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1 Enel Electric Mobility Emilia Romagna Lab Livio Gallo Head of Infrastructures and Networks Division Brussels - December 4, 2012

2 Electric Mobility Enel Projects in Italy e mobility Italy Rome, Milan, Pisa Firs Pilot Project in Italy Recharging infrastructure testing, EV rental, Enel Drive energy contract Enel-RER Agreement Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Piacenza, Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena Interoperability with Hera Rome Roma Capitale-Enel-Acea Agreement Smart Cities Bari, Genova Electric Mobility for Smart Cities European Project Interoperability with Acea Electric Car Rental Rome, Milan Electric last mile project Enel - Poste Italiane Pisa (pilot) Zero emission mail delivery Manifesto for Electric and Sustainable Mobility Perugia

3 Electric Mobility The key to success Electric Vehicles Technology: not a prototype anymore. Costs: nowadays affordable, compared with traditional vehicles, due to purchase incentives and specific programs. Battery range: suitable for customer mobility needs. The average driving distance is lower than 50km a day for over 80% of customers. Recharging Infrastructures Smart Integration into the distribution network. Capillary spread: to assure easy recharge whenever needed. Customer Oriented: several services available for the end user. Easy to access: to make technology be serving customers (not vice versa).

4 The DSO Model for Electric Mobility Open, Smart, Widespread According to the DSO Model (Distribution System Operator) recharging infrastructures are active nodes of the distribution network in a smart grid perspective. By the smart meter technology, the EVs recharging infrastructure allows an interoperable and multivendor service, thus assuring benefits to the end-user guaranteed by free market competition.

5 The DSO Model Smart Grids integration A charging infrastructure managed by the DSO guarantees: 1. Monitoring of the charging loads. 2. Controlling of the recharge, accounting for network s real-time capability. 3. The option to opt for a kwh-based invoice system, optionally involving real-time pricing. Smart grid integration of the charging systems will enable: 1. Flexibility of the charging according to energy availability (distributed generation). 2. Storage of possible energy overproduction. 3. Voltage control assuring the quality of service. 5

6 The European Framework G4V and Green emotion Project Duration : partners involved Objective: investigate technological, social and regulatory impacts of massive penetration of electric vehicles Project Budget: 3.74 M Project Duration : partners involved Objective: Integrate various European demonstrators Develop an ICT platform for interoperability Project Budget: 44 M

7 Electric Mobility: the technology Enel recharging infrastructures Box Station 3 kw Pole Station 3 22 kw Fast Recharge 43 kw 7

8 The Electric Mobility Management System (EMM) New services for EV customers Enel Drive App Tom Tom Z.E. Live

9 Emilia Romagna A Regional project, an European laboratory First Agreement signature Regione Emilia-Romagna and Enel with Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Rimini Municipalities, to promote electric mobility throughout the three cities. Urban pilot projects (60 Pole Stations to be installed) with three different mobility topics. Regional shared standards for electric mobility technology and services. RECs for energy charges.

10 Emilia Romagna Devoloping the project, involving new cities MODENA, IMOLA PIACENZA FERRARA, RAVENNA, FORLÌ, CESENA

11 Interoperability Electric Vehicles: from Cities to Region As a consequence of RER-Hera and Enel-Hera Agreements, one shared technical and service standard was developed for the two DSOs. Interoperability allows a single, large recharging network throughout the cities of Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Piacenza, Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena (Enel network) and Modena, Imola (Hera network).

12 Interoperability and DSOs The electric Via Aemilia Thanks to interoperability, customers can recharge their EVs by using either Hera s and Enel s recharing infrastructures with the same card/energy contract. 12

13 The success of Interoperability Roma Capitale-Enel-Acea Agreement Agreement signature Enel charging infrastructures Acea charging infrastructures + Technical interoperability of the public stations = DSO in the Region (Lazio) DSO in the City of Rome an integrated widespread charging network for the Metropolitan Area of Rome