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1 St. Lawrence Catholic Community Church School Cemetery FORUM Third Sunday of Lent March 23, 2014 Suddenly, we find ourselves entering into the third week of our Lenten Journey with Jesus. Are you still on course? Have you begun to Feel the Hunger? We hear in John s Gospel today that a lengthy dialogue took place between Jesus and a Samaritan woman. Jesus entered Samaria on his way to Galliee, it was around noon and he was tired from his journey. He went and sat by the well. Soon, a lone Samaritan woman approached to draw water from the well. Jesus began to engage her in a conversation asking her to Give me a drink. The Samaritan woman responded with a question How can you, a Jew, ask me, a Samaritan woman, for a drink? She knew that it was taboo for a Jewish man to speak to a woman in public and also the animosity and rivalry that lies between the Jews and the Samaritans. Jesus continued the conversation referring to himself as the gift of God, insinuating his identity as the source of living water, but the woman misses his meaning and the conversation continues. She questions the fact that he doesn t even have a bucket and the well is deep. Jesus continues his self revelation telling her that everyone who drinks this water will thirst again; but those who drink the water I shall give will never thirst. Soon, by Jesus questioning her, we learn that she is an outcast with nothing to lose. She has lived with many men to whom she was not married and is not afraid to take on this man, who she s convinced, already feels superior to her. The high point of the conversation is when Jesus reveals himself to her as the Messiah. Having come to know Jesus, the Samaritan woman becomes an evangelist to her own people. Feel the Hunger Jesus will be water that requires no bucket, for he will bubble up like a spring within the believer s heart. The Samaritan woman is, herself, converted to believe in Jesus the Messiah because he knows her sin and speaks with her just the same. His food, he says, is doing God s will. In one sentence, Jesus summarizes his ministry and our mission. Jesus speaks urgently on the theme of evangelization. Feed with Prayer In our Lenten booklet Journey to Joy, our Spiritual Practice for today is: Spend a few minutes in prayer taking an inventory of the gifts of life and grace that you have been given. Hold these gifts in your heart, thanking God for all that has been given to you. Soon, you will hear Jesus s words directly and, through your own experience, know that he is the savior of the world. Move Forward In Faith In our Little Black Lenten Book, we read today about discipleship. Being a disciple involves motion. It means walking with the Lord. It is a verb, not simply a card in my wallet. So, in what direction are the various parts of my life moving towards sin or towards God or just drifting nowhere in particular? Discovering in which direction I am moving takes much thought, and usually the help of someone else who can tell me if I am being honest with myself. The final stage in the process calls for the celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation. I need to take a look at that sacrament.

2 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, Parish Office (586) Fax (586) Rev. Thomas Sutherland, Admin. Janet Sullivan, IHM, Pastoral Assoc. Lisa Rajnicek, Religious Education Utica Road, Utica, Michigan Rev. Thomas Sutherland, Admin. Rev. Salvatore Palazzolo, Assoc. Pastor Rev. Mr. Anthony Morici, Deacon Pastoral Staff Rev. Salvatore Palazzolo, Assoc. Pastor Lorrie Goetzinger, Business Manager Deann Reusche, Youth Minister Cathy Ciolino, School Principal School (586) Religious Education (586) Peggy DeClercq, Pastoral Assoc. Mary Kraus, Christian Service Mike Roth, Music Director Community Support Staff Paul Rybicki, Cemetery Coordinator Stephen Ministry (586) Greg Mangold, Athletic Director (586) Parish Council Annmarie Iacona, Chairperson Brett Valentine, Vice Chairperson Sherry Berry, Secretary Parish Council Members-At-Large Barbara Sabatini Annmarie Iacona Mike Coraci Sherry Berry Brett Valentine Cheryl Lloyd Lawrence Higgins Lorri DeAngelis Young Adult Rep. Youth Group Rep. Senior Rep. Athletic President Vicariate Rep. Worship Chair Christian Service Rep. PEPC Rep. School/Comm. Rep./President Evan./Comm. Rep. Education Chair Adult Formation Rep. Liturgy Schedule Amy Witulski Hannah Gianfermi Marion Lelito Greg Burnick Catherine Karim Lisa Ann Roth Open Rosemary Reilly Diana Ayer Fr. Sal Scot Moceri Open Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am Friday (during school), 9:30 am Saturday, 4:30 pm Sunday, 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 noon Reconciliation, Saturday, 3:30 pm Eucharistic Adoration 2 nd Tuesday 5-8 pm and 2 nd Wednesday 2-3 pm Perpetual Help Devotions, Tuesday morning after the 8:00 am Mass Sacraments Baptisms are the 2nd Saturday of the month at 5:45 pm and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month at 1:15 pm. A Baptismal Preparation Class is required for both parents and godparents and is held on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Social Hall at 7:00 pm. The Church requires that at least one of the parents and one of the godparents be practicing Catholics, that is, they actively participate in Mass each weekend. Please call the Parish Office to register for classes or if you have any questions. Marriage arrangements require a six-month parish registration and active Mass participation. Wedding dates are not given out over the phone or before you have been active parishioners for at least six months. Please call the Parish Office for details. Questions about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation will be answered by our Religious Education Office. Please call (586) for further information. School Information Questions about tuition rates for parish members and non-members, applications to attend the school or any other school related matters will be answered by the St. Lawrence School Office. Please call (586) for further information. Parish Office Hours Monday through Friday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunday: 9:00 am to 1:30 pm School Office Hours (During School Year) Monday through Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Religious Education Office Hours (During School Year) Monday and Tuesday: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Wednesday through Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Religious Education Office Hours (Summer) Monday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday through Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm PAGE 2

3 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH Mass Intentions Saturday, March 22, :30 pm Thomas J Voytas Sophia Jakubik William Bohlen Joseph Jakubik Robert Amyot Lilah Drapinski Poor Souls in Purgatory Bermard Jakubik Sunday, March 23, :00 am Marie Jozefiak Timothy Judge Dolores Brodziak Steven Krasnicki Murray Family Cyril Duyck Raymond & Selena Delmotte Mary & August Duyck 10:00 am People of St. Lawrence 12:00 pm James Warner Martha Vandermeij Francesco Esposito Sue Tuzinsky Jo Davis Monday, March 24, :00 am Kinney & Brown Families Philomine Deneweth Tuesday, March 25, :00 am Joan Snook Swift Mary Chakel Jim Krzezowski UTICA, MICHIGAN Visit our website for up-to-date parish information! Stewardship Sacrificial Giving Sunday, March 16, $23, Vocations... $ Emergency Relief... $ Divine Mercy Prayer Line As Jesus revealed to St. Faustina, I have opened My Heart as a living fountain of mercy. Let all souls draw life from it. If you or others would like to receive prayer for your intentions, contact Eileen at the Divine Mercy Prayer line: (586) Wednesday, March 26, :00 am John & Lorraine Huber Kyle Rodriguez Thursday, March 27, :00 am Frances Trainor Leland Nieman Stefano Croce Friday, March 28, :30 am Barbara Duncan Saturday, March 29, :30 pm Edward Olczak Stanislaw Olczak Marion Ofman Carl Lelito Rev. John Foley Joann Helms Mary Learnihan Bertoline Jack Harbaugh Sunday, March 30, :00 am Grace Pollum Albert Donadio, Jr. Robert Edge Jim Krzezewski 10:00 am Don Irvine, Jr. Pablo Blandon Edilma Gaviria Carl Shepard Augusto Selva, I Tonina-Mecco and Augusto Selva 12:00 pm People of St Lawrence St. Lawrence Catholic Community believes we are called by our Baptism to gather as a worshipping and prayerful people. As responsible disciples, of Jesus Christ, we are called to be faithful stewards of our time, talents, and treasures. We value and foster Catholic education and evangelization. With open hearts and hands, we reach out to all brothers and sisters, as together we strive to offer hope, act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God. Readings For The Week Of March 23, 2014 Sunday: Ex 17:3-7/Rom 5:1-2, 5-8/Jn 4:5-42 or 4:5-15, 19b-26, 39a, Monday: 2 Kgs 5:1-15ab/Lk 4:24-30 Tuesday: Is 7:10-14; 8:10/Heb 10:4-10/Lk 1:26-38 Wednesday: Dt 4:1, 5-9/Mt 5:17-19 Thursday: Jer 7:23-28/Lk 11:14-23 Friday: Hos 14:2-10/Mk 12:28-34 Saturday: Hos 6:1-6/Lk 18:9-14 Next Sunday: 1 Sm 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a/Eph 5:8-14/ Jn 9:1-41 or 9:1, 6-9, 13-17, Forum Deadlines and Information A reminder that all articles submitted for the Forum must be submitted by 8:00 am Monday, for the following week. You may bring a typed copy of your article to the parish office or it to All requests for overhead projection are due Wednesday at noon. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office. PAGE 3

4 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 Eucharistic Adoration Adult Volunteers Needed... Are you an adult who is looking for a good opportunity to give some volunteer time? Are you a student who needs Christian Service Hours? Are you someone who likes to bake? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I have a great opportunity for you to help welcome our new members of the Catholic faith. We need some enthusiastic volunteers to help set up, serve and clean up, or donate baked goods, for the RCIA reception following the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 19. The first group of helpers is needed in the morning from about 10:00 am 1:00 pm. This group will be setting tables with tablecloths, and centerpieces, decorating the social hall, creating fruit, vegetable, and dessert trays. It s okay if you can t be there for the entire time, come for as long as you are available. If you would like to donate a baked good for the reception, you may drop it off in the social hall on Saturday morning between 10:00 am 1:00 pm. Catholic Book Store Catholic Book Store will be at St. Lawrence on Saturday, March 29 th and Sunday, March 30 th after all Masses with a display of books, Bibles, religious articles, music, etc. Please stop by after Mass and pay them a visit, they will be glad to assist you in any way they can! Catholic Conversations The Adult Book Study group will be beginning a new book: The Little Rock Scripture Study of "Touching the Mysteries: Scripture and the Rosary. This study presents the treasures of the Bible that are illuminated in the mysteries of the rosary, revealing the sacred and inseparable link between Scripture and the rosary. We will be meeting in the Parish Library after the 10 am Mass on the following Sundays: March 23 and 30 April 6 and 13 May 4 and 18 The cost of the book, with shipping, is only $20. We will have treats!! Join us in a nice relaxed setting to get closer to your faith and those that worship with you! To RSVP and reserve a book, you can contact: Claudette Wizniuk, (586) , or Lisa Rajnicek, (586) , The next group is needed in the evening from about 7:00 pm midnight. This group will be helping to heat up the hot dishes, set out the food trays, make punch, help serve, and clean up. Once again, if you cannot stay for the entire time, that is okay. Also if you are planning on attending the Easter Vigil, you may still help out after mass with serving and cleaning up. Anyone who would like to volunteer for this fun community enriching event, please fill out the following form and turn in to the parish office. If you have any questions, please call Angela Kennedy at Thank you in advance for your assistance, Angela Kennedy, RCIA Reception Chairperson Sister Janet, RCIA Director Easter Vigil Help, Saturday, April 19 th Name: Phone: I can help at: 10:00 am 1:00 pm 7:00 pm 12:00 am I will bring a baked good Please drop off the form in the Parish Office by Wednesday, April 16 th. Thank you! PAGE 4


6 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 Parish Outreach Seniors Club Inspired by Gospel values, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering help to those suffering and in need in the tradition of its patron, St. Vincent de Paul. For more than 80 years, St. Vincent de Paul has been at St. Lawrence serving the poor and vulnerable of this community by helping meet their basic needs of food, clothing, rent and utilities. And these efforts have largely been made possible by the generosity of parishioners, like you. If you know anyone living within our parish boundaries that is in need, please have them contact the Christian Service office at St. Lawrence, (586) The next meeting of the Seniors Club will be on Wednesday, March 26 th at 11:30 am in the social hall. Hostesses will be Betty Zott, Marion Rivard, Pat Evens, Evie Nowalski, Mary Belkowski and Ed Wolfenden. Hopefully, spring weather with warmer temperatures will arrive. Come join other seniors for a short meeting, lunch and fun at Bingo. MCREST Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team Items/Food Donations If you sign up to bring in an item, please keep in mind the following dates: Non-Perishable items need to be brought to the church after masses the weekends of March 22/23 and March 29/30. Perishable items need to be dropped off at the church - DeKeyser Entrance - on Saturday, April 5 th from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Please feel free to contact, Kris Blanchard, with any questions at Thank you so much for your generosity & support! We truly could not make this program work without YOU! MCREST at St Lawrence is April 6 th through April 13 th God is planning! Helen Unruh Secretary Coffee and Donuts Hospitality Coffee and donuts after the 8:00 am and 10:00 am Masses is a long-standing tradition and special ministry, here, at St. Lawrence. It is a great time to visit friends and make new friends deepening our fellowship as a parish, and spending time in Christ. We need your help! Please consider being a host at the 8:00 am or 10:00 am Masses. It is short work simple work. This is also a great opportunity for teens to fulfill their Christian Service hours. Please help us keep this wonderful St. Lawrence tradition and sign-up in the Coffee and Donuts Host s Manual in the social hall kitchen or call the Christian Service office, (586) Thank you! St. Lawrence Ushers 18 th Annual Fish Fry Every Friday during Lent 4:30 7:00 pm Good Friday 3:00-7:00 pm Adults $8.00; Seniors $7.00; Children $4.00 New this year: Salmon dinner for $9.00 Pierogi dinner for $6.00 Now accepting credit and debit cards Visit us online at on Facebook or Twitter We will take telephone orders from 4:15-6:45 pm on Fridays during Lent at (586) Phone orders on Good Friday are 3:00-6:45 pm PAGE 6

7 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH UTICA, MICHIGAN Christian Service As Catholics, we are called to put the Two Feet of Christian Service -- - Charity and Justice --- into action! We step with the foot of charity when we work to assist others with their immediate, short-term needs. We step with the foot of justice when we work to address the root causes of problems facing our communities. Give Me a Break! Many families in our community are struggling to take care of a loved one at home. For these full-time caregivers, a break to run errands, go to their own doctor appointment, or just relax for an hour is often impossible because their parent or spouse cannot be left alone. If you have a few hours, once or twice a month, to just sit with an older or disabled adult, your gift of time will make a huge difference for these families. No hands-on care or nursing experience is needed. For more information, call the Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers at Learn more their work at Family Service Opportunities The St. Lawrence Christian Service Ministry with the St. Lawrence Knights of Columbus are planning a series of service opportunities available especially for families. Bringing together families from the St. Lawrence Parish to unite in projects strengthens our sense of ministering to those in need and allows us to further realize the Holy Spirit in our lives. The first project scheduled is: St. Vincent de Paul Store (Utica, MI) Saturday, June 21, 2014 All participants need to be 12 years or older. Times available are 9:30 a.m. to noon or 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. There are 20 spots available for each time slot. Please call your friends to come with you as a small group of families to make this a great example of the joy of our Christian faith. For additional information and SVdP permission slips, please contact Joe Lograsso at or at Quilters The Quilters would like to make a St. Lawrence quilt using t-shirts or any shirts with the St. Lawrence school logos on them. The shirts must be in good condition without holes or stains; any items not used will be donated to charity. The raffle for this quilt will take place in the fall when we display our quilts that we send to World Relief. We are also in need of large size material to use as backs for our quilts. Flat sheets are great as are any large pieces 80 x 64. You may turn in shirts, sheets or like items to the Parish office. Thank You! Thank you! Sandy Barg The St. Lawrence Knights of Columbus would like to thank all those that were able to attend and support this year s St. Patty s Day Party. With over 400 people in attendance at the K of C Hall, another fun and safe event was held. This year s funds support Covenant House Michigan, Rising Stars Academy and the K of C Christmas Fund for Families in Need. Your generosity is unmatched and we appreciate everyone s support. Our success is again maximized with the help and support of local businesses and companies, many owned by our own Council and Parish members. Thanks to: Health Insurance Consultants Jim and Lou Bokshan JW Marketing Services Walter and Jodi DeCasas Utica Antiques Market Dale and Karen Niedzwiecki MJC Companies Scot Moceri E. W. Smith Agency Jim Ososkie Simone Contracting Corporation Sal and Cindy Simone Weingartz Dan and Kris Weingartz Wiegand Heating and Cooling Kim and Theresa Wiegand Please mark your calendars for the Tootsie Roll Drive (April 11-13), Wine Tasting for Holy Cross Children s Services (June 13) and the 2014 Halloween Party (October 25). PAGE 7

8 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 St. Lawrence Altar Society Our Meeting is April 2 nd at 7:00 pm in the social hall. Hostesses of the meeting are: Rita Ludeman, Marion Weingartz, Lorna Brock, Dolores Rosenberger and Barbara Hirt. Spring is right around the corner, so we must think flowers! We are having the Perennial Exchange on May 10, 2014, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. This is a good time to separate your perennials and exchange them for some new ones. Ladies, there has been a change in our meetings. We are trying to schedule them when there is more daylight and no snow on the streets. See you in church! Please join us for a day of prayer, sponsored by The Council of Catholic Women. Solanus Casey Center The Province of St. Joseph of the Capuchin Order 1820 Mt. Elliott St Detroit, MI Little Flock LITTLE FLOCK CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP Prayer Group meeting every Wednesday in the School Library, 7:30 pm WE WILL NOT HAVE A PRAYER MEETING THIS WEEK, WEDNESDAY, SEE YOU AT THE MASS WITH HEALING PRAYER ON THURSDAY, Remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and our salvation. Remember too that we are called daily to carry our cross and die to ourselves that we may serve Him and come to know Him in a more intimate way. We can do this through studying His Word, receiving the Sacraments, Praying, and Fasting especially during this Lent. Jim/Shirley Brodi (586) Mary Sackey (586) Bob Hurlbert (586) Kathleen Wesley (586) Saturday, April 26, :00 am 3:00 pm We will car pool from St. Lawrence. Cost is $25 per person with a deadline of April 12 th. The day will consist of: 9:00 am Registration & light snack 10:00 am Celebration of the Liturgy 11:20 am DVD on Solanus Casey & free time 12:00 pm Catered Luncheon 1:15 pm Living the Beatitudes of Christ 2:00 pm Confession, gift shop, free time, tour Creation Garden 2:30 pm Rosary, Divine Mercy & Closing Our celebration day also includes The Most Reverend Arturo Cepeda, Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Detroit and Reverend Steven Koehler, CCW/AD Spiritual Advisor and Installation of CCW/AD Officers and Brother Al Mascia, OFM. God Bless, Kay Rasmussen Traveling Chalice Who is it for? It s for everyone! It s for families, couples, those who live alone, for all who want to pray and ask The Lord to send more workers to the vineyard! This is a wonderful program that vocations has begun for this parish. Let us, a family of God, keep the chalice circulating. The week of: Mar 23 Mar 29 Mar 30 Apr 5 Apr 6 Apr 12 Finn family Open Open Please call the parish office, (586) , and let us know which week your family would like to receive the chalice. Thank you! PAGE 8

9 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH C.R.E. Classroom Updates Kindergarten ON FIRE FOR LIFE was another way to enrich your lives this past month. Sr. Kathleen Matz was an inspirational speaker, who spoke on the topic Prayer. We need to help our young students to understand the importance of prayer and faith and to teach them that it is for the rest of their lives, not only while they are attending their CRE classes. Lent is a time for change and during this time, we are showing the children that even at a young age they can participate by trying their very best at everything they do or be kinder to their siblings and others. May God Bless you. Grade 1 This month the 1st graders are going to learn the difference between good habits and bad habits. They'll learn that the good habits come from the Holy Spirit and are called "Fruits of the Holy Spirit". They will learn that the Holy Spirit is their teacher and helper throughout life and how they can pray to the Holy Spirit. We will also talk about what Lent means and what they can do as a follower of Jesus. They will learn that Lent is a time for sacrificing and giving. They will get a 40 day "Journey to Joy" Lenten roadmap that asks them to perform different tasks throughout Lent. Grade 2 We have been working our way through the Eucharist Books. Hard to believe we are almost complete. Please take the time as a family to do the home section with the children. They have been asking many questions with regard to their preparation for their First Eucharist. All of the classes have been practicing how to receive communion. Please encourage practicing at home. Also, don t forget to discuss with them good behavior for Mass. As time allows, we have discussed how we should be preparing ourselves during Lent for Easter. Don t forget to turn in your felt person as soon as you have finished it. Grade 3 In Unit 4 we will be covering lessons 13 thru 16. We are called to share our faith just as the Apostles did. We have talents that we can share with others. We can share stories we have learned about Jesus. We can do this through prayers, receiving the sacraments and being faithful to our commitment. We will be completing Unit 4 and will go into Unit 5 which is the last unit in our book. We ask parents to keep reviewing prayers with their child every day or as often as possible. The more we say the formal prayers we will soon know them by memory. UTICA, MICHIGAN C.R.E. Classroom Updates (con t) Grade 4 Lent began on Wednesday, March 5th. During the coming weeks the 4th graders will be talking and learning about the importance of prayer, fasting (giving up food we really enjoy) and Almsgiving (sharing with others) and their relevance to the Lenten season. In particular, the 4th graders will learn how these acts bring us closer to Jesus, in part by making our hearts more charitable. Also in the next few weeks we will attend church to pray the Stations of the Cross. This is a great prayer to say as a family during Lent as well as providing an opportunity to discuss as a family how you will pray, fast and give alms this Lenten season. In addition to our Lenten related discussions, we will also be talking about our relationship with the Holy Spirit as our leader and guide and the Sacraments of the Church. God s blessings this Easter season. Grade 5 As the earth prepares for new beginnings in the season of spring, so too do we prepare to renew ourselves in the glorious Resurrection of our Savior. We will be celebrating the renewing of our hearts through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. As new life springs forward we will be beginning our final unit of study of the Sacraments! Every baptized Christian has a vocation. Bishops, priests, and deacons have a special call to leadership in the Church. Married couples are the leaders of the domestic church, the family. The Church celebrates two sacraments in which the participants vow to serve others. These sacraments are Matrimony and Holy Orders. Through these sacraments, husbands and wives, clergy, and religious vow to bring forth community through service. Grade 6 Continuing on our Faith journey through the Hebrew Scriptures, we have resumed with our regular class lessons, learning more about the many prophets and leaders of the Old Testament. We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation during class time on March 24 & 25 respectively allowing the students to prepare themselves for Easter. Let s continue keeping our Faith alive by sharing of ourselves and praying for the needs of others. Also continue praying for vocations for God has called all of us to a vocation in life. On behalf of all the 6 th grade CRE teachers we would like to wish the students and their families a Blessed and Happy Easter. (continued on Page 10) PAGE 9

10 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 School News School Mission We are a Catholic School family dedicated to nurturing and celebrating a love for Jesus Christ and educating the whole child with academic excellence. March is Reading Month! Mon. Mar. 24 Parent Mystery Reader 2 nd & 3 rd Grades: Lent Reconciliation 2:00 PM (Church) Homework Clinic: 4:00-5:00 PM (Room 501) Tue. Mar. 25 Parent Mystery Reader 4 th & 5 th Grades: Lent Reconciliation 2:00 PM (Church) 7 th Grade: Field Trip Jr. High Vocation Awareness Day (Sacred Heart Major Seminary) Depart: 7:30 AM / Return: 2:15 PM Newspaper Club Meeting 4:00-5:00 PM in Computer Lab Market Day Pick up Orders 3:30-5:00 PM (Social Hall) Benefits 4 th Grade Homework Clinic: 4:00-5:00 PM (Room 501) 2 nd Grade Brownie Girls: Troop #70644 Meeting 6:30-7:30 PM (Cafeteria) Wed. Mar. 26 DeLaSalle Collegiate Vintage Hollywood Glamour Fashion Show 6:00 PM at Penna s Homework Clinic: 4:00-5:00 PM (Room 501) Thu. Mar. 27 Dress Rehearsal Spring Musical Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. at Macomb Music Theatre/Mt. Clemens Preschool T,TH Full Day Class: Parent Help with Student Crucifixes 3 rd Grade Girls: Brownie Meeting 4:00-5:00 PM (Youth Room) Homework Clinic: 4:00-5:00 PM (Room 501) Fri. Mar. 28 Children s Mass Hosted by: 307-1B/Guenther 3 rd 8 th Grades: Chess Club Meeting 8:00-8:45 AM (Cafeteria) Preschool M,W,F AM & PM Class: Parent Help with Student Crucifixes End of 3 rd Marking Period Spring Musical Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. at Macomb Music Theatre/Mt. Clemens Sat. Mar. 29 Spring Musical Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. at Macomb Music Theatre/Mt. Clemens C.R.E. Classroom Updates (con t) Grade 7 We hope everyone enjoyed the On Fire for Life sessions. We are again back to the Visions and Blest Are We curriculum. Reconciliation is scheduled on Tuesday, March 25 th and Monday, March 31 st during class for 7 th and 8 th grades. McRest donations are requested to be dropped off by March 24 and 25 to the Parish office. Seventh grade students are asked to donate snack size bags of chips. Grade 8 The 8 th grade students have been learning about the Rite of Confirmation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The On Fire for Life session earlier this month was a perfect complement to the season of Lent. If you did not attend the first Evening of Reflection session, the second one is coming up April 3 rd. In the coming weeks we will be going to Reconciliation and writing letters to the new pastor asking permission to be confirmed. March seems to be flying by and with it, Lent. Soon it will be Easter. Keep in mind that all projects and papers are due by Easter. Go over the class requirements with your student to see if they are missing any of them. The class service project is to work at a Friday Fish Fry. If additional service projects are needed, the kids may work extra Fridays as well. As for the spiritual growth project, there is no better opportunity than Holy Week. Attendance at any of the services and completion of the spiritual growth form will fulfil that requirement. The Holy Thursday Mass is one of the most underappreciated services of the year; celebrating the Last Supper and ending with the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The youth group presents a very moving portrayal of the Stations of the Cross; and the Good Friday service is steeped in tradition. The Easter Vigil may be long, but is worth every minute, starting after sunset in complete darkness until lit by the Easter candle. Easter is the culmination of our faith and the source of our eternal life. See you in church! Special Needs The students that will be making First Eucharist continue working toward that goal and Confirmation preparation is ongoing as well. We continue to work with our students at their comfort level and use many different resources to help with presenting the lesson. Entrust yourself and those you love to God in prayer before going to sleep. Pray with them if possible, and consider signing the cross on each other s foreheads. PAGE 10

11 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH High School Youth Ministry Jr. High School Youth Ministry UTICA, MICHIGAN Passion Play 2014: Rehearsals: March 23 rd, 30 th, April 6 th 1:30 pm 3:30 pm Dress Rehearsal: April 13 th Play: April 18 th Youth Group: March 16 th and 30 th 7:00 pm 9:00 pm All Youth Group Meetings are held in the Youth Room, Any questions please call Deann at (586) Passion Play Grades 7 th -12 th Once again we will be putting on the Passion Play for our parish. We need your help to make this possible! If you are interested in a part, please fill out this form and bring it with you to Youth Group or drop it at the CRE office. I am interested in being a part of the Passion Play Rehearsals are in March and April. Name: Passion Play 2014: Rehearsals: March 23 rd, 30 th, April 6 th 1:30 pm 3:30 pm Dress Rehearsal: April 13 th Play: April 18 th April 4 th : Youth Group Meeting 7:00 pm 8:30 pm Service Projects? See Service Hours box All Youth Group Meetings are held in the youth room Any questions please call Deann at (586) Are you in need of SERVICE HOURS? Passion Play: Actors needed-no speaking parts Rehearsals: March 23 rd, 30 th and April 6 th 1:30 pm -3:30 pm Dress Rehearsal: April 13 th Play: April 18 th If interested or need more information, please contact Deann at or (586) Usher s Corner Phone Number Questions/Return to: Deann Reusche, Youth Minister CRE Office (586) x244 Please join us for Stations of the Cross Every Friday during Lent at 7:00 pm, in the church Next Usher s Meeting Wednesday, March 26 th at 7:00 pm Room 107 Pro-life Club The St. Lawrence Pro-life Club continues to meet monthly to pray for unborn babies who are in danger of abortion and to learn how the babies are growing in their mothers wombs. Club members are in the 5 th -8 th grades at St. Lawrence School. Please remember to pray daily for your Spiritually Adopted Baby and the baby s mother and father. Daily Prayer: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is danger of abortion. Prayer of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Month 6 I m 6 months old now. I just opened my eyes before today they were sealed shut for protection. I wonder what you look like. I can hear sounds too! It s great to have someone praying for me. PAGE 11

12 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 A Word from the D.R.E. In the year 384, Bishop Cyril preached a series of homilies to his newly baptized parishioners in Jerusalem. With each sermon, he explained parts of the Mass so that the people would grow in their understanding of the Liturgy. As part of our Journey to Joy to feed our hunger for the Lord with prayer, we will reflect on St. Cyril s description of the four short phrases of the Introductory Dialogue before the Eucharistic prayer one phrase per week. This exchange between the priest and people directs our focus to the imminent miracle of consecration: 1. Let us lift up our hearts. 2. We lift them up to the Lord. 3. Let us give thanks to the Lord. 4. It is right and just. Notice that we continue to say the same prayer today! How beautiful are the words of the Mass: #2) Then you answer: We have lifted them up to the Lord. By these words of assent you declare you are at one with him. Now no one should stand there saying with his lips, We have them lifted up to the Lord, while in his mind he is preoccupied with worldly thoughts. We must be mindful of God at all times, but if human weakness makes this impossible we should try especially hard at this time. [Edward Yarnold, SJ. The Awe-Inspiring Rites of Initiation The Origins of the RCIA, (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 1994), 91] Our readings this week have a common theme of flowing water and the outpouring of God s providence as salvation and Spirit. Even when the Israelites complained and lacked focus, God provided water for them. Even while we are still sinners, Jesus forgives us and pours His Spirit upon us. And even when we misunderstand or distrust God s Word, God gives us Jesus as living, flowing water to nourish and sustain us on our journey. In the midst of the details of daily living, we are challenged to lift our hearts to the Lord and focus on prayer our conversation with God. May this Lent be a season of renewal so that we can be truly focused on our Lord and say yes to him! Question of the Week: Where have you found a source of living water for your own journey of faith? Online Resources: 1. Sunday Gospels A Word from the D.R.E. (con t) 2. Partners in Faith slschool/partners%20in% 20Faith.html. Important CRE Dates: Mar. 24/25 CRE Classes Reconciliation Mar. 31/Apr. 1 CRE Classes Reconciliation Apr. 7/8 No Classes Spring Break Apr. 14/15 CRE Classes Apr. 21/22 No Classes Easter Break Apr. 28/29 Make-up 6:30-8:00p Only one session each night Parents/Families attend together. Growing together in faith and wisdom, Lisa Rajnicek (pronounced ray-na-chek ) (586) Enrichment Opportunities Catechists and Parents are invited to attend sessions offered here and around the Archdiocese: (Registration forms available in CRE Office) Wednesdays Echoes of Faith Plus, Lisa Rajnicek Apr. 16 = Scriptures May 7 = Prayer & Spirituality May 21 = I Believe, We Believe Jun. 18 = Liturgy & Sacrament $10 each / 7:00p 9:00p, Youth Rm March 28-29, 2014 Called & Gifted Discover your gifts! $45/ Fri. 7p-9p, Sat. 9a-4p St. Paul, GPFarms Apr. 10, 2014 Theology of the Body Training for Parents Free will / 7:00p-8:30p Holy Name Parish, Birmingham call Nicole to register Apr. 11, 2014 Theology of the Body for Teens Catechist Training $45-$75 / 9:00a-3:00p, Seminary June 16 thru 27, 2014 All 27 Catechist Formation Seminary PAGE 12

13 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH Mustang Roundup Basketball The 7/8 th Grade Varsity Girls #2 ended its season, as the last one standing in our Program, with a hard fought loss to their year-long nemesis, Our Lady of the Lakes #2, 23-20, in the 3 rd Round, Eastside Finals of the CYO Tournament. The teams traded baskets during the first quarter with Lindsey Michol scoring all of her 4 points but when the dust settled, OLL held lead, 5-4. The Mustang defense played hard, keeping the high scoring Lakers off the board. The second quarter did not go well as Lakes was able to outscore the Mustangs 7-2 and take a 12-6 lead at the half. With half a game to go there was no panic and that proved to be true as the team cranked up the pressure. They cut the lead to just 3 entering the fourth quarter, down During the 3 rd quarter Mustang run, Marissa Muglia scored her 4 points and Riley Reese made the first of her two 3 point shots. The final quarter saw many fans on their feet, as Calise Stepp, who finished with 6 points, cut the lead to one point with a basket. The Mustangs were able to take the lead on Reese s second 3 pointer. St. Lawrence quickly stole the ball and attempted another 3 that just missed going in. Unfortunately, the Lakers would not go away, and made a 3 pointer of their own to take a lead. St Lawrence was unable to convert and the Lakers got another 2 point basket for the final 3 point margin. With the Mustangs down 3 and less than a minute on the clock, the team had several good shots, a few of which were blocked by the Lakers. Every girl on the team stepped up their game to compete and the Program was very proud of the way they played and also the way they conducted themselves off the court. Though they were not the actual champs, they played like champions. The team players were Natalie Vollmar, Lindsey Michol, Calise Stepp, Riley Reese, Marissa Muglia, Abbie Johnston, Maria Schudt, Sabrina Mullins and Valentina Giulianelli, coached by Doug Lock and Gary Selasky. Bowling Saturday 3/1, our Varsity started their match with a four point lead over St. Anne s for first place, taking on St. Isaac Jogues. The Mustangs started out losing the Baker Game by four pins. Game two was a very close game as Andrew Rowinski, A.J. Konarzewski and Anthony Marcopoli all bowled over average, but it wasn t enough. The Chargers bowled very well, winning the game by 12 pins. Game 3 saw the Mustangs take off and never lose the lead. There was some fine bowling by John Reichenbach and Rowinski, taking the game by 58 pins, and then totals, which won them 3 points. Combined with St. Anne only taking 2 points, the Mustangs extended their lead for first place to 5 points. Mustang Roundup cont d... UTICA, MICHIGAN Saturday 3/9/14, they needed only 3 points to win the CYO 7 th /8 th Grade Division C Championship. The team responded great, bowling their season best Baker Game - a nice 135. They bowled over average in game 2 and game 3, a great team effort, taking all 7 points and winning Championship. They finished the season with a great record! 3/16, our Mustangs bowled in the CYO 7 th /8 th Grade Bowling Finals against 42 other teams. Our team did well but did not win the Finals. Thank you, John, Sophia, Andrew, Anthony and A.J for a great season! On 3/1, the JV took on St. Anne, needing five points to take over first place. In a very close match, the Eagles took 3 points and the Mustangs 2. Game two went right down to the wire. With the help of Justin Hozeska and David Balanon we won by 17 pins. Game 3 was another tight game right down to the tenth frame. St. Anne got a double from their leadoff man and a couple more marks in the tenth, and our Mustangs could not match them. St. Anne took the game by 23 pins and totals by 6 pins, extending their lead to 4 points over the Mustangs in the standings. 3/9, our Mustangs bowled St. Thecla, who took 12 of a possible 15 points from the Mustangs throughout the season. With first place still a possibility our Mustangs, led by Balanon, won game 2 easily. We never trailed. Then with solid bowling from Giovanni Polsinelli, Hozeska and Noah Jusko, the Mustangs again never trailed, winning game 3 easily. When St. Anne lost their game 2, it gave the Mustangs hope until an Eagle win in their last game of the season gave them the Division wins by 2 points. The Mustangs record was for the season. A very exciting season came to an end. Thank you Justin, Noah, David and Giovanni for a great season! Coach Bill Costie wanted to thank the parents for getting the kids to practice, especially on those very nasty days, and to getting them to the games on time. He wanted to acknowledge our lone 8 th Grader, John Reichenbach, who will be moving on to Bishop Foley next year. It was a pleasure having John on the team the last four years and he will be missed! Hopefully the eight remaining bowlers will return next season and again, congratulations on a great season. You all made St. Lawrence proud. Spring Sports Registration needs Although registration for our Spring CYO Sports are over, Athletics is still accepting late inquiries for 5/6 Grade Baseball, and 7/8 th Grade Girls Softball. Only a few slots remain open, so positions will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Please contact the CYO Athletic Director, Greg Mangold at for further information. PAGE 13

14 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 ST. LAWRENCE CEMETERY IS PLANNING ITS ANNUAL SPRING CLEAN UP FOR SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2014 WEATHER PERMITTING IF YOU ARE MIDDLE OR HIGH SCHOOL STU- DENT LOOKING FOR SERVICE HOURS, PLEASE KEEP THIS DATE IN MIND! WE WILL CONTINUE TO KEEP YOU POSTED If you have questions, please contact Paul Rybicki in the Parish Office (586) or Past Monthly Challenges February Pray for the person who is the most difficult or distant to you each day. January Give the first 10 minutes of each day to God. December Evaluating the presence of religious symbols in our home. November Praying before all meals (including eating out). Fast and Abstinence Obligations Good Friday is a day of fast and abstinence. The Fridays of Lent are days of abstinence. The law of fasting (one full meal and two lighter meals) applies to persons who have completed their 18 th year to the start of their 60 th year. The law of abstinence (forbidding the eating of meat) applies to persons from the completion of their 14 th year throughout their life. Widowed Friends Wednesday, April 9th at 5:30 pm San Marino Club, 1685 East Big Beaver Rd., Troy Regina Mothers Guild presents FASHION AROUND THE WORLD Ticket donation: $55/person (\ (Reservations required by April 2nd) For additional information, please contact: Nancy Bono or Regina High School / Sunday, April 6th Movie/Dinner Club Join Widowed Friends for movie/dinner club each month on the 3rd Sunday (April 6th this month due to Easter). Meet at the Rochester Emagine Theatre, 200 Barclay Circle, Rochester Hills at 1:45 pm. Movie to be determined. Matinee prices/senior discounts available. Dinner to immediately follow at Olive Garden, order off the menu, separate checks provided. Please RSVP to Angie at or so reservations can be made at the restaurant and for more information. In the service of Christ, Sandy Peckens PAGE 14

15 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH Olive Oil Sale Olive Oil Sale St. Lawrence Social Hall Saturday, March 22 nd and Sunday March 23 rd Following all Masses CELEBRANT: FR. ERIC FEDEWA DATE & TIME: THURSDAY MARCH 27, 2014 UTICA, MICHIGAN MASS WITH HEALING PRAYER Proceeds benefit Palestinian farmers Sponsored by the Holy Land Committee Fraternal Benefits Night Open to All - Free Dinner Thursday, March 27, 2014 The Knights of Columbus of St. Lawrence, St. Kieran and St. Therese of Lisieux are sponsoring a Fraternal Benefits Night on Thursday March 27, 2014 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will be held at the St. Lawrence Knights of Columbus Hall, Utica Rd., Utica MI Doors open at 6:45 p.m. and the hall is located next to St. Lawrence Parish. Reconciliation (Fr. Eric) 5:30 6:30 pm Praise & Worship 6:30 pm Led By: Chris & Mike Duffy Mass Begins 7:00 pm LOCATION: AFTER MASS: For Information, contact: ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH Healing Prayer Teams Jim/Shirley Brodi (586) Mary Sackey (586) Kathleen Wesley (586) This event is open to everyone in the community along with current members and their wives. Featured speakers will be Attorney Charles Regan Shaw, who will conduct a presentation on Wills, Trusts, and Probate Law. Don Wesley, FICF, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Insurance General Agent, will provide a presentation outlining the programs and fraternal benefits for members and their families. Supreme Council Insurance Field Agent, Dale G. Jacks, FIC, will be available to answer questions. Each of the Councils Grand Knights will present the activities and programs conducted by their own councils. A FREE DINNER IS PROVIDED ALONG WITH BEVERAGES! The Knights of Columbus is an international Catholic family fraternal service organization with more than 1.8 million Catholic families in more than 14,300 local councils. Last year, the Knights donated more than 70 million volunteer hours and more than $155 million sponsoring benevolent and charitable projects to benefit their Church, their communities, their families, their councils, the culture of life and young people. ALL ARE INVITED TO ATTEND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER! If possible, please let us know if you are attending by RSVP to Joe Lograsso by or phone Stephen Ministry Stephen Ministers Are Ready to Care! The winter weather we ve had recently can be symbolic of what may sometimes happen in life. A Crisis hits, and we feel like we re buried beneath a drift of snow. Relationships can become icy, or we can feel frozen by life circumstances. Little difficulties build up like slush, making us slip and slide, causing every decision to seem treacherous. Life seems dreary, and we begin to doubt that spring will ever come. We can wonder, Is God even there? Stephen Ministers are trained to provide confidential Christian care, giving you the emotional and spiritual support yu need to make it through a winter in your life. To learn more about how a Stephen Minister can help you or someone you know, contact one of our Stephen Ministry Leaders at Our Stephen Ministers are ready to care for you. PAGE 15

16 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT MARCH 23, 2014 You are cordially invited to attend School House Rock Live, Jr. Presented by the St. Lawrence School Drama Club Friday, March 28th and Saturday, March 29th at 7:00 PM Macomb Music Theatre 31 N Walnut St, Mt Clemens, MI Don t miss our school musical, Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. It will be a terrific show, and we know that you will have a far-out and amazing adventure, and you might even learn something along the way! We have a super-talented cast of performers! Tickets for both shows will go on sale starting the week of March 17th: (Deadline for pre-sales is Tuesday, March 25th) Tickets will be delivered Thursday, March 27 th during school, and if not picked up, will be held at the door. Please come and support the Drama Club, as we continue to expand. Performances are Friday and Saturday, March 28th and 29th, both starting at 7:00 PM., and will be held at the Macomb Music Theatre in Mt. Clemens. There is ample parking behind the theater, which is free after 6 p.m. There is also street parking in front of the theater and throughout downtown Mt. Clemens. Just make sure to check the signs for meter enforcement times. Please feel free to use the order form below for pre-sale tickets, discounts listed below, or you may purchase tickets at the door for the following prices: Children 3 and under (FREE) Students aged Pre-K to 8th grade $5 Adults $8 Ticket Order Form Pre-sale tickets (Due by Tuesday, March 25 th ): Children 3 and under (FREE) Students aged Pre-K to 8th grade $3 Adults $5 Family pack: 2 adults, and up to 3 children ($4 discount pre-sale, $16 discount from door price the day of the show) $15 A check made out to St. Lawrence School or cash accepted please bring this form with payment in a sealed envelope (attention Mrs. Walz) with either Friday or Saturday Musical Tickets written clearly on the envelope. Student Name Grade Homeroom Teacher Quantity Family $15 each pack = (2 adults, up to 3 children) Quantity PreK-8 th each = Quantity each = Total amount enclosed: PAGE 16

17 ST. LAWRENCE CHURCH Pray for Our Sick UTICA, MICHIGAN Jesus, you are God s Gift of healing Love. While on earth, you healed the sick who came for help. We believe that you continue to heal the sick today. Heal all those for whom we pray, especially on our sick list. Amen. If you would like to add someone to the sick list you may call the parish office or your request to Shirley Adams Bob Agius Mary Agius Ann Marie Badke John Bazydlo James Beaton Mary Belanger Susan Belcher Ruth Blasen Tina Bogel Kathleen Borovsky Lorna Brock Samantha Burleigh Charles Carmen Salvatore Ciaramitaro Sophia Clark Joseph Costa Lillian Costa Lenna Cox Gladys Cristofaro Jo Davis Stephen DeChambeau Mary DeKane Michelle DeSchryver Anthony Detroyer MaryAnn DiMusto Bridgette Angie Drader Bozena Dudek Dick Duncan Edward Dziewit Beverly Finn George Finn Carl Forton Donna Frost Ethan Gehrke Bernard Buz Hagen Robert Hinkle David Hirt Frances Hirt Andy Hojnacki Louis Horvath Rosalie Imrick Mary Infantino Sandy Johnson Larry Jordan Nancy Karus Sadie Kolodziej Dick Kolpasky Dorothy Kosciolek Susan Kraus David Kruger Linda Kruger Ron Kruk Maria Krull Jo Kudela Jim Langeveld Theresa Learnihan Mark Leonard Allen Lippard Michelle Locher Pete Lodico Sam Lodico Patricia Lowry Lucas family Becky Lyzen Matthew Lyzen George Magulak, Jr. Larry Marquardt Steve Marshall Orton Melchoir Lorraine Metz Mark Mielke Paul Morin Shirley Morin Sonya Mukhtar Stephen Murzen Betty Paquette Nancy Pariseau John Peake Pray for Those Serving in the Military Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen. Benjamin Perrell Rosemary Plourde Ron Pomaski Joyce Radulski Robert Radulski Bev Ray Debbie Redding Dan Salk Elaine Salk Kent Schoenbach Frank Settecerri Geri Skonieczny Donald Szlezyngier Cindy Thompson Helen Tripiano Debbie Ullman Peter Vardich Lexi Ward Jason Warner Michaeleen Weglarz Lawrence Wells Jake Williams John Wisniewski Diane Zalewski Gladys Zbanski Betty Zittritsch John Adrian - ANG SPC Melissa Alston - Army Col. Mary Augustitus-Blair - Marines Dominic Barone - Army Christopher Bauslaugh - Army Nicole Bauslaugh - Army Sgt. Marcus Bawel - Marines SPC Matthew Bazydlo - Army Patrick Becerra - Army Nathan Blight Army Sgt. Evan Bogart - Army Nicholas Boris - Navy 1st Class Petty Officer Tom Bremer- Navy Sgt. Jerry Bushaey - Army Major Vincent Cipriano - Army Michael Colonna, Jr. - Navy Jordan Darraugh - Navy Matthew Gaiownik - Marines PFC Justin Gleba - Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Goodwin - USAF LC Arlon Gregg - Marines 2nd Lt. Garrett Haas-Army Major Shawn Hagan - USAF Capt. Dr. Scott Iler Hagedorn - USAF Major Jim Hensien - Marines Pvt. Jason Hyry - Army Patrick Jors - Navy Christopher King - USAF Kenneth King - Navy Kristina King - USAF Lt. Col. Timothy Knoth - Army Paul Koss-Marines Capt. Edward Kotulski - Marines Robert Kwiecinski - Army Lt. Col. Bill LaPratt - Marines Liturgical Ministers Schedule Lt. Col. Timothy Lemley - Army Eric McDougall - Marines PFC Cory Marchioni Army Jeff Monterosso - Army LCPL Aaron Murphy - Marines 1st Lt. Steven Pickett - Marines SA Joseph Pugliese - Navy Capt. Brett Reichert Army Major James Rossi - ANG 2nd Lt. Joseph Sattler-Army 1st Lt. Anthony Sierawski-USMC Nicholas Solomon - Army Sgt. Andrew Stapels - Marines Brandon Trees - USAF Nichole Whitt - Navy Katy Wolfsberger - Navy Presider schedule subject to change Date/Time Presider Altar Server Lectors Saturday, March 29, :30 pm Fr. Sal Allison Poth Peyton Weingartz Bryce Berriman John Reichenbach Tom Gianfermi Mary Jo Szlaga Sunday, March 30, :00 am Fr. Sal Brendan Gumbel David Imrick, Jr Sean Ryan Erin Hallman Angela Donegan Mary Trimbell Sunday, March 30, :00 am Msgr. John Hall Marissa Romund Carlo LoChirco Nick Sierawski Dominic Balice Michael Coraci Gary Graham Sunday, March 30, :00 noon Msgr. John Hall Jade Ruskus Tricia Carreon Veronica Bugayong Marcelina Powalka Cheri Dwyer Julie Brzezinski PAGE 17

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Our Lady Queen of Peace Our Lady Queen of Peace 4696 Notre Dame Lane, House Springs, Mo 63051 636-671-3062 July 5, 2015 PASTOR Reverend Michael Murphy ASSOCIATES Reverend James Beighlie, C.M. Reverend Donald

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Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello. Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein. Faith Formation... Linda Doyle

Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello. Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein. Faith Formation... Linda Doyle Catholic Church Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein Senior Priest in Residence...... Reverend Monsignor Gregory L. Schmidt Deacons... Deacon Joseph

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The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Seminarian Service in the Summer

The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Seminarian Service in the Summer The CatholicWitness The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg July 18, 2014 Vol 48 No. 14 Seminarian Service in the Summer EMILY M. ALBERT, THE CATHOLIC WITNESS Seminarian Bennett Smith takes time during

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St. Matthew Catholic Church Ministry Leader Handbook

St. Matthew Catholic Church Ministry Leader Handbook St. Matthew Catholic Church Ministry Leader Handbook Connected in Christ! Moved by the Spirit! St. Matthew Catholic Church Mission The Eucharistic Catholic community of St. Matthew loves Christ above all

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Florida Catholic I N S I D E THIS ISSUE. Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation

Florida Catholic I N S I D E THIS ISSUE. Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation Florida Catholic The Orlando Edition Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation Martinez now serves at Mother CASSELBERRY of Good Counsel Parish in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Father Jim Mar tinez,

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scissors and more. It s neat to see how proud the children are with their backpack, said Father Fred Ruse of the Orlando Diocese.

scissors and more. It s neat to see how proud the children are with their backpack, said Father Fred Ruse of the Orlando Diocese. FloridaCatholic WWW.THEFLORIDACATHOLIC.ORG Your Faith. Your LiFe. Your CommunitY. Play ball! Spring training has Catholic side DEnIsE O TOOLE KELLY of the Florida Catholic staff With the spring training

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VICTORY. 8How You Can Help 9Introducing the new. Also inside: Cover Story: The Second Generation. connecting Word of Life Bible Institute alumni

VICTORY. 8How You Can Help 9Introducing the new. Also inside: Cover Story: The Second Generation. connecting Word of Life Bible Institute alumni connecting Word of Life Bible Institute alumni VICTORY Issue 6, Spring 2013 Cover Story: The Second Generation Also inside: 8How You Can Help 9Introducing the new alumni director, Mike Bush A Message from

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The Messenger. October 2014

The Messenger. October 2014 CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH, FILEY S Page 1 The Messenger October 2014 Greetings, In the evening quails came up and covered the camp; and in the morning there was a layer of dew around the camp. When the layer

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GUIDELINES. youth ministries. Ministries for, by, and with Youth. Susan Hay General Board of Discipleship

GUIDELINES. youth ministries. Ministries for, by, and with Youth. Susan Hay General Board of Discipleship GUIDELINES youth ministries Ministries for, by, and with Youth Susan Hay General Board of Discipleship YOUTH MINISTRIES Copyright 2008 by Cokesbury All rights reserved. United Methodist churches and other

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Knowing GOD. The Good and Beautiful. by Matthew Johnson

Knowing GOD. The Good and Beautiful. by Matthew Johnson A p p r e n t i c e S e r i e s C u r r i c u l u m Knowing The Good and Beautiful GOD L e a d e r G u i d e by Matthew Johnson TABLE OF CONTENTS Instructions...2 Study Schedule...2 Opening Retreat...3

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Two Feet of Love. The. Session for Teens. Two distinct but complementary ways we can respond to the call to put love in action

Two Feet of Love. The. Session for Teens. Two distinct but complementary ways we can respond to the call to put love in action The Two Feet of Love Session for Teens Two distinct but complementary ways we can respond to the call to put love in action Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development United States Conference of

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Getting to Know Father Hammond

Getting to Know Father Hammond Christ The King Church, Nashville, Tennessee Volume 16, Issue 3, Fall 2014 Getting to Know Father Hammond By Joan Rotert B y now Fr. John Hammond is a familiar smiling face to all who call Christ the King

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Text Copyright 2011, 2006, 2005 by Harvest Ministries. All rights reserved.

Text Copyright 2011, 2006, 2005 by Harvest Ministries. All rights reserved. START! to Follow START! to Follow Text Copyright 2011, 2006, 2005 by Harvest Ministries. All rights reserved. Design and Typesetting: Harvest Design Copywriting: Leah Case Copyediting: Harvest Publications

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Saint Henry Families Among the Hardest Hit in Nashville

Saint Henry Families Among the Hardest Hit in Nashville NEWS FROM THE SAINT HENRY SCHOOL COMMUNITY SUMMER 2010 Saint Henry Families Among the Hardest Hit in Nashville by: Debbie Butner Confusion and disbelief rocked the Saint Henry School Family on Sunday,

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The pages of this devotional are formatted for double-sided printing in Landscape mode on standard 8.5x11 paper.

The pages of this devotional are formatted for double-sided printing in Landscape mode on standard 8.5x11 paper. This Lenten Devotional is provided for your personal use in preparing your heart to understand God s calling for you to reach out with His Good News to those He sends to you. You are invited to print and

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Looking Back Over 2010 Focuses On What Holds The Community Together

Looking Back Over 2010 Focuses On What Holds The Community Together Susquehanna String Band To Perform This Friday Page 3 Winners Are Announced In Holiday Contests Page 2 Downloadable Books Available At Local Libraries Page 5 Friends of the Libraries to Show March of the

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Released on September 8 th, 2007 Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Released on September 8 th, 2007 Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Released on September 8 th, 2007 Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Thy Kingdom Come is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that was created to enlighten society on certain truths of the Catholic

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OUTREACH. Jim Riley. Welcome

OUTREACH. Jim Riley. Welcome Fall 2005 OUTREACH A SEASONAL P UBLICATION OF Jim Riley OUTREACH,Inc. Key JRO programs: Men s and Women s Support Groups Substance Abuse Counseling Services For Individuals and Families Collaboration With

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Becoming the Story we Tell: renewing our engagement with Christ crucified and risen

Becoming the Story we Tell: renewing our engagement with Christ crucified and risen Becoming the Story we Tell: renewing our engagement with Christ crucified and risen Introduction Directory of Resources The Primate s Proposal: Why Now? T H E P R I M A T E S P R O P O S A L 2 0 1 4 Introduction

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The magazine for all the Ealing Trinity Circuit.

The magazine for all the Ealing Trinity Circuit. No 62 December 2012 February 2013 The magazine for all the Ealing Trinity Circuit. Page From the Superintendent 3 From the Circuit Meeting 5 Hanwell Ceilidh goes with a Swing, Ray Garnet, Hanwell 6 Ealing

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Shiloh Lutheran Church Newsletter

Shiloh Lutheran Church Newsletter Shiloh Lutheran Church Newsletter July/August 2010 Wedding Bans Heather Workinger and Jason Smith announce their marriage on Saturday, July 31st. Please hold them in your prayers as God richly blesses

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GAZINE FOR LOUISBURG COLLEGE COLUMNS THE MAGAZINE FOR LOUISBURG COLLEGE ALUMNI & FRIENDS WINTER 2011 The Pathway to Education 224 Years and Counting... DONOR HONOR ROLL Inside Admissions Counselor Katie Price does her best to focus

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LIGHT. on the WORLD. ...confronting darkness with. A publication of the Global Ministries Commission of the EC Church window

LIGHT. on the WORLD. ...confronting darkness with. A publication of the Global Ministries Commission of the EC Church window A publication of the Global Ministries Commission of the EC Church window on the WORLD...confronting darkness with LIGHT Fall 2014 Volume 26 Number 2 Contents 3 Thy Kingdom Come 4 Carrying the Good News

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July Flood Damage Tops $100,000

July Flood Damage Tops $100,000 A Monthly Community Publication Volume III, Issue 8 August, 2013 July Flood Damage Tops $100,000 Torrential rains in early July caused flooding damage to Walpole roads in excess of $100,000. There was

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Gettysburg Presbyterian Church G R A P E V I N E. The Pastor s Page

Gettysburg Presbyterian Church G R A P E V I N E. The Pastor s Page Gettysburg Presbyterian Church G R A P E V I N E The Pastor s Page June 25, 2014 The week after Easter I received a troubling letter from a visitor who had attended an Easter service here. She was expecting

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George El Khoury The Banker of God

George El Khoury The Banker of God George El Khoury The Banker of God - Two medals of honor from the Republic Of France. - Founder and Chief Executive of Two banks in London. - Founder and Chief Executive of a bank in Bahrain. - Founder

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I would like the people of heaven in my house...saint Brigid. 75 Post Avenue v Westbury v NY v 11590 v516.334.0021

I would like the people of heaven in my house...saint Brigid. 75 Post Avenue v Westbury v NY v 11590 v516.334.0021 Saint Brigid I would like the people of heaven in my house....saint Brigid The Parish Family of Welcome! Bienvenidos Byenveni Benvenuto Failte Mabuhay s September 21, 2014 ~ Our parish church is open Monday

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Catholic Maritime News Summer 2014 Volume 76

Catholic Maritime News Summer 2014 Volume 76 Catholic Maritime News Summer 2014 Volume 76 Maritime Education and Training" Selected as World Maritime Day Theme for 2015 Press Briefing - International Maritime Organization (IMO) - Reprinted with permission

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Disciples Called to Witness

Disciples Called to Witness Disciples Called to Witness The New Evangelization Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis United states conference of catholic bishops Disciples Called to Witness The New Evangelization Committee on

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Where Hands Will Reach. Devotions, Stories, Reflections. Lutherans Speak Out Against Bullying

Where Hands Will Reach. Devotions, Stories, Reflections. Lutherans Speak Out Against Bullying Where Hands Will Reach Devotions, Stories, Reflections Lutherans Speak Out Against Bullying 1 2 Contents Where Hands Will Reach...2 Devotion on Galatians 3:26-28...3 Freed in Christ to Serve...4 Devotion

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