Susana del Granado. Bachelor of Science Biology Major December 2002

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1 Susana M. del Granado P. Urbanización Los Geranios, casa #3 La Florida Casilla: (correo central) La Paz - Bolivia In Bolivia: (591) or In US: (315) East Genese St. #195 Syracuse, NY EDUCATION State University of New York, Syracuse NY September 2007 to present Environmental Science and Forestry PhD Candidate Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Master of Science August 2007 Environmental Policy and Democratic Process Syracuse University, Syracuse NY June 2009 Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Master in Public Administration Certificate in Advance Study on Conflict Resolution August 2007 Mayor de San Andres University, La Paz-Bolivia August 2002-April 2004 Post-undergraduate/Licenciatura Research Thesis: Environmental Air Quality Bachelor of Science Biology Major December 2002 FELLOWSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Graduate Research Assistant Fellow August 200- August 2011 Program of Latin America and Caribbean Fellow June August 2008 Sea Grant Fellow September 2006 to September 2007 Fulbright Scholar June 2004-August 2007 RESEARCH AND WORKING EXPERIENCE Project Coordinator: Office of Alumni Affairs, Bureau of Education and May 2011-October 2012 Cultural Affairs, US Department of State Youth Creating a Shared Vision of Bolivia s Future: how should natural resources (natural gas and lithium) be used to create a desirable future? A project selected from 698 presented worldwide. The only project funded from Bolivia and one of two from South America. State University of New York SUNY- (Syracuse US) Spring 2012 College of Environmental Science and Forestry ESF- Research Assistant Writing Research grants for the National Science Foundation on US Shale Gas and its economic, environrnental and social impacts. Page 1of 5

2 Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz Bolivia) Fall 2011 Professor on Sustainable Development (graduate) Concepts and Principles of Sustainable Development. Private University of Bolivia (La Paz Bolivia) Spring 2011 Professor on Sustainable Development (undergrad) Theories of Development, Principles of Sustainable Development, Policy guidelines and principles. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz Bolivia) Spring 2011 Professor on Economic Tendencies and Development Theories (graduate) Economic and Development History, International Policies and its effects on Bolivian policies. Scenario: Development, Uses and Applications Spring 2010 Co-teacher with Dr. Jack Manno (SUNY-ESF) and Dr. Barbara Heinzen (London Consultant) History and use of scenarios. Simulation creating scenarios for the public interest on the use of natural gas and lithium in Bolivia. General Chemistry Fall 2010 Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Culture Spring 2010 Introduction to Environmental Studies Fall 2009 Renewable Energy Spring 2009 Sustainable Development Fall 2008 Teaching Assistant SUNY-ESF Leading sections and laboratories. Assist in the organization of the class. Grading Lead discussion sessions and coordinate work distribution with other teaching assistants. Environmental Education July- August 2009 Teaching Fellow SUNY-ESF, Outreach Developing and implementing an educational summer science course for young students. Program evaluation and student assessment. Climate change and Adaptation Funds May - June 2009 Consultant for InterAction (coalition of US NGOs) Developed recommendations for the creation for a new climate change adaptive fund. Comparative analysis of existing adaptive funds and their selection criteria. Mediation and Interest-based Negotiation September 2008 to April 2009 Assistant mediator and facilitator Mediate environmental conflict between Ava s Town Board and Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority. Evaluation of International Programs and Projects January-May 2008 Project Evaluator: Syracuse University Class Project Evaluation of Bolivia s Poverty Reduction Strategy Collaboration between the State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry (SUNY-ESF) and Syracuse University: Leadership Seminar Graduate Assistant-Part of Organizing Team September 2008-December 2008 Coordinate and program the activities. Prepare and monitor media systems. Synthesize and record the information. Collect feedback - prepare surveys Page 2of 5

3 Project Management Assistant: The development and use of predictive models in Great Lakes decision making: an interdisciplinary synthesis (Syracuse-New York) Graduate Assistant September In charge of: literature review, document analysis, conducting interviews, transcription of the interviews, analyze cases with reference to model selection, analyze cases with reference to interpretive policy analysis, writing the synthesis paper. Distribution and outreach of the finding of the project Graduate Assistantships - Syracuse University (Syracuse-New York) Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skill October-November 2006 Negotiation Strategies and Conflict Resolution July 2006 Negotiation Strategies and Skills for Interpersonal and Think Effectiveness May 2005 Prepare and coordinate class material Assess group participation and development Class dynamic and role playing. Grade assignments Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC) September 2005 Environmental Leadership Course: Participant Skills Acquired: Disney Strategy, Self-Knowledge Tools, Developing and Maintaining Report, Noticing Your Own Congruency and Incongruence, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies. NatureServe June 2005-August 2005 Summer Intern in Latin America and Caribbean office (LAC) Assist LAC member programs in developing a Regional Environmental Policy Assessment proposal for the conservation and sustainable development of dry lands in Mesoamerica in CAFTA, Plan Puebla Panama and Biological Mesoamerican Corridor framework. Project Coordinator: Sustainable Development Minister (La Paz-Bolivia) November Convention of Biodiversity (CBD) Coordinator Coordinate and gather information from different national sectors concerning the CBD and its 16 programs, with special emphasis in the Seventh Conference of Parties (COP7-Malaysia 2004). Organize and prepare meetings with several sectors at national level, involved in CBD's programs, in order to determine Bolivia's position in the COP7. Educa-Ambiental Environmental Education Consultant (La Paz-Bolivia) November Consultant Design and plan environmental education workshops, adapting materials to different audiences on recycling, global warming, green house effect/gasses, and sanitary information. Create material for the environmental Education workshops Facilitate the development of an action plan by participants to improve their quality of life. Design and conduction educative workshops for kids in need (3-14 years old), using puppets. Mayor de San Andres University (La Paz-Bolivia) June July 2002 Professor Assistant- Biochemistry Department Prepare and coordinate laboratory analysis and practices. Lecturing undergrad students, preparation for laboratory. Biological Station of Beni-EBB (Beni-Bolivia) June 1998-August 1998 Environmental Education and Eco-tour guide Mediate between "Totaisal" community and tourists. Work as a translator, and complementing traditional knowledge (community knowledge) with scientific one Page 3of 5

4 LANGUAGES (writing, reading, and speaking) Spanish Fluent English Fluent German Basic COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office -Word, Excel, Power Point ; Black Board (manager and user); computer programming FORTRAN language; Access data base management program (basic skills); Geographic Information Systems (GIS); MatLab. ORGANIZATION INVOLVEMENT American Association of University Women since 2009 International Association of Ecological Economics Association of Biophysical economics since 2007 Graduate Student Association SUNY-ESF since 2007 Conflict Management Center (CMC) at Maxwell College of Citizenship since 2005 Program of Latin America and the Caribbean since 2005 Empire State Toastmasters, Public Speaking Club. Toastmasters international since 2007 LEADERSHIP Vice-President of the Graduate Student Association at SUNY-ESF June Student Representative of the Program of Latin America and the Caribbean (PLACA) at Maxwell College of Citizenship (Syracuse University) Student Representative to the Outreach SUNY-ESF Committee, President of PLACA working group: Latin America towards Integration ( ), Bolivia: poverty and resource curse ( ) Participant Espacio USA, Vanguardia Latina 2006 Conference Organized by the Inter-American Bank of Development and Televisa. SERVICE Central New York Speaks organized by the Post Standard and the Program of Analysis and Resolution of Conflict at Maxwell Syracuse University. October Inter-personal Conflict Resolution Skills workshops Young Mother s program, Maxwell Syracuse University, Conflict Management Center. Fall Conflict resolution workshops in Syracuse youth community center (Center Village). Spring 2006 International Syracuse University Student Center peer assistant. Summer PUBLICATIONS Peer - Reviewed Del Granado, S., (2007). The use of computer models in collaborative decision-making in the Great Lakes: two case studies. Master Thesis. State University of New York. Syracuse, New York Del Granado, S., (2004). Atmospheric pollution assessment in La Paz city, using Lolium multiflorum as a biomonitor for sulfur dioxide and heavy metals.thesis Research. Mayor de San Andres University. La Paz-Bolivia Manuscripts in Preparation Manno, J., DePinto, J., Smardon, R., del Granado, S., and Cloyd, E.,. The development and use of predictive models in Great Lakes decision making: an interdisciplinary synthesis. International Association of Great Lakes Research (in revisions) Lash W, Stewart A, del Granado S, Franco C. Peak Oil and Food Security in Latin America. (preparing for submission) Page 4of 5

5 Del Granado, S., Hallenbrook, W., Lash, W. Of oil spills and other demons: why they keep occurring? (preparing for submission). Page 5of 5