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1 Newsletter of Birmingham Power Squadron SAIL & POWER BOATING May 2013 BPS 50th Anniversary Picnic Statue of Liberty Lighthouse Man Overboard - What Now? Lost Church Under Lake St. Clair

2 Volume 50 Issue 5 Official publication of Birmingham Power Squadron Sail and Power Boating District 9 A unit of United States Power Squadrons Editor: Lt/C Althea Doolittle, SN (248) May 2013 Issue CONTENTS Birthdays May Membership Meeting. 4 April Membership Meeting Photos th Anniversary Clothing Vessel Safety Check. 9 D/9 Hospitality Room Photos Merit Marks Spring D/9 Conference Awards.. 13 For Past Commanders Only 14 Statue of Liberty Lighthouse th Anniversary Picnic.. 20 Seminars Lost Church Under Lake St. Clair Youth Poster Contest D/9 Fall Conference Flyer Bristol Bay Cruise Man Overboard - Now What? Put-In-Bay Cruise 29 Boating Recipes Needed GLCCSchool OFFICER REPORTS Commander s Message Executive Officer s Report... 8 Secretary s Report Administrative Officer s Report Educational Officer s Report Officers Appointed Officers Cover Photo: GLCC Rendezvous at Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Photo by Lt/C Althea Doolittle, SN Information Hotline (248) Commander s Message Cdr Thomas Smith, JN Has anyone seen spring? I heard that it s here, but it seems to be hiding. I was at my well earlier this week, and the water depth is just about 5 feet. That s enough for my vessel, so I guess we ll be in the water in a couple of weeks. I sincerely hope you find enough water at your marina. Well, the recent D9 Spring Conference was quite a good time. Great hospitality rooms, great costumes, and great company! Our ice cream shop was a big hit, as usual! I m partial to the Moose Tracks with hot fudge. Our Squadron won numerous awards including the Distinctive Communicator, the Web Site Award, and the Doing it Right Award. In addition, The Interlaker was recognized for it s quality as the District newsletter while BPS member Chuck Samu was the editor. In addition, our Past Chief Commander, and Squadron Commander, Dick Miner was awarded his 50 th Merit Mark! All in all, it was a great weekend for those that attended. We continue to have high quality programs at our monthly member meetings. If you haven t had a chance to come to one, give it a try. Most recently, we had the Army Corp of Engineers discussing water levels in the Great Lakes. Keith provided quite a thorough and informative presentation which provided all the information one would need to understand the influences on our waterways. Please take note: Our fundraising activity has been very successful, and has contributed significantly to the financial stability of our squadron. This is due, in large part, to the drive of P/C Al Schwaller. Al not only organizes and administers this activity, but contributes significant personal time as a volunteer worker at these events. We have a small cadre of regular volunteers that (Continued on page 3) 2

3 Commander s Message (Continued) cover the necessary shifts. We really need more help with this activity. Please see if you can manage to contribute one or two, four-hour shifts to help your squadron continue to support this activity in the future. Reminder: We are planning a great celebratory event on May 19th to kick off the boating season, and to celebrate our 50 th anniversary as well as National Safe Boating week. Please join us for a great day! Look for more details in this Bilge Chatter and plan to attend this fun event. We have two formal Vessel Safety Check events scheduled, and many informal checks will be done by our volunteers during the summer. We are filling out the rendezvous schedule for the summer, and these will be posted on our website as they become firm. We hope to see you there. We are having a good year. Get involved where you can. We can use your skills, and your enjoyment of the Squadron will increase in direct proportion to your participation. Cdr Tom Smith, JN 06 Bussmann, Linnoah 07 Israel, Michael 08 Lakkioles, Ted 10 Michalski, Gene 14 Baratta, Alice 17 Villalba, Nilda 20 Larsen, Edward 21 Adams, James 21 Howell, Michael 25 Larsen, Nathan 27 Welch, Kathleen 28 Elliott, Ernest 30 Samu, Chuck 3

4 Author Robert Lytle Speaker at May 14th BPS Membership Meeting "Mackinac Passage" by award-winning author, Robert Lytle A Rochester pharmacist and drugstore owner for over 30 years, Robert Lytle is the author five Mackinac Passage books which loosely describe his childhood summers in Michigan s upper peninsula. The series, Mackinac Passage, explores the Les Chaneaux Islands in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with Pete Jenkins, and his new friends Danny, Kate and Eddie. See how these new friends solve some mysteries, catch a few bad guys, search for buried treasure, and even travel back in time and become involved in the start of the War of With all that going on, they still manage to learn a few things about themselves, their newfound friendship, and have a ton of fun along the way! In A Summer Adventure, the first book in the series, fifteen-year-old Pete Jenkins meets Dan Hinken and Eddie Terkel, and Kate Hinken, Dan s twin, near his summer cabin in northern Michigan. Between fishing and sailing, the new friends find clues linking a hermit writer (Harold) to a counterfeit money scheme. Setting aside their other favorite activities for the intrigue of spying, they follow the elderly man by sail to nearby Mackinac Island. To their horror, the tale turns to one of murder. A test of wills leads them through a series of terrifying obstacles to a remarkable conclusion. Get to know a bit about Elliott Row and Cincinnati Row, and explore Mackinac Island on foot, by bike, and boat through the eyes of the teens, residents, and counterfeiters! Meet Harold Geetings and Fats, among others, and enjoy the adventure! This book was selected by the Great Lakes Booksellers Association to one of the Top Ten Children s Books of the Year for Learn more about Robert Lytle s series of children s books that provide entertaining reading for both young and old at the May 14th Membership Meeting. Please feel free to bring your children to this month s meeting to meet Mr. Lytle. Books will be available for purchase and signing by the author. 4

5 Photos from Birmingham Power Squadron s Speaker Keith Kompoltowicz, Chief of Watershed Hydrology, Detroit District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Right) with Lt/C Larry Delargy, AP (Left) April General Membership Meeting Ed Larsen and his son Joshua Jeff Jennings and his son Jake 5

6 Photos from Birmingham Power Squadron s April General Membership Meeting (Continued) New Members Sworn in at the April Meeting L to R: Gary Hankins, Cdr Tom Smith, JN, Jeff Jennings and Michael Doble Hawser - There aren't many "old salts" in today's Navy who haven't been required sometime in their career to heave around on a length of hawser in order to tie up a ship. The hawser used in this backbreaking task is called a mooring line and gets its name from a combination of two terms used in the early days of sail. The Middle Dutch word "maren" meant "to tie," and the Middle English words "moren rap" meant "ship's rope." Through the years the terms merged and were Americanized. Hence, any line used to tie a ship to the pier is called a "mooring line." from Origin of Naval Terminology 6

7 50th Anniversary and can be added to your BPS clothing P/C Betty Torres, JN models a denim shirt with the added 50th Anniversary embroidery. Would you like your Birmingham Power Squadron clothing to show your support of our 50th Anniversary? For $7.00 you can have 50th Anniversary and added to your BPS shirt as shown in the above examples. New shirts can also be purchased and anniversary text added for an additional $7.00. Contact Ship s Store contact person P/C Betty Torres, JN at for additional information. 7

8 Rain or Shine BPS Membership Meeting 14 May 2013 Marinelli s in Troy Executive Officer S Report 4924 Rochester Road Dinner: 6:30-Meeting: 7:30 p.m. Last BPS Meeting til September Lt/C Margaret (Peggy) Schwaller, AP Join us for the evening! Guest speaker! Find out the latest news! Thank you to Lt Gary Rellox, P, Boat Show Chair, and BPS volunteers for filling our time slots at the Detroit and Novi boat shows. Thank you to Greg Allen, P, Safety Officer, for your monthly articles in the Bilge Chatter. Thank you to Lt David Pike, AP, Vessel Safety Chair, for outstanding reports on yearly VSC numbers and Vessel Examiners status. Thank you to Lt Ron Simpson, AP, PRO for promoting BPS in our community. Vessel Safety Check Program The National Safe Boating Week is May 18-24, On Saturday, May 25, BPS is holding the 1st scheduled Free Vessel Safety Check at Dodge Park on Cass Lake from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. On Saturday, June 1, the 2nd scheduled VSC will be held at Great Lakes Yacht Club starting at 9:00 a.m. If your boat is in a marina close to the Nautical Mile area, you might consider requesting a VSC for June 1. If you need a 2013 VSC sticker, be sure to request a BPS Examiner so that BPS gets the credit in District 9. Contact Lt David Pike, AP at: Cooperative Charting Program The 2013 BPS Cooperative Charting Chair is P/C Al Schwaller, JN. At the 2013 Annual Meeting, NOAA and USPS renewed a 50-year commitment to the Cooperative Charting Program, which helps update thousands of the nation s navigational charts. This year BPS will be involved in the Coop Charting Program by reporting conditions not reflected on our Chart No of Lake St. Clair. At the May Membership Meeting, Chair Al Schwaller, JN will discuss the USPS Coop program and distribute forms for reporting. For information contact Al Schwaller at Fly your 100th year USPS Ensign and your 50th year BPS Burgee Proudly The United States Power Squadrons is still the largest, non-profit, fraternal, educational boating organization in the world. The USPS has successfully survived wars, depressions, recessions, lawsuits, past and present membership and financial fluctuations. This Year of the Ensign kicked off the celebration of the USPS 100th Anniversary in Through peaceful and challenging times, United States Power Squadrons has continued upgrading, introducing, and publishing excellent nautical educational materials for USPS instructors and their students. There are only two authentic Ensigns to fly from your boat as a member of the USPS: either the US patented USPS Ensign or the American Ensign. This year Birmingham Power Squadron celebrates its 50th Anniversary with our original 1963 BPS Burgee design. The seahorse and stars symbolically represent our founding. 8

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12 BPS Member Receives 50th Merit Mark P/C/C Richard Miner, SN is shown receiving his USPS Governing Board Member Emeritus Award for earning 50 Merit Marks. Right: Nancy Miner, D/C Linda LaLonde, P and P/C/C Richard (Dick) Miner, SN at the presentation of his award at the D9 Spring Conference on April 5th. Dick Miner is a Past Commander of Birmingham Power Squadron, Past District Commander of District 9, and Past Chief Commander of USPS. Congratulations! 12

13 Cdr Tom Smith, JN is shown accepting awards on behalf of BPS at the D9 Spring Conference. 13

14 For BPS Past Commanders Only (Note: If you aren t a P/C, don t read this!) Okay, now that I have everyone s attention, this really is addressed mostly to the Past Commanders. But, if you are a member with a good memory for past centerpieces you ve seen at (or better yet taken home from) a BPS event, I d appreciate your help. In connection with hosting the Fall D/9 Conference theme BPS 2010 Change of Watch THEN & NOW, I d like to recreate a lot of past decorations used at Commander s Balls, parties, or conferences that we hosted. My memory still works pretty well if I m given hints or vague descriptions, but I need to be reminded. So, if you have BPS 2010 Commander s Ball either a centerpiece, or a memory of one that you were impressed with, please contact me with whatever you remember and I ll try to take it from there. Pictures or sketches or descriptions would all be wonderful if you know when or where they appeared, that s even better! The sooner I get information, the better so that we can begin to plan décor early. So please give it some thought and contact me: P/C Pat Jarmon, SN at or Huron Pointe, Harrison Twp., MI BPS 2012 Change of Watch The USPS Pledge I do solemnly pledge to: Abide by the bylaws of the United States Power Squadron; Promote high standards of navigation and seamanship; Maintain my boat and operate it legally; Render assistance whenever possible; 14

15 Wow! I really don t set out to create a lengthy newsletter each month, but it seems that there is more and more content every issue!! Please take the time to read each and every page of your newsletter since it includes everything from important safety information to upcoming events including details about our 50th Anniversary Picnic. Secretary s Report Thank you again this month to our Safety Officer, Greg Allen, P for another excellent article Man Overboard -Now What? I look forward to Greg s articles each and every month. Lt/C Althea Doolittle, SN Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was originally an aid to navigation? My fellow lighthouse fan, Lt/C Peggy Schwaller, AP, has contributed another interesting article this month titled Statue of Liberty detailing the history of that important symbol of freedom. Thank you, Peggy! One of the great benefits of getting more involved in an organization such as the Birmingham Power Squadron is the friendships that one develops. This issue of the Bilge Chatter has information about many social events. Join in and meet your fellow members. And, when you see a fellow boater in a marina flying their BPS seahorse burgee, don t hesitate to go over and introduce yourself. We have a wonderful, knowledgeable group of members in Birmingham Power Squadron. You may just find that the person you introduced yourself to that day eventually becomes a great friend. We sure did!! I d like to personally encourage you to attend our May Membership Meeting and bring your children. I first discovered the Mackinac Passage series of books by Robert Lytle while in Mackinaw City. We often check out bookstores when we travel and I particularly like books by local authors. I picked up Mackinac Passage: A Summer Adventure, the first in Robert Lytle s series of books set in the Les Cheneaux Islands, read the description and decided to purchase it. I enjoyed the book so much that when I got home from vacation, I went to Robert Lytle s Pharmacy in downtown Rochester and purchased the rest of the books in the series. Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the adventures of the teenage kids in these books. So, while Robert Lytle s books are aimed at teenagers, they are also an entertaining read for adults. Plan to attend our next meeting to hear more about Robert Lytle s books. Even though we ve had a cold spring, boats are finally going in the water and we will soon be adventuring away from our slips. Don t forget that I am always on the lookout for great boating photos or articles featuring member s boating adventures or information of interest to the membership. Photos and contributions to the Bilge Chatter should be submitted by to me at Hopefully, I will see you at our 50th Anniversary Picnic at Lake St. Clair Metropark on May 19th! Lt/C Althea Doolittle, SN 15

16 Long forgotten is the fact that from The Statue of Liberty was a Lighthouse and first to use electricity to light its beacon. Thomas Edison was the first person to motion picture film the State of Liberty A month prior to the 1886 dedication of the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Lighthouse Board cut out a double row of staggered holes in the flame and added interior lighting to transform the statue into a navigational aid for ships entering New York Harbor. Several alterations were made to the statue s flame for brighter lighting. But, the illumination never proved sufficient to help vessels entering the New York Harbor and Liberty Lighthouse was closed in Through the years and a series of Presidential Proclamations, the Statue of Liberty was declared a National Monument in 1924 and placed under the jurisdiction of the U.S. National Park Service in [An excellent narrated, historical and photo Virtual etour may be found at: The Statue of Liberty was designed and built to withstand hurricanes with copper skin less than 2 pennies thick. When Hurricane Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, Liberty and Ellis Island docks and surface systems were damaged by storm surges and high winds. Luckily, the Statue of Liberty did not receive any damage. The statue s 126-year-old iron framework designed by Frenchman Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel [Eiffel Tower] allowed the statue to withstand the storm s intense winds. In a 50 mph wind the statue sways 3 inches, the torch 6 inches. Eiffel s framework utilized techniques employed in his bridge designs. The statue s primary support structure of iron is much like a tree with a central vertical pylon [trunk] and a system of girders [branches]. The thin sheets of copper are attached like leaves on a tree which allows the Statue of Liberty to move, expand and contract with temperature changes and wind. The statue rests on a base of concrete and granite. The 11-pointed star portion of the base section was originally Fort Wood, built in The Statue of Liberty was sculpted by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi using the metal process of Copper Repousse. The torch bearing arm is the oldest part of the statue. Eiffel and Bartholdi sent the arm from France to Philadelphia for display at the Centennial Celebration of the birth of our Republic at the 1876 World s Fair attended by multi-millions. [More information on this impressive, fabulous and fascinating celebration can be found at:] On February 18, 1879, the French sculptor earned US Patent #11,023 for a Design for a Statue named Liberty Enlightening the World. The statue was finished in early The next year, the statue was dismantled and shipped in dozens of enormous crates to New York. The statue s base was financed through the fundraising efforts of immigrant newspaperman Joseph Pulitzer and finally completed in April The Statue, the tallest man-made structure in the U.S. at that time, was inaugurated by President Cleveland on October 28, 1886 as Liberty Lighthouse. The Statue of Liberty underwent renovation for its Centennial. During the statue s major structural renovation for its Centennial in 1986, the old flame that looked like an amber-colored, multiwindowed teapot was complete reconstructed. The new glistening flame is unbroken copper skin covered in 24-karat gold leaf and entirely lighted from the outside. Invisible to tourists, the Statue of Liberty s 25-foot-long left foot brushes against the broken chains of oppression that symbolize freedom and liberty. Researched and written by Lt/C Peggy Schwaller, AP. 16

17 Administrative Officer S Report Lt/C Larry Delargy, AP GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING 14 MAY 2013 Our May meeting will be at Marinelli's restaurant, 4924 Rochester Road (Just south of Long Lake Road) in Troy. Please join us for dinner off the menu prior to the meeting. Dinner is available at 1830 (6:30 p.m.) and the meeting begins at 1930 (7:30 p.m.). All members are encouraged to attend to become better acquainted with their fellow members and to learn firsthand about the plans and activities of our Squadron. (Note: Our May meeting will be the last regular General Membership Meeting until we resume monthly membership meetings again on 10 September 2013.) MAY GUEST SPEAKER: AUTHOR ROBERT LYTLE Our special guest speaker for May will be author Robert A. Lytle. He has written eight novels for young adults, many of which are set in and around northern Lake Huron. In his other life, Bob is a pharmacist and owner of Lytle Pharmacy in downtown Rochester. Bob's presentation will be very entertaining for boaters of all ages, and should be of special interest to young people. So, all of our members are encouraged to bring their children and grandchildren to hear Bob Lytle speak on 14 May at our next meeting. Also, any new or prospective Sea Scouts should make it a point to be present for this presentation. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING: 07 MAY 2013 The Birmingham Power Squadron Executive Committee will meet on 07 May at Kerby s Koney Island, 5407 Crooks Rd., Troy. All members are welcome to attend. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. The first order of business will be planning for the 2013 District 9 Fall Conference which Birmingham Power Squadron is hosting. This will be followed by our regular EXCOM meeting. APRIL GUEST SPEAKER PROVIDES UPDATES ON GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS Our guest speaker for April was the Chief of Watershed Hydrology for the Detroit District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Keith Kompoltowicz. His excellent presentation was very interesting and informative. Concerning Great Lakes water levels, there was some bad news and some good news. (Continued on page 10) 17

18 GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS (Continued) First, the bad news, Lake St. Clair is 16" below its level of a year ago and is expected to rise by only 4" in the next 30 days. The good news is that there is much more snow pack up north this spring and it hasn't started melting much as yet. Snow melt should begin as temperatures rise and will cause water levels to rise. Also, the next three months are forecast to be wetter than average which would also cause water levels to rise. However, even with above average precipitation, it is estimated that it will take several years to raise the water levels to their averages. The main driver of water levels is precipitation, and in 2012, we had near drought conditions. Secondary factors influencing levels are air/water temperatures which affect evaporation. In 2012, air/water temperatures were higher than average. Also, our winter in 2012 was milder than average. Mr. Kompoltowicz debunked most of the theories that have been discussed about diversions adversely affecting lake levels. While there are some diversions, their effect on water levels is very slight. The main problem causing low water levels is drought, the effects of which can be exacerbated by evaporation caused by high air and water temperatures. Although many believe that lake levels are cyclical, the Corps of Engineers does not have enough historical data to support this theory. Corps of Engineers records only go back less than 100 years to A private researcher looking at beach erosion, tree growth rings, and other indicators has theorized that there is a 30-year cycle that has occurred for many years with some regularity. However, this remains only a theory. Mr. Kompoltowicz also addressed compensation (to reduce the effects of previous dredging) in the St. Clair River and the fact that there has been talk about a project to install underwater "speed bumps" to slow water flow. If installed, these would probably cause Lake Huron levels to rise and Lake St. Clair levels to fall, at least initially. It is theorized that eventually the bodies of water would probably reach an equilibrium. However, it doesn't seem too likely that this project this will get U.S./ Canadian approval and necessary funding. Several interesting facts that were discussed: -Lake St. Clair is something of a hybrid body of water--it has the flow through (Continued on page 11) 18

19 GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS (Continued) properties of a river, and could therefore be considered a continuation of the St. Clair River; however, it does have some water retention properties which is a characteristic of a lake. -It takes 7 days for water to flow through Lake St. Clair. -The Corps of Engineers views Lakes Michigan and Huron as one since they are connected at the Straits of Mackinac. You can check out the latest details on water levels by visiting and clicking on the "Water Levels" button. MEMBERSHIP: As of mid-april, the Birmingham Power Squadron had 175 members. RENDEZVOUS - 5Oth ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION - SUNDAY, 19 MAY Picnic/National Safe Boating Week Observance SAVE THE DATE!! Planning is underway to hold a rendezvous/picnic at Lake Saint Clair Metro Park on Sunday, 19 May from This event will take place during National Safe Boating Week and will celebrate our 50th Anniversary as a squadron. Our Public Relations Officer, Lt Ron Simpson, AP has been working hard to coordinate this activity and final arrangements will be announced in your May postcard and at the May General Membership Meeting. Some of the features of this rendezvous will include free entrance to Lake St. Clair Metro Park for BPS members and free beer and hot dogs provided by BPS. Members are asked to bring a dish to pass, e.g., salads (lettuce, cole slaw, potato, etc), vegetables, snacks, deserts, etc. NOTE: Bottled beverages and other glass containers are not permitted into the park. We are hoping for a good turnout for this event. We hope to have news media coverage that will promote BPS and our 50th Anniversary, USPS and Safe Boating Week. Please show your support by participating in this event and wearing your BPS/USPS shirts, hats, etc. Members wishing to arrive by boat are welcome to do so, but reservations must be made through the DNR and slip rental fees will apply. Lt/C Larry Delargy, JN 19

20 20

21 Marine Communication Systems and Piloting are underway. Exams have been ordered for JN and Piloting. Sail has been completed Steven McClelland, P, Richard Sheeran, JN, and Richard Wagner, JN have passed the course. Educational Officer s Report P/C David Kowalski, SN Instructor Re-Certification has been completed. Lt Shirley Geggie, AP taught the course. Brenda Sumey, JN, Gary Jialanella, JN and I have passed. Thus, we have extended our certification for another four years. There are currently 15 certified instructors in the squadron. Advanced Coastal Navigation is the newest level of the Boat Operator Certification or BOC and is now available. June is the target month for certification for all of the levels of BOC. Interested parties should contact Stf/C Denise Samu, AP or D/Lt/C Duane Carlson, SN. They are not only looking for members to complete the certification but also they are looking for people who would like to become certifiers themselves. The other levels of certification are Inland Navigator, Coastal Navigator and Offshore Navigator. ON should be completed in More information about the program can be found at eddept/boc/main.htm. The Educational Cruise is currently scheduled for June 18 th the date will be confirmed when the cruise has been approved. The cruise, for those of you have not heard of it yet, is a lovely cruise from the Coast Guard station on Mount Elliot up the river to Lake Saint Clair, back downstream to the Ambassador Bridge, and then back to the USCG station. The trip takes place on the USCGC BRISTOL BAY, a special tug and barge combination, and is designed to showcase the navigation aids that appear along its route. The timing allows for both daylight and nighttime viewing of those aids. I am working on the fall class schedule. I still need to hear from you as to the courses that we should offer. I also need to know if we have any members that are particularly adept in any of the course material that we teach. If you have another life or passion that can help further the goals of the educational department or BPS, no matter how small you feel that contribution is, please contact me so that we can talk. Upcoming seminars that will be offered include Marine Radar on May 11 th, Boat Handling Under Power on June 8 th, Man Overboard on July 13 th, Boating on Locks, Lakes and Rivers on August 10 th and Rules of the Road on September 11 th. These will be taught at West Marine on Big Beaver just west of Rochester Road. Last month s Basic Weather and Forecasting seminar drew in 6 students, 2 were BPS members, 2 were from Mount Clemens Power Squadron, and 2 non-members. P/C Dave Kowalski, SN 21

22 USPS Seminars Next Seminar: Saturday, 11 May 2013 MARINE RADAR Seminars to be held at: West Marine 789 Big Beaver Road Troy, MI (9:30 a.m.) (2 hour format) Future Seminars: 08 June Boat Handling Under Power Instructor: TBD 13 July Man Overboard Instructor: Don Fiander, SN 10 August Boating on Rivers, Lakes, and Locks Available to USPS members and the public This seminar covers how radar functions, radar selection, operation of the radar under various conditions including setting of controls, display interpretation, basic navigation, and collision avoidance using radar. The kit includes The Radar Book written by Kevin Monahan ($25 retail) and Student Notes with copies of slides. Instructor: Tom Geggie, SN Boating is fun we ll show you! For information or to register, call or P/C David Kowalski, SN at 22

23 LOST CHURCH UNDER LAKE ST. CLAIR The remains of the lost church and graveyard of St. Felicity were discovered in 1995 under about 10 feet of water in Lake St. Clair. The discovery was made by divers about 2,000 feet offshore near the border of St. Clair Shores and Harrison Township. On a chart of Lake St. Clair, this location currently appears to be just below Harbor Pointe, about 500 yards offshore where the chart is marked "Submerged Ruins". St. Felicity Church was founded in 1826 by Father Pierre De Jean, a French missionary priest who came to the Township in He was in charge of La Petite Chapel, a log cabin church on the south bank of the Clinton River which had been built in 1800 by Father Gabriel Richard. Father De Jean wanted a bigger and better church. Actually, he wanted two churches. He built St. Francis de Sales Church on the Clinton River, about four miles down the river from La Petite Chapel and about three miles from the village of Mt. Clemens. He also built St. Felicity on Lake St. Clair. The church was last noted in historical documents in Sometime in the summer of 1855 or 1856, there was catastrophic flooding throughout the Great Lakes region. Lake St. Clair swelled, burying over 2,000 feet of shoreline. The discovery of the lost church of St. Felicity was made through the efforts of Father Michael Ruthenberg, the Assistant Pastor of St. Gertrude Church in Harrison Township. St. Gertrude Church was the successor church to the lost church of St. Felicity. While conducting his research, Father Ruthenberg found the will of a farmer who had donated land for the building of St. Felicity Church. Using this information, he obtained the deed for the property from Macomb County which allowed him to plot the estimated location of the lost church. Contributed by Larry Delargy and compiled from multiple sources. Squadron officers meet the first Tuesday of each month, September - June, at 1900 at Kerby s Coney Island, Troy. General membership meetings and programs are held on the second Tuesday of each month, September - November and January - May, at 1930 at Marinelli s Restaurant in Troy. 23

24 We re 6 yrs! We like to draw and color! Announcing the 16th Boarman USPS Annual Youth Poster Contest 2013 Theme: 100 Years of Wearing It Hint...flying on a boat or a patch on apparel... Contest is open to all youth! 1st place, $150-2nd place, $100-3rd place, $75 are given in 3 age groups Ages 6-8 yrs - Ages 9-11 yrs - Ages yrs All youth participants receive a USPS Certificate of Participation We re both 14 yrs! Let s start sketching! Read the Contest Rules thoroughly at: Hi folks! Scouts like to draw posters after we sell our stuff. Print and Fill out the Submission Form Give Poster Entry to a BPS Member or BPS Officer Posters must be judged first by the Birmingham Power Squadron. before submitting to District 9 for judging. All posters MUST be received by September 1, 2013 for BPS judging prior to and for the D9 Fall Conference. Questions? Contact Larry or Peggy Lt/C Larry Delargy, AP BPS Admin. Officer 24

25 2013 District 9 Fall Conference October 2013 Hosted by Birmingham Power Squadron 50th Anniversary Year Theme: Celebrating Then and Now Exciting New Venue ConCorde Inn N Gratiot Avenue Clinton Township 25

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To cut down on background noise we have placed all attendees in listen only mode. You can hear us, but we cannot hear you.

To cut down on background noise we have placed all attendees in listen only mode. You can hear us, but we cannot hear you. Thank you all for joining. I'd like to welcome everyone to the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business Online MBA Information session. I'm Christina Walsh, and I will be your host for

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4 Must Have s in Cover Letter s to College Coaches


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So You Are a 4-H Club Officer

So You Are a 4-H Club Officer Missouri 4-H University of Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development So You Are a 4-H Club Officer A manual for 4-H club officers Y783 This publication is adapted by University of Missouri Extension from

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The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 5 May 2010

The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 5 May 2010 The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 5 May 2010 San Diego Police Officers Association 8388 Vickers Street 858.573.1199 (Office) San Diego,

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Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training

Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training CONTENTS Organizing and Delivering the Course... 2 Gathering Activity...10 Opening and Introductions...12 Aims and Methods of Scouting... 14 Role of the Scoutmaster...

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Guide to the. College Admission Process.

Guide to the. College Admission Process. Guide to the College Admission Process Published in 1979. Revised in 1984, 1989, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2009, and 2011. Copyright 2011, NACAC. Additional copies of Guide

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Jaeley Tiana Thorell Born at Super Valu Parking Lot

Jaeley Tiana Thorell Born at Super Valu Parking Lot 201ST EDITION OCTOBER 2014 Serving the North Shuswap, Sorrento, Blind Bay, Chase, Adams Lake & Seymour Arm. Between 3500-7000 distributed (depending on time of year). By Jo Anne Malpass Jaeley Tiana Thorell

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RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: SELLING FOOD PRODUCTS RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: SELLING FOOD PRODUCTS Funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. All opinions, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of

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BBN Brevard Business News

BBN Brevard Business News BBN Brevard Business News Vol. 32 No. 6 February 10, 2014 $1.00 A Weekly Space Coast Business Magazine printed in Brevard County, Fla. since 1984 Longtime area resident Weinberg is elected to the Fidelity

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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT INJURY CASES IN OHIO Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC 405 Madison Ave., Suite

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Minnesota Police Journal

Minnesota Police Journal Minnesota Volume 88 No. 2 April 2015 Police Journal The Official Publication of The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Photo by Michael Murray St. Paul Police Federation Helps to Score a Goal

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Jones Act Jobs in the Crosshairs

Jones Act Jobs in the Crosshairs Vol. 48, No. 1 Jan. - Feb. 2012 The International Marine Division of ILA/AFL-CIO Official Voice of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots Jones Act Jobs in the Crosshairs Politicians

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Career Information for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Career Information for the Blind and Visually Impaired Career Information for the Blind and Visually Impaired The Foundation Fighting Blindness 11435 Cronhill Drive Owings Mills, MD 21117-2220 800-683-5555 800-638-5551 TDD April, 2000

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STUDENT HANDBOOK. Spring International Language Center University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.

STUDENT HANDBOOK. Spring International Language Center University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A. STUDENT HANDBOOK Spring International Language Center University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A. STUDENT HANDBOOK SPRING INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CENTER AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS Spring International

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A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!!

A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!! A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho Newsletter July-August 2010 American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!! 2 ABATE of North Idaho EAGLE July-August 2010 A.B.A.T.E of North Idaho

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The Essential Consumer Guide for Accident Cases in Florida

The Essential Consumer Guide for Accident Cases in Florida The Essential Consumer Guide for Accident Cases in Florida The Seven Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case Don t Let The Insurance Company Take Advantage of You! WHETHER YOU HAVE BEEN

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April. Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services. Around the Units. Clipsal 500. Situational Awareness

April. Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services. Around the Units. Clipsal 500. Situational Awareness THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services Clipsal 500 Around the Units Situational Awareness

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PORTLEDGE SCHOOL COLLEGE PLANNING HANDBOOK PORTLEDGE SCHOOL COLLEGE PLANNING HANDBOOK Elisabeth Mooney Jane Zisa Director of College Counseling Secretary (516) 750-3215 (Phone) (516) 750-3210 (516) 750-3103 (Fax)

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Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip!

Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip! BUSINESS NETWORK Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip! Commencement Inside This Issue Dean s Message Inside Front Cover College Fact Sheet 1-2 Rockford Area Alumni

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Tampa Preparatory School College Counseling Guide

Tampa Preparatory School College Counseling Guide Tampa Preparatory School College Counseling Guide Jean Rutherford Wall Director of College Counseling 813-251-8481 x4039 Tara Nelan Assistant Director of College Counseling

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