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1 Summer 2013 Launch of in Sweden Read Thomas Lundells introduction to the Swedish readers. Read more on page 07. This issue is about: 04 AMT Launching 10.1 PCI Touch Panel Support Competence on products Solutions Competence within networking Sales Competence on market & segments 05 EDT going large 06 Power solution updates from RECOM 08 New Axiomtek all-in-one Panel PC 09 Litemax s new 7 high-brite 10 SGD tailoring displays to your needs 11 From great ideas to real life products 12 Participate in our summer competition draw M-Comp Co., Ltd. M-Comp Korea was founded in May 2008, as a daughter company of M-Comp A/S, Denmark. Read more on page 3. VisioSign VisioSign is a leading Danish company with focus on digital information signage. Read more on page 11. iwave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. iwave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based company founded in 1999, dealing in the business of Embedded Hardware, Software & FPGA Designs. Read more on page 9.

2 We look forward to serve you Moment M-Comp A/S Hecovej Hedensted Denmark Tlf Editor Lars Nordberg-Hansen Editorial employees Erik Sandholm Sune Meyer Thomas Lundell HB Shin Layout and print Stormes Grafisk Printed in 21,000 copies Distributed in Denmark: 10,000 copies By: Lars Nordberg-Hansen, CEO Through the latest know-how, M-Comp strives to create value for our customers by making solutions through partnership and cooperation. The main driver for all activities and projects in M-COMP is know-how, International partnerships and experience. During the past years we have invested heavily into our ISO9000:2008 system and into Axapta 2012, as our ERP system all to make sure that we are able to handle our customer projects professional and make a good service for our customers, and also to be able to han- dle growth rates of 25-40% pr. year. In M-COMP we grow with our customers, and help all of us to the good solutions in both a commercial aspect as well as in a technological aspect. We are proud to say that we do provide the newest knowhow on both products and markets, and this is in our view the greatest value we can give. In this latest edition of Moment we give the latest view into our company, and on some of the projects we have made with customers and our large network of collaboration partners from all over the world. It is my hope that we can work with you as a customer and create great solutions together. We look forward to serve you. Distributed in Sweden: 13,700 copies 2

3 Summer 2013 Competence on products M-Comp Co., Ltd. Support By: HB Shin M-Comp Korea was founded in May 2008, as a daughter company of M-Comp A/S, Denmark. Since the start-up, both companies have been collaborating in display applications, and over the years we have expanded our services and products across the Nordic region to our customers. North-eastern Asian countries play a major role in the electronics industry. Various kind of new electronic technologies, components, modules and applications have been developed from many R&D centers. These technologies and products are widely transferred to local electronic industries and provide growth possibilities for small-medium companies. As a result, major electronic companies utilize local quality suppliers and make high quality products. All the major display suppliers are located in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. These include display companies Samsung, LG Display, AUO, CMI, BOE and Hydis, who all have a strong supply chain. M-Comp Korea has four employees, who have over fifty years working experience combined in the display industry. The employees have good knowhow in display related products TFT-LCD, touch screen, video control board, LED driver, ruggedized housing, optical glass, etc. Our role is to find new display technologies, components, qua- lified manufacturers and good solutions in the most economical and safe way. We visit all the local suppliers to inspect the goods and verify their form, fit and function. After customer s confirmation, we ensure that products supplied, meet the approved specification. TM 6"~49 " Full Size Sunlight Readable Ultra- Wide Aspect Ratio LED Back light Lowe r Power Consumption Wide Viewing Angle Fan-less Media Player (Optional) When customers look for products and services, we understand, define and ratify their inquiry through co-work with M-Comp A/S in Denmark. It is our goal for our customers to acquire suited solutions from reliable sources in Asia. Resizing LCD Aspe ct Ratio Displa y Area unit:mm HB Shin Managing Director M-Comp Korea M-Comp office in Korea 3

4 AMT Launching 10.1 PCI Touch Panel By: Erik Sandholm, As more customers demand Projected Capacitive Input (PCI) touch panels, AMT continues to expand the product range of their standard stock items. Furthermore, to comply with Windows 8 specifications, customers are asking for touch panels that support more than two touches. Last November at the Munich Electronica exhibition, AMT showcased the mid-size 10.1 and extra-large 21.5 PCI touch solutions that enable 10 touches and meet Windows 8 specifications. Both products were well received by customers. We are therefore pleased to announce that M-COMP will be able to provide samples of the new 10.1 PCI touch panels and control board for customers to run tests. Currently we provide two types of AMT 10.1 PCI touch panels: P3018-A20 and P3018-AG0. These two standard products are designed to fit the currently dominant 16:10 widescreen LCD aspect ratio and adopt the glass-film-film structure. P3018-A20 is a standard PCI touch panel with 1.1mm top passive glass, and P3018-AG0 is a standard PCI touch panel with black printed décor glass. The true-flat design will add elegance to your products. Below is more detailed information on the P3018 touch panels. Download guides Visit our website to download guides on how to integrate PCAP and resistive touch sensors. side10718.html 4

5 Summer 2013 Competence on markets and segments Sales EDT going large By: Sune Meyer, Taiwanese based display manufacturer Emerging Display Technologies continues to build on its products geared towards the customers looking for long product availability at reasonable pricing. Spurred by the continued rise in demand for capacitive touch displays, EDT is this time around targeting new segments by offering TFT displays in sizes above the 7.0 size. 8.0, 10.4, 12.1 and 15.4 displays With the ongoing success of smartphones and tablets in recent years, the capacitive touch technology has found its way into increasingly larger displays and as a result is now also used in midsize displays for Panel PC products, among other applications. As a direct result of this market demand, EDT is now introducing displays in the sizes of 8.0, 10.4, 12.1 and 15.4 which all come exclusively with a capacitive touch sensor and controller already integrated. Furthermore the touch sensors have a cover lens added. There is a clear distinction in screen formats, since the 8.0 and 10.4 displays are 4:3 ratio while the 12.1 and 15.4 displays are in widescreen format. Additionally the 12.1 display features an IPS panel for im- proved viewing angles and overall picture quality. EDT s new large sized PCAP multi touch. While the 8.0 size utilizes Parallel RGB interface, all remaining sizes connect through LVDS. Please consult the following chart for additional details and contact your local M-COMP representative. 5

6 Power solution updates from RECOM By: Sune Meyer, Well known for their capability within the field of LED drivers and AC/DC and DC/DC power conversion, the German company RECOM continually updates and expands its product portfolio. Targeting a variety of applications from industrial automation to medical and automotive industries, recent notable product updates include the very latest in certifications for the medical field and added focus on catering for Smart Home Applications. RECOM DC/DC converters certified to the 3rd Edition IEC for maximized patient protection. Since June 2012, electrical medical devices must meet the 3rd Edition of IEC to be placed on the European market. RECOM offers a wide range of DC/DC converters that are certified to the stringent requirements of the IEC/EN Medical Equipment standard and are suitable for a huge variety of medical applications in which high isolation and low leakage currents are required. DC/DC converters range from 0,25W up to 15W. For example RECOMs new RAM (1W, unregulated), RAZ (1W, regulated) and RTM (2W, unregulated) series, offer an isolation voltage up to 4kVDC and an operating temperature range up to 100 C. For higher wattages the regulated converters of the series REC10 (10W) and REC15 (15W) are suitable, achieving efficiency up to 87%. Whenever patients come directly into contact with electricity, special protective measures are required. The RECOM /R series have a specially designed reinforced isolation transformer core and new insulation materials to ensure that not only the 3rd Edition of IEC required clearance and creepage distances are observed, but also higher isolation voltages of up to 10kVDC can be guaranteed. RECOM DC/DC converters certified to IEC for maximized protection. 6

7 Summer 2013 M-Comp din lokala leverantör av modulär elektronik Av: Thomas Lundell I samarbete med våra kunder tar vi på M-Comp fram kundspecifika lösningar och produkter baserade på våra leverantörers teknologier kompletterat med egenutvecklade lösningar. Det gör att du som kund kan fokusera på applikation och funktion. Vi är experter på modulära elektroniklösningar och kan genom vår kunskap, erfarenhet, kompetens och närhet erbjuda dig som kund den bästa hårdvarulösningen. M-Comp är en nordisk distributör med lokal närvaro. Vi skapar värde från idé till färdig produkt genom stort tekniskt kunnande, god logistik och nära samarbete. Vi har lång erfarenhet från att jobba med kunder inom industri, medicinteknik, kommunikation och energi för att nämna några områden. Vi vet vad svenska kunder och den svenska marknaden önskar och efterfrågar. M-Comp har lokal närvaro, men ger också dig som kund närhet till spetskompetens och en välfungerande logistikfunktion vid huvudkontoret i Hedensted, Danmark. Vi möter den svenska marknadens växande krav på kortare time-to-market, mer kompletta lösningar och allt större krav på bättre kommunikation mellan människa och maskin. Thomas Lundell introduces M-COMP s MOMENT magazine to Swedish readers. 7

8 New Axiomtek all-in one Cedar Trail based 12.1 inch Panel PC MAIN FEATURES By Sune Meyer, Axiomtek unveils its new Cedar Trail-based 12.1-inch XGA/ SVGA TFT fanless touch panel computer, GOT5120T-832, for use in applications requiring information display It provides advanced graphics processing capability via the new dual core Intel Atom Cedarview processor N2600 at 1.6 GHz in 45nm technology with Intel NM10 Express chipset. By adopting the new Intel Cedar Trail platform, it offers an excellent balance between high graphics performance and low power consumption. In addition, with Axiomtek s patent for plastic plus aluminum mechanism design, the GOT5120T-832 can dissipate heat easily and keep the system operation stable, despite boasting a fanless design. IP65/NEMA water/ dust-proof design To withstand harsh operating environments, the GOT5120T-832 is made with a robust mechanical design and has an IP65/NEMA 4-rated water/dust-proof front panel to prevent the system from outside damage. Built-in WLAN antenna (optional) The GOT5120T-832 offers a PCI Express Mini Card slot and a fixed rotational WLAN antenna (optional) for wireless network connection in real time. By just plugging in the WLAN Mini Card, users can have instant access to wireless LAN/GPRS/GSM/3G inch XGA/SVGA TFT fanless touch panel computer with Intel Atom Cedar Trail processor N2600 at 1.6 GHz Fanless and noiseless operation design XGA color resolution 1024 x 768 TFT LCD display with brightness 500 nits or SVGA color resolution 800 x 600 TFT LCD display with brightness 450 nits IP65/NEMA 4-rated plastic front bezel against dust and water splash A PCIe Mini Card slot and a built-in WLAN antenna for wireless LAN/GPRS/GSM/3G connections Optional RFID function 2.5 SATA HDD and CompactFlash for storage capacity Thermal solution and anti-vibration (up to 2G for CompactFlash ) design Various mounting ways: Panel/Wall/VESA arm/desktop stand (optional) I/O features of 2 COM, 2 Ethernet, 4 USB 2.0, 1 VGA and Audio (line-out) Full compatibility with Windows Embedded 7 (32-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit). GOT5120T-832 offers an excellent balance between high graphics performance and low power consumption. 8

9 Summer 2013 iwave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. By: Erik Sandholm, iwave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-based company founded in 1999, dealing in the business of Embedded Hardware, Software & FPGA Designs. They have mainly focused on Industrial, Medical & Automotive areas so far and are known for supporting different Processors from tier-1 silicon companies like Freescale, Intel, TI, Marvell, Atmel, Toshiba, SiRF etc. In OS Development & Porting, iwave has WINCE, Linux, Android, QNX, VxWorks & itron. Coming to FPGA Devices and Tools, They have XILINX (Virtex 7 & Kintex-7), Altera (Cyclone V & Stratix V GS), Lattice (ECP3, XP2) and Actel (Smart Fusion & Fusion). iwave s commitment to technology & support is one of the reasons for its customers to choose iwave for their services. IWave s expertise and comprehensive system offering can help its customers achieve the optimum solution. Contact M-COMP for a presentation of the new Q7 i.mx6 demo platform which is driving a 7 TFT with touch sensor. The platftorm supports both Windows, Android and Linux OS. Hot design launches are as follows: Industry first Pico ITX SBC based on i.mx6 MIPI Camera Support on iwave s G15D Capacitive Multi-Touch Demo on iwave s G15D PCIe driver support in WEC7 on ARM Architecture ARM Cortex A8-based Qseven SOM built around TI s AM389x/DM816x Sitara/Da Vinci Processor Industry first quad display development platform based on Freescale s i.mx6x Application processor WEC 7 BSP on Freescale s i.mx6q SABRE SDP SMP support verification on WEC7 with i.mx6 Quad Core platform iwave development platform, Q7 including 7 TFT with touch. LITEMAX Electronics Inc. By: Erik Sandholm, LITEMAX Electronics Inc., was founded in 2000 and introduced the world markets to their expertise in LCD backlight systems based on their Advanced Brightness Technology. Litemax immediately launched a series of Outdoor Displays with brightness levels of 800 to 2,000 nits enabling clear visibility even in bright sunlight conditions. The core markets for these displays being Digital Signage, Public Transportation Advertising, ATM s, Public Information Kiosk, Outdoor Display Walls, Navigation Displays, and Military Displays. LITEMAX s mission is to offer innovative VHB Very High Bright- ness LCD product with massproduction capability. Currently, VHB LCD has been successfully applied in several industry displays, including LCD-TV, automobile TV, multimedia LCD monitor, ATM & Kiosk display, outdoor sunlightreadable display, and video-wall display, marine display, military display, etc. LITEMAX & M-COMP welcomes customers from various application fields, together we can specify and supply the solution needed. We offer products in different chassis solutions, and also full custom. The core competences are hibrite displays with optical bond- ing for optimal optical and rugged performance which is very much a demand in outdoor applications. One of the new products is the 7 DLH 0754, 1280 x800 pixel LCD panel, LED backlight with 800NIT suitable for outdoor applications like gaming, wayfinding, PointOfSale (POS) tablets etc. With this new 7 we offer a solution for the demanding usage in out-door environment and we are also able to demonstrate the benefit of optical bonding when hi-brite TFT s are coupled with either a protective cover lens and/or touchsensor, for instance PCAP technology. LITEMAX s new 7 high bright 1280 x 800 pixel TFT panel with 800 NIT LED backlight 9

10 Competence within networking Solutions SGD tailoring displays to your needs By: Sune Meyer, Whether your project requires a standard display solution or a custom solution to meet specific needs, the product portfolio and design competences of our partner Solomon Goldentek is a good point of reference. Located in Taiwan, with production plants in both Taiwan and China, the strength of the SGD product line-up lies in the smaller monochrome graphics LCD displays as well as FS-LCD for custom applications, in addition to TFT displays reaching all the way up to 8.0 in size. All displays are available with the latest in touch display solutions and for the TFT line-up the customer can even choose unique features such as high brightness and optical bonding. In-cell touch A recent product technology advancement introduced by SGD is the in-cell touch technology based on capacitive touch. Initially targeted for LCD displays, this technology allows for the integration of the touch sensor into the display glass itself as well as integrating the LCD driver and touch controller into a single chip. The advantages to doing so are obvious, since the integration process has the potential to save on costs as well as overall thickness of the display. The following is an example of an icon and segment based LCD display with 20 touch points highlighted in red, using in-cell touch. Custom monochrome LCD display for Nordic customer Segment LCD display with InCell touch sensor. For one of our customers in the Nordic region, M-COMP and SGD was given the assignment of providing a custom 128x64 resolution graphics LCD display. Featuring D-FSTN technology for increased black levels, adding yet another layer of film between the STN display and polarizer, further consideration was also given to LCD rubbing in order to realign the molecules and change the display to 3 o clock viewing angle, in order to ensure maximum readability from above and below. For the LED backlight layout, customer was granted the flexibility of specifying the backlight LED placement as well as having the FFC LED connectivity customized to being integrated to the FPC for one singular output towards the platform driving PCB connector. Finally, our customer was also able to influence the backlight mounting towards the underlying PCB by adding 4 guiding taps with support ribs that are acting as fixtures, helping to ensure that the display is locked into place on the mounting PCB of the customer. The picture above shows this custom display in powered on state. 10

11 Summer 2013 VisioSign By: Erik Sandholm, VisioSign is a leading Danish company with focus on digital information signage. Since 1999 they have specialized in digital information systems and have concentrated on the development, delivery and support of this to private businesses, governments, health sector and educational institutions. The dialogue between VisioSign and M-COMP started at the HI 2011 exhibition. VisioSign was looking for a solution to extend their portfolio of system hardware to support their applications. To make the whole infrastructure easier and have a less expensive maintenance and installation, M-COMP and VisioSign agreed to develop a POE (Power Over Ethernet) signage device. Based on M- COMPs modular approach to the task, the decision was made to develop 2 prototypes for proof of concept. The two prototypes were built around available low power CPU modules and TFT s with LED backlight to keep the power consumption below the 803. adf POE standard which is max 15W output from the source and down to 12.95W at the receiver end. The challenge was to keep total power consumption for a WiN7 Embedded Intel system below 13 W, including the 12V needed for the TFT panel LED backlight. The solution was made by standard components, Z510 series PicoITX CPU board from Axiomtek and a 10,4 SVGA AUO panel. The last but most important part to the solution was a dual output POE PSU, capable of delivering 5V for the CPU board and 12V for the LED backlight. Today M-COMP manufactures the second generation 10,4 POE signage computer for Visio- Sign, including option for PCAP multitouch. Mr. Leo Christiansen, CEO of VisioSign: M-COMP has provided us with a platform on which we are able to extend and continue to develop our software. With a HW platform in which we have full control, we are able to focus on our core values, to bring new features to our existing portfolio of signage software without worrying about changes to the hardware that runs the OS and our applications POE signage unit. Inside the 10.4 POE signage unit. From great ideas to real life products in a short period of time By: Erik Sandholm, M-COMP supplies display solution to applications like vending and payment systems. For a long time these systems have been based on very basic LCD display technology like character displays or smaller graphic displays. The system was operated by using standard push buttons. As pricing on both larger TFT and touch has decreased very much over the last couple of years, more and more systems with touch have been introduced replacing older push button designs. M-COMP has for a longer period of time been in contact with a company who had an idea and who was started by people having a long background in the vending machine market, mostly in design and development. Based on their ideas and knowhow they have started: Danish Vending Technology (D-V-T) Which is a company that specializes in: from idea to final solutions design and development oftechnical and design solutions for hot drink machines independent advice and consulting sale and refurbishment Being able to supply DVT with the modules needed for their new solution and provide technical information on PCAP integration for coverlens touch, M-COMP made it possible for DVT to develop their new 15 PCAP touch based vending machine which was presented at the Copenhagen Food exhibition in February. M-COMP looks forward to work even closer with DVT and supply them with modules, support and solutions for their future products. If your company is looking for touch integration, display technology and a platform to drive your solution, we look forward to discussing your ideas and working together on supplying a suitable solution. DVT s coffee vending machine with 15 build in TFT. PCAP sensor integration behind cover glass. 11

12 Competent cooperations Sign UP and win! Participate in our summer competition draw by signing up for our newsletter and MOMENT The draw will be held in august. Read more on how to sign up at: Contact us Denmark M-Comp A/S Hecovej Hedensted Denmark Tlf Sverige M-Comp AB Pajalagaten Vällingby Sweden Tel.: Finland M-Comp Finland Malminkaari 23 A FI Helsinki Finland Tel.: We are a Nordic based company, which is driven by and based on the knowledge and experience of our colleagues, partners and our international network. Our over all aim is to provide our customers the best solutions and easy access to the newest know-how through modular electronic component combined with effective logistics. ADVICE PURCHASING KITTING ASSEMBLING STOCKING