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1 64 C L A S S N O T E S Payon, 96, Takes Yoga Behind Bars By Suar Glascock Every Friday nigh Gwendolyn Payon, 96, ransiions from opfligh class-acion liigaor o jailhouse yoga insrucor. Her meamorphosis unfurls in her 41 s -floor office in Seale s downown financial disric, where Payon is a parner a Lane Powell PC, one of he Pacific Norhwes s larges law firms. Firs, she holsers her always-on Blackberry and swaps her professional courroom aire for gym ogs. On a 12-minue walk o he jail, Payon makes he menal leap. She emporarily sidelines houghs of her firm s class-acion pracice group, hiring, and pro-bono commiees, all of which she chairs. As she leaves behind he Emerald Ciy s posmodern glass and seel public library, luxury reailers, and heaers, she ponders he srange, hidden subculure she s abou o penerae. Jus beyond he urban gliz and glamour, she arrives a a drab, manila-colored, concree forress: he King Couny Correcional Faciliy. Buil in 1986, he 20-sory srucure could have been designed by Kafka for he KGB. I exudes misery. Clearing securiy a gaunle of idenificaion checks, meal deecors, surveillance cams, remoe-conrolled seel doors, and guards wih guns and Tasers exracs 40 minues. Inside he lockup, 14 edgy men in burn-orange, jail-issued jumpsuis queue up for yoga in he clink. For he nex wo hours, Payon pilos hem hrough a axing series of yoga posures poses ha exhaus muscles from he inside ou. The men wis, lunge, and swea no o pump up heir biceps, bu o build up inner migh. In her class, he firs 30 minues really ire hem physically. I s he bes gif I can give hem, Payon says. They will be sweaing and screaming and moaning. I ge immediae feedback. They are no shy. PHOTO BY SCOTT ELMQUIST, COURTSY OF RICHMONDPRIVATEYOGA.COM As he session ends, he men bask, sreched ou on he floor. Their chess rise and fall in slow, relaxed rhyhms. The deep breahing warms he insrucor s hear. This is when I know i is successful, she says. When i s over, he inmaes file back o heir mulilevel cell blocks feeling less confronaional and high srung. I have always fel called o serve he incarceraed, Payon says. I am commied o his. I believe in he ransformaive power of yoga. In a big par of ha service, Payon voluneers for Yoga Behind Bars, a Washingon sae nonprofi ha places cerified yoga eachers inside correcional seings. Abou 35 yoga eachers give free classes a seven prisons and jails. Teaching yoga in a freneic jail reminds Naalie Smih, execuive direcor of Yoga Behind Bars, of emergency room riage: Many jail deainees awai ransfer, release, or rial and do no ye know he lengh of heir imprisonmen. And some face shock a being incarceraed. Ohers endure wihdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Many suffer war zone like injuries from gang fighs, sabbings, gunshos, or car wrecks. Everyone looks over heir shoulders. We are rying o keep people safe and sane in ha momen, Smih says. We re rying o give someone a momen of peace in heir mos difficul hour. Ciing he benefis of mindfulness pracices, correcions-based menal healh professionals cheer Yoga Behind Bars. The program coss axpayers nohing. Voluneers who provide programs o inmaes are he unsung heroes in correcions, says Commander William Hayes, spokesman for he jail. One Seale jail yoga suden said he program should exend all over he jail, no jus one uni. Anoher praised he exercise: For a second, I was a complee peace wih myself. Pracicing yoga can spark unexpeced emoions; jailed men someimes shed ears in yoga class, Payon says. The average age in men s jail is 37. Four of five are incarceraed for nonviolen conduc, such as propery offenses and criminal respass. Behind bars, Payon doesn dig ino Easern philosophy or explore Sanskri erms. We re no here o do anyhing bu yoga, Payon says. The yoga allows he men o manage sress. They experience calm. For more abou his sory, visi edu/quadrangle. PHOTO BY KEVIN CASEY

2 C L A S S N O T E S 1966 Jon Carlson received a Lifeime Achievemen Award a he Insiuional Invesor Magazine s 19h annual Muual Fund Indusry Awards Ceremony for his acions as an independen direcor of muual funds ha helped reform fund governance rules and pracices o beer serve he ineress of shareholders John J. McGonagle has coauhored his 20h book, Proacive Inelligence: The Successful Execuive s Guide o Inelligence (Springer), wih Carolyn M. Vella Gregory L. Curner has joined Schiff Hardin LLP as a parner, and is leading he firm s Anirus and Trade Regulaion Pracice firm- wide, working from boh he Ann Arbor and New York offices. He also will be inegral o he firm s Spors Law Pracice. Before joining Schiff Hardin, he was a principal a Miller Canfield in Ann Arbor. John S. Pfarr has wrien a book, The Invenor s Forune Up For Grabs (Book Publishers Nework), along wih one of his cliens, Suzanne G. Beyer. The book ells he sory, from wo perspecives, of a group of 10 cousins rying o receive some of heir grea-uncle s rus before i falls ino he hands of srangers. Pfarr shows he case s journey hrough he Rhode Island cour sysem, while his clien, Beyer, shows he reader wha happened in her family of cousins during his six-year case. The Will on Invesigaion Discovery feaured he esae sory las year and feaured Pfarr and Beyer. David Lick,, a shareholder a Foser Swif Collins & Swif P.C., was eleced o he 2012 execuive commiee for he Design-Build Insiue of America (DBIA). Lick will oversee public-privae parnerships for he DBIA Edmund Cooke Jr. has joined Gordon & Rees LLP as senior counsel in he firm s Washingon, D.C., office. In addiion o counseling and represening Forune 500 companies in legal maers covering a wide array of employmen issues, he specializes in diversiy counseling and providing assisance wih complex dispues and invesigaions from regulaory agencies and civil righs groups. He also helps cliens design and implemen diversiy plans and employmen audis, crisis communicaions, and diversiy supplier programs. He is making he move o Gordon & Rees from he D.C. office of Drinker Biddle & Reah LLP, where he was a member of he Labor & Employmen Group Bruce Howell joined Schwabe, Williamson & Wya in he firm s Porland, Oregon, office. He joins Schwabe from he Dallas office of he S. Louis based law firm Bryan Cave LLC, and will coninue o focus his pracice in he area of healh care a Schwabe. He has exensive experience wih physician pracice issues, fraud and abuse, and reimbursemen James D. Spaniolo, presiden of The Universiy of Texas a Arlingon, will reire from he universiy. He will coninue o lead he universiy unil he Universiy of Texas Sysem Board of Regens complees a search for his successor. Under his leadership, UT Arlingon has been ransformed ino a residenial campus ha forms he nucleus of a growing college own, and his adminisraion is credied for dramaically lifing and improving he profile of he Universiy boosing enrollmen, increasing research expendiures, recruiing new faculy, assembling a srong execuive eam, srenghening he academic profile, leading he way in online and inernaional educaion programs, and consrucing major new faciliies. He also forged collaboraive parnerships wih he Ciy of Arlingon and oher insiuions and organizaions, boh public and privae Parick E. Mears, a parner in Barnes & Thornburg s Grand Rapids office, has been re-eleced chair of he naional Finance, Insolvency, and Resrucuring Deparmen. He has served in he leadership posiion for he pas six years. In addiion, he has been appoined as an observer o wo Uniform Law Commission commiees. His assigned commiees include he Receivership Sudy Commiee and he Residenial Real Esae Morgage Foreclosure Process and Proecions Drafing Commiee. Also, he has been eleced presiden of he Wes Michigan Chaper of he Turnaround Managemen Associaion (TMA) for As presiden, he will officially represen he chaper and will ake on various responsibiliies, including planning and coordinaing aciviies for he chaper and conducing meeings of he chaper s board of direcors,. He previously served as chair of TMA s Programs and Membership Commiee, and as a member of he board of direcors. Mark Mesel is he recipien of he Washingon Associaion of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2012 William O. Douglas Award. This is considered he organizaion s mos presigious honor, recognizing an ousanding aorney who exemplifies exraordinary achievemen, courage, and dedicaion o he pracice of criminal law. He has been a member of he Washingon Associaion of Criminal Defense Lawyers since is creaion, and he has been pracicing for more han 30 years. 65

3 C L A S S N O T E S Randall R. Hall was named he new Business Law Deparmen leader a Plunke Cooney, where he is a parner. He focuses his personal pracice in he areas of banking law and commercial real esae, and he has been licensed o pracice in Michigan and Texas for more han 30 years. In his role as Business Law Deparmen leader, he oversees he day-o-day operaions of he firm s Corporae and Transacional Pracice, which includes approximaely 50 aorneys in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Anhony J. Kolenic Jr., a parner wih Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, has been honored wih Muskegon (Michigan) Communiy College s Disinguished Alumni Award. The Disinguished Alumni Award is given annually and is he highes honor ha he college besows upon is alumni. He received he award based on his ousanding achievemens boh in his personal and professional life and for his commimen o communiy service. In addiion o he award, he spoke o graduaing sudens during he commencemen ceremony in April Seveneen members of he class of 79, along wih 13 of heir spouses, decided no o wai for a reunion year o ge ogeher. They me up he weekend of March 16 18, 2012, a he John Ruledge House in Charleson, Souh Carolina, and had a wonderful ime. Julie A. Greenberg published a book wih NYU Press, Inersexualiy and he Law: Why Sex Maers. She is a law professor and former associae dean of faculy a Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. She eaches Business Associaions, Sexualiy and he Law, and Gender and he Law. Her recen scholarship, which has been cied by a number of cours, focuses on legal issues relaed o inersexualiy and gender ideniy. Seven D. Weyhing has joined he law firm of Warner Norcross & Judd LLP as senior counsel. He will concenrae his pracice on liigaion, governmen, uiliy, agriculural, and environmenal law, pracicing in he firm s Lansing, Michigan, office. Prior o joining Warner Norcross, he was a member of Kelley Cawhorne in Lansing. He has also worked a he law firms of Buzel Long and Miller Canfield Ron Heller was eleced vice chair of he Land Use Commission of he Sae of Hawaii. He was appoined o he commission in 2010 by Governor Linda Lingle, and was eleced by he commission iself as vice chair for He coninues o pracice law in Honolulu, concenraing on ax and business liigaion, wih Torkildson Kaz. Charles Herlein, a parner in Dinsmore s Cincinnai office, has been recognized for his superior clien service as a 2012 BTI Clien Service All-Sar. The honor is awarded by BTI Consuling Group. He is a parner in Dinsmore s Corporae Deparmen, primarily pracicing in corporae, securiies, and mergers and acquisiions. Elaine Mileman has been working on he issue of pos office closings, and her work was feaured in an aricle in he Washingon Pos, NoVa residens bale o save local pos offices. She is fighing o save her local Pos Office, and she has begun advising oher groups around he counry on how o obain documens and challenge rulings before heir pos offices are closed Charles M. Denon, a parner in Barnes & Thornburg LLP s Grand Rapids, Michigan, office and chair of he firm s Environmenal Deparmen, has been eleced o he Michigan Chemisry Counsel s (MCC) board of direcors for a one-year erm. He was appoined a he MCC Annual Meeing in May. Denon will coninue as chair of he MCC Governmen Affairs Commiee Mark T. Boonsra, a principal in he Ann Arbor office of Miller Canfield, has been reappoined by he Michigan Supreme Cour o he Commiee on Model Civil Jury Insrucions, which drafs sandard insrucions for juries in civil cases. The commiee, comprising 21 lawyers and judges, is charged wih ensuring ha he Model Civil Jury Insrucions are concise, undersandable, conversaional, no slaned, and no argumenaive. I also has he auhoriy o amend or repeal exising insrucions and, when appropriae, adop new insrucions. A Miller Canfield, he is co-chair of he firm s Appellae Secion and depuy leader of he Liigaion Group, handling business and commercial dispues of all kinds. Bill Dobbs penned an aricle iled Jusice Doesn Require Vengeance ha was published on The New York Times websie in April in he Room for Debae secion.

4 Saudek, 69: Harnessing Solar Energy o Ligh Up Liberia By Lori Aheron In a counry where mos homes lack elecriciy, kids can sudy, businesses can operae, people can do heir work a home, says Rober Saudek, 69. Tha s why he is working wih he Liberian Energy Nework (LEN) o bring solar lighs o one of he poores counries in he world. Saudek is he vice presiden, reasurer, and direcor of LEN, a nonprofi organizaion founded by Richard Fahey, a reired environmenal lawyer from Ohio and former Peace Corps voluneer who served in Liberia in he 1960s. The wo me in 2011, when boh were fellows of Harvard Universiy s Advanced Leadership Iniiaive, a program ha helps laecareer or reired professionals apply heir leadership skills oward addressing social problems. Wha appealed o me abou LEN is ha here is a serious need for elecriciy in Liberia; houses jus go dark a nigh, says Saudek, a founder and reired managing parner of Morris, Manning & Marin, LLP, one of Alana s larges law firms. And ye, here is a soluion hese solar lighs, which are porable and no erribly expensive. Like many Third World counries, Liberia is sruggling o rebuild is infrasrucure, paricularly is elecric grid, following more han a decade of civil war, which ended in While some businesses and some affluen Liberians use generaors, mos of he counry s poorer inhabians are forced o rely on firewood, candleligh, or kerosene lamps o ligh heir homes and businesses afer sundown. Saudek made his firs visi o Liberia in May o work on he disribuion of LEN s firs shipmen of 200 solar lighs. Anoher order of 540 lighs already has been placed, and a hird shipmen is expeced o reach Liberia laer in he year. The goal, he says, is o have 2,000 solar lighs delivered o Liberia in he firs year of LEN s exisence. LEN sells he lighs in is reail shop in he capial of Monrovia, as well as hrough parner organizaions, such as he Gana Mehodis Mission Hospial, Advanced Youh Projec, and he Chris Nework for Good, charging only enough for he lighs o offse he cos of manufacuring, shipping, and oher operaional expenses. There is a rend in he social enerprise world no o give hings away, bu raher o creae revenue o he exen necessary o break even and ry o make i affordable o he people you are rying o reach, Saudek says. I s basically a break-even, nonprofi model. Several sizes and ypes of solar lighs are available; he smalles is a reading ligh, which coss abou $17, while he larges (more han $500) is capable of lighing a hospial ward. Anoher model, roughly he size of a porable flashligh, sells for $62 and has he abiliy o charge cell phones, which have become popular in Liberia in recen years, bu are expensive o charge considering he average Liberian makes 52 cens a day. The cell phone phenomenon is inconsisen wih a counry ha has oo lile money, Saudek says, and ye five or so years ago, people sared buying cell phones. I s really he only way people can say in ouch and operae over here. Bu here is a cos o charge cell phones; you have o go o cellphone charging ceners, and ha coss $40 o $50 per year. Mos of our solar lighs no only will provide lighing for he purchasers bu also will allow he purchasers o save he cos of charging heir cell phones, and will provide opporuniies for he purchasers o generae income by charging heir friends and neighbors o charge heir cell phones on he solar ligh. Providing a soluion o Liberia s energy needs, as well as seeing how recepive Liberians are o using solar energy, is fulfilling for Saudek, who considers his work wih LEN o be a new career. I s been a wonderful developmen o have a second career of his ype, Saudek says. Taking on somehing ha s consequenial and challenging and doing good for people who are in severe need has been a grea hing for me. I would encourage oher lawyers a his sage of heir careers o look ino doing somehing like his. They won regre i. For more informaion on he Liberian Energy Nework, visi 67

5 Shahshahani, 04, Eleced Presiden of Naional Lawyers Guild Profi is being made by he imprisonmen of human beings in subsandard condiions. Law Quadrangle Spring 2012 Azadeh Shahshahani, 04 PHOTO BY MARKO ROBINSON By Lara Zielin Azadeh Shahshahani was born in 1979, four days afer he Iranian revoluion. Her name means free-spiried in Persian, so i s perhaps fiing ha, oday, Shahshahani direcs he Naional Securiy and Immigrans Righs Projec a he ACLU of Georgia. From his pos, she works on human-righs issues and bales for he fair reamen of refugees and immigrans, especially hose behind bars. I hough for a ime you had o be in he Unied Naions or in some major meropolian area o do human-righs work and make a difference, says Shahshahani, he newly eleced presiden of he Naional Lawyers Guild (NLG) he firs woman of color ever o hold he posiion. As i urns ou, here s pleny o do righ here in he Unied Saes. Shahshahani, 04, was in her second semeser of law school when he Sepember 11 erroris aacks occurred. I immediaely sared hearing abou friends being approached by he FBI. Many hough hey had o subjec hemselves o quesioning wihou legal represenaion. These pos-9/11 experiences showed Shahshahani how vulnerable cerain communiies could be o discriminaion. When Shahshahani graduaed, she wen wih her husband, Maysam Ghovanloo (MS 03, PhD 04), whom she me a U-M, o Norh Carolina, where he had a eaching job. There, she approached he Norh Carolina ACLU wih he idea for a projec ha would empower [Muslim and immigran communiies] during FBI quesioning, or while facing discriminaory pracices. Once her husband landed a job a Georgia Tech, Shahshahani expanded her role wih he ACLU in Georgia. When I sared, i was in he middle of he Georgia legislaive session, she says. The legislaure was in he process of rying o pass a hos of ani-immigran measures. In addiion, people in a local couny where local police had become involved wih immigraion enforcemen were geing picked up and arresed, and he condiions in he jail a ha ime were no humane. I go o work immediaely. Shahshahani has baled irelessly o improve condiions in immigraion deenion ceners. Georgia has four one of which is he larges in he Unied Saes. She helped wrie a repor on a hree-year sudy of he ceners, and he condiions inside. The repor documens violaions of deainees due-process righs, inadequae living condiions, inadequae medical and menal healh care, and abuse of power by hose in charge. One of Shahshahani s goals is o ge hose faciliies ha are managed by privae companies o rever back o governmen oversigh. Profi is being made by he imprisonmen of human beings in subsandard condiions, she says. As presiden of NLG he counry s oldes nework of public-ineres and human-righs aciviss working wihin he legal sysem she looks forward o beer engaging law sudens wih a passion for social jusice and law. NLG lawyers have radiionally worked wih people who have had heir righs violaed, she says. I s criical o expose hese violaions, o creae conversaion around i. Tha s wha needs o happen in order o creae change. 68

6 C L A S S N O T E S Tim Heser, a parner a Covingon & Burling LLP in Washingon, D.C., was eleced o serve a second four- year erm as chair of he Managemen Commiee. His pracice is concenraed in he field of anirus liigaion and anirus counseling maers. Richard I. Werder Jr. has been induced as a fellow in he American College of Trial Lawyers. He is a parner a Quinn Emanuel in New York Jonahan Hollingsworh became he Ohio Sae Bar Associaion s (OSBA) presiden-elec a he OSBA s Annual Convenion in Cincinnai. He will ake office as OSBA presiden on July 1, He is principal in he Dayon firm of J. Hollingsworh & Associaes, LLC, where he concenraes on liigaion, employmen, corporae and business, insurance defense, medical malpracice, personal injury, and legal disciplinary maers. Denise J. Lewis, a parner a Honigman Miller Schwarz and Cohn LLP, has been appoined o he Board of Trusees for S. John Providence Healh Sysem, one of he larges providers of inpaien care in Michigan and one of he larges employers in mero Deroi. She has served on he boards of several nonprofi organizaions in Mero Deroi over he years. She is a member of Honigman s Real Esae Deparmen. Humphrey School of Public Affairs a he Universiy of Minnesoa, overseeing many aspecs of he suden experience, from recruimen o career planning. Prior o ha, she praciced law for 25 years in various capaciies a he Minnesoa Aorney General s Office, including service as depuy aorney general of he Law Enforcemen Secion. Rose Ann Sullivan has joined TechVision21, a Washingon, D.C. based firm of echnology policy expers, as a senior adviser. She brings more han 25 years of experience in business, law, and governmen o he TechVision21 eam, where she coninues o advise cliens on issues peraining o echnology and inellecual propery Rober A. Boonin, a frequen speaker on labor and employmen maers, was a feaured speaker during he Sociey for Human Resource Managemen Annual Conference & Exhibiion. This is he sixh consecuive year ha he has been invied o presen a his conference. He is an aorney and shareholder wih Buzel Long in Ann Arbor, and his pracice is concenraed in he areas of labor, employmen discriminaion, and educaion law. Hans-Michael Giesen, LLM, formed a new Berlin based law firm, which will be known as Giesen Heidbrink, wih Alfried Heidbrink in March. Boh iniially were parners for many years a Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and is legacy firms. His pracice focuses on company law, ransacions, and corporae noarial services. Bill Sailer has been eleced as a fellow in he College of Labor & Employmen Lawyers. His curren role is senior vice presiden and legal counsel a Qualcomm Inc., where he has praciced for he las 15 years Carolyn Evani was named presiden of The Komen Phoenix board of direcors for She has served on he board since 2009, mos recenly as vice presiden. She was he chair of he 2009 Komen Phoenix Race for he Cure and was named he Komen Phoenix Affiliae Voluneer of he Year in J. Adam Rohsein, a parner in Honigman Miller Schwarz and Cohn LLP s Real Esae Deparmen, has been appoined Michigan sae direcor for he Inernaional Council of Shopping Ceners Inc. (ICSC) for a oneyear erm. In his voluneer role, he will advocae for he ineress of owners, developers, invesors, markeers, and oher reail specialiss across he sae. His pracice is focused on counseling shopping cener, hoel, self-sorage, and office building owners and invesors, naionally, in acquisiions, disposiions, financings, and major enan leasing. He also advises real esae owners and operaors in join venures, syndicaions, and invesmen fund creaion Margare Chuich serves as a judge on he Minnesoa Cour of Appeals, having been appoined by Governor Mark Dayon in January Before ha, she served for hree years as assisan dean a he Huber H. Reed D. Rubinsein, former senior counsel and Regulaory Commiee Execuive a he U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has joined Dinsmore s Washingon, D.C., office. He joins he firm as a parner in he Corporae Deparmen, focusing his pracice on regulaory and federal advocacy maers. 69

7 C L A S S N O T E S Law Quadrangle Spring Alison Kean Campbell was appoined general counsel of Mero in Porland, Oregon. Mero is he only regionally eleced governmen in he counry, responsible for region-wide growh, land use, parks, and ransporaion planning for he Porland area s 25 ciies and hree counies. She and her husband, Bruce Campbell, 88, live in Porland and have wo children, Annie, a junior a Darmouh, and Ben, a senior in high school. Vince Hess, a parner in he Dallas office of inernaional law firm Locke Lord, is coauhor of a chaper in he Third Ediion of well-read legal reaise Business and Commercial Liigaion in Federal Cours. He and a colleague coauhored a chaper on Coss and Disbursemens in a reference volume ha is considered he go-o source for commercial liigaion. Ma Hrebec, a shareholder in he Lansing, Michigan, office of Foser Swif Collins & Smih, P.C., was eleced o serve on he firm s Execuive Commiee as reasurer. His primary pracice areas are corporae ransacions, securiies regulaion, and employee benefis William Bock III, a parner wih Indianapolis-based Kroger, Gardis & Regas LLP, was a speaker a he U-M Law School s Spors Law Sociey conference, Going for he Gold, a symposium abou he legal issues surrounding he summer Olympics. He has subsanial experience in ahleic drug esing maers and spors eligibiliy dispues. He also serves as general counsel o he Unied Saes Ani-Doping Agency. John Jocko Knappmann has been appoined o he execuive saff of he Wayne Couny CEO o work in he area of governmenal relaions and special projecs. He has worked for Wayne Couny, Michigan, in various capaciies since his graduaion from law school. He also is an adjunc lecurer for criminal jusice courses wih he Deroi campus of he Universiy of Phoenix and recenly was eleced reasurer of he Wayne Couny Ar Insiue Auhoriy Board. Jeffrey A. O, a parner a he law firm Warner Norcross & Judd LLP in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been appoined o a hree-year erm on he Albion College Board of Trusees. Albion College is an independen residenial college in souh-cenral Michigan. His pracice is concenraed in securiies and business law, wih an emphasis on financial insiuions. Kiren Dosanjh Zucker was promoed o he rank of professor in he College of Business and Economics a California Sae Universiy, Norhridge. She eaches managemen and business law courses James R. Rowader Jr. was named by he Associaion of Corporae Counsel as a 2012 ACC Value Champion. He is vice presiden and general counsel for employee and labor relaions a Targe Corporaion. Addiionally, he and fellow Michigan Law alum Theresa Harris, 91, celebraed heir 20h wedding anniversary on Labor Day Joseph Schmi, a shareholder a Nilan Johnson Lewis in Minneapolis, was named by he Associaion of Corporae Counsel (ACC) as a 2012 ACC Value Champion. The judges commended him for handling employmen and labor law work wih a variey of fee arrangemens ha have generaed predicabiliy and savings. Melissa Taum has been named direcor of he Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program (IPLP) a he Universiy of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. She joined he college in January 2009 as a research professor of law and associae direcor of IPLP. She is a naionally renowned scholar on federal Indian law, paricularly wih respec o ribal cours Oo Beay III, co-owner of E.E. Ward Moving & Sorage Co. LLC, was appoined o he Small Business Council of he Columbus (Ohio) Chamber of Commerce for a hree-year erm. The Small Business Council reinforces he chamber s mission o beer serve he small business communiy and he Columbus business environmen. Addiionally, E.E. Ward Moving & Sorage Co. LLC, has been seleced by he Beer Business Bureau (BBB) Cener for Characer Ehics o receive he 2012 Torch Award for EhicalEnerprising. Beay also was seleced by Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman o represen he ciy a he Whie House Business Council and Business Forward forum. Noah A. Finkel of Seyfarh Shaw LLP coauhored a book, Wage & Hour Collecive and Class Liigaion (Law Journal Press), wih his parners Bre C. Barle and Andrew M. Paley. Richard E. Golden has joined he law firm of Parker McCay P.A. as an associae. He joins he School Law Deparmen and is based in he firm s Lawrenceville, New Jersey, office. His pracice is focused in he areas of school law and public secor labor/employmen. Prior o joining Parker McCay, he was counsel o he superinenden of Camden Communiy Services in New Jersey for six years. John H. Goselin II has joined Duane Morris as a parner in he firm s Trial Pracice Group in is Alana office. He joins Duane Morris from Ceera Financial Group, where he was chief liigaion counsel. He focuses his pracice in he area of financial services liigaion. He represens broker-dealers and invesmen advisers on a range of maers.

8 Margo Wolf O Donnell was honored by he Law Bullein Publishing Company in is 2012 ediion of he Women in Law: Women Making an Impac special supplemen. She was recognized among 15 Chicagoland women aorneys for her commimen o excellence in her legal work, along wih her acive leadership in he communiy. O Donnell also was highlighed in Today s Chicago Women magazine as one of Chicago s 100 Women o Wach. She is a shareholder a Vedder Price in Chicago in he firm s Employmen and Liigaion pracice groups Brian L. Johnson has been named parner in he law firm of Dingeman, Dancer & Chrisopherson in Traverse Ciy, Michigan. He has been wih he firm for 10 years, pracicing in he areas of esae planning, probae, general business pracice, and real esae. Frederick R. Juckniess joined Schiff Hardin as a parner in he Anirus and Trade Regulaion Group, and will work in he Ann Arbor office. He also will be inegral o he firm s Spors Law Pracice. Before joining Schiff Hardin, he was a principal a Miller Canfield in Ann Arbor. Pablo Quiñones, formerly an assisan Unied Saes aorney in he Criminal Division of he U.S. Aorney s Office for he Souhern Disric of New York, is joining Reed Smih LLP s Global Regulaory Enforcemen Group as a parner in he New York office. As an assisan U.S. aorney for eigh years, he was responsible for numerous grand jury invesigaions and prosecuions of major cases involving securiies fraud, public corrupion, narcoerrorism, money laundering, and RICO crimes. Prior o joining he U.S. Aorney s Office in 2004, he represened businesses in complex commercial liigaion a Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C., and served as an associae general counsel a AmeriChoice Healh Services Inc., now a UniedHealh Group company. Armbriser, 82, Named Presiden of Girard College By Amy Wimmer Schwarb Clarence D. Armbriser was firs inroduced o Girard College in Philadelphia hrough his russ and esaes class a U-M, where law sudens learned abou a 1968 Supreme Cour ruling denying ceriorari ha opened he school o sudens of all races. The decision, made 13 years afer he cour s landmark Brown v. Board of Educaion ruling, found ha public policy ouweighed he will of he school s benefacor, who had died in 1831 and lef behind funding for a school o educae whie male orphans ages 6 o 18. Armbriser, 82, who grew up in Miami and earned his undergraduae degree a he Universiy of Pennsylvania, wen on o build his career in Philadelphia firs as a lawyer a a privae firm, hen in public service as, among oher posiions, ciy reasurer of Philadelphia. Armbriser s laes sop in his diverse career has aken him o he helm of he Girard College, he privae school he had sudied as a law suden. As an African American man, he now seers he insiuion ha sill relies on he funding lef behind by a man who waned his school o benefi only whies. I is somewha ironic, Armbriser says, ha I si in his sea. Armbriser began his career in he public finance deparmen of Saul, Ewing, Remick & Saul (now Saul Ewing) afer clerking for he firm beween his 2L and 3L years. The job pu him a an ineresing inersecion of poliical science and economics his areas of sudy as an undergrad because his firm represened he ciy of Philadelphia in he early 1990s, as i grappled wih he possibiliy of bankrupcy. He made parner in seven years bu ook a career deour afer 12 years a he firm, when he lef o serve as ciy reasurer under hen Mayor Edward G. Rendell. In ha posiion, he helped he ciy crawl back financially from he brink of bankrupcy, and Philadelphia reurned o invesmen-grade saus on Armbriser s wach. Armbriser never did reurn o he pracice of law. He wen on o hold such diverse posiions as managing direcor of he Philadelphia School Disric; direcor of he public finance deparmen a PaineWebber; execuive vice presiden and chief operaing officer a Temple Universiy; and chief of saff for Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nuer. Before acceping his posiion a Girard, Armbriser was senior vice presiden and chief of saff o he presiden of Johns Hopkins Universiy. Now, a Girard, Armbriser will combine he incarnaions of his career o lead a formidable boarding school in his beloved adoped homeown, Philadelphia. Today, he school s mission is o provide full scholarships o sudens in grades 1 hrough 12 who have single parens and limied finances. The beques 19 h -cenury merchan Sephen Girard lef he school was, a he ime, he larges privae chariable gif in American hisory. And while Girard s vision has expanded, he mission is he same. He was a consummae businessperson who had he foresigh o see ha young men in paricular who did no have parens would need assisance in providing a high-qualiy educaion, Armbriser says. When you look a wha his insiuion has produced in erms of leaders in business and commerce around he Unied Saes, i s raher exraordinary. KEITH STEININGER, GIRARD COLLEGE 71

9 Chrisy, 91: Repile Wrier 72 By Sandra Svoboda A law degree can pave a career pah hrough many places. The roue for Bryan Chrisy, 91, has snaked hrough a repileharvesing facory in souheas Asia, a Florida smuggling operaion, and he exoic animal collecion of a noorious narcoics dealer. Bu Chrisy is no prosecuing or defending hose involved. He s chronicling hem as a conribuing wrier a Naional Geographic and auhor of he book The Lizard King: The True Crimes and Passions of he World s Greaes Repile Smugglers (Twelve, 2008), which recenly was opioned for a feaure-lengh film. He keeps a blog a where he opines abou issues and evens relaed o he animal rade. Wih all of his works, his background in he law influences wha he wries and, jus as imporan, wha he doesn include. I wrie my sories as airigh as a legal brief, and ha s because I m dealing wih sories ha someimes become criminal cases, Chrisy says. In some insances, he ends up rying people in he cour of public opinion. A recen aricle abou Anson Wong, a Malaysian animal dealer, led o major governmenal reforms here. In response, in par, o public oucry, Wong was prosecued and senenced o five years in prison. He was offering snow leopards and rhinoceros horns and pandas, Chrisy says. Tha s a global criminal who recognizes here s a grea opporuniy for profi. Chrisy, a naive of New Jersey, chose Michigan Law for is inernaional law program. He made he mos of i, compleing an inernship in he U.S. Trade Represenaive s office during his 3L year, publishing an aricle in he Michigan Journal of Inernaional Law, and following up wih a Fulbrigh o Japan and a year a Tokyo Universiy law school. His career rajecory ook off. He had gone o law school because he was afraid o be a wrier, somehing he reminded himself of ofen during his inense law pracice. If somehing bad happened during he day in my law firm life, I d say, well, I m really a wrier, Chrisy says. Afer his faher fell ill, Chrisy admied o himself and his faher ha wriing was his real passion. So in 1995, he qui his young bu promising law pracice a Powell, Goldsein, Frazer & Murphy in Washingon, D.C., and wen broke rying o be a wrier. He sared wih a novel, los his house and car, and was five years unemployed. Then his uncle, a reired FBI undercover agen, showed up and urged him o follow he naural curiosiy he d had as a kid and o use he invesigaive abiliy he d honed as a lawyer. Tha go me sared in he nonficion arena, Chrisy says. Par of me did love being a lawyer so I go o combine he wo careers. Then hings ook off emoionally and sylisically. He also channeled lessons from law professors. I can sill hear Yale Kamisar yelling, which probably informs every senence I wrie: Make i bigger, more significan, ge he imporan hings ou, don bury hem, he says. Chrisy looked oward wha had been his childhood hobby, collecing small lizards and urles and hen snakes, which had brough him healhy aenion on show-and-ell day a school. He found an adul world full of colorful personaliies, exoic species, a criminal elemen, and an underfunded federal governmen operaion rying o go afer hose who floued inernaional law. The personaliies made for inriguing plo lines for his book, which focuses on a second-generaion Florida repile dealer who was prosecued, has served ime, and is now reporedly clean. He also wries abou he federal invesigaors who spend years rying o prosecue animal-relaed crimes, which are no always he op prioriy in legal circles, and who chased Wong around he globe as bes hey could. While Lizard King focuses on he supply side of he repile marke equaion, Chrisy says he demand side bears noing. The cusomers are high-end collecors. They have money and ineres. Ofen i s a childhood ineres ha is rekindled, and hey collec in ses: species ses or even subspecies ses, Chrisy says. So a guy will have an ineres in oroises and he will wan every oroise specific o, say, Madagascar, where he rares oroises are. They wan bigger and rarer. The book reflecs he moral lessons agains criminal aciviy and he harvesing of rare species for pes. Bu i doesn make a blanke saemen agains all repile collecing, and i recognizes ha here is a specrum of appropriae views on he issue. The unforunae realiy of our sociey, a leas in he Unied Saes, is ha kids have fewer and fewer opporuniies o inerac in a acile way wih naure, and repiles are one of he few forms of wildlife ha children and young people can pick up and ouch, Chrisy says. Tha s wha go me sared. The problems begin when collecors sar waning he ungeable, as Chrisy describes i. Those hings are un-geable because hey re difficul o find or because hey re illegal, he says. Unforunaely, wih he people ha have a passion for going ou and finding hese hings under roing logs, here is a subse of hose people who can sop. They become aduls who wan o flip logs and hose logs are cusoms law and regulaions. Chrisy jus compleed a wo-year global invesigaion ino he illegal ivory rade. Tha sory is ou his monh (Ocober) on he cover of Naional Geographic.

10 C L A S S N O T E S Rober J. Wierenga joined Schiff Hardin as a parner in he Anirus and Trade Regulaion Group, and will work in he Ann Arbor office. He will also be inegral o he firm s Spors Law Pracice. Before joining Schiff Hardin, he was a principal a Miller Canfield in Ann Arbor Michelle Madden Dempsey has been awarded enure and promoed o he rank of professor of law a Villanova Universiy School of Law, where she eaches Criminal Law, Evidence, Jurisprudence, Feminis Legal Theory, and Sexualiy and Law. She previously was a lecurer in law and uorial fellow a he Universiy of Oxford, England Eric Hecker is a parner a Cui Hecker Wang LLP, a firm ha he cofounded in His pracice focuses on civil righs liigaion, including Firs Amendmen, children s righs, police misconduc, and elecion law issues. He currenly represens he New York Senae Democras in connecion wih an ongoing legislaive redisricing process. Kaehe Morris Hoffer, depuy execuive and legal direcor of he Chicago Alliance Agains Sexual Exploiaion (CAASE), received he Chicago Foundaion for Women s 2012 Impac Award. The awards honor local aorneys and aciviss who have defended women s righs in he courroom, he capiol, and beyond. She is being recognized for advocaing for he righs of survivors and working o eradicae sexual assaul and prosiuion. She leads CAASE s legal program, he Sexual Assaul Jusice Projec, which offers free legal represenaion o survivors of rape, sexual abuse, prosiuion, and sex rafficking Ellio M. Regensein of EducaionCounsel LLC gave a presenaion, Guam Early Childhood Summi, a Guam s Early Learning Summi in April. He worked on a sraegic plan wih he Early Learning Council, and hen had a large meeing for he sakeholders and he governor Chris McCleary has been hired o serve as general counsel for The Echo Nes, providing legal guidance and leadership in licensing and oher corporae engagemens. The Echo Nes is a music inelligence plaform powering music applicaions across he web and devices. He has 12 years of experience represening big daa, ech sarups, and digial media companies, mos recenly as vice presiden of Business Developmen and Sraegic Parnerships a Rovi Corporaion Damany F. Ransom has been eleced a shareholder a Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowiz, PC, in he firm s Alana office. He is a member of he Produc Liabiliy and Mass Tor Pracice Group, and he defends produc liabiliy and oxic or cases involving pharmaceuical producs, medical devices, dieary supplemens, chemical exposure, and premises liabiliy. His pracice also includes business liigaion, in which he prosecues and defends lawsuis involving breach of conrac, fraud, breach of fiduciary duy, and oher business ors. Behany Seffke Sweeny, an aorney and shareholder wih Buzel Long, has been eleced o a hree-year erm on he Board of Direcors of SafeHouse Cener in Ann Arbor. SafeHouse Cener is a nonprofi agency ha provides services and suppor for people impaced by domesic violence or sexual assaul, providing free and confidenial services for any person vicimized who lives or works in Washenaw Couny Kimberly K. Kefalas joined Schiff Hardin as a parner in he Anirus and Trade Regulaion Group, and will work in he Ann Arbor office. She will also be inegral o he firm s Spors Law Pracice. Before joining Schiff Hardin, she was a principal a Miller Canfield in Ann Arbor. Hamid M. Khan has been appoined senior program officer a he Rule of Law Cener of he Unied Saes Insiue of Peace. He supervises rule of law effors in Afghanisan, including faciliaing academic sudy of he 2004 Consiuion, sudy of cusomary jusice pracices and linkages, and evaluaing inernaional principles of ransiional jusice wih classical and conemporary Islamic law. He also has been appoined professorial lecurer in law a he George Washingon Universiy Law School, eaching courses on Islamic Law. David C. McKone has been eleced o Nixon Peabody LLP s parnership. His pracice in Chicago focuses on liigaing paen and oher inellecual propery dispues, primarily in federal cour. Kaherine M. Rahill, a parner a Jenner & Block, has been seleced as a recipien of he Chicago Foundaion for Women s 2012 Impac Award. She is being recognized for her leadership of Jenner & Block s paricipaion in he Circui Cour of Cook Couny Domesic Violence Division s Order of Proecion Pro Bono Represenaion Program. Through he program, which began in 2011, voluneer aorneys assis cliens 73

11 C L A S S N O T E S in obaining boh emergency and plenary orders of proecion. The firm is one of several in he ciy ha is parnering wih he cour o help vicims of domesic violence, and she has chaired he firm s paricipaion in his pilo projec. Emily J. Zelenock, a parner in Honigman Miller Schwarz and Cohn LLP s Inellecual Propery and Technology Pracice Group, recenly auhored a chaper in he book Proecing Righs in Inernaional Business Transacions (Aspaore Books). Her chaper, eniled Undersanding he Culural Complexiies of IP Issues in Cross-Border Deals, discusses a variey of issues ha businesses and aorneys may encouner when negoiaing and enering ino inernaional business ransacions involving inellecual propery. Also, she was named co-chair of he Scholarship Commiee for he Federal Circui Bar Associaion Michael Groebe of Foley & Lardner LLP has been promoed o senior counsel. His pracice focuses on advising employers in all aspecs of employmen law, including large-scale layoffs, and he has experience represening employers before sae and federal cours and adminisraive agencies, such as he Equal Employmen Opporuniy Commission and Naional Labor Relaions Board. He is a member of he firm s Labor & Employmen Pracice, he Auomoive Indusry Team, and he Trade Secre/Noncompee Specialy Pracice. Sonia Rolland auhored a book, Developmen a he WTO (Oxford Universiy Press), which offers perspecives o negoiaors and liigaors on how o use inernaional law and how o reinerpre WTO agreemens in a way ha is more cognizan of he demands of developing counry members. She is an associae professor a Norheasern Universiy School of Law, and previously she was a visiing professor a he U-M Law School Jeffrey Jones, of counsel wih Barran Liebman LLP, has earned enure as an associae professor of law a Lewis & Clark Law School. He joined he law school faculy in he fall 2007 and became an associae professor in He eaches Employmen Law, a Disabiliy Law Seminar, Jurisprudence & Propery, and Legal Elemens. Daniel W. Linna Jr., a parner in Honigman Miller Schwarz and Cohn LLP s Commercial Law, Bankrupcy, and Reorganizaion Deparmen, was he moderaor and one of hree preseners in a recen webinar eniled Wha Commercial Liigaors Need o Know Abou Bankrupcy. The webinar was hosed by he Commercial Liigaion Commiee of he Business Law Secion of he Sae Bar of Michigan Aaron R. Pey was named he winner of he Eisenberg Prize by he American Academy of Appellae Lawyers for his aricle The Hidden Harmony of Appellae Jurisdicion, 62 Souh Carolina Law Review 353 (2010). Jennifer D. Ruper has joined Fros Brown Todd as a senior associae in he Labor and Employmen Pracice Group. Her pracice is concenraed in employmen law, represening employers in boh sae and federal cour in claims of age, gender, race, and disabiliy discriminaion, wrongful discharge, realiaion, sexual harassmen, breach of conrac, and defamaion. Suzanne L. Wahl, previously an associae wih Miller Canfield in Ann Arbor, joined Schiff Hardin as an associae in he Anirus and Trade Regulaion Group. Her pracice covers general commercial liigaion, including boh anirus and class acion cases Emily Liu of Skadden, Arps, Slae, Meaher & Flom LLP, was honored as one of he recipiens of The Legal Aid Sociey of New York Ciy s 2011 Pro Bono Publico Award. The Honorable Jonahan Lippman, chief judge of he Sae of New York, presided over he ceremony in Manhaan and presened he awards o lawyers who have provided excepional legal service o low-income New Yorkers. She was recognized for providing excellen represenaion o cliens in The Legal Aid Sociey s Harlem Communiy Law Office in a variey of liigaed maers in he civil pracice. Sonya S. Mays was named a vice presiden in Deusche Bank s Invesmen Banking Pracice, based in New York Ciy. She is focused on providing capial markes and M&A advisory services o he indusrial and manufacuring secors, wih special emphases on consrucion and auomoive companies. She joined Deusche Bank in 2008 as an associae. 74

12 Mihas, 02: You Go o Law School Dreaming of Doing Cases Like Tha By Sandra Svoboda When he lef he news producer s chair a he Deroi NBC affiliae for law school, Harry Mihas, 02, hough his nex career would be in criminal law. He go he law par righ, bu he criminal specialy ook a few more years. And when i happened, one of his firs cases drew headlines. Mihas was on he eam of defense aorneys ha represened he Huaree s nine members arresed in March 2010 on federal charges of ploing o kill police officers by using illegal explosives and guns. Seven members of he Adrian, Michigan based anigovernmen group wen o rial in early In March a federal judge ended he rial before i ever reached he jury. Judge Vicoria Robers ruled he governmen could no prove charges of sediious conspiracy and conspiracy o possess weapons of mass desrucion. She dismissed he cases agains five of he defendans, while wo defendans evenually pled guily o a weapons charge. As par of her ruling, Judge Robers found he Huaree s ani-governmen rheoric was Firs Amendmen proeced speech. You go o law school dreaming of doing cases like ha, bu unil you acually ge one, i s sill a dream, Mihas says. The law is he law, bu he ar and echnique of lawyers ha you ge exposed o in cases like his can really help you elevae your work and your expecaions for yourself. Geing o ha federal courroom wasn Mihas s firs career goal. A naive of River Rouge, he firs suburb downriver from Deroi, he waned a change afer high school; he earned a bachelor s degree in hisory and a maser s in civil righs hisory from Clemson Universiy in 1992, hen worked in elevision news for several years, including news producer a WDIV-TV 4 in Deroi. By 1999, he knew he needed a new profession. I looked a he guys who were 50 years old, who d had wo hear aacks, hree divorces and were sill working he same amoun of hours, he says. There s no ligh a he end of he unnel in elevision, and you know you re no going o change i because here are 2,000 oher people willing o do he job. A Michigan Law, he go busy. Mihas was a suden represenaive on he admissions and scholarship commiee, a liaison for he Laino Law Suden Associaion ( We didn have a Greek one, he says), worked on he Journal of Law Reform, clerked a he Wayne Couny Prosecuor s Office, and held a graduae suden assisanship eaching wriing in he ar hisory deparmen. He was a law suden on Sepember 11, 2001, and remembers professors refusing o cancel class. Professor [Yale] Kamisar old us ha we were no going o cower o he people ha brough he Twin Towers down. So we kep on going. Mihas says. Afer graduaion, his firs job was in he general counsel s office a Deroi Public Schools. Then he landed four clerkships wih federal judges in S. Louis and Deroi. The economic downurn of he las decade caused his layoff from a large Deroi firm, which he reaed as a blessing. I was doing mosly commercial and business liigaion. I was rial work, which I had some ineres in, bu a he end of he day, I was looking a i and hinking, I s jus abou money. I ge more excied when i s somebody s righs or here is a vicim o a crime as opposed o jus money involved, Mihas says. He landed a he Oakland Couny Prosecuor s office before sriking ou on his own as a criminal defense lawyer in A one of his federal clerkships, Mihas had me William Swor, a noed Deroi criminal defense aorney, who had said, If you ever ge ino privae pracice, call me. So Mihas did. Swor was he cour-appoined counsel for Huaree leader David Sone Sr., and asked Mihas o be second chair. Despie he highly publicized case reminding Mihas of his elevision news days, his work was legal. Research, going hrough discovery, helping wih moions, prepping for jury selecion and cross examinaion, he describes i. The rial iself was exhausing. We were always on edge and had new deadlines. There was always a surprise, he says. He credis he defense eam wih much of he resuling no-guily verdics from rial bu also assers ha he agens in he field overreached and ha he governmen ried o inflae he danger he group poenially posed by paining hem as erroriss raher han going afer hem for weapons charges. Tha seems o be one of he lessons learned in he Huaree case, he says. In his day and age of errorism and fearing erroriss, errorism enforcemen is abou manufacuring a hrea where here really isn one, no necessarily ending errorism. 75

13 2009 Emily E. Edsenga joined Goldberg Kohn as an associae in Commercial Finance in Chicago. Kaherine G. McKeon has joined Sacks, Glazier, Franklin, & Lodise LLP, a liigaion bouique in Los Angeles, as an associae. She focuses her pracice on russ and esaes liigaion. Gregory W. Lavigne Jr. joined Fros Brown Todd as an associae in he Cincinnai office in he Lending and Commercial Services Pracice Group. He is experienced in axable and ax-exemp financing, focusing on public finance, projec finance, srucured finance, economic developmen, securiies law, and public deb federal and sae ax maers Kyle Recker joined Squire Sanders as an associae in he firm s Columbus, Ohio, office. His pracice focuses on real esae maers. Prior o joining Squire Sanders, he was a corporae lawyer for a manufacurer of lifesusaining medical devices, where he was responsible for handling maers relaed o conracs and commercial ransacions, anikickback laws, FDA regulaions, and oher compliance and regulaory maers. He also managed many of he day-o-day operaions of he legal affairs deparmen Aaron E. Bass has joined Honigman Miller Schwarz and Cohn LLP as an associae in he Real Esae Deparmen in he firm s Deroi office. He will concenrae his pracice on general real esae maers, including developmen, financing, resrucuring, and leasing. Prior o joining Honigman, he was an aorney a Jaffe Rai Heuer & Weiss, Souhfield, Michigan. Kemp, 00: Lawyer, Sci-Fi Besseller By Andrew Clark A self-proclaimed voracious reader, i always seemed like a quesion of when and no if Paul S. Kemp, 00, would become a novelis. Before he sared law school, Kemp would dabble in he craf, penning sories whenever he could. Bu when i came o his 3L year, Kemp realized ha he needed, for his own happiness, o pursue wriing as a career in addiion o law. Fas-forward a decade, and Kemp has realized boh of hese dreams in a big way. During he day, Kemp is he vice presiden and general counsel for CareTech Soluions, a Michigan-based company rooed in healh-care IT services. When he s no in he office, Kemp is working on his nex novel. He s published more han a dozen iles, including selecions ha have appeared on The New York Times besseller lis for hardcover ficion. His newes book, The Hammer and he Blade (Angry Robo, 2012), was released his pas June. If you love somehing, hen you can make ime for i, says Kemp, 43, who lives in Grosse Poine wih his wife and hree children. I have my family, my job, and hen my wriing career o juggle. Wih wriing, I jus find ime o do i. Someimes i s during my lunch hour, or afer my wife goes o sleep and I m sill up. Kemp s novels fall wihin he fanasy and science-ficion genres. His laes book follows he journey of a pair of rogues whose ulimae goal is o kill a demon and hen ake his riches and reire hough ha plan doesn come wihou is wrinkles. A longime paricipan in he Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, Kemp grew up digesing science-ficion and fanasy novels especially so-called sword and sorcery books. Kemp says ha being rained o hink like a lawyer has been an asse o his abiliy o analyze deails and deconsruc hings as a wrier. And unlike his job as a lawyer, here is no leaving he office a he end of he day. When you re a wrier, you are never off, even when you re echnically on vacaion, says Kemp. There s always a deadline looming somewhere. And he wriing process differs. If I am wriing a scene wih los of prose involved, someimes i akes a lo longer. Bu if i s an acion scene, he words come fas and furious. 76

14 I N M E M O R I A M 1930s Erwin B. Ellmann, 38 3/28/ s Joel G. Jacob, 40 5/3/12 Sidney J. Salzman, 41 5/9/11 Eugene C. Shus, 42 8/12/12 Harvey E. Vanbenschoen, 43 4/14/12 Theodore Markwood, 44 4/26/12 Allan C. Miller, 46 6/29/12 John S. Ballard, 48 4/21/12 John E. Damon, 48 2/29/12 Waler B. Freihofer, 48 5/26/12 Rober M. Barrie, 49 9/8/12 Frederick J. Buckley, 49 4/2/12 Bernard Goldsone, 49 5/22/12 Rockwell T. Gus, 49 8/27/12 Keiichiro Imai, 49 8/18/12 James K. Morimer, 49 2/2/12 Keih L. Newman, 49 4/7/ s John T. Kelly, 50 8/31/12 Charles G. Kepler, LLM 50 7/2/12 James W. McCray, 50 8/13/12 Hudson Mead, 50 7/3/12 John H. Anderson, 51 8/18/12 Frederick E. MacArhur, 51 9/13/11 William M. Peek, 51 8/27/12 Warren G. Ellio, 52 5/29/12 Milon E. Higgs, 52 5/2/12 Peer C. Kosanacos, 52 6/11/12 James L. Weirbach, 52 1/18/12 Harvey Elrod, 53 7/19/12 Jack A. Solomon, LLM 53 8/18/12 Alvin P. Lipnik, 54 4/11/12 Parick H. McCauley, 54 9/12/12 Donn B. Miller, 54 3/20/12 John J. Penz, 54 6/28/12 Donald F. Welday, 54 4/12/12 James Bulkley, 55 3/13/12 Donald H. Parsons, 55 7/22/12 Oscar J. Miller, 56 6/16/12 Ron Robers, 56 7/4/12 Richard M. Hughey, 57 7/4/12 Paul R. Jenkins, 57 5/16/12 Rob R. Schuyler, 58 3/21/11 Roger C. Furs, 59 3/16/12 Wilbur J. Marksrom, 59 6/23/12 Harry Marens, 59 8/15/ s Muir B. Snow, 60 7/2/12 John A. Sicher, 60 4/30/12 Hors R. Niebler, LLM 61 5/25/12 Paul J. Plao, 61 8/27/12 Sanley A. Williams, 61 4/13/12 Michael M. Hughes, 62 2/7/12 Charles S. Saxon, 63 11/11/11 Peer J. Wikuhns, 63 1/6/12 Donald L. Marin, 64 7/30/12 James B. Goodbody, 65 5/2/12 John A. Thurber, 65 3/19/12 John K. Toulmin, LLM 65 7/2/12 Richard J. Smih, 66 4/4/12 John J. Gilsorf, 67 6/30/12 Charles G. Simmons, LLM 67 3/11/12 James P. Kelly, 68 6/5/10 Ellio J. Peskind, 68 5/24/ s John G. Parnell, 70 5/15/12 Thomas E. Harmon, 71 5/7/12 Michael A. Nims, 71 6/16/12 John P. Apol, 72 7/1/12 Bella I. Marshall Barden, 75 5/1/12 James K. Say, 79 5/5/ s Rachel M. McCormack, 92 10/30/11 Sco A. Ammons, 96 5/22/12 77

Distance Education Survey Results

Distance Education Survey Results Disance Educaion Survey Resuls Trends in elearning: Tracking he Impac of elearning a Communiy Colleges March 2010 In Focus: The Year in Review 2009 The pas year has been evenful elearning programs framed

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REFERENCE DOCUMENT. Nobody s Unpredictable

REFERENCE DOCUMENT. Nobody s Unpredictable 12 REFERENCE DOCUMENT Nobody s Unpredicable NOBODY S UNPREDICTABLE «Nobody s Unpredicable» is he Ipsos signaure. Our cliens cliens are increasingly demanding. They change direcion, change heir views and

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The Pasts and Futures of Private Health Insurance in Australia

The Pasts and Futures of Private Health Insurance in Australia The Pass and Fuures of Privae Healh Insurance in Ausralia Casey Quinn NCEPH Working Paper Number 47 W O R K I N G P A P E R S NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EPIDEMIOLOGY AND POPULATION HEALTH Naional Cenre for Epidemiology

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EDUCATION POLICIES AND STRATEGIES EDUCATION POLICIES AND STRATEGIES Naional Educaion Secor Developmen Plan: A resul-based planning handbook 13 Educaion Policies and Sraegies 13 Educaion Policies and Sraegies 13 Naional Educaion Secor Developmen

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NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY J.L. KELLOGG GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY J.L. KELLOGG GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Tim Thompson Finance D30 Teaching Noe: Projec Cash Flow Analysis Inroducion We have discussed applying he discouned cash flow framework

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2015 Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

2015 Graduate Diploma in Psychology. 015 Graduae Diploma in Psychology Why choose Melbourne? Tradiion, innovaion, excellence and experience The Universiy of Melbourne is a leading inernaional universiy wih over 160

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Part-time Work, Wages and Productivity: Evidence from Matched Panel Data

Part-time Work, Wages and Productivity: Evidence from Matched Panel Data Par-ime Work, Wages and Produciviy: Evidence from Mached Panel Daa Alessandra Caaldi (Universià di Roma "La Sapienza" and SBS-EM) Sephan Kampelmann (Universié de Lille, CLERSE, SBS-EM) François Rycx (Universié

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A Working Solution to the Question of Nominal GDP Targeting

A Working Solution to the Question of Nominal GDP Targeting A Working Soluion o he Quesion of Nominal GDP Targeing Michael T. Belongia Oho Smih Professor of Economics Universiy of Mississippi Box 1848 Universiy, MS 38677 and Peer N. Ireland Deparmen

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The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve: 1961 to the Present

The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve: 1961 to the Present Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Saisics and Moneary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washingon, D.C. The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve: 1961 o he Presen Refe S. Gurkaynak, Brian

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Archaeoacoustic analysis of the ancient site of Kanda (Macedonia)

Archaeoacoustic analysis of the ancient site of Kanda (Macedonia) Archaeoacousic analysis of he ancien sie of Kanda (Macedonia) Preliminary resuls December, 1. 5. 2014 Paolo Deberolis Deparmen of Medical Sciences Universiy of Triese, Ialy Projec SB Research Group (*)

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2009 / 2 Review of Business and Economics. Federico Etro 1

2009 / 2 Review of Business and Economics. Federico Etro 1 The Economic Impac of Cloud Compuing on Business Creaion, Employmen and Oupu in Europe An applicaion of he Endogenous Marke Srucures Approach o a GPT innovaion Federico Ero ABSTRACT Cloud compuing is a

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Research. Michigan. Center. Retirement

Research. Michigan. Center. Retirement Michigan Universiy of Reiremen Research Cener Working Paper WP 2006-124 Opimizing he Reiremen Porfolio: Asse Allocaion, Annuiizaion, and Risk Aversion Wolfram J. Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Michell,

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Basic Life Insurance Mathematics. Ragnar Norberg

Basic Life Insurance Mathematics. Ragnar Norberg Basic Life Insurance Mahemaics Ragnar Norberg Version: Sepember 22 Conens 1 Inroducion 5 1.1 Banking versus insurance...................... 5 1.2 Moraliy............................... 7 1.3 Banking................................

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Why Have Economic Reforms in Mexico Not Generated Growth?*

Why Have Economic Reforms in Mexico Not Generated Growth?* Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Research Deparmen Saff Repor 453 November 2010 Why Have Economic Reforms in Mexico No Generaed Growh?* Timohy J. Kehoe Universiy of Minnesoa, Federal Reserve Bank of

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Private Cloud Computing for Enterprises: Meet the Demands of High Utilization and Rapid Change

Private Cloud Computing for Enterprises: Meet the Demands of High Utilization and Rapid Change Privae Cloud Compuing for Enerprises: Mee he Demands of High Uilizaion and Rapid Change Wha You Will Learn Enerprise daa ceners are faced wih a criical challenge: The number of applicaions and amoun of

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Central Bank Communication: Different Strategies, Same Effectiveness?

Central Bank Communication: Different Strategies, Same Effectiveness? Cenral Bank Communicaion: Differen Sraegies, Same Effeciveness? Michael Ehrmann and Marcel Frazscher * European Cenral Bank, November 2004 Absrac The paper

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Research Division Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Working Paper Series

Research Division Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Working Paper Series Research Division Federal Reserve Bank of S. Louis Working Paper Series Wihsanding Grea Recession like China Yi Wen and Jing Wu Working Paper 204-007A hp:// March

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BIS Working Papers No 365. Was This Time Different?: Fiscal Policy in Commodity Republics. Monetary and Economic Department

BIS Working Papers No 365. Was This Time Different?: Fiscal Policy in Commodity Republics. Monetary and Economic Department BIS Working Papers No 365 Was This Time Differen?: Fiscal Policy in Commodiy Republics by Luis Felipe Céspedes and Andrés Velasco, Discussion Commens by Choongsoo Kim and Guillermo Calvo Moneary and Economic

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Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax?

Does Britain or the United States Have the Right Gasoline Tax? Does Briain or he Unied Saes Have he Righ Gasoline Tax? Ian W.H. Parry and Kenneh A. Small March 2002 (rev. Sep. 2004) Discussion Paper 02 12 rev. Resources for he uure 1616 P Sree, NW Washingon, D.C.

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Are Under- and Over-reaction the Same Matter? A Price Inertia based Account

Are Under- and Over-reaction the Same Matter? A Price Inertia based Account Are Under- and Over-reacion he Same Maer? A Price Ineria based Accoun Shengle Lin and Sephen Rasseni Economic Science Insiue, Chapman Universiy, Orange, CA 92866, USA Laes Version: Nov, 2008 Absrac. Theories

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The Macroeconomics of Medium-Term Aid Scaling-Up Scenarios

The Macroeconomics of Medium-Term Aid Scaling-Up Scenarios WP//6 The Macroeconomics of Medium-Term Aid Scaling-Up Scenarios Andrew Berg, Jan Goschalk, Rafael Porillo, and Luis-Felipe Zanna 2 Inernaional Moneary Fund WP//6 IMF Working Paper Research Deparmen The

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The concept of potential output plays a

The concept of potential output plays a Wha Do We Know (And No Know) Abou Poenial Oupu? Susano Basu and John G. Fernald Poenial oupu is an imporan concep in economics. Policymakers ofen use a one-secor neoclassical model o hink abou long-run

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Bid-Price Control for Energy-Aware Pricing of Cloud Services

Bid-Price Control for Energy-Aware Pricing of Cloud Services Bid-Price Conrol for Energy-Aware Pricing of Cloud Services Marc Premm Universiy of Hohenheim, Deparmen of Informaion Sysems 2, Sugar, Germany Absrac. The amoun of elecrical

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When Should Public Debt Be Reduced?

When Should Public Debt Be Reduced? I M F S T A F F D I S C U S S I ON N O T E When Should Public Deb Be Reduced? Jonahan D. Osry, Aish R. Ghosh, and Raphael Espinoza June 2015 SDN/15/10 When Should Public Deb Be Reduced? Prepared by Jonahan

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WP/15/85. Financial Crisis, US Unconventional Monetary Policy and International Spillovers. by Qianying Chen, Andrew Filardo, Dong He, and Feng Zhu

WP/15/85. Financial Crisis, US Unconventional Monetary Policy and International Spillovers. by Qianying Chen, Andrew Filardo, Dong He, and Feng Zhu WP/15/85 Financial Crisis, US Unconvenional Moneary Policy and Inernaional Spillovers by Qianying Chen, Andrew Filardo, Dong He, and Feng Zhu 2015 Inernaional Moneary Fund WP/15/85 IMF Working Paper European

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THE IMPACT OF WEATHER ON TRANSIT RIDERSHIP IN CHICAGO THE IMPACT OF WEATHER ON TRANSIT RIDERSHIP IN CHICAGO Zhan Guo, Massachuses Insiue of Technology, Room 9-524, 77 Massachuses Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02139, Nigel H.M. Wilson (Corresponding

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Anchoring Bias in Consensus Forecasts and its Effect on Market Prices

Anchoring Bias in Consensus Forecasts and its Effect on Market Prices Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Saisics and Moneary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washingon, D.C. Anchoring Bias in Consensus Forecass and is Effec on Marke Prices Sean

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