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3 History GRUPPOMEGA was founded in 1980 as center of research and experimentation within the Information & Communication Technology sector. Over the years it has grown to become a partner able to satisfy any need of ICT world. Who We Are Leader in the ICT sector with over 30 years experience, together with partners, including: Cisco, HP, Microsoft, TE; Panduit, Honeywell, Alcatel, Motorola and more. Gruppomega with its subsidiaries (FGT, NTE, GRM) has an international presence and partners able to operate in a capillary way. Vision It all begins with the desire to honor the work and to honor the company through deep loyalty and transparency in business. The change is an integral part of good companies but the ability to change everything while keeping those values, represents the successful companies. Mission Our target is to o er Data-Voice & Security Turn-Key Systems, Services and Solutions to the world of the enterprise and public administration. Gruppomega intends to satisfy all contractor requirethe experience gained over more than thirty years, Gruppomega presents itself as a partner for the design construction and maintenance of Techonoligical Infrastructures. 1

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6 Company Organization Chart Hierachical Classification by Function Board of Statutory Auditors Shareholders Chief Executive Officer Francesco Giudice Liable of Safe and Quality Board Of Management Administration Manager Gianni Nobile Production Manager Fabio Angelino Sales Director Fabio Gargani Export Sales director Giuseppe Amara Purchaising Department Manager Logistic and Warehouse Liable 3x Production Service Account General Secretary Service Plant Liable Site Designer Plant Liable Systems Manager Marketing Liable Presales Manager Sales Manager Bid Manager Information Systems Liable Accountant Liable Accountant Employee 40x Plant Workers 15x Systems Account Marketing Employee 12X Presales Account 8X Sales Account Accountant Employee Human Resources and Management Control Liable Automation Manager Automation Employee Automation Employee Automation Employee 4

7 Gruppomega in the World Milan Rome Istanbul Syracuse Algeri Tunisi Casablanca Headquarter Branche O ces Subsidiaries 5


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10 Networks

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12 Research and Development Gruppomega add to its offering an innovative solution devoleped and produced by his own research laboratory dedicated to safety through the environmental monito - ring with different types of sensors that communicate constantly with the appliance keeping all data under control anytime and from any device. In case of alarm WU-SNap notifies you through sms, or calls and manages automatically some commands like Input/Output - On/Off - Open/closed. Patent n Possible Applications Technical Info Environmental Monitoring Access Control Tracking System TVCC Energy Saving 19 Rack 3 or 2 Unit User Friendly Web Remotely Control WSN SNA Ethernet / Wi-Fi 10


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17 Industrial Plants Oil & Gas Sector 15

18 Civil Works Marinagri S.p.A., Marinagri Resort, Policoro (MT) Tourism Alpitour World Travel, Arenella Resort Syracuse olly otel Chain, Several ocations in Italy Infrastructures oice ata and ideo Infrastructures oice ata and ideo Infrastructures oice ata and ideo Safety and Security Safety and Security Entertainment 16

19 Civil Works Eni S.p.., ce Center of San onato (MI) ce Centers SDA Express Courrier, More Than 110 Italian ocations Philip Morris Italy, ce Center of Milan 2008 Infrastructures Voice Safety and Security Safety and Security Safety and Security 17

20 Civil Works Pil ington S.p.., S. Salvo C Se mo T P.Marghera (GE) ce Centers Erg S.p.., ce Center of ome, Milan and Genova Space Italia, G Tecnopolo omano Infrastructures Voice 18

21 Civil Works niverisities KORE Univesrity, Enna Palermo University Calabria University, Rende (CS) Infrastructures Voice Safety and Security Infrastructures Voice Safety and Security 19

22 Civil Works niverisities University of Notre Dame, Rome Catania University Messina University Infrastructures Voice Infrastructures Voice Infrastructures Voice Safety and Security 20

23 Civil Works Tecnis S.p.A., Umberto I Hospital Enna 2009 Hospital Centers Guaraldo S.p.A., g. Paolo II Hospital Ragusa 2009 Tecnis S.p.A., San Marco Hospital Center Catania Safety and Security Infrastructures Voice Infrastructures Voice 21

24 Civil Works Public Buildings Theatres Shopping Centers Several Italian Ministers, About 30 Italian ocations Cralo felice Theatre, Genova uchan Shopping Mall, Several ocations in Italy Infrastructures Voice Data and video Infrastructures Voice Entertainment Infrastructures Voice Safety and Security 22

25 Transport Infrastructures Airport So.a.Co. S.p.A., Comiso Airport (RG) 2012 Rail Network Harbour Erg S.p.A., Savona Coastal Depot Infrastructure Voice Infrastructure Voice Infrastructure Voice 23

26 Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa) C.da Biggemi, Ex SS. 114, n Tel Fax GPS: N E Milano: Roma: Casablanca: Rue Ali Abderrazak, R.Ghita, Q. Racine Istanbul Algeri Tunisi WEB