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2 Every patient has a right to the best medical care possible. Unfortunately for some individuals, the access to these facilities is not nearby. Some patients may require long distance medical transportation to help them get the medical treatments their illness or injury requires. An air medical transport company is an ideal option for those who must travel great distances to a medical facility for their treatment needs. 2

3 An air ambulance is a business-class airplane that has been outfitted to provide care to the patients who are in need of medical relocation service. Those who typically use this service include patients who: Require urgent medical attention Have an illness or injury not suited to typical transportation Have been injured or became ill while traveling abroad Must be treated by a specialist When you choose an air medical transportation company, it is critical to choose one that is licensed and insured so you can feel confident that your loved one will be well cared for during the trip. In addition to licensing and insurance for the plane itself, all medical staff should carry the proper documentation. 3

4 An air ambulance service is designed with patient comfort and care in mind. Because most of the patients who use this service are suffering from serious injuries or illnesses, it is even more crucial to ensure they receive top-notch medical care, especially while in the air. For this reason, air medical transportation is a better option than choosing a commercial flight. Every flight is staffed with experienced nurses and other medical professionals who can administer the appropriate medical care while en route to another hospital or medical facility. All medical transport flights carry the necessary medical equipment that may be needed during the flight. This can include: Resuscitation equipment Defibrillator Oxygen Ventilator Intubation equipment Specialty care equipment The care team will compile a list of everything the patient may need and will ensure the airplane has the necessary medications and equipment. These medical personnel must be prepared for anything while in the air because an emergency landing is not always an option. 4

5 Because some patients are transported long distances from home, family members may wish to ride along to provide support for the patient. An air ambulance service often allows a certain number of family members to accompany the patient on the plane ride. This is often limited by the amount of available space on the plane, as well as the policies of the air medical transportation company. In most cases, travel is restricted to close family members only and may be limited to five individuals or less. In some situations, a family pet may be allowed on the transport if it is beneficial to the patient s medical status. 5

6 An air ambulance service can handle every aspect of the transportation to reduce the amount of stress placed on family members. With the help of hospital or other medical staff, the team from the air medical transportation company will arrange for any ground transportation needed between the medical facility and the airplane on both ends of the trip. Before the patient leaves the original facility, the medical personnel from the transportation company will evaluate the patient s condition and make sure they are comfortable before takeoff. While en route to the new medical facility, the medical team who cares for the patient throughout the trip will remain in contact with the receiving facility to ensure they are up-to-date on the condition of the patient. 6

7 Cost is often a consideration for many patients and their families. For this reason, a quality air medical transportation company will offer a quote for their services. This estimate allows families to evaluate the significance of the transportation service and determine what they can afford. However, some insurance policies will pay for the cost of this form of transportation, depending on the circumstances. Contact your insurance company with the estimated quote to determine whether the service will be covered. When you find yourself or a loved one in a position to need an air ambulance service, it is important to understand how it works, the experience of the medical staff and if any or all expenses are covered by your insurance. If individuals do not have access to the right type of medical care near their home or they need a medical transport to take them close to home after an injury or illness occurs on vacation, a quality air medical transportation company can provide top-of-the-line medical care in the air between facilities to make sure that every patient receives the care they need. For more informa+on or to request a quote for quality air ambulance transporta+on, contact