Comparison of Measured aud Predicted Flows through Conical Supersonic Nozz]es, with Emphasis OU the Transonic Region

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1 AAA JOUHXAL YOL. 3, NO. 9 Cmparisn f Measured aud Predicted Flws thrugh Cnical Supersnic Nzz]es, with Emphasis OU the Transnic Regin L. l. BACK, * P. F..\1Assn;u, t A!,;D H. L. GERt Jet Pr1Julsin Labratry, Callfrnia nstitute f Technlgy, Pa.sadena, Cal?f. ~'" ulldcr"la,"1 hcuc' C'"ilihril.n n"w,; hrugh,;11pc.'"" 11i. 10Z:t.!C8,~-:.!a~ç,J.)!.c"s~lrc,; 1~,"-h.s.«.111~'r;~1 luzzl.,,, with ci~ulur-arc thrnat..!,,,"illg "iftc'cllt rati"s "f hrat 'a,lius ~curvalurc t tlu"ual radills rc/rth, cir'cular-arc nr (:uical cnvcrgcnl ~cctins, und cnical (li\"t~l'gcul ~ccti()lls. 'rhcse Hcasur~_~lc~.,;,~,, ~,d(~\"i.!:..l~iil.2~~j)alill ~Jnpc!a_lu"c!'i "f 5: u.ll11500h ali"...a sla":latill pl'cs~urc rallgc f"01l1,t _psia. Thc nw lu'ugh tlh~ L.all~()nic.cgin ~:--a~-r;-;~l(1 t dcp;-u.1 ( s~cntjally 011 lcal (~-;:-(igu"'r~n, i.c., u li-e rali rei r,h; t,.-di JlCl~i()lla 1 iscllllpic fl()\~ prc(1 ict íns al!rc(~d wi th lhe da ta ili tlds rcgill ru' lhe "",; wilh re/r'h = 2.0, hllt C'Cillll"e'lualc f",' thc lzzle willr re/r.h = By pari:.;nn, lhe ~ilnph~ une-dilllcn~innal i!'õelllrpic fl\," H'(~dicti()11 was as rlluch as l5'l hig:h in lhe thral rcgil1 (0--;'une ~u~zh~; i;; lhe cnical sectin:-:.. dc\"ialil1s f a slnallcr Jua,::nitutl-;; ~'e f,,"d. Tr" efrcel:~ culillg a,"1 varialill in lhe "H,,"1a"y-layc,' hickllc,;,; a lhe Jlzzlc inlct,,'crc in\"cstigatetl.. as,,'cre diftt~ CJlCl :-Õ ill pr(~:-<~ll'(~ r(~acling::" \,"ith taps f \"~lj'i()us sizes. SO.1C,;cpal'alin ""'SS''''.laa,,,.,, presellled 10 "llow lhe en"'d f wall,~ling. Olhc,' fiw fealures lrat indical. 11", exlcll f clc,-iatins frlll llc-di.l1ellsillal nw include fiw cu"flieiclls, t h, ",,1 ra ius, a 11.1lca ""'';,,nllxe~ t is hpetl hal 11'sc 1'0111pari,;n" he C" ll,'asu"clllcnb alie! p. ~e!i.lills will he u,;cful 111"tue!yill!; 10Z~.lCnws wilh lhe ae!tlilillal eujl.,xily f ehcll1ieal"eact iolls. l' tncncla t li t c a = ~pced f sund a* = spced f sund a the snie endilin A = lcal nzzle crs~-sect ínal,11'1':1 Ath = nzzle-thrat an'a CJ = nw ce!\ieienl d = statie-pressure lap diameter ]) = nzzle-inlet di:unet er F = a xial t hmsl = lzzle appr:1ch sect ln leng;th 7i! = mass flw rate.l[ = :\laeh nnmber p = w,11sla ie pressure 7'0 = ambienl pressure 7'. = separat in pressure 1" ~agnal in pressure r = nzzle radius rth = 10zzle-thrat radius re = nuzzle-t hrat radius f eurvat ure rj = nzzle-inlet radius f curv,1t ure R = nzzk~inlet radius T = stag:nal in lemperalure Tv = walllemperature axial dislance frm nzzle inlet 11 = vdeity empnent in z direc'l in ]' = lw veleity at wall 'Y =,;pecifie-heat mli ~ = veleity bundary-\ay('r thicknl's,; at n07.zle inlcl ~. = di~plaeen1('nt thickness 'e = nzzle eolltractin-area rat i 'E = lzzle expansin-area v = kinematic viscsily mli ~ p = distance = densil \. defined in Eq. (ti) T = wall shear sl ress Sub. cripts e = enditin at freestream edge f bundary ln)'er i = enditin at nzz]e inlet teeeíved September 8, 1964; revi,;in reccived 1lay i, 196;). This papel' pre:;ents the results f ne pha~e f researeh carried ut at the Jet. Prpulsin Lnbratry, Califrnia nstitute f Tcehnlgy, under Cntraet N. NAS i-oo, spnsred by NAS.'\.. Scnir R~earch Engineer. t lescarch Grllp Supervisr" r-el1lber AAA. i lesearch Engineer; nw graduate stutlent a. the Universit)' f Clrad. 8 = cndit in a flw separat in t slag:nat ín ('ndit in 1 = ne-din1pnsinal flw value. nlrductin FLO\YS thru;!:h suppr.-nic nzzles are af intprest in design and develapmenl and in basic researeh.!t~'d _fi('~l~ nazzles a..!.:." u=:ed in rcb~t engine~ amc in measurin~ fiw 111t('~ wherea.- in research they are used J1acceleratin de\'ices and in tlll' study f fiw phennu'na sueh as nnrquilibrium ceet.-. This experimental i\l\'rstigatin was initíatcd t gain a bcttcr understandin;!: f t'quilihrium fio\\"" thrugh nzzles which app('ars t be basic in studying the addilinal dects asseiated with ehemieal real'lins. Data are prescnled thrllgh tlh' subsnie, transnie, anel supersnic fiw r('gins f a number f cnical nzzlcs. Emphasis is placeel un tl)(' thrat regin. whcre the fiw is transnie" rcvius i\l\"pstil'alins f g3.sfiws thrugh ('nical nzzles h[i\~~h2.~)~ elc\"iatins frq!!! ºn.2,:dimensinal i~ntr.ql)ie fiq.\\~ as indicatcel b\' mea,;urcd wall static pr('ssures. Th('sc de\"íatins result frm radial \'Pleity ciúpneills ('aused by llp taper and eurvature f thc nzzlc.' f;imilar de\'iatins havc hepn bscn'('d \\"hcre m(,3.surements \n're madl' in the elivrrgl'nt re~in f enieal nzzlcs2'-5 and where a few measurements wcrc made in hl' enieal (,tl\"('rgent reg;in.6 Lcal \'cleity ml'a:,uremenh; in the thrat rc~in h[1\'c il~eatl'd Ln this papcr, the tw-dimcnsinality mca:,ured wall,;tatie!. tllc)l\\"j prcssul'(,'; are presenteei fr enieal nzzles f varius dimensins t ahw in eletail thse regins where the fiw is tw-dimensinal, and thus wh('re the sim pie ne-elimcnsinal fiw prcdietin fails.1 Thc cnieal nzzles invcstigated have 30 and 45 half-ang!es"crgenee, 15 half-angles f di\'ergcnec, eircular-arc cntranee and thrat seetins, and expansin-area mtis \lp t 6.6. The mtis f thrat radius f Cun"aturc t thrat radi\ls wcre 2.0 and The eftect f inlet cnfiguratin was invcstigatcd in ther nzzlcs with thc col\'erg;cnt scctins fnncd by circular ares. Operating cnditins spanned stagnatií1 prcssures frm 45 t~ 250 psia and stagnatin tcmperaturcs frm 530 t 20000R, \\'ith data reprtcd at 5~0 and 1500 R. The ~J~bi~~t p~~ \\~~ ~)11spheric. ~t the l\\'cr stagnatín.. 1'r\

2 ~ -....,._~----~---- SEPTE~[BEH 1965 l\leasuhed AND PHEDCTED FLO\VS THHOUGH CONCAL SUPEHf:OXC NOZZLES Hi07 temperature f 5300R, colnprc..."seelair was useel, anel lhe nzzles were uncled, 'fhe higher stagnatin temperatures were btained by heating cmprcs.sed air by the embustin f methanl. 'fhe prducts f cmbustin \\'ere then llixed 1õübtam Ulllfrmity bcfre entering lhe nzzles, and at these higher temperatures, the nzzle walls \\'ere cled. :\ t the highcst stagnatin teml2q[aturc,_thcjqtal..hcat~~r frm ~s tolhe nzzle \\'aljraiiles than 10/0.f the ttal cnergy f the gas a. the lzzle in]e.t s that the fi\\' \\'as learly adiabatic illall ca:~cs. -The prelu<:ts f ('mbustin euld bc' treate;1 apprxinately às air, sinccthn1iass fl\\'-raie rab f methãnõl t air \\'as small, 'e.~., a H, the mle<:ttlar weight anel speeific-heat mti were 28.6 b/mle anc~ respectively, fr the prelucts f cmhustlon cmpared with 29.0 b/mle anel 1.35 fr air. :\b, <::dcu!ated temperatures f the~rducts f ('mbu~tin, with til<' assumptin f cmplete euple<:hcmical \1C:lsuremenb reactins, eles<.:ribcelin were withinse<:. the 11,J a~ura<:y uf lwrm Bunelary-ayer thicknesses at the nzzle inlet were varied rq!n_:ilidut 5 t 45Mn11Cm1Ctl'ã(1ilb t inl'estigate bun(c: ary-!at'r J.\i;jp1lCeml'nt effects. Thl' e1tect f \\'all staticpressure lap size n the readings \\'as als il1\'e~tigateel. At the 100'er stagnatin prcssures, lhe nzzlcs \\'ere \'erexpandl'el, and the as50ciated separatin pressures are pn'sc'nteel bth fr ht-fl\\' pcratin with elcd walls anri fr eldfi\\' pc'ratin. Other fcatun'~ i the flw are induclecl in term~ uf de\'iatins frm n('-elimen~inal is('ntrpie flu\'. Fr \'cr-all nzzle perfnnan<:e, flw <:dfieic'nts and thmst rati,.. are sh\\'1, Lcal del'iatiuns in the l\1as:; fiux at the edge f the bundary layer <:alt-ulat<:d frl\1 the \1casured \\'all static pressures are inducled, a,,,;i~ the snic line lcatin. [n the transnie fiw reg,in, 'arius t\\'-dimensinal isentrpie flw preclirtins are cmpareci \\ ith the elata t indi('ate the aelcquaey f thl'se theries. divergent regins anei mst f tlh' cnvergent reg;in is less than~ Only in the nzzle-inlet regin at the lwest stagnatlon pressures, \\'here the elifference between t he static anel stagnatil1 pressure is small, is the estimateel erl2.!:. 2!.. 5% significant; this errr wuld be less at higher stagnatlon pre&,urcsj fnsielerably!argcr clifterenccs than the previusly mentinecl % thru~h l\1st f the 110zzle are fund \\'itllciifjerentsizccl taps, as cliscll.~d in.ce. V. 11"r ht-flw pemtin \\'ith clecl walls, wall temperatures \~C dctermineel frm thenncuupips embeclflecl in the wall f the nzzle anel frm calrimetric wall lh'at fiux measurements \\'ith the nuzzl<] T. St a t ic- Prcssl r'c Dis t r-ihll t iol";; :\[casured static-t-stagnatin-pre~sme mti~ are SO\\"1l in Fig. 1 fr the luzzlc','c'r a range f ~ta~natin pre~surcs fram 45 t ).10 psia at a,'ta~laliul temperat.ure 01' 1500!t, \\"ith <:led \\'alb. TH' pper limit uf LiO psia \\'as dictated by manmeter limitatills at thc' time the tests \\"ere maclc. Frm bundar~'-a,\'('r t ra ver~es, the ra ti f inlet bunclar '-la\'c'r thi<:knes,; t lozzle-inlet radm \\"as estimatcd at abul 5 'R..."0.2,1. The pre";';li'(' rati..; are ncarly in\'llriant \\'ith sta~latin pre:"sui'(' ('x('ept in the fi\\" separatin regill, \\'here lhe rise in ~tati(' prc'ssme i~ <:allsed by \'ercxpalldccl nuzzlc!)('ratin' n the thraat rcgin, there i;; sme data ~pread, bul it ~('s nt appear t vary systc'ma tically \\'i th stagna tin prc..;sure. Cnsiclerablc de\'iatins fum the predi<:tin fr ne-dimcn~inal (1 d) i:"entrupic fi\\' ('Y = 1.40), :::h\\"1[1:-; <:ln'f~a, an~ apparent in the transllic rc'gin; in particular. t hc' measured pn's:"urcs are as mu<:h as abllt 30% lid\\' the pi'('dietin jllst d\\"nstream f the thruat. DC'viatins f a smaller magnitude are bsel'\'able in the irtlet and <:nic'al euj\'ergent sc<:tin, 11. lnst r'lll1cn ta Ín Xcar,dJere the lan~eney data are f sjightl~, the circular-are abve the l d thruat fi\\' and predidin1 ('nicar',.,.. clivergent sedin, lhe measurcd pres:::mc ratis <:hangc slpe ~lp fl\\' and lstrumentatlon dlagr:\l!~ f the sys~elll t abruptly and <:rss ver the l-ri fi\\' predidin further rl\\'n-,~'\lch the nzzlcs \\'ere atta('h~d :' 5h\\'n Hl'f. 1..Stagna- ;;tream. ~ 1-d isentrpic fi\\" predictin \\'ith \'ariable spet\on prl's~ure,l"as lleasur~d lst upstre:11~1 he a ) )r~~<:h <:ifieheat \\"as ab made ancl fund t be at mst 2% ah\'e the ~, t lc engtl: f wlmh ('uld )e adjusted t speclhed predictin sh\\'n fr 'Y = This small elifferen<:e indivalues. ghanges m lel:~th \\'crc, ~n:lde t \'llr\' the nzzle- cated the predictin \\'ith 'Y = AO t be adec uate fr COTinlet bo,undal'\'-lan'r tll!~kncss. 1hese turbulent bund,alt- parisn purp~es if the cntire nzzle fi\\' regin! is cn~irlcrectj ~a\'er 1111<:kn~~sE'~ \\'ere estllnatccl. frum measurements de~e~'lbed Fr sub~equent <:umpari~ns in the thrat regin, 'Y rliffer~ m Ref... lhe appra<:h S~,( tlon \\'as cle~1 :11, the lughcr little frm thc stagnatin <:nditin v:tlue userl. stagnatlon t.cmpl'rature f ~voh. Dt~gnatlOn temper. ature Anther -d fi;,' vrcdictin referred t in the liter:lture is l'as dc'tpl'l1uned by a\' the n':\(hng~ f \1,'0 sll!~'lded that fr <:nical suurce fi\\' in the divergent regin. 'fhe therlllcuplps p!a<:ed 0,20 m. up,..;trc~ln f the nzzle 1:let1 prcdicted \\'all slati<:-pn's:"ure distributin fr isentrpi<: fi\\' le5(' t,\" thermcuplc's, 10<:ated 1 m, frm t he C~!1-~tj!!.1~ ('Y = <:n..;t)is./ _ \\'cre spaced 180 apart cir<:lljnf('l'pntially and genl'r:dly rcad " " ~ \\'ithil ~(/Q f C~.C~1ther. The air m...;s \" "tl' \\'a~ meas- l!... = { _ 'Y--=-! -1 2 [-.ig~/s)4 _ J} ~/h-l) ured wa~ u~ccl \\'th t aliwasure nfic(" aliei the fr masst.he fi\\' lot-tlo\\' ral<' f<'st~, ll1cthanul. a rtmeter The / Pb 2. b (P/pb)2h. () aecuraey f the' ttal ma5s fi\\' rate is estill1atpd t be 1.%8: The sub~('l'ipt b denutes a pint aln!!; lhe cni('al \\'all \\'here at stagnatin prcssures aoõve aõüt 100 -psi:l. At l\\'cr the indicated variables are kn\\'n, anel s is thc radial disstagnatln prcssurcs, the rcadinj!;s are le5s a('curale. tance frm the suree. lf the experimental prcs~lre and Fr the fllwing nzzles [the Fi". ), thse <:rrcspnding.:\1a('h null1ber at the circular-arc-thrat cnical shwn in F!ll~ and the 45 _] 5 (fig..jd]' t le chall1eters tangen<:~' pint are useel, Eq. () is sh\\'n in Fig, by curve f the \\'all static-pressure taps \\'ere O. 20, and b t prediet substantially l\\'cr static pressures in the <:nical in., respcctively1 and the ratis 01 hle depth-t-dianthter sectin than t.hse btained experimentally. Althugh better \\'ere abut 8, 4, and essentially infinity, respectively. The agreement <:ulc! be btaincd if the predictin l'ere initiatcd hles \\'ere as sharp-eeigec! as thpy culd be made by drilling dwnstreall1 f the tangency, the cmparisn nevertheless and thcn smthing the burrs \\'ith emery elth. The axial indicates that the aclual fiw differs frm cnical sollrce fiw lcatin f cach tap was knwn t in., and thetaps \\'cre in the first part f the enieal 'spacec! <:ircumferentially ãiidãxially alng eaeh nzzle ldata were als btained bth at a lwer stagnatin temwall. 'fhe static prcssures were lleasurcd either \\'ith mer- p~ature f 5300R uncled walls and with n appraeh eur)' manmeters r, at the hwher )ressures \\'itll ~ length such that at the nzz mjet 51 R ~ These data, gãges, which had O,25-psia markec! increm~. The ac- t ug 1 nt shwn, indi<:ated that the effect f \\'all cling,. cumey f the readiilgs S chctatedliytllcdífference )et\\'een ~dtered the measured pressure rat.i negligib!,l excel~t in th~ the statie anel stagnatin prcssures and thus depends n lca- fiw-separatin regin, where, at the same st.agnatin pres- Lin in the nzzle and n the stagnatin pressure, 'fhe esti- sure, the separatlon pint mved dwnstream with wall mated errr in static pressul~thrughut the thrat and clingj 'fhe dependence f separatin pressure n \Vali

3 ... : : (f) O NOZ ;:) (f) a: a.. 1,0 ~ ẇ..j 1.5 O a: w O , O O 3.0 BACK, l\asser, AND GER + AAA JOURNAL Ec=7.90 EE= 2.66 'é =1.800 in. -~ GAS FLO TANGENCY z= 0.71 in. _----L --L-- ---ct li =15000R' ' Tw COOLED ALLS'jf=OA- 0.64; ô l.l R ~ 0.25, O = 3.60 TEST P' psia t:: <J O V' \ O ,6 TANGENCY TANGENCY in. z = _ r-l-..+-t=--~ --~ z = in. Z = in. LJ Z~~R5~;Tin.l!.1 _ ", a-one-omensonal SENTROPC FLO - (Y= 1.40) b-sentropc CONCAL SOURCE FLO (Y=1.40), EO. () c-hall d-sauer (REF 10) e- OSATTSCH ANO ROTHSTEN (REF (REF. 9), EO. (2)'TO-OMENSONAL 13), EO.(3) SENTROPC FLO (y= 1.35) b AXAL DSTANCE z, in. Fig. 1 Static-t-staguali()l1-pl'(,~~ll'c rati:-i all1~ lhe nzzl{. cling is discusscd in Sec n. [i'he effcet f inlet, bundarylarer thickness n the measurec!'!->ressure ratlo \\"as nt (liscerlll ) e. Thus these' iuvestigatins revea e a negligil)[c liõüiídarv- aver displacement effect, which was als agreemeut with preclictins f the clisplacement thickness ó* frm the turbulent bunclary-layer analysis.ij ln cnueetin with the preclietiu, it shulcl be mentinecl that ó* became negative upstream f the thrat as a result f the embined e!tect,.: f wall cling and fi\\" acceleratin. Preclicted values f ó are sh\vn in Fig. 12 f Ref. 1J [j' iuvestigate the effect f inlct cnfi uratin measnred pressure ratis are shwn r' 2 fr nzzles f different cntractin-area ratis but havmg the same thrat raclius thrat radius f curvature, and half-angle f divergenc3 The cnvergent sectins were fnned by circular arcs f equi11 radii f curvature. Fr cmparisn purpses,c he cld-fi\\' data shwn are average values fr eaeh nzzle ver the range sh\yn) f stagnatin are dlscussed 'pressure~ l!l indicated1 Sec v:' ehrugh S~pamted the fiw thrat data (nt and divergent regins, the measured, Rre.-ss.l!!:.e _'::!!:ll.0~~~ tiallv inde )cnelent f inlct cnfi"uratiun anel de cnel nh' n the lcal nzzle cntur. The ma~nitllelcs f the deviatins rm - lsentrplc fi\\' curve a) are similar t thse funel \\"ith the nzzle (Fi~. 1), which has the same rati f thrat raelius f curvature t thrat raeliw; (rjrtl. = 2.0) an half-angle f elivergencc as the llzz1cs sh\\'n in Fig. 2. The cffcct f thrat cnfiguratin is sh\\"n by cmparing Fig. 3 t Fig.. n Fi". 3 measureel pressure ratis fr the nzzle are sh;\\'n' fr a stagnatin-pressure range frm 45 t 250 psia and a stagnatin tempcrature f 1'500 R. lbecause f the smallcr thrat radius f curvature t thrat ra~ls f 0.625, as cmpareel t 2.0 fr the llzzle, there are larger deviatins frm the pressure rati fr' -d isentrpic fiw m the transnic regin. Thcse amunt t as m\lch as 45% just el\\'nstream f the thrat' ln the cnical cnver~ent sectin, there are als lárger <re'viatins frm l-d fi 11' than with the nzzle because f the larger 45 half-angle f cnvergence. ln additin, at the higher expansin-area mtis f the 45 _15 nzzle, the data nce mre crss ver and becme less than the -d fiw pre-

4 SEPTE;\1BEH fl6.~ :'EASURED AND PHEDCTED FLOS THHOUGH CONCAL f'uperso:\'c NOZZLES li) 1.0 ::;) 15 <! cr...j N z L2 Ls 'i = 1.55 in. (CENTER AT NOZZLE EXT te' : r. /h ' n. NLET), fé ' -- 1,h= 'c' 4'02- ç, ~ 0.7 C;.- - Q 0.6 <! cr w cr ::;) li) li) 0.4 w cr Cl r- r, ~520R. UNCOOLED ALLS NOZZLE p/.psia NUMBER (; RANGE OF TESTS.l... c AVERAGED O 1.64 O t--- r -- -] j -\ L 1-0- ONE -DMENSONAL SENTROPC FLO (r' 140) c - HALL (REF. 9), EQ (2). TO-DMENSONAL SENTROPC FLON ( r' 1.35) ,- -r - ---< -j tj. 402 ~ J L AXAL DSTANCE FROM THROAT, in. Fig.:! Static-t-~tagnatin-H'c~sllrc. ali~ "ilh \'~u'iull':';'"t (~()nligunlti()us. dictin. ith the nzzle, nly ht-fl\\' eledwall d:üa \\'ere btained, and a larger ufjstream length (l/d = 8.4) \\'as u~cd such that /R = 0. i5. -AltilOUgh n (Tã!:1 were btaincd with a thinner inlet. bundary-layer thickness, bth experimental bservalins with the nzzle and predictins indicate that the mcasurcd pressure ratis wuld be alt.ered negligibly. V. Tw-Dimcnsinal Flw PrcdictiH; Exact slutins f the tw-dimensinal (2-d) isentr )icflw cqllatlons are '.i~~y~existen_t Jr_ 0\\' rc!!:ime~ thrughollt a SllperSOllC nzzle. :\pprximate sllltin~ cnsist Clther af calculatmg the fiw field by numerical 01' graphical techniqucs 01' f btaining analytical slutins in particular fiw re~ins. Since, as cxpccted, geviatins frm l-d flw are larp,est near the thrat...1h.e transnic regin is f pmnary cncem. Als, a slutin in t:his rep,iõii -S needed ~ ~~ ~()lutlon by the methd-f-charact~ristie.:~_jl.llie ~persnic regin. n thc transnic re in, Hall9 btained a slutin f r he velcity field fr isent.'oplc. irr tatinal fiw (' - COl~ Ly a series expansin f the vclcity cmpnents lu mverse pwers f r./r'h. The first three terms fr the velcity empnents in the series slutin were calculated and appear in thc reference. Frm these, the wall stlltic-t-stagnatinpressure rati can be calculated: p/p, = - [(' - 1)/(1' + 1)]ir:}'Y/h'-) (2) where V is thc lcal velcity V at the wall, nndimensinalized with respect t the speed f sund at the snic cnditin a*. ~'he predictin frm Eq. (2) is shwn in...!'2!l.!...bycurve f, ll1chagrcci' well with the mcasured pressure distributins in the thrat \'icinit~1 n thc regins that extend circular-arc-thrat colllcal tangencics, the requirement t the Lhat thc 'lelcity at the wall be parallel t Lhe wall is nt exact1y satisfied as a (;n~eqllencc f the slutin methd; this undubtedly leads t the inferir predictin near these tangencles. l!he crrespndellce f the predictin frm Eq. (2) with the data is cqually gd fr the nzzles with \'arius inlet cnfig\tl'atin~. as shwn in Fi/!. 2 by cur\'c c. t shuld be nted tha t lall's predictin depends nly n thrat cn figuijtin tinj 1'he thrugh mcasuredthe rati pressure rcir'hratis and nt in n the inlet thrat cnfigura rcgill shwn in Fig. 2 display this same trend. 11'01' lhe.t5-15 nzzle (r./r'h = 0.625), the pf,niptiu...ísllt applimble since the series slutin divenres fr r.jr'h <. lnstead, Fil!:. 3 shws as cun'e d lhe Sauer prealctiõi1'which, as Hall has pinted ut, is the first-term apprximatin in his series slutin. This uredictin is cnsiderably belw the data L1Jis predictin fr the nzzlg) n Fig. 1 (curve d), indicates the imprvement upstream f the thrat aftrdcd by the lall slutin, curve c, in which three tenns are uscd. Hwever, at the thrat and dwnstream f it, there is little difterence between the first and third apprximatins. t wuld be f interest t cmpare the data with predictins frm the irrtatinal methd f charaetcristics in the supersnic regin; hovever, predictins by Darwell and Badhaml1 and Migdal and Landis12 fr cnical nzzles with circular-arc lhrats reveal fiw cnditins near lhe nz~je

5 1610 BACK, ~[ASSEH, AND GER AAA JOUHNAL c: () ::> O ~ ! N 1.0 O Z 'í = in. Z=~: LT':GENCY Z = in. ri TA~GENCY. TLGé -~! :JZ n. CONTOUR TANGENCY c': 9.76 E : 6.63!Er:" - rhroat z = in. r'h = in. : z : in. <::>..~ º ~ 0.6 :::;: r () () r Tw r; : Ô e R '" : 8.4 TEST O 343 O 342 V V 348 O 351 Pt. psic O O c - ONE -DMENSONAL SENTROPC FLO (y = 1.40) ~~~ V O e-osattsch AND ROTHSTEN FLO (y = 1.35) d - SAUER (REF. 13), (REF. EQ 10) (3) ) TO- DMENSONAL SENTROPlé. O g~~ ~J, ~ 10 O i=t 6! 1 16T AXAL DSTANCE z, in. Fig.3 Static-tn-1-õtagnatiun-pre:-.surc 'ati~ alu#! lhe 'l5-5 J1zzlc. axis that \\'uld ]cad t shek fnnatin, :ld ensequently inyalidate the irrtatinal a~sumptin. Predieted shek frmatin ecurs where ~ach lines l'i~inatin~ just d\\'nstrcam f the crcular are and cnical t:lgeney appraeh the nzz!e axls. Dar\\'ell anel Dadham dlscuss the predietin in elet:ul \\'ith respect t the aceuraey f the numerieal slutin and its initiatin, using either Hall's9 r Sauer'::;l transnic s!utin. As indieated in Fig. 1, fr the nzzle with r.lrtl. = 2.0, either f these slutins shuld pryide a gd apprximatin t the actua! fiw in the regin f interest. t shuld be nted that bundary-ayel' displaeement effects, nt aeeunted fr in these predictins, d infiuenee the nzzle freestream fiw bundary t sme extent; this ean aher the predicted fi\\' field. hether r nt shek frma..tilln.. actually ceurs ª axls ean decided by expenmental bscry-atill. Rather than \\'all static-pressure measurements, either ttal pressure-prhe traverses alng the axis f enieal nzzles r sme means f yisual bservatin in a transparent nzzle with a sufficiently lng divergence sectin wuld be required. Anther apprximate slutin valid thrughut the nzzle, prviding that wall curvature effeets are nt large, is the predictin by O~watitseh anel Hthstein.13 \l"hcre L p, = [ 1 _ ~ ') _ ( Jl -- O)2(r)2J'r/(Y-) a, 1/1 The subseript 1 dentes averagc quantities fr 1-d iscntrpie fiw, in \vhich "/ = cnst Fr caleulatin purpses, it is cnvenicnt t use the relatin (/ul)(duddz) = (2/r) X [(drldz)/(m,2-1)]. ln the predictin that applies fr a cnstant,,/, the veleity distributin is cmputed frm the lcal enfiguratin f the wall. The requirement that the fiuid veleity at the \\'all be parallel t the wall is nt éxactly satisfied because f the way in whieh the slutin \\'as btained. The predictin frm Eq. (3) is sh\\'n in Fig. 1 as curve e t be in else agreement with the Hall predictin and,

6 :-;EPTE:'BEH!)(i.~ :'EASlíHED A:\D PHED[CTED FLO\\'S THHOt:GH COXCAL SUPEHSO:\C XOZZLES 1611 thu~, thl' data in the thrat vieinit~ f the nzzle. At the cireular-are-thrat cnieal tangeneies, the predietin is disrntinuus bccause f d'lr/dz2; these disentinuities are indirau-d by vertical dashed lines. ' Near the tangencies, the slutin becmes mre apprmâmate, since the restrictins n the magniiude f ihe nzzle radius and its derivativl's implied in the analysis are nt satisfird. Thr nzzle cntur deviatrs even further frm the rcstrietil1s impsed by this anal~'sis; h\\'evpr, fr cmparisn, this predictin is sh\\'n in Fig, :3 as C\1l'VCc in a narr\\' part f tl1l' thrat rcgin. The ratll('r sharp decrease in static pl'essure is prl'dicted, but tl(' pl'edietin is bel\\' the data. V. Static-Pn~,,;slll'e Tal' Sizc {j'11p pl'l'sencl' f a sta til'-pressurc hule ('auses sme fi\\' dt:::turbah'p, lhi('h altl'rs thl' ml'as\1l'l'd statie pressure fram the tnlp ndlll'. Fr shal'p-edj.!:l'd hles, dl'l'per ihan abut 2 diam, lleasllrt d statie pressurl's in f()''; \\'ith negli/!'ible prcssul'(',!:radil'nts han 1)('1'11 fund t incl'case \\'ith hle sizc; it is bdic\'l'd hat the slllall hles rl'ad 1l'arl'l' thr true static P'C';SU'l.. Othpr 'Te,'ts, sllch as sli),(ht hurrs and the prl's'1<'1'f fo'( ij.(npal'licll's, hal'c' 1)('1'11fOlllld t alter the rcadinj.(s a,; \\'1'11. Fr nzzle /Ju\\', in additill t the prcs";\'e J.(l'adil'l! indul'cd in the flll' h~' thl' Pl'p'C](" f the hle, the '-"tl'mal pn,s,;un' J.(radient is superilllp'ed in lhe fll\' directin, The fi\\' elisturbanc(' is thus expl'cted t incl'l'ase \\'ith hle sizl' )('causc a larger prcss\ll'e drp exist,; a(''oss til(' hle than "!1<'nthp fr('('stl'pam fi\\' is nt acccleralin!!j T innstigate the 'ftpct f hle sizl' n thl' stalic-pl'essul'' 'l'adings, the 2,51-1 nzzle sh\\'n in Fi!!, 2 \'as il1strumentl'd \'ith 0,010- anel O,040-in,-diam ta) Jair,.;. As llh'ntin{'d ljefrp, t Je 10 'S \\'ere as sharp-cd)!:ed as they culd be madl' hy 'nh\uthin!-( with cmer~' ('10th any sllrfacl' burl's lha! \'l're prdu(,l'd hy drilling:, The rati f hle dcpth t eliametl'r \\'as abut :3, ~tati('-pressul'e elistributin~ wl're btaitinf 0\', 1' a rang,e 01' :'tagnalin pre"s\lj'es frm 4;) t 170 psia, \'ith air :l a stag,natin tl'll\pcraturl' 01' 520 1\ (unell'd \':lls), '1'\\'0 01' thl'~1' clistributins arp sho\\'1 in Fi}!;, 4. T ali\\' a dirpet poll\parisn f t]1(' diftcrences in the re;;'f. illgs. thr 10\\'1'1' par f Fi)!:..t :lis ~hws the percentage dilterence be!\\'el'n the 0,010- and O,040-in,-diam tal' reading,.; at lcatins \\'hl''(' t]wse t\l'o taps rerl' axially \\'ithin in, 01'e:1<'hthpl'. This is the limit t \'hieh the axiallcatin 01' t}w taps is kno\'1. :\s S('l'n in Fi)!:.,, thl' pressure elifferenel' bet\l'l'l'n the smallc:'t and lar;;est tal' '('aelings varies sy~tell\atie:dly thrug,h thl' nzzle; ':nelll\ differences (pllls r minus) thai \'lll,[ be assciatcd with reading ace\ll'aey are nt pviclent. The smallest tap has the 10\\'1'1' rl'adin)!:, as lul:ó been Obsc'l'\'ed in fi\l'" with neg,ligib}e acerler:ltin. fthe pereentag:(' (lifference in the tap reading,s is a ma-"ill\ull\ m t l' transol1lc reglon. \\' lere l' pressurc grarlient S largest. '1 he clifterence S 1i:i'r(]101lscernible in 111e nzz}e-inlet regin \\'here the freestreall\ \'Clci ty is l\\' anel in the fi\\'-separatin regin fr t!1<' l\\'-st.agnatinprcssure tcst \\'hl're the reversc fl\l' velcity is re!atively 10\~ The O,OO3-in. uncert:.líni\' in the axial elistancc bet\\'een hé ~lnd-.õ=i'o-in,--jiã~n- tap pairs \\'llld alie' the re': centage difterences sh\\'n 1l l' 19. :tõf'o, 1 at m:ót. - The trends f ihe difl'ci:ei'icp."sh\\'n fr the t\\' tests were typieal f thse funel at intennediate stagnatin pressures f 75, 100, aud 125 psia, and dllplieate tesis at sme f the pressures inelicated the data t be reprdueible. ln a system in \\'hich pressure gradients ean exceed thsc alng the nzzle, JaiviuH folln differences f the sl1me magnitude as thse shwn 1l Fig. 4 fr tap diameters ranging frm 0,0016 t iu. by measuring the pressure distributins alng a fiat plate u which a liquid jet impinged. 1n that investigatin, a limiting value f the tap size was fund fr \\'hieh n further ehange in the measured pressure distributin \\'as bserved;~ O,004-in,-diam tap read the same as the 0.OO6-in,-diam tap.j \\ '\ O. /Q/6 w ~ t:, 0.8 ~ 0,7 f= 0.6 <J: a:: 0,5 w wg: ~ 0, '~ 1'1 ~ TEST 103 J [;1 0.8 r,=534 R,.~ i'i l- ~- 13bB TAP d DA ~j n 0,7 11=170,3 pso ~ 0.4 r '03 i '" 0019, 02' 01 ~ 0,----,.. 8r 'Q TEST 100 ~ Ti =550R,_L_-, PO 45.1 psi i j! f) r; Fig. l Statie-t-~tagllatic)-)l es~\l t~ ratis alllg' ti " 2..~ ",,;11. di'!'l',',,"1 siz,~d J"'"'''''''' lap", 25 ~~ 1 j J t}46j. - -!'J r; ti <'>} 1 THROAT º 61 TEST p. psi J X ,1 8 "'" 2 - /j j., ~Q.. Q ~Q ~ "O v_, ' Q.: AXAL DSTANCE z, in, T imli('ate the mag:nitwll' ()f the diftprcnces bet\l'een the tap rl'ading;s in antllc'r \ ay, rderpncl' is made t an estimatr 01' tlw stat ie-pl'( sslll'(' tal' 1'1'1'01', H,\' elimensinal allalysis fr li 10\\'-spel'(1, 'ssl'nti:dl,\' eollstant-prperty tmbulent bundar~' layer \\'ith nl'.l.dig;ible fi\\' aeeekrati0ll, Li\"es('y ( t al.15 and thers give the cltr,),p fr dl'<'p hles: - D.p.1p. 'T = - (r/*) T \'here d* = r(t/p)/2/., ri is the tap diameter, anel T is the \\'all shear slress, _\eerding t experimental measmemenh by jjvcsey et a. and llll'rs. D.p/T inpreasl's mnlnically \\'ilh d* t'abut 3 at d* ~ DOO,lhe limit at \\'hich mea:;mements have been ma,jp. Hy cmparisn, in the thrat rcgin fr the highl'st slagnatin-pres:óure test, \':dul's f (p, PO),'T are a" large as 40: tl1<' errt'spnding nllue 01'r* based n the O,040-in,-diam lal' is abut ü200, Fr hl' stagnatin-pressnre "st, lhe pn'clicted \'alue in the thrat rl'gin i,,,:lcs:;, (PO - PO) r ~ 10, as i.s t he crrespnding \'alue d* ~ 1900, ln these estimates, the \l'all.shear stress \\'as predictl'd frm the analysis f Hef. 8. Cnfrtunalely,.since the true statie \U'PSSUl'eis nl kn\l'n, ne can nly enclude fl'l11the data sho\\'1 in Fig..t tha~ static-pressul'e distributin.s sh\l'n in Figs. 1-3 arepr "'G71bly;lightly-hig;her-than the tru~ -- \'1. Separalill P"essul'cs 1}"r verexpanded uzzle p<,ratin, the ralis f separatin re rth = 2,. 'fhere \\'1'1'1'100 few pressure taps in the divergent t ambient~ressul'e regin f the.t5 -\5 are sh\\'n nzzle in fr 1~'lJr a l11eaningful nzzlesrepre.senta tin. The data are sh\\'n by thc barred verticallines. hc that have ' ujp_er bar is the tap reading upstream f the sepanítior pmt; lhe l\\'er b:j.j'\\'uld be ihat at the succeeding tap if separatin haa nt ccurred and was determined frm higher stag,natin-pressure tests. Thus, the actual value lies between the values shwn, Ehe?vaeh number at separatin was ealculat d fr isentrpic fiw (y = 1.4) based n the average ambient separatin jjressure frpressure1 th!:_hõ\.fi\l' The lests mtis with f separatin-t clq.e ~Us [shaded symbls) are generally abut 5 t 10%-')cl~ cld-fiw values (pen symbls). These l\\'er values at the same stagnati?n pressure crrespnd t a releatill f the

7 161~ BACK, :\Af'f'ER, AXD GrEH A1AA JOURKAL <>..~ º 065 ~ 060!;:; a: UJ 050 º a.. '"UJ ZUJ iê :J 045 ::<... Z UJ a:... cr NOZZLE. 30-SO FG 30-SO O 30-SO O 2 S- 1 ) O 164 _ FG 2 1;,R SOO} COOlED ALLS < &. < OS8 520 UNCOOLED S20 S30} ALLSTi "t + L 7} 36 O a R ~02S ~005 ~010 Fr the nzzle, the pl'edictin frm Eq. (,O is ,_ in fair agreernent with the exp<,rimental values. This crrespnence is expceted frm thr elsc agrcement f prediete and measured statie prcssurps in the thl'at regin. H\\'ever, fr the nzzlc, the experimental values exeeed the predietin frm El(. (4), in \\'hi('h nl~' the first term in lhe braekels is rctained. As menline befre, the lall slutin di"erge;,; fr r,/ru. < 1. f nl., the first te~ in the brackets is inc!udeel, tlll' pn'dietin is iuenti('af \'ith that f either Saucr10 01' Os\\'atit;:ch and Hth;:tein.13 Thus, tjhe l\\'er!)redic!l'd values ~f.tll(' ~h\' tlll' ll1aelequae~' 01 PXlst~ J(J\. cpfli('ient P'('(ll('tln5 fr furtla:r nzz]ps \\'ith r" ru. -:.) \'111. Thl'lst Batiu,.; SEPARATlON MACH NUMBER M, St"H..atil1 tu alu"ielll-pl"'~~urt nll'ill~ lzzlt,,,,,,. n.ti~ f,' ~epamtin pint d\\"nstream 'ith wall elin).!:, as ms mentined in Sel'.][1. This indieatl'~ t!!at wall (;!!g..l'1G- imprtant in the interaetiõi11)rt\\"cen the shck \\"ave and bunelary layer ~dlll'h ):-esulh in fi\\" separatiçm frm tlh' -nzzle \\"al1. :\hlberg l't :11.'6 ab fuund the same tn'nd. Fr ur data, it is nt c!car \\"hetlll'r tlh'l\\"er srparatiun pressures are due nly t l\"flll cling, sinl'e, \"ith hut fiw and cled walls, the bund:u'~'-la~'l'r-thiekness Reynlds numbl'rs ai the separatin pint estimated frm the analysis f Hef. S wcre abut ne-half f th"e fr l']d fi\\" at thr same stagnatin pressure and bundary-byer thickne"" at the nzzh' 'inlet. n this regar.!. the data shu\l'n in Fig. 5 fr the nzzle 'ilh ht fi11" and COOll'd walls d nnt n'veal :ly delinite trcnd bet\\"l)en thc results with relati\"cly thin bundar}' a~'ers (ó/ R ~ 0.05) at thl' nzzle inlel :wd thosl' \\"ith thiekl'r layers (ó/r ~ 0.25). Hwcvcr, it is diffil'ult t determine lhether there is an~' depenenl'e n lhe bunelary-laycrthickncss Hl'}'nlds numbcr, wing t the sl'attcr f thc rcsults at the hig:hest separatin :\al'h nlllnbers (la:'t fur :,hadeel pinb), \\"hich l'rrc"pnd t sl'paratin near the nzzle-exit plane. The data in Fig. 5 cxtpnel n'r rathpr 101\" rati;; f :'tagnatin-t-ambient pressurl' ]JPcause f thp relatin'ly small expansin-arca ratis. "'1l'n these data arl' cnmpared \\"ith thers bt:rineel with un('h'd \\"a1b. s\l(,h a., tl1l' :l('('umulated results f Arens and :-;piegll'j' (Rl'f. 17. Fig. 2), the ht-flo\' data \\"ith a l'led wall aj"('fund t lic bl'o\' thnse J"('sult;;. V. Fl',- CefTicicn t~ Ld tz;1 Fi~. O.Lemparisns bet\\'cen mcasu'ed ma;:s fi\\" ratl' at a sta~natin temperatul'e f 1500 H (cled walls) and eolhputed values fr l-ri iscntrpil' fi\\' (' = 1.35) are sh\\'n ill terms f the fi\\' l'eflil'ipnt Cd = li1/,i,. At the 101\"('1' sta!; natin pressures, there is apprccl:1) e Sl'atter in the value::;,)=: Sme f the scatter is undubtedh' due t errl's in the mass fl\\'-rate measurem!:nts. ~nhe ';lp;her stagnatin p~, the scatter is]ess,-and fr bth nzzles, the fi\\' ee(fjcient i::; apprximately bel\\'cen 0.98 and LQ. Sinl'e the fi\\' thrugb. lhe transnic l~or1 detellnines ti1c mass f_~'j'ate th[ugh the nzzle, Fig. O als cntains the Hall predictin! - - T elparly illu~tratr the d""iatius, lh~ nzzle.~ ar!:. a;;"1ll)).!:..!.l t dischar~ int~ ae ('.!!.!.UH) and tlh' thrust rati,; are sh\\'n fr hypthetil':1 expansin-area rati~ frm a ":llh' nf t that f thc slatie-pn'ssure tap lcatin neare~t the nzzle pxil. C'H' terns in the thm,' ('XH pssin.l:c.llj'~j thl' ' n tlll' nzzje-inl('( arca 01' dtel'tin' l'hamber ellll wall :1d tlll' integratl u \\'all pl'e:'sure distributin resulting in tl\' axial fl'<'p n the nzzle sidc \\'all. The "hape 01' the thrustrati ('un'e is depp)h!ellt n dl\'th'r the 'al pn'"sure is le,.;s 01'!-!:reatcr than the -d fl\\' ":lup :\d n the ma~nitude f thr dittej"('''.as shll'n in Fig". 1 and :~. :-;h\\'n fr l'mparisn is the ften C/uteu ('urre('till faclr ~( + cso) ú.ll noll:lxial exi t fw fr i'qni!:a! L1Qzz!':J Thmst ra tios tr clei flo\' \\'õü1(l ije thp sanh' a" th"e shulm in Fig. 7. hased n thp data nh'ntined in Sec \:. Snie Line t'able cnt.ain:< a l'mparisn at a stagnatin telllperatul'c f 15000R (cled \\'alls) f pr~lil'tcd and ex~~'imqlt:ll 1.calín f thc intersectin f the.'unic lille \\'ith the edge f the bundalt la' pr. The cxppllnh'nt:11 "aluc::; ('õrrc;;pnd t the pilrt at-;;i~h the :-ach num!jpr btained frm the mcasured ;;tatíc-pressure distributins fr isl'ntrpie fi\\' (' = 1.35) ;;: :( 0ge Li ~. zuj 096 UJ 102 LL u '20 LL.. O'J.~,-,"... ;=...J ge T, "5000R, COOLED ALLS NOZZLE ~ 30- S' ~ ' ~045 E11 f~ r_nozzle 4S-15' FLO SEPARA TON N NOZZLE CJ = 1111 '~l= _ (' + )(~') r, T 90 _ 81' ('t') r, '% ] "( (r'hy r, -... ] (4)~ Fig. 6 STAGNATlON PRESSURE P,. psi Flw ccllicicnts. '( r,;, é )',TERM EO(4) ONLY / e

8 SEPTE~mER 1965 ~EASURED AND PREDlCTED FLOS THROUGH CONCAL SUPEHSOi\"C XOZZLES? 16~ Tahlc 1 Cnlpllrisn f prcdicted nnd cxpcrinlcntlll. nic linc il11cr"cctil1 with edgc f holl.ulary layt~r at T, = { (cled wall. ) Nzzle ') 4;' _lfi (tlr'h )xv. 0.lrrO O.:H Ulr'h), ms equal t unit~'j Une predietin fr iscntrpic flw S frm l'ither Saucr10 01' O,;watitsch and Rthstcin :13 ~/r'h = b + 1):2]'/~(r'>.'r,)1/~ () x LL ::;; < (f) '<. a: :::" (f)::'" <1-06. ~ '<. 0.9 i= 98 05U ~!(~---- ~. r'~d~~ t 6~ "--"" b --.:-~V-&~ 01 '--p-..., ,"-- li '1500R, -' 10! D COOLED ALLS ' NOZZLE 1 CONVERGENT-'-DVERGE';;:;:-Ti ' --r NOZZLE AREA RATOA/A,~ Fig. 11 Lcal t llc-tlilll('l"illal 11a",", fllx "ati,", alllg lhe tlzzlcs (vahll:s \\'c.'e dctc.",ui,u c fnuu a.vel'ugetl 1'/1'1."ati,.. sltwn in Fig~. alui :3). ~ \\'l('n' ~ is the axial distan\;.l:u :-:trcam f til!' "l'mctric thr at Thl' t H'r Sl'nhpic flll' 1)1'C(ctln :; rm!-a s analysis.9 Fr the 300-lli nzzh', thl' predidin frm Eq. () -!;i\'c,; a \"alue lar;.:!'!" than thal mea,;lrcd fr thc \lpstrl':un distance \O the snic li/h', \'ith hettl'r agrl'clllenl aftrdcd by /[all's prediclin. lall's a!lal~'si:; is!lt applicahll' t the 45-1.,) nzzll', "incp r,ir', < 1: b\' usin~ Eq. (), thc predi<.:teu elistan('l' i:-: 1110n' than tll"ic{,-tll!' ('xperll11ent:lll~:- deducecl \'alu!'. -'1 1l' ('lcl-t!j\' ('xp(,1"nh7õiãi 'alue:; \"(Jl1d 1)(' tfi(',;aml' as hsp indiea ted in Tahl(', haspd 0(1 the data mcntloned in S('e. 1li,.'as,; Flu,'\: Hatis Fr th(' eall'ulatin f hul\(lar~'-la~'l'r fi\\" and hl':\t ransfpr 10 nzzlc \"alls, tlh' l(wal ma~s fiux ~p!'), at thc l'd~p f the hund:l'~' aye~' i~ lh'pdl'(1. rny assul11inl-!; isl'nt rpit' flu\\' (1' = ].,1), tlus leal ma,;s '7rux \\"a:-: eall'ulalt d frm thp mcasun'd stalic-pr('~"ure distrihutins and is sh\\"n nnrlinh'nsinalized hy the ]-d isplltrpic fi\\" 'aluc in Fi~, 8. Thru~h mst f lhe nzzh', lhe leal mass tlux is c:;s than H' lurhulenl -d \'alu~\\"hieh hundary-ayerimplips flo's, lwer ) \\"all a: heat (p \"),',5. flux% 'fll!' sinccmas:; fr flux dp\'iatin amoll11t~ t ah\lt 20/c in tl!' inlet rel-\in and just dwnstrcam f tht thrat fr the _1.') '15 nzz!(': \\"ilh the :30-15 nzzh', til(' dl'\"ialins an' ks:;. The maximum \'alue~ f lhe mas:; flux (p \'), ceu~usl up,;tream f the thrat at hciiltl'r;('i'!ion ôf the -;Qjlic!ine ~'ith til!' edg;e 01 f]lltoull(lar~' ":iycr. l1 is in thi,; reginth;ll ilcat-tran,;fcr measlii'('ml'nls indieat(' til(' maximum hl'at fiux t lhe \\"all,l.6.1~ COJlclusin;; "'all static-pj"l,,:,;ure nll'a:-;uremenb hal"l' heen presenteei fr air flwing hru;.:h cnical nzzh's \\"ith circular-ar<' ' ~ 0.98 "- Q >- < a: >- V ::> a: :x: > ~ ' T, '1500'R, COOLEDALLS NOZZLE 30-15' ~ ~ ' ~ 0.45 thrat.-. ('ll1parisolls ha\"l' 1)('1'11 l1:ldl' with prl'di(,tins. Tl!' rl'sults indieate til!' fll\'inl-!;. ) 111 th(' thrat J"l'gin, w}wrl' lhe flw is ransllie, t\l'odill1l'l:-:illal isclltrpie flml' predidills an' ill elsl' agrl'l'l1ellt with lhc.laia fr tlh' 10ZZ!('S wilh a rati f thmal radill_ f (~llrya'"n' t hral radills r, 'rtl, = 2.0, hllt inadl'qllale fr the lzzll' \'ith r,ir'l> = 0.ti25, j)l'\'iatins as :trge a,; 30 and 450/;. frum thl' sim 111' lll,-dimpll-l:d isplltrpi(~ fl\\' pn'( wtlol \\"l'n' follllel ill tlll' lhrat rpgill fr thl' lzzlcwith r, 'r'h = 2.0 :llld O.G2.,), n'sp('cti\"['~', 2)rnlatic-pr~~l1paSlln'('lt,,- ill t 111' 1hn~l' alld dil'crgl'ltilf't'illill" uf lzzll';-' \ ith thl' :-:allh' r, 'Tt, :11r! half-alll-(]' 01' dinrgcnce l'n' f0'd t be es:;l'ltially illd('h'ld('!.!1 ~ari()ls illlpl l'nfi~ura tins, :» :'111:111('1'de\'i:ffills in statil' pn'sslln' frm (H!e-dillll'lsinal fi 11' \"('re folllld ill thp enil"al sel"lins, 111 til!' enyprgl'll"c rpgill, the l1agllitlld(' illl"l"ea.-l's \'ith l"lll'l'rg('('e alll-!-c, \\"hpre:ls ill hc din'rgl'lt'e rl'gin, this efteet was 10t im esti;.:atl'd,;ill('p ali til!' lzzles tl'sted h:ltl a 1,') h:llf-all.!:dl' f di~'gell("p. 4)tFr lllderl'xp:lnded peratill, ~rl's,;urc.jn!:.l~lt:. nll'nt;~werp in';l'lsiti\"e t lhe cltl'("ts f btlll"ll'd :llld 1111 t'll'd mlls alld tu lzz!' illlpl bolllldary-:t~''r thicknl';;~ t 0.45 f tia' nuzz!p-illlet radill.-. Thus. hundalt-layer eftect:; l're follnd t he negligible, 5) 'rps:;un:f(.;itfíng,; depend U tap size, wilh signific:llt dittej"l'lce;, folllld })('tween a!ld O.O-O-in.-diam hles. The smalle:-:t tap rl'ads thc 100n~r prc,;surc, which i,; belic\'ce 6) Fr~yerl'xpallded nzzll' peratin, thc separatiun pint t 1110\"['( hc~arerd\\"n~trc:lln the truc statie wlth prc~sure~ wall cling fr lests at lhe s:lme stagnalin H'es;;ure, s that lhe mlis 01',;eparatin-lalllhient pre:;slrl' fr thc ht-fll' tc,;ts \\"ith cled walls l'ere gcnel:ajly í) S-las;, abut fi\\' 5rate 10 10% and thrust ]wlw.elepenel the cld-fll\" n the\":llues,l tw-(funl'nsillality'ór thp fi\\" hrugh th(~ trallsnic regiul, with boulld:jr' laycr cttpct,; rp!:itin'l\" l1imprlallt fr lhe lzzle:,; im'l',;tig:~tcd that ha~pã~siõll-:ii'ca ratis t 6.G.J S) n the tran;:oc rcgin. lcal ma,_s fiuxes at lhe ed~c f lhe holllldary la~'er dedllced froll thp static-pres:;ure nll'asurcml'nls deyiale less frm nl'-dimcnsillal fi\\" \'alup,; than d the statie pressure,;. n the ('nn~rl-!;l'nce sl'clill, the magnitudes f these rll'\'iatins are abut the same as thc~' are in til(' lransnic and depellel 011 thc ctl\'crgence angl('. Hefcl'ClCCS ~\ -... 'Back, L. 11., ~[assier, 1'. F., :m Cier, 11. L., "Cnvective heat transfer in a en\'ergent-divergent nz7.le," ntern. J.!leat '" ~ ias:; Tran:,fer 7,,,)4D-.'j68 ( D(4). ""! Scheler, K. an 13ierlein, J. A., "Sme experimcnts n fi\\" :,eparatin in rcket n07.7.le:,," A!{S J. 23, 28-3:2, 40 ( 1!);,;n,, R. P., Eisenklam, 1'., and \Vilkie, D., "nvestigatin f super:<nic fiw separat in in n07.zle:,," J. :\[eeh. Eng. Sei., Campbel, C. K and Farley, J. "., "Perfrl1lance f several Fig. 7 Vnriatin NOZZLEEXPANSON-AREARATOA/A, f t1u'18t ru1i with cxpnn8in-urea.. ~267-:27!)(J959). 'nical cnvergent-divergent rcket-type exhau:'l n07.zle:,," rati (curves wcrc b1ail1cd frm avcraged 1'11" ra1is NASA Ti\" D-467 (Septel1lber 1!/(0). ~ shwn in Fig8. and 3). Arens, :\1. and Spiegler, E., "Separate fi\\" 111 verex-

9 ',BACK,.\L\SSEH, AND GEn AAA JOUnXAL panded nzzle~ at l\\' pres~ure mtis," Bul. He~. Cuneil bmel " ;\[igdal, D. alld Lalldi:;, F., "Characteri~ties f cnic!\l superllc,45-;j5(1962). 7' 6 Frtini, A. alld Ehlers, R. C., "Cmpari:;n f experimental '-... ~ '- snic u Oswatit~eh, lzzles," AHS K. alld J. 32, Hthsteill, 18!JS-!JO \V., (1962). "F\\' paltem in a cnt predicted heat tranhfer in a bell-~haped lzzle with upstrcam verging-divcrgillg nzzle," NACA T;\-12\.,) (Mareh 194\1). fiw disturbances," NASA TN D-1743 (August 19(3). 11 Jaivin, G. 1., "EfTect f hle size n prcssure mcasurements 7 Stantin, T. E., "The variatill f velcity in the neighbr- made with a fiat-plate dyllall1ic-head prhe," Jet Prpubin hd f the thrat f a colstrictill in a wind challnel," British Lab. Tt ;~2-617, Pa.. adena, Calif. (June \.\ H(4). Acrnautical Hesearch Cullcil H & :\ (lu30). " Live~ey, J. 1.., Jacbll,./. D., and Suthem, C..., "The _ 8 Ellitt, D. G., Bartz, D. R., and Silve', S., "Calculatin f static: hle errr prblem," :\ircraft Elg. XXXV, (lu62). ~urbulent bundary-layer grwth alld heat transfer in axi~~ymmet ric lzzles," Jet PrjJul:;ill Lab. T{ 3:!-3S7, Pasl\dena, 16 Ahlberg,.1. L, lamiltll, S., ;\igd,d, D., and Xilsn, E. X., i'truncated jjerfe"1 lzzle~ in pt ;llul1lzzle desigll," :\ ns.. Calif. (Fcbruary 15, 106;{). 31, 614-6:!O (1!J(1). v Hall, , "Transnic flw in -dill1en~i(jllalalld axially- 17 Arells, ;\1. alld Spiegler, E., "Sh(H'k-indlleed hund'll'~' symmetric nzzles," Quart. J. ;\ech.. -\ppl. ;\lath. XV, 487- layer ~cparatill ill \,cj'('xpahh'd ('(Jni.,,1 exhau~t nzzle<'.')(js ( U(2). A AA./. 1, :;7S-5,-'; 1 ( 1!G:j). ~ 10 Saucr, n., "(;pncral ('hara, t!'ri~ti( ~ f the tlw thruugh ' Kl()z~i, J../., ".-\11 illvbtig:atillf hpat tr:ll~fpr thrll~h 1111' nzzlcs at ncar eritiml ~pecd~," NAC:\ '1';\[ (./UC 1047). turbulcllt b<hl1ldary layer in ali axiall~' "Yll1etri(', ('Oll\'er~ellt- ') li Darwel, l. ;\1. alld bdhalll, l., "Shck frmatill in diverg:el1t lzzle,",\erdyl1ami(' Lab., ()hi" :-,tate Ul1i\. T.\-S c()l1icall1()zzlp~," A[A:\.., 1!1:~2-1\);!4(ln6:!). (.uly l!);js).

1.3. The Mean Temperature Difference

1.3. The Mean Temperature Difference 1.3. The Mean Temperature Difference 1.3.1. The Lgarithmic Mean Temperature Difference 1. Basic Assumptins. In the previus sectin, we bserved that the design equatin culd be slved much easier if we culd

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Both coloured overlays and coloured lenses can improve reading fluency, but their optimal chromaticities differ

Both coloured overlays and coloured lenses can improve reading fluency, but their optimal chromaticities differ ELSEVIER Ophthal. Physil. Opt. Vl. 19, N. 4, pp. 279-285, 1999 0 1999 The Cllege f Optmetrists. Published by Elsevier Science Ltd All rights reserved. Printed in Great Britain 0275-5408/99 $20.00 + 0.00

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Farmland Values - Then and Now

Farmland Values - Then and Now Farmland Values - Then and w / Je r me E. Jhnsn acre fr US-48 a nd $455 in r th Dak ta. The 199 1 aver ages are $682 a n acre fr the US-48 and $3 68 in r th Da kta. This si mpl e descriptin fails t spea

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An Introduction to Statistical Learning

An Introduction to Statistical Learning Springer Texts in Statistics Gareth James Daniela Witten Trevr Hastie Rbert Tibshirani An Intrductin t Statistical Learning with Applicatins in R Springer Texts in Statistics 103 Series Editrs: G. Casella

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CHAPTER 2 ELK POINT CARBONATE RESERVOIRS CHAPTER 2 ELK PONT CARBONATE RESERVORS N.L. Andersn, Dept. f Gelgical Sciences, Ohi University; RJ. Brwn, (Crdinatr), Dept. f Gelgy & Gephysics, University f Calgary; D.J. Gendzwill, Dept. f Gelgical Sciences,

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Overview of talc resources in the Altermark talc province, northern Norway, and possible uses of the talc ore

Overview of talc resources in the Altermark talc province, northern Norway, and possible uses of the talc ore NGU-BULL 436, 2000 - PAGE 93 Overview f talc resurces in the Altermark talc prvince, nrthern Nrway, and pssible uses f the talc re TORARNE KARLSEN, EDVIN RIAN & ODLEIV OLESEN Karlsen, TA, Rian, E. & Olesen,

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Characterization of Electro-materials using ac Impedance Spectroscopy

Characterization of Electro-materials using ac Impedance Spectroscopy BOLETÍN DE LA SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE Cerámica y Vidri A R T I C U L O DE REVISION Characterizatin f Electr-materials using ac Impedance Spectrscpy DEREK C SINCLAIR Departament f Chemestry. University f Aberdeen,

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The Synchronization of Periodic Routing Messages

The Synchronization of Periodic Routing Messages The Synchrnizatin f Peridic Ruting Messages Sally Flyd and Van Jacbsn, Lawrence Berkeley Labratry, One Cycltrn Rad, Berkeley CA 9470, flyd@eelblgv, van@eelblgv T appear in the April 994 IEEE/ACM Transactins

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Tourmaline as a petrogenetic indicator mineral: an example from the staurolite-grade metapelites of NW Maine

Tourmaline as a petrogenetic indicator mineral: an example from the staurolite-grade metapelites of NW Maine American Mineralgist, Vlume 70, pages 1-15, 1985 Turmaline as a petrgenetic indicatr mineral: an example frm the staurlite-grade metapelites f NW Maine Dnnnnn J. HeNnyr Lunar and Planetary Institute 3303

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In this chapter, you will learn to use net present value analysis in cost and price analysis.

In this chapter, you will learn to use net present value analysis in cost and price analysis. 9.0 - Chapter Intrductin In this chapter, yu will learn t use net present value analysis in cst and price analysis. Time Value f Mney. The time value f mney is prbably the single mst imprtant cncept in

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WAVE FIELD SYNTHESIS A PROMISING SPATIAL AUDIO RENDERING CONCEPT. Günther Theile* and Helmut Wittek** T be published in Jurnal f the Institute f Image Infrmatin and Televisin Engineers, 2007 WAVE FIELD SYNTHESIS A PROMISING SPATIAL AUDIO RENDERING CONCEPT Günther Theile* and Helmut Wittek** * Institut

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Three Essays on Groundwater and Tenancy Contracts in. Rural Economies

Three Essays on Groundwater and Tenancy Contracts in. Rural Economies Three Essays n Grundwater and Tenancy Cntracts in Rural Ecnmies Inaugural-Dissertatin zur Erlangung der Würde eines Dktrs der Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Dr. rer. pl.) an der Wirtschafts- und Szialwissenschaftlichen

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ns Rev. 0 (3.9.15) Reporting water MDL is allowable) Preparatory Method Analysis Method The MDL programs and by covered The LOD reporting?

ns Rev. 0 (3.9.15) Reporting water MDL is allowable) Preparatory Method Analysis Method The MDL programs and by covered The LOD reporting? NR149 LOD/ /LOQ Clarificatin Required frequency Annually an MDL study must be perfrmed fr each cmbinatin f the fllwing: Matrix (if the slid and aqueus matrix methds are identical, extraplatin frm the water

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field, priority queuing). At the Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite II. To carry voice over different network technologies, their

field, priority queuing). At the Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite II. To carry voice over different network technologies, their DEPLOYING IP TELEPHONY OVER SATELLITE LINKS Rnald Tegl, Ulla Bimbacher, Ott Kudelka Institute f Cmmunicatin Netwrks and Satellite Cmmunicatins, Graz University f Technlgy, Graz, Austria Abstract- IP Telephny

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The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services

The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services A Frrester Ttal Ecnmic Impact Study Prepared Fr KPN The Ttal Ecnmic Impact Of KPN s Managed Vide Services As Used By A Large Financial Service Organizatin Prject Directr: Sebastian Selhrst March 2012 TABLE

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SESSION I INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW HS 178 R2/06 PREFACE The prcedures utlined in this manual describe hw the Standardized Field Sbriety Tests (SFSTs) are t be administered under ideal cnditins. We recgnize that the SFSTs will nt always be administered

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The Elements of Statistical Learning

The Elements of Statistical Learning Springer Series in Statistics Trevr Hastie Rbert Tibshirani Jerme Friedman The Elements f Statistical Learning Data Mining, Inference, and Predictin Secnd Editin This is page v Printer: paque this T ur

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Prioritization and Management of VoIP & RTP s

Prioritization and Management of VoIP & RTP s Priritizatin f VIP Priritizatin and Management f VIP & RTP s Priritizatin and Management f VIP & RTP s 1 2006 SkyPilt Netwrks, Inc. Intrductin This dcument will utline the prcess by which the SkyPilt netwrk

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Ch 1 - Establishing And Monitoring Contract Type

Ch 1 - Establishing And Monitoring Contract Type Ch 1 - Establishing And Mnitring Cntract Type 1.0 - Chapter Intrductin 1.1 - Matching Cntract Type t Cntract Risk 1.2 - Utilizing Fixed-Price Ecnmic Price Adjustment Cntracts 1.2.1 - Establishing Terms

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o Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vcenter Operations Manager

o Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vcenter Operations Manager Mnitring Business Critical Applicatins with VMware vcenter Operatins Manager Mnitring Business Critical Applicatins with This prduct is prtected by U.S. and internatinal cpyright and intellectual prperty

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Psych 2017 Chapter 7: Summarizing and interpreting data using statistics

Psych 2017 Chapter 7: Summarizing and interpreting data using statistics Psych 2017 Chapter 7: Summarizing and interpreting data using statistics Descriptive statistics - The gal f descriptive statistics is t describe sample data - Can be cntrasted with inferential statistics

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Replacement Cost New Property Insurance Appraisal Report

Replacement Cost New Property Insurance Appraisal Report Replacement Cst New Prperty Insurance Appraisal Reprt Mnth 1 st, 20xx fr Any Grup City, Prvince Table f Cntents Transmittal Letter... 2 Purpse f the Appraisal... 4 Effective Date... 4 Reprt Cntents...

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Grey squirrels remember the locations of buried nuts

Grey squirrels remember the locations of buried nuts Anim. Behav., 1991,41, 103 ll0 Grey squirrels remember the lcatins f buried nuts LUCIA F. JACOBS+ & EMILY R. LIMANT Deprtnrent f Bilgv, Princetn University, Princetn, NJ 08544, U.S.A. ( Received 2 January

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A Statistical Analysis of Well Failures in Baltimore County

A Statistical Analysis of Well Failures in Baltimore County Jurnal f Data Siene 7(9), 111-17 A Statistial Analysis f Well Failures in Baltimre Cunty Xiayin Wang 1 and Kevin W. Kepenik 1 Twsn University, Twsn and Baltimre Cunty Department f Envirnmental Prtetin

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Across a wide variety of fields, data are

Across a wide variety of fields, data are Frm Data Mining t Knwledge Discvery in Databases Usama Fayyad, Gregry Piatetsky-Shapir, and Padhraic Smyth Data mining and knwledge discvery in databases have been attracting a significant amunt f research,

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Creación de un motor de render para una plataforma móvil

Creación de un motor de render para una plataforma móvil UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRID INGENIERÍA INFORMÁTICA GRUPO DE INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL APLICADA Creación de un mtr de render para una platafrma móvil Autr: Tutr: Antni Berlanga de Jesús Fecha: Ener 2008

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Reconnaissance rnagnetostratigraphy of the Precambrian- Cambrian boundary section at Meishucun, South west China

Reconnaissance rnagnetostratigraphy of the Precambrian- Cambrian boundary section at Meishucun, South west China Recnnaissance rnagnetstratigraphy f the Precambrian- Cambrian bundary sectin at Meishucun, Suth west China F. WU (1); R. VA DR V (1) and Q. 1 LIAG (2) (1) Department f Gelg cal Sc ences. The Un vershy

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Disk Redundancy (RAID)

Disk Redundancy (RAID) A Primer fr Business Dvana s Primers fr Business series are a set f shrt papers r guides intended fr business decisin makers, wh feel they are being bmbarded with terms and want t understand a cmplex tpic.

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ProUCL Version 5.0.00 User Guide Statistical Software for Environmental Applications for Data Sets with and without Nondetect Observations

ProUCL Version 5.0.00 User Guide Statistical Software for Environmental Applications for Data Sets with and without Nondetect Observations PrUCL Versin 5.0.00 User Guide Statistical Sftware fr Envirnmental Applicatins fr Data Sets with and withut Nndetect Observatins R E S E A R C H A N D D E V E L O P M E N T 2 PrUCL Versin 5.0.00 User Guide

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