a tragedy" Cross-border bombings and shellings of villages in the Kurdish region of Iraq by the nations of Turkey and Iran TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Christian Peacemaker

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Every Day I Learn Through Play!

Every Day I Learn Through Play! Every Day I Learn Through Play! ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH YOUR INFANT OR TODDLER 1ST EDITION welcome Best wishes on your new baby! Your new arrival is ready to learn. No need to buy fancy programs or expensive

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All-Hazards Preparedness Guide

All-Hazards Preparedness Guide Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response All-Hazards Preparedness Guide Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The All-Hazards Preparedness Guide is a publication of the Office of Public Health

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Will you listen? Young voices from conflict zones

Will you listen? Young voices from conflict zones Will you listen? Young voices from conflict zones Machel Study 10-year Strategic Review children and Conflict in a changing world The 1996 UN report The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children, widely known

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The America I Have Seen : In the Scale of Human Values (1951) By Sayyid Qutb. First Episode

The America I Have Seen : In the Scale of Human Values (1951) By Sayyid Qutb. First Episode The America I Have Seen : In the Scale of Human Values (1951) By Sayyid Qutb SAYYID QUTB was Egypt s most prominent Islamic activist and the most famous member of the Muslim Brothers organization until

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All I have to say. Separated children in their own words

All I have to say. Separated children in their own words All I have to say Separated children in their own words The artwork used in this publication is by young people involved in this project. Many thanks to Kitty Rogers and the Hugh Lane Gallery for facilitating

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The One-Straw Revolution

The One-Straw Revolution The One-Straw Revolution i ii Masanobu Fukuoka The One-Straw Revolution An Introduction to Natural Farming With a Preface by Partap Aggarwal Edited by Larry Korn Other India Press Mapusa, Goa, India iii

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DO THE ROT THING. A Teacher s Guide to Compost Activities ORGANICS

DO THE ROT THING. A Teacher s Guide to Compost Activities ORGANICS DO THE ROT THING A Teacher s Guide to Compost Activities C V S W M D ORGANICS This guide was originally published in July 1997 by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority & Source Reduction and Recycling

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River Otter in the Wilderness, Molly J., Age 10, California, Art Finalist (top left)

River Otter in the Wilderness, Molly J., Age 10, California, Art Finalist (top left) Cover: Artwork from The River of Words 2000 art contest River Otter in the Wilderness, Molly J., Age 10, California, Art Finalist (top left) Quick as My Thought, Rachel R., Age 8, California, Art Winner

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DEDICATION PART ONE Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 PART TWO Chapter

DEDICATION PART ONE Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 PART TWO Chapter 1960 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee Copyright (C) 1960 by Harper Lee Copyright (C) renewed 1988 by Harper Lee Published by arrangement with McIntosh and Otis, Inc. CONTENTS DEDICATION PART ONE Chapter

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Home Cures and Popular Beliefs

Home Cures and Popular Beliefs Where There Is No Doctor 2013 1 Home Cures and Popular Beliefs CHAPTER 1 Everywhere on earth people use home remedies. In some places, the older or traditional ways of healing have been passed down from

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Kirill Yeskov. The Last Ringbearer. 1999 Kirill Yeskov, afranius999@gmail.com. 2010 Yisroel Markov (English translation), ey.markov@hotmail.

Kirill Yeskov. The Last Ringbearer. 1999 Kirill Yeskov, afranius999@gmail.com. 2010 Yisroel Markov (English translation), ey.markov@hotmail. Kirill Yeskov The Last Ringbearer 1999 Kirill Yeskov, afranius999@gmail.com 2010 Yisroel Markov (English translation), ey.markov@hotmail.com For non-commercial distribution only Part I Vae Victis... 4

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From under his coat, Mr. Tanner fetched out a small white ball of piglet. She had a pink nose and pink ears, and there was even a wisp or two of pink

From under his coat, Mr. Tanner fetched out a small white ball of piglet. She had a pink nose and pink ears, and there was even a wisp or two of pink From under his coat, Mr. Tanner fetched out a small white ball of piglet. She had a pink nose and pink ears, and there was even a wisp or two of pink in the fork of her toes. You mean this pig is going

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First Aid BASIC CLEANLINESS AND PROTECTION 75 First Aid BASIC CLEANLINESS AND PROTECTION CHAPTER 10 When a person is hurt, the most important thing is to help. But you also must protect yourself from HIV and other blood-borne diseases. When someone

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INTO THE WOODS. Screenplay by. James Lapine. Music and Lyrics by. Stephen Sondheim. Based on the musical by. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

INTO THE WOODS. Screenplay by. James Lapine. Music and Lyrics by. Stephen Sondheim. Based on the musical by. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine INTO THE WOODS Screenplay by James Lapine Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Based on the musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine ii. MUSICAL NUMBERS Prologue: Into the Woods (page 1)...Baker, Cinderella,

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