Using a single sign-on, users can access all services that they are authorised for, after a one-off authentication at their work station.

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2 Do you have a vision of how your contact centre should be equipped, in an ideal world, to satisfy all customer requirements with which technology, which processes and what knowledge? Are you interested in finding out more, about how your customer service department can be designed to be more productive, to effectively decrease costs while at the same time fulfilling all internal company requirements? We focus entirely on the optimisation of your customer contact. For this, we have developed a neutral, virtual docking station with open interfaces, which can be connected to numerous software products for any application, within your customer service operation. Due to the seamless integration, it automatically updates, as well as processes and analyses all information in connected systems. With our docking station you can combine best practice standard products or in-house developments to create a highly efficient complete solution. Nowadays customer service agents have to be able to handle many IT applications. Often it appears that during their work, employees click tediously between various open windows. Using our docking station, all applications are integrated in one single browser window. Thanks to the integration no more tedious switching between various windows is required. All applications are presented on one user interface in the metro design. Size, form and positioning can be moved to suit the user, and can be re-ordered using drag-and-drop. The screen can be further tailored with additional widgets (background, clock, weather, own photographs etc.). Our docking station and the connected user interface, can be accessed via the cloud from anywhere in the world using a simple internet browser. You do not have to install anything locally. As an example, even the soft phone is already integrated in the browser and does not need to be set up or operated separately. Based on our many years experience, we have developed individual standard interfaces for agents, team leaders, project leaders, heads of departments, quality assurance, human resource officers and administrators. The start user interface includes everything that the individual agents and managers need for their daily work in form of a Desktop-as-a-Service. In each application, you enter at a pre-configured place with one click. Via a drop down menu, you can move from any application seamlessly into another one, or return effortlessly back to the central menu. On the start page, we also connect with any application, tailored according to your requirements. Using a single sign-on, users can access all services that they are authorised for, after a one-off authentication at their work station. Your employees can keep focused on the essentials. What appears simple and clear in the front end is highly complex in the background. During the development we placed great value on an appealing, uncluttered workplace. The user interface is well laid out and intuitive to use so new employees can start work immediately without too much training. Via our docking station, you quickly create a highly professional enterprise solution with knowledge, functional technology range and costs, which is generally only the preserve of large corporations with a high investment budget. Many in-house developments and additional services have further enhanced the docking station. 2

3 Why have we developed such an open systems architecture? Most organisations suffer from a software environment that is heterogeneous, and has grown organically with the company s growth. With our inclusive docking station you will immediately recognise the benefits. You no longer rely on one individual software provider, even if they promise you the earth. Time and time again have we have experienced this in call centres; most applications are good in their core area, but they have many weaknesses when applied to other areas. Good call centre software does not automatically have to have professional resource planning available, or a functional CRM. By combining several best practice software modules for you in one integrated environment, you rely on a larger number of software developers than an individual provider of an enterprise solution could ever provide. Each developer focuses on the systematic development of their specialist area, whereas we look after the whole connection. With our docking station you are independent. Because each provider knows that you can exchange individual modules easily, you are in a better negotiating position, without risking the smooth running of your business operation. Via our docking station, you work with the best solutions for each area of operation, and this at an unbeatable price. You benefit from our cost effective reseller conditions with providers. This largely allows us to finance our development work for you and pass on savings. Your Benefit Do you recognise this situation: You once decided on software for a part of your operation, but later you wanted to integrate additional modules in your work environment that the previous provider cannot supply? Or you would like to exchange individual modules of a provider from your integrated solution to expand features or to save costs? In any case, you have now an interface problem. So what do you do? It is expensive to let the provider carry out development, and furthermore the provider generally does not know the requirements from other areas. This is where oneclick can help. Our developers understand all aspects of integrated customer contact management. Our docking station is the ideal connection between call centre solution, various communication tools, customer self-service, CRM, back office organisation, time recording, resource planning, e-learning and much more. And the best part is you receive the interface programming as part of our managed services completely free of charge, whilst you would normally have to invest a significant five figure capital sum with a provider. The advantage of our solution is that individual software modules no longer need to be interconnected, but are all available via a bidirectional interface to our docking station. This is why our product is so easy to apply. Do you already use-contact centre software and are satisfied with it? Then keep it! When integrating it in our docking station, we guarantee it will be enhanced with a variety of additional functions. Imagine you are faced with a marketing requirement and fulfilling it needs software functions not yet available. We support you with the planning and implementation of this new challenge. We set up quickly and efficiently all the necessary modules for you. Within a short time you will have all the necessary functionality to carry out your new project. As a managed service provider we take over the responsibility for the provision, and complete management of your application software over its complete life cycle, as well as a comprehensive support. You save yourself a complete, inhouse IT department. We do not just supply you with technical cover, but also essential content; we support you for example with the design and set up of campaigns, develop sales oriented call scripts together with you and provide comprehensive e-learning. The application is in operation with only a few clicks. Invoicing is on a pay-per-use basis, and attracts with comparably low monthly costs. Our docking station delivers you higher customer satisfaction, motivated staff, a stronger customer loyalty, more turnover, leaner processes and lower costs. 3

4 System Architecture Everything from the Cloud We provide all software applications, computing capacity, networks and memory, to your requirements, via the internet. This simplifies handling and offers considerable savings in comparison to traditional installations, plus you no longer require technical knowledge for complicated in-house architecture. In the past you may have required expensive cabling at your site, whereas today you only need a simple internet connection. The opening of a browser is sufficient to connect you to our virtual desktop. The internet also enables your team to work together virtually. Your agents can dial into a campaign from different locations with a simple click with no prior installation, even from their home. Any adjustments can be done at any time from any location. High Availability An architecture based on an application server, guarantees high availability. Using a metro cluster structure, we guarantee you a highly available customer contact management environment. Servers can be moved during ongoing operations utilising the 45 worldwide locations of our hosting partners, without having an impact on the operation. If an alarm is received (e.g. in the case of a fire in a data centre) there is an immediate response to ensure business continuity. Speed Latency is not a problem anymore as the application runs in a quasi local high speed network (metro cluster). Only the display is transmitted as an image to the user and voice data is also transmitted in a servlet in SSL/DTLS. The unencrypted RTP streams are also local traffic. Using this technology enables us to make each software application available via the web browser, even if the installation of a local client would normally be necessary. Security and Data Protection The complete system is set up remotely in high security data centres. Our solution has a high degree of encryption (256-Bit SSL) and applies to all data and speech applications. We operate a dedicated private cloud and are certified according to ISO BSI. Customer data is available in the 45 destinations of our hosting partners worldwide, thus remaining compliant according to the data protection regulations of countries where local data storage is required by law. For added protection, it is not possible to copy addresses or complete data sets from agents work stations. A blacklist function ensures consistent consumer protection. Scalability We offer you 100% scalability for customer contact management enabling your organisation to simply up or down scale, just as you require it. Therefore we can 4

5 petitive advantage. We help you with initial situation audit, software selection, interface programming, operational management and system support of all modules. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The CRM software component is key to developing a single view of information on customers, employees, products, price lists, suppliers and competitors. All departments and employees are connected in one single system. Existing office, enterprise resource planning or archiving solutions can also be integrated. Direct access to all information saves time, with structured and automated work processes optimising efficiency. A chronological customer file promotes professional customer service as all orders, telephone calls, contracts and correspondence are available at the click of a button. The benefits: Uncover hidden potential by analysing customer pro files and trend analysis Develop your products and services wisely with indepth customer knowledge support the growth of your organisation without expensive changes to your existing IT. Mobility You can use oneclick with any smart phone or tablet with internet access... possibly add a printer, scanner and head set. Your complete customer service operation does not need any more hardware. Best Practice Features A professionally organised customer service department has to meet a vast number of requirements. Many organisations work with isolated applications for individual areas, implemented during historic growth of their operation, while other useful tools have not even been introduced. With the help of our docking station as well as comprehensive process and market knowledge, we support you to consolidate the following components and develop your customer care department to gain a com- Manage your marketing and sales activities according to target audiences Orders are increased by targeted cross and up-selling activities Identify new sales opportunities and exploit this po tential Employees are supported with routine tasks, and with reduced workload suffer less stress Staff make more informed decisions and become more competent as relevant information about pro ducts and competitors is always and everywhere at hand Predictive Dialer If you have to work through large volumes of addresses or if there are poor connection rates, it makes sense to start several call attempts simultaneously to improve effectiveness. A high performance dialer constantly supplies agents with real call contacts, so that they can 5

6 focus completely on the conversation with the customer. In comparison to manually dialling you considerably increase actual call time and double productivity of your agents. Scheduling Tool Support your field sales operation by making customer appointments through the internal contact centre. During the call your team has access to all appointment calendars and can enter meetings directly. Appointment scheduling takes into consideration the local area of operation, the daily working hours as well as holiday times of your field sales staff. In addition, it is calculating in real-time if the planned travel time between two appointments is realistic. The field sales staff have access to their appointment calendar via the internet and can add holidays and their own appointments. Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Using ACD the telephone number of a caller is identified and, dependent on priority, routed to a certain agent. In combination with your CRM, you can prioritise your most important callers to the front of the queue or connect them automatically to your best agents. For example, those customers calling regarding a contract extension do not have to wait long to be answered. If a customer has already made contact with a certain agent, this customer goes to the top of the call queue and, if possible, is connected directly to the known contact partner. Callers who cannot be assigned to a specific agent are transferred to the required department or the next available agent. Skill-based routing ensures that incoming calls are directly transferred to the agents that are especially competent in a certain subject. Besides call routing to dedicated agent groups, our ACD software also enables a multi-channel distribution of s, faxes, text messages and voice mails, chats or letters. It is also possible to include social media posts, for example from Facebook and Twitter, in the distribution and processing. Using call blending, you handle your incoming and outgoing calls at the same time so that during an outbound campaign, you can receive incoming call backs and route these to the relevant agents. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Reduce the costs of your telephony and minimise your agents workload. Using a voice recognition IVR system, the customer is transferred directly to the relevant department. Existing data automatically linked to the caller immediately lets the agent know who they are talking to. New contacts can be captured in an automated way. Using adaptable greeting and intelligent offline mode, you can decide yourself when to make the personal contact. Alternatively, the customer can be requested to enter his customer, invoice or credit card number for pre-qualification into the IVR system. While in the call queue, the customer is informed of the potential waiting time and has the opportunity to organise a call back by the click of a button. This enables you to make call backs during off-peak times to utilise your agents time better. By integrating mobile applications, your customers will see straight away what waiting times they may have to expect and therefore can choose for themselves the best call time or contact channel. We design tailored menu structures and supply you with professional announcements recorded in a sound studio. Virtual Telephone System You have professional call centre software, but you cannot even take calls in a straight forward way in your own back office or transfer internally to other departments? Or you still run an expensive, traditional telephone system? Benefit from our virtual telephone system for your back office with the following features: answer, hold, call transfer, conference calls, connect with or without call back, group calls (multi ring) and many more... also free of charge on mobile equipment. Our virtual telephone system is based on a software solution using VoIP meaning the complete telephone communication is handled via the internet. There are multiple benefits: Make calls worldwide in a cost efficient way. Your existing connection is simply ported into the network of our partners. Additional call numbers in other cities or countries are easily made available. All calls can be recorded on request. Incoming faxes are transferred to a pre-determined address. 6

7 Virtual systems easily adjust to the growth of the or ganisation with limitless extensions. No need for expensive hardware for each extension. No more technical problems and maintenance costs. Corporate Call Assistant The more urgent the reason for a call, the more annoyed the caller becomes when the required call partner is not reachable. This is even worse if the caller receives no information; for example, if the contact partner is away from their seat for a short or a long-time. A Corporate Call Assistant greets each caller, providing information on which company and which employee has been contacted. If the recipient of the call is unavailable, due to a possible absence (business trip, meeting, holiday or illness), an anticipated end time is provided. Using a flexible daily timetable, alternative transfers are offered in a defined order so the caller can leave a message on a personal mailbox or get transferred to a colleague. Statistics show contactability, service level and call times for each employee. Conference Assistant Life is full of discussions and agreements, often requiring more than two participants. Conference Assistant is the ideal infrastructure for a successful telephone conference. It supports hastily arranged ad-hoc group conversations as well as carefully planned large conferences with any number of participants. PIN procedures protect you from unauthorised listeners. An intuitive web-based administration interface makes the Conference Assistant a popular tool for all managers. With its multi-media ability, you can also share presentations in parallel to your conference through the web. Call and Screen Recording Who said what, when and to whom? You should be able to answer this without a long search. Start recording calls according to current legal regulations... without complicated hardware installations. You decide if you want to record only the agent, the customer, the contract conclusion or the complete call. The recording can be managed by the agent or be automated. All call recordings are filed via the CRM in the customer history. If you later retrieve a customer profile, then all previous calls are listed; invaluable for your agents when there are multiple customer contacts. Digitalised recordings can be listened to again and again at any time in MP3 format. Using screen recordings, you ensure that your agents not only say the right things, but also do the right thing. Here you can also define the area to be recorded as required - either the whole screen, individual areas or selected applications. Call Monitoring During call monitoring, customer calls are listened to by trained experts and systematically evaluated. Using evaluation sheets, you have the evidence on what extent the agents follow the agreed standards and instructions. The results provide the basis for training and quality improvement measures. The advantage of call monitoring is its objectivity and the high degree of detail, which cannot be achieved at the end of a call as part of a customer satisfaction survey. Quality assurance team members can dial into all calls from any location, without the knowledge of the agent in each individual case. Only silent monitoring produces unbiased and realistic evaluation results. We support you with the introduction of objective evaluation criteria. The results are automatically filed in the agent database with, where appropriate, the corresponding voice files. Employees have access to their evaluations via a separate tool. A powerful database records who was coached and when. Additional training can be initiated either automatically by the system or the trainer. The employee is invited to a suitable e-learning module at the next best opportunity, while taking into consideration the work loads and resource planning. Automated Speech Analysis Speech analysis systems support greater call optimisation, and are the foundation of a fully automated quality assurance process. They are able to analyse calls based on phrases, keywords and conversations, while simultaneously assessing speech clarity, articulation and the emotional state of the caller. The results are displayed in real time during the call. The agent can see what has been discussed, ensuring all essential elements of the subject have been covered and nothing has been left out. When contracts are agreed by telephone, speech analysis systems ensure 100% clarity of information; thus safeguarding the business, reducing cancellation 7

8 rates and increasing customer satisfaction. Trainers and quality assurance staff also save time as the system indicates which calls are made correctly and where manual checks have to be done. In addition, the input trainers receive forms the basis for future work with the agents. Management A professional management system helps qualify content and subsequent routing, according to the skills of your agents. Based on the analysis of key words in the using intelligent speech recognition, individual text modules help to answer enquiries efficiently and consistently. The system automatically provides response suggestions and standard enquiries can be handled automatically. If an is not processed within a defined waiting time by the designated agent, it is allocated to the next agent within a group. After processing, the complete correspondence is filed in the CRM under the customer record. This gives you an overview of the complete communication history at any given time. Special software for audit-proof archiving ensures you meet all legal requirements in this area. Ticketing System A ticketing system is a software designed to handle receipt, confirmation, classification and processing of customer enquiries. Incoming calls, s, web forms, letters and faxes can all be considered enquiries. A ticket is allocated to a service desk or a selected person for further processing to the point of conclusion. A ticketing system ensures that no message is lost and that there is always a complete overview of all cases to be processed. The enquiries can be grouped in various priorities according to Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the relevant escalation levels. Thanks to integration with the CRM, you can monitor the ticket history for each customer. Social Media Monitoring & Interaction Social media is growing exponentially and holds huge potential for the management of your customer relations. It is therefore important to integrate Facebook, Twitter, etc. in a functioning customer interaction management system. Social media software shows you what was said, where and by whom on the internet. It is easy to identify Opinion Formers. Only those who know the current content, opinions, relevant platforms and users communicate effectively on the internet. Capture, filter and analysis tools help to provide qualitative information. A configurable dashboard is offering a quick overview of all relevant topics. The integration of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks enables real time communication between customers and employees. You can even sell via Twitter by monitoring conversations for certain key words and automatically placing offers. Self-Service There is a trend towards self-service in many sectors, notably financial services, telecommunications, insurance, health insurance and utility providers. Personal service is complemented by a self-service offer which replaces parts of the process. Self-Service meets existing customer requirements for constant availability, convenience, anonymity, simplicity and independence. At the same time you save costs. Customers can update their own contact information, record meter readings and administer billing data. By involving the customer in the business process, their role changes from a previously passive customer to an active partner. Integrate innovative, cloud-based solutions for voice and internet portals to relieve your agents from routine tasks. Chat You can offer your website visitors support in real time using an integrated chat solution. Customer Service agents can exchange text messages, files, web pages and articles from a knowledge database with website visitors to answer their enquiries pro-actively and reactively. You can also use virtual chat agents for standard enquiries to save costs. Responding to the natural flow of language and syntax, they provide access to the knowledge database and personalised customer information from the CRM system. Depending on the configuration, it leads the customer into a seamless transfer to further service channels. Routing can be skills-based, i.e. to the best available agent. Agents also benefit by using team chat to communicate with each other, support each other or request assistance from a team leader or manager. Co-Browsing Turn your website into a distinctive customer experience. Thanks to co-browsing you can accompany your 8

9 customer through your website ensuring they find the right offer and subsequently buy. This adds value as, despite having a firm intention to purchase, customers abandon the buying process if urgent questions stay unanswered. Dependent on the behaviour pattern of an interested party on your website, you can actively invite them to live support via video chat or telephone. This is more successful than traditional outbound campaigns, as you reach the interested party just at the point of the purchase decision. Finalise your sale, take your customer to the check-out and therefore increase your turnover. You can also start co-browsing during outbound campaigns directly from the call script of your employees; for example, to fill in forms together with the customer. Due to the full system integration, you can introduce available service agents to the virtual customer acquisition during periods of overcapacity. Webinar Applications A webinar is a seminar that is presented on the internet. Webinars are ideal for product launches or aftercare training for new users of products or services. Characteristically, webinars allow an unlimited number of people to participate. This enables you to organise larger events, such as online analyst calls or press conferences. Webinars are interactive and enable communication between presenter and participants. The presenter s commentary, which runs alongside the screen presentation, is transmitted via VoIP. The features also include robust event invitation management, interactive surveys as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the participants. Multimedia Wallboard When using a multi-media wallboard, all employees in the call centre have an overview of the most important key performance indicators e.g. number of callers in the queue, reduction of the average waiting times, maintenance of a certain service level or the achievement of a set quality level. The key to reaching these objectives is a fast, reliable information flow in real time as well as absolute transparency. Your agents, team leader and manager will receive all of the required metrics in their user interface; however, it increases motivation and productivity enormously if team objectives and current metrics are publicly available. In addition to metrics, the wall board can also gather and show any multi-media data, as well as audio, video, graphics or data files from various sources. You can apply parameters to the desired metrics and define thresholds for dynamic display changes of the data. Knowledge Management Platform Service and contact centres have become essential components of customer service. At every customer interface, competitive advantage is gained through the introduction of a central knowledge database. The measurable benefits include shorter call times and increased service quality. The resolution rate during first contact is increased considerably, thus decreasing service costs. You can also make helpful information, such as how to handle customer objections in the sales process, available via the knowledge management platform. Your employees can share their knowledge with others in the organisation and access data quickly themselves. Having documented the knowledge in your business you have made it more accessible, and created a valuable asset. SharePoint SharePoint is a comprehensive Microsoft technology used to streamline business processes through efficient web portals. SharePoint is tailored to an organisation, creating a central server for project management, workflow, appointment scheduling, document management and knowledge distribution. From this central hub teams can simply and efficiently access information through a familiar, intuitive web portal, secure in the knowledge that the documents held there are the latest versions, information is effectively controlled, and calendars, milestones and targets are up to date. Within this framework teams work together more efficiently. You can protect your business by stipulating security settings, setting protocols for saving and monitoring, as well as instigating actions when deadlines expire. Quality Management As part of continuous improvement processes, the quality of customer service has to be constantly checked and analysed to drive ongoing measures for development. On request we can provide you with a full Call Centre Quality Management Suite, including various forms and checklists for your internal processes and full instructions on how to apply them. 9

10 Workflow Management A robust administration system for workflows supports your business processes. A workflow consists of individual activities that form part of a business process or other organisational activities. The workflow management includes all tasks that need to be fulfilled for the modelling, specification, simulation as well as execution and control of the workflow. Implementation of the system improves the quality of business processes, activities are standardised and processing times and costs are reduced. The system generates status messages so you always know where you are in a project, leading to greater clarity and informed decision making. Workforce Management Robust human resource planning relies on accurate past data relating to the call behaviour of your customers to produce meaningful predictions for future business activity. During periods of low call activity, other non-telephony activities can be scheduled to reduce backlogs of administration and other back office tasks. A shift generator automatically schedules the agents hours, increasing capacity when there is an anticipated demand and taking into consideration legal requirements, business needs, individual preferences as well as qualification. Priorities change, it s a fact of life, so the shift generator swiftly analyses the agent resources, redistributing the most qualified employees to the areas of importance. An automated meeting scheduler enables a pre-defined number of employees to be absent at once, for training for example. By identifying times when the reduced workforce has least impact on the business the shift generator can suggest ideal time periods for training to be conducted. Based on algorithms and past data, satisfaction heuristics can be applied that automatically adjust future shift schedules compared with previous ones. So if an agent is allocated an unpopular working time, then the system will attempt to avoid the same shift being repeated next time. This objectivity provides fairness and transparency in shift allocation, and promotes higher staff satisfaction. It is a fact that adherence to staff schedules is critical in contact centres. Absenteeism, punctuality and actual working hours can be logged and compared with planned shifts using web based time recording - and this at real time. The data transfers directly to payroll administration software for wages calculations. Time accounts show excess and deficit hours and enable the increase or reduction in relation to seasonal requirements and capacities. Your employees can access a variety of information and services from anywhere using a browser-based terminal. Holiday schedules can be displayed digitally, from request to approval to notification via mail. Provided the business conditions and resource allow, shift swaps and break swaps can also be put in place remotely. Applicant Tracking System Contact Centres generally have a high staff turnover leading to a regular search for new recruits. A candidate management application supports you with all processes regarding recruitment. It has wide ranging benefits, including, raising brand awareness, engagement of interested parties, administering the candidate pool, managing relationship and offering candidate services. It also has the benefits of responsiveness, speed and process reliability. A digital candidate file presents all of the candidate s data and communication at a glance. The candidate centre enables you to publish advertisements on your website easily, on external job boards, on social media platforms (Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn) or send these on to printed media and agencies. Education Using an integrated e-learning tool, your employees and managers always have access to comprehensive further education on Customer Service, providing the opportunity to learn all aspects of a professional customer management. Call centre agents and managers can choose from e-learning modules or presence training, in which individuals are helped to build their persuasive skills, charisma and personal effectiveness; in other words, their overall presence in a customer contact situation. You can save on expensive training events, travel expenses and non-productive time. The courses form intensive foundation training, a handy revision tool or simply refresher training for experienced 10

11 staff. This enables you to maintain a consistent company-wide training standard that guarantees lasting learning outcomes. The e-learning modules are constantly updated with the latest best practices and information. E-learning strengthens employee loyalty so it makes sense to invest in the individual professional development of your employees. Better trained employees enjoy their work more, are more motivated and therefore perform better. A sophisticated training concept promotes intensive engagement with the learning material by giving clear learning targets, multiple interaction options and challenging final exams. The learning management system is completely integrated and communicates with the shift schedule generator, for example, to identify the best training times for your business. You can also use unavoidable downtimes in quiet call periods, for your employees to receive further education tailored to their individual requirements. These can be in the form of a request to interact using a push feature. The tailored training content draws on previous call behaviour, call results of the individual employee as well as customer feedback. Completed learning results can be retrieved at any time on the learning management system. Your employees can access training content anywhere, educating themselves on the train to work or in their spare time with the use of a smart phone or tablet. You receive regular updates with an easy to read report showing you the learning progress of your team. We would be happy to design your individual project or sector training sessions, including taster sessions and further information relevant to your team, such as explaining data protection regulations, or behaviour at the work place. The course content is delivered via e-learning modules. Practical exercises will then take place during the presence training sessions. An up-to-date calendar shows availability and offers of our integrated learning trainers. Presence training sessions can be booked online with a few clicks. Our professional trainers will either visit you on site or you can select from our scheduled training locations. Target Agreements Setting and negotiating targets is an effective management tool, however, with a large number of employees, the implementation and commission calculations are demanding and complex. A target agreement system offers effective support for documentation, analysis and calculation of target agreements. Meaningful evaluations allow quick appraisal and control of performance results. Agreed targets can be entered and signed on a target chart during or after the appraisal interview via the user interface. Targets for a whole team or department only have to be entered once. Targets can be entered either as a fixed value, or as part of a grading system based on key performance indicators, with weightings appropriate to the situation. The system integration provides the flexibility to automatically accommodate individual circumstances; for example, those who have worked for less than a year; for part-time workers; those on parental leave, sick leave or in semi-retirement; or employees in a probationary period. Library The library is the ideal place for central administration of product and company information as well as trade literature. Here you can make seminar and training materials available for both customers and employees. Managers can stock the library with up-to-date support information for their agents notifying relevant user groups as soon as a new document is released. As the manager, you receive an ongoing update on who has read the information. Managers have an extensive collection of various white papers relating to all areas of customer care available in the library so they can research future oriented issues and trends themselves. Net Promoter Score The Net Promoter Score is a key performance indicator that correlates with the business performance. The score is calculated following the question, How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? asked in a satisfaction survey sent out after each customer interaction. The scoring of the answers is on a scale of 0 to 10, and due to the brevity of the survey, the return rate is higher than average, resulting in representative values. Those who answer positive are called promoters, those who answer negative, are detractors. The Net Promoter Score is the difference between the promoters and detractors as a percentage. 11

12 The NPS is displayed via our docking station in real-time for each department and even for individual agents. This ensures immediate feedback and, subject to the results of individual agents, triggers the automatic suggestion of e-learning modules. Complaint Management Bill Gates once said, Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. That s exactly where complaint management starts. Each complaint can be recorded by every agent with the objective of re-establishing satisfaction of the complainant. By recording and processing the complaint completely, quickly and in a structured way, the at-risk relationship can be stabilised. A well laid-out entry screen is available for this purpose that can be pre-configured with categories. The current status of a message is displayed continuously via an integrated traffic light feature. Clearly defined responsibilities guarantee the matter is handled smoothly. The complete written communication, and all other activities, relating to a complaint are filed in the digital customer file in the CRM. Therefore all involved parties can refer back to the details and see who was involved in the resolution. A solution database suggests appropriate agents, during the data entry, and provides guidance for the next steps. Employee Feedback High customer satisfaction results in higher work productivity, reduced operating costs and greater staff retention. Get regularly feedback from your employees by taking advantage of our integrated survey tool. Your employees can give anonymous and person related feedback allowing you to identify potential for development, reduce sick days and absences and support the HR management of your organisation. Idea Management Idea management is a rewarding tool that promotes innovation, cost reduction and employee motivation for any company. The only catch: the creative ideas of your employees have to be processed, be implemented if suitable and rewarded. This can involve significant administration efforts. Help is at hand with a professional software for idea management. It covers the following process steps: exchange of ideas, open discussion, validation, concept design, evaluation, decision and weighting, automatic implementation into project management as well as consideration of employee bonus. A well laid out report provides information on which employees have had how many ideas, the status of the ideas and what overall cost saving or additional turnover is due to the proposed ideas. Project Management A project management software allows you to monitor costs, revenue and appointments. An integrated task management system ensures that everybody knows who has to do what and when. Project documentation can be administered in a virtual project room and you can follow the workload of your project teams in real time. Used in conjunction with Workforce Management guarantees optimum staff allocation as well as providing an exact cost calculation. Travel Expense Calculation 50% of organisations still work without a professional travel expense programme. These programmes allow the capture of all details pertaining to business trips. You can distinguish between national and international business trips; all expenses are allocated to individual trips; day rates and accommodation rates are calculated according to legal standards for the various countries. During international trips, receipts can be recorded in the country s currency or a standard currency including tax. Electronic archiving of receipts is an integrated function of the software. An interface combines the travel expense calculation with an electronic log book which can also be created on a smart phone or tablet while travelling. Travel expense programmes have interfaces with many standard financial and payroll programmes. KPI Cockpit Each user has a well laid-out KPI cockpit with all es- 12

13 sential information relating to their role. For example agents can receive an overview of their most important work results. Their commission earnings can also be displayed in real time, which can be a great motivator. The agent s KPIs include their own performance in comparison to targets; to the team average as well as compared to the best agent in the team. Managers control various settings, process key performance indicators, call results, profit margins and daily results of their customer service department. Thanks to the integration, system-wide KPIs can be produced at the push of a button so that everyone can relate with each other. You can send comprehensive reports at any interval to any employee or customer via . Open interfaces for data import and export ensure that all KPIs can also be further processed in other systems. Support Each interface has a support function, in which your employees receive all the support that they require for the handling of our docking station or their virtual desktop. It provides comprehensive FAQs and the relevant answers. If there are additional questions or problems with the system, you can contact our support department at any time via our professional ticket management, according to ITIL standard. Our Pricing Model Licensing We make our services, our developments and all software modules that we have on stock available to you without any term agreement. You can either order applications individually or switch them off, as you need them for your daily work. This guarantees you maximum flexibility. With regards to external software modules, we fit in with the term agreements of the provider, taking over the negotiations on your behalf. You benefit from our reseller conditions, from which we largely finance our service. Interface Programming Our business model allows us to offer you cost free interface programming. In return you outsource your IT to us and we take over the complete application management of your software and hardware environment, as a Managed Service Provider. If there is a considerable integration required for new modules, we reserve the right to impose a term agreement. Billing With our billing tool you always have an up to date overview of all accrued costs, either in relation to telephony charges, or with regards to the license usage of the modules. Professional Services You can simply operate our system yourself. We will happily support you with more challenging tasks such as process design and set up of inbound and outbound campaigns or the dialer performance management. You choose, if we should train you on individual applications as administrator or if we should take over completely on your behalf in the administrator role. We invoice supporting professional services either on a daily rate basis or a monthly flat rate for a more comprehensive and recurring package of services. Your Cost Saving Options Flexible, Manageable Costs In order to set up a contact centre organisation, the required technology investment per seat is usually around 2,500. Additional investment and know-how are needed for training, quality and process management. We make the whole model more flexible. The only fixed costs that our clients have on their payroll are their own employees. Our model works with Service-on-Demand as well as Pay-Per-Use. You have no more own investment costs for hardware or software, but monthly, straightforward fees. You benefit from our knowledge that has been developed over years with regards to IT, training, quality and processes. No In-house IT Department As Managed Service Provider we take over responsibility for the provision and complete management of application software for its complete life cycle as well as a comprehensive support. You no longer ned an in-house IT department. 13

14 Reduction of Staff Costs Reduce HR costs with a mainly automated staff rota design, synchronised and optimised according to the demands of working hours and order volumes. 80% fewer unproductive working times and 75% less overtime within one year these results from a current project show the hidden potential in staff allocation optimised according to demand. Lowering of Sales Costs Reduce your sales costs by introducing new media in your customer communication. Instead of expensive field sales appointments, conduct your first calls via video chat. Using excellent dialling algorithms and a market leading answer machine detection, you can double the productivity of your agents in comparison to manual dialling. Optimization of Education Costs One day seminars for the education of your employees generally cost over 1,000. But then you have only paid for one individual seminar, without any continuing effect. With us you have permanent access to a comprehensive e-learning platform via our licensing model, containing training modules on any topics relating to Customer Service. Your employees can engage in continuous ongoing education thanks to this integrated approach. Apart from the cost saving, you also benefit from an immense improvement in quality. Significant savings of Telephone Expenditure Using the secure infrastructure of Europe s best voice carrier, you can benefit from an immediate saving of telephone costs of between 30% and 50%. We only use Tier 1 routes to ensure a high call and systems quality. This benefit alone justifies changing to oneclick. Reduction of Service Costs By networking and providing access to product and process knowledge for all employees, you increase the first contact resolution rate, which leads to significant service savings. Extensive self service functions for your customers relieve your agents from routine tasks. 14

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