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1 ST. JOAN OF ARC CATHOLIC CHURCH & SCHOOL As a diverse Catholic community, we joyfully worship God, celebrate fellowship and care for our neighbor with steadfast faith, confident hope and passionate love. ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST! 370 SW 3rd St. Boca Raton FL Fax Msgr. Michael D. McGraw Pastor Fr. Jimmy B. Hababag Parochial Vicar Fr. Wesler Hilaire Parochial Vicar Fr. Vincent Byaruhanga In Residence Fr. Carlo DiNatale-Tarasi Assisting Deacon Bill Watzek Deacon Michael Zatarga Deacon Sam J. Barbaro Parish Office Hours Monday-Thursday 8:30am to 7:30pm Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm Saturday 9:30am to 2:30pm School Office Hours Fax Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Mass Schedules Saturday Vigil: 4:30pm, 6:30pm(Spanish) Sunday: 7:30am, 9:15am, 10:45am, 12:15pm & 5:00pm Monday-Friday: 6:45am & 8:15am Saturday mornings: 8:15am Eve of Holy Days: 6:00pm Holy Days: 6:45am, 8:15am, 9:15am, & 12:15pm Holidays: Only one Mass at 9:00am Slow to Anger Rich in Kindness While reading the scriptures for this Sunday s Mass, my attention was drawn to one of the lines in the Responsorial Psalm: You, O Lord are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in kindness and fidelity. When we are faced with people or situations that anger us, we usually react in a way that we will later regret. The psalmist says that God is slow to anger and that is to our benefit. But how do we respond to disturbing situations? Bringing the Message Home All of us will face people or situations that will anger us. Will our responds be from a rush of adrenaline or from an attitude of slow to anger abounding in kindness? To help make life less stressful, look over your days agenda and identify possible irritating situations and prayerfully resolve to face them with a renewed effort to be patient and slow to anger. God Bless Fr. Carlo DiNatale Tarasi Baptisms Sunday (English): 1:30pm 3rd Saturday (Spanish): 12 noon Confessions Saturday: 3:15-4pm & 5:30-6:15pm Like us on JULY 20, 2014 YOUR CATHOLIC COMMUNITY IN DOWNTOWN BOCA RATON

2 VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINE APPROACHING FOR THE PRIMARY ELECTION All voters must be registered by July 28 in order to vote in the August 26 Primary Election. Citizens have a right and a duty to participate in the electoral process. Parishioners who are not registered to vote for the upcoming elections are encouraged to do so. This can be accomplished by visiting the website of the Florida Division of Elections, Follow the instructions for completing and mailing a voter registration form. You will receive a voter registration card in the mail to confirm your registration. Follow this same procedure to update your name or address or change your party affiliation. INDEX PG. 3 - Pastor s Message: Children Refugees: Our Christian Responsibility PG. 4 - Wish List - Weekly Treasure - Parish Directory PG. 5 - Hooray!!! for our 4th Graders! - Taizé Prayer Service PG. 6 - SJA Annual Auction - Harvesting our Tears Dear Parishioners & Friends, When coming to Mass, please note that additional Parking is available across the street at Temple Beth El. Thank you very much. BULLETIN EDITOR: PATTY DELANEY - Installation Ceremony PG. 7 - A note from the Choir and Liturgical Committee - Parish Liturgy Committee PG 8 - St. Joan of Arc Gift Shop - Women of Grace PG. 9 - From our Marriage Ministry Director PG Knights of Columbus Schedule of Events for Fall Mommy and Me PG 11 - Faith Formation & Religious Education PG 12 - Around our Diocese PG S.J.A. Ministries & Support Services PG Pray for the Sick - Overseas in the US Armed Forces - Deceased PG Ministerio Hispano If you would like to be included in SJA's School Quarterly Newsletter mailings, please us your name and address at or call the School Office with your contact information (561) Thank you *Please Bulletin materials to: *We reserve the right to edit and publish such materials at our discretion July 20, 2014 MASSES FOR THE WEEK OF JULY 21, 2014 MONDAY July 21 6:45am Curtiss William Harter, Jr. by Myriam Harter Mary Cleary by Jeff & Virginia 8:15am Christina Nelson by The O Dea Family Maria Dos Santos by Daughter, Filomena Ribeiro TUESDAY July 22 6:45am Curtiss William Harter, Jr. by Myriam Harter Antonio Muñoz by Elizabeth Gonzalez 8:15am Maria Dos Santos by Daughter, Filomena Ribeiro Ramon Fortaleza by Sue Swanson WEDNESDAY July 23 6:45am Curtiss William Harter, Jr. by Myriam Harter Antonio Muñoz by Elizabeth Gonzalez 8:15am Luis E. Falla Lopez Luna-Victoria by Maria Luisa Falla Charles Miner by The Miner Family THURSDAY July 24 6:45am Vinnie Gondolfo by Lin DiPietro Antonio Muñoz by Elizabeth Gonzalez 8:15am Violeta Niera by Vicki Farrington Milagros L. Anderson by Farra L. Eustaquio & Imelda L. Knoff FRIDAY July 25 6:45am Orlando Hernandez by Vicki Farrington Antonio Muñoz by Elizabeth Gonzalez 8:15am David Pearce by Carol Vaughan John Dean by Sister Josephine SATURDAY July 26 8:15am Frank Loricchio by Lee Bertolozzi Fr. Guy Fiano by Women of Grace 4:30pm Diane & Ed Ahearn by David & Madeline Felton Lisa Lancellotti by Shani Oulton 6:30pm Elvia Sanabria by Martha & Carl Hoynoski Antonio Muñoz by Elizabeth Gonzalez SUNDAY July 27 7:30am Theresa Porpora by The Family Ed & Betty Heemskerk by Larry & Sandy Dahman 9:15am Lolita Fensholt by The Mann Family Elfreder Jacquelyn Thomas by Mary Beckwith 10:45am Edith Sirignano by Peter Albisani Christina Delgado by Peggy & Bill Hutto 12:15pm Robert Rizzo by Zita Gerosa Ruby Troy by Mark & Eileen Duffy 5:00pm Elsa Santacroce by The Family Lawrence Morgan by Leslie & Frank DiMarco 2 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20

3 PASTOR S MESSAGE CHILDREN REFUGEES: OUR CHRISTIAN RESPONSIBILITY As has been well documented by the media and government records, our country is facing a child and youth refugee crisis of immense proportions. In 2010, United States immigration authorities detained around 6,800 children and placed them in federal custody. This year some 90,000 are expected to be picked up. Twenty-five percent come from Honduras. They almost all come for the purpose of escaping violence, kidnapping, enslavement into drug cartel gangs, murder, rape and all forms of viciousness. The drug terrorists virtually control Honduras because of a weak and corrupt government that thrives on bribery and extortion. Our government and that of Colombia spent literally billions of dollars to try to stop cocaine from reaching the USA and now 79% of cocaine smuggling flights to our country come through Honduras. There is a need to distinguish refugee children and youth from illegal immigrant children and youth who are seeking a better life and have one or both parents still in their country of origin. We need to treat them humanely, process their cases quickly but justly and if called for re-repatriate them. But the vast majority of these immigrant children and youth would qualify for humanitarian parole procedures similar to those used for Cambodian, Iraqi, Cuban, Vietnamese and Haitian children and youth. Overworked Homeland Security guards and judges have to make hasty decisions now that do not always protect the rights and the troubled histories of the children and youth they evaluate. Being a social worker as well as a priest, I know how complicated it is to interview and learn the true-life situations of traumatized children and youth. Decisions affecting life and death cannot be forced or rushed to meet quotas and deadlines. A real due process procedure to deal with these children and youth would, according to a reputable refugee organization, Kids in Need of Defense, result in 40-60% of them being judged eligible to stay here. As Catholic Christians who are voting citizens, we have a responsibility to put our faith into action and to seek to influence the political processes that represent us. The safety and welfare of some 58,000 children and youth who have arrived here since last October require this of us. Border security, anti-drug programs, immigration quotas, foreign aid etc. are all part of a complex picture. Our Gospel mandate is clear, however, we should not allow a double victimization of so many children and youth refugees. When Jesus said "Let the little children come to me", He meant it and asks us to do the same. Please read over again the information from our Catholic Bishops that was printed in last week's bulletin and make an effort to write our political representatives and challenge them to protect the lives of these children and youth refugees. Please consult these websites for more information - Msgr. Michael D. McGraw JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 3

4 WEEKLY TREASURE ANNULMENTS Deacon Bill Watzek by appt. only. BAPTISMAL ARRANGEMENTS Deacon Bill Watzek (English) Baptism class for parents 1st Thurs. each month, 7 pm Constanza Preble (Spanish) Baptism class for parents 3rd Tues. each month, 7 pm CARE MINISTRY COUNSELING CENTER (Catholic Charities Satellite Office at SJA) Maria T. Isava MA, LCSW Counseling Director Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach Boca Raton Office: St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church 298 SW 3rd Street Boca Raton, FL Riviera Beach Office: Catholic Charities St. Francis Center 100 W 20th Street Riviera Beach, FL COUNSELING CENTER (Private Practice) Pamela Diane Sigda, Ph. D COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY Patty Delaney, LIFE LONG FAITH FORMATION MINISTRY Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Constanza Preble, Bill Watzek, Religious Education - Sister Vivian Gonzalez, , ext 2870 Office, Fax: FAMILY LIFE MINISTRY Tessie O Dea, HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH MINISTRY Cecilia Chinchilla, l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20 HISPANIC MINISTRY Constanza Preble, HOMEBOUND/PASTORAL VISITATION Fr. Wesler Hilaire, ext MUSIC MINISTRY Douglas Byers, Director of Liturgical Music DIRECTOR OF FINANCE & HUMAN RESOURCES Patricia Suau, , ext PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRY Deacon Bill Watzek RELIGIOUS ARTICLES STORE Laura Watzek, Hours: Mon - Fri, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Sat, 9:00am to 5:30pm Sun. 9 am to 1:30 pm. SACRAMENTS Anointing of the Sick and Elderly: First Saturday of the month following the 8:15am Mass. Please call the Parish Office to request a priest if you are a patient at Boca Regional Hospital. SACRISTAN Laura Watzek SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Mrs. Caroline Roberts SISTERS OF MERCY Sr. Ellen Murphy R.S.M., Sr. Josephine Sullivan R.S.M. Sr. Kathleen Sweeney R.S.M. Sr. DeLourdes O Mahony R.S.M. SJA DEVELOPMENT MINISTRY Wendy Horton, Diane Salerno, (Special Projects) USHERS MINISTRY Ken Meldonian WEDDING PREPARATION Rosario Gonzales, Months notice required for marriages The Weekly Offertory Collection for July 12/13, 2014 totaled $18, envelope users contributed $15, and non envelope users contributed $2, The Second Collection from Catholic Relief Services totaled $4, As you all know, implementation of Our Journey Forward Strategic Plan has gradually started. This implementation of our Plan will require the collaboration of many parishioners with the Seven Goal Champion Teams. In this bulletin you will notice a Journey Forward Goal number next to every event, task or program that points-out a pertinence to one of St. Joan of Arc s Goals: Please consider your role in working with Ministry Leaders, parish staff and many of your fellow parishioners to create a future that will be energized by the Holy Spirit and responsive to God's will. WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE BY CREDIT CARD? Forms are available at the back of the church or in the Parish Office. You can earn frequent flyer miles on your contributions to St. Joan of Arc. We now accept most mayor credit cards: WishList ST. JOAN OF ARC CHURCH & SCHOOL 1. An underwriter for the Christmas Concert 2. Tuition (full or partial) for a needy child for school year. 3. Underwrite Religious Education Classes for a Needy Child. 4. New plastic play equipment for the children of the Mommy and Me groups for the backyard at the Ark. Partial or complete donations may be made for any item To donate an item call Wendy Horton, GROW IN LOVE GROW IN SERVICE GROW IN FAITH GROW THE CHURCH SPREAD THE GOSPEL GROW OUR RESOURCES GROW OUR SCHOOL

5 OUR 7TH GRADERS AND KINDERGARTENERS our St. Joan of Arc School kids keep scoring amongst the top 50 schools in the Nation! Last week our Kindergarteners and our 7th Grade made the list on! We are so proud of our St. Joan of Arc students! keep on with the great work! TAIZÉ PRAYER SERVICE Presider: Msgr. Michael D. McGraw TUESDAY, JULY 29 7:30pm All are invited to this spiritual evening. JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 5

6 Save the Date for this years Annual Auction! Friday, December 5, 2014 HARVESTING OUR TEARS THIS SUNDAY A process of grieving our loved ones. meet Cecilia LAMENTATIONS: 1:2 "Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? at Look around the and see. Ark Is any suffering like my suffering?" THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 1 at 6:00 pm THE ARK For those who have lost a loved one, be it by death, separation, or are grieving in any way, illness, etc., we get together once a week under the direction of Marjorie O'Sullivan, to support each other. We will meet for 8 consecutive weeks starting on Tuesday September 16 ending on Tuesday November 4 with a Mass. Contact Marjorie O'Sullivan , or Constanza Preble l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20 PIZZA & SODA WILL BE SERVED All are invited to attend the ST. JOAN OF ARC KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Installation Ceremony Saturday, August 9, :00 pm in the Church THERE WILL BE A RECEPTION FOLLOWING IN MERCY CENTER

7 A note from the Choir and Liturgical Committee It has become customary for many members of our congregation to applaud after songs at Mass and after some inspiring homilies. In our society it is very natural for people to express their appreciation of a job well done in sports, theater, musical performances and other activities with a round of applause. Mass, however, should never be considered a performance or some kind of religious entertainment, and while it may seem that we are being appreciative of the people in the music ministry or the priest by applauding we should remember that the focus of the Mass should always be on God and our praise and worship of Him. Applauding people during Mass, in effect, singles out the choir or the priest for their efforts and this changes our focus from God to individual people. The Mass is a liturgical event and the word liturgy means, service to God, or the work of the people for God, and the ritual itself exists to draw our attention away from ourselves. Our, work, our participation at Mass is our attentiveness to the priest s prayers and the Liturgy of the Word, our full and genuine responses to the prayers of the people, our joining in the singing of praise to our God and our silent and prayerful reflection during the quiet parts of the Mass. Yes, our choir members are very talented and many of the priest s homilies are very inspiring. However, one must remember that the praise is for God and the preaching is for the teaching of the word of God and while our applause may be well intended its effect is one of turning our attention away from God to focus on the individual. Both the Music Ministry and the Liturgical Committee respectfully request that when we are inspired by a certain song or homily, instead of clapping, we internalize that feeling of appreciation and turn it into a prayer of gratitude towards our God, the one who, ultimately, gives us all things great and beautiful. May we together create a Mass culture that reflects the sacredness of the House of God. - Deacon Bill Watzek PARISH LITURGY COMMITTEE PRAYERS FOR PEACE IN ISRAEL Our Pope Francis, on his regular address to thousands of pilgrims on Saint Peter s Square, spoke of the tragic events of the last few days. He appealed on Sunday for peace in Gaza during his weekly Angelus Prayer. He tried his best to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians when he held a joint Prayer for Peace in June attended by President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. While we are grateful to God for the peace that reign in our land, we must show our support to all the victims in conflict-torn countries, the innocent people killed as a result of senseless violence, the displaced families of war, as well as those whose lives are in constant danger because of hostilities. Please remember them in your daily prayers as we include them in our Prayers of the Faithful. Hopefully this tragic event between Israel and Palestine will serve as eye opener to all of us and appreciate how blessed we are compared to others. May this realization opens our hearts to our less fortunate brethren needing our prayers. May the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless, protect and keep them safe. May those who died rest in peace. Amen. - Father Jimmy B. Hababag JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 7

8 Gift Shop ST. JOAN OF ARC We are located on the South entrance of the Church HOURS: Mon - Fri, 7:30am to 4:30pm. Sat, 9:00am to 5:30pm Sun. 9 am to 1:30 pm. More information please call: Laura Watzek, % ONE COUPON PER PERSON TO EXPIRE JULY 31 Excludes the school PE clothes Women ofofgrace awokeawoke me to what leftwhat behindiinleft my life before in Florida! Women Grace me Ito behind my Mary Zibelli Florida! Mary Zibelli life before Through thethe sisterhood of Women of Grace, I was reminded Iofwas the Power of Through sisterhood of Women of Grace, Prayer and of the the needpower to make itofmore apart and of mythe dailyneed routine! Monica it reminded Prayer to make more apart of my daily routine! Monica St. Joan Arc Catholic Catholic Church St. Joan of of Arc Church Women ofofgrace Ten Week Program Women Grace Ten Foundational Week Foundational Program Tuesday, September 9th 12:30-2:00pm or 7:00-9:00pm or 7:00-9:00pm Tuesday, September 9th 12:30-2:00pm Spanish study on Mondays, starting Sept 15-12:30-2:30 Casa Hispana REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Tessie O Dea REGISTRATION ISor REQUIRED. Tessie O Dea or i or i l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20

9 FROM OUR DIRECTOR OF MARRIAGE MINISTRY EMBRACING IMPERFECTION When I was a little girl, my mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage, and extremely burned toast in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! Yet all my dad did was reach for his toast, smile at my mom, and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that toast and eat every bite! When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the toast. And I'll never forget what he said: 'Baby, I love burned toast.' Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if He really liked his toast burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, 'Debbie, your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides-a little burnt toast never hurt anyone!' The path to happiness is not straight. There are curves called MISTAKES, there are caution lights called FAMILY, and everything can be achieved if you have: a spare tire DECISION call, a powerful engine called LOVE, a good Insurance called FAITH, abundant fuel called PATIENCE, but above all, an expert driver named GOD. Rosario Gonzales MARRIAGE MINISTRY DIRECTOR JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 9

10 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, On July 26th, the Feast of Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of the Blessed Mother, I will celebrate the Saturday Vigil Mass in honor of married love and the gift of life at 4:30 P.M. at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola. I invite all the faithful, especially families and children, to attend. July 26th will mark the conclusion of the Natural Family Planning Awareness Week which we will begin on July 20th, under the theme Natural Family Planning It s worth it! Join the revolution! The annual educational campaign sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) celebrates God s design for married love, the gift of life and the benefit of Natural Family Planning (NFP). The week falls during the anniversary of the Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae which articulates Catholic beliefs about human sexuality, conjugal love and responsible parenthood. NFP upholds Catholic teaching on married love by respecting "the Godgiven power to love a new human life into being" (U.S. Bishops, Married Love and the Gift of Life, 2006). Through an expression of reciprocal personal giving in the conjugal act, spouses become sharers in God's creative action. With NFP, couples exercise responsible parenthood without breaking the "inseparable connection" between the unitive and procreative meanings of the conjugal act that are written by God Himself into the nature of the human being (HV, no.12). Modern NFP methods are scientific in their biology. They rely on natural KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR FALL 2014 Keep a close eye on these events for sports and travel with the Knights of Columbus, THREE DYNAMITE GAMES WITH THE DOLPHINS on opening day, Sunday, September 7, dolphins vs. patriots lower bowl seats, bus to and back, tailgate party. Section 122 rows 21 to 23. Limited seating. Total for all above $ each. Lower bowl almost sold out already, this is a great deal. proceeds benefit St. Joan of Arc School. Minimum gift to school $1, THE NEXT TWO GAMES ARE DOLPHINS VS. BUFFALO BILLS November 13, Lower bowl seats either section 118, rows or section 121, rows for both games. The last game is Dolphins vs. Minnesota Vikings December 21, The 2 games include: bus back and forth, refreshments on bus, food and drink. A gift souvenir of the game for each person. Total for all of the above per game is $ payment will be announced later in the year. Proceeds to benefit our veterans and elderly. Minimum gift per game $1, AUTUMN IN THE SMOKEY MOUNTAINS. A grand adventure to the smokey mountians to see autumn leaves, many events for this trip. Finalization of details in 2 weeks or less. Minimum gift to be announced. Any questions contact Joseph Kabbas, or 10 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20 methods to help couples plan their families, while respecting God's gift of fertility to women. Couples learn how to identify and interpret the natural, observable signs of the wife's fertility cycle. As NFP becomes a way of life, both husband and wife share in the duties of responsible parenthood, and communication and mutual trust are fostered between themselves and God. It is interesting to note that couples who practice NFP suffer divorce at a rate of less than 3% as opposed to a national rate above 50% for first time marriages. During NFP Awareness Week, I would like to thank those married couples who live out their marriage commitment to free, total, faithful and fruitful love. I encourage all married couples and those preparing for marriage to reflect on their current or future marriages and the way they can authentically and responsibly live out their parenthood. If you have not considered NFP, I encourage you to take a class and discover the richness of NFP. Please visit our website at for a list of classes, resources and additional information or call With every prayerful wish, I am Sincerely Yours in Christ, Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito Bishop of Palm Beach mommy &me TUESDAYS 10 am-1 pm The Ark located at 319 SW 3rd Street Boca Raton (across the street from St Joan of Arc parking lot) You are invited to a playgroup for mothers and their children. All ages and faiths welcome! Every Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm this group will meet at the Ark or a specified location to allow our children to interact and explore together. Take a look at our upcoming schedule; we would love to see you there! JULY 22 The ARK JULY 29 Boca Raton Children's Museum (498 Crawford Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 3343) $5 per person, infants are Free TBD Mom's Night Out - Bowling - Boca Commercial Trail, Boca Raton, FL (more info to come) Please contact Amanda Roccapriore Herrera for more details at or

11 SR. VIVIAN GONZALEZ, Director of Faith Formation (561) Rosa Davidson, Administrative Assistant (561) RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITITIATION FOR ADULTS (RCIA) Who: For adults who want to receive the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Confirmation and Communion. Adults who are interested in converting to the Catholic Faith. Catholics who have been away and would like to know more about their faith. What: A faith journey to help you understand the Catholic Faith and become an active member of the Catholic Church. When: every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Starts on August 26, 2014 until the Easter Vigil How: Stop by the Office of Faith Formation and Religious Education to Register. You may also download the application at or call the office (561) for more information. CONFIRMATION FOR ADULTS 18 AND OVER Adults who only need to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are invited to participate in a special 7 week preparation program starting Thursday, AUGUST 7, :00 to 8:30 p.m. Please stop by the Office of Faith Formation and Religious Education to Register. Call (561) for more information. All-powerful God Send your Holy Spirit upon your daughters and sons to be their helper and guide. Give them the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of right judgment and courage, the spirit of knowledge and reverence. Fill them with the spirit of wonder and awe in your presence. We ask this through Christ our Lord. (Prayer of the Bishop over Candidates during Confirmation) CONFIRMATION - OCTOBER 11TH, 2014 FAITH FORMATION & RELIGIOUS EDUCATION RELIGIOUS EDUCATION SUMMER OFFICE HOURS Parents with children in Religious Education last year may have received a call from our Office inviting them to come back to register for Religious Education again. The most common response we have received is BUT MY CHILD AL- READY DID FIRST COMMUNION. I would like this opportunity to explain to you why we are inviting them back. When you send your child to school, it is important for the child to complete his or her education from Kinder to Twelfth grade. If the child only goes to second grade and does not return again until twelfth grade expecting to graduate, there will be a huge gap in the education of the child and graduation will not be possible. More importantly, the child will not have the tools and education needed to navigate college. In Faith Formation, something similar often happens. The child comes to First Communion Monday to Friday 9:00am. to 4:00 pm. Open during Lunch hour. Also by appointment. HEY RELIGIOUS EDUCATION KIDS SUMMER IS HERE! Ah the summer months! No homework no heavy backpacks uniforms reports no tests science projects or dragging to the bus stop too early in the morning Beach Time to hit the beach, the pool, the mall, and the movies. Hang out with friends. Fun summer camps sleeping late and playing video games till late... eating ice cream vacationing with family traveling to new places or old favorite ones... Wonderful time SUMMER But wait aren t we forgetting something? Where is God in all this? Luckily for us, God does not take vacations. He continues to watch over us 24/7 even over the summer months. So, yes Catechism is over, no more coming every Sunday at 9:15 a.m. or Wednesday at 4:45p.m. But please, don t forget to continue to come to thank Jesus in a formal way in the celebration of the Mass. The word Eucharist means just that TO GIVE THANKS. Yes, I know what you are thinking you can thank God at anytime and anywhere. And that is true. But coming to Mass is a special way we give thanks to God for the week we ve had and we come to receive the food that strengthens our spiritual life in the bread and wine where Jesus is present. Especially all those of you who have received First Communion this year should continue to come every week to receive the body of Christ. You say, but I m going on vacation, I can t come to St. Joan! No worries. There are Catholic Churches where masses are celebrated all over United States. It s also part of the vacation fun to go visit a new Church and learn its history. I love to stop by Our Lady Queen of the Universe in Orlando when I go to Disney World or Universal Studios, it s a beautiful Church constructed for tourists. Many states have older style Churches that you may not be familiar with, it is a lot of fun to see the architecture of the building and the different saints and paintings those churches have. And more important, it s a great feeling to know that anywhere we go, we have a place where we are family, where we are home and where we can share our faith with others. I will be going on retreat and vacation these coming weeks. You and your family will be in my prayers. I look forward to finding a new church to visit and go to Mass. Did your child receive First Communion on May 10th? preparation and then does not return until Confirmation. There is a huge gap in the faith education of the child. In Catholic School, children receive Catholic religion classes every day. Children in public school and even in private Christian schools do not benefit from the Catholic formation they need to understand their faith. Catechism is the way that has been established to give children a formal systematic Catholic education. Please, bring your child to Religious Education to continue their religious training. Each grade has a specific topic to deepen the child s knowledge of the Catholic faith. I assure you, you will provide your child with a most wonderful gift. Next week, I will share with you the curriculum of the program as it progresses through the years. Have a safe and restful summer! JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 11

12 WATCH THE CATHOLIC MASS EACH SUNDAY Tune in each week for the televised Catholic Mass which airs Sundays at 9:30 a.m. on Ion Television Networks (on most local cable it is Channel 8). Priests from around the five counties of the diocese along with Bishop Babarito bring the Mass to the sick, homebound and all the people of God on a weekly basis. The televised Mass is produced by the diocesan Office of Communications. Please visit to hear the weekly homilies. To support the televised Catholic Mass contact or write to Office of Communications, 9995 N. Military Trail, Post Office Box , Palm Beach Gardens, FL GET THE FLORIDA CATHOLIC E-EDITION You read the printed Florida Catholic newspaper but did you know you can also receive it as an e-edition on a Smartphone, ipad, computer, tablet and other Internet-connected devices? Subscriptions are available for print or e-edition or both! This is perfect for those who love electronic news and especially for those who go out of town but still want the latest issue filled with diocesan news. With your subscription, you also have access to newspaper archives. Produced as another tool of evangelization, the Florida Catholic is the newspaper of the Diocese of Palm Beach. It covers the local activities of Bishop Barbarito, parishes and other local news. The paper also offers national, international and Vatican news, which gives a voice to the Church and provides witness. SPECIAL FAMILY MASS TO BE HELD DURING NFP WEEK Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week is a national educational campaign by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to celebrate God's design for married love and the gift of life, and to raise awareness of NFP methods. Our diocese joins others nationwide in celebrating NFP Awareness Week July This year the Diocese will celebrate National NFP Awareness week with a Family Mass. Bishop Barbarito will celebrate Mass on Saturday, July 26 at 4:30pm at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius in Palm Beach Gardens. The Diocese of Palm Beach invites all the faithful to come Celebrate! ROSARY SERVICE HELD EVERY MONTH Catholic Charities Office of Respect Life conducts a Rosary Service the first Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. outside the Presidential Women s Center in West Palm Beach. The center is located at 100 Northpoint Parkway, just off 45th St. and Village Blvd. Please join us across the street from the abortion center as we peacefully pray. For information, call Catholic Charities Respect Life Office at UPCOMING EVENT FOR CATECHETICAL LEADERSHIP The Office of Catechetical Leadership, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Formation will have its Annual Parish Leadership Spiritual Retreat August 5-6 starting at 1 p.m. at Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center. Dr. Michael Carotta will be our spiritual director Sustaining the Spirit: Callings, FOCUS MISSIONARY TEAM AT FAU THIS FALL Our Diocese of Palm Beach is sponsoring a FOCUS Missionary team at FAU this fall. FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is specially trained college age Catholic missionaries that evangelize person-to-person on the campuses of public and private secular universities. Our four missionaries will work full-time with Fr. Louis Guerin, Catholic Campus Chaplain at FAU. The missionaries do not receive a salary from the Diocese or the University for their work. Two of our evangelists are coming from the Harvard and Georgia Tech campuses and the other two are right out of training. They have made a one-year commitment to work with us to start. We are looking for a dependable car for one of the young ladies and inquiring about two 2-bedroom apartments that may be affordable in the FAU area. If you can help in either way, please contact Fr. Louis Guerin at Thank you. Commitments, and Challenges. This overnight retreat is for all Parish Catechetical and Youth Ministry Leadership, their assistants and team members and Catholic school religion coordinators. For information and registration please contact Marie at or DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS SEPARATED OR DIVORCED AND NEEDS SUPPORT? The Office of Marriage and Family Life is pleased to announce the expansion of a healing ministry for men and women who have suffered from divorce: A new session will begin on August 7 at a new location St. Lucie Church in Port St. Lucie. The Catholic s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide. This 12-week, peer led program features weekly 30-minute DVD segments covering topics such as anger, guilt, forgiveness, money, co-parenting, the ex-spouse, annulment, sexuality, spirituality, finding peace, and more. Whether you were divorced ten days ago or ten years ago, the program offers valuable insight for everyone. The Catholic Church is not here to condemn but to console and to help you find peace, power, and renewed passion for life. For information and to register at St. Lucie, call Loretta Barnes at Space is limited. OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE CATHOLIC CEMETERY is less expensive than the for-profit secular cemeteries. Plan in advance for cemetery arrangements, for details and more information call l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20

13 S.J.A. MINISTRIES & SUPPORT SERVICES PRAY THE ROSARY Join us every morning, 6:15am in the Chapel, to pray for our Pope, Bishop, Priests, Deacons, and Religious, and for vocations. Join us every morning after the 8:15am Mass in the Chapel to pray to end abortion. AA (ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS) Meets at St. Joan of Arc Saturdays, 10am in Immaculata Center, Mondays, 7:00pm, Art Room, and Wednesdays 7:00pm in Immaculata Center. AL - ANON ALA - TEEN Meets at St. Joan of Arc Saturdays, 10am in Immaculata Center ST. JOAN OF ARC KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS! We are a part of this great dynamic Catholic International Organization. Call Joe Kabbas, G.K.: ST. JOAN OF ARC COLUMBIETTES are the Knights of Columbus Auxiliary of dedicated Catholic women. Please join us as United We Stand to embark on this fresh new year in building a strong bond in our parish. For details call Terri Picinich, MOMMY & ME Weekly get together Every Tuesday between 10:00am and 1:00pm. Come and go as you please. We bring snacks/lunch for the little ones and ourselves. At The Ark - every other week. Please contact Amanda Roccapriore - Herrera at or for information. JOIN THE SJA COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN (CCW) St. Joan of Arc Council of Catholic Women (CCW) is a dynamic group of women who support, empower and educate its members in spirituality, leadership and service. We are an affiliate of the National Council of Catholic Women. Our Circle Meetings are smaller groups that meet once a month. St. Ana Circle 4th Wednesday at 8am. St. Clare Circle 3rd Wednesday at 1pm. St. Elizabeth Circle 2nd Tuesday at 8am-9:30 at Casa Hispana Sts Martha & Mary Circle 3rd Thursday at 7pm. St. Monica Circle 4th Monday at 2pm. St. Therese of Lisieux 3rd Tuesday at 8am. We have an interesting calendar of events. Please join us, make new friends, as we are Women Making a difference. For more information call Ext SJA RESPECT LIFE MINISTRY Join us to pray the rosary at the Planned Parenthood site at 8177 Glades Rd., West Boca. We meet in front of the shopping center at 9:45am on Fridays. For information call Terri at or Mary Jane at PREGNANT? KNOW YOUR OPTIONS, CALL HELP ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT Join us every Tuesday, 5-9pm and Friday, 9am to 9pm in the Chapel. Divine Mercy Chaplet prayed on Fridays at 3:00pm, and the Rosary on Fridays at 8:30pm. KNIT/CROCHET SOCIAL All are invited to join us on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 10:30am in the at the Casa Hispana (corner of 3rd Ave and 4 th St.). Beginners to experts are needed to make prayer shawls and projects for preemies, kids and our troops. Call Claire at or Dottie at for more information. SJA DAD S CLUB Every Monday in Mercy Center at Drop off - 7:45am All dads in the Parish welcome. P.O.P.S. Parents of Prayer & Service meet every Thursday during the school year, 7:45am to 8:15am in the Convent Chapel. Please join us. ALLELUIA CLUB Is a meeting of Parishioners 50 + More information please call Tessie O Dea at SJA SCHOOL ALUMNI: We invite you to register on our St. Joan of Arc website as an alumnus if you haven't already done so at SHARED CARE Each Wednesday at Temple Beth El, 9:30am to 2:30pm. Bring your loved one so you may have some respite care, or come and volunteer and have fun with us! This is a combined effort between Temple Beth El, St. Joan of Arc and The First Presbyterian Church. For more info call Tessie O Dea at THE SJA PUBLIC ADVOCACY COMMITTEE is requesting the current members and any other parishioners who wish to join, to send their /phone number (whichever you wish) to Joseph Kabbas, Chairman of Public Advocacy. Joined with Public Advocacy is Respect Life. If you are a member or wish to be part of these two ministries, please forward your / phone number to Joseph Kabbas Chairman phone fax SCRIPTURE STUDY Sunday Morning from 9:15am to 10:30 am. in Conf. Room B. Thursday Morning Scripture Study 9:00am at the Casa Hispana (corner of 3rd Ave and 4 th St.) NA (NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS) Meets at St. Joan of Arc Fridays at 7 pm, in Immaculata Center. More information call: KOINONIA GATHERING 2nd Sunday of each month at 10:30am Immaculata Center. For info call Tessie O Dea at JOYFUL AGAIN For more information please call Marjorie O Sullivan SUNDAY TV MASS FOR THE HOMEBOUND Each week at 9:30am on WPXP TV, Channel 8, Mass for the Homebound can be seen. For a copy of the Sunday Missal, call the Diocesan Office of Communications at HOMEBOUND MINISTRY Call us if you or someone you know is no longer able to attend Mass. Our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion visit the elderly & infirmed Parishioners. Call UPGRADE YOUR CLOSET! THE ST. JOAN OF ARC USHERS WANT YOU!!! Are you tired of your wardrobe and deciding what to wear to Mass each week? Let us dress you! We are a ministry of over 60 men and women that provide each mass with the hospitality & services to make all parishioners and guests feel welcome. We would like to tell you about this great ministry and how getting involved provides a service to St. Joan and a blessing for you. And you ll be one of the best dressed people at Mass! Call Ken Meldonian or Dennis Jordan Find your purpose... feed your soul. Embark upon a 10-week Journey of Discovery and Transformation that is life-changing! For details contact. Tessie O'Dea or Martha Nicolli at JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 13

14 PRAY FOR THE SICK Alva, Jose Amantia, Bill Avalos, Zuany Cassani, Angela Conaghan, Patrick Cuccolo, Anthony Chang, Kim Desmarais, Clovis De La Quintana, Carmen De Opina, Argenida Martinez Disanto, Emmanuel Dillevig, (Baker) Patricia Espinoza, Milagros Farrell, Helene Feerguson-Byrne,Ashley Ferguson, John Feliz, Mary Freundt, Teresa Marrou Gesner, Carmella Gonzales, Christine Hamilton, Bob Horn, Amy Holmes, Mary Hoodye, Christopher Hamilton, Ashley Kassing, Robert Kenny, Pauline M. July Kenney, Brigid Kenney, Robert Kenney, Eileen Kick, Debbie Kiuhan, Fernando Kolcun, Laverne Krasne, Mary Rose Krzewnski, Roy Lynn, Adele Lopez, Claudia & Family Manno, Jean Manno, Angela Marquiles, Ricardo Marrou, Ana Teresa Martinez, Maria Rosa Miller, Betty Muriel McCarthy, Mary McCormick, John WOULD YOU LIKE TO DONATE FLOWERS TO DECORATE THE ALTAR ON THE WEEKEND MASSES? You can do this to celebrate special dates, (birthdays, anniversaries etc.), you can also donate them in memory of someone or to celebrate your family, or your business or simply to decorate the Lord's table. Your name would be printed here on the week you choose to donate the flower arrangement/s. If interested, please call Patty Delaney at (561) or This week s altar flowers: donated by DUCH DESIGNS 141 NW 20th Street, Suite B7. Boca Raton, Fl Please call Patricia at (561) Cell: (516) % discount offered to SJA parishioners 14 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20 Nguyen, Christopher Payet, Tito Pelles, Angelica Alva Pinto, Kevin Pfistner, Paul Rellick, Mary Ridge, Teresa Rishoff, Gertrude Rishoff, Walter Roberts, Tyler Rodriguez, Mary Ann Sagaria, Joyce Soihet, Sissi Tousignant, Helen Tremblay, Stephan Trzeciak, Max Yacona, Lenny Yee, James Zimmerman, Shirley BAPTISMS We welcome the newest members of St Joan of Arc Parish and offer our congratulations to the parents of the newly baptized. Noah Nesta DeFranceschi Charles Michael Diveto, IV Sophia Marie Gomez ALTAR BREAD Do you want a special remembrance for a loved one, living or deceased? You can donate Altar Bread for a week of Masses by calling Karen Tringali, July 20: In loving memory of Deacon Hank and Deacon Clifford DECEASED Arlene Hansen Grieco Michele Grassi Rosemarie DeSanctis Sharon McCarthy Overseas in The US Armed Forces: Afghanistan: Staff. Sgt. Douglas Stott, PVT 1st Class Brendan Nestor. Iraq: Sgt. Maj. John Hermeling, Capt. Christopher Allen & PFC Lee E. Palmer; David Schuler, Lance Corp., Marines. Germany: Benjamin Creed, PVT. Okinowa: SA William Fix Jr. Djibouti, Africa: Rev. John Gayton, member of the Navy Chaplain Corps Spain: Lance Corporal Brett R. Bryant When you consider your estate plans, remember your spiritual Family Truly your parish has been a part of your faith development, a member of your family. Consider becoming a member of The Arc Angel Society as a way of guaranteeing the health of your spiritual family long into the future. Please consider a bequest as part of your plans to benefit your parish. Through your estate, your membership in our extended community of faith will continue in perpetuity. Your attorney, or financial advisor can advise you on the tax benefits and other considerations you will want to think about as you consider your estate plans. A number of valuable and attractive benefits will accompany your membership. These include special masses and mailings designed especially for Society members. For more information, please contact Wendy Horton at

15 Ministerio Hispano MISA EN ESPAÑOL TODOS LOS SABADOS A LAS 6:30pm. (Confesiones todos los Sábados a las 5:45pm (antes de la Santa Misa) en la capilla) Nuestro principal apostolado como cristianos consiste en crear en el mundo un ambiente de auténtica caridad XVI DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO, CICLO A SAN MATEO 13, 24-43: LA CIZAÑA DE LA MALA DOCTRINA Ahogar la cizaña con la abundancia de buena semilla. No desaprovechar ninguna ocasión. La abundancia de cizaña sólo puede contrarrestarse con mayor abundancia aún de buena doctrina: vencer al mal con el bien, con ejemplo de vida y coherencia de conducta. El Señor nos llama a buscar la santidad en medio del mundo, en el cumplimiento de los deberes ordinarios; y esta llamada reclama de nosotros una presencia activa en las realidades humanas nobles que de alguna manera nos atañen. No basta lamentarse ante tantos errores y ante medios tan poderosos para difundirlos, la buena doctrina de Jesús,no puede quedar fuera de la vida pública y, sobre todo, debe ser parte de la educación, la cultura, la vida familiar. DIEZ CLAVES PARA UN VERANO CRISTIANO Exponerse al SOL y broncearse puede ser una oportunidad para que se evaporen del interior de nosotros mismos las toxinas de la insolidaridad y del engreimiento. Bronceado del alma. La belleza encanta la vista, pero el mérito gana el alma Cobijarse en la SOMBRA es buscar un momento para la lectura de la Palabra de Dios y para la reflexión serena de cómo va nuestra propia vida. Darse un buen BAÑO conlleva el limpiar la conciencia y el corazón de todo poso de corrupción y de envidia, de agobios y de estrés. Tomarse un REFRIGERIO es hacer un alto en el camino cada domingo para participar en la Eucaristía dominical, levantarse y acostarse cada día dando gracias a Dios. La oración es la llave de la mañana y el cierre de la noche PASEAR es caer en la cuenta que somos peregrinos en la tierra. Nada es definitivo y, por lo tanto, es bueno echar la vista atrás para ver si en la gran playa de nuestra vida cristiana estamos dejando huella que merezca la pena. DIALOGAR nos hace caer en la cuenta que somos seres sociales y que, para enriquecer, necesitamos de un contraste con los otros que nos rodean. DESCANSAR exige detener un poco el ritmo de nuestra existencia. No siempre lo que hacemos es lo más importante ni aquello que aparcamos es lo más innecesario. BUSCAR a Dios. Muchos se preocupan por recoger conchas en la arena y son incapaces de dar con un incentivo para sus vidas. Si te vas al fin del mundo encontrarás la huella de Dios. Si te vas al fin de ti mismo, es Dios mismo a quien encontrarás (D. Copperfield) CONVIVIR es salir de uno mismo y hacer partícipes de mis éxitos y de mis fracasos a los que me rodean. La gente se te hace pesada? No te la cargues a tu espalda, llévatela en tu corazón LA ALEGRIA por vivir y creer. La realidad dura que nos toca vivir echa en falta hombres y mujeres, armónicos y felices consigo mismo. La alegría es una red de amor con la que se pueden capturar muchas almas (M. Teresa de Calcuta) Para Información sobre los sacramentos, clases de preparación para bautismo, etc. Entrar en nuestra página web: o pedir información en la parroquia con María, Rosario o Alba Para pedir una intención en las misas para difuntos o enfermos dirigirse a la oficina parroquial en las horas de oficina. Nuestra contribución semanal a la Iglesia. Como miembros de Santa Juana de Arco la comunidad hispana contribuimos semanalmente con el ofertorio, continuemos siendo generosos con nuestra aportación. La participación de todos los feligreses es esencial para el éxito de nuestros ministerios apostólicos. JULY 20 l ST. JOAN OF ARC l 15

16 MINISTERIO HISPANO AVISOS PARROQUIALES Quédate conmigo, señor, porque aunque mi alma sea tan pobre, desea ser para Ti un lugar de descanso, un nido de amor.. BIENVENIDO ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ nuevo director de nuestro coro. Todos los interesados en participar en nuestro coro, adultos, jóvenes y niños, hablen con Alejandro después de la Misa. OFERTORIO Gracias Familia Teran: Jorge, Reina, Diana y Jorge. Próximamente encuentro para familias de Santa Juana de Arco y sus amistades. TALLERES DE MINISTROS EXTRAORDINARIOS DE LA COMUNION Todos los Ministros extraordinarios de la comunión de Santa Juana de Arco y todos los que quisieran ser ministros, están invitados a participar en el Taller que la hermana Vivian González, RMI ofrece el sábado 2 de agosto en Santa Juana de Arco de 10:00 a 12:00 en la sala de conferencias A. TALLERES PARA PROCLAMADORES DE LA PALABRA El sábado 16 de agosto de 10:00 am a 12:00pm La Hermana Vivian González, RMI dictara un Taller para Proclamadores de la Palabra en la sala de Conferencias A. Todos los proclamadores de la palabra de Santa Juana de Arco y aquellos que estén interesados en serlo están invitados a participar. PORQUE ES IMPORTANTE REGISTRARSE COMO MIEMBROS DE LA PARROQUIA. Es muy importante que participemos en nuestra comunidad como miembros activos de la parroquia registrándonos en la oficina y utilizando el sobre en la Misa (en lugar de dejar la contribución sin sobre). De esta manera la parroquia conoce quienes somos y que participamos activamente de las Misas y demás liturgias. A la hora de pedir los sacramentos (Bautismo, Confirmación, Primera comunión, Matrimonio y funerales) para nuestros hijos o ahijados se nos preguntara si somos miembros activos en nuestra parroquia. Si estamos registrados como miembros activos de la parroquia se podrá comprobar fácilmente, el solo asistir a Misa regularmente no es suficiente para que la parroquia nos reconozca como sus miembros. Por favor no deje de registrarse para evitar inconvenientes en la hora de pedir los sacramentos. Gracias. CONFESIONES EN ESPAÑOL todos los sábados antes de la Misa. BAUTISMOS Próximo Bautismo en español sábado 16 de agosto Próxima clase pre bautismal en español para padres y padrinos: martes 19 de agosto a las 7:00pm. Información: A partir de los 7 años los niños y jóvenes que deseen recibir el sacramento del Bautismo deberán recibir catequesis. RICA RITO DE INICIACIÓN CRISTIANA PARA ADULTOS RICA es un proceso por el cual una persona que desea recibir los sacramentos en la Iglesia Católica es instruida en la fe Católica y luego recibida como fiel de la Iglesia. Si usted desea ser Católico o conoce alguna persona que tiene esa inquietud puede llamar al ministerio de formación religiosa de la parroquia Sr. Vivian Gonzalez, RMI, Rosa Davidson (561) (561) , o al ministerio hispano, Constanza Preble para mayor información. También aquellos adultos mayores de 18 años que ya han sido bautizados pero desean recibir la Sagrada Comunión y el sacramento de la Confirmación pueden participar de este programa. Los cursos de RICA comienzan el martes 26 de agosto de 6:30 a 9:00pm y se reúnen una vez por semana. Los catecúmenos son recibidos en la fe en la vigilia de Pascua. Clases de Confirmación para mayores de 18 años TODOS los JUEVES de 7:00 a 8:30 pm a partir del 7 de agosto El 11 de octubre de 2014 el Obispo Barbarito celebrara el Sacramento de la Confirmación en Santa Juana de Arco. Las clases de preparación para recibir este sacramento serán los jueves de 7:00 a 8:30pm. Enviesu información por para ser contactado o llame al ; o al ATENCIÓN MONAGUILLOS La preparación para los monaguillos durante el mes de Julio el Padre Wessler Hilaire preparara a los nuevos monaguillos los sábados antes de la Misa vengan temprano! GRUPO DE ORACIÓN Y LECTURA DE LA BIBLIA El jueves 24 de julioa las 7:00pm te esperamos en la en la Casa Hispana para leer la Biblia y orar juntos. Todos están cordialmente invitados a participar. GRUPO DE ORACIÓN PADRE PIO: Todos los jueves a las 9:00am en la casa de oración THE ARK para rezar juntos el Santo Rosario. LITURGIA DE LA PALABRA LOS NIÑOS de 4 a 11 años durante la Santa Misa.. Próxima clase de ayuda con los FORMULARIOS DE CIUDADANÍA los lunes 21 de julio. A las 11:00am en la casa Hispana (no se dan clases para la preparación al examen). LAS CLASES DE INGLÉS comienzan el 13 de agosto. Se reúnen todos los miércoles por la mañana y por la tarde Llame al para registrarse y recibir más información. Directorio Director: Constanza Preble Ministerio Extraordinario de la Eucaristía: Sr. y Sra. Córdova Monaguillos: Rita Carrillo Liturgia de los niños: Nanci Mesa Clases de Inglés: Computación: l ST. JOAN OF ARC l JULY 20

St. Catherine Labouré

St. Catherine Labouré WWW.STCATHERINECV.ORG CHINO VALLEY, AZ 928-636-4071 July 26, 2015 St. Catherine Labouré Roman Catholic Church 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Parish Ministries, Devotions, Groups, and Councils MINISTRIES

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The Catholic Church of Visalia

The Catholic Church of Visalia June 14, 2015 The Catholic Church of Visalia St. Mary s, Holy Family, St. Thomas the Apostle & St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Center PARISH OFFICE 506 N. Garden St. Visalia, CA 93291 Office Hours/ Horas

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St. Pius X Catholic Community

St. Pius X Catholic Community St. Pius X Catholic Community JANUARY 27, 2013 THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 1025 E. Madison Street Lombard, IL 60148 630-627-4526 WELCOME TO ST. PIUS X CATHOLIC COMMUNITY 1025 E.

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NORTH COAST CATHOLIC A NEW SISTER FOR SANTA ROSA DIOCESE SETTLES ABUSE CASE NORTH COAST CATHOLIC The newspaper of the Diocese of S anta Rosa w w AUGUST 2014 A NEW SISTER FOR SANTA ROSA The Diocese of Santa Rosa recently gained its newest professed woman religious.

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The Guide. Queen of Angels Parish. COMING EVENTS Monday, October 27 All-School Mass, 8:30 a.m., Church

The Guide. Queen of Angels Parish. COMING EVENTS Monday, October 27 All-School Mass, 8:30 a.m., Church COMING EVENTS Monday, October 27 All-School Mass, 8:30 a.m., Church Saturday, November 1 All Saints Day / Todos los Santos 9 a.m. Bilingual Mass / Misa Bilingüe see pages 1, 3 and 6 for more info Weekend

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WEST CATHOLIC HIGH CATHOLIC HI SCH Parish Ministry & Catechetical Conference -Ephesians 4:5 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 WEST CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL AM PM MASS AT 8:45AM AM-4:30PM Parish Ministry & Catechetical Conference AT 11:45AM Keynote

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The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Seminarian Service in the Summer

The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. Seminarian Service in the Summer The CatholicWitness The Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg July 18, 2014 Vol 48 No. 14 Seminarian Service in the Summer EMILY M. ALBERT, THE CATHOLIC WITNESS Seminarian Bennett Smith takes time during

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SACRAMENT INFORMATION / CELEBRACIÓN DE LOS SACRAMENTOS ST. MARK THE EVANGELIST 1201 Alma Dr., Plano, TX 75075 (Parish) 1105 West 15 th St., Plano TX 75075 (Office) Church: 972-423-5600 Fax: 972-423-5024 Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9AM-4PM; Friday 9AM-12PM

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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church We find Christ here. We bring Christ to the world. 100 Harpersville Road, Newport News, VA 23602 Phone: 757-595-0385 ~ Parish Office Hours: Monday Thursday:

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February 2, 2014. SACRED HEART SCHOOL 10770 Henderson Rd., Ventura, CA 93004 (805) 647-6174 Visit us on the WEB at: www.sacredheartschoolventura.

February 2, 2014. SACRED HEART SCHOOL 10770 Henderson Rd., Ventura, CA 93004 (805) 647-6174 Visit us on the WEB at: www.sacredheartschoolventura. February 2, 2014 Page 1 SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH 10800 HENDERSON RD., VENTURA, CA 93004 (805) 647-3235; FAX (805) 647-8087 Visit us on the WEB at: Email us at:

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Our Lady Queen of Peace

Our Lady Queen of Peace Our Lady Queen of Peace 4696 Notre Dame Lane, House Springs, Mo 63051 636-671-3062 July 5, 2015 PASTOR Reverend Michael Murphy ASSOCIATES Reverend James Beighlie, C.M. Reverend Donald

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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Pro Cathedral Founded September 1, 1772 Mass Schedule Saturday: 7:00 am, and 5:30 pm Vigil Sunday:: English Sunday English:: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 6:00 pm Spanish:

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Saint Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church

Saint Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church Saint Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church Laguna Beach, CA MONTH OF THE SACRED HEART Solemnity of Pentecost Sunday June 8, 2014 Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth. Psalm 104

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scissors and more. It s neat to see how proud the children are with their backpack, said Father Fred Ruse of the Orlando Diocese.

scissors and more. It s neat to see how proud the children are with their backpack, said Father Fred Ruse of the Orlando Diocese. FloridaCatholic WWW.THEFLORIDACATHOLIC.ORG Your Faith. Your LiFe. Your CommunitY. Play ball! Spring training has Catholic side DEnIsE O TOOLE KELLY of the Florida Catholic staff With the spring training

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St. Matthew Catholic Church Ministry Leader Handbook

St. Matthew Catholic Church Ministry Leader Handbook St. Matthew Catholic Church Ministry Leader Handbook Connected in Christ! Moved by the Spirit! St. Matthew Catholic Church Mission The Eucharistic Catholic community of St. Matthew loves Christ above all

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Florida Catholic I N S I D E THIS ISSUE. Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation

Florida Catholic I N S I D E THIS ISSUE. Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation Florida Catholic The Orlando Edition Parish celebrates rededication of church following renovation Martinez now serves at Mother CASSELBERRY of Good Counsel Parish in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Father Jim Mar tinez,

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Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord The Church of HOLY APOSTLES March 29, 2015 Roman Catholic Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Our Mission Statement: The Church of Holy Apostles is a compassionate, welcoming and healthy family that

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PARISH LEADERSHIP/ EVANGELIZATION DAY 2009 PARISH LEADERSHIP/ EVANGELIZATION DAY 2009 Evangelizing for Parish Leadership Saturday, February 7, 2009 Maria High School 6727 South California Avenue Chicago, IL 60629 Archdiocese of Chicago Sponsored

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Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello. Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein. Faith Formation... Linda Doyle

Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello. Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein. Faith Formation... Linda Doyle Catholic Church Pastor... Reverend Monsignor John M. Costello Associate Pastor... Reverend Michael J. Esswein Senior Priest in Residence...... Reverend Monsignor Gregory L. Schmidt Deacons... Deacon Joseph

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I would like the people of heaven in my house...saint Brigid. 75 Post Avenue v Westbury v NY v 11590 v516.334.0021

I would like the people of heaven in my house...saint Brigid. 75 Post Avenue v Westbury v NY v 11590 v516.334.0021 Saint Brigid I would like the people of heaven in my house....saint Brigid The Parish Family of Welcome! Bienvenidos Byenveni Benvenuto Failte Mabuhay s September 21, 2014 ~ Our parish church is open Monday

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Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013

Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Southern California National Commander Visit 12/9/13 (Monday) 1000 Riverside National Cemetery 22495 Van

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San Sebastian Catholic Church

San Sebastian Catholic Church San Sebastian Catholic Church 1112 State Road 16 / St. Augustine, FL 32084 / 904-824-6625 The Most Holy Trinity June 3, 2012 Mass Schedule Sat. Vigil Mass 4pm, Sun. Masses

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Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux August 9, 2015 Pastoral Staff 209-835-4560 Ext. # by Name Rev. Fr. David Dutra, #125 Pastor Rev. Fr. Chad Wahl, #156 Rev. Fr. Charles S. Fermeglia, #112 Parochial Vicars Rev. Mr. Ray Whitlock 836-3194

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Raising Hope. Children s Program empowers kids who grow up with addiction at home Read one family s story, page 6

Raising Hope. Children s Program empowers kids who grow up with addiction at home Read one family s story, page 6 A new magazine for alumni, donors, friends and colleagues of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation TOGETHER Sharing the hope and strength of recovery SPRING 2015 VOLUME 1 : ISSUE 1 Raising Hope Children s

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Shiloh Lutheran Church Newsletter

Shiloh Lutheran Church Newsletter Shiloh Lutheran Church Newsletter July/August 2010 Wedding Bans Heather Workinger and Jason Smith announce their marriage on Saturday, July 31st. Please hold them in your prayers as God richly blesses

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Catholic Maritime News Summer 2014 Volume 76

Catholic Maritime News Summer 2014 Volume 76 Catholic Maritime News Summer 2014 Volume 76 Maritime Education and Training" Selected as World Maritime Day Theme for 2015 Press Briefing - International Maritime Organization (IMO) - Reprinted with permission

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Two Feet of Love. The. Session for Teens. Two distinct but complementary ways we can respond to the call to put love in action

Two Feet of Love. The. Session for Teens. Two distinct but complementary ways we can respond to the call to put love in action The Two Feet of Love Session for Teens Two distinct but complementary ways we can respond to the call to put love in action Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development United States Conference of

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GUIDELINES. youth ministries. Ministries for, by, and with Youth. Susan Hay General Board of Discipleship

GUIDELINES. youth ministries. Ministries for, by, and with Youth. Susan Hay General Board of Discipleship GUIDELINES youth ministries Ministries for, by, and with Youth Susan Hay General Board of Discipleship YOUTH MINISTRIES Copyright 2008 by Cokesbury All rights reserved. United Methodist churches and other

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PASTORAL GUIDELINES TO ASSIST STUDENTS OF SAME-SEX ORIENTATION PASTORAL GUIDELINES TO ASSIST STUDENTS OF SAME-SEX ORIENTATION I have come in order that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10 This document has been approved by the Education Commission

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Saint Thomas the Apostle Church

Saint Thomas the Apostle Church THE MOST HOLY TRINITY June 15, 2014 FATHER S DAY Saint Thomas the Apostle Church Mission Statement We are a Catholic family, living our awareness of Christ s presence through worship, service, evangelization

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