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1 Verso un nuovo Risorgimento tecnologico Torino Ore 9,30 IBM System Storage : la famiglia si allarga ultimi annunci Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano 1 For IBM and IBM BP education use only.

2 What is Software Defined Storage? IBM Definition 2 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

3 Software-defined storage V1.0 Virtualize and Optimize Storwize is SW defined Storage SVC Virtualized from Birth in 2003 Extended to Storwize HW Platforms Over 150 Heterogeneous disk array supported Storwize Platform History of efficiency and optimization Thin Provisioning Easy Tier Real-time Compression Software Defined Storage 1.0 Virtualize and Optimize Real Time Compression EasyTier 3 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

4 Software-defined storage V2.0 Open and Extensible Other ISVs Software-defined storage 2.0 Object Store Mgmt. API Cloud GW Copy Data Datapath API File Sync & Share Virtual DBs 4 Open, Extensible and Industry-led Storwize as Software Platform Industry Standard Hardware Open platform industry driven innovation APIs for application driven management Traditional and new delivery models Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

5 Software-defined Storage V3.0 Industry Led and Application Driven Storwize AppCenter for industry led innovation o Apps written and tested by 3 rd party ISVs o Users choose and upload apps from AppCenter o IBM provides certification and integration support App App Storwize AppCenter Upload App Upload App Upload Upload Programmatic API for application driven control o REST API for programmatic platform management o Server Applications controls apps running on the Storwize platform App App Upload Upload App App Upload Upload Software Defined Storage 3.0 Open, Analytic and Application Driven Object Store Cloud GW REST API Copy Data File Sync & Share Storwize as Software Platform Virtual DBs Industry Standard Hardware 5 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

6 Software Defined Storage SDS Here today, ready for tomorrow Virtualize and Optimize Open, Extensible and Industryled Open, Analytic and Application Driven IBM Storwize Platform Storwize V3700 Storwize V5000 Storwize V7000 Storwize V7000 Unified Flex System V7000 SAN Volume Controller 6 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

7 Storwize Family Continuing Delivery of Enhanced Capability and Value October 2010 New Standard for Midrange Storage Storwize V7000 October 2011 Unified Storage Active Cloud Engine Storwize V7000 Unified November 2012 Storwize V3700 Flex System V7000 October 2013 IP replication Integrated SANSlide Mobile dashboard Enhanced Stretched Cluster Storwize V May 2011 Clustering VMware APIs 10Gb iscsi April 2012 Real-time Compression FCoE June 2013 Storwize V3700 enhancements Compression performance Easy Tier and compression Capacity and VM scalability Global Active Cloud Engine 7 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

8 Storwize Family Significant Milestones Through March Over 36,000 systems purchased Includes Storwize V7000, Flex System V7000, Storwize V5000, Storwize V3000 and Storwize V7000 Unified systems In addition, over 10,000 SVC systems Over 80,000 total enclosures deployed Averaging more than 2 expansion units per system (Storwize V7000) Over 1.1 exabytes of capacity That s over a million TB Delivering five nines availability 8 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

9 IBM Storwize Family Enhancements IBM Storwize Family Software Version 7.2 GA: November 29 Next generation software defined storage platform Accelerating delivery of new value with integrated third-party function IP replication with integrated Bridgeworks SANSlide network optimization Lower cost option with up to 3x better network utilization Real-time Compression enhancements Up to 3x better throughput for VMware vmotion and 35% reduced CPU utilization IBM Storage Mobile Dashboard Monitoring and health check for Storwize family systems from mobile devices VMware 5.5 and VASA block support Maintains currency with latest VMware capabilities SAS data migration Nondisruptive migration from existing SAS storage to Storwize V3500, Storwize V3700 and V5000 Enhanced stretched cluster for SVC Optimizes inter-site networking and enables planned site failover 800GB solid-state drives (SSDs) GA: December 6 SVC, Storwize V3700, Storwize V5000, Storwize V7000 [Unified], Flex System V7000 Support larger flash configurations, lower cost Storwize V5000 GA: October 11 Highly flexible, easy-to-use, virtualized storage system 9 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

10 IP Replication Source Volume SVC V3000 Enables use of ethernet connections for remote mirroring Transparent to servers and applications Supports all remote mirroring modes Global Mirror with Change Volumes preferred Straightforward configuration on existing IP infrastructure Includes Bridgeworks SANSlide network optimization technology No additional charge Available for all Storwize family members except Storwize V3500 TCP/IP Network V5000 V7000 Destination Volume 10 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

11 Bridgeworks SANSlide SVC IP connections may have long latency Long distance connections Many network hops Traditional solutions transmit data, wait for response, transmit more data Results in poor network utilization, as low as 20% Worse as latency becomes higher Bridgeworks SANSlide technology integrated with Storwize family IP replication No separate appliances required No additional cost Uses artificial intelligence technology to transmit data streams in parallel Automatically adjusts to changing network latency Improves network bandwidth utilization up to 3x Independent of application or data type Deploy less costly network infrastructure Speed replication cycles for better remote data currency and faster recovery V3000 V5000 V Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

12 Value of IP Replication with Bridgeworks SANSlide Technology SVC V3000 V5000 Major customer requirement Simpler: Eliminate FC-IP routers and network optimization appliances Independent: Eliminate CPU and management overhead of using server-based solutions More efficient: Significantly improve network utilization Flexible: Delivers benefits regardless of workload or data type Cheaper: Deploy less expensive networking infrastructure and eliminate need for dark fibre Better: Reduce impact of disasters by copying data more quickly V Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

13 Comparing FC-IP repl. with IP repl. using Bridgeworks SANSlide SVC V3000 V5000 V7000 3x throughput 13 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

14 Real-time Compression Enhancements SVC New LZ4 compression algorithm Delivers significant throughput increase at the cost of a fraction of the savings Automatically used when new data written, even for existing compressed volumes Up to 3x higher sequential write throughput (minor read improvement 15%) Faster VMware vmotion sessions More VMware vmotion sessions in parallel More FlashCopy sessions in parallel V7000 Uses 35% less CPU resources for the same workload compared to version 7.1 Delivers 35% more throughput (IOPS) for random I/O workloads Benefit: Compress more VMware, Oracle, DB2, and MS-SQL workloads Hot-cold I/O segregation Makes physical placement of compressed data better for Easy Tier Increases Easy Tier efficiency Benefit: Improve application performance for more data * Actual customer experience 14 ** Projected Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

15 IBM Storage Mobile Dashboard SVC V3000 V5000 iphone app provides monitoring and health checking for Storwize family systems Available free from Apple App Store V Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

16 SAS Data Migration V3000 V5000 Enables straightforward nondisruptive migration from existing SAS storage Available for Storwize V3500, Storwize V3700 and Storwize V5000 Supports migration from DS3200 and DS3500 only Not intended for general-purpose storage virtualization Supported with any host attachment technology Speeds implementation and minimizes disruption when deploying new storage 16 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

17 Enhanced Stretched Cluster SVC Existing stretched cluster support limitations No manual failover capability Solution typically sends data across the long distance link twice Addressed by adding concept of site awareness Route IO traffic between the nodes and controllers to optimize data flow Police IO traffic in failure conditions to allow manual cluster invocation to ensure consistency Support notes Stretched cluster hardware installation guidelines remain the same Use of enhanced stretch cluster is optional, existing stretch cluster configurations will continue to be supported, however customers are encouraged to use the new feature for its benefits Should be possible to convert an existing stretched cluster to an enhanced stretch cluster non-disruptively any time after upgrade has completed 17 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

18 IBM SmartCloud Storage Access R1.2 Self service storage provisioning for IBM block storage systems: XIV, Storwize V7000, SVC Enables web-based on demand self-service provisioning of storage capacity, improves user productivity and increases operational efficiency Allows administrators to define storage classes with different service profiles for cost reduction REST API support Enables wider support with ISV solutions Storage usage metrics export function Enables charge-back through any reporting/accounting/billing application Federated authentication Allows for collaboration with other institutions for file sharing, content storage Support for lower cost SmartCloud Storage Access Instrumentation Layer Offers a lower cost TPC option for infrastructure management (orderable only with SCSA R1.2) Cloud, Dept admin Cloud service users SCSA Instrumentation Layer Storwize family Developers Testers 18 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano new Read brochure XIV new SONAS LEARN MORE: IBMers BPs new Watch the video

19 Introducing Storwize V5000 system Latest addition to the Storwize family delivers outstanding benefits with greater flexibility Simplify management efforts with industry-leading graphical user interface Boost performance up to three times using only five percent flash storage with optional IBM System Storage Easy Tier technology Consolidate and provide IBM Storwize V5000 capabilities to existing storage infrastructures using optional external virtualization Easily customize your system with flexible software options Improve network utilization for remote mirroring with innovative replication technology Enable growth from the smallest configurations with two-way clustered systems 19 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

20 Storwize V5000: Flexible, efficient midrange Storwize system Enclosures contain up to twelve LFF (3.5 ) or twenty-four SFF (2.5 ) drives in just 2U Control enclosure: dual active-active controllers and drives 16 GB Cache (8 GB per controller) standard; 32 GB Cache with two-way clustered systems 1Gb iscsi, 6 Gb SAS and 8 Gb FC or 10Gb iscsi/fcoe host ports standard Expansion enclosure: Up to six expansion enclosures Up to 168 SFF or 84 LFF drives for up to 336 TB capacity Up to 672 TB capacity with two-way clustered systems RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10 Redundant, hot-swappable components (i.e., power supplies and fans) Optional Software: Easy Tier, External Virtualization, Remote Mirroring (over FC, FCoE and IP Ethernet) and FlashCopy Storwize V5000 models are available with either a one year or three year warranty: models ordered using machine type 2077 have a 1 year warranty; models with machine type 2078 have 3 year warranty 20 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

21 Storwize V3700, Storwize V5000 and Storwize V7000 comparison* Typical customer storage budget Management SW Capacity Storwize V3700 Storwize V5000 Storwize V7000 $10,000 - $ 15,000 Dlls $15,000 - $ 40,000 Dlls $40,000 - $ 100,000 Dlls Storwize V3700 machine code Up to 120 drives per control enclosure (up to 4 expansions) IBM Storwize Family Software for Storwize V5000 Up to 168 drives per control enclosure (up to 6 expansions); 336 per clustered system (two-way clustering) Standard Host Ports 1Gb iscsi, 6Gb SAS 1Gb iscsi, 6Gb SAS, 8Gb FC or 10Gb iscsi/fcoe IBM Storwize Family Software for Storwize V7000 Up to 240 drives per control enclosure; 960 per clustered system (four clusters) 1Gb iscsi, 8Gb FC Optional Host Ports iscsi 10Gbps, FC, FCoE N/A iscsi 10Gbps, FCoE Cache (dual ctl) Integrated Features 8GB upgradeable to 16GB FlashCopy (64 images per system), Internal virtualization, Thin provisioning, Data Migration 16GB per dual controller, to 32GB per clustered system (two-way clustered) Internal virtualization, Thin Provisioning, Data Migration, System Clustering 16GB per dual controller, up to 64GB per clustered system (four clusters) FlashCopy (4,096 images), Internal virtualization, Thin provisioning, Data Migration, Easy Tier, System Clustering Optional Features FlashCopy (2040 images) Remote Mirroring, Easy Tier, Turbo Performance FlashCopy (4,096 images) Easy Tier, Remote Mirroring, External Virtualization Remote Mirroring, Real Time Compression, External Virtualization External Virtualization No Yes, Optional Yes, Optional Unified Support No No NAS connectivity with Storwize V7000 Unified; IBM Active Cloud Engine integrated *The best product to offer in any situation will vary depending on many factors, including the installed storage and competition (see Storage Sales Guidance). Note that one advantage of these systems is their ability to scale up and out so they can satisfy both larger initial requirements and also growth over time without needing to change from one to another. 21 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

22 Messaging Summary: Smarter Storage Data Intensive Business Solutions Increase efficiency, flexibility, and scalability with a virtualized cloud infrastructure Automatically provision block storage in the cloud with SmartCloud Storage Access for XIV and Storwize Improve XIV data protection in the cloud by coordinating snapshots across XIV systems with Hyper-Scale Consistency XIV reduces storage costs with VMware space reclamation support Reduce cost of cloud storage up to 50% with IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center s automated, cross-platform Tiered Storage Optimizer Start Quickly add Value Start quickly and add value to improve the economics of IT with the IBM Storwize platform The Storwize V5000 provides a new intermediate choice in the Storwize family like Easy Tier and external virtualization IP Replication on the Storwize platform increases availability while cutting costs Storwize platform Software Defined Storage includes Bridgeworks SANSlide network optimization for remote mirroring IBM Storwize platform now supports twice the amount of flash storage with larger 800GB SSD drives 22 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

23 Trend tecnologici a confronto: data center Negli ultimi 10 anni CPU: Prestazioni migliorate circa 8-10x DRAM: Prestazioni migliorate circa 7-9x Network: Prestazioni migliorate circa 100x Hard Disk: Prestazioni migliorate SOLO 1.2X Al crescente divario tra le tecnologie si aggiungono la costante crescita del volume dati da gestire e le esigenze di business che richiedono velocità di reazione sempre maggiori. 23 Fonte: Elaborazione IBM da varie analisi di mercato Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

24 IBM FlashSystem in sintesi Prestazioni estreme utilizzabile per velocizzare servizi applicativi aziendali critici ed indirizzare facilmente la crescita dei servizi MicroLatency consente un accesso veloce e consistente ai dati aziendali più importanti Efficienza Macro soluzione ad alta efficienza che consente di consolidare carichi applicativi, rilasciare più velocemente nuovi servizi e ridurre i consumi energetici e di spazio Affidabilità di classe Enterprise progettazione con caratteristiche di affidabilità di livello enterprise brevettate 24 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

25 Latenza: ma quanto mi costa? 1 SECONDO RITARDO CARICAMENTO PAGINA = 7% PERDITA ACQUISTI 11% MINORI VISITE 16% MINORE SODDISFAZIONE DEI CLIENTI In termini monetari se il sito genera in media al giorno la perdita annua può arrivare a 2,5 M Fonte: Studio Aberdeen Group: The Performance of Web Applications Customers are Won or Lost in One Second November Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

26 Comparison of Flash Storage with other technologies Capacity GB / TB Performance IO/s / K IO/s SATA ~ FC HDD ~ USB Stick ~ PC SSD ~ Ent.SSD ~ PCI Flash ~ Ext. Flash ~ Source: IBM FlashSystems and IBM Power Systems for SAP landscapes - ISICC Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

27 IBM FlashSystem Family SLC Flash emlc Flash Model M/T 9830-AS AS AE AE2 Power 280W 350W 350W 300W Usable Capacity 1-5 TBu 5 or 10 TBu (R5) 6 or 12 TBu (R0) 2-10 TBu 10 or 20 TBu (R5) 12 or 24 TBu (R0) Latency (R/W) 90/25 microsec 90/25 microsec 110/25 microsec 110/25 microsec IOPS 450K 500K 400K 450K Bandwidth 4GB/s 5GB/s 4GB/s 4GB/s Interfaces 4x 8Gb FC or 4x 40Gb IB 4x 8Gb FC or 4x 40Gb IB Sample list price range (EUR) (*) 51K-154K 172K-322K 52K-154K 172K-322K Data Protection VSR 2D Flash RAID (inc. VSR ) VSR 2D Flash RAID (inc. VSR ) (*) Sample configurations just for positioning purposes econfig available for specific configurations 27 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

28 IBM FlashSystem: aree applicative e settori di industria OLTP Databases Financial Analytical Apps/OLAP ecommerce Computational Applications High Performance Computing Virtual Infrastructures Telecom Cloud-Scale Infrastructures Government Use Case Industry Vertical 28 Interviste clienti su YouTube: Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

29 Potrebbe indicare le aree applicative dove è più evidente un calo prestazionale oppure necessario incrementare le performance? 29 Fonte: IDC Web Survey 2013 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

30 IBM FlashSystem: come viene utilizzato oggi Tiering automatico Ideale per clienti V7000 o SVC Licenza standard Easy Tier Trasparenza applicativa Affiancamento SVC/V7000 vdisk Mirroring Application/OS Mirroring (ASM, LVM, etc) Posizionamento manuale Hot Tables, Indexes, Temp, Undo, Logs LUN più attive Applicazioni più importanti 30 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

31 Esempi: integrazione IBM FlashSystem in ambiente SAP ERP Ambiente SAP di produzione SCM SRM CRM BW Storage SAP organizzato in pool con livelli di servizio differenziati All-flash pool Easy Tier pool HDD only pool SAP test, sviluppo e pre-produzione Virtualizzazione con SVC o V7000 ERP SCM IBM FlashSystem IBM Storwize V7000/V5000 (new) Opportunità di utilizzo funzionalità di efficienza: per esempio Easy Tier automatico, «turbo compression» (funzionalità real time data compression migliorata), etc. 31 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano

32 32 Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano Palazzo Carignano