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1 STCV PAUL H FELSER, RALPH LOBERBAUM KIRK DEWEESE VS. GEORGIA PORTS AUTHORITY THOMAS J MAHONEY JR, THOMAS J MAHONEY III, KATHLEEN M PACIOUS, DRAUGHN B WHITEHEAD, DRAUGHN B WHITEHEAD Coolidge Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 1/18/06 5/10/12 $1,000, for general and special damages for both Mr. and Mrs. Deweese. Mr. Deweese unloads a container from his jockey truck and continues driving down the truck lane. Plaintiff claims that Georgia Ports Authority Employee backs his once stopped toplift into the chassis of Mr. Deweese s truck that he was driving, causing the truck to jackknife and caused Mr. Deweese to be thrown about inside the truck. Injuries by the plaintiff include to the neck, back, and hip, resulting in permanent injuries. Suffered a non-displaced subchondral fracture, resulting in an avascular necrosis in his left hip. Jury verdict for the Plaintiff. $87, in medical expenses; $651, in past lost wages; $1,674,00.00 in future lost wages; $3,250, in pain and suffering, totaling $5,662, No mediation

2 STCV DWIGHT T FEEMSTER, G MASON WHITE, JAMES D KREYENBUHL Pete Liakakis et al vs. Robert Cowart R JONATHAN HART, LISA G COLBERT Fowler 4/14/06 8/30/12 Plaintiff claims direct damages in the amount of $175, On 4/18/2005, James McGowan, and employee of Robert Cowart s business was driving a company dump truck trying to cross the Sam Varnedoe Drawbridge across the Wilmington River. The drawbridge was activated along with the warning signals, but the plaintiff alleges that the dump truck was unable to stop and the dump truck crashed into the bridge. According to the Plaintiff, James McGowan died as a result of the injuries. The Defense claims that the warning lights were activated on the bridge early enough so that the driver of the dump truck could have easily stopped and the Plaintiff should pay for the damages to the bridge in the amount of $25, Jury Verdict in favor of the Defendant No mediation

3 STCV Elmer Conaway vs. Karen Ott MD WILLIAM Q BIRD, JENNIFER A KURLE, JOHN WATSON CRONGEYER, KRISTEN L BEIGHTOL MMP I GREGORY HODGES, WILEY A WASDEN III, WADE K COPELAND, STEVEN P BRISTOL, M BETH BOONE, HARRISON W SPIRES, MICHAEL G FRICK, MARK A TATE Coolidge Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 12/07/07 12/13/12 Value of Ryan Conaway s life and pain and suffering of the deceased In December of 2005, 25 year old Ryan Conaway underwent a surgery for ulcerative colitis, which went smoothly. Dr. Karen Ott was in charge of the post-surgical pain medications. The Plaintiff alleges that the starting doses of the pain medications were not effective, so the dose was raised multiple times the increase in dose was not accompanied by an increased checking of Ryan s vitals. Nurse Brink failed to check Ryan s vitals for a time period of 10 hours. When she finally did check them, Ryan was blue and dead. Ryan Conaway had a history of health complications and his death cannot be attributed to the specific actions of Karen Ott and Nurse Brink. Jury Verdict for Plaintiff; life of Ryan Conaway was determined to be $4,447, and the amount of his pain and suffering was $100, The jury also decided that 80% of the damages were at the fault of Ott and 20% of the fault was attributed to Nurse Brink. No mediation

4 STCV JOHN G MABREY, CARLA REGISTER MABREY MMP Rosemary Bush vs. Henry Clark Deriso, MD I GREGORY HODGES, ANDREW M WILKES, R BENJAMIN LINGLE Fowler 8/21/08 6/28/12 Claimed that she lost her leg due to the negligence of the doctor In August of 2006, Dr. Deriso performed a revision anthroplasty of Theresa Bergin s left hip. After surgery, Ms. Bergin was transferred to Heritage Park Nursing Home to rehabilitate from the surgery. While there, The plaintiff claims that Dr. Deriso suspected that a wound had formed at her hip. Dr. Deriso put Bergin on a regiment of antibiotics to treat the infection. The plaintiff then alleges that the infection worsened to a point where Ms. Bergin s left leg had to be amputated at her hip. Bergin s amputation was not due to the negligence of Dr. Deriso. Jury Verdict for the Defendant No mediation

5 STCV THOMAS R TAGGART, ROBERT BARTLEY TURNER, ASHLEIGH R MADISON, WILLIAM K OTTO Richard Capers vs. Cars and Credit of North Florida WILLIAM T MITCHELL, RICHARD P HAMILTON, SEAN F W KEENAN, WALTER W BALLEW III, TOD B EIKNER Sapp 1/19/10 9/06/12 Total amount of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering: $184, On October 8, 2009, Rhonda Turner purchased a 2001 Chevrolet van from the defendant. The sale clearly stated that the car would be sold as is. The plaintiff alleges that Sandra Cooper was traveling on I-95 when one of the wheels on the van fell off. The plaintiff claims that this caused the vehicle to roll several times, causing damage to Sandra. The car was sold in as is condition which did not require the company to perform a mechanical inspection of the vehicle. No mediation

6 STCV ROY R KELLY IV, J BRADLEY STEVENS, Helen Ward vs. Latoya Nichole Williams J BRADLEY STEVENS, ASHLEY GIBLIN RICE Sapp Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 2/11/10 3/13/12 Mrs. Ward suffered fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, a severe fracture and dislocation of her right ankle, and a tibial tendon tear in her right ankle. To date, Ward has undergone 10 surgeries. Medical expenses total $422, On May 11, 2009, Helen Ward was traveling northbound on Highway 21 approaching an intersection. She had a green light and proceeded straight through the intersection. The defendant took a left turn at the same intersection and collided with the plaintiff s car. Defendant claims that plaintiff was originally in the right turn lane and then after defendant had already committed to making a left turn, swerved into the straight lane and proceeded through the intersection, hitting the defendant s car. Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $895, No mediation

7 STCV FREDERICK S BERGEN, ZACHARY H THOMAS, MMP Richard Leech vs. Judith Piros, M.D. WILEY A WASDEN III, TRACIE GROVE SMITH, M BETH BOONE, MICHAEL G FRICK Sapp Jury Verdict for Defendat 9/30/10 7/13/12 Past and future lost wages and medical expenses. On October 3, 2008, Dr. Judith Piros examined the plaintiff to find the source of his eye pain. The plaintiff claims that the source was diagnosed as cotton wool spots, which is common with people with diabetes or hypertension. The plaintiff then alleges that Dr. Piros then recommended that the plaintiff go see a retinal specialist. The plaintiff claims that the defendant did not comply with the standard of care. The plaintiff is now blind in both of his eyes due to the lack of care by the defendant. Dr. Piros did not deviate from the standard of care. Case withdrawn private mediation

8 STCV BRENT J SAVAGE, BRENT J SAVAGE JR, KARL C ZIPPERER Michael Hankins vs. Michael Schiavone JOSEPH H BARROW Sapp Jury Verdict for Defendat 10/05/10 10/23/12 Had Mr. Watson not negligently caused a wreck which caused traffic to stop, Mr. Hankins would not have sustained any injuries. All medical injuries and other expenses total $17, On March 12, 2004, Wilson Ray Watson was involved in a wreck at the intersection of HWY 17 and Dean Forest Rd. The officer on scene stopped traffic on HWY 17. Plaintiff stopped his car at the officer s orders. Shortly after, Jose Luis rear-ended the plaintiff, causing Mr. Hankin s car to strike Mr. Watson s truck. According to the Plaintiff, Mr. Hankin suffered physical and emotional injuries. Mediated no agreement

9 STCV CLETUS W BERGEN II Markaila Novitsky vs. Laura Jean Victore HUGH M WORSHAM JR Coolidge Jury Verdict for Defendat 10/29/10 9/18/12 Medical expenses in the amount of $17, On or about the first day of November 2008, the defendant was traveling eastbound and swerved her vehicle in order to avoid a collision with another car that had entered from the opposite direction. When the defendant swerved, the plaintiff s car was struck and the plaintiff claims to have sustained neck injuries, low back injuries, and injuries to his right knee. The defendant claims that the swerving motion was a natural reaction and could not have avoided an accident. Mediated no agreement

10 c CLETUS W BERGEN II Xavier R. Anglin vs. Bradley P. Fehrle x HUGH M WORSHAM JR Fowler Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 10/19/10 HUGH M WORSHAM JR On or about Friday, October 31, 2008, the Plaintiff alleges that the Defendant ran his car into the back of the Plaintiff s car in the southbound lane of Skidaway Road just north of 39 th Street. Injuries sustained include: head injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, and two broken teeth. The expenses total $14, Jury Verdict for Plaintiff in the amount of $5, Mediated no agreement

11 STCV Pro Se Leon Pugh vs. Lisa Maxine Higgins D CAMPBELL BOWMAN JR Fowler Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 7/05/11 1/23/12 Medical Expenses in the amount of $35, Defendant and Plaintiff were traveling in the same direction on Price Street. Defendant was in the right lane, and the Plaintiff was in the left lane. The Defendant changed lanes and the Plaintiff claims he had to swerve in order to avoid a collision. The Plaintiff claims to have run into a telephone pole and then the Defendant s car struck the back of the plaintiff s car. The Defendant admits that she was at fault. The Defendant admits that she was at fault for the accident. Jury Verdict for the Plaintiff in the amount of $5, Mediated no agreement

12 STCV HAROLD J CRONK Alyce Jacobs vs. Burlington Coat Factory of Georgia MALCOLM MACKENZIE III Sapp Jury Verdict for Plaintiff 7/07/11 10/25/12 Medical expenses totaling $23, Other out of pocket expenses totaling $9,360.00, plus any other special damages. On July 13, 2010, the Plaintiff was walking through the linen department in the Defendant s store. The Plaintiff claims to have tripped over a protruding metal bracket that the Defendant admits should not have been there. The injuries that the Plaintiff endured were alleged to include a minor injury to her right foot, which briefly exacerbated a preexisting partially torn tendon in her right foot and ankle. Jury Verdict for Plaintiff in the amount of $375, Case withdrawn private mediation