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1 Nablacom Advanced UI - Only viewable fields Release: 0.1 Date: 08/06/2010 Rif. Documento: NABLA_VTIGER_UI_2010_01

2 ABOUT Nablacom Advanced UI Only viewable fields (NablacomUI) is a modification of the core of vtiger 5.1 and it s not a module. In vitger 5.1 you can decide if a fields is editable or not accessible for a profile; now with NablacomUI you can also decide if a fields is only viewable and not editable for a profile. REQUIREMENTS - vtiger CRM INSTALLATION - download the last version of NablacomUI - make a backup of your vtiger folder - unzip the NablacomUI directly in the vtiger folder DEVELOPERS NOTE The changed files are: /include/customfieldutil.php /include/relatedlistview.php /include/utils/commonutils.php /include/utils/detailviewutils.php /include/utils/editviewutils.php /include/utils/listviewutils.php /include/utils/searchutils.php /include/webservices/vtigercrmobjectmeta.php /modules/settings/profileprivileges.php /modules/settings/en_us.lang.php /modules/settings/it_it.lang.php /modules/users/updateprofilechanges.php /Smarty/templates/DetailView.tpl

3 /Smarty/templates/EditProfile.tpl /Smarty/templates/EditViewUI.tpl /Smarty/templates/Inventory/InventoryDetailView.tpl All the changes in the code are begin with //NABLACOM BEGIN ADVANCED UI WITH VIEW ONLY FIELDS And end with //NABLACOM END ADVANCED UI WITH VIEW ONLY FIELDS File added: /Smarty/templates/NotEditableFields.tpl Changes to database: None Supported Languages by default English Italian For other localizations you have to add only 3 lines in the language file in the folder /modules/settings/ //NABLACOM BEGIN ADVANCED UI WITH VIEW ONLY FIELDS 'NOTEDITABLE_FIELD' =>'Not visible', 'VIEWABLE_FIELD' =>'Only viewable', 'EDITABLE_FIELD' =>'Editable', //NABLACOM END ADVANCED UI WITH VIEW ONLY FIELDS

4 USAGE After the installation, access as administrator in vtiger and open the profile settings Select the profile to edit (for eg. Support Profile)

5 For example, if you want set the profile to view only the field in the CONTACT module you have simply to change the picklist near the field itself and set it as ONLY VIEWABLE Now the support profile can view the field in the list view, in the search, in the detail view and in the edit view but can t edit it.

6 FUTURE DEVELOPMENT This code will be updated for the features: Fields can be also editable during the creation/duplication of a new item, but only viewable after the first save. This implicates to add the fourth state in the relationship between profiles and fields. Global permits on a module had to separate creation and editing. So a profile will be able to edit a ticket bet not create one. Required fields are actually always editable, so we must apply Nablacom Advanced UI also to those fields We are open to collaboration and we are proud to have feedback from all vtigers. LAST NEWS In order to give to our customer a new way to manage their e-commerce store, we are proud to announce that we are developing a e-commerce module completely integrated in vtiger by using the core framework. It s going to not be a bridge versus another open source, but it uses the vtiger modules (products, quote, invoice) to sell on-line your products. It also offer to you the possibility to show to the customer all your own modules. Stay tuned.. CONTACTS Location Via G. Accarino, , Cava de Tirreni, SA Phone/Fax Web Site