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1 Cars I Have Loved Sydney on Wheels Disabled Detectives Second Chance Rehab life beyond wheels APR 2015 $4

2 DISCOVER THE Disabled Marine veteran Jesse Robinson frolics with his children, Delilah and Alex, by the San Diego bay. Award-Winning Mobility Wijits are the fast, fun, easy-to-use lever-drive & braking system that attach to your wheelchair and let you stop safer, turn sharper, climb higher, and go further than you can in a standard push-rim wheelchair; without the sore shoulders, torn gloves, or dirty hands that are endemic to push-rim use. Covered by the VA and most public and private insurance, Wijits are as adept at making your home more accessible as they are at making the world more available. With Wijits, you can use one wheelchair to get exercise, traverse your campus or workplace, and deftly maneuver within your home. (800)

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5 CONTENTS VOLUME 26 NUMBER 259 April 2015 life beyond wheels FEATURES 14 ROLLING DOWN UNDER Sydney, Australia, lives up to its reputation as one of the most accessible vacation destinations in the world. BY CORY LEE 19 DETECTIVES REAL AND FICTIONAL Two unmatched stories: a profile of a real quad cold case detective; an analysis of a fictional quad sleuth. BY IAN RUDER AND ALLEN RUCKER 45 THE CARS IN MY LIFE A love affair with cars is really a love affair with independence, according to DAVID DOWLING, who gives tribute to the vehicles that opened up his world. COVER STORY SECOND CHANCE REHAB 28 Rehab following spinal cord injury changed dramatically in the last decade. Already-short stays got shorter as insurance companies became stingier. The good news is that more opportunities for some degree of recovery are becoming available in the fields of exercise therapy, robotics, and electro-stimulation. IAN RUDER reports on second chance rehab from the gym; RICHARD HOLICKY searches out the latest in robotics; and TIM GILMER looks to the future and emerging e-stim technology. Cover and Contents Photos by Matt Wong DEPARTMENTS 4 BULLY PULPIT 5 CONTRIBUTORS 6 LETTERS 8 NEWS 10 EVERYDAY ADVOCACY 12 SCI LIFE 13 EAT WELL, LIVE WELL 39 UNITED SPINAL NEWS 49 MOTORVATION 52 RAISING A RUCKUS 55 CLASSIFIEDS 56 CRIP BUZZ

6 BULLY PULPIT life beyond wheels APRIL 2015 NEW MOBILITY IS THE MONTHLY MAGAZINE OF PRESIDENT & CEO: JOE GASKINS VICE PRESIDENT OF PUBLICATIONS: JEAN DOBBS EDITORIAL EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: JEAN DOBBS EDITOR: TIM GILMER MANAGING EDITOR: JOSIE BYZEK SENIOR EDITOR: IAN RUDER SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: BOB VOGEL EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS: viduals with spinal cord disabilities CUSTOMER SERVICE Toll-free 800/ , ext ADVERTISING SALES 718/ NATIONAL SALES MANAGER: MEGAN LEE, EXT AD MATERIALS: DEANNA FIKE, EXT PRODUCTION PRODUCTION MANAGER: DEANNA FIKE CIRCULATION CIRCULATION MANAGER: BEVERLY SMITH CIRCULATION COORDINATOR: MARIA KURTZ POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New Mobility, Queens Blvd, #320, Kew Gardens NY Subscription rates: $27.95/year; $35.95/year in Canada; $67.95/year international via airmail. New Mobility (ISSN ), Volume 26, Issue 259, is published monthly by United Spinal Association. Copyright 2015, all rights reserved. Reproduction without permission of any material contained herein is strictly prohibited. We welcome comments; we reserve the right to edit submissions. Periodicals postage paid at Flushing, NY and additional mailing offices. 4 NEW MOBILITY Elevator Tales 1965: After my SCI, I returned to UCLA to continue my education, which I soon discovered was not as easy as it used to be. Most older buildings had no elevators, and those that did were not meant for humans. At one building I had to wheel down a perilously steep loading ramp, open a 100-pound door, wheel down a dank hallway and take a freight elevator to my third floor class where a longhaired professor whacked out on LSD recited poetry. 1975: I got a minimum wage job with my bachelor s degree shelving books in the children s section of a library, a brick building with another steep descending loading ramp. In the basement was a tiny freight elevator next to a musty bathroom that was packed with ancient books in boxes. I squeezed into the elevator to go upstairs, always alone. Some days I took the creaky elevator down to the bathroom to do my business, always worried it would stall midway down. Once there, though, I had plenty of reading material. 1985: My wife and I drove into Portland to see The Nutcracker Suite. The old concert hall actually had a decent elevator. We were told it went to the best seats in the house. Pleased, we rode in silence to the upper floor and were immediately met with steps in every direction. The usher courteously brought a chair for my wife, and the two of us sat next to the elevator, craning our necks to see around the corner all night long. 1995: Party time. The ADA was on the books! We drove into Portland for a Bonnie Raitt concert at a hip venue. I was wheeled into the bowels of an old warehouse. 1995: Party time. The ADA was on the books! We drove into Portland for a Bonnie Raitt concert at a hip venue. The freight elevator was big enough for Steinway s grandest grand piano. When the doors clanked shut, the echo resounded throughout the metallic reaches of the warehouse. We disembarked upstairs and found ourselves backstage the old stage. The new stage was at the far end of the building. Room-to-room people. If only we had binoculars. 2005: I had plans to meet my wife at a church where a friend s memorial service was being held. I came late, the upper parking lot was packed, so I drove down to the lot below the church to park, thinking there would be an elevator to the sanctuary. No soap. I had no choice but to wheel up a steep hill. Halfway up, the pains in my chest began. At the top of the hill, flushed, sweating, out of breath, I met my wife. She looked alarmed, and for good reason. A day later I had open heart surgery. 2015: Out to dinner to celebrate my 70th birthday, we took the elevator from the parking garage in search of the swank restaurant. The doors slid open to massive stairs. Where was the restaurant? An exit led to a downstairs street-level entrance. A busboy escorted us to a you guessed it, freight elevator. After our meal, the elevator doors wouldn t open. Sorry, said the apologetic manager, the elevator shuts down after 6 p.m. Tim Gilmer

7 CONTRIBUTORS life beyond wheels APRIL 2015 Cory Lee describes himself as a 25-year-old travel addict and recent college graduate who happens to be in a wheelchair. At the age of 2 he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, but it has in no way decreased his desire to explore the world. He started a travel website as a way to motivate other wheelchair users to roll out of their comfort zone and see the beauty the world has to offer. For more on his travels, go to A polio survivor and active wheelchair user for more than 60 years, David Dowling retired after a 40-year career in emergency communications with the San Bernardino County Fire Department in California. He passed away in Besides being a car lover who traveled extensively, he held a general class amateur radio license, was a former musician, model train and weather enthusiast, and a freelance writer in his later years. He lived in Highland, Calif., with his wife Cathy, their three dogs and 30 tropical birds. Reggie Bennett is an award-winning professional body builder and an advocate for individuals with disabilities. He is the founder and executive director of Rebuilding All Goals Efficiently, which now serves as the Las Vegas Chapter of United Spinal Association. RAGE is committed to mentoring and assisting the senior and/or disabled consumer to achieve a higher quality of life by empowering them to judge, direct, and manage the services they need. FEATURED PARTNER New Mobility looks to Jennifer French, executive director of Neurotech Network, to update us on the latest neurotechnology. She is a C6-7 incomplete quad and the first woman to receive the implanted Stand and Transfer system, as well as a Paralympian medalist in sailing. Read her story in On My Feet Again: My Journey out of the Wheelchair Using Neurotechnology. She also recently coauthored Bionic Pioneers (, 10 stories of people with neurological disabilities who participated in a clinical trial or became a recipient of a newly-approved neurotech device. CONTRIBUTING EDITORS MICHAEL COLLINS MIKE ERVIN ROXANNE FURLONG RICHARD HOLICKY PRISCILLA MALTBIE ALLEN RUCKER ROBERT SAMUELS ERIC STAMPFLI ELLEN STOHL BOB VOGEL LOREN WORTHINGTON COMMUNITY PARTNERS KIM ANDERSON CHRISTIAAN OTTER BAILEY MARTY BALL FINN BULLERS TIFFINY CARLSON LAWRENCE CARTER-LONG RORY COOPER JASON DASILVA DEBORAH DAVIS TOBIAS FORREST JENNIFER FRENCH ALLISON CAMERON GRAY MINNA HONG MARK JOHNSON GARY KARP NANCY BECKER KENNEDY BRITTANY MARTIN LINDA MASTANDREA LYNN MURRAY ASHLEY LYN OLSON SCOTT RAINS TEAL SHERER MITCH TEPPER REVECA TORRES ANTHONY TUSLER KARY WRIGHT APRIL

8 making travel easy for individuals with spinal cord disabilities FEB 2015 $4 A Barrier-Free Wound Care Clinic Adventures on Wheels LETTERS life beyond wheels Marriage, I learned, is compromising and facing challenges. Sex, Wheels & Relationships: To the Altar and Beyond A Person s True Value Thanks for the reminder of what a person s value is based on and what loving someone really means [ Second Chance, Feb. 2015]. I was married for three years and had two children when I hit a tree in 1975, resulting in a complete C7 injury and also a closed head injury. Marriage, I learned, is compromising and facing challenges. In December we will celebrate our 43rd anniversary. David Collins Montgomery, Maryland Life-Changing Article I received my copy of the February issue today, and it has by far been the most important piece of writing I ve read in a long time [ Sex, Women, and SCI ]. I m a 20-year-old female with a SCI since I was 7, and I have recently begun facing the idea of sex in my life. I have been very discouraged about the idea, so it was quite overwhelming to read this article so reassuring to read that I could actually have fulfilling sexual experiences, and to find out that there are resources out there I can look to for more information, that I started crying. I cannot put into words how much you have helped me. Samantha Clonch Sandusky, Ohio Inspiring: Caring Staff I was born with spina bifida and recently have developed a sore on the bottom of my foot wound care, IV antibiotics, soon to start hyperbaric therapy (bone is infected). Loved this article [ Accessible Wound Care from the Inside Out, Feb. 2015]. It is so inspiring to hear about the great care Encompass HealthCare Wound Medicine gives their patients. Sheila L via On Wound Care I highly recommend a silicone foam product called MEPILEX and MEPILEX LITE for skin protection. It s breathable and doesn t cause irritation or skin breakdown due to application of adhesive dressings. Please understand that I m not addressing the problem of how to heal anything, just how to protect broken or thin skin. I use MEPILEX LITE on the thin skin on my ankles, under my compression stockings [to prevent breakdown]. JB Abajian via What a Journey! Perseverance? Oh my!... and this is an accounting of the last half of their trek [ Journey to the End of the World, Feb. 2015]. Molly Sacco Hale via Married to the Chair [Feb. 2015] Thanks for the smiles, Steve Christians. Mary Ann Berger May Our laugh for the day. Sally Parker I am going to Photoshop my face on the cartoon and post it on my Facebook page because I roll my chair in the street all the time. Lawrence Dilworth [Great idea, Lawrence! We did it for you!] One Very Funny Man I m very late with this comment, but I only just got to read the November 2014 issue, and I just wanted to write and say what a great piece of writing the Worst of Smart Ass Cripple was! I haven t laughed like that in a long time. This kind of writing is great for all audiences, and I think it would be quite (slyly) educational for nondisabled people as well. I truly think this is some of the best and funniest writing concerning disability I have ever read. Thanks to Mike Ervin for great laughs and smart entertainment we could all use more of that! Johanna Sonomo County, California I Want This Product! One viewing of this remarkable product [TEK Robotic Mobilization device, is all I needed to convince myself that I could have the life I thought I had lost forever. It addresses every single issue that I live with daily and that no one else can understand, especially the amount of energy I have to expend just to get up in the morning. Of course, I have to keep reaching for the stars because I live in the United States of America, where the FDA is so concerned for my well-being that they find it necessary to hold this miracle just out of reach because of some infinitesimal excuse for my own good, of course. This is nothing new in my experience, because most things I have found that do my MS any good at all have required trips abroad. Although the TEK device is outrageously expensive [$18,000], I would sell everything I have (except my progeny) and borrow the rest to regain independence of this magnitude. Carol Rosenthal San Antonio, Texas 6 NEW MOBILITY

9 THE BEST KEPT SECRET K NOW MORE. The best mobility conversion van that few people think of has been the ElDorado Amerivan, but all that s history. In collaboration with our parent company, ASV, the future for ElDorado Mobility is bright with new innovation, technology and products, all the while staying centered on those who matter most: our customers, their caregivers and the dealers who serve them. THE SECRET IS OUT. VISIT US AT THE NEW YORK METRO ABILITIES EXPO, MAY 1-3 AT BOOTH 623 OR CALL AND LEARN WHERE THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY IS HEADING.

10 NEWS By Mark J. Boatman Manhattanites Gripe Accessible Bridge Will Block View Residents on Manhattan s wealthy Upper East Side are complaining about city plans to build a wheelchair-accessible pedestrian bridge this spring at East 81st Street along the East River. They say it will ruin their expensive river views. In December, Manhattan s community board approved a nonbinding resolution to move the pedestrian bridge a block away, where the view wouldn t be obstructed but wheelchair users who would have to cross in front of a busy parking garage. The view of the river, which I m paying a lot for, would literally become just a fence and the bridge, said a man who would only give his first name, Paul, to the New York Post. It s not fair for the people who made a large investment to live where we do. But disability advocates say the bridge won t have the negative impact the community board fears. The views we are talking about are from a couple of lower floors, not the entire building, and the impact on most tenants is negligible, says James Weisman, general counsel for the United Spinal Association. I think that the City of New York and the Community Board should be promoting Mayor Bill de Blasio s Vision Zero plan with safe ways to get around for everyone, rather than bowing to the whims of a few wealthy property owners, says Susan Dooha, executive director of the Center for Independence of the Disabled, N.Y. A decision to move the bridge wouldn t make sense in light of that vision. A rendering of the controversial pedestrian bridge. The city s Department of Design and Construction will break ground this spring on the bridge project at a cost of $12 million. The project replaces a staircase at 81st Street that leads from a walkway above FDR Drive to the East River. People in the News: Shannon DeVido Comedian Shannon DeVido s star has been on the rise since a February appearance on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and landing a role on the upcoming Hulu original series Difficult People, produced by Amy Poehler. Joining the cast of Difficult People has been the biggest break in DeVido s career. It s a really cool opportunity and I m very grateful that they did think outside the box, says DeVido, who has spinal muscular atrophy. In Difficult People, DeVido, 32, plays a strange hipster storyteller who is made fun of by series co-stars Juile Klausner and Billy Eichner. Filming for the series is underway, but Hulu hasn t yet set a premiere date. DeVido grew up in Holland, Pa., and attended Middle Tennessee State in Nashville. During college, she played Yenta in the production of Fiddler on the Roof. I got to be the really funny character who was the comic relief in a very dramatic show, she says. DeVido enjoyed the comedic role and it led her to join the Philadelphia-based improv group, King Friday, five years ago. The group disbanded in She also performs with the improve groups Wussy Riot, Hell on Wheels and Axis of Evil. Improv acting is a passion for DeVido. I love doing improv mainly because I get to do it with other people who make me better and make me excited to be on stage, she says. The camaraderie of being around other comics sparks DeVido s creativity. These people I get to play with on a regular basis are so brilliant and so funny and make me want to be funnier, she says. One of her most creative comedic ventures has been the YouTube Web series, Stare at Shannon. The ongoing series puts DeVido in hilarious situations like driving her wheelchair through the drive-thru or learning the intricacies of roller derby. I have so much fun doing it and I m very grateful that my friends are as weird as I am and will come along for the ride, she says. DeVido s comedy often takes dead aim at the stereotypes surrounding disability. Her audiences appreciate she s doing something different, but it takes them time to become comfortable laughing. There is always that tension because as a society people are scared to laugh at disability, she says. 8 NEW MOBILITY

11 to to ut t ut t t ts ts, de, e nd d nd in in e e Ricon Fined for Faulty Lifts The Ricon Corp., one of the largest manufacturers of wheelchair lifts, was fined $1.75 million on Feb. 6 by the U.S. Department of Transportation for selling lifts that had been recalled for a potential fire risk. This company s failure to protect the public from a product known to be a safety risk is absolutely unacceptable, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement. Manufacturers must meet their safety obligations, and when they don t, we will be there with strong enforcement action. In September 2012, Ricon recalled over 4,000 S and K series wheelchair lifts for a defective cable. In June 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began contacting manufacturers who used Ricon wheelchair lifts to make sure they were aware of the recall. Ricon was also contacted by the NHTSA to find out if they had stopped producing the defective lifts, but Ricon didn t respond. Ricon informed the NHTSA on Jan. 14, 2014 that it had continued to produce and sell defective wheelchair lifts. The this past Dec. 31, 12 percent Chairs accessible GO-ANYWHERE Chairs company had sold 356 defective lifts after the recall, and the new lifts were recalled in March Under terms of an agreement reached with Department of Transportation, Ricon admits it violated the Safety Act and it will be under the supervision of the NHSTA for the next year. Sam Cook, president of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, is troubled by the actions of Ricon. NMEDA has been at the forefront of safety innovations and standards for the mobility industry, he says. Our members are concerned over the news about Ricon s DOT violation. D.C. Cabs Given More Time to Become Accessible The Washington, D.C., Taxicab Commission announced that cab companies that fail to meet the time requirements of the Taxicab Service Improvement Amendment Act of 2012 will be able to request an additional 180 days to comply. Taxicabs and black car luxury companies were to have 6 percent of their fleets wheelchair accessible by The The Safe, Safe, Practical and and Convenient way way to to The Safe, travel travel Practical wherever and and Convenient and way to whenever travel wherever you you want. and want. whenever you want. No No more more worries worries about about No more having worries having accessible about having Mobility facilities. accessible facilities. Solutions Different Different models models to meet to meet Different models to meet specific specific specific needs! needs! GO-ANYWHERE Chairs needs! Simple Simple to assemble; to no no GO-ANYWHERE Chairs Simple to tools assemble; tools required. required. no tools required. Safe Safe and and easy easy to use. to use. Seat Seat and and footrest footrest heights heights Safe and easy are adjustable. are to use. Seat and footrest Casters Casters have heights have total-lock are brakes. brakes. adjustable. Lightweight and and durable, durable, Casters have high-quality total-lock aircraft-grade brakes. aluminum. Lightweight and durable, high-quality Compact, Compact, convenient, and and aircraft-grade PORTABLE! aluminum. Compact, Won t convenient, Won t Rust Rust or corrode; and corrode; easy easy to clean. to clean. PORTABLE! Virtually Virtually maintenancefree. corrode; easy to clean. Won t Rust free. or Cushions Cushions are available are available in in Virtually maintenance-free. (3) colors (3) colors and and remove remove 30-Day Cushions easily are easily available for cleaning. for cleaning. (3) colors and remove Optional easily Optional accessories for cleaning. Risk-Free include: include: wheeled wheeled custom custom Optional accessories travel travel bag, bag, positioning include: Trial wheeled custom belts, belts, slide-out travel slide-out commode bag, commode positioning tray, belts, tray, 2-way 2-way slide-out adjustable commode tray, 2-way headrest, adjustable headrest, and and headrest, upgraded upgraded and For Home AND On-The-Road; upgraded cushions! cushions! For For home home AND AND on-the-road; When When ya Gotta ya Gotta Go, Go, We We Go Go With With Ya! Ya! by Dec. 31, 2016 and at least 20 percent accessible by Dec. 31, This announcement was made via a Feb. 12 press release entitled, D.C. Taxicab Commission Approves Final Rulemaking Requiring Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. DCTC allowing companies to delay compliance with the 3-year-old act has raised red flags with advocates who are concerned about the District s will to enforce accessibility. I urge the DCTC to strongly enforce the requirement to provide wheelchairaccessible taxi service. Allowing an additional six months sends the message to the District s residents, workers and visitors with disabilities that their access to all modes of transportation is not a priority, said Carol Tyson, senior policy associate for United Spinal Association. United Spinal has also urged the DCTC to ensure that all for-hire vehicle drivers receive disability etiquette training, and those driving accessible vehicles also receive training on how to operate equipment and provide safe and courteous service. Just In! Awarded VA Contract V797D For home AND on-the-road; When When ya Ya Gotta Go, We Go With Ya! For home AND on-the-road; When ya Gotta Go, We Go With Ya! For home AND on-the-road; When ya Gotta Go, We Go With Ya! Josie Byzek APRIL

12 EVERYDAY ADVOCACY Jury Duty By Michael Collins Q. I just received a questionnaire from our U.S. District Court to determine if I am eligible to serve as a juror. Since I am quadriplegic and use a power wheelchair, I ve always assumed that I would never have the opportunity to serve on a jury. I wouldn t mind fulfilling my civic responsibility, but am unfamiliar with what would be involved, so I need some advice on how to approach this situation. Is it feasible for me to serve as a juror, or would I automatically be excluded because of my condition? What type of activities might take place, and for how long? Should I be concerned about accessibility? If I am not automatically excused, how does the process work? If I need attendant care, would the court provide that help while I am participating? Are transportation costs reimbursed? Since I am currently unemployed, would I receive any payment for serving as a juror? Thanks for any answers you can provide. Just Trying to be a Good Citizen Doing your civic duty is often easier said than done when it comes to federal courts, which are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (state and local courts are covered and must provide reasonable accommodation ). As someone who uses a power mobility device, you will likely run into a few challenges in your attempt to participate in the judicial process. You may be able to learn about conditions in advance of actually being required to report for jury duty through a simple call to the court clerk where you have been summoned. Basic questions seeking assurances about accessibility of parking for jurors, courthouse common areas, restrooms and the trial courtrooms may result in you being excused before you actually report, if the court clerk knows that accessibility problems exist. If you do not wish to be excused, you may request accommodations, but again, federal courts are not required by law to provide any accommodation and may refuse. Reimbursement is normally available for such items as transportation and parking expenses. If you require someone to drive you who must be paid, be sure to bring that up prior to reporting so that you can determine if you will receive full reimbursement for these costs. Should there be other costs involved with your participation, such as payment for personal assistance services needed when you are away from home for that long during the day, you should ask the court clerk about that in advance as well. While those costs may not be paid, the situation may be factored into the decision about whether or not you should be excused from jury duty due to a hardship. Jurors normally receive a flat payment of $40 per day in federal courts, but payment may vary when it comes to state or local courts. If the trial exceeds a certain number of days 10 days for trial jurors and 45 days for those serving on grand juries daily stipends increase to $50. For those jurors who are employed, some employers continue paying salaries during jury duty, but it is not required. If the jury is sequestered, jurors would also receive reimbursement for the cost of lodging and a meal allowance. Visiting the courthouse and requesting a tour of a typical courtroom may answer some of your concerns about the ability to participate fully in the process. If you drive a wheelchair van, is there van accessible parking available in the section reserved for jurors? If that parking is located in a garage, is the overhead clearance sufficient for your vehicle? Are you able to take care of your personal needs in the public restroom, or is there a separate restroom available to jurors that may be more accessible? If selected for a jury, are you able to be seated with the rest of the jurors within the jury box, or would you be required to remain parked outside of it during the trial? If all of the above checks out OK and you are actually called for jury duty, you will most likely be given a phone number to call each day of your term to see if your services are required. If you must report in person and wait with other potential jurors, make sure that your disability-related needs, such as hydration and seating pressure relief, can be met while seated in a large waiting area for many hours. Your willingness to participate as a juror is important to assure that everyone, including people with disabilities, can expect a jury of their peers when they enter the judicial system. Good luck as you attempt to complete your civic duties. Resources Jury Duty: FederalCourts/JuryService/about-juryservice.aspx Protection and Advocacy agency network: cap-network.html 10 NEW MOBILITY

13 Would You Grab This? Traditional Handrims Aren t Wrapped In Barbed Wire, But They Might As Well Be. Over 70% of chair users who push on round-tube handrims develop pain in their hands and wrists. Demand a Better Handrim. The Natural-Fit Get the Proven Benefits of Out-Front Ergonomic Handrims. Ease pain in the hands and wrists. Eliminate pushing on the tire. Increase performance and efficiency. Provide greater control when braking. Ask for the Natural-Fit or Surge handrim when you order your next chair

14 SCI LIFE By Tiffiny Carlson Welcome to Her Beautiful Life Jordan Bone of Jordan s Beautiful Life is no ordinary makeup blogger. With a YouTube following of over 14,000 fans, Bone, 25, is the preeminent blogger with a spinal cord injury, and as a blogger with a C6 SCI, her makeup videos are full of great dexterity tips. At 15, however, makeup wasn t full force in her life. While walking alongside the road in Norfolk, U.K., everything changed. She and a friend decided to catch a ride with a classmate, but he crashed the car, Jordan broke her neck, and at this already pivotal time in her life, she had to face paralysis with little help from her friends. My classmates didn t really talk to me, as I don t think they knew what to say, she says. I would feel so anxious going into school. Bone eventually completed high school at home, and soon makeup and all things beautyrelated became her life s passion. I ve always loved makeup, she There are so many things I cannot do for myself, but because makeup is so personal, it makes me feel like I m still me. says. There are so many things I cannot do for myself, but because makeup is so personal, it makes me feel like I m still me. I can show the world the Jordan I want people to see, and that s a great thing! On Jordan s channel you ll find around 114 videos focused on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and positivity. From a video on how to apply liquid eyeliner with no finger movement to her travels to Miami for rehabilitation and shopping, insight into her world is absolutely fabulous. It s been amazing and I feel so happy that I can share my tips with nondisabled and disabled women, she says about her video blogging. It can be nerve-wracking putting yourself out there on the Internet, but I want to succeed in inspiring others. I don t think you ever stop learning, she adds, and you can only become better with practice. You can visit her world at Flying Jet Fighters With Her Mind It s been said there s nothing you can t do if you just set your mind to it. Jan Scheuermann, a 55-year-old quad from Pittsburgh, Pa., is proving this right in a rather startling way: She flies an F-35 fighter jet simulator with nothing but her thoughts and, of course, the electrodes attached to her brain. A few years back Scheuermann made the news by controlling Hector the Robotic Arm with her thoughts, successfully maneuvering a chocolate bar to her mouth. This impressed Arati Prabhakar, director of the Pentagon s advanced research arm Jan Scheuermann has moved on from DARPA so eating a chocolate bar with a robotic much that arm to flying fighter jets with her mind. he recruited Scheuermann for DARPA s robotics program. But here s the kicker: She s not using her thoughts to control a robot or even a joystick. Instead, her thoughts are directly controlling the fighter jet simulator. She s flying that simulator directly from her neural signaling, said Prabhakar to Read the whole article at Photo courtesy of UPMC Adrenaline Air Time Want to experience the thrill of getting into the air? Project Airtime is committed to helping people with disabilities experience flight via hang-gliding adventures. It is not only a top-notch nonprofit to check out, it s a great opportunity for people with spinal cord injuries to get the assistance they need to experience fun outside of their wheelchairs. Check it out at 12 NEW MOBILITY

15 EAT WELL, LIVE WELL Spring Fresh! I know it s no revelation to anyone who has experienced a spinal cord injury that this type of neurological damage can significantly affect one s elimination function. But what many people don t realize is just how much their digestive function is also affected. A spinal cord injury alters our peristalsis, the involuntary contraction of smooth muscles that propels food through our digestive tract. Not only does this compromised peristalsis function affect how our food is digested and absorbed, but as many of us have experienced, it can also contribute to bloating, abdominal discomfort, indigestion and gas the last of which can leave us feeling a little less than fresh. But despair not! There are many wonderful, natural foods that can help relieve these symptoms, and one delicious herb in particular we d like to share. For thousands of years mint has been used as a remedy for reducing uncomfortable symptoms related to digestion. The medicinal properties of this refreshing herb can help alleviate indigestion, stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence, and nausea. What s even more fantastic about this delicious and powerful little plant is it can be enjoyed in so many appetizing ways! Toss a few fresh leaves into a cup of hot water to make a relaxing tea, liven up any salad by adding in a few sprigs, or try this amazing mint dip one of our personal favorites. Now is an especially good time to grow or buy mint, which thrives in the spring. It is a perennial plant that is easy to grow outdoors in most parts of the United States (as long as winters stay above -30F) and can also be grown indoors year-round. If you re not the gardening type or you just can t wait, get out to your local grocer and pick up a garden-fresh bundle or two and help keep you and your digestive system feeling equally as fresh! Joanne Smith and Kylie James are co-authors of the book, Eat Well, Live Well with SCI and Other Neurological Conditions. For more information on nutrition for neurological injuries go to www. Mint-Corriander Dip 1 bunch coriander leaves 4 sprigs mint leaves 4 tbsp sunflower seed paste 1 tsp fresh ground ginger 1 tsp cumin powder 1 tsp coriander powder ½ tsp sea salt ½ tsp black pepper juice of 3-4 limes 1. Pick leaves of coriander and mint. 2. Squeeze juice of three to four limes. 3. Put coriander and mint leaves in a blender with juice of limes and blend. 4. Add rest of ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve with fresh vegetables or whole grain flat bread. By Joanne Smith and Kylie James APRIL

16 Rolling DOWN UNDER B Y C O R Y L E E For as long as I can remember, Sydney, Australia, has been my No. 1 dream destination. I have longed to see the cute little koalas, view the majestic sails of the Sydney Opera House, and even hear the distinct Aussie accents that sound like music to the ears. After 24 seemingly long years of dreaming about it, and months upon months of saving money it turns out Australia is quite expensive I finally caught that 15-hour flight from the United States and headed to the land down under. How to Get Around Before going, I read online that Sydney is very modern and wheelchair accessible. I hoped this would be true, but was a little leery about it, as I always am when traveling to new countries as a wheelchair user. However, as soon as I exited the airport, I quickly found out that those online rumors were in fact true. I have been to many cities around the world, but I have never found an accessible taxi as fast as I did upon my arrival in Sydney. There was a wheelchair accessible taxi already parked in the regular taxi line at the airport and better yet, this is a normal everyday custom. They always have at least one wheelchair accessible taxi waiting just in case someone needs it. Usually, I have to ask someone to call for an accessible taxi and then wait a little while for it to come. I have waited over three hours before in the United States for a taxi that never even showed up, but not this time. Sydney was on top of it! These wheelchair accessible taxis are known as WATS and were always available whenever I needed one. If you are at your hotel and have a sudden urge to trek across town for some food, or if you just want to go kangaroo searching outside the city, just give them a call and you can expect a WAT to pick you up within about minutes. Be aware, though, that they are not cheap. Nothing in Australia is. A ride from the airport to downtown Sydney will run about $70. Even though it was quite costly, I was willing to pay the price for the convenience of being able to get around exactly when I wanted to like any other traveler. If you want to pre-book an accessible taxi, just visit Aside from the many WATS through- Photo by Robert Wallace/Destination NSW 14 NEW MOBILITY

17 Photo by Ethan Rohloff/Destination NSW out Sydney, another accessible and much cheaper way to get around is by ferry. There are 28 ferries in Sydney and they can take you all around the city, anywhere from Darling Harbour to Taronga Zoo. What s great about the ferries is their ease and convenience to a wheelchair traveler. Wheelchair users board via a foldout ramp before other guests, so this will give you plenty of time to secure the perfect viewing spot. The most beautiful ferry ride that I took was from Circular Quay to Manly Beach. The ride lasts about 30 minutes, and the views along the way are truly spectacular. I was in awe the entire time. Be sure to sit at the back of the ferry so that you can see the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the towering Sydney skyline all from the best vantage point. At the end of the journey, gorgeous Manly Beach will be waiting for you to explore. Manly Beach does have beach wheelchairs available as well. Just go to the Manly Surf Pavilion and let them know that you would like to use one. Calling and reserving it in advance might be a good idea as well. Their number is (02) What to Do There are a variety of attractions for anyone in Sydney. I could honestly write about 10 pages on all of the attractions that I loved, but instead I will just tell you about what I consider to be the three must-dos. Taronga Zoo When I think of Australia, I immediately think of koalas and kangaroos jumping around. At Taronga Zoo you can see these two Aussie icons and a whole lot more, including snakes, elephants, gorillas, and even giraffes. The zoo is wheelchair accessible, but sits on a pretty steep hill. I started at the top and worked my way down so that I would not have to climb the monstrous hill, and I was able to conserve battery power by doing this. In a power wheelchair like mine, the hill was not a hindrance, but it would probably be a bit tricky to conquer with a manual chair. If you use a manual chair, just take a companion with you and it shouldn t be a big problem. If you are traveling alone, however, then the Wild Life Sydney Zoo might be a good alternative for you. Wild Life is located indoors and is completely level, but doesn t have quite as many animals as Taronga Zoo. Aside from just looking at all the different animals at Taronga Zoo, you can also take part in several animal encounters with koalas, giraffes, or a snake where you will get up close and personal with the creatures. These are a separate cost from the admission fee and average about $20 per encounter. I took part in the koala encounter and it was worth every penny. Since holding or touching No trip to Sydney would be complete without visiting the Taronga Zoo s Koala Encounter! Cory and his mother, Sandy Gilbreath, weren t able to cuddle the bears, but did manage to get very close. How to Get There, When to Go Actually getting to Australia can be the most daunting task of your trip, but it will be completely worth the monstrously long flight once you are there. Only three U.S. cities fly directly to Sydney: Los Angeles, Dallas, and Honolulu. I flew out of Atlanta so I had to do a layover in Los Angeles. Layovers usually aren t very fun as a wheelchair user because it means more transferring in and out of plane seats, but since the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney is nearly 15 hours long, having a few hours on ground beforehand can be nice. Once you are in the air, hopefully you can go to sleep for most of the flight, but if you are anything like me, you ll probably be awake the entire 15 hours. To make the flight more enjoyable, I took my own seat cushion from my wheelchair and sat on that. Plane seats are rather uncomfortable and I definitely did not want to sit on the hard seat that long. By taking my own cushion it felt just like I was in my wheelchair the whole time. Much better. Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the complete opposite of the United States. I would suggest traveling to Sydney between the months of November and February. That is the Australian summer so prices can be a little higher, but the amazing weather is worth the extra cost in my opinion. For a slightly cheaper rate, try going between February-March. That is the end of summer, so prices should start to decline. Photo courtesy of APRIL

18 Photo by Kristen Greaves/Destination NSW koalas is illegal in the state of New South Wales, you cannot cuddle a koala in Sydney. However, with this encounter you can get extremely close to them and take some epic pictures. The koala that I met during my encounter was very active and was apparently hungry also, as she kept eating eucalyptus leaves the whole time that I was with her. As an added convenience, a trainer is also there to answer any questions you may have about the koalas. I even learned that koalas sleep up to 20 hours per day since the eucalyptus leaves they eat contain very little nutrition. Apparently I was lucky to meet a koala that was actually awake. Sydney Tower Eye and SKYWALK How does rolling out onto an open-air glass ledge more than 880 feet above ground sound to you? If it sounds like fun, then the Sydney Tower SKYWALK is for you. It is hard to miss the Sydney Tower, as it can be easily seen from almost everywhere in the city. Coincidentally, you can see almost everywhere in the city from the top of the structure as well. You can choose to stay indoors and view Sydney through the floor-to-ceiling windows, but one of my favorite experiences during my time in Sydney was the SKYWALK. Participants are given a jumpsuit to wear. Wheelchair users only wear the top shirt part, which goes on easily without you having to stand up. The jumpsuit connects by a lifeline to the railing outside to ensure the utmost safety. As you roll around and feel the wind upon your face, you get to learn about Sydney from the guide and take in the views. Harbour Bridge, the surrounding buildings, and the water down below from the SKYWALK are truly breathtaking. If you have a fear of heights, this may not be the ideal attraction for you, but if you are willing to brush aside the fear for a little while, then I promise it will be worth it. Darling Harbour This area of Sydney sits right by the water and has more attractions, restaurants, and shops than you can possibly imagine. It is fun to just roll from one end of the harbour to the other. Throughout the year there are many different events as well. However, if you want to visit some attractions, then this is the place to do it. Madame Tussaud s Wax Museum, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, and the Wild Life Sydney Zoo are just a few of the great attractions that shouldn t be missed at Darling Harbour. To save some money, you can purchase a combo ticket and visit all Manly Beach is a favorite destination for locals as well as tourists, and is also a great place for festivals, such as this one celebrating India. There are beach wheelchairs available for when you re tired of watching the dancers and would like to swim. Photo courtesy of Cory and his mother, Sandy, enjoyed the surprisingly accessible SKYWALK. three attractions for a reduced price. After seeing all of the animals and interacting with the life-like wax celebrities, you may be quite hungry. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from. There are American-themed restaurants such as the world famous Hard Rock Café, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous and want a quintessential Australian experience, you can try some kangaroo (yes, I m serious) at I m Angus Steakhouse. I opted for the kangaroo loin and it was an interesting dining experience. The kangaroo was presented beautifully, but was tough to chew up, both because of the texture and because I kept thinking about the fact that I was eating one of those sweet little kangaroos. I probably would not order it again, but when in Sydney... Sydney quickly became my favorite destination ever and should be at the top of any wheelchair user s bucket list. From transportation to the many attractions, Sydney is far ahead in the game of accessibility. A lot of people say that going to Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but after visiting the land down under, I am planning and dreaming of my inevitable return. Resources for your trip to Sydney Getting Around: Accessible Taxis: Ferries and Wharves: using-public-transport/access/ferries. page Attractions: SKYWALK: Taronga Zoo: taronga-zoo Manly Beach: community-services/aged--disability/ disability/ Where to Eat: Hugo s Pizza: I m Angus Steakhouse: For more articles about Sydney, visit Cory Lee s blog at 16 NEW MOBILITY

19 $28,995 X-WAV Conversion of the Honda Pilot Spring into saving with the X-WAV conversion of the Honda Pilot Call today and mention this ad for $500 off your conversion! SCHEDULE A FREE DEMO ASK US ABOUT OUR FINANCING OPTIONS HASSLE FREE WARRANTY UNPARALLELED SAFETY Schedule Your FREE at-home Pilot Demo Today!

20 o P rtrait B Y As a Real Person M 18 NEW MOBILITY R U D E R of the Detective er wheelchair, as Clarke, a quad, has. The producers never responded to Clarke s offer and the show was cancelled less than three weeks after its premiere, but Clarke remains confident that the public is ready for a paralyzed detective. As nice of an idea as Ironside is, it was very unrealistic, he says. But I do think there is a true story to be told there. any pundits predicted NBC s plan to update Robert Ironside Raymond Burr s cerebral paralyzed detective for a modern television audience would be an inevitable failure. In the disability community, people questioned the decision to cast Blair Underwood in the lead role instead of an actor who used a wheelchair. In the entertainment community critics lambasted the overly gritty production values and questionable plot choices like having the paralyzed detective transfer into the back seat of a car to beat an answer out of a witness. But real-life detective Bryce Clarke had hope for the new series. When he heard of the reboot in the fall of 2013, he took the time to write the show s producers and offer his insight and any assistance they might need. As a 17-year veteran of the Edmonton, Canada, police force, Clarke, 42, has worked everything from patrol to undercover to gangs to his current position as an acting detective on historical homicides, or cold cases. Thousands of other officers across North America could boast similar resumes, but none of them had done it from a pow- I A N Ever since he was a little kid, Bryce Clarke has wanted to be a police officer, just like his dad. His career almost ended after his spinal cord injury, but he wasn t done yet. He hung around the station, made himself useful, and eventually was hired back fulltime as a detective working cold cases. Police Work in His Blood Clarke s story begins with him growing up in Calgary watching his father work as a homicide detective. From the time I was a little kid I knew that s all I ever wanted to do, he says. In 1998 he applied to the Calgary and Edmonton police services, and when Edmonton accepted him, he packed his bags and made his way north to his new home. Over the next three years he worked in various departments before settling in on a unit focused on apprehending break-and-enter criminals. On Aug. 25, 2001, Clarke invited some of his colleagues over to celebrate the end of what had been a particularly stressful summer highlighted by a series of violent riots. Like he had many times before, Clarke stood on the deck railing and dove into his pool. He heard a crack, then the sounds of his friends laughing as they thought he was playing dead, floating atop the water. I woke up about a week later in the University of Alberta Hospital and people were telling me, You broke your neck. You will never walk again, you will never work again. You will be relying on somebody for the rest of your life and you are not going to be a contributing member to society. It was like what? My dream of being a police officer can t be over. My career was only a few short years and there is no way I wanted it to end. Clark had just turned 29. The injury left him paralyzed at the C5 level. He spent the next five months in hospitals and re-

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Copyright 2013 CelebrityPress LLC All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written Copyright 2013 CelebrityPress LLC All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written consent of the authors, except as provided by the United

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May 2006 Volume 56 Number 5. In This Issue: May 2006 Volume 56 Number 5 MAGAZINE In This Issue: Ten Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Criminal Law Probation The Unsung Hero of the Criminal Justice System The National Criminal Defense College

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Fulfilling the Promise: United States Senate COMMITTEE ON HEALTH, EDUCATION, LABOR & PENSIONS Tom Harkin, Chairman Fulfilling the Promise: Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Economic Self-Sufficiency for People with Disabilities

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starts here. A lasting recovery Take the first step and ask for help. Call (855) 973 7333 Today.


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