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2 Agenda! Who is Axelnet! Technology & Solu6ons! Markets! Business Plan Axelnet

3 Who is Axelnet! Founded in Switzerland in 2013! Bought ZI1ONE of Giancarlo Mancinelli (company already ac6ve from 2005 in Italy and then from 2008 in Switzerland)! Legal headoffice in Grisons in Roveredo and then opera6on office in Tessin in Taverne.! Two different Business Unit! Engineering Firm! System Integrator Firm! It worked in different markets in Switzerland, Italy and Middle East! It worked on Industry, Hospitality, SMB, Mul6- U6li6es, Finance and Transporta6on

4 Who is Axelnet 29/05/14 4

5 Axelnet like Engineering Services Firm

6 Axelnet like Engineering Services Firm! Axelnet worked like Engineering Firm and it s be able to:! Implement drawing and project related Tele communica6on infrastructures! Write Tender and RFQ/RFI! Work like Consultancy company and Project Manager! Follow Execu6ve Management plant and Work team on construc6on! Write all drawings and technical documenta6on with full AS_BUILT and following implementa6on team! Follow all installa6ons, Configura6ons and Construc6on supervision! Countries rules tender supervisor! Axelnet can be implement drawings, projects, documenta6ons, installing, configuring:! Fiber Op6cs and Copper Cabling! Complex and wide Network infrastructure! Security infrastructure! Data Center with Disaster Recovery! Telephony over IP and VOIP complex network solu6ons! Signalling integra6on above ERTMS and GSM- R

7 Axelnet like Engineering Services Firm! Railways! Underground subway - tube! Tramway! Motorway - Highway! ERTMS and GSM_R Automa6on Signalling and Tunnel solu6ons! OCC Opera6on Control Center for Transporta6on! Industrial Plant! Water Control Plant! Energy and Power Plant! City and Regional Control Networks for Smart Ci6es u6li6es like intelligent parking solu6ons and Video Survillance! Scada tele control solu6ons for industrial plants

8 You decide in what project phases we will accompany you. Our four service modules offer you the freedom to find an individual solu6on tailored to your needs and resources Module 1 Audit Module 2 Planning Module 3 Delivery Module 4 Maintenance _Plant Control & Check, ratio effectiveness / ef6iciency _ Documentation, system delivery _Check and formulation of needs and requirements _Written project concept and design outline _De6ining the project: objectives, organization, deadlines and budget _Fitting Speci6ications _Control speci6ications _Project management _Detailed Speci6ication functionality, con6iguration 6iles _Executive Con6igurations and Software Development _System Integration _Tests in laboratory _Installing Hardware and Software _Tests _Putting into operation _Maintenance (proactive) 24/24 _Veri6ication Monitoring ef6iciency and effectiveness on the ground or in remote _Assistance and advice for maintaining state of art and technology _ Maintenance (reactive) emergency 24/24 _Reaction: 1 hour _Parts: within 2 hours _Documentation and 6iling cases 29/05/14 8

9 In- depth system engineering partner! Detailed technology and facili6es need analysis! Design of infrastructure facili6es project! Detailed implementa6on plan! Infrastructure opera6on plan! Project Management Plan! IT Vendor s Management! IT Implementa6on Consul6ng Services! IT Facili6es Infrastructure Planning! IT Structured Cabling Consul6ng Services! IT infrastructure related equipment installa6on and configura6on! Facility Opera6ons and Support! Facility Site Assessments! Facility Infrastructure Assessments with cost reduc6on planning and analysis 29/05/14 9

10 Engineering Lines of Businesses TELECOMMUNICATIONS Networks and Telecoms Mobile GSM- R and Radio Wireless ERTMS Signalling TRANSPORTATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE Railways Systems Solutions Power Tractions and Electric Data Cabling Management Operation Control Solutions CIVIL WORKS Tunnel and Rail Track Turn- Key Projects Management

11 Answer to Transporta6on Market with tailored value for the customer! Telecom/Networks! ERTMS GSM- R Signalling (Train_to_Ground)! Power Trac6on! Electricity and data Cabling (Fiber op6cs and Copper cabling)! Passenger Informa6on Systems! e- Ticke6ng! Wireless on higher spectrum for crypto signal in unlicensed or licensed (17,5Ghz and 20Ghz)! DataCenter on Opera6on Control Room! Management of Railways! project Management on en6re turn- key projects! documenta6ons AS- BUILT! All Civil works with special on Tunnels 29/05/14 11

12 Axelnet like System Integrator

13 Axelnet like System Integrator! Axelnet works in Switzerland and Middle East Vertical Solutions Professional Services Integration Services Managed Services Data Communications Voice Communications Video Communications Application solutions Security Solutions Virtualization Solutions Tecnology Reseach

14 Axelnet like System Integrator! Implement Projects, installa6ons, Configura6ons, Maintenance and Management og:! PABX, IP PBX, Contact Center! Re6 LAN WAN Data Center! Wide Band Networks connec6ons for Enterprise customers in Fiber op6cs, copper and Wireless! Structured Cabling! Implement Projects and Consultancy! Training on the job and classroom courses! Network design consultancy

15 Technology & Solu6ons! Industrial Network System! Opera6on Control Center! Signalling ERTMS /GSM- R integra6on! SOS emergency boxes! Traffic control solu6ons! Video Surveillance! Intelligent Control automa6on Parking System! Automa6c Water Pump control! Scada telecontrol! Power energy Plant control system! Train to Ground Network system

16 Technology & Solu6ons! Industrial network infrastructure! Private and Public Wireless Infrastructure! Water control network Infrastructure! FTTH / FTTB Fiber op6cs network infrastructure! Private Access networks for Banking, Finance, Industries, Insurance, SMB customers! Dedicate Cloud & Datacenter solu6ons

17 Technology & Solu6ons! Perimetral Infrastructure Security! IPSEC & SSL VLN Client to Site Site to Site! Centralized Access Control! BYOD & Mobile Security! UTM Services integra6on wit profiling! DNS, Web Content Filtering, Applica6on Filtering Management! Domo6cs Integra6on

18 Technology & Solu6ons! Storage Area Network! Server virtualiza6on! SDN Network virtualiza6on! Disaster Recovery! Cloud Integra6on! Consolida6on and Data Center Integra6on! Data center and Power Energy Management

19 Technology & Solu6ons! SMB Telephony over IP Solu6ons! Exis6ng legacy Phone networks integra6on with VOIP! Mobile to BYOD! Contact & Call Center! Applica6on Integra6on with Telephony over IP! Swiss Traffic Provider

20 Technology & Solu6ons! Building management integra6on with innovas6ve network infrastructure! HVAC and Power Energy management! Domes6c, Hospitality and Business Access Control automa6on with domo6cs solu6on! Video Surveillance! Wireless network access with KNW perimetral security

21 Technology & Solu6ons! Private and Public Cloud solu6ons! Data Center services integra6on! Mobile BYOD services integra6on! Passenger and Public informa6on System presenta6on integra6on! Italian furniture style 6ed with innova6ve technology with Android

22 Technology & Solu6ons! Private and Public Cloud solu6ons! Data Center services integra6on! Mobile BYOD services integra6on! Passenger and Public informa6on System presenta6on integra6on! Italian furniture style 6ed with innova6ve technology with Android

23 Technology & Solu6ons! Private and Public Copper Cabling projects! Public and Private Fiber op6cs cabling projects on FTTH with Backbone MAN! Cabling infrastructure for privare industries and Financial banks! Cabling infrastructure for transporta6on markets

24 Technology & Solu6ons! Cable and wireless solu6ons for Hotels and Hospitaly residence! Domo6c Automa6c Access Control! IPTV on demand solu6ons! BYOD solu6ons in cloud with Design style on Mirros, tables, Douche boxes

25 Axelnet markets covered Manufacturing Hospitality Finance Energy Transportation 29/05/14 25

26 Success Stories #1 (Hotel) Progelo Hotel Principe di Savoia - Milano Italy - Cisco 500K - cabling, network, IPTV, wireless, integrazione fidelio/opera, As- Built, Servizi di survey, project management (Hotel) Progelo Hotel LeRichmond - Geneva Switzerland - HP 80K - cabling, network, wireless, project management, survey (Industry) Progelo Essilor - Milano Italy - Cisco 80K - cabling, network, wireless, Survey (Bank) Progelo - Lugano Switzerland - Cisco 3M - IP communica6on unified - VoIP services - Scrilura bando gara, Servizi di ges6one e project management (Tramway) Progelo ATM Tramvia MI- Desio (Transporta6on) - Italy - RuggedCom, Moxa, - 300k - Telecontrol Netwok railways (Railway) Progelo ALSTOM FFSS Bologna Bivi Railways (Transporta6on) Italy - Hirschmann - Telecontrol Netwok railways (solo servizi 20K ) (Railway) Progelo FSE Bari Italy - Hirschmann, Moxa, RuggedCom, Cisco - Telecontrol Netwok railways (Railway) Progelo FFSS Campania Napoli Italy - Hirschmann, Moxa, RuggedCom, Cisco, ZTE - Telecontrol Netwok railways (Tramway) Progelo SL GETS Tramcar Tvarbanan Stockholm Sweden - Alcatel MPLS 1M - Telecontrol Netwok railways 29/05/14 26

27 Success Stories #2 (Railway) Progelo Railways Adria Mestre Servizi Territoriali con TELEFIN - Moxa, RuggedCom - 120K - Telecontrol Netwok railways (Domo6c) Progelo ETAVIS Lugano Switzerland - Building Automa6on integra6on network - 100K - KNX vs Network integrta6on (Railway) Progelo Alta velocità Cairo - Alessandria d'egilo - Cairo Egypt - 3M (con Ansaldo) - Telecontrol Netwok railways (solo servizi di progelazione e studio) (Water Control Industrial) Progelo Acquedop Milano Italy - Rete di telecontrollo per tup i pun6 di accesso dell'acquedolo a Milano 1,9M (Brocade, Cisco, Alcatel) (Underground) Progelo ATM Metropolitane con Telefin - Milano Italy - Rete di telecontrollo trasmissione Radio Digitale Sistema RTT tule le linee Metro (Moxa, Siemens) (Railway) Progelo Ferrovia Circumetnea con Telefin - Catania Italy - Rete di telecontrollo ferrovia con Moxa (Railway) Studio preliminare di Progelo Ferrovia Ruwais Abu- Dhabi AEU - Rete di telecontrollo 260km ferrovia con Eni Saipem (cablaggio e Network) 29/05/14 27

28 Economics & Revenues 29/05/14 28

29 What customers asking?! Interna6onal Projects capability! Capability to listen 1. Equatem vendaer uptatiis nonsequi ipis! Capability to manage! Experience and Quality and Control and easy- to- use mental understanding 2. Equatem vendaer uptatiis nonsequi ipis 3. Equatem vendaer uptatiis nonsequi ipis 4. Equatem vendaer uptatiis nonsequi ipis 5. Equatem vendaer uptatiis nonsequi ipis 6. Equatem vendaer uptatiis nonsequi ipis 20% Details 20% Analysis 20% Know-how 20% Control 20% Capability 29/05/14 29

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