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1 Issue 3 September 2012 Clean Times Monthly Newsletter of the Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Association How Can WORDS Affect Your Life? by Barry Costa Featuring Ten Life Lessons by Kimberly Joy Costa I would like to thank the members of the ICRA SO MUCH for their kind and loving efforts to help me fight cancer! They are raising money during the Connections Convention in Las Vegas on September 4 7, 2012 to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). What they are doing will touch thousands of lives. Everyone has been touched by cancer somehow. Some people talk about what a tragedy this is. ICRA and members of our collective industries are taking a stand and DOING something about it. Affiliate Members Featured Spot Cleaning & Restoration Association.. Midwest Cleaning & Restoration Association. Mid South Professional Cleaning Association Professional Association of Cleaning & Restoration... The Society of Cleaning & Restoration Technicians... New England Institute of Restoration & Cleaning Kimberly Joy Costa (July 17, 1981 July 24, 2000) The word FIRE can create various emotional responses. When involving a home it can create emotions such as panic, fear and a threat to life. However, for a company that specializes in fire restoration, this can evoke a completely different set of emotional responses. The owners response can include happiness, visions of profit, getting the business wheels turning. To an employee this word can also bring profit dependent upon how he/ she is paid but also, if on call during a weekend, bring a feeling of disappointment. However, fire on a cold, winter day can bring on warmth and a feeling of comfort. One word can bring on various emotional responses based upon how it is used, what context it is used and who the recipient is. Our lives resemble a woven rug. Warp and weft yarns; personal and business lives. The secrets to success depend upon how you weave yourself through both. I heard and read some very empowering words written by my daughter Kim. It was her high school graduation speech. Now, graduation speeches can be boring or energizing. This unique message from my daughter however came from a unique perspective. My daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin s disease, a blood related form of cancer. In remission for ten months, the cancer came back and became chemo-resistant. The facts in front of Kim were that she would die of cancer. I d like to share Kim s Ten Life Lessons with you. As the word Fire can evoke various emotional responses, I hope that my daughters Ten Life Lessons will also provoke many emotional responses in the weaving of YOUR life (both personal and business). Ten Life Lessons Continue on page 2 Page 4 Page 5 Page 8 Page 6 Page 7 Page 9

2 Meet the Management ME Team Member Tryna Cooper - Financial Manager Tryna is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, general management executive, business and community leader with 20 years experience in seminar, class, and event planning, 25 years of accomplishments in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry, over 30 years experience in bookkeeping, 10 years experience as an instructor in the metaphysical and spiritual community, as well as 25 years of accomplishments in community service, both in volunteer committee and elected positions. Her business experience includes ownership or management of several successful small and medium sized businesses with responsibility for business planning and implementation, marketing and sales strategies, staff development, budgeting and financial control, and operations management. Tryna's cleaning industry leadership experience includes president of a local trade association and secretary of an international industry certification board that is instrumental in establishing standards, training criteria, and testing for the carpet cleaning, restoration, and inspection industry. She was instrumental in changing this certification organization from a profit to a non-profit corporation. She has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Capital Investment Award from the Adams County Development Corporation, the Blue Chip Enterprise Award from Connecticut Mutual, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and Nations Business Magazine, the Past Presidents Award from the International Institute of Carpet and Upholstery Certification and the Reagan E. David Founders Award from the Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Assn. Ten Life Lessons continued from page 1 Ten Life Lessons by Kimberly Joy Costa Life Lessons number 10 is Deal with life one day at a time. Sometimes when life gets crazy we feel like we ll never sort everything out. But if we just deal with everything one day and instance at a time, life just has a way of working through things. It also makes life s circumstances a little less overwhelming. Life Lesson number 9 is more a word of advice. Turn every life experience into a learning experience. The best way I have found to cope with hard times more easily is to become knowledgeable about what is going on and try to find a meaning to everything that happens. Trust me, there is always one there. Life Lesson number 8 is Always look for the positive. No matter how bad life can get, there is always a positive to be found. If you focus on the positive aspects of life, the hard times are easier to get through. The power of positive thinking is amazing, and it works. Life Lesson number 7 is another piece of advice. Try to do at least one new thing every day. Much too often, people get into a routine of doing the same thing every day and their lives become boring. The new thing doesn t have to be big. It can be something really small like taking a different route to work, or trying a new kind of food. Make a wish list for yourself of new stuff you want to try. Some things can be small and others, big. Plan on completing one of those things each day and by the end of everyday your life will be that much more full. Life Lesson number 6 is Be true to yourself. No matter what happens in your life if you are true to yourself and confident about who you are, you can overcome anything. Always stick to who you are and don t worry if people are going to accept you or not. If you are confident with yourself, it will show and the people who really matter will accept you for who you are, not for who you are not. Life Lesson number 5 is Touch as many lives as you can. Every time you meet someone new, you leave a little bit of yourself with them. They are affected by you. The more people you meet, the more complete both their and your lives are because of how you have been affected by each other. Think of the possibilities. Life Lesson number 4 is Enjoy the little things. Although the big accomplishments in life are important, sometimes it s the little things in life that are more enjoyable. The conversations with your best friend in the middle of the night, or a quiet moment somewhere peaceful where you were just able to think, can add up to be much more important and memorable than any big thing. Life Lesson number 3 is Don t sweat the small stuff. Many times in life, people begin getting concerned with petty things. What people forget is that in the long run, it doesn t matter what he said or what she did. It s not worth your time to get worked up about anything small or petty. Life Lesson number 2 is Hold on to your friends. No matter what happens in your life, good or bad, your friends will be there for you. Whether it is a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on that you need, your friends are there for you always. And the number 1 Life Lesson is Make everyday count. Life is short and we never know how long we are going to have. We must live life to the fullest EVERYDAY. Everything we do should have a greater purpose. We should never throw any opportunities away. Our lives will continue to be impacted by our friendships, generosity, compassion and spirit. As each of us works each day to be the person we want to be, remember my favorite quote from the Broadway play Rent No Day But Today. As you weave through YOUR personal and business life please remember my daughter s Ten Life Lessons. Kim was a GIFT to Carol and me; Her words were a GIFT to ALL!

3 Connections Convention 10th Anniversary Reception Major Entertainment - food and drinks after the trade show Great time to network and meet new friends or just relax and connect with old friends. Sponsored by Prochem (Diamond Sponsor) and B-Air (Silver Sponsor) Everyone is invited. No tickets necessary! Thursday - September 6th - 6:00-9:00 pm September 4th - Pre-Convention Programming: Zig Ziglar's Born to Win, Business Growth Workshop Smart Business Symposium - (Technology, Apps, Website Development, Electronic Marketings) Sept. 5th, 6th & 7th - Convention and Trade Show MAJOR KEYNOTE SPEAKERS... GOLD SPONSORED EVENTS... INFORMATIVE LIVE DEMON- STRATIONS... MAJOR ENTERTAINMENT!... GREAT PRIZE GIVEAWAYS... AND MORE! NEW MAJOR KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Aaron Huey - The Art of the First Impression. Words can say almost anything, but the body never lies. Since the dawn of time, we have conditioned ourselves to listen TO THE BODY! Only 7% of communication is verbal... so what about the other 93%? This presentation shows you how to command the language of the body to convey the most accurate portrayal of who you are and what you want. You will learn what the other people are REALLY saying and how to make sure that when you leave the room, you are not forgotten! You will also learn a few tricks to make the words you say count for much, much more. NEW MAJOR KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Rob Riopel - Get Hardwired for $uccess With his hi energy and heartfelt style, Robert Riopel guides business owners in getting "Hardwired For Success." You can be the best business owner and still not succeed to your full potential due to your inner beliefs and programing. In his presentations Robert draws on his past experiences to show how Successful Business Owners think totally differently than Unsuccessful ones and how anyone can Learn to be "Hardwired for Success." LIVE Demonstrations include: HUGE Flood House Demonstration, Live Rug Cleaning Plants, Proper Use of Disinfectant, Carpet Repairs, Contents Restoration, Hard Surface Floor Cleaning & Maintenance, Upholstery Cleaning, Shrink Wrap, Duct Cleaning, Infrared Camera, Drying, AND MUCH MORE - MAKE PLANS NOW TO ATTEND! Emphasizing Hands-on Demonstrations and Interactive Educational Programs! Don't miss another GREAT EXPERIENCE! For More Information and to Register go to

4 Cleaning and Restoration Association (CRA) Members Supporting Members Websites Recently, we ve launched This online hub is fast becoming a resource where home, business owners and prospective clients are linked to CRA members and directed to a cleaning and restoration professional in their area. The CRA Member Search tool helps consumers to find members services by certification, zip code, or company name. This is found on our website: Social Media CRA is blogging! Members check-in with for educational videos, membership updates, and trending industry news. Our blog and discussion forums are the perfect platform to share experiences and disseminate valuable information on the newest technologies and most effective industry practices. We welcome questions, and topics you would like to see covered in future meetings. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn CRA s first Annual NorCal Golf Tournament The Cleaning and Restoration Association (CRA) has created a new annual event that provides an opportunity for a variety of industries that occasionally work together to enjoy a round of golf at Eagle Vines Golf Course, known for being the perfect blend of a first-rate facility highlighted by a challenging golf course, tucked into the beautiful landscape of the Napa Valley. CRA s first Annual NorCal Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, October 5, 2012 at Eagle Vines Golf Course in Napa, CA. What you can look forward to: 18 holes of golf at Eagle Vines Golf Course, Continental Breakfast, Coffee Bar, Breakfast Cocktail, Lunch provided on the course, Cocktail Party (1 drink ticket per player), Awards Party (1 ticket per player), Prizes, Free Goodie bag with gifts from sponsors, Free beverages from Tee sponsors and beverage carts, and Free snacks at selected Tees For more information about the tournament, please visit the CRA website at: Upcoming Events & Courses 2012 DATE TIME COURSE / EVENT LOCATION HOST INSTRUC- TOR/ SPKR. Aug 14-7:30am- AMRT- Applied Microbial Remediation 17 4:30pm Technician Phoenix, AZ Abatix Mark Ayers Aug 21- AMRT- Applied Microbial Remediation Santa Fe Springs, 24 8am-5pm Technician CA Abatix Mark Ayers Sept am-5pm ASD Applied Structural Drying Rancho Cucamonga, CA Training Ctr. Chris Taylor Sept 26-7:30am- WRT Water Restoration Technicialor Chris Tay- Phoenix, AZ Abatix 28 4:30pm Oct am-5pm FSRT Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician Sacramento, CA RestCon Jessika James Oct 16- AMRT- Applied Microbial Remediation Santa Fe Springs, 19 8am-5pm Technician CA Abatix Mark Ayers Oct 23-7:30am- AMRT- Applied Microbial Remediation 26 4:30pm Technician Phoenix, AZ Abatix John Banta WRT Water Restoration Technician Santa Fe Springs, Nov 7-9 8am-5pm CA Abatix Jim Holland Nov am-5pm ASD Applied Structural Drying Rancho Cucamonga, CA Training Ctr. Look for additional courses & events to be added soon! Dates are subject to change. Refer to website for final dates and prices. Chris Taylor

5 Midwest Cleaning & Restoration Association (MCRA) IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) Class (2-day) - IICRC Certified! Monday, October 8 Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Registration: 8:00 am Class: 8:30 am 4:30 pm Instructor: Bruce DeLoatch (The Cleaners Coach) Location: FGS - The Restoration Company 2210 S Beltline Ct Madison, WI The Carpet Cleaning Technician course teaches the fundamentals of carpet cleaning. Topics include fiber types and characteristics, fiber identification, carpet construction and styles, dyeing at the mill, soil characteristics and the chemistry of cleaning. This course will also introduce the technician to the 5 methods commonly used in carpet cleaning. The differences between the CCT and CMT courses are, basically, a focus on either general or residential versus commercial applications. Totally Booked University Seminar (1-day) - 1 IICRC Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Friday, November 30, 2012 Class: 8:00 am 4:00 pm Instructor: Jeff Cross (Senior Editor, Cleanfax Magazine) Location: Kelmann Property Restoration W Dearbourn Ave Wauwatosa, WI Special MCRA Event! Jeff Cross, Senior Editor of the Cleanfax magazine, is bringing a fantastic, highlevel marketing seminar to the Wauwatosa area on Friday, November 30, Residential and commercial marketing techniques specifically for the carpet cleaning, disaster restoration and contract cleaning industries. This event qualifies for 1 IICRC continuing education credit! This class will show you how to: Get top position with Google and make the search engines find your company first (without paying)!, use social media (Facebook Twitter, etc) to get new customers, utilize the internet to your marketing advantage, write press releases to promote your company, build your newsletter and referral program, master the art of cold calling for new customers, build the best website that attracts customers, analyze pricing strategies to earn top dollar, write ad copy that brings in the best customers and much, much more! Visit for more information. Bonus! Each attendee will receive a USB flash drive that contains all types of videos, books, forms, presentations and much more Board of Directors President Scott Klemm K-tech Kleening Systems, Inc. Vice President Open Secretary/Treasurer Bill Goehring Jon-Don, Inc. Past President & IICRC Rep Bob Di Loreto White Knight Carpet Rescue, Inc Directors Jim Hirsch Paul Davis Restoration of Lakeland Counties Brenda Janvrin America s Best Cleaning & Restoration Services, Inc Nick Kertscher Magic Touch Beth McBride All American Cleaning & Restoration David Schultz Kelmann Corporation Executive Director Jane Svinicki, CAE MCRA Account Coordinator Marie Marinello MCRA MCRA s mission is to promote and foster the mutual interests of its various membership groups, while also ensuring the delivery of the highest level of professional cleaning services to the public.

6 Professional Association of Cleaning & Restoration (PACR) The Professional Association of Cleaning & Restoration (PACR) will be present at Connections will you? PACR Members and other industry experts are encouraged to attend the 10 th Anniversary Connections Convention & Tradeshow on September 5-7, 2012 at the Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. ICRA/PACR Members get $100 off their registration!!! Join us for the largest Trade Show in the Industry and Hands-On Education from the best our industry can offer! For more information go to Upcoming PACR Events: PACR Networking Event at the Colorado Rockies Game Thursday August 16, 2012 at Coors Field, Denver CO 2012Connections Convention & Tradeshow September 5-7, 2012 Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada IICRC Carpet Repair and Reinstallation with Barry Costa October 17-19, 2012 Arvada, CO Meth Lab Clean-up with Patrick Paluga TBD (October/November) Denver, CO Look for more upcoming events in 2012 in the next newsletter! On October 17 19, 2012 PACR will welcome IICRC s long time instructor Barry Costa to Denver for the IICRC Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician course. Barry is the best instructor in the industry when it comes to Carpet Repair and Reinstallation and now is your chance to learn from the best! Barry s course includes 75% Hands-On Time and the opportunity to learn the tools of the trade. This 3 day class is offered at a DISCOUNTED RATE for PACR members of ONLY $349 per person!!! For more information and to register go to Jillian in the PACR office at or call Nominations Needed for 2nd Annual Larry S. Cooper Leadership Award PACR is also beginning our search for the recipient of the 2 nd Annual Larry S. Cooper Leadership Award. PACR members are encouraged to submit their nomination for someone within our association who is an outstanding visionary and shows dedication & commitment to excellence within the cleaning and restoration industry. This annual award will be presented at the PACR Holiday Party in December. All nominations must be received in the PACR office by November 1 st, For more information on nomination requirements, please contact Jillian Olson in the PACR office at or call PACR Bringing Education To Denver This Fall! Looking for some great education in the Denver Area? PACR is bringing two great classes to Denver with Great Instructors! IICRC Carpet Repair & Reinstall October 17-19, 2012 with Instructor Barry Costa of Costa Group Education at J4CL in Arvada, CO Meth Lab Cleanup TBD (OCTOBER or NOVEMBER) with Instructor Patrick Paluga of Alliance Biohazard at ADCO Pro Cleaning Supply in Denver, CO For More information contact Jillian at or call More Education in PACR Region Interlink Supply Denver August 23 - IICRC Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician October 11 - IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician ADCO Pro Cleaning Supply August 22, 23, & 24 - IICRC Water Damage Technician September 10 & 11 - IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Technician Jon-Don of Denver September 18 & 19 - IICRC Fire and Smoke Technician October 22, 23, & 24 - IICRC Water Damage Technician

7 Society of Cleaning & Restoration Technicians (SCRT) Creating a Logo that Sells by Don McNulty - SCRT Director Coca-Cola reportedly spent $1,000,000 creating the well-known Coke Swirl logo. A million dollars! If Coke will spend that kind of money on a logo design, it must be important. But you don t have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to create a logo that sells. Just follow these tips of good logo design. Shapes have an impact. An oval is the most-liked shape, with circle, squares, rectangles and pyramids or triangles ranking respectively. Color is important. For example, to women, red means love and romance. Contrarily, and funny as well, to a man, red means stop. Blue is men s favorite color and its meaning to men is power or authority. Green, red, yellow or orange are the colors of food. Don t believe me? Look down any grocery isle or at the colors of a fast food restaurant. Highly-educated buyers prefer deeper, richer hues and tones. Less sophisticated consumers are attracted to more basic, primary and pastel colors. Education also plays a part in naming a company. A sophisticated consumer will more readily trust Distinguished Carpet Care than she will Budget Carpet Cleaning. Referrals will override this tendency, but it s something to consider if you ever decide to change your company name. A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or tag-line that is displayed with your logo is also important. A USP briefly and easily states what you really sell. Legg s is known for women s hosiery but what they really sell is A Great Pair of Legs. Applying that to our carpet cleaner example, Distinguished might have a USP of Carpet Cleaning for the Discriminating Client Budget s USP might be We Clean Carpet for Less. Finally, remember that your logo is a part of branding your firm but it is not the brand. You are! Upcoming SCRT Events IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician Course in Michigan The SCRT Michigan Chapter will host Bruce DeLoatch for a 2-day Carpet Cleaning Technician course on October 16th and 17th, 2012 at Len's Carpet Care & Consultants, 3436 Franette Rd., Lansing, MI The course fee is $249. SCRT and ICRA Members save $50, so your cost is only $199 per student. There will be a bonus event on the evening of the 16th after the first day of class open to all ICRA and SCRT Members and guests. For more information on this event, contact SCRT Michigan Chapter President, Lenny Mingus at , extension 14 or (800)

8 Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association (MSPCA) Spotlight on MSPCA Member 1st Aide Restoration The Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association, MSPCA, is proud to be comprised of strong member companies; this strength is not just in their knowledge and service, it is also in their desire to do good for others. We want to spotlight two of our members this month for partnering together for good! Active member 1 st Aide Restoration is located in Greensboro, NC, owned by husband-wife team of Doug and Cheri Watkins, and provides both cleaning and restoration services for their area. Associate member Textile Restorations is based in Columbia, SC, owned by husband-wife team of Bryan and Courtney Folk, and empowers territory sales representatives like William McDaniels (NC) to go above and beyond in all areas of restoration dry cleaning. 1 st Aide Restoration was working with a salvage company on some water damaged furniture recovered from a site. The salvage company asked if 1 st Aide might be able to help find someone interested in buying 60 wedding gowns that had some slight water damage at a drastically reduced price. The value of the dresses in perfect condition was upwards of $50,000. Doug asked Cheri for her thoughts, and she said that if they could get them cleaned for a reasonable price, they could donate them to The Bargain Box which is the Junior League s consignment shop in downtown Greensboro. So, Doug called William, his rep with Textile Restorations, and they consented to clean them for FREE! 1 st Aide really couldn t have done this without Textile Restorations contribution. Textile Restorations had no way of knowing whether all 60 dresses would need to be cleaned or only a few. As it turned out, only 14 dresses needed dry cleaning, but Textile Restorations was willing to partner for all of them if needed. In the meantime, Cheri made the necessary arrangements with the Junior League; they were understandably very excited. Once Textile Restorations completed their cleaning, 1 st Aide Restoration delivered all the dresses to The Bargain Box. This is just one example of the great work MSPCA members do on a daily basis. We are proud to call both 1 st Aide Restoration and Textile Restorations strong members of a strong association! Contact Meredith at or for more information on joining the MSPCA and/or attending our October 12-13, 2012, regional meeting in Asheville, NC. REGIONAL MEETING FRIDAY OCTOBER 12 & SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, 2012 Hosted by First Restoration Services of Asheville Featuring Keynote Speaker Bill Early Join MSPCA with your sales staff and employees to learn how to reinvent your connection to clients and grow your business exponentially! To learn more about Bill Early go to

9 New England Institute of Restoration & Cleaning (NEIRC) NEIRC (serving all of New England) is...your expanded regional industry association which includes cleaners of carpet, upholstery, drapery Oriental rugs, stone and tile flooring and those who provide janitorial services as well as companies that provide restoration and reconstruction services due to floods, fires, mold and smoke damage. Carpet and flooring inspectors are also a part of our organization. Help us Celebrate Summer 2012: Friends, members and cleaning professionals join the NEIRC for our annual BBQ in Southern New Hampshire on Saturday, August 18 th. Please contact our office by phone or -join your industry peers for good food and fun. October THE NEIRC Fall Golf Outing-18 holes of premium golf and a superb dinner to follow. We look forward to seeing our members and maybe meeting some new faces-if golf is your passion visit for registration or contact the office at or March The NEIRC celebrates 60 year anniversary-join cleaners and restorers throughout New England in helping us celebrate this milestone-the NEIRC Board of Directors wants members and non-members to feel welcome-we wish to share with you the benefits the an affiliation in your locale trade industry group provides. We would love to see you at one of upcoming events-if you have been considering joining a network of trusted professionals now may be the time Call NEIRC at ! Don t forget Connections 2012 Las Vegas September 4, 5, 6 & 7 (NEIRC members save as much as $ per person with early registration) Have questions for the NEIRC President David Mavilio of Regal Fabric Care-Woburn, MA? Feel free to contact him at any time at or go to The New England Institute of Restoration & Cleaning is an Association of Professional Cleaning Members sharing information and working together. NEIRC was founded over fifty years ago based on the principle of members bettering members. DO YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER IN THE CLEANING & RESTORATION INDUSTRY? DO YOU WANT TO HELP OUR INDUSTRY MOVE FORWARD? ICRA is looking for motivated members who are willing to give their opinions and motivation to help with planning the NEW educational programs, plan networking events around the country, be a member of our board of directors for 2013, and more! This is your opportunity to get involved! If you are interested in volunteering a few hours a month and make an active contribution to your association, please contact Jillian Olson in the ICRA office at or call

10 Top Stories in the Cleaning & Restoration Industry: Toxic Mold Case Can Go Forward: NY Appellate Court By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 9, 2012 A New York appellate court has overturned a lower court ruling, allowing a toxic mold lawsuit to go forward. Brenda Cornell had sued the owners of her former apartment building, seeking compensation for the dizziness, rashes and respiratory ailments she acquired after being exposed to mold for nearly six years. Though Cornell's lawsuit is small in scope, the toxic mold ruling itself impacts the almost 3 million people living in New York and Bronx counties. It has arguably opened the door for thousands of similar lawsuits. When the trial court dismissed Cornell's lawsuit, it relied on Fraser v Townhouse Corp, a 2008 toxic mold ruling that called into question scientific evidence linkingrespiratory problems to mold exposure. At the time, the appellate court was unconvinced that the evidence was sound and widely accepted. The trial judge, as some others likely did, believed Fraser precluded any future mold lawsuits. But the appellate court has clarified that it does not. Cornell lived above the basement, which was found to have extensive water damage and mold, for six years. Mold was also growing under her floorboards. Environmental scientists tested the mold, and a medical expert testified that her illness was caused by mold exposure. That medical expert relied on a number of scientific studies. These studies were sufficient to conclude that exposure to mold caused the identified ill-health effects, the appellate court explained. In other words, the scientific evidence linking mold exposure to respiratory illness is sufficient enough for the court. Individuals with similar claims can now rely on this toxic mold ruling to bring their own suits. Chinese Drywall Risk Management Issues and Solutions The main article was written by David Dybdahl for the cleaning and restoration industry. ICRA has been researching the drywall issue and found some proposed legislation that you should be aware of concerning the use of Chinese Drywall, see below. Chinese drywall will affect thousands of responsible parties as the unfortunate owners of contaminated properties search for sources of funds to pay for the remediation of their property. A series of exclusions and limitations in all property and liability insurance policies makes it very unlikely that any of the parties associated with a property that has Chinese drywall installed in it will have any insurance coverage at all for the costs to remediate the property or pay for the injuries to the occupants. One exception to this general rule is fire and water restoration contractors who have good coverage for mold losses may also have coverage for Chinese drywall related losses. Restoration contractors face two risk management challenges related to Chinese drywall; 1.) Drywall installed in routine fire and water damage restoration projects between and 2.) taking on new work to remediate Chinese drywall which was previously installed by another contractor. Many of the newer low cost insurance options offered to restoration contractors have significant coverage defects for Chinese drywall associated claims. If you took advantage of these low cost insurance offerings in the past you may have permanently eliminated your insurance coverage for Chinese drywall associated losses from your past jobs. There are a limited number of insurance tools that can be utilized to fill the historical coverage gap if you have one. If you are performing drywall remediations as a new service you will need to modify your insurance coverage accordingly. In either case it is highly recommended to seek out a qualified insurance consultant to see where you are on coverage for prior acts and prospective operations. The Risks Associated With Chinese Drywall In short, some but not all sources of Chinese drywall off-gas sulfur dioxide gas which combines with water vapor to form airborne sulfuric acid within the built environment. Most if not all contaminated drywall was installed in 2006 and 2007 in at least twenty four and as many as forty one states. The source of the sulfide contamination is the gypsum rock in China which was used to manufacture the drywall. The contaminated drywall was imported due to a general shortage of drywall in the US as a result of the hurricane damages in Most of the Chinese dry wall was used for residential projects. Some imported drywall was private labeled and not all was stamped Made in China. As a result it is difficult to determine which specific properties had Chinese Drywall installed in them within this time period. Restoration contractors may have installed contaminated drywall in their normal fire and water damage restoration work. The jury is literally out on the possible adverse health effects to the occupants of the contaminated buildings; these health affects do not appear to be acute. However it is clear that buildings containing sulfide contaminated drywall, which smells like rotten eggs or burned match s will need to be remediated. Remediation involves removing the drywall, assessing and correcting potential structural damage, and the corrosion of electrical systems, HVAC equipment and the building contents. There are no accepted remediation protocols or standards today for Chinese drywall.

11 Chinese Drywall continued from page 10 Damages from the drywall include remediation costs, diminution of property values, increased fire risk and adverse health effects to the occupants and to remediators. Historical loss exposures can be traced to responsible parties including developers, construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, building products suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. Contractors remediating the drywall also have liability loss exposures and usually have significant gaps in their insurance coverage even if they have purchased Contractors Pollution Liability insurance. Literally tens of thousands of properties and thousands of responsible parties are affected. Generally loss costs approximate 60% of the building value which presents a huge source of potential new revenue for restoration contractors. Some trial lawyers promote Chinese drywall as the largest construction defect issue in history, affecting 100,000 homes. Contractors remediating these properties should recognize that they are entering a high liability risk environment due to the fact that the property owner probably does not have insurance coverage for the needed work and may look to the remediator as a deep pocket. Strong loss control protocols and excellent insurance coverage is needed for the contractors performing these remediations. Traditional insurance is very likely to have significant coverage gaps for this work and should not be relied upon. Traditional Insurance Coverage for Chinese Drywall Related Losses Chinese drywall claims encompass traditional construction defect insurance coverage issues and then superimpose various pollution exclusion implications. Construction defect claims introduce a series of complex insurance coverage issues in both property and liability insurance policies. In general, acidic gas will fall within the definition of a pollutant in both property and liability insurance policies because it is an irritant or contaminant. Therefore losses associated with Chinese drywall will be impacted by pollution exclusions in virtually all forms of commercial insurance. Commercial Property and Homeowners insurance policies fundamentally insure losses from discrete fortuitous loss events that result from accidents and natural disasters. It is usually difficult to obtain coverage for a construction defect on a property insurance policy because the prerequisite insured cause of loss is missing to trigger coverage under the policy. Commercial property insurance policies also have pollution exclusions. Therefore property insurance policies will usually deny a Chinese drywall loss because of the absence of an insured peril and the effect of Joanne and Jim Haseltine of Manatee County replaced the faulty drywall in their River Wilderness home at their own expense. While state and federal agencies have studied drywall problems in American homes the homeowners have received little financial help.herald- TRIBUNE ARCHIVE / 2010 the pollution exclusion. As a result most property owners and their lenders will be left uninsured for the costs to remediate Chinese drywall. Exclusions in Commercial General Liability insurance policies for Damages to Your Work and Impaired Property can stand in the way of coverage for a contractor. All of the stakeholders need modified environmental insurance to be covered for these losses. Unfortunately the vast majority of them will not have appropriate insurance for Chinese drywall related losses even though good quality commercial liability and property coverage was available to them pre-loss. There were no good insurance solutions for homeowners. Environmental Insurance Solutions To be insured for Chinese Drywall losses a restoration contractor needs a properly structured Contractors Pollution Liability policy which does not have a Property Damage To Your Work or an Impaired Property exclusion, in addition to a GL policy. Only about 1/3 of the CPL policies sold to restoration contractors today do not have these onerous exclusions. High quality coverage does not necessarily cost more than the more restrictive policy forms. In fact these same exclusions can be problematic in a mold loss so if you have good coverage for mold you probably have good coverage for Chinese drywall. But if you are taking on work to remediate Chinese drywall it is very important you tell your insurance company this because this service falls outside the scope of covered operations in most restoration contractor insurance policies. For example if the rating page of your General liability policy has you rated as a janitor or a carpet cleaner and you are in fact ripping and tearing out Chinese dry wall you are opening yourself up for the denial of a claim based on a material change in the risk. Appropriate insurance is available for this work. However traditional insurance policies swill almost certainly excluded everything associated with Chinese drywall for all of the stake holders. Restoration contractors need to address their loss exposures from prior operations and if the perform Chinese drywall remediation work as a service. David Dybdahl, CPCU, ARM, MBA is the President of American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC. He is a practicing insurance broker and consultant whose articles appear regularly in Restoration and Remediation Magazine.

12 Top Stories Continued from page 11 Chinese drywall ban, regulations sought Staff report: Herold Tribune: Published: Monday, March 12, 2012 In what could be a longshot effort to corral a country that has shown little cooperation in the tainted drywall crisis, four Virginia congressman are proposing a law that would seek to hold Chinese manufacturers responsible for importing the product. The bill proposed by U.S. Reps. Scott Rigell, R-Virginia Beach; Robert C. "Bobby" Scott, D-Newport News; Rob Wittman, R-Westmoreland; and Randy Forbes, R-Chesapeake would attempt to make the Chinese manufacturers submit to the jurisdiction of the U.S. legal system. The measure also would make Chinese drywall a banned substance and regulate the disposal of the drywall, a move aimed at preventing the material from ever being recycled. Thousands of Virginia and Florida homeowners among the nearly 4,000 cases reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have been dealing with the tainted wallboard, which creates a "rotten egg" smell in homes, corrodes appliances and, by some owners' accounts, has harmed their health. "It's hard to fathom that this is happening in America," Rigell told the Daily Press of Newport News, Va. Supporters acknowledged that it will be difficult to force Chinese companies to comply with orders from the U.S. courts. So far, none of the lawsuits winding their way through the system has been successful in collecting any money from those manufacturers. The congressmen told the Daily Press that the proposed legislation was only a first step and that other measures could be explored, such as one to restore the credit rating of people who have dealt with a home containing contaminated drywall. "We're going to look into that and see if it can't be replicated," Wittman said. Florida homes damaged by Chinese drywall were marked down by $91 million in value by property appraisers in The decline was decidedly less, however, than the $493 million in property value exempted from Florida property taxes in 2010 under a special program offered for homes containing the corrosive material. Eighty-five single-family homes and condominiums in Sarasota and Manatee counties have lost at least $25,000 in value because of defective drywall, according to new data generated by the Florida Department of Revenue. Thirtynine of those homes have lost more than $100,000 in value and received exemptions. In all, Sarasota and Manatee counties are among 12 Florida counties reporting more than $1 million in drywall exemptions based on damage. Statewide, 2,568 properties almost all single-family homes or condominiums had exemptions for drywall damage last year. Chinese drywall was used in the construction of thousands of homes during the real estate boom, mainly in the South, after a series of destructive hurricanes in Though the courts have been unsuccessful in compelling Chinese companies some of which are state owned to pay for a repairs, a settlement announced in December that involves Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co., a German maker of defective Chinese drywall, could by some reckonings make $1 billion in repairs. The settlement called for Knauf to create an uncapped fund to repair 4,500 properties, mainly in Florida. Colorado Wildfire Recovery Expected To Take Years, Cost Over $450 Million In Damages By DAN ELLIOTT and SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN 07/31/12 04:23 PM ET DENVER A once-thriving Colorado neighborhood of homes and healthy trees has been reduced to a barren expanse of ash and debris. Across the state, a river prized for its trout, rapids and pristine water instead flows as an oily, black brew every time rain falls on nearby slopes charred by wildfire. In New Mexico, the Santa Clara Pueblo is seeking volunteers to fill sandbags for fear the American Indian village of 3,100 will be washed away by runoff from mountainsides left denuded by a blaze last year. Wildfires across the West are burning homes, businesses, bridges and other infrastructure necessary for everyday life and the disaster isn't over when the wildfire is snuffed out and the firefighters go home. Erosion from seared hillsides buries roads in mud and pollutes rivers that supply tap water. The point was driven home earlier this week when a mudslide following heavy rain in Colorado's Waldo Canyon burn area temporarily closed U.S. 24 near Manitou Springs. Electricity, water and gas lines have to be repaired and recharged. Debris from burned-out homes has to be hauled away and new houses must be built. Even if the work starts while the fire is still burning, experts say recovery can take years and untold millions of dollars simply to make conditions livable again. Lisa Maser, whose northern Colorado home survived a blaze that destroyed 259 homes and charred more than 136 square miles, now thinks of her life in two periods: before and after the High Park Fire. "It's very eerie," Maser said of the charred hillsides in her rural neighborhood west of Fort Collins, where the blaze left a layer of fine, sandy black ash, and where flood waters could strand them in the event of a heavy rainstorm. "It's amazing that it got so close."

13 Colorado Wildfire Recovery continued from page 12 In Colorado alone, insurers estimate that wildfires have caused some $450 million in damage to personal property, and that number is expected to grow. Nationally, the U.S. Forest Service is on track for another possible record with nearly $28 million spent so far on burned-area recovery work. The agency spent a record $48 million last year.harris Sherman, the USDA undersecretary who oversees the agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, said the federal government tries to get into burned areas as quickly as possible to predict what some of the fallout might be. "There are not only immediate effects. There are long-term implications to this," Sherman said. "We all need to be aware of the fact that the landscape doesn't restore overnight. It can take years, if not decades." The number of fires and total acreage burned in the West this summer is roughly within range of the past decade's average. But the fires are bigger, they're burning with greater severity, and they are burning areas where the potential impacts are greater. A mountainside is left charred Sunday, July 1, 2012, iin Colorado Springs, Colo., after being ravaged by the Waldo Canyon fire. So far, the blaze, now 45 percent contained, has damaged or destroyed nearly 350 homes. (AP Photo/The Colorado Springs Gazette, Jerilee Bennett) The blazes have charred forests and private land near suburban communities, rather than remote wilderness, raising the price tag for a recovery that challenges everyone from homeowners and anglers to forest managers and water plant operators. In addition to Colorado and New Mexico, burned-area response specialists are working in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming to finalize contracts for seeding and mulching, stabilize roads and trails, prep culverts for higher flows of water and put up warning signs. Charred hillsides are vulnerable to erosion during downpours because they have less vegetation to soak up rain, increasing the likelihood of flooding. Earlier this month, a wall of water rushed down New Mexico's Santa Clara Canyon, washing away months of restoration work done by Santa Clara Pueblo and government contractors. The tribal community had volunteers come from around the state to help fill thousands of sandbags in the wake of last year's massive Las Conchas Fire, and they're in need of the same help this year. Pueblo Gov. Walter Dasheno has said he fears the next rainstorm could result in a wall of water bearing down on his village. "In less than 10 days, the rains have wiped out even more trees, brought down more boulders and destroyed some out structures," he said. National forests and grasslands provide about 20 percent of the nation's water supply, according to the Forest Service, and the cost of treating drinking water increases by about 20 percent for every loss of 10 percent of forest land in a watershed. Following wildfires in 1996 and 2002, the water utility in Denver spent more than $26 million on restoration, maintenance and dredging, planting more than a quarter of a million trees, building sediment control structures and installing bigger drainage pipes. The work reinforced the utility's belief in the importance of forest management, Denver Water media coordinator Travis Thompson said. In 2010, Denver Water entered into a partnership with the Forest Service, called "From Forests to Faucets," to improve forest and watershed conditions. Under the partnership, Denver Water will match the federal government's $16.5 million investment toward restoration projects in priority watersheds critical to Denver's water supply. An estimated 30,000 cubic yards of debris are expected to be hauled out of one neighborhood near Colorado Springs, where the Waldo Canyon Fire destroyed more than 340 homes and killed a husband and wife. But the rebuilding process has already begun: Earlier this week, city officials issued the first permit for a homeowner to rebuild, just 14 days after the fire was declared contained. Joseph Boyd, whose two-story, four-bedroom home at the end of a cul-de-sac burned on June 26, said he looked at other homes but found nothing that appealed to him and his wife. They've since picked out a new, more energy-efficient plan and aim to restore the landscape. At least eight of the 14 houses on his street intend to return and rebuild, he said. "I have one neighbor that will not come back. It was pretty traumatizing for them," he said. "I don't blame them, but it's a memory that will fade. You have to move forward, either direction you choose."

14 Top Stories Continued from page 13 How to Network with Flooring Retailers by Mike Brummett On occasion I hear carpet cleaners express frustration because they cannot get local flooring retailers to recommend them. Some can t get the storeowner or manager to take the time to talk to them. I have been fortunate over the years in developing great working relationships with several retailers in my area. While I don t pretend to know all the answers, I can share some of my own experiences on how my company has done this. Get educated and keep up-to-date If you have only been in business for 6 months, and only have one IICRC Certification under your belt, don t expect flooring retailers to be beating your door down with referrals. Make it your goal to become the best educated cleaning firm in your area. Learn repair and re-installation. Learn color repair. When you have those Master Textile Cleaner credentials, retailers are far more likely to refer you. If you really want to get their attention, go for becoming an IICRC Senior Carpet Inspector. I promise you that Mr. Carpet Retailer knows what inspectors do, and how they help resolve problems. As a business owner you are likely familiar with all the little brush fires that you have to put out every day. If it were not for the numerous small-crisis things that come up, you might actually be able to get some work done! Retail storeowners deal with the same thing. When I first began approaching retailers, I offered to take on some of their little crisis stuff. I ve cleaned up spots accidentally tracked onto brand new carpet by the installers. This was hardly worth my time from the standpoint of making money, but priceless in terms of building a good relationship with the retailer. On one occasion, the installation crew caused a water mishap at a customer s home, simply by flushing the toilet. It seems that the homeowner had failed to tell them that the toilet in that particular bathroom was broken. The carpet was not down yet, and only a small amount of pad got wet. We were able to correct the problem quickly, and the retailer was extremely grateful. Whenever you take care of one of these, pain-in-the-neck jobs, your goal is to help the retailer look like a hero. Take care of them and their customers as if they were your own customers, and you will soon see a steady stream of profitable business flowing your way. Referrals should be a two-way street If a certain flooring retailer has recommended you, then you need to be recommending them. As a carpet care professional, you are one of the first people to know when your customer is considering buying a new carpet. If your business is like mine, you are undoubtedly being asked by customers, Do you think cleaning will do that much good, or should I just forget it and get new carpet? This is a golden opportunity to pay back the retailers that have been recommending you. Sure, you lose a cleaning job- but only once. Because you are working in concert with a local store, and because your customer wants her carpet to stay looking new, you will gain in the long run. If you do carpet repairs or stretching, purchase your supplies from the retailers that recommend you. Sure you might save a buck or two at the big orange box place, but then you miss the chance to interact with the local retailer and her staff. It s one thing to stop by and make a sales call, but you can make a more effective sales call by spending a little dough out of your own pocket when you need supplies. Trust me, this works, and retailers take notice. Remember the folks in the back Your retailer may not open his doors until 9:00 or 10:00 AM, but the workday for his installers begins at 7:30 or 8:00. Get up early, hit the local donut shop and bring these guys hot coffee and donuts now and then, along with your business cards or refrigerator magnets of course. You will create a positive impression, and it will stick. Remember to go around back, or wherever you see those extended vans backed up to the building, because the front doors will be locked. Market resourcefully A couple of years ago, I hit on this crazy idea. It was fall and the weather was only going to get colder. I thought, What if I bought some nice looking jackets for the installers to wear? I have three main retailers that refer business to me. I stopped around at their stores and asked, How many installers do you have, and what size jacket do they wear? I bought 24 really nice micro-suede jackets. I even had the retailers logos embroidered on the fronts. Across the back, I also had something embroidered - my website address. The crews loved the jackets and most are still wearing them today. Should you offer a commission? What about greasing the wheels a bit by offering Mr. Retailer a percentage of any jobs that he sends your way? I have a little bit of a different perspective on this than many marketing advisors in our industry. My opinion is that it tends to compromise the integrity of the referral. Personally, I want people to refer me that sincerely feel that they are rendering their customers a great service by doing so. Remember, your goal is to make that retailer look like a hero, and you should really bust your hump to do so. When you work hard, give it everything you ve got and stand behind your work, this is a far better deal for you, the customer and the retailer.

15 How to Network continued from page 14 I will admit that early on, I tried this for a while. One day I mentioned something to one of my storeowners about being a little late getting her commission paid. She said, Mike, you guys do great work. You don t have to pay us. We would recommend you if we never got a penny! I took her advice, and haven t paid a commission for a referral for a long time. The other issue to consider if you are paying for referrals is this: Let s say you are paying 10%. What happens when your competition offers 15%? By never offering a commission, and continually making your retailer look good, you remove all of this from the equation. You also greatly reduce the likelihood of questions regarding ethics and integrity for both yourself and the retailer. All in all, it is simply a more professional way to conduct your business. Relationships take time The strategies that I have outlined here are not going to make you rich overnight. Very little that is truly worthwhile ever takes place quickly. Give it time. Stay in touch, stay visible, but don t be so aggressive that the owner gets tired of seeing you. Then, be ready. Because if you do the things outlined here and you do them consistently, one day your phone is going to ring, and it will be that Flooring Retailer with a problem that she needs fixed, and quickly. Once you have earned her trust, by giving her customers your absolute best, you will have a great source of steady business for many years to come. Mike Brummett is the owner of BASIC Carpet Care in Lawrence, KS. He has been in business for 30 years and is an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner and Senior Carpet Inspector. Mike currently serves on the SCRT Board of Directors and as President of the Mo-Kan SCRT Chapter Controlling Airflow to Accelerate Evaporation and Clean the Air; Using Air Filtration Devices By: Larry Cooper, Textile Consultants One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about the use of air filtration devices and what the ANSI/ IICRC S500 says about using the devices. Air Filtration devices are used for several purposes including accelerating evaporation by moving volumes of air across wet surfaces. Air Filtration Devises use heap filtration and multiple filters to remove particles from the air. They are used regularly in restoration jobs related to water damage restoration and mold remediation. In water damage jobs airmovers and air movement tend to aerosolize contaminates, dust and soils that are present in the environment. This can potentially create possible health and safety issues. The ANSI/IICRC S500 Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, Third Edition (2006), includes language for the usage of Air Filtration Devices (AFD s). Standard Section and Reference Guide Page 231, Section 1.20 states: Airmoving devices inherently tend to aerosolize soils and contaminants present in the environment. As water evaporates from surfaces and materials, such as carpet, more particles often become aerosolized, creating possible health, safety, comfort and cleanliness issues. To minimize or control aerosolization of particles, restorers should consider implementing the following: Restorers can install one or more air filtration devices or AFDs (scrubbers), depending on the AFD s size and obstructions within the structure. AFDs provide additional airflow, while simultaneously removing aerosolized soils or contaminants from the air within a room. Restorers should consider repositioning AFDs on each monitoring trip. From studying the IICRC Standards we know that the word Should means that the practice or procedure is a component of the accepted standard of care to be followed, while not mandatory by regulatory requirement. Should is used twice in the paragraphs regarding AFD s. This is the standard of care for the water damage industry. So should AFD s be used on your jobs. This is a determination that every company has to make.

16 ICRA Board of Directors Management Team Executive Director Larry Cooper Member Services Director Jillian Olson President Craig Kersemeier, Vice President Jim Holland, Secretary Andrew Conklin, Vice President Gary Glenn, Treasurer Ed Hobbs, Director Dan Morse, Event & Registration Manger Teri Wittkop Financial Manager Tryna Cooper Clean Times Issue 3 September 2012 Inspection, Cleaning, & Restoration Association PO Box Denver, CO Phone: Fax: for Member Services: PO Box Denver, CO

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