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1 Appendix 8 Branch Library Supervisors and Staff Functional Assessments of Facilities Branch Library Supervisors Assessment of Facilities 1. Please indicate the name of the library you are rating. NOTE: Supervisors from all 21 facilities contributed their assessments. Multiple departmental supervisors at the Main Library and at University Park contributed their opinions as well. 2. Please offer your GENERAL OVERALL assessment of the library facility that you manage in no more than two paragraphs. Argyle Argyle is a great little library. Our customers are very nice. It has a well-rounded collection that is heavily used. Our customers use the holds process heavily to request items we don't have. We have enough room in the staff areas to complete all of the necessary tasks. Every staff member has a computer, but it would be nice if they had phones. Beaches This is an older building, opened in 1986 and designed by an architect who I believe was more interested in looks rather than function. The newer branches were built to focus on the function of a library and therefore, the Beaches Branch is out-of-date. The building is showing wear, to the point of becoming shabby. There are many non-cosmetic issues such as Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.1

2 unreliable air conditioning and plumbing (low water pressure, dilapidated porcelain fixtures which flush poorly, sinks that stop up and faucets that run). There is much wasted space inside and outside the building. Brentwood It is a very old building, a retrofitted movie theatre, which is charming and interesting and in many ways not appropriate for a library. It fits well with the neighborhood and the size of the collection is probably appropriate for the customer base. However, we are constantly making do with space that is not really designed for the use we put it to -- there is much ad hoc storage, meetings in open spaces, public space blocked off because of staff shortage. There are some really abysmal conditions -- a gaping hole in the back stairwell, bathrooms that cannot be easily cleaned. Brown-Eastside The work layout of Eastside is not efficient. It feels as though you are always bumping into something when trying to work. The public area has one large room for everything, including public computers. It also has another smaller room for computers. The small computer room is just too small to be used for computers in my opinion. It feels crowded. Other than that, it is a wonderful little branch that stays consistently busy during the 4 hours it is open each day. Dallas Graham The Dallas Graham Branch Library is a good library with a good customer base in the community. Our recent numbers show that our gate count is higher than our circ rate, which stems from the high computer usage we have. In terms of items that do circulate, Movies on DVD and African American Fiction generate the highest numbers. I see the number of patrons increasing dramatically in the coming years, especially if the surrounding three neighborhoods remain at their limited hours or even shut down completely. The collection and the facilities need to reflect this increase with more computers and more of the materials that circulate the most. Highlands Generally sound. Recently renovated and, while there are a few ongoing issues, the roof, the walls and the infrastructure are all functional. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.2

3 We have often been frustrated by not having computer drops or electrical outlets where they would do the most good and our customers would love to have more functional private workspace. Main I have few complaints about the Main Library Teen Department. More computers are needed and I think checking out laptops for in-library use would be great. Also group work computer stations would be too. It would also be nice to have a better classroom facility within the Dept. as we teach to large school groups. The Dept. is a good size and plenty of room for the collection. Permanent workstations with different technologies would also be great like a music lab, art lab, gaming equipment station, computer workstation with specialized software etc. would also be well used by teens. I manage Popular, Talking Books, ILL, and Teen in the Main Library. I think all areas are pretty great. Overall the facility is impressive; it is very large and has many beautiful features like the courtyard and the map room. Many people bring out of town guests to visit and most are impressed with the building. This beautiful five-year-old facility is beginning to show the results of poor maintenance and wear and tear. There are leaks that are several years old and there are new leaks that have not been addressed. The carpet squares in some areas of the building are filthy and long overdue for replacement. The carpet that was installed in high traffic areas less than a year ago was not a proper match for the decor and sticks out like a sore thumb. There are large pieces of furniture that have no use and should be removed from the building. Mandarin The Mandarin Branch Library opened in June The service area for the branch is a well-established community with minimal growth potential. The library collection includes books, audio books on CD, videos and DVDs, and recorded music on CD. There are more than 27 public computers offering Internet access, word processing and online reference resources including the Library catalog. Eight Laptops are available for check out in the library by teens and adults with valid library cards and photo IDs. Wireless Internet access for laptops, notebooks, and PDA devices is available. The branch has one exterior book drop and two interior book drops. The branch recently installed three self-check machines at the circulation desk and one in the children's department. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.3

4 There are two meeting rooms: a multi-purpose room for 175 people and a small conference room seating up to 28 people, are available for use by groups. There are separate teen and children's areas. There is art on permanent and rotating display. Story time programs for children of different age groups are held weekly. Various programs for adults, teens and children are offered throughout the year. Total print and non-print items. Current Staffing: 16 full time staff and 10 part time employees with an active volunteer staff. Maxville The library is a beautiful building in good condition. The decor is cheerful and welcoming. Unfortunately, the library is underutilized. The library is in a location that is not accessible to many people. Since it is located very close to the border of Duval County, most Duval county residents drive the opposite direction every day going towards Jacksonville. People driving past the branch are usually out of County residents and few of them are willing to pay the out of county fee to obtain a library card. The library was much busier when customers were allowed to fill out a hardship waiver and not pay the non-resident fee. Local residents use the library and are happy to have the library, but the population in the immediate area is small. Most of the housing developments near the library are in Clay County. Murray Hill Murray Hill Library has the feel of a storefront library. It is 7,085 square feet and crammed full of library materials in pristine shape. Weeding has become difficult since the hours have been reduced to 20 hours a week. It is very light inside and much of the customer base walks to the facility. Although there has been a renovation and the branch no longer has a bad odor, partly from mildew, the air conditioner does not seem to be set to come on early enough to have the building cool when the staff arrives. The staff workroom seems claustrophobic, but the current staff has adjusted. Diverse local groups on a regular basis use the meeting room. Northwest Northwest is a community library, a classification in-between a neighborhood branch and a regional branch. It was built in 1991 and renovated again in It offers 20 adult public computers and 9 children's computers. It has two meeting rooms, a large community room on the ground floor and a conference room on the second floor. The library is well used by residents in its local community. Customers of all ages frequent the branch. Circulation is Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.4

5 strong among all age groups and program attendance is increasing. Recent additions include a self-check machine, new public computers through the Gates Foundation and new chairs and tables in the public area. Pablo Creek Pablo Creek is the busiest unit in the system (based on circulation). The facility is (mostly) attractive and welcoming. The branch has an excellent staff, collection & programs. The branch offers regular basic computer classes for teens and adults on a monthly basis. It hosts ESL classes offered by JPL CAL. The meeting rooms are heavily used by community groups. Regency The Regency library facility is overall in good condition. However, updates need to be made. For example, there are not enough electrical outlets for customer with laptops. Power strips are being used in several areas to accommodate the need for more outlets. The children's room has no electrical outlets for customers. Also an electronic classroom is needed. Customers come to the library on a daily basis seeking help with creating documents, setting up accounts, and searching the Internet. In many instances we are unable to provide these services. The staffing level is not adequate. More clerical staff is needed. San Marco The community for its intimate feeling and human scale loves San Marco Branch Library. The remodel, which was completed several years ago, created a much more appealing interior which is warm and inviting. The footprint was expanded significantly to provide the Balis Community Center, which is operated by Parks and Recreation instead of by JPL. The two separate entities share an entrance lobby and public restrooms. Customers sometimes complain about the noise level in the Community Center and about the lack of clean up in the restrooms after events that are held there. When customers enter the library, they immediately notice the reference desk directly down the hall from the front door. But they often do not notice the circulation desk that is immediately to the right of the front door. This sometimes creates confusion. But it also provides for a more active reference environment than other branches may have. South Mandarin Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.5

6 South Mandarin generally serves 4% of the City residents, but circulates nearly 8% of JPL's total circulation. The 25,000 square ft building was not intended or designed to be a regional library, but on a month-to-month basis is JPL's 4th busiest location. (Both Mandarin locations, 4 miles apart, combined consistently are busier than the Main library.) The building is 5 years old and remains in better than good condition. The building's design is wonderful for access and line-of-sight visibility. The trade-off is the building's level of noise with wide-open spaces and tiled floors. Southeast Southeast was one of the first branches built to reflect a change in traditional library usage and buildings. The meeting rooms, cafe, and public restroom area at the front of the building are designed to enable separate use of those areas. Children's room likewise, toward the front of the building for ease of access and creating a buffer zone between adult and children's area. The separate and highly popular browsing area has comfortable seating. The biggest change is reflected in the staff workroom area, which is centralized and provides relatively easy access to all service desks from the workroom area. Previously, separate adult and children's workrooms were the norm. Southeast is one of the busiest branches in the system and the building easily accommodates that level of use. There are sufficient meeting rooms and seating, space within the branch is good, although the Children's area is a bit awkward with blind corners. An attempt was made for a storytime area within the department but it doesn't really work. The Teen room was added during a renovation, it is well placed but not very flexible. Southeast has a room used by the Center for Adult Learning but no computer lab. The room used by CAL contains a fire escape door and cannot be locked and is hidden away. A computer lab would be a major asset. University Park A sterling community branch with a strong community commitment in a declining neighborhood. The building has had design problems from the opening; the most noticeable is the problems with the roof. One of the only new Better Jacksonville libraries that does not have enough computers, though when opened there wasn't the usage that we see today. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.6

7 The University Park Library facility is good overall. This is an old K-Mart building that was renovated and opened for service in October The branch area of the building is attractive and functional despite being too small. Building out the 5,000 square feet of expansion space would allow us to have space for a separate teen service area. Children's would move into the expansion area and Teen would go where Children's is now. This building also houses the Support Services Dept., Central Supply, Distribution (Delivery) Services and the Friends of the Library warehouse and weekly sales area. For the most part these departments are laid out well and function adequately although parts of them are unattractive and uncomfortable. Webb-Wesconnett The Webb Wesconnett Library is thirty years old. The parking lot is often full and it might be helpful to resurface the lot and designate a few more spaces. There is often debris from frequent car accidents on 103rd Street in our lot. There is a shortage of outlets in the building and people find it challenging to plug in their laptops in our limited floor outlets. There was a renovation in 2005, but the public bathrooms were not upgraded. The old floors and fixtures in the restrooms are difficult to keep clean and we often have complaints from customers about the odor. It is my understanding that the public computers in this facility are to be upgraded within the next few months. I have been told that our computers are the oldest in the system and our customers complain about their condition. No matter the complaints; this is a busy place. West The West Regional Branch is a spacious, beautiful building with a good collection of materials, and a dedicated, hardworking group of employees. The facility has the potential of being one of the busiest branches in the system when growth in the area expands. Current barriers to branch use are the lack of public transportation, lack of sidewalks and bike paths, and the lack of any major stores or restaurants in the area. The building has several problems that if allowed to continue will affect the overall quality of the branch. Numerous roof Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.7

8 leaks are causing interior damage, power fluctuations cause the A/C chillers to shut off allowing heat and humidity to build up in the building, and the children's area does not have adequate lighting. Westbrook The library is old and outdated. There are numerous facility issues. The parking and number of computers offered is grossly inadequate for the number of customers that use the building. The HVAC system needs to be replaced. The building has a musty damp smell. There is a lack of electrical outlets and customers do not have a way to plug in laptop computers. There is a lack of seating. Also there is no designated area for children's and teens. If we had an area just for teens and children use of the library would probably improve. The staff work areas are also grossly inadequate. The need for a designated staff lounge exists. Also there is no place for staff to do designated tasks. Therefore these tasks are being done in the public area that is totally unacceptable. The collection is adequate for the size of library. Hopefully the budget will remain so that new materials can be purchased. Willowbranch Currently, Willowbranch is undergoing renovation of the children's department and this impacts many current functions. Overall, if maintenance is done and kept up on the building, Willowbranch will be a beautiful building. Staff function could be improved with different design and furnishings of the staff workspaces. 3. Please offer your GENERAL assessment of the exterior of the library facility you manage. Argyle The exterior of the library is in good repair. The landscaping needs some attention. The palm trees have not been pruned in 3 years. The bed of palmettos in the entrance of the library blocks view and is a safety hazard and needs to be rethought. We need more parking, and there is space for that to be expanded if need be. We have a pothole that is taking on epic proportions in our drive-through book drop area. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.8

9 Beaches Pre-cast concrete panels have iron fillings that "bleed" rust stains. Panels also have some damage: chunks broken out Lots of cracks in ground concrete (sidewalk on 3rd St. side) Lots of wasted space outside especially on the eastside Wind that bellows through makes the outside of the building a trash/leaves trap. Roof needs to be replaced. Atrium windows leak Windows leak on Eastside of bldg in adult reading area and children's workroom and eastside window Brentwood It is generally okay. It fits in well with the neighborhood and there is some shaded parking. The grounds are not particularly attractive, but the building has a certain charm. Brown-Eastside It is ok. No major issues except apparently the a/c unit outside gets vandalized occasionally. Dallas Graham The outside of the building is in good shape. The most glaring issue (and perhaps the easiest to remedy) is the repainting of stripes in the parking lot. Right now the parking lines are barely visible and pose a constant parking headache. Also, the moving or removal of the dumpster at the back of the lot would be a great improvement. Highlands Okay. The landscape depends on city maintenance that is not adequately budgeted. Between visits, the landscaping can become ratty, leaves build up around the curbs and drains, and windows can become dusty. In short, the building could benefit from a regular maintenance schedule. We have to call the exterminator regularly to have the exterior anthills sprayed. The trees are still immature and there is inadequate shade for parking in the kind of heat we have. Main Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.9

10 The exterior of the Main Library is great. Beautiful! We do have a problem with things getting stolen at Main though. Bikes have been stolen from the bike racks outside. People have been accosted outside the library and complained about it. Also, there are bad leaks in many of the windows. When we have a very bad storm, water leaks in Fiction and on the 2nd floor stairs to 3rd floor The exterior is in very good condition; the only problem is the exterior doors that are sometimes difficult to lock and the automatic doors that are often broken. The exterior of the building appears to be in good condition. There is a lack of proper garbage and cigarette receptacles in key areas surrounding the building. The mentality seems to be if we don't have one, they won't need one. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Consequently the areas near entrances are constantly littered with debris. The windows are filthy. Mandarin For a building that opened to the public in 1986, the building is in good condition. It needs a new roof or at least extensive repair work to prevent leaking in various parts of the branch especially in the children's department. The large number of trees need to be trimmed and cut back on a more regular basis than the city is currently providing. Tree branches hanging over the building and blocking parking lot lights is an issue especially during the winter months. The parking lot spaces were recently repainted and the ADA parking is being updated. The lights in the covered entryway to the building are sometimes difficult to replace. Maxville The exterior of the building is in good condition. At night, the library has good visibility from the road. Murray Hill The exterior of the building is municipal 1970's style and it matches other buildings in the street. There is an exterior bookdrop and customers seem to be sensible enough not to stack materials on the outside when it is full. Northwest Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.10

11 The library building looks large from the outside, though most of the activity takes place on the second floor. The grounds are large and kept in good shape. Parking lots are located on either side of the building. A paved walkway leads from one lot and a stairwell and external elevator on the other. A path has been cut along the front lawn from the parking lot to the entrance and the grass has worn away in that section. Pablo Creek Exterior is attractive and welcoming. Regency The exterior needs beautifying. The crepe myrtles are poorly maintained. The front entrance of the building is dirty. The sidewalk leading to the front door is badly soiled even though pressure washing took place (a year ago). There needs to be a regular pressure-washing schedule. The front entrance of the building is in poor condition. Cigarette butts are covering the ground. The JPL facilities department stated that it is the responsibility of the custodial staff. However, the custodial staff does not work enough hours to take care of interior and exterior issues. The cypress mulch has practically disappeared. It needs to be replaced on a regular basis. However, it is not done. San Marco The facade of the building is stone. It is attractive and low key. Many customers are able to find us. But more customers would be aware of us if there were better external signage. South Mandarin South Mandarin is in very good condition, especially as it's a Better Jacksonville Plan building project. Most customer comment comes from the lack of maintenance of the grounds a conscious budget saving effort. Southeast The exterior of the branch is good. Placement on Deerwood Park Blvd. and proximity to Butler Blvd provides for easy access and good visibility. The parking is generally sufficient, well lit at night, and traffic flow is good within the parking lot. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.11

12 The exterior of the building could use a good pressure wash, particularly the sidewalk in front of the building. The detached drive thru bookdrop is a major pain to staff but a major convenience to customers. Landscaping is good, although the shrubbery tends to hide the branch sign. Proximity to the retention pond is problematic - it makes for a nice view but during the rainy season the water can get pretty darn close to the building. University Park Easily seen from the road, plenty of parking. Some of our trees need to be replaced. Sometimes customers can be confused when they visit the branch for the first time as they expect the interior to be the size of West or PCR, instead the branch occupies less than a quarter of the building, the rest devoted to support services. The exterior of the building is generally in good condition and has been maintained well except for two major problems noted below. The grounds are also attractive. The parking lot is very large. Webb-Wesconnett As mentioned, the parking lot needs attention, but the exterior is in good shape. The brick looks clean and the landscape is adequate. Regular trash cleanup is needed in the front. West The exterior of the building appears to be in good shape. The outdoor furniture is popular, however it needs some minor repairs. There are a few problems in areas where water pours down the scuppers. There is some mold and algae on the building and the sidewalks in these areas. Also, one scupper pours down in the front porch soaking the furniture and anyone who happens to be passing by. The grounds are well landscaped although some plants need to be replaced. Westbrook The exterior of the building is in need of more parking. Parking is very bad. The landscaping is also in need of work. Willowbranch Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.12

13 The exterior of the library blends well with the architectural surroundings of the community. However, maintenance of the exterior of the building is lacking. The building needs to be pressure washed, the back steps are cracked, rusted and mildewed; the window grates are rusted, etc. We are blessed to be next to a park, and the trees make a lovely backdrop to the building, but the library itself lacks any kind of landscape plan. 4. Please offer your GENERAL assessment of the interior of the building that you manage. Argyle The building needs some small amount of maintenance. It is a new building, but if a few minor items were taken care of it would help with the general appearance a great deal. The corners need to be patched and painted and corner guards applied. We need chair rail applied to several of the walls. We need our entrance and exit doors to be retrofitted for handicapped access. We need the interior book drop to be resurfaced on the customer's side. Beaches A lot of wasted space in the atrium (but has never been used due to atrium window leaking on the roof and issues with the tile) Leaky windows Soiled carpet Blinds need replacing - old and falling apart Poor plumbing fixtures Limited storage space No individual study rooms Workroom is too small Odors of must and mold No privacy for those on the computers Old furniture (except for new computer chairs that we just rec'd) Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.13

14 Brentwood There are many hidden large problems. There is undoubtedly lead and asbestos, preventing a major overhaul. The shelving is old and the back shelving looks bad. The interior downstairs space is airy and well lit. The electrical infrastructure is probably inadequate. New chillers were recently added, but the ductwork is inadequate for their capacity. Brown-Eastside The reference desk is too crowded. The small computer room is too crowded. Dallas Graham There are many aspects of the interior that are outdated, worn or just need a revamp. This includes softer covers for the brick walls, newer shelving, and new blinds and, of course, a larger footprint with which to put in more computers. Highlands Overall okay. There is a possibility that there is a mold problem somewhere in the building, but we have not located a specific problem. There are often odor issues, again not pinpointed. I have come to feel that there are several intermittent sources of foul odors, which might include: plumbing problems (odors from floor drains, often followed by plumbing backups), dampness, air conditioning system, some sort of underground stream running under the property and a nearby sewage lift station. Main There are a couple of blind spots in the Teen Dept. due to large columns. Other than that I have no complaints and think it is a great space. It's bright and colorful and the teens like it because it is different from the rest of the library. No main issues other than the leaks during bad storms. I think it is a beautiful building. The interior has a few issues; first, the carpet squares are too light and quickly look dirty. When we moved in we were told that they could be replaced, and there are new squares in storage, but we rarely see this take place. The grand staircase Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.14

15 is beautiful and gets more use than I thought it would but it is an echo chamber the whole area from conference level to the 4th floor surrounding the staircase is extremely noisy. We have had some leaks near windows during storms. Mandarin The branch needs new tables that have electrical outlets attached for customers using laptops and new computer tables for the public computers. The children's department needs more than 5 public computers. The 14 green lounge chairs need to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced. Part of the carpeting is a cream color and is very difficult to keep clean. The interior of the library needs to be painted. The large projection screen in the library needs to be replaced. The most pressing interior building issue is the ceiling leaks in the children department. There have been leaks in other parts of the branch but the leaks in the children's department are the most serious. Water damaged ceiling tiles throughout the branch need to be replaced. The HVAC unit does not circulate cold/hot air throughout the branch, i.e. the staff workroom is always hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. The Community Room continually runs very cold. The lighting in the building is very good in the public area. The need for more study room space is a frequent customer complaint. There is a lack of adequate electrical outlets in the building. We need custodial/cleaning service from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm every day we are open to the public. Maxville The interior is in good condition. The decor is welcoming. I would like to see some of the large tables replaced by smaller tables and comfortable chairs to make inviting reading areas. Murray Hill The public bathrooms are dark and inadequate. The water pressure is weak and the toilets often overflow. There is no drainage on the floors. While the public area is light and well maintained, the staff workroom is cramped and the delivery area is extremely small. Northwest The interior has large ceilings and windows that allow in a lot of natural light. However, it makes it somewhat of a challenge to keep adequately cool in the summertime. The roof has several leaks along the length of the building; however, most aren't active unless we get heavy rain. New furniture was delivered for the public areas and plenty of Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.15

16 tables and cubicles are available for customers throughout the building. The library also has a good amount of ports in easily accessible areas for customers with laptops. Pablo Creek Interior is generally attractive, well organized and welcoming. Light fixtures need cleaning. Media shelving is unattractive and not sufficient - units need to be replaced. Art display space is very attractive and offers local artists a chance to highlight their work. Regency The interior of the building is in good condition but is in need of expansion: -An electronic classroom would serve the public very well in this community. -The children's room is also in need of expansion and more computers added. -More computers are needed in the adult area. The wait time for computers is often 45 minutes or more. -More study rooms are also needed at this branch. Customers also have to wait to use one of the 3 rooms. San Marco The interior is very appealing, to young and old. Young children are drawn to the display cases outside the children's area. Children often remark that the library is "awesome." I live in another part of Jacksonville, but my next door neighbor tells me that he LOVES the San Marco Branch. There is something very nostalgic about the branch and everyone seems to appreciate that. The community is very diverse and also very appreciative. South Mandarin Customer comment puts the interior of the building in the 9 range out of a possible 10. Most comment notes the level of noise emanating from the large tiled area. Southeast The interior of the branch has a great feel due to the ceiling height and cathedral style layout with nice views in the browsing area windows. Meeting room and cafe placement near bathrooms and front doors works very, very well, but the distance from the service desks makes oversight a challenge. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.16

17 Problems: stained ceiling tiles due to roof leaks. Stained carpet tiles due to high use and poor color choices, poor placement of the reference desk and CAL lab, need more electrical outlets under the tables for customer use. University Park The atrium entrance offers a visually impressive entrance, but requires a much longer walk to actually enter the branch. The design of the interior leaves something to be desired, with the workroom located a long distance (50 paces) from the outside bookdrop. But at least we don't have to go outside to get the materials like they do at NW and SE. There are not enough computers and the building's noise level can be loud because the teens do not have their own area. The branch doesn't have near enough plugs for laptop usage or enough study rooms for after school tutoring sessions. The branch interior is attractive, comfortable and functional. Many of the non-public areas of the building are unattractive although functional. Webb-Wesconnett The interior has problems with air quality and consistent problems with the temperature being too hot. Again, the bathroom odors are a problem. Many of the chairs in the staff lounge and public areas are old and dirty. West The first overall impression as you enter the building is one of light and space. The interior is in good shape. The carpets are holding up well and do not show dirt. There are some problems with noise. Sound carries throughout the building and the metal ceilings seem to intensify the noise. Also, A/C noise is loud in the areas that do not have ceiling tiles. The children's area needs more light; it is very dark. Westbrook The building is very old and dated. Desperately need more computers and electrical outlets. The overall layout is poor. Seating is inadequate. Staff work area is not functional. There is no storage space for materials. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.17

18 Willowbranch Overall our interior is in good shape. The library was originally built to serve a much smaller population then we now do, and the separate sections of the building can make things challenging. The walls need to be painted and repaired where holes have appeared. In the fiction area we have large ceilings with great light fixtures, however no one is in charge of cleaning those light fixtures that can cause the library itself to look a little dirty. There is not a lot of staff room on the 3rd floor, which is where most of the work gets done. This leads to a lot of work being done on the desk and fighting over who gets the one workroom computer. 5. Please offer your opinion regarding the importance of the library facility that you manage to the neighborhood/community it serves. Please include impact that may not be easily measured by traditional statistics such as circulation, number of reference questions, door-count, etc. Argyle This library is a new (5 years) facility on the very edge of Duval County. We serve a lot of Clay County residents that either pay an out-of-county fee or meet our criterion for exemption. This is their closest library and offers a good value for the services we offer, as compared to the Clay county library system. Our children's department programs are very heavily used. If we had more staff in the children's department we would be able to expand our services to include regular programs for toddlers, which is a need that we just can t meet at this time. Beaches This facility is very important to the Beaches Community as it took them years of fighting to get it built. It is used by lots of the Beaches Community organizations as well as by individuals who will not travel over the "ditch" (Intracoastal Waterway). Brentwood It is a neighborhood full of small businesses. Though it is primarily African American, it is a mixed population. Many local people depend on public transportation, so the library is a really useful source for DVD's and self-improvement books. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.18

19 There is apparently a sizeable Caribbean population; evidenced by small restaurants and food stores and these are people who are savvy library users. Customers know the drill on fines, renewals, and computer sign-in etcetera. Brown-Eastside We get approx 3000 people a month that come through the doors. There is high computer usage during the hours we are open. I think the library is important to the community it serves. Dallas Graham The use of computers is a need to members of this community, which is why we need more. We also need a more organized effort to address their needs on these computers such as job searching, resume building, and basic computer classes. A theorized enclosing of the courtyard and making it a separate computer lab would be ideal in addressing this. This venue would be utilized by both JPL and outside organizations like WORKsource to better serve the community. Highlands We are the only branch library on the North Side of the Trout River and we serve a very large geographic area. We provide not only library materials, but also a meeting space and computers to a diverse and growing population. There are many new housing developments in the area, many small businesses and a great need for tools to move up economically -- ASVAB, GED, "How to start a business." We have a middle school within walking distance and we often serve as their after school hangout. There are a small number of people who depend on us for air conditioning in the heat of summer. Main The impact we make on our community that cannot be measured is the relationship the staff has with local teens. We are positive role models for them and do our best to steer them towards the path of continuing education. Many of our urban core youth are at-risk, and may not have anyone in their family that even cares about them. We do our best to take an interest in their lives and to contribute to their positive development. I think it is very important to a community to have a Main Library that the community can be proud of. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.19

20 The Main library is very important to the downtown community because it gives the indigent population somewhere to go during the day since they are not allowed to stay at the shelters during the day. We're important to the whole community (including the surrounding counties) because of the breadth and depth of our resources, especially our special collections, our back files of the Florida Times-Union, etc. Mandarin The Mandarin Branch Library is an important part of the Mandarin community. The impact we have on our customers and the community can be measured by understanding our customer base, through the services we provide, the collection, programming and computer and database access. Customer Base: Frequent users are local residents with a significant Jewish population, growing Eastern European, Russian and Indian population and large senior population. It s a neighborhood branch for area families. Customer Service: Every day, the staff provides services to meet the demands of a growing Eastern European, Russian and Indian population and a significant Jewish population and the large senior population with a variety of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities. We have formed a partnership with the Mandarin Senior Center to promote library programs and services available to seniors. The Collection: We have a strong core fiction collection with large print, genre fiction particularly popular. All major nonfiction areas are well represented with cooking, nutrition, crafts, religion, self-help and the social sciences circulating very well. DVDs, Music CDs and audio books are extremely popular with customers. Teen and juvenile collections are very popular. Programming: Classic Movie Night, Gardening, Anime Club, Book Clubs, Story times, What s Up Wednesday, Origami for All Ages, Knitting Class, Chess Club, Weekly Art Class for seniors at the Mandarin Senior Center Challenges in attracting Adult and Teen attendance. Appendix 8 March 2011 Page A8.20

Home Buyer s and Seller s Guide. Some things you need to know to make buying and selling easier, and to help you get a great result.

Home Buyer s and Seller s Guide. Some things you need to know to make buying and selling easier, and to help you get a great result. Home Buyer s and Seller s Guide Some things you need to know to make buying and selling easier, and to help you get a great result. 3 Welcome Your home is one of the largest financial investments you have

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City of Ann Arbor 2013 Sanitary Sewage Wet Weather Evaluation Project Footing Drain Disconnection (FDD) Survey Results January 24, 2014

City of Ann Arbor 2013 Sanitary Sewage Wet Weather Evaluation Project Footing Drain Disconnection (FDD) Survey Results January 24, 2014 City of Ann Arbor 2013 Sanitary Sewage Wet Weather Evaluation Project Footing Drain Disconnection (FDD) Survey Results January 24, 2014 I. Introduction This report contains the results of the FDD survey

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CITY OF SOUTH PORTLAND CITY OF SOUTH PORTLAND P. O. Box 9422 25 Cottage Road South Portland, ME 04116-9422 EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT James H. Gailey City Manager November, 2012 Welcome New South Portland Neighbor, On behalf of the

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DALLAS ANIMAL SERVICES DALLAS ANIMAL SERVICES Dallas, Texas Report Delivery November 2010 The Humane Society of The United States 2100 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 INTRODUCTION The Humane Society of the United States (The

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Becoming a Landlord Rewards, Risks, and Responsibilities

Becoming a Landlord Rewards, Risks, and Responsibilities Becoming a Landlord Rewards, Risks, and Responsibilities October 2008 2008 Fannie Mae. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means

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The Newcomer s Guide to Canadian Housing

The Newcomer s Guide to Canadian Housing The Newcomer s Guide to Canadian Housing CMHC Home to Canadians Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has been Canada s national housing agency for more than 60 years. Together with other housing

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FACILITIES MASTER PLAN FOR ST. LOUIS COUNTY LIBRARY DISTRICT February 13, 2012 Aaron Cohen Associates Ltd 159 Teatown Road Croton on Hudson, NY 10520 Tel: (914) 271 8170 Fax: (914) 271 2434 E mail: Homepage: FACILITIES MASTER PLAN FOR February

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CHILD CARE. a guide for family home providers. illinois

CHILD CARE. a guide for family home providers. illinois illinois CHILD CARE a guide for family home providers Illinois Department of Human Services USDA Rural Development Illinois Child Care Resource Service University of Illinois Illinois Network of Child

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Designing and Planning Laboratories

Designing and Planning Laboratories G14 Designing and Planning Laboratories May 2009 Designing and Planning Laboratories G14 May 2009 Contents 1. Designing for science... 1 1.1 Introduction... 1 1.2 The people and processes involved... 1

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Orange County Community Gardeners Guide

Orange County Community Gardeners Guide Orange County Community Gardeners Guide Our Mission: To help groups of people plant and grow fresh vegetables in a community garden; teach adults and youth cooperation, environmental and ecological awareness;

More information TITLE: Virtual Service AUTHOR(s): R. David Lankes PUBLICATION TYPE: Chapter DATE: 2002 FINAL CITATION: Virtual Service. Lankes, R. David (2002). In Melling, M. & Little, J. (Ed.),

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Fulfilling the Promise:

Fulfilling the Promise: United States Senate COMMITTEE ON HEALTH, EDUCATION, LABOR & PENSIONS Tom Harkin, Chairman Fulfilling the Promise: Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Economic Self-Sufficiency for People with Disabilities

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Online/Phone Public Comments

Online/Phone Public Comments 1 - County Alcohol and Drug Services After careful consideration of the many possible difficult budget choices, I want government officials to realize that we do NOT want vital services in Alcohol and

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Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit

Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining Park Friend Groups JANUARY 2014 In partnership with Philadelphia Park Friends Group Toolkit A Guide for Beginning and Sustaining

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GUIDE FOR LIVING ON CAMPUS. North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living

GUIDE FOR LIVING ON CAMPUS. North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living GUIDE FOR LIVING ON CAMPUS North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living North Carolina A&T State University Campus Living Table of Contents Welcome We re glad you have decided to experience Housing

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Our Experience, Our Voice

Our Experience, Our Voice Our Experience, Our Voice The Reality of Today, the Opportunity to Shape Tomorrow Saskatchewan Disability Strategy Consultation Report prepared by the Citizen Consultation Team December 2014 About this

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HANDBOOK. Living on Campus 2015-16

HANDBOOK. Living on Campus 2015-16 HANDBOOK Living on Campus 2015-16 Welcome! Welcome to your new home on the beautiful campus of Louisiana State University. It s an exciting time to live on campus, and you re a part of it! Living on campus

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How can the web suppor t carers?

How can the web suppor t carers? How can the web suppor t carers? This guide was commissioned by the Department of Health and produced by Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, leading organisations in their respective

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What it s like to live there: the views of residents on the design of new housing

What it s like to live there: the views of residents on the design of new housing What it s like to live there: the views of residents on the design of new housing Contents Overview 1 Case studies 5 The challenges 28 Appendix 1 Research methodology 37 Appendix 2 Questionnaire for residents

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First time renters. Tips for living. In T-town

First time renters. Tips for living. In T-town First time renters Tips for living In T-town Housing and Residential Communities Off-Campus Resources 205.348.6676 Table of contents Before you start your search.. 3 Crimson

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Guidebook 3

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Guidebook 3 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Guidebook 3 VISION Making Singapore Safe & Secure for all. MISSION We work in Partnership with the Community and the Police to prevent crime. National Crime

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So You Want to Start a Campus Food Pantry? A How-To Manual. Sarah E. Cunningham and Dana M. Johnson

So You Want to Start a Campus Food Pantry? A How-To Manual. Sarah E. Cunningham and Dana M. Johnson So You Want to Start a Campus Food Pantry? A How-To Manual Sarah E. Cunningham and Dana M. Johnson Oregon Food Bank 2011 Table of Contents Acknowledgements...3 Introduction: The OSU Emergency Food Pantry...4

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HOW TO START A QUALITY CHILD CARE BUSINESS U.S. Small Business Administration MP-29 HOW TO START A QUALITY CHILD CARE BUSINESS Management and Planning Series How to Start a Quality Child Care Business replaces "Quality Child Care Makes Good Business

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Riders Guide. to Public Transit for People with Disabilities. Fixed Route. ADA Complementary Paratransit. by meeting the challenge, inc.

Riders Guide. to Public Transit for People with Disabilities. Fixed Route. ADA Complementary Paratransit. by meeting the challenge, inc. Riders Guide to Public Transit for People with Disabilities Fixed Route ADA Complementary Paratransit by meeting the challenge, inc. Table of Contents Introduction...5 Fixed Route ADA Requirements for

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Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual

Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR HOMEOWNERS Rachel Simmons Schade, AIA, Schade and Bolender Architects National Trust for Historic Preservation Office of Housing and Community Development

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Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities

Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 4 Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities Authors: Debra Efroymson Tran Thi Kieu Thanh Ha Pham Thu Ha Editor: Lori Jones Photography: Debra Efroymson HealthBridge - WBB

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TOWN OF MILTON MOVING MILTON FORWARD. Transit Master Plan 2013-2017. Appendix H - Marketing and Communications Working Paper

TOWN OF MILTON MOVING MILTON FORWARD. Transit Master Plan 2013-2017. Appendix H - Marketing and Communications Working Paper TOWN OF MILTON Transit Master Plan 2013-2017 MOVING MILTON FORWARD Appendix H - Marketing and Communications Working Paper February 2013 Town of Milton Moving Milton Forward Transit Master Plan Marketing

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Physical and Environmental Security

Physical and Environmental Security Physical and Environmental Security CHAPTER 6 This chapter presents the following: Administrative, technical, and physical controls Facility location, construction, and management Physical security risks,

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